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A Guide to the Gary M. Lavergne Papers, [ca. 1945]-2009 (bulk 1966, 1989-2003)

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Lavergne, Gary M.
Title: Gary M. Lavergne Papers
Dates: [ca. 1945]-2009 (bulk 1966, 1989-2003)
Abstract: Research notes, forensic and case reports, audio recordings and images document the creation of Gary Lavergne's books and provide background information on several notorious Texas crimes.
Accession No.: 2005-173; 2006-200; 2007-005; 2010-077; 2010-164; 2010-215; 2015-286
OCLC No.: 77526889
Extent: 13 ft., 4 in.
Laguage: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Author and educator Gary M. Lavergne was born in Church Point, Louisiana, in 1955. He holds degrees in social studies education and secondary school teaching (University of Louisiana, 1976, 1981) and Educational Administration (McNeese University, 1988). He served as Director of the Southwest District Professional Development Center, and in 1988 was appointed the first Director of the Region IV Education Service Center of the Louisiana Department of Education. He has served with the American College Testing Program and as director of Admissions and Guidance Services for the Southwestern Regional Office of The College Board. Lavergne currently (2006) holds the position of Director of Policy Analysis and Research for the Admissions Office of The University of Texas at Austin. In addition to his work for the University, Gary Lavergne researched and wrote A Sniper in the Tower (1997), Bad Boy from Rosebud (1999), and Worse Than Death (2003), as well as works celebrating his Cajun heritage and nationally-syndicated essays on education, literature and American society. An authority on criminal justice and education, he has given numerous addresses and television interviews.

Scope and Contents

Composed of research notes, forensic reports, law enforcement case files, news clippings, timelines, court transcripts, promotional materials, interviews, essays, audio and video recordings, the Gary M. Lavergne Papers, [ca. 1945]-2009 (bulk 1966, 1989-2003), documents the research, production and marketing of Lavergne’s books and provides background on several important Texas crimes. The collection is primarily arranged by book or research topic, including: the Daniel Lee Corwin murder trial and execution with research materials for a study of Corwin who was executed in 1998 for the murders of three Texas women; A Sniper in the Tower, an analysis of the University of Texas tower sniper Charles Whitman of 1966; Bad Boy From Rosebud on the career of the Texas serial murderer Kenneth Allen McDuff and changes in Texas jurisprudence that followed his execution; and Worse Than Death about Abdelkrim Belachheb, his 1984 Dallas nightclub murders, and the genesis of the Texas Multiple Murder Law. An additional series contains Gary Lavergne’s personal and professional correspondence, essays and television interviews.

Archivist’s note: Most of the material in all series consists of photocopies. A group of original reports, manuscripts and drafts by investigator Russell Cumley (1966) in the Sniper series became part of the collection after the completion of that book.



This collection is divided by topic into the following series:
  • I. Daniel Lee Corwin: murder trial and execution
  • II. A Sniper in the Tower: Charles Whitman
  • III. Bad Boy From Rosebud: Kenneth Allen McDuff
  • IV. Worse Than Death: Abdelkrim Belachheb
  • V. Personal and professional correspondence, essays, and interviews


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Subjects (Persons)
Lavergne, Gary M., 1955- -- Archives.
McDuff, Kenneth Allen.
Whitman, Charles Joseph, 1941-1966.
Subjects (Organizations)
University of Texas at Austin.
Criminal justice, Administration of -- Texas
Homicide -- Texas.
Life imprisonment -- Texas.
Mass murderers -- Texas -- Austin -- Biography.
Mass murderers -- Texas -- Biography.
Serial killings.
Serial murderers -- Texas -- Biography.
Serial murders -- Texas -- Dallas.
Austin (Tex.)
Dallas (Tex.)
Rosebud (Tex.)

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Gary M. Lavergne Papers, [ca. 1945]-2009 (bulk 1966, 1989-2003), the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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This collection was processed by Edward Sevcik, August 2006, January 2007. Subsequent revisions were made by Laurel Rozema, June 2010, and Paloma Graciani Picardo, February 2016.

Detailed Description of the Papers


Daniel Corwin: murder trial and execution

2L369 Karen Taylor’s home: notes used in Chapter 1 of proposed book, [ca. 1999]
“Angel Doe” case: notes and clippings, September 2004
Wendy Gauntt case: police reports, October 1988
Ruth Helene murder: notes and clippings, 1986
Alice Martin murder: police case file, February 14, 1987
2J455 Restricted until 2040: Temple rape case, 1975
Restricted until 2040: Temple rape case, 1974
2L369 Mary Risinger murder: sheriff’s report, October 31, 1987
Calendar of events from 1986 to 1998, [circa 1999]
Martin, Risinger and Ewing: autopsy reports, 1987
Debra Ewing murder: case file, July 1987
2L370 359th Judicial District (Texas) appeal and death sentence: court filings and news clippings, 1989-1998
Daniel Corwin: education, health and psychiatric records, 1959-[ca. 1986]
Choate and Evans cases, district attorney’s files, 1974-1975
Incarceration and execution statements, court documents and correspondence, 1986-1998
Texas Department of Public Safety (Rangers) investigation report, 1987
Debra Ewing resume and work history, 1982-1986
Huntsville Police Department: news clippings, 1987-1990
Notes, news clippings and police reports, 1988-2002
News articles, 1998-2002
Daniel Corwin murder confession, April 4, 1989
2L371 Daniel Corwin: Huntsville police case file, 1987-1990
2K77 Montgomery Court District Attorney Case File, [ca. 1985-1998]
2K78 Trial Transcripts for Guilt and Punishment Phases


A Sniper in the Tower: Charles Whitman

2L371 “A Nightmare at Noon,” eyewitness account and analysis of shootings, August-September 1966
Book dust jacket pre-prints, [circa 1997]
National Geographic Magazine 186(6), December 1994
Lawrence Fuess: correspondence and obituary, 2001-2004
Promotional flyers, catalogs and correspondence, 1997
Promotional appearances: announcements and news clippings, 1997-1998
Magazine and journal articles, 1996-1997
Items considered as illustrations, 1996-1997
Book proposal and related correspondence, 1995-1996
Austin Police Department radio transcripts from August 1, 1966, [1999]
2L372 Files on individuals: police reports, statements and correspondence, 1966-1974
"A Tower to Climb" [working title]: draft, [circa 1996]
Notes and news clippings, 1966-1995
Notes and photocopies from: Fahrenthold, Lisa and Sara Rider, "Admissions: The Extraordinary History of Brackenridge Hospital," Austin: Brackenridge Hospital, 1984
Charles Whitman diary, transcript with annotations by Daniel Barrera, photocopy, [1996]
Investigation report, eyewitness essay, notes, 1966, 1995.
United States Federal Bureau of Investigation reports, notes, 1966-1967, 1995
Charles Whitman personal possessions: police report and notes, 1966, 1995
Photographs from Charles Whitman’s camera, photocopies, [ca. 1966]
Houston McCoy transcript of statement, July 10, 2009
2L373 Charles Whitman autobiography, diary and notebooks, photocopies, 1955-1964
Statement of Charles Shuck, September 1966
Officer Billy Speed murder, Austin Police Department case file, 1966
Dead and wounded: police case files, 1966
Austin Police Department: man hour reports, 1966
Charles Whitman: health and school records, photocopies, 1961-1966
Charles Whitman autopsy report, 1966
Kathleen (Leissner) Whitman: news clippings, yearbook, school records, correspondence, 1965-1994
Charles Whitman drug use report, 1966
Notes and photocopied pages from Lamport, Mary F., The Impossible Tree, 1977, 1995
Notes and photocopied pages from Flaherty, Thomas H., ed., True Crime: Mass Murderers, 1992-1995
Austin Police Department press releases, 1966
Calendars and timelines for 1965-1966 [1995]
2L374 News clippings and published reviews, 1986-2004
Connally Commission report, annotated draft, September 8, 1966
Cumley, Russel W., Outline Report on Charles J. Whitman: Special Study, supporting case report, correspondence and notes, 1966
Cumley, Russel W., The Massacre: manuscript draft, [1966]
Cumley, Russel W., Whitman’s Armory and Supplies, manuscript draft and notes, [1966]
Cumley, Russel W., Victims: the Dead, manuscript draft, [1966]
Cumley, Russel W., Victims: the Wounded, manuscript draft, [1966]
Victim biographies and resumes: news clippings and notes, [1966]
Cumley, Russel W., Police Action: manuscript draft, [1966]
Cumley, Russel W., untitled manuscript drafts, [1966]
2L375 Cumley, Russel W., Chronology of the Massacre, manuscript draft, [1966]
Charles Whitman: pathology report, related correspondence, clipping, 1966-1967
2X1a Audio recordings, compact disc
Austin police radio-1 recording, August 1, 1966
Austin police radio-2 recording, August 1, 1966
Austin police PBX [private branch exchange]-1 recording, August 1, 1966
Austin police PBX [private branch exchange]-2 recording, August 1, 1966
KTBS radio, excerpts of live coverage, August 1, 1966
Houston McCoy, interview, March 10, 1995
Larry Fuess, interview, June 6, 1996
Ramiro Martinez, interview, April 3, 1995
Audio recordings, cassette tape
Austin police radio-1 recording, August 1, 1966
Austin police radio-2 recording, August 1, 1966
Austin police PBX [private branch exchange]-1 recording, August 1, 1966
Austin police PBX [private branch exchange]-2 recording, August 1, 1966
KTBS radio, excerpts of live coverage, August 1, 1966
Houston McCoy, interview, March 10, 1995
Larry Fuess, interview, June 6, 1996
Ramiro Martinez, interview, April 3, 1995
Photographs: digital images on compact disc
4A460a Forensic and morgue images, 1966
3S84.3 Whitman family photographs, police crime scene photographs, morgue photographs of Whitman, [circa 1950-1966]
3S121e Photographs: prints
Photographs of the University of Texas campus, tower approach, tower balcony, victims, other scenes, 1966-1997
Austin Police Department crime scene photographs, 1966
3S84.3 Television news interviews on DVD
Live coverage, KTBC and KLRU television, August 1, 1966
Fortieth Anniversary news coverage, July-August, 2006
2L386 News clippings [photocopies]
Tragedy aftermath, 1966
Whitman’s arsenal, 1966
Clark Ford and “Open Square”
Tragedy anniversaries
Connally Commission
Governor John Connally
The dead, 1966
Heroes, 1966
Dr. Maurice Dean Heatly, 1966
International press, 1966
Gun control
Brain tumor, 1966
Whitman’s motivation, 1966
Headlines, 1966
United States Marines, 1966
Mental Illness
Multiple Murders
Grand Jury
Wounded and other survivors, 1966
Austin Police Department, \ 1966
University of Texas at Austin
Whitman’s background
Whitman’s estate
Kathleen Whitman
Whitman’s funeral, 1966
Margaret Whitman
Drug abuse
News magazine articles, 1966
2L400 Notecards used in the preparation of a manuscript:
Chapters 1-9
2L401 Chapters 10-18
CD of all notecards with PDF files


Bad Boy from Rosebud: Kenneth Allen McDuff

2L375 Lavergne, Gary, Bad Boy from Rosebud: The Murderous Life of Kenneth Allen McDuff, Denton: University of North Texas Press, annotated copy, 1999
Texas A&M University Press Catalog, Fall-Winter 1999
Bad Boy from Rosebud, galley proofs, 1999
Texas Monthly Magazine, August 1992
Texas Department of Criminal Justice synopsis of Kenneth Allen McDuff, 1991-1992
Author appearances: announcements and schedules, 1999
2L376 Statements from individuals knowing McDuff, 1991-1992
Texas Parole System case details, 1998
Mazoch communications on McDuff appeals and parole: correspondence and legal review, 1998
City of Waco, Texas: maps, 1998
Falls County, Texas: background, news articles, 1998
Addie and J.A. McDuff: interview transcript, July 1992
Texas Department of Criminal Justice: monthly reports on Kenneth McDuff, 1989-1992
Kenneth McDuff job application, May 1991
Kenneth McDuff prison history, 1972-1990
Kenneth McDuff parole and revocation history, 1990-1998
Recovery of McDuff victims: notes, 1998
Falls County Sheriff Larry Pamplin, background: news clippings and notes, 1997-1998
Gary M. Lavergne news interview transcript, June 1998
Butts, Charles [Tarrant County Prosecutor], autobiography typescript draft, news clippings and correspondence, 1989-1998
Lonnie McDuff murder: police case file, court filings, news clippings, notes, 1986, 1998
Rosebud, Texas: history, news clippings and notes, [undated], 1966, 1998
Furman v. Georgia [408 U.S. 238(1972)]: United States Supreme Court legal review, ruling and opinions, 1972
McNamara, Mike, Parnell McNamara and Bill Johnston. An Investigation: The Kenneth Allen McDuff Case: police report with related notes, news articles and correspondence, 1992-1998
Bad Boy from Rosebud: events timeline and first outline for book, 1998
Texas Death Row: notes, 1997
Interviews with Austin police officers and background, 1997-1998
Dan Stolz and Lori Bible: notes, [1998]
The Broomstick Murders: news clippings and notes, 1966, [1998]
2L377 McLennan County District Attorney’s office: notes, [1998]
Regina Moore and Brenda Thompson cases: notes, 1998
Bad Boy From Rosebud: author’s note cards, 1997-1998
2L378 Bad Boy From Rosebud: author’s note cards, 1997-1998
Texas v. Kenneth Allen McDuff, Colleen Reed abduction trial, statement of facts:
Pretrial hearing: transcripts, 1993
2L379 Pretrial hearing: transcripts, 1993
Master index of witnesses and exhibits, 1993
Exhibits, 1993
2L380 Exhibits, 1993
Guilt-innocence phase: transcripts, 1993
2L381 Guilt-innocence phase: transcripts, 1993
2L382 Guilt-innocence phase: transcripts, 1993-1994
2L383 State’s trial exhibits 1-100, [1993-1994]
Court documents submitted to court of appeal, 1994
2L384 Bell County Sheriff’s Department investigation reports, 1992
Kenneth McDuff death penalty appeals: court filings, news clipping, 1997-1998
Kenneth McDuff execution report, news clippings, 1998
Texas prison construction, McDuff Laws, death penalty: news articles, 1996-1998
Melissa Northrup murder: police report, trial exhibits, news clippings, March 1992
Kenneth McDuff manhunt: United States Marshall’s investigation reports, March-September 1992
Secondary source notes on Kenneth McDuff, 1998
Colleen Reed murder: police reports, trial exhibits, maps, 1991-1997
Kenneth McDuff: television news transcripts, news articles and correspondence, 1992-1998
Unsolved murder cases, McDuff suspected: news clippings, 1991-1992
Brenda Thompson murder: news clippings, 1998
David Ruiz lawsuit and prison costs: news articles, 1989-1991
Recovery of McDuff victims: note, news articles, 1998
Kenneth McDuff execution: news articles, 1998
Hector Polanco allegations of misconduct: news articles, 1992-1996
Kenneth McDuff: Waco Police Department reports, 1991-1992
Gary Lavergne notes from Kenneth McDuff interview, [undated]
Bad Boy From Rosebud: book reviews, 1998
2X290b Audio recordings, compact disc [RESTRICTED until July 2055]
3S36a Photographs
Crime scenes and exhumation: photographs, [RESTRICTED until 2023] [circa 1993]
3S121e Assorted photographs of McDuff, victims, scenes, [ca. 1990-ca. 2000]
2K77 Miscellaneous files on Kenneth Allen McDuff
McLennan DA Files
TDCJ Files
Parole, Johnson County, TSTI
KC. Fowler Alias
Freeman Index of Names
Felon Possession of Firearm
Addie McDuff Missing Person Report
Justice for McDuff, Inc.
Joshua and Northrup Murder Investigations
Bell County SO – McDuff Case File
Austin PD
Reed Case Incident Reports
Statements and Interviews
Austin American Statesmen articles, 19911231-19980113
TX DPS – Rangers – Lonnie and Kenneth McDuff Investigations
WFAA Dallas – Riggs Investigative Reports
Report – Sexually Sadistic Offenses
Future Dangerousness
History of Parole by Habern and Cohen
Field Trip notes, 19981228
Ques./Corres. – Segrest and Long
Alice Martin Murder Case
Forensic Art:
Mary Risinger Murder Case
Book Proposal and Information on Karen Taylor
Debra Ewing Murder Case
Daniel Corwin Background
Corwin Death Sentence
Daniel Corwin Case Open Records Requests
Wendy Gauntt interview notes and research
Monika Rizzo Case
2K78 Trial proceedings:
Indexes, February 1993
Guilt/Innocence Proceedings, Vols. 1-8, February 1993
Closing arguments, Guilt/Innocence, February 1993
Closing arguments, Punishment, February 1993


Worse Than Death: Abdelkrim Belachheb

2L385 Worse Than Death: the Belachheb Murders, final manuscript, 2002
Texas Multiple Murder Law: draft of bill, legislative review, correspondence, 1984-1985, 2002
Texas Multiple Murder Law: news articles, 1985-1999
Book review, 2003
Proposed book covers, [circa 2002]
2M506a Ianni's restaurant - floor plans and layout
Original letters to/from Abdelkrim Belachheb and Joanne O'Brien
Ianni family background
Documents from Belgium and France
Autopsies and other forensic reports
Notes on author Interviews
History of Dallas, Texas
Data on Texas prisons
Abdelkrim Belachheb's marriages
INS and Interpol records
Belachheb's psychological test results
Profiles: Kinne, Taite, Grigson, and Meier
Profile: Sheldon Zigelbaum
Author notes on newspaper articles
Author's chronology of events
ATF and TDCJ documents and reports
HB 8: Texas Death Penalty Law
Notes and sources on Morocco
Dallas County District Attorney Files
Dallas Morning News Coverage
UNT Press - peer reviews of manuscript
Author-filed Open Records Requests
Requests and notes on Interviews
Dallas Police Department records (3 parts)
Book reviews
Judge Gerri Meiers papers
Independent Readers' observations
Art work and permissions
Notecards for book chapters, 1-6
2J205 Notecards for book chapters, 7-15
Extra notecards
Newspaper clippings, 2003-2004
3S84.3 Writing Across Texas: an interview with Gary Lavergne [DVD]
3S121e Photographs
Photographs used in the book
3S36a [RESTRICTED] Crime scene photographs
2X3d Interviews [Sound Cassettes]
Barbara Watkins, eyewitness
Bill Parker, DPD Detective
Frank Jackson, Defense Attorney
Jeff Shaw, Dallas DA Investigator
John McNeill, Victim, Attempted Murder
Melinda Henneberger, Dallas reporter
Norma Kinne, Dallas DA Lead Prosecutor (2 tapes)
Wade Thomas (brother of victim); Richard Paul Jones (Witness)
Richard Paul Jones #2; Ronnie Ford (brother of victim)
Terry Rippa (witness)
House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence, February 25, 1985
Texas House of Representatives, March-April, 1985


Personal and professional correspondence, essays and interviews

2L385 Notes on the concept of evil, [undated]
Editorials on the Strategic Aptitude Test, 2001
3S84.3 Gary Lavergne, television appearances on video compact disc
“Dateline NBC: Sniper in the Tower,” [National Broadcasting Corporation] television production, [1996]
“A&E’s American Justice: Bad Boy From Rosebud,” [Arts & Entertainment] television production, [ca. 2000]
“Infamous Guns,” History Channel television production, [ca. 1996]
“Are You Prepared for Success,” speech by Gary M. Lavergne, [undated]
“True Crime Authors,” History Channel television production, [ca. 2000]
Gary M. Lavergne, seventeen appearances on national and local television news programs, [ca. 1986-ca. 1996]
"The Tower Shooting, 40 Years Later," News 8 Austin report, August, 2006
"Sniper 66: the Charles Whitman Murders at the Texas Tower," Whitney Milam, KTBC News, August 1, 2006
3S145 Newspaper sheets:
The Austin American Statesman front page sheets, October 1 and 7, 1999; November 8,, 1999
The Rosebud News, July 30, 1998
2K77 Forensic Art Cases Files