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A Guide to the ExxonMobil Historical Collection, 1790-2004: Part 6

Descriptive Summary

Creator Exxon Mobil Corporation
Title: ExxonMobil Historical Collection
Dates: 1790-2004,
Dates: bulk 1880s-1990s
Abstract The ExxonMobil Historical Collection consists of records, subject files, photographs, artifacts and multimedia materials related to Exxon Mobil Corporation and its predecessors and subsidiaries including Standard Oil Company, Standard Oil Company of New York, Standard Oil Company (New Jersey), and Humble Oil Corporation.
Accession No. AR 2003-130; 2004-023; 2004-024; 2004-025; 2004-027; 2004-028; 2004-092; 2004-203; 2005-193; 2005-218; 2006-036; 2006-080; 2006-081; 2006-089; 2006-162; 2006-164; 2006-227; 2006-265; 2006-276; 2006-277; 2007-010; 2007-038; 2007-041; 2007-042; 2007-123; 2007-149; 2007-170; 2007-171; 2007-181; 2007-216; 2008-052; 2008-053; 2008-056; 2008-063; 2008-118; 2008-140; 2008-145; 2008-167; 2008-168; 2008-233; 2008-248; 2008-289; 2008-290; 2009-148; 2009-251; 2009-252; 2009-301; 2009-302; 2009-303; 2010-070; 2010-071; 2010-072; 2010-073; 2010-197; 2010-198; 2010-235; 2010-282; 2011-245; 2011-285; 2011-345; 2011-346; 2012-017; 2012-086; 2012-115; 2012-125; 2012-176; 2012-186; 2012-233; 2012-248; 2013-006; 2013-012; 2013-013; 2013-014; 2013-050; 2013-009; 2013-097; 2013-098; 2013-109; 2013-156; 2013-219; 2013-234; 2013-251; 2013-266; 2013-282; 2014-001; 2014-011; 2014-015; 2014-016; 2014-074; 2014-075; 2014-078; 2014-092; 2014-110; 2014-134; 2014-151; 2014-221; 2015-003; 2015-006; 2015-023; 2015-035; 2015-071; 2015-083; 2015-108; 2015-126; 2015-130; 2015-143; 2015-178; 2015-246; 2016-014; 2016-054; 2016-068; 2016-089
Extent 575.7 ft
Laguage Materials are written in English.
Repository Center for American History,The University of Texas at Austin


Organization of the Collection

The collection is organized in four subgroups: Standard Oil Company, Mobil Corporation, Exxon Corporation and Exxon Mobil Corporation. Due to size, the finding aid has been divided into several separate parts.

Part 1: Collection overview and Standard Oil Company material
Part 2: Mobil Corporation: Series I. Subject Files: Affiliates through Histories
Part 3: Mobil Corporation: Series I. Subject Files: Lindbergh, Charles A. through Travel Guides
Part 4: Mobil Corporation: Series II. Publications and Series III. Office of the Corporate Secretary Records
Part 5: Mobil Corporation: Series IV. Photographs and Series V. Moving Images
Part 6 [this page]: Exxon Corporation: Series I. Subject Files
Part 7 : Exxon Corporation: Series II. Publications and Series III. History of Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) Research Files
Part 8: Exxon Corporation: Series IV. Photographs and Series V. Moving Images
Part 9: Exxon Mobil Corporation: Series II. Publications

Arrangement of Exxon Corporation: Series I. Subject Files:

   Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Other Companies
   Copyrights, Patents & Trademarks,
   Fire & Safety
   Industry Organizations
   Maps & Travel Services
   Research & Engineering


Access Restrictions

Portions of this collection remain closed during processing and access is restricted.

Publication restrictions apply. The Exxon Mobil Corporation retains copyright to the collection. Please contact the Center's ExxonMobil Archivist for further information.

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Detailed Description of the Collection


(199.1 ft.)

Series I. Subject Files, 1912-2000
(57.8 ft.)
Affiliates, Subsidiaries, & Other Companies, 1941-2000
(4.3 ft.)
2.207/H17 General 1950s-1960s
Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, 1976, 1995
Ancon Insurance Company, S.A., 1985
Annual Report, 1985
Carter Oil Company
Annual Review, 1959
From the Carter Oil Company’s Family Album, n.d.
Retirement Menu, 1941
Tulsa Re-organization, 1932-1954
2.207/J42 50th Anniversary news clippings, 1943
2.207/J60 Articles of Agreement between Carter Oil Company and Employees Federation of the Carter Oil Company, 1944
2.207/H17 Creole Petroleum Corporation
Annual Report, 1943
Publications, 1958-1974
2.207/H61 Public Education Program
Major Speeches by Creole Executives in Public Education Program, Mar. 15 – June 30, 1954
Report on the Creole Petroleum Corporation Public Education Program on the Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act and Trade Relations between Venezuela and the United States, Mar. 15 – June 30, 1954
Report on the Creole Petroleum Corporation Public Education Program on the Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act and Trade Relations between Venezuela and the United States, Mar. 9 – May 9, 1955
2.207/H17 Enjay Chemical Company
Publications, 1948-1969
Esso A.G. [Germany]
Geschaftbericht [Annual Report], 1997-1998
Esso Australia, 1993-1998
2.207/H18 Esso Austria
Geschaftbericht [Annual Report], 1997-1998
Esso Chemicals, 1968, 1985
Esso Colombiana S.A., n.d.
Esso Standard Oil Company (Cuba), 1960
2.207/H18 Esso Cuba, 1960
4K753 Board of Directors Minutes, 1927-1953
2.207/J60 Esso Cuba, records of G.C. Gilmore, 1931-1945
Esso Eastern Incorporated
2.207/J60 Esso Eastern Inc. against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Foreign Claims Settlement Commission Claim) , 1982
2.207/H18 Esso Europe, 1966
Esso Inter-America, Inc., 1981, 1983
Esso Libya, 1959-1970
Esso Malaysia, n.d.
Esso Middle East, 1951, 1970
Esso Spain [Esso Petroleos Espanoles], 1967
Esso Standard Eastern
Publications, 1962
Annuitants’ Address Books, 1963, 1965
Esso Standard Oil Company
Annual Reports, 1952-1954
Esso Standard Oil (Central America), S. A.
4K753 Board of Directors Meetings, 1945-1954
Esso Standard Oil Company, S. A. [formerly Esso Standard Oil (Central America), S. A.]
4K753 Stockholders’ Meetings, 1950-1952
Board of Directors Meetings, 1954-1960
2.207/J43 Esso Standard Portugal: presentation book, 1963
Esso Standard Portugal [presentation book]
2.207/H18 Esso (Schweiz) [Switzerland], 1997-1998
Geschaftsbericht [Annual Report], 1997-1998
Publication, 1999
2.207/G86 Esso UK plc
Advertisements, 1963
Esso Exploration and Production UK
Esso Research Centre Abingdon, n.d.
History, 1978, 1988, n.d.
Public Affairs, 1980-1999
2.207/H18 Exxon Biomedical Sciences, Inc., 1985
2.207/H19A Exxon Chemical Company
ChemReport [Annual Report], 1975-1976, 1997-1998
Histories, 1977-1978, 1999
Products from the World of Chemicals [presentation guide], circa 1996
2.207/H19 Publications, 1974-1997
2.207/J61 Baytown Chemical Plant [2 folders], 1982-1998, undated
2.207/H19A Exxon Coal and Minerals Company, 1991
2.207/G246A Exxon Company, International
ECI Reports [corporate video program; scripts only]
Scripts and related material
Pilot Program, 1991, n.d.
Show #1, 1991
Shows #2, 4, 5, 1992
Show2 #1-4, 1993
Show #2, 1994
2.207/G246B Show #3, 1995
Show #1, 1996
Show #1-2, 1997
List of Camera Masters, 1991-1998
Printed Materials, circa 1987 - 1993
2.207/H19 Exxon Company, U.S.A.
Corporate Planning Department, 1973
Petroleum Industry Statistical Record, 1946-1972, 1973
Publications, 1975-1980
Energy Outlook, 1975, 1978-1980
Pocket Data books, 1976, 1980
Report to Employees, 1980-1981
Speeches and Statements, 1977-1981
General, 1977
Meyer, Randall [President], 1981
Morley, John C. [Sr. VP], 1980
Sitter, Charles R. [Sr. VP], 1978-1979
Slick, W. T. , Jr. [Sr. VP], 1977
Exxon Enterprises, 1977-1981
Exxon Nuclear Company, 1981, 1985
Exxon Pipeline Company, 1993, n.d.
2.207/H20 Exxon Production Research Company, 1986-1998
Exxon Ventures, 1966
Humble Oil & Refining Company: see inventory below
Imperial Oil Limited, 1980, 1991
2.207/J61 Memories, 1980
2.207/H20 Intercor [International (Colombia) Resources Corporation] Publications, 1991-2000
Lago Oil & Transport Company, Limited, 1949-1952, 1973
2.207/H23 Standard-Vacuum Oil Company (Stanvac)
General, 1956, 1962
“The Division of Stanvac Special Report”, 1960
Reorganization Agreements, 1960-1962
Superseding Final Judgment, 1968
2.207/H23 - 2.207/H24 Agreements in Respect of Patents, Operating Rights and Licenses, 1962
2.207/H20 Syncrude, 1985
Calendars, 1967-1972
(0.75 in.)
2.207/J87 Calendars
Esso Vineyard Automotive, 1967
Esso Standard Libya, 1970
Enco, 1971-1972
Copyrights, Patents & Trademarks, 1912-1974
(0.4 ft.)
TThis sub-series includes documents relating to trademarks and patents from the Exxon Corporation and its predecessors and subsidiaries. Most of this material is foreign trademark registration certificates, renewals, correspondence, translations and clippings for trademarks granted to Standard Oil Company of New Jersey and its foreign affiliates, particularly Standard-Vacuum Oil Company. All registrations contain brief descriptions of the petroleum products or logos being registered. Trademark registrations for Esso products cover regions in Europe, Asia, and India. Some of the trademark certification for Exxon products issued in Vietnam (1956-1974) document the change of the company’s name from Standard-Vacuum Oil Company to Esso Standard Eastern Oil Company and finally to Exxon Corporation. Also included are trademark manuals created by the company to guide employees and executives on the proper use of trademarks, logos and brand names.
2.207/J61 Trademark Manuals (internal)
Know Your Company Brands, Esso Chemical Company Inc., 1967
Know Your Chemical Brands and How to Use Them, Exxon Chemicals, undated [probably 1973, 1979]
Trademarks and Brands, Standard Oil Company (New Jersey), 1969
Trademarks and Brands, Exxon Corporation, 1973, 1977
Trademark Registrations
2.207/H27 Exxon
Vietnam, 1956-1974
Standard Oil Company of New Jersey (Esso, Stanco)
2.207/H26, 2.104/9.10 China, 1930-1936
Cochin, 1937
2.207/H26 Danzig, 1934-1938
Germany, 1912-1952
2.207/H26, 2.104/9.10 Manchoukuo, 1935, 1937
2.207/H26 Mysore, 1937-1938
Standard-Vacuum Oil Company (Stanvac)
China, 1935
2.207/H26, 2.104/9.10 Cochin, 1937, 1939
2.207/H26 India, 1946
2.207/H26, 2.104/9.10 Marwar (Jodhpur), 1937-1939
2.207/H26 Manchoukuo, 1935, 1937
2.207/H26, 2.104/9.10 Mysore, 1937
Corporate, 1942-1999
(11.0 ft.)
This sub-series includes brochures, pamphlets and other publications, news clippings, press releases, financial information, speeches and corporate policies documenting Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) and Exxon Corporation’s corporate-level activities and functions, the efforts of the public affairs department to respond to issues affecting the company and the industry, and the charitable work of the Exxon Education Foundation.
Publications and other materials originally intended for and distributed to shareholders and the general public comprise a large part of this material, including annual meeting proceedings and quarterly newsletters conveying the financial health of the corporation. [Annual Reports for Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) and Exxon can be found in the collection’s Exxon Publications series.]
The Public Affairs material highlights most aspects of the corporation’s business and documents a wealth of corporate changes spanning several decades. The department produced countless publications for public consumption on topics as varied as corporate-government relations, offshore drilling and environmental policy. Speeches by a succession of corporate executives present a reliable source of corporate thought and policy. Of particular note are the publications comprising the Exxon Background Series, which addressed issues impacting Exxon through out the 1970s and early 1980s, such as environmental concerns, Middle East Oil and the company’s social responsibility.
The Exxon Education Foundation material documents its mission to fund institutions of higher learning, particularly in science education and research. Dimensions, the Foundation’s annual report, provides an overview of the Foundation’s activities as well as Exxon’s contributions to a variety of projects, including sponsorship of museum exhibitions, performing arts programs and television.
2.207/G247 Coordination Committee
Meetings, 1947-1948
2.207/G248 Corporate Charter, 1992
Emergency Operating Center, 1965-1966
2.207/G248 Annual Press Dinner [lists of attendees], 1951, 1963-1971
Esso Twenty-five Year Club Annual Dinner, 1950-1951
2.207/H70 Executive Dinner [guest lists and menus], 1948-1968
Reunion of Former Executives [guest lists and menus], 1947-1970
2.207/G248 Various luncheons, dinners and receptions, 1948-1971
2.207/L121c Ethics and Responsible Behavior (pamphlet), 1982
2.207/G248 EXPAC [political action committee], 1999
2.207/F189 Accounting manual, 1973
2.207/G248 Data on Jersey and Oil Industry, 1959-1970
Operating and Financial Highlights, First Nine Months of 1961 and 1962
2.207/F189 Stocks
Stock Quotes [includes Humble], 1953-1990
Financial Ledgers
2.207/M73A Standard Oil Company (New Jersey), Cash Disbursements, 1926-1929
4K763b Eurogasco, Cash Book, 3/1931-2/1936
4K762c Standard Oil Company (New Jersey), Liabilities Individual Companies, 1946-1954
4K763a Standard Oil Company (New Jersey), Trade Accounts Receivable, 1946-1954
4K762b Standard Oil Company (New Jersey), Income and other Taxes, 1946-1954
4K762a Standard Oil Company (New Jersey), Loans Receivable/Marine Department, 1946-1954
4K776 Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) and Affiliated Companies, Consolidated Corporation Income Tax Return, Volume 2 of 2, 1953
2.207/G248 Headquarters, circa 1990s
Human Resources
General, 1946, 1972-1976, 1990s
Employee Health Advisory Program, 1982-1991
Retirement plans, 1943
Thrift Plan, 1944-1986
Employee Guides and Policies, 1953-1999
2.207/G249 Employee Orientation, 1983
2.207/G249 Employee record cards, circa 1930s
Clark, Edgar M.
Farish, William S.
Harper, Donald L.
Haslam, Robert T.
Hewetson, Henry H.
Hurll, Peter
Jennings, Walter
Jones, George H.
McCobb, Thomas C.
Moffett, James A., Jr.
Mowinckel, John Ameln
Payne, Christy
Rathbone, M. J.
Sadler, Everit J.
Seidel, Harry G.
Senior, Joseph H.
Smith, G. Harrison
Soubry, Emil E.
von Reidemann, Heinrich
2.207/G249 Employee Recruitment, circa 1960-1995
Equal Employment Opportunity, 1975-1985
Foreign Employment, 1952-1966
Military Service, 1944
Office Personnel Test Battery, 1962
2.207/G249 Histories 1943-1992
4K766 Organization-History-Company [company histories - background and correspondence]
Business History Foundation, Inc., 1944-1953
Chemical History of Standard Oil Company (New Jersey), 1943-1947
Oil: Titan of the Southwest, 1944-1954
War Effort, 1954
2.207/G249 Merger, 1999
Secretary’s Department
Records Management, 1986
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Form 10-K Annual Reports
2.207/L120b [incomplete] 1980-1994
2.207/L120c 1995-1996
2.207/G250 Shareholders
Annual Meeting
Proceedings, 1944-1981
Notices and proxies, 1956-1977
Agenda and related material, 1950-1958
Investment Program, 1992
Letters, 1945, 1952
In Brief, 1950
Briefs, 1951-1959
2.207/G251 Jersey Shareholders’ Quarterly, 1962-1967
News from Jersey , 1967-1971
Exxon News, 1973-1993
Perspectives, 1994-1996
How to read an annual report, 1967
2.207/G250 Letters and specimens, 1955-1962, 1968
Standards of Business Conduct, 1993
2.207/G251 Training and Workshops
System of Management Control: Basic Standards, 1983
Control Concepts and Principles Workshop, 1985
Washington, DC, office
Visitor’s handbooks, 1980-1981
2.207/G252 Exxon Education Foundation
Grants & Programs, 1958-1996
Aid to Education Program Institutions Receiving Unrestricted Grants, 1958-1960
Funds for Innovation, 1967-1970
Funds for Pilot Projects and Research on the Economics and Financing of Higher Education, 1976
Exxon Teaching Fellowships, 1982
Educational Matching Gift Program, 1996
Funds for Research and Development, 1974, 1977
IMPACT Program: Funds to Implement Educational Innovations, 1973-1976
Incentive Program for Individual Aid to Education, 1963, 1968
Program to Advance the Teaching of Science and Engineering, 1957-1960
Guides, 1968-1985
Guide for Proposals, 1968, 1970
An Introduction and Guide to Application, 1980-1985
Publications, 1954-1985
A Statement by Esso Education Foundation, 1954-1960
The EEF Occasional, 1970-1973
Exxon Education Foundation at 30, 1985
Annual and cumulative, 1955-1976
The Other Dimensions of Business: A Report on Exxon’s Participation in Areas of Public Interest, 1977
2.207/G253 Dimensions: A report on Exxon’s contributions in the public interest,
2.207/L121b 1984-1986, 1991-1995, 1997-1998
2.207/G253 Science Education in the United States, 1984
Public Affairs
2.104/3.8 World War II, 1943-1945
“1943 Annual Report,” 1944
“Bayonne Refinery’s 40 Year-Men,” 1944
2.207/H110 Foreign trade, 1960-1964
“How minding our business gets a lot of other things done,” 1961-1962
Educational, Environmental, and Social, 1968-1971
2.207/L11a Institutional Advertising, 1952-1953
“Leadership through research” [proofs], circa 1955
“Working Wonders with Oil” [ad copy only], 1958
“Profits & Investments”, 1979
Anniversaries, 1957, 1982
Arts and Business Council, 1971-1980
Book promotion, 1950-1970
Oil for the World, 1950
A Generation of Industrial Peace
Pioneering in Big Business, 1955
The Resurgent Years, 1955
The Northwest Passage, 1970
2.104/3.8 Posters and book jackets, 1955, 1970
2.207/M73b A Century of Discovery Posters, 1982
2.207/L11a Christmas cards and greetings, 1946-1957, n.d.
Community Action Volunteers, 1970-1977
Conferences and Meetings
Chamber of Commerce of the United States: 41st Annual Meeting, 1953
The Jersey Roundtable, 1951-1965
Joint Educational-Industrial Conference, 1948
Oil Information Committee, New York New Jersey District, 1957
Philadelphia Discussion Group, 1948, 1953
Public Relations Conferences
Jersey and Affiliates
2.207/L11b 1949
2.207/L11c 1951
European Affiliates, 1953-1962
Latin American Affiliates, 1952, 1957
North American Affiliates, 1952, 1956
Public Relations Seminar, 1968
Public Relations Society of America: Fifth Annual Conference, 1952
Students Seminar in Business History and Economic Principles, 1962
Exxon and Education, circa 1996
2.207/L11c Correspondence and memos, 1947-1957, 1982
2.207/L11c 1954-1985
4K756C International Communications Directory (ICD), 1990/07
Employee Telephone Directory & Services Guide, 1996/09
2.207/L11c Expenses summaries & forms, 1950-1962
2.207/L11d Exxon Background Series
General, 1985
OPEC and the oil companies, 1971
The Offshore Search for Oil & Gas, 1972
Safer Tankers & Cleaner Seas, 1972
Social Responsibility, 1973
Reducing Tanker Accidents, , 1973
Environmental Conservation – A Progress Report, 1974
The Offshore Search for Oil & Gas, 1975
Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCCs), 1975
Are the Major Oil Firms Propping Up OPEC?, 1976
Middle East Oil, 1976
World Energy Outlook, 1977
Fate and Effects of Oil in the Sea, 1978
The Offshore Search for Oil & Gas, 1978
Tankers & the Flags They Fly, 1979
World Energy Outlook, 1979
The Offshore Search for Oil & Gas, 1980
Middle East Oil, 1980
World Energy Outlook, 1980
World Oil Inventories, 1981
How Much Oil & Gas?, 1982
Improved Oil Recovery, 1982
Middle East Oil and Gas, 1984
Fate and Effects of Oil in the Sea, 1985
2.207/L11e Feature Service
Jersey, vols. 3-34, 1966-1971
Exxon, vols. 2-20, 1973-1976
2.207/L11c Films, 1953-1984
Grants & Sponsorships
Epcot Center, 1981-1982
Film, 1948-1976
Foundations & Organizations, 1948-1999
Center for Inter-American Relations, 1973
Junior Achievement, 1956, 1986
The Red Cross, 1948
Save the Tiger Fund, 1995, not dated
The Teagle Foundation, 1999
The William H. Donner Foundation, 1973
2.207/L12a Museum Exhibitions, 1946-1986
3 Artists Record the Oil Scene, 1948
Oil: 1940-1945, 1946-1948
Twenty-Five Modern Italian Painters, 1962
Puerto Rican Prints: An Exxon Collection, 1974
The Eyes of Thomas Jefferson, 1976
Treasures of Tutankhamun, 1977
2.207/G215d Tutankhamun & the Discovery of the Tomb, [oversized] circa 1977
[activity packet for Children]
2.207/L121c Treasures of Tutankhamun [classroom activity], 1978
2.207/L12a British Art Now: An American Perspective [1980 Exxon International Exhibition], 1980
Shakespeare: The Globe & The World, 1980-1981
In China: Photographs by Eve Arnold, 1980
Masterpieces of Mediaeval Painting: The Art of Illumination, 1980
19 Artists: Emergent Americans [1981 Exxon National Exhibit], 1981
Saudi Arabian Traditional Artifacts Exhibition, 1981
Italian Art Now: An America Perspective, [1982 Exxon International Exhibition], 1982
New Perspectives in American Art [1983 Exxon National Exhibition], 1983
Roy Stryker: U.S.A., 1943-1950, 1983
Winston S. Churchill: Painting as a Pastime, 1983
Australian Visions [1984 Exxon International Exhibition], 1984
Ancient Eskimo Ivories of the Bering Strait, 1986
Angles of Vision: French Art Today [1986 Exxon International Exhibition], 1986
Performing Arts, 1973-1984
Affiliate Artists Programs, 1973
Fiesta at Fordham, 1973
Symphony of the New World, 1974
Exxon/New York Philharmonic Radio Broadcasts, 1976
Carnegie Hall Festival Concerts, 1981
Ballet America: A National Celebration of Dance, 1981
Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, 1983
Third Street Music School Settlement, 1984
Television, 1962-1976
Festival of Performing Arts, 1962
Children are People, Too, 1973
Vibrations Encore, 1973
Great Performances, 1974-1976
2.104/3.8 Oversized promotional items, 1950-1982
2.207/L12a Guides and Handbooks
Examples of Letters from the Public Relations Department, 1948
Jersey’s Public Relations Department: An outline for Company Reference, circa 1947-1957
May We Quote You?, circa 1952
News clippings
2.207/H8 Jan.-Nov. 1992
2.207/H9 Dec. 1992 – Mar. 1994
2.207/H10 Apr.-Oct. 1994
2.207/L12a Organization charts, 1957-1961
2.207/H96 Photo Service, circa 1954, n.d.
2.207/L12a PR Materials Index, 1948-1958
Press Releases
2.207/H11 Mar. 1989 – Feb. 1990
2.207/H12 Mar. 1990 – Dec. 1991
2.207/L12b Publication data sheets & catalogs, 1945-1948, 1952
2.207/L12c Publications
General, 1942-1997
18 Dates with Destiny, circa 1942
Victory in the Making, 1942
Power to Strike from Alaska, 1943
Affiliation of Esso Research Club Incorporated with the Society of the Sigma XI, 1944
Background Data on 100 Octane Gasoline, 1944
Blockbusters from Oil [comic book], 1944
Chronology of Aviation Fuels Development by Standard Oil Company, 1944
“Fluid” Catalyst: Aviation Gasoline from a Dust Storm, 1944
Oil for the World, circa 1944
Oil Has Not Been Lacking on Any Battle Front, 1944
Smoke is Saving Lives, 1944
Some facts on the Search for Oil in the United States of America, 1944
Don’t Be Fooled by a “Phony”, 1945
Giants from the drafting board, 1945
M-69: The Firebomb that Falls on Japan, 1945
Mighty Molecule of the Air War, 1945
Pacific Enemy No. 2, 1945
The Life of William T. Moore, 1946
Rubber From Oil, 1946
Spur For World Trade, 1946
Superfuel for Superplanes!, 1946
Conservation: Making the Most of Our Oil, 1947
Gasoline by Synthesis, 1947
A Generation of Industrial Peace, 1947
Insecticides, 1947
An Introduction to Standard Oil Company, 1947
Investments for the Future, 1947
Natural Gas, 1947
Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) and Middle Eastern Oil Production, 1947
Fuels of the Future: A Case History in Special Event Planning, 1948
An Introduction to the Standard Oil Company, 1948
Let’s Talk It Over, 1948
A Look at the Oil Situation, 1948
Meeting People’s Needs for Oil Today is a BIG job, 1948
A National Oil Policy for the United States, 1949
Precious Paper, 1950
What Italy thinks about Industry today, 1950
Pictorial Review of the Year 1951, 1952
Corporations and Education, 1953
Facts About Oil Imports, 1953
If Controversy Comes…, 1953
14 Questions about Heavy Fuel Oil Imports, 1954
An Introduction to Standard Oil Company, 1954
The River is a Road, 1954
Tomorrow’s Engineer, 1954
Butyl Rubber Branches Out, 1955
The Iranian Oil Agreement, 1955
The Jersey Standard Story, 1955
2.207/L12d Leadership through Research, 1955
Oil and the Atom, 1955
Thoughts of an Independent Oilman, 1956
Atomic Energy in the Year 2000, 1957
An Introduction to Standard Oil Company (New Jersey), 1957
The Jersey Standard Story, 1957
The Lamp: 75th Anniversary of Jersey Standard, 1957
Let’s educate youth for effective business life, 1957
A Look at the Corporation, 1957
A Map of Colleges and Universities in the United States, 1957
Percentage Depletion: Answers to Some Fundamental Questions, 1957
35th Anniversary of The Jersey Standard Club, 1958
An analysis of the depletion tax provision as it applies to the petroleum industry, 1958
The Depletion Provision in taxing natural resources: How and why it was created, 1958
A Merger in the Orient, 1958
Visitors Guide to New York City, 1958
Why Percentage Depletion is Important to You, 1958
Report of the National Fuels and Energy Study Group, Sept. 21, 1962
Standard Oil Company (New Jersey): What it is and how it helps meet the world’s expanding energy needs, 1962
Capital: Its Use and Sources, 1963
Petrochemicals, 1963
Welcome to New York City: A Guide for Consular Personnel, 1963
The Civilizing Molecules, 1964
Standard Oil Company (New Jersey), 1964
New Wealth from the Desert, 1967
This is Standard Oil Company (New Jersey), 1967
Action Now for Cleaner Air, 1968
Air Conservation: A Progress Report, 1968
Breathing Space, 1970
The Civilizing Molecules [2nd ed.], 1970
A Matter of Environment, 1970
Moja Logo: The Story of Harlem Preparatory School, 1970
Social Action, 1970
2.207/L12e The Multinational Company and National Development: A Lamp Anthology, 1970
Strike in the Arctic!, 1970
Success has No Color, 1970
The Tankers are Coming, 1970
2.207/J60 Essobron , [Esso Nederland] 1970
2.207/L12e Chemicals: Building Blocks to the Future, 1971
A Million Guests a Year [Esso Motor Hotels], 1971
Miracle on 136th Street [Harlem Preparatory School], 1971
Passage to Cleaner Seas, 1971
Standard Oil Company (New Jersey): A Brief History 1882-1972, 1972
Breathing Space, 1973
Passage to Cleaner Seas, 1973, 1976
Striking a Balance, 1973, 1976
Those Someday Sources of Energy, 1973
We’d like you to know, 1973
Coal Comes Back, 1974
Is the Energy Shortage Real?, 1974
Tanker Double Bottoms: Yes or No?, 1974
Exxon & the Environment, 1975
Developing the Many Sources of Energy, 1976
Egypt, 1976
Exxon and Technology, 1976
The Multinationals and the Oil Crisis, 1976
OPEC Questions & Answers, 1976
The Spirit of Achievement is the Spirit of America, 1976
Technology in the Search for Energy, 1976
This is Exxon, 1976
The Arabian Peninsula [map], 1977
Coal: Energy Bridge to the Future, 1977
Developing the Many Sources of Energy, 1977
The Flow of Energy, 1977
The Role of Synthetic Fuels in the United States Energy Future, circa 1980
Coal: Energy Bridge to the Future, 1981
This is Exxon, 1981
2.207/J61 A Century of Discovery, 1982
2.207/L12e The Upstream: A Guide to Exploration and Production, 1982
Kinds of Crude, 1984
This is Exxon, 1985
When Will the Wells Run Dry?, 1985
The Downstream: A Guide to Petroleum Refining, Marketing and Transportation, 1986
This is Exxon, 1989, 1993
Fuels for America’s Future, 1994
2.207/L12e In the Spirit of Sharing: Community action in the Houston area, circa 1995
Lending a Hand, 1997
2.207/L13a Educational
Petroleum in the World [w/ teacher’s manual], 1945
The Oil Hunters: A Teachers’ Manual to Accompany a Film Strip, 1948, 1953
Pictorial Map of the Americas featuring the Pan American Highway, circa 1950
Petroleum is a Source of Many Products, circa 1950
2.207/L13a Petroleum in Our Age of Science, 1951
Petroleum in Our Modern Society, 1951
The Oil Hunters: A Teachers’ Manual to Accompany a Film Strip, 1948, 1953
Drilling for Oil: A Teachers’ Manual to accompany a film strip, 1953
Petroleum Refining: A Teachers’ Manual to accompany a film strip, 1953
The Louisiana Purchase, 1953
Our Oil, 1955
Size of Emergency Blowdown Drum [Esso-S.O.D. College Problems], 1955
What makes a car go?, 1957
Spiders, Books & Orange Crates: A Guide to Science Fair Projects, 1958
The World of Energy: Landmarks in the Continuing Search for New Sources, 1984
Reprints [external magazine articles]
2.207/L13a Women in Oil Jobs [Glamour], July 1945
Buried Treasures – Three Miles Down! [The Rotarian], Dec. 1945
Oil: Molecular Treasure Chest [The Kiwanis Magazine], Dec. 1945
Heavy Freight Underground [Distribution Age], Dec. 1945
Standard is Strong in Disunion [Business Week], June 22, 1946
Shortages of Gasoline, Fuel Loom Despite Record Output [The New York Times], Feb. 6, 1948
Synthetics: The Great Oil Reserve [Fortune], May 1948
Newmyer & Assoc. [Tide], May 14, 1948
What We Can Do Under Point Four [Harper’s Magazine], Dec. 1949
Report on American Industry [Forbes], Jan. 1, 1950
Governmental and Voluntary Programs for Security [Harvard Business Review], Mar. 1950
Boards of Directors [Fortune], May 1950
Business and the Antitrust Laws [Harvard Business Review], May 1950
Coal vs. Oil [The Washington Post], June 3, 1950
Is Anybody Listening? [Fortune], Sept. 1950
Use of Opinion Research [Harvard Business Review], Mar. 1951
2.207/H96 The Octane Squeeze / Mechanical Octanes [Fortune], May 1951
2.207/L13a Big Business Manager: Eugene Holman [Harpers Magazine], June 1951
2.207/H96 The Jersey Company [Fortune], Oct., Nov. 1951
2.207/L13a Oil and Cartels [The Economist], Sept. 20, 1952
Lessons of Persia [The Times], Oct. 28, 1952
The Case Against the Federal Trade Commission [The University of Chicago Law Review], circa 1952
International News Reports, 1952
Press Reports, 1952
Our Inexhaustible Resources, 1952
Text of Speech by Eisenhower Outlining Proposals for Peace in World [The New York Times], Apr. 17, 1953
Despite Hostile Attitude, Oilmen Weather Hearing, Jul. 26, 1953
Public Relations Down to Earth [Harvard Business Review], Sept.-Oct. 1953
Experiment in Intergroup Relations – A Ten Year Summary [Social Forces], Mar. 1954
This import quota scheme is no good [The Oil and Gas Journal], Mar. 21, 1955
The Embassies of Oil [Fortune], May 1955
American “Exploitation” [The New York Times], Dec. 20, 1955
Smog [The Christian Science Monitor], circa 1955
The Strange Story of Suppressed Inventions [Cavalier], 1955
2.207/H96 Master Stroke in Iran [Collier’s], 1955
2.207/L13a They’d Put Oil in a Straight-Jacket [Petroleum Week], Jan. 6, 1956
Oil Pool Estimate in Mideast up 100% [The New York Times], Feb. 3, 1956
U.S. Oil Company Popular in Peru [The New York Times], Sept. 2, 1956
Living Cost Rise Laid to Services, Rent and Transit [The New York Times], Mar. 10, 1957
A Defense of Bigness in Business [The New York Times Magazine], Aug. 4, 1957
2.207/L13a The Saga of Jersey Standard – Around the World in Seventy-five Years [The New York Times], Aug. 4, 1957
2.207/H96 We are not Running Out of Fuel [Chemical Processing], Oct. 1957
2.207/L13a The Wise Use of Natural Resources [The Atlantic Monthly], Oct. 1957
Fifty-Fifty in Oil [The Economist], Jan. 18, 1958
Jersey Examines Its Role in the Energy Age by M. J. Rathbone [The Christian Science Monitor], Feb. 11-15, 1958
Fuel for Flight [Flying], Oct. 1958
International Communist Movement in a New Phase [translated from the Russian magazine Communist], Oct. 1958
How to nationalize the oil industry under free enterprise system [Oil in Canada], Nov. 10, 1958
Africa: The New Interest in Oil [Investment Dealers’ Digest], Dec. 1, 1958
Ex-Dividend [The Exchange], 1958
[Articles on Mexican oil industry], Jan.-Feb. 1959
Down on what not up on [The Oil and Gas Journal], Apr. 13, 1959
The Steel Price Rise [reprints compilation], Apr. 11-18, 1962
Soviet Pushing Its Oil Exports [The New York Times], Jul. 29, 1962
Thumbs down on end-use control [The Oil and Gas Journal], Sept. 24, 1962
How Rathbone Runs Jersey Standard [Fortune], Jan. 1963
The Man from Medicine Hat [Oilweek], Apr. 12, 1965
Exxon: Still on Top of the World? [Forbes], Apr. 1, 1973
Exxon: Testing the Tiger [Time], Feb. 18, 1974
One Barrel of Oil [The New York Times Magazine], Apr. 21, 1974
2.207/H96 Inside Exxon: Managing an $85 Billion-a-Year Empire [The New York Times Magazine], Aug. 3, 1980
2.207/L13a Exxon: Pumping Up Profits [Fortune], Apr. 28, 1997
Speeches, Addresses and Statements
2.207/L13b Board of Directors [policy statements], 1943-1954
Blueprint for World Trade, 1943, 1952
The Middle East...And the World’s Need for Oil, Apr. 20, 1948
Of Concern to Us All,
Statement on Behalf of Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) Before the United States Tariff Commission, 1952
Aug, 31, 1954
Statement To Interdepartmental Committee on the Soft Coal Industry,
A Presentation by Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) to the Commission on Foreign Economic Policy, 1954
2.207/L13b Abrams, Frank W. [Chairman of the Board],
Sept. 18, 1947
The Stake of Business in American Education,
What the American People Expect of Business & Industry, Jan. 14, 1948
The Stake of Business in American Education, 1948
Education and American Business, June 25, 1950
The Way to Full Production, Oct. 23, 1950
The Professional Character of Business Management, Nov. 30, 1950
How Can a Better Understanding of Our Economic System Be Fostered?, 1950
The Stake of Business in Public School Education, Jan. 12, 1951
Management’s Responsibility in a Complex World, May 1951
Alexander, Claude L.,
Problems and Practices of Corporate Giving, 1951
2.207/L13b Baker, Heinz H. [Vice-President and Director], 1957
Management: A Common Interest & A Joint Responsibility, Oct. 16,1957
2.207/L13b Ball, Max W. [oil & gas consultant], 1953
Turkey’s Oil Outlook, May 20, 1953
The World Oil Outlook, 1953
2.207/L13b Barrow, T. D. [Senior Vice-President], 1973
Brewster, Ralph O. [Senator from Maine], 1943
Brown, Courtney C. [Esso Standard Oil Company], 1952
Burks, H. G., Jr. [Executive Vice-President], 1952
Carven, Christopher J. [Manager, Transportation Operations Division], 1974
Coleman, Stewart P. [Vice-President and Director], 1957
Collado, Emilio G. [Executive Vice President], 1973-1974
Farish, William S. [President], 1942
Fisher, Harold W. [Vice-President and Director], 1967
Freyermuth, G. H. [Director of Public Relations], 1948
Frolich, Per K. [Director, Chemical Division research], 1943
Gallagher, Ralph W., 1943-1944
Garvin, Clifton C. [President and Chairman], 1973-1977
2.207/L13c Haider, Michael L. [President, Chairman & CEO], 1963-1965
Hanson, James W. [Chief Economist], 1973
Haslam, Robert T. [Vice-President], 1943-1949
Holman, Eugene [Vice-President, Director, President], 1944-1957
Jamieson, J. K. [Chairman], 1970-1974
Johnson, Edward F. [General Counsel], 1945
Kauffmann, Howard C. [President], 1975-1977
Kull, H. W., 1959
Longwell, J. P. [Researcher, ER&E], 1959
Malik, Charles [Lebanese Minister for Foreign Affairs], 1958
Minton, Adrian C. [Secretary], 1949
Morgan, Cecil, 1962
Murphree, E. V. [Pres., Standard Oil Development Company], 1950
Penrose, Stephen B. L., Jr. [President-elect, American University of Beirut and International College], 1948
Pierce, Frank W. [Director], 1947-1948
Piercy, G.T. [Senior Vice-President and Director], 1974
2.207/L13d Pratt, Wallace E. [Vice-President and Director], 1944
Prioleau, Horry F. [Pres., Standard-Vacuum Oil Company], 1955
Proudfit, Arthur T. [Pres., Creole Petroleum Corporation], 1952
Rathbone, M. J. [President, Chairman], 1953-1965
Raymond, Lee R., 1997
Schackne, Stuart [Manager, Public Relations Dept.], 1955
Scholl, Robert H. [Director of Public Relations], 1963
Shepard, David A. [Executive Vice-President, Director], 1959
Slick, William T., Jr. [Coordination & Planning Dept.], 1968
Stott, William R. [Executive Vice-President], 1959-1964
Suman, John R. [Vice-President and Director], 1945-1950
Surface, Frank M. [Executive Assistant to the President], 1946
Swanson, Theodor [Public Relations Dept.], 1956
van den Heuvel, J. A. [Organization for European Economic Cooperation], 1955
Weeks, L. G. [Company geologist], 1952
Wright, M. A., n.d.
Speeches by Executives, speechwriters' copies
Exxon Corporation
2015-006/28 Exxon Speech Index 1970 – 1990[CDL]
December 1970 – April 1972
January – June 1973
4K768A 1993
2015-006/23 August 1973 – June 1974[CDL]
2015-006/24 October 1974 – June 1977[CDL]
2015-006/19 June 1977 – December 1979[CDL]
2015-006/28 January 1980 – July 1984[CDL]
2015-006/18 1985 – June 1986, 1996[CDL]
2.207/J61 Raymond, L. R., 1997
Hess, E. J., 1997
Longwell, H. J., 1997
Wilhelm, R. E., 1997
Atkiss, A. W., 1997
Affiliates’ Speeches, 1980 – 1981
The Executive Speaker 1980 – [1985]
David, E.E. Jr., Exxon Research and Engineering Company
2015-006/23 Exxon Company U.S.A., [CDL]
2015-006/18 1979-1982 [CDL]
1975 – 1976 [CDL]
2.207/L14a Surveys & Studies
Some Findings of the 1947 Survey of Public Opinion, 1947
Current Public Opinion Trends and Their Importance for Business Policy, 1948
A Study of Public Reactions to the “Exxon Answers” and “Information” Approaches to Exxon Public Affairs Advertising, 1974
Public Opinion Digest, 1980-1981
Publications, Advertising & Film Survey forms, n.d.
General, 1951-1968
2.207/H96 Certificates, 1951-1968
Environmental, 1939-2007
(2.0 ft.)
This material documents Exxon’s efforts to implement environmentally sound practices in its operations and its position on such issues as global warming. The bulk of the material consists of records, news clippings and other documents dating to the 1930s compiled to illustrate the environmental record of Exxon and its predecessors. A collection of studies and reports concerning the 1989 Exxon Valdez accident and related subjects, which was compiled by Exxon USA’s legal department is also included.
2.207/G83 1999 Update: Prince William Sound, 1999
[Exxon Valdez]
Exxon Environmental Compendium, Vols. 1-3, 1991
Forums & Seminars, 1983, 1997
Global warming, 1989, 1996, 1998
Operations Integrity Management System [OIMS], 1996, 1998
Prince William Sound [Exxon Valdez], 1989-1999
Progress Reports, 1990s
2.207/G84 Research and Historical Background
Environmental Documents [numbered w/list], 1939-1976
ER&E, 1948-1976
ER&E Environmental Organization, 1954-1984
ER&E Environmental Technology, 1954-1970
EUSA/Humble, 1939-1972
R&D & ER&E, 1949-1957
2.207/G85 Miscellaneous
4K740 Exxon Valdez spill research material, studies and reports, 1989-2007
Mission without a Map: The Politics and Policies of Restoration Following the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, studies and reports concerning the 1989 Exxon Valdez accident and related topics, undated
The Sound Truth: Exxon’s Manipulation of Science & the Significance of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill by Riki Ott, 1994
Oil in the Ocean: The Short and Long-Term Impacts of a Spill, Congressional Research Service, 1990
'Lessons of the Exxon Valdez, Alaska Sea Grant College Program', 1990
Natural Resources Restoration: Use of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Settlement Funds, Briefing Report to the Chairman, Committee on Natural Resources, House of Representatives, GAO/RCED-93-206BR, 1993
The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill: A Report to the President of the United States of America from Samuel K. Skinner, US Department of Transportation and William K. Reilly, Administrator, US Environmental Protection Agency, 1989/05
4K741a Out of the Channel: The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in Prince William Sound, John Keeble, 1991
Cleaning Up: the story behind the biggest legal bonanza of our time, 1997
White Silk & Black Tar: A Journal of the Alaska Oil Spill, Page Spencer, 1990
Evaluating and Communicating Subsistence Seafood Safety in a Cross-cultural Context: Lessons Learned from the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 1999
The Spill: Personal Stories from the Exxon Valdez Disaster, Sharon Bushell and Stan Jones, undated
Alaska after Exxon Valdez: A collection of papers by the students of Political Science 280, Marek Payerhin, Alma College, Spring 2004
Kodiak Bears & the Exxon Valdez: A Conservation Saga in Alaska’s Kodiak Archipelago, Kodiak Brown Bear Trust, 2000
Long-Term Ecological Change in the Northern Gulf of Alaska, Robert B. Spies, ed., 2007
The Gulf of Alaska: Biology and Oceanography, Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council, 2005
The Heart of the Sound: An Alaskan Paradise Found and Nearly Lost, Marybeth Holleman, 2004
Exxon Valdez Spill Clean-up records
4K749a Affiliate Talk by Otto Harrison, 1992/02/12
Coast Guard Press Release re: towing on the Valdez from Prince William Sound, 1989/6/21
Map Catalog of Areas in Southern Alaskya Affected by the Exxon/Valdez Oil Spill, 1989
992 PWS Tides, April – September, 1991/11/12
Update Memos, 1989/04/17-09/27
Exxon Publications
The Fate of the Oil from the Exxon Valdez: A Perspective, 1993
Bioremediation for Shoreline Cleanup in Alaska (Condensed Version), 1994
2.104/2.6 Exxon Posters
Ten Posters Depicting the Results of Scientific Studies of Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska Following the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, 1993
Exxon’s Response to the Valdez Spill: An Historical Overview, 1993
Exploration & Production, 1976-1998
(0.1 ft.)
2.207/F104 Offshore, 1976, 1998
Seismology, 1980, 1982
Fire & Safety, 1919-1953
(2.8 ft.)
This sub-series includes safety manuals and memoranda from the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey and Humble Oil & Refining Company. Interesting items include three Standard Oil Company of New Jersey fire and marine manuals, two Humble Oil safety manuals and R. S. Bonsib’s Medico-Safety Memoranda, which contains glossaries of medical terms, reports on chemical compounds and their dangers, and prevention measures for various work related accidents.
2.207/H58A Humble Safety Manuals, 1946, 1953
2.207/J60 Humble Safety Manual, 1959
2.207/H58A Standard Oil Company of New Jersey
Fire Manual, 1924
Oil Tank Steamers, 1919-1924
2.207/G87 R. S. Bonsib’s Medico-Safety Memoranda
[bound volumes]
2.207/G88 1940-1944
[bound volumes]
2.207/G89 1945-1947
[bound volumes]
2.207/G90 1934-1940
[copy 2]
2.207/G91 1941-1945
[copy 2]
2.207/G92 1947-1952
[copy 2]
Graphics, 1965-1995
(0.9 ft.)
This sub-series contains graphics standards and manuals relating to Esso and the Exxon Corporation. Of particular interest are the Esso and Humble identification guides as well as the Exxon Chemical Graphic Standards Manual, which includes written guides as well as diskettes for computer use.
2.207/E163 Esso Identification Guide, 1965
2.207/E164A Exxon
MTS Graphics Standards Manual, 1990
Retail Design Guidelines, 1985, 1996
2.207/E163 Exxon Chemical
Trademark Identification Guide, 1989
2.207/E164B Graphics Standards Manual, 1995
Humble Oil & Refining Company, 1920-1983
(2.0 ft.)
This material documents only a few aspects of Humble Oil’s operations. Because Humble’s role in the Jersey Standard organization, as domestic operating company and arguably its most important subsidiary, was so wide-reaching in the United States, other Humble-related material can be found throughout the collection, notably within Marketing and Publications.
2S378 Annual Meetings, 1952, 1958-1959
Carter Division
Annual Review, 1960
2.207/L29C Exploration & Production
Procedures manual [with updates], 1966-1983
2S378 Friendswood Oil Field, 1947, 1959
2S332 Gas Engineering Division Presentation for Production Engineering School: Volumes 1 & 2, 1962
2.207/L29B Headquarters
The Humble Story: A Houston Chronicle Special Supplement, April 14, 1963
[3 copies]
New Humble Building Open House, March 1963
2S378 Human Resources
Employee handbooks, 1952, 1957
Humble Pipeline Company, circa 1956
Marine Shipping
Esso New Orleans, 1965
S.S. Manhattan
Northwest Passage: A 500 Year Dream [press packet], 1969
2.207/I101 Marketing
Florida Expansion, 1962, 1971
2S378 Name Change
Exxon Management Information Conference, May 8, 1972
Paints & Special Products, 1964, undated
2.207/L29B Personnel
Carroll, Gay, 1953
Harris, David, 1953
2.207/J17 Mirick, Melvin Ray, scrapbook, 1950s
2.207/G215F Utter, Billy E. (Humble sales and advertising departments), scrapbook, 1950s
2S378 Public Relations
Christmas cards, circa 1960
2.207/L29B Fondren Library, 1946
2S379 Press Tours, 1946, 1969
General, 1920, 1961-1967
250,000,000 Years with Texas, 1936
2.207/J60 The Air We Breathe, circa 1960
2S379 Bayonne Centennial Sketchbook, 1969
Photos and Features, 1957-1958
Texas Sketchbook: A Collection of Historical Stories from The Humble Way, 1952, 1962
Western Sketchbook: A Collection of Articles from The Humble Way, 1967
You and Your Driving, undated
2S367 Speeches
Baker, Hines H. [President], 1953-1957
Barrow, T. D. [Sr. Vice-President; Director], 1968
Davis, Morgan [President; Chairman of the Board], 1958-1963
Ferguson, Harry W. [Vice-President], 1959
Galloway, J. H. [Vice-President; Director], 1969
Gonzalez, Richard J. [Treasurer; Director], 1954, 1959
Reistle, Carl E, Jr. [President], 1962-1963
A Survey of Public Opinion in Monterey County Toward the Proposed Refinery at Moss Landing, 1966
Real Estate
Appraisal Report: Leasehold Interest of the Humble Oil & Refining Company, Reservation II, 261 Constitution Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C., 1965
2.207/J60 Building Stones in the Humble Building, 1963
2S367 Refining
Baytown, undated
Report to Employees, 1961
Production Research Division, 1959-1964
Service Stations
New Humble Identification Program, 1964
2.207/I101 Service Guide, 1963
2S367 Stocks
Stock Quotes, 1921-1964
Industry Organizations, 1958-1970
(0.4 ft.)
This sub-series contains five yearbooks (1958-1970) from the Petroleum Club of Houston, established in 1946 as a club of and for men of the oil industry. Humble Oil executives and officers were among its members. The yearbooks provide information on club history, officers, Board of Directors, committees, by-laws, house rules and its members, including photographs.
2.207/G105 Petroleum Club of Houston
Yearbooks, 1958-1970
Maps and Travel Services, "1938-1985"
(0.9 ft.)
This sub-series contains road maps and travel kits from the Exxon Corporation and its predecessors and subsidiaries. The sub-series includes maps from countries around the world such as Australia, Chile, Germany, Saudi Arabia and the United States. Of particular interest is a 1952 trip guide from the Esso Touring Service containing maps prepared specially prepared for a customer’s trip.
2.207/L29D Carter Oil Company
Carterland, 1957
Colorado, 1957
Minnesota, 1959
2.207/G104 Colonial Beacon Oil Company, 1929-1932
2.207/L29D Creole Petroleum Corporation
Venezuela, 1971
Alabama/Georgia, 1970
Austin/San Antonio, 1964
Eastern United States, 1969
Tennessee/Kentucky, 1970
Western United States, 1968
2.207/G104 Esso
Aruba, 1963-1987
New South Wales, 1970
Queensland, 1960s
South Australia, 1967
Victoria, 1966
Western Australia, 1964, 1968
Barbados 1969, 1973
Alberta and British Columbia, 1975
Atlantic Provinces, 1975
Manitoba/Saskatchewan, 1975
Ontario, 1969-1974
Quebec, 1969
Caribbean, 1962
Central America
Chile, 1971
Cuba, 1958, undated
Dominican Republic, 1963-1972
El Salvador, 1964
Finland, 1985
France, circa 1996
Guatemala, 1980
Jamaica, 1964-1983
Malaya, 1963, 1971
Mauritius, 1984
Mexico, 1968
Philippines, 1963
Puerto Rico, 1965-1980
Southern Scotland, 1960s
Saudi Arabia, 1963-1985
Trinidad, 1967
2.207/I95 United States
Arkansas/Louisiana, 1942
Arkansas/Louisiana/Mississippi, 1964
Boston, 1962
Delaware/Maryland/Virginia/West Virginia, 1953-1969
Delaware/Maryland/Virginia/West Virginia, 1953-1964
Eastern United States, 1954–1974
Florida/Georgia/Alabama, 1964
New England, 1951–1969
New Jersey, 1947-1974
New York, 1938-1975
North Carolina/South Carolina, 1962
Pennsylvania, 1952-1964
Pittsburgh, 1964
Washington, D.C.
Western United States, 1974
2.207/G104 Uruguay, 1968
Venezuela, 1971
2.207/L29D Esso Touring Service trip guide, 1952
Happy Motoring Touring Guide, 1964
Humble Trip Kit, 1954
The Negro Travelers’ Green Book [compliments of Esso], 1953
Standard Oil Company (New Jersey)
United States
Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, 1951, 1958
Standard Oil Company (New Jersey)
Germany, undated
United States
Washington, D.C, 1930s
Marine Operations, 1944-1998
(0.1 ft.)
2.207/F104 Annual report, 1944
Standard Marine Services Ltd. [U.K.], 1998
General, 1972
Esso Pembrokeshire
Bremen, Germany, brochure and booklet [from launching album, box 2.207/I51], 1960
Marketing 1916-1962
(1.3 ft.)
This sub-series consists of print advertisements, press releases, clippings, correspondence, and contest material for Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) and its affiliated and descendant companies.
Advertisements for insecticides and laxatives (1916-1950) illustrate petroleum products, besides oil and gasoline, which the company marketed. Esso Research ads also feature assorted petroleum and chemical products such as nylon, plastic and wax.
Of note are the 1960 campaigns announcing the change of the Carter and Pate brands to Enco (short for “Energy Company”). Because other “Standard Oils” operated around the country – California, Indiana, Ohio, for example – Standard Oil (New Jersey) marketed its oil and gas products using different brand names in different regions, which the bulk of the ads reflect. In 1960, the Standard Oil affiliate Humble Oil & Refining Company absorbed Esso Standard, which was Standard Oil (New Jersey)’s domestic operating company, and the affiliates Carter, Oklahoma and Pate. From that point on, Humble, the company, marketed its products using the brand names Humble in Texas and Ohio, Esso (the phonetic spelling of the abbreviation “S.O.”) on the east coast, and Enco in 19 other states. As such, the Humble company name appeared in gasoline ads for both Humble (1960-1962) and Esso (1945-1965) throughout the 1960s.
Materials related to a 1962 contest promotion are included; winners could claim prizes at their local Esso service stations.
2.207/H109 Advertising
Name Change from Carter to Enco, 1960
2.207/H107 Name Change from Pate to Enco [scrapbook], 1960
2.207/F105 Put a Tiger in Your Tank, circa 1965, 1968
2.207/G215d Energy for a Stronger America, undated
2.207/H106 Print Ads
United States
Standard Oil Company (New Jersey)
Nujol Mineral Oil, 1916-1931
Flit Insecticide, 1927-1950
General, 1944, 1949
2.207/H108 Esso, 1945-1965
Esso Research & Engineering, 1955-1960
2.207/G215d Exxon
Tiger print ads, undated, circa 1970s
2.207/H109 Humble Oil & Refining Company
2.207/J61 Standard Oil Development Company
814 Paraflow (Paratac and Paratone), 1932-1955
2.207/H108 Foreign
Pratt’s, 1920
Esso, 1937
2.207/L130 Dealers and Distributors
A “Brand” New Show: Exxon Distributor Brand Implementation Manual, circa 1997
Exxon Distributor Brand Implementation Manual, 1998
Exxon Installed Motor Oil Program [Superflo], circa 1997
2.207/F105 Farm & Industrial Products Advertising & Sales Promotion, undated
Marine Merchandising Program, 1960
2.207/H58c 1979 Retailer Convention [vinyl record], 1979
2.207/J22 Service Stations
2.207/F105 Car Care Center, circa 1965
Credit Card Program
General, undated
2.207/L130 Exxon Fleet Card Handbook, 1998
2.207/F105 Design Standards
Manuals, 1951
2.207/L130 Manual [Esso Petroleum Canada], undated
2.207/F105 Directories
Esso Diesel, undated
2.207/H7 Equipment
Pumps: Decals
2.207/J61 Happy Oil Drop (female), undated, circa 1960
2.207/J22 Programs and Contests
Esso Happy Motoring Travel Spectacular Contest, 1962
Ads and Announcements
Clippings and Correspondence
The Humble Extra (magazine for dealers)
Letters from Contestants
Script for Television Commercial
Slide Presentation for Dealers
2.207/F105 Service Guides
Care Saves Wear Service Manual, 1943
Esso Salesmanship Service Salesmen: Sections 6 & 7 , 1935
Guida Fotografica Lubrificazione Autovetture [Esso Standard Italia], 1964
Technical Publications
2.207/J60 Basic Line: Lubricants/Related Specialties, 1966,1968, 1973, 1982
2.207/F105 Basic Line: Lubricants/Related Specialties, 1973, 1988
Exxon Products Summary, 1987, 1990, 1999
2.207/J60 Exxon Products Summary, 1990, 1996, 1997, 1999
Guide to Aviation Products, Esso, 1969
2.207/F105 Lubetext brochures, 1985-1991
2.207/J61 Products from Exxon Company, U.S.A., 1988
Products from the World of Chemicals, Exxon Chemical, 1989
2.207/F105 Tables of Useful Information [Lubetext], 1988
Refining, 1928-1988
(1.1 ft.)
This subseries contains materials documenting some of the refineries operated by Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) and Exxon Corporation, as well as subsidiary and affiliate companies.
2.207/H25 General, circa 1973, undated
United States
Benicia, undated
Baton Rouge
Inspectors Training Program, 1956-1957
Publication: Baton Rouge: A Great Refinery Produces for War, 1944
Butyl Plant Transfer [scrapbook includes press releases and photographs], Apr. 21, 1955
2.207/J61 Texas
History, 1974, 1995
2.207/H28 Maryland
Baltimore,9 1941-197
New Jersey
Bayonne, 1988
General, 1939-1988
List of Deaths of Bayway Employees and Annuitants, 1928-1966
Research & Engineering 1909-2000
(30.8 ft.)
This sub-series contains material documenting Exxon Research and Engineering (ER&E) and its predecessors, Standard Oil Development Company, formed in 1919, and Esso Research & Engineering, formed in 1955, as well as other select research activities throughout the Exxon organization.
ER&E’s Public Affairs department created the bulk of this material [circa 15 linear feet], with most files [boxes 2.207/G206 – G241] comprising research for an unpublished book, The Leading Edge, and including news clippings, book and journal articles, corporate publications, interviews, drafts of manuscripts and correspondence. Proposed in the late 1970s, The Leading Edge was to be a book for the “educated layman” that detailed the history of science and technology at Exxon, and, more importantly, that aimed to “set the record straight” regarding the corporation’s involvement with German chemical conglomerate, IG Farben, prior to World War II. [IG Farben was implicated in the manufacture of chemicals and technologies used in Nazi death camps. As a result, Standard Oil (New Jersey) faced accusations of treason and Department of Justice investigations in the early 1940s.] Consequently, the materials present a wide-ranging view of the corporation’s research and development activities throughout the 20th century, most notably with respect to synthetic rubber and high-octane gasoline.
The Standard Oil Development Company material also includes documentation of the company’s relationship with IG Farben, their formation of the Joint American Study Company (JASCO), and the Department of Justice investigation [box 2.207/G244]. Other materials include correspondence, drafts and final versions of publications, and records relating to the company’s synthetic rubber patents.
2.207/G180 General, 1946-1992
Organization Charts, 1989-1993
Style Guides, 1967, 1978
Technical Advisors Directory, 1980s
4K756C Analytical and Information Division Personnel Directory 1979/01
2013-273/1 Working Rules, News Jersey Facilities, 1974/07/01
Directions: Creating Opportunity and Advantage (pamphlet), 1986
Roads to ER&E Sites, undated
Guide to the Permanent Art Collection, circa 1988
2013-273/1 Engineering Symposium Proceedings, 1980, 1981
Energy Research and Development Symposium Proceedings 1981
2.207/G80 Conferences
Petroleum and Chemical Industry Conference: Record of Conference Papers, 1970, 1972
Employee Relations
Technician Manual, 1957-1959
2.207/G81 Engineering
General, undated
Manuals, 1950s-1980s
Basic Practices
2.207/J38 Engineering Standards, Vol. 1 & 2
Piping Requirements
2.207/I109 Measurement of Petroleum Products [multiple pamphlets], 1949-1956
Reduction of Evaporation, 1948
Technomics, 1956
2.207/I103 Esso European Laboratories: Experimental Product Codes, circa 1954
4K756C Information Services, Articles, 1979-1980
2.207/G180 Research
Developments of Butyl, 1957
Esso Spray Oils, 1958
European Grease Conference, 1959
The Historical Background of Synthetic Elastomers with Particular Emphasis on the Early Period, undated
Lubricating Meeting, 1957
Marketing Technical Conference, 1957
2.207/G82 Science Spokesperson Program, 1982
Technical Information Division, 1957-1999
2.207/G181 Technical Publications
American Petroleum Institute: Newspaper & Magazine Editorials on Conservation of Crude Oil, 1929
Butyl: The First 50 Years, 1987
Butyl Tires, 1957
Dollars and Sense, 1938
Enjay Butyl Volumes I, 1955
2.207/G182 Enjay Butyl Volume II, 1958
Exxon Energy R&D Symposium, 1980-1981
Exxon Engineering Symposium, 1980-1981
F.I.A.T. Final Report No. 1000: The OXO Process, undated
The Gas Air-Lift Pocket Book, 1929
Incentives in Industry, 1953
2.207/G183 Index to United States Patents on the Pour Depressor Art to December 20, 1949 Inclusive, 1950
Manual for Oil and Gas Operations, 1923
Mixed Gas Research, 1933
Petroleum Process Technomics, 1965
Physical & Chemical Properties of Gasolines Sold Throughout the United States During the Calendar Year 1915, 1916
Oil Progress at Bayway Refinery, Linden, New Jersey, 1949
Oil Tanker Cargoes, 1954
Railroad Commission of Texas Oil and Gas Division: Analyses of Texas Crude Oils, 1940
Special Master’s Report: United States vs. Standard Oil Company (Indiana) et al, 1927
2.207/G184 Technical Reference Book to Accompany Brief of Defendant Standard Oil Company (Indiana) on the Validity of Patents, undated
U.S. Treasury Department Bureau of Internal Revenue Regulations 3: Industrial Alcohol, 1942
2.207/G82 Technology Licensing Division, 1988
2.207/G185 Public Affairs
AAAS Reporter’s Guide, . 1983, n.d
Bacon’s Clipping Bureau, 1981-1985, n.d
Catalytic Coal Gasification, 1982-1985
Cold Fusion, 1989, n.d
Cold Spring Harbor, 1980-1984, undated
Colony Shale Oil Project, 1982-1985
2.207/G186 News Clippings, 1983-1987, undated
1985 Campaign, 1980-1985
Press Releases: George Long, 1987, undated
2.207/G187 Administration
Briefing Booklet, 1984-1986
Lilyan Productions, 1981-1984, undated
Video Monitoring Services, 1983-1986
Independent Laboratory Employees’ Union, 1986
Job Family Redefinition Effort, 1986-1987, undated
Pension Plan Revisions, 1985-1986
Policy, 1983-1987
Reorganization, 1986
Special Employee Separation Program, 1986
Tax Reform, 1986
2.207/G188 Union Negotiations, 1981-1986
Voluntary Separation Program, 1982-1986, undated
Workplan & Budget, 1984-1985
1982, 1985, 1986
2.207/G189 1985-1986
Corporation Updates, 1986-1987
Clean Air Article, 1984
Pollutants Article, 1984-1985
Highlights, 1981
1985 in Review, 1985-1986
1984 in Review, 1984-1985
Year End Show, 1985
2.207/G190 Facilities
2B.12/mapcase 1.7 Amuay [Venezuela] Desulfurization Project Blueprints, 1967
2.207/G190 Baton Rouge [Louisiana]
[General], 1919-1977, undated
Fiftieth Anniversary, 1977
Baytown Research & Development, 1984, 1986
Bayway [New Jersey]
[General], 1995, undated
Explosion, 1989
Clinton [New Jersey]
[General], 1976-1983, undated
[General], 1983-1984
Site Status, 1986-1987, undated
Esso Research Center, 1948, undated
Exxon Coal Liquefaction Plant, 1977-1983, undated
2.207/G191 Exxon Research & Development Labs, 1978-1984
Florham Park [New Jersey]
2.207/G191 News clippings, 1957, undated
Preliminary Design Study, 1961
Route 24 (1), 1987-1987, undated
Route 24 (2), 1980-1983, undated
Site Plan, 1957
2.207/G191 Twombly Estate, undated
Linden [New Jersey]
Relocation, 1983-1985, undated
2.207/G192 1986
Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, 1982-1984, undated
[General], 1944-1983, undated
Accomplishments & Highlights: 1919-1982, 1973, 1983
Fiftieth Anniversary, 1988
The First Fifty Years, 1987
Chemical History of the Standard Oil Company (NJ), 1947
Exxon Chemical History, 1983, undated
Fiftieth Anniversary (ER&E),
The News, 1969
Press Kit, 1969
(1), 1969
2.207/G193 (2), 1969
(3), 1967-1970
Fluid Catalytic Cracking Fiftieth Anniversary, 1992
The History of Centralized Engineering in the Standard Oil Company(NJ)
Correspondence, 1962, 2000, undated
Drafts, 1952-1962
Draft & Selected Chapters, 1952, 1962
Manuscript, 1962
2.207/G194 History of the Jersey Standard Oil Company, undated
History of the Products Research Division Draft & Correspondence, 1969-1993, undated
Morris County: The Progress of its Legend Correspondence, 1983-1984
Official History Draft, 1978
New Jersey Chamber of Commerce 75thAnniversary, 1969, 1985-1986
Seventy-Fifth Anniversary (ER&E)
Background, 1946-1984, undated
75 Years of Technological Opportunity & Advantage, 1994
Thirty Years of Advantage Through Science, 1998
Hawkins Unit, 1998
NYC vs. Exxon Corp., 1988-1989
2.207/G195 Meetings & Events
American Institute of Physics Conference, 1986
Exhibitions, 1983-1985, undated
Exxon Faculty Fellowship, 1982-1983, undated
2.207/G194 Exxon Monograph Program, 1983-1984
2.207/G195 Family Day, 1952
Fiftieth Anniversary (ER&E), 1969-1970
2.207/G196 Industrial Research Awards, 1976-1985, undated
National Academy of Engineering Convocation: D. Cecchini speech, 1986
National Engineering Action Conference, 1982-1983, undated
New Jersey Research &Development Tour, 1984, undated
New Scientist Visit, 1983
Perkins Medal, 1983-1984
Rutgers Commencement Address, 1986
2.207/G197 Washington Post Visit, 1983
New Releases
[General], 1981-1986, 1993, undated
Recognition, 1975-1985, undated
2.207/G198 People
Clair, David R., 1983-1989, undated
Daigle, Donald H., 1988
David, Edward E., Jr.
Background, 1978-1984, undated
National Research Council Op-Ed, 1984, undated
Scientist of the Year Award, 1984, undated
2.207/G255 Speeches
1975 – Oct. 1982
2.207/G256 Nov. 1982 – 1984
2.207/G257 1985-1986
2.207/G198 Technology in Society, 1984
Eidt, Clarence M. Jr., 1982-1983
1976-1983, 1990, undated
2.207/G199 1985, 1990-1991
Koonce, Terry K, 1990
Lyon, Richard E., Jr., 1981-1983, undated
Sinfelt, John, 1984
Sprow, Frank, 1982-1983, undated
White, T. J., 1982, undated
Products & Technology
Catalysis, 1983-1984
Coal, 1973-1983, n.d
Exxon Donor Solvent, 1980-1984, undated
Flexicoking, 1983-1984, undated
2.207/G200 Flexsorb, 1983-1985, undated
Genetic Engineering, 1981-1984
Hindered Amines, 1981-1984, n.d
Hydrostatic Tank Gauging, 1984-1985, undated
Laser Pyrometer, 1980-1985, undated
Liquid Membrane Technology, 1982-1984, undated
Microtomography, 1987-1988
2.207/G201 Separations, 1981-1982
Sulfur Degassing Paper: Reprint, 1984-1986, undated
Wastewater Treatment, 1984-1987, undated
Water-Treating Polymers, 1984
Well-Control Fluid, 1981-1985, undated
Zinc-Bromine Battery, 1980-1988, undated
Professional Organizations
American Chemical Society, 1984
American Institute of Chemical Engineers Publications, 1986, 1987
Esso Research Club, 1953, 1965
2.207/G202 National Association of Science Writers, 1981-1984
New Jersey Business & Industry Association Publications, 1983, 1984
New Jersey Business/Industry/Science/Education Consortium, 1985, undated
Scientists’ Institute for Public Information, 1981-1984, undated
Acid Rain, 1982
Alternative Fuels, 1978-1984
Greenhouse Effect, 1988, undated
Hazardous Waste, 1981-1985, undated
Hydroflouric Acid, 1988-1989, undated
Lexis Nexis, 1983-1985, undated
Natuna LNG Project, 1984-1985, undated
2.207/G203 Reproductive Study, 1984-1988, undated
SANS/NBS Agreement, 1986
Slide Library, 1982-1983, undated
Solar Energy, 1980-1984, undated
Supercomputers, 1985, undated
Superconductivity, 1987, undated
Synthetic Fuels, 1978-1982, undated
Water Shortage, 1985
Certificates, undated
Emergency Information, 1982-1988
Hazards in Process Operations, undated
Industrial Hygiene Plan, 1986
2.207/G204 Lab Worker Study
Process Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) Review, 1991
RCRA Permit, 1983-1984
Radon Report, 1986
Right-To-Know-Law, 1984-1988
2.207/G205 Subsidiaries, Affiliates & Divisions
Alyeska Pipeline Service, 1978-1986, undated
Esso Engineering Ltd. (Europe)
Employees, 1992
Esso European Laboratories, 1945-1988, undated
Humble Oil & Refining Company
Thirty Years with Humble, 1959
Imperial Oil, 1985
Products Committee History,
1953, 1988, undated
Products Research Division, 1979, circa 1993
2.207/G206 The Leading Edge
Accounting, 1974-1985
Acknowledgements, undated
Archives Project, 1984
Author Selection, 1980-1981
Bibliographic Formats, 1976, 1983, undated
Budget, 1980-1984
2.207/G207 Chronologies, undated
Consultant Files, 1981-1983
2.207/G208 1981-1985
2.207/G209 Critiques
[General], 1984-1985, undated (1)
A. Bisio Documents, 1984, undated
Chapters 1,2,15,16, 1984
Chapters 1,2,8 1984
Chapters 1,11,14, 1984
2.207/G210 Chapters One - Six, 1984-1985
Chapters Seven – Fifteen, 1984-1985
Chapters Seven – Sixteen, 1984-1985
Chapters Seventeen – Twenty-Four, 1984-1985
Selected Chapters
2.207/G211 1985
Edson, Lee, 1980-1984
Front Matter, 1975-1984, undated
1947-1984, undated
1976-1984, undated
Exxon, 1957-1961, undated
History Project, 1979-1983
Illustration Sources, 1981-1984, undated
1933-1983, undated
2.207/G212 Chapter One, 1918-1981, undated
Chapter Two, 1940-1983, undated
Chapter Three, 1940-1984, undated
Chapter Four, 1959-1984, undated
Chapter Five, 1924-1977, undated
Chapter Six, 1933-1984, undated
Chapter Seven, 1946-1984, undated
2.207/G213 Chapter Seven, 1956-1984, undated
Chapter Seven, 1972-1984, undated
Chapter Eight, 1948-1984, undated
Chapter Nine, 1959-1984, undated
Chapter Ten, 1919-1984, undated
Chapter Eleven, 1976-1984, undated
2.207/G214 Chapter Twelve, 1928-1977, undated
Chapter Thirteen, 1935-1984, undated
Chapter Fourteen, 1927-1984, undated
Chapter Fifteen, 1940-1970, undated
Chapter Sixteen, 1940-1980, undated
Chapter Seventeen, 1949-1984, undated
Chapter Eighteen, 1939-1982, undated
Chapter Nineteen, 1952-1984, undated
Chapter Twenty, 1952-1984, undated
Chapter Twenty-One, 1931-1966, n.d
2.207/G215 Chapter Twenty-Two, 1975-1983, undated
Chapter Twenty-Three, 1975-1984, undated
Chapter Twenty-Four, 1978-1984, undated
Chapter Twenty-Five, 1925-1984, undated
Kett, T. K., 1981-1982
Magat, Gloria, 1981-1984
Manuscript Revisions & Recommendations . 1983-1984, n.d
Outlines, Notes & Comments, 1980-1984, undated
People, 1943-1983, undated
Project Materials, 1981-1985, undated
2.207/G216 Research
2.207/G217 Alternative Energies
Aviation Gas
2.207/G219 Chemical Engineers
2.207/G220 Corporate Histories
2.207/G222 Environment
2.207/G224 Exxon
2.207/G225 General 1925-1985, undated
2.207/G226 Middle East, 1948-1984, undated
New Ventures
Petrochemical Products
2.207/G228 Petrochemicals
2.207/G229 Petroleum Industry
2.207/G232 Pipelines
Refining & Refineries
2.207/G234 Resources
2.207/G235 Synthetic Fuel
Synthetic Rubber
2.207/G241 Wordl War II
Science Writing Critiques, 1976-1984, undated
Subject Headings, 1985
Summaries & Handouts, 1984
Tutorials, 1984, undated
2.207/G242 Standard Oil Development Company
General, undated
Aviation Gas: WJ Sweeny, 1937
Background of Methods for Testing Petroleum & Its Products, 1953
Baltimore Cracking Plant, 1943-1944
General, 1918-1937
IG Farben/JASCO, 1939-1965
Weekly Letters, 1937
2.207/G243 Esso Petroleum Engineering Course, 1947
Lube & Grease Research, 1920s-1930s, 1919-1939
Present-Day Methods of Petroleum Laboratory Control, 1939
Correspondence, 1931-1946
2.207/G244 Synthetic Rubber
Department of Justice Investigation, 1942-1978
IG Farben/JASCO Agreement, 1932
IG Patent Position on Buna Rubber, 1939
Patent Assets on Buna Type Rubbers, [1943]
Patent Assets on Butyl Rubber, 1943
Synthetic Rubber Chronology, 1945
2.207/J61 Operating Manual for Extraction Section of Emergency Butadiene Project, QBLA, Baton Rouge Refinery of Standard Oil Company of Louisiana, February 23, 1943
2.207/G244 Talks
Petroleum &Agriculture, 1947
Silver Anniversary Forum on the Future of Industrial Research, 1944
Synthetic Gasoline, 1950
2.207/I109 Viscosity Indices [booklets], 1938-1939
2.207/J60 Pamphlets
25th Anniversary, September 30, 1944
Army-Navy Award to Standard Oil Development Company, March 18, 1943
2.207/G245 Humble Oil & Refining Company Baytown Research & Development Laboratory
Organization Charts, 1932-1976
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