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A Guide to the Texas Composers Collection, 1836-1968

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Texas Composers
Title: Texas Composers Collection
Dates: 1836-1968
Abstract: Sheet music comprises the bulk of the Texas Composers Collection.
Accession No.: 66-107; 66-108; 68-131; 68-132; 71-48; 71-91; 73-91; 73-77; 76-61; 2006-269; 2008-213; 2015-185
Extent: 2 ft.
Laguage: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History,The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

The Texas Composers Collection was created in the 1940s and maintained in the 1950s by Dr. E. W. Doty, then Dean of the College of Fine Arts at the University of Texas at Austin.

Scope and Contents

The Texas Composers Collection is comprised of the correspondence and music of state composers, including classical, popular, band and folk music. Materials are arranged alphabetically by composer's name, with the exception of miscellaneous sheet music, compiled song sheets and newspaper clippings, which are listed chronologically. The collection also includes "special" song files, which contain materials related to specific songs, including "The Eyes of Texas," "Yellow Rose of Texas" and songs published for the Texas Centennial celebrations.


Access Restrictions

Unrestricted access.

Index Terms

Alessandro, Victor, 1915-.
Baker, Karle Wilson, 1878-1960.
Britain, Radie, 1903-.
Clark, Horace.
Darst, W. Glen (William Glen), 1896-1986.
Dressler, William.
Steinfeldt, John M.
Tatton, J. Meredith.
Composers--Songs and music.
Composers--United States--Archives.
Eyes of Texas (Song).
Sheet music.
Yellow Rose of Texas (Song).

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Texas Composers Collection, 1836-1968, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Papers



2W64a Alessandro-Burnett:
Alessandro, Victor:
Beginner's Course in Solfeggio, Teacher's Manual, 1937-1938
Beginner's Course in Solfeggio, Volume I, undated
Beginner's Course in Solfeggio, Volume II, undated
Beginner's Course in Solfeggio, Volume III, undated
Intermediate Course in Class Solfeggio, Teacher's Manual, 1937-1938
Ardoin, John, Mass for Four Voices, 1954
Ashford, E. L., "Bluebonnets," 2 copies, signed by lyricist Jessie Andrews, 1910
Ashbury, Samuel E.:
"List of Old Time Break Downs," [ca. 1928]
"Some Dance Calls," undated
"Mr. Page at Confederate Home," undated
"List of Songs for Stag Parties," undated
"Gentlemen of Virginia," signed by Ashbury, February 26, 1951
Baker, Karle Wilson, "Let Me Grow Lovely," signed by Baker, 1953
Bell, Harry and Mildred:
"Texas Has Everything," 2 copies, 1928
"The Texas Turkey Trot," 2 copies, 1948
Blind Cal:
"Just Above the Rapids," signed by Cal, 1899
"Queen of May," 1899
"Sliding on the Ice," 1899
Booth, Julia D., "Bluebonnets," 1932
Botts, Ida Bassett:
"America is Ready," 1941
"The Garden of Love," 1934
"In My Heart," 1940
"Legend of the Bluebonnets," 1936
"Our Yesteryears," 1937
Britain, Radie:
"The Covered Wagon," 1941
"Dicky Donkey," 1939
"Fairy of Spring," Women's Voices, 1940
"Immortality," Secular Choruses for Mixed Voices, 1941
"I'se Commin', Lord To You," 1940
"Lasso of Time," 2 copies, 1940
"Nature Ushers in Dawn," Secular Choruses for Mixed Voices, 1940
"Noontide," Selected Choruses for Women's Voices, 1940
"Orchestral Compositions by Radie Britain," undated
"Prelude," 1941
"Prison," 1940
"Rain," 1941
Brooke, Florence R., "S.H.N.I. March," 1891
Brown, George W., "Varsity March and Two-Step," 1899
Bunch, Pearl and Sterling:
"Echoes," undated
"A Mother and Her Boy," 1928
"The Texas Flower Song," undated
Burnett, Ulala Howard, "The Texas Star," 2 copies, undated
Caldwell, John S., "That Slow Walking Waltz," 2 copies, undated
Clark, Horace:
"Aspirations," 2 copies, undated
"The Call," 1 manuscript copy, 2 printed copies, undated
"June and Dixie," 1917
"The Lover's Return," undated
"An Ole Black Mammy's Prayer," undated
"Over Jordan," Songs By Horace Clark, 2 copies, 1917
"Romanzetta," Horace Clark Piano Compositions, 1918
"Rosy Dawn," Horace Clark Piano Compositions, 1918
Sonata in C Major, Horace Clark Piano Compositions, 1918
" A Song of Sunrise," 1 manuscript copy, 1 printed copy, undated
"A Summer Wooing," undated
"Sunset," 1924
"There Little Girl Don't Cry," undated
Untitled, undated
"Valse Impromptu," 1 manuscript copy, 2 printed copies, undated
Other materials:
"Dedication of Music Building and Fine Arts Festival," program, University of Texas at Austin, November 9, 1942
"Music in a Pioneer School," The Southwestern Musician, June 1937
"Four Texas Composers Due Honors," Houston Chronicle, March 10, 1940
2W64b Clark, Jessie May-DeBurgos:
Clark, Jessie Mae, "An Ode to Texas," 1946
Cohen, Cal, "Spirit of the Alamo," 1926
Daca, the Cowboy, "Hell in Texas," 1925
Darst, W. Glen:
"A Lenten Carol," 1943
"Look from Thy Sphere of Endless Day," 1945
"Ride On! Ride On in Majesty," 1950
"Sing to the Lord a Joyful Song," 1948
De Arrendondo, F., "I'm Longing, My Sweetheart, For You," 1915
DeBurgos, Francis:
The Beggar Maid: A Comic Opera, book, lyrics, music, dance steps and set diagrams, undated
The Captivity, vocal score, undated
2W64c DeBurgos-Fisher:
DeBurgos, Francis:
Music, cont:
The Captivity, orchestral score, undated
"Festal Magnificant in Eb," August 1939
"The Fools Prayer," undated
"Nirvana," undated
"Messengers," Music for Treble Voices by Contemporary Composers, 1938
"The Moods of Lingering Day," 1935
"Rock de Cradle, Mary," Music for Women's Voices, 1938
"When Love is Done," undated
"The Presser Home for Retired Music Teachers," booklet, [ca. 1923]
Dressler, William, "Nelly Was a Lady," photostat, original date 1906
Estes, Virgean England:
"Morn," 1926
"Trio," undated
Fairleigh, George, "The Texas Aggies March," 1923
Fisher, Louise D.:
"An Irish Trilogy," 2 copies, undated
"Lambkins," undated
"Longing," [ca. 1937]
"The Lost Lagoon," undated
"O Lovely May," [ca. 1931]
"A Prayer for Courage," undated
"Questing," signed by Fisher, December 12, 1941
"Sketch #2," undated
"The Star Cup," undated
"A Twilight Meditation," undated
2W67a Fitzgerald-Hamilton:
Fitzgerald, Bernard, "Texas, Hale to Thee!," March 1941
Forte, Jon, "The Eyes of the World are on You, 36th," 1945
Friedman, Isidor G.:
"Isabel is the Belle of the Canteen," signed by Friedman, 1944
"We'll Make Them Cry 'Uncle' to Uncle Sam," signed by Friedman, 1943
"Yankee Doodle's Goin' to Town (But Not Upon a Pony)," signed by Friedman, 1943
Fuchs, Adolph, "Table of Contents for Adolph Fuchs Songbook," undated
Gaffney, Mamie, "The Centennial," [ca. 1947]
Garcia, Eva R., "Texas U," undated
Gillmour, Camille:
"Fortress of Freedom," 2 copies, 1941
"Texas," 1 full sheet copy, 2 half-sheet copies, 1936
Glynn, William C., "The Texian Quickstep," photostat, 1939
Gordon, Hugh, "A Democrat is Going to the White House," 1924
Grant, William Parker:
"Night Poem," undated
Sonata No. 1 in A Minor, undated
Gurley, John:
"Shadow Time," 2 copies, undated
Three Songs of the Southwest:
"De Road Ain't Long," 1930
"In Old Mexico," 1930
"Ribber Mist," 1930
"United Nations Song and March," 3 copies, undated
Godbold, Mollie Moore, Help Yourself, 1926
Hamberlin, L.R., "Let Love Be By," photostat, original copyright 1897
Hamilton, Clara May Russell:
"Grace Before Meat," [ca. 1949]
Manuscripts for the Texas Composers Collection, 1942
2W67b Harby-Morris:
Harby, Lee C., "Flag Song of Texas," 3 copies, 1903
Hardin, Arra Ahley:
"Dance Oread," undated
"I Loved a Lass," undated
Harrison, Oswald Payne, "Blues Caprice," 1944
Hendershott, Chauncey Marion, "The Parcel Post," 1914
Iucho, Wilhelm:
"The Brazos Boat Glee," 4 photostats, original copyright 1838
"Oh Lady Do Not Bid Me Sing," photostat, original copyright 1835
"Whenever I Catch Thy Cherished Smile," 2 photostats, original copyright 1837
James, Floyd Duke:
"Little Dogie Stray," 1945
"Sweet Dixie Lee," 1944
Jones, Dyna, "Freedom-That's Gone Forever," 1943
Jones, Rose M., "The News March," photographs, 1898
Kidd, Aldridge B., "Flag Song of Texas," 1903
King, Frederick:
"Fair Texas," 1936
"Lord Thou Hast Been Our Refuge," undated
"To Helen," undated
Kleberg, Rudolph, "Texas: Shine on Forever Song," 5 copies, 1925
Lebermann, Henry, "The Blue Bonnet Song," signed by Lebermann, 1917
Lebermann, J. Dancy, "Varsity Gavotte," photostat, original copyright 1895
Ledbetter, Lena Dancy, "Yosemite," 2 copies, 1 copy inscribed by Ledbetter, 1909
Leigh, Sam, "Keep 'Em Flyin', Rollin', Sailin'," 3 copies, 1942
Macchi, Carlo, "Ferguson Triumphal March," 1932
McKinnon, Ruby:
"Bronze Mustang," undated
Cotton Blossoms, undated
"Homeward," 1939
"Love Song," undated
Maddox, Emily H.:
"For This I Pray," 1936
"In My Heart," 1940
"Mother Dear," 1935
"O Gift Supreme," undated
"Shine Texas Star," 1940
"The Texas Flag," 1935
Mayfield, Alice:
"Criss-Cross," 1937
"Honey in De Comb," Octavo Choruses for Male Voices, 1929
"The Little Lamb," "The Airship," and "The Owl," 1936
"Lullaby" and "See-Saw," 1937
"Mah Little 'Tater Blossom," "Octavo Choruses for Male Voices", 1929
"The Rain," "The Woodpecker," and "Leaves at Play," 1936
Two Songs from the South, 2 copies, 1929
Mims, Evelyn:
"Flower of Texas," signed by Mims, Texas Centennial Edition, 1940
"Out in My Garden," 2 copies, signed by Mims, undated
"The Round Up is On," 2 copies, signed by Mims, 1934
"Texanita," 4 copies, 1 copy signed by Mims, 1952
Pamphlet, "Have You Been Big Bendin' in Texas?," undated
Moore, S. T., "Victorious San Jacinto," 1936
Morris, Harold:
Prospice Symphony, 1938
"Trio No. 2," [ca. 1951]
2W67c Navarro-Skinner:
Navarro, Francisco D., "Te Amé (I Did Love Thee)," undated
Nix, Mrs. Walter:
"My Texas Blue Bonnet," signed by Nix, 1931
"My Texas Blue Bonnet," signed by Nix, 1936
"Our Heroes of the Alamo," lyrics, 1930
Nelson, Eitel Allen:
"Canzonette Capricciosa," 1922
"Dance Satanic," 1922
"Prairie Home (Cowboy Lament)," manuscript copy and printed copy, [ca. 1937], 1940
Nelson, Mona Meier, "For texas," 2 copies, 1 signed by Nelson, 1936
Ocker, Naomi Ollre:
10 Homeland Songs, 1935
"At Sunset Hour," 1927
"By the Waters of the Old Guadalupe," 1927
"I Shall Be Satisfied," 1927
"The Famous Co. 'L' 141st Regimental March," 1927
"Memories of My Mother," 1930
"Texas Centennial Rally Song," 1935
"White Roses," 1927
Owen, Julia D., "I Only Know I Love Her," inscribed by Owen, 1896
Pancoast, W. P., "Yes, I'm a Native Texan," signed by Mary Pancoast Bogel, 1938
Pillot, Eugene:
"I Must Go Forth Into the Morning," 2 copies, 1 copy signed by Pillot, 1948
"I Sing My Thanks," signed by Pillot, 1948
Pinson, Lois:
Scherzo in G Minor, undated
"Valse Chromatique," undated
Piper, Minnie Stevens, "Prayer for Peace," signed by Piper, 1940
Ratel, William, "Santa Anna's March," photostat, undated
Randolph, George May:
"La Danza Espanol," undated
"Gulla Lullaby," 1930
"The Little Play Fair," 1928
"Patorale," 1929
"Song of Parting (From the Indian)," undated
"Two Poems from the Chinese," undated
"Under the Hickory Nut Tree," undated
"Yellow Flowers," 1931
"Morning Song," 1939
"A Little Etude," 1948
"The Book of the Desk Dolls," undated
"La Noche en los Cerros," 1929
"Two-Part Invention," undated
"L'Argentina," undated
"By the Sea," 1928, 1948
"Though They Sleep," undated
"Two Compositions: Close Yo' Eyes 'En Sleep, and Sleep Lit'l Honey," 1915
"Praise Ye the Lord," undated
"Two Poems from the Indian," undated
"The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat," 1926
"The Wind Was My Mother," undated
"Oh Firefly," undated
"The Elopement," undated
"Though They Sleep," undated
"The Beautiful Morning," undated
"Ole Leb'non," undated
"It's a Blowin'," undated
Schrag, Belle, "Where the Wild Bluebonnets Grow," 1942
Shannon, Marvin B., "Torchy," 2 photostats, undated
Shaw, J. Emory:
Album of Contemporary Songs, 1931
"Remebrance," 1897
Sisson, C. T., "Austin Schottische," photostat, original copyright 1872
Skinner, LaUna deCordova:
"The Cradle," lyrics sheet, undated
"The Second Battle of San Jacinto," lyrics sheet, undated
"Texas Shadows," 3 copies, 2 copies inscribed by Skinner, 1943
Christmas card, inscribed by Skinner, undated
2W70a Spross-Trousdale:
Spross, William:
"The Greatest Step in Life," undated
"I Had a Dog," undated
"I'm Waiting Dear for You," undated
"The Spirit of Texas," undated
Steinfeldt, John M.:
"Chanson d'Amour," Compositions for the Piano, 1911
"La Conception at the Mission, A.D. 1740," 1927
"Country Dance," Compositions for the Piano, 1913
Le Désir," Compositions for the Piano, 1914
"A Forest Violet," Compositions for the Piano, 1911
"The Fountain," Compositions for the Piano, 1914
"Furl Your Sail, My Little Boatie," 1913
"Homage to MacDowell," inscribed by Steinfeldt, 1929
Intermezzo, in A Flat, Compostions for the Piano, 1913
"Mass of St. Thomas the Apostle," Liturgical Masses, 1940
"Out on a Frolic," 1929
"La Petite Fileuse," Compositions for the Piano, 1911
"Le Petit Moulin," 1929
"Reverie at Twilight," 1929
"Scherzo Caprice," 1940
Toccatina, in G, Compositions for the Piano, 1911
"Valse Lent on the Musical Name La-re-do," 1927
"What the Old Mill Told," Compositions for the Piano, 1911
Storie, Austin, "Blossoms O'Bonnie," 1943
Sullivan, Wilma:
"All is Ended," 2 photocopies, 1988
"Alone Am I," 2 photocopies, 1968
"Autumn Sunset," photocopy, undated
"He Gives to Me, Music," 2 photocopies, 1968
"I Dreamed My Love Was Here," 2 photocopies, 1967
I Had a Dream," photocopy, 1968
"I Met the Saviour," photocopy, 1968
"It is for You," 2 photocopies, 1960, 1968
"The Journey of a Stream," photocopy, undated
"Lament," photocopy, 1967
"Melodic Impressions: Romanze," photocopy, 1967
"Noctourne," photocopy, 1966
"Reverie," photocopy, undated
"A Symphonic Soul," 2 photocopies, 1968
"Then I Knew," photocopy, 1967
"To Dream," photocopy, 1967
Newspaper clipping, "Austin Composers Honored by Club," Austin Statesman, February 28, 1967
Index of musical works in collection, by form, 1968
Tatton, J. Meredith:
"The Alamo," Laurel Octavo, 1942
"At the Mid Hour of Night," Secular Choruses, 1946
"Beauty and the Pilgrim," Laurel Octavo, 1936
"Beyond the Spanish Main," Laurel Octavo, 1934
"The Birds," Laurel Octavo, 1933
"Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind," Laurel Octavo, 1948
"A Call to Sea," G. Schirmer's Secular Choral Music, 1940
"The Christ Child," Laurel Octavo, 1939
"Come, Christians, Sing!," Laurel Octavo for Christmas Programs, 1940
"Communion Hymn," Birchard Anthems, 1941
"Coronach," 1931
"The Enchantment," G. Schirmer's Secular Choral Music, 1940
"Hymn of Freedom," Laurel Octavo, 3 copies, 1941, 1942
"I Saw Three Ships," Laurel Octavo, 1925
"I Will Give My Love an Apple," Secular Choruses, 1946
"An Irish Cradle Song," Modern Songs for Children of All Ages, 1935
"The Little Son," 2 copies, stamped with signature of Tatton, 1927
"A Lullaby," Laurel Octavo, 1926
Mass in C in Honor of St. Francis de Sales," Sacred Music, 1946
Mass in F in Honor of St. Catherine of Siena, Liturgical Masses, 1944
"The Moon Cradle's Rocking," Laurel Octavo, 1927
"O Salutaris Hostia," 1942
"A Poet's Song," Modern Songs for Persons of All Ages, 1935
"Phyllis," 1948
"Rioupéroux," 2 copies, 1940
"The Shepardess," Laurel Octavo, 1938
"Six Latin Motets," Sacred Music, 2 copies, 1945
"Sleep Sleep Beauty Bright," Laurel Octavo, 1943
"A Song of Fighting Men," Laurel Octavo, 1935
"The Terrible Robber Men," Laurel Octavo, 1939
"There Be None of Beauty's Daughters," 3 copies, 1939, 1941, 1942
"Three Lyrical Sketches," 1927
"Three Kings from Out the Orient," undated
"Two Little Dances," 1928
"Two Christmas Carols," Laurel Octavo, 1927
"The Unfading Beauty," Harold Flamer Choral Series, 2 copies, 1942
"Weep You No More," G. Schirmer's Secular Choral Music, 1940
Trousdale, Annie Laurie:
"Everyone to Your Post," multiple copies for individual instruments, 1942
"Fight for Freedom," 1942
Pamphlet, with photograph, critical praise and bibliographical information for Trousdale, undated
2W70b Von Boeckman-Young:
Von Boeckman, Charles, "Education Waltz," copy of front cover only, original copyright 1878
Whitehurst, Stella, "Broadway Rouss," inscribed by Whitehurst, 1896
Williams, Florence Birdwell, "The Peace of the Great New Day," 1943
Wilson, Captain W. J., "The Star-Spangled Banner, No. 2," 1917
Young, Virginia Bassett, "The Texas Flag," includes alternate lyrics sheet, signed by Young, 1935
Miscellaneous sheet music:
"Hi Ho Balls," 12 photostats, undated
"My Pretty Little Pink," presented by W. A. Franklin, undated
"Texas Taps," photostat, undated
Song sheets:
"Camp Songs of the United States Army and Navy," undated
"Community Meeting and Concert," March 17, 1918
"Houston Community Service," 4 copies, undated
"Kelly Karol Kard, No. 2," undated
"Songs We Like To Sing," undated
"University of Texas S.A.T.C. Song Card," undated
Folio: A Journal of Music, Drama, Art and Literature, July 1884
"Texas Woman Composes Song of Victory for Allied Cause," Mrs. Emma Bourne, Dallas News, July 27, 1941
"Texas Composer on Forum Series," Julia Smith, Dallas News, October 4, 1949
"Texas Composer's Music in Premiere," Thomas Beversdorf, Dallas News, March 30, 1953
"County School Will Present Texas Music Festival Friday," Austin American-Statesman, April 26, 1953
"Texans Gather for Music Talk," Dallas News, May 4, 1953
"Dallas Composers on Last Program of Concert Band," Jack Frederick Kirkpatrick and Dr. A. Eugene Ellsworth, Dallas News, May 10, 1953
"Local Man Publishes Song About Drouth," Jack Carper, Uvalde Leader-News, March 7, 1954
"Texan's Music to be Featured," Donald I. Moore, Austin American-Statesman, April 25, 1954
"Own Compositions Played by Harmony Club Member," Mrs. James P. Marley, Austin American, May 14, 1954
"Texas Music to be Sung at Convention," Dallas News, November 1, 1954
"Austin Composer Will Get Tribute," Joseph Castle, Austin American, November 24, 1954
"Composer of Big Spring Cantata Back in Custody," Frank Grandstaff, "Austin American", March 3, 1955
"Convict-Composer Back in Jail," Frank Grandstaff, Dallas News, March 4, 1955
"The Woman's Angle," Mrs. George J. German, Dallas News, May 3, 1856
"Uvaldean One of Winning Composers," Jimmie Swofford, Uvalde Leader-News, June 9, 1957
"Texan to Hear Own Composition," Mrs. Beatrice Gasper, Dallas News, April 7, 1958
"Austin Composer to Have Songs Presented at TFWC," Mrs. Wilma Sullivan, Austin American-Statesman, December 7, 1958
"Dallas Music Federation to Hear Texas Composers," Dallas Morning News, February 12, 1959
"Beulah Beaver, On of Austin's Leading Organists," undated
"Songs by Texas Music Composers," promotional flyer, annotated, undated
Special song files:
"Bugle Calls of the Mexican Army":
Various copies of versions of sheet music, undated
Letter from Luis Chávez Orozco to Leotta Spell, June 19, 1926
"Comanche Song," photostat of handwritten music from Evolution of a State, by Noah Smithwick, page 183, [ca. 1935]
"The Eyes of Texas":
Original, handwritten version of lyrics, [ca. 1902], with letter from H. M. Whaling to Winnie Allen, December 26, 1953
J.L. Sinclair to Lewis Johnson, June 8, 1925
Lewis Johnson to Dr. Penick and Dr. Schoch, December 7, 1928
W.D. Smith to Lewis Johnson, January 22, 1929
Sheet music, by W. Remick Smith, 1946
"The Eyes of Texas" history, by Walter E. Long, 2 copies, June 6, 1954
"Ku Klux Kismet," sheet music, by Mary Gue, 1924
Songs published for Texas Centennial Contest, sponsored by Texas Federation of Music Clubs, 1936:
"Back to the Land of Dreams," by Paul Keith, sheet music and 2 lyrics sheets, [ca. 1936]
"The Bluebonnet Flower of Texas," by Margery Armitage and Oscar J. Fox, signed by Fox, 1936
"Bonny Blue Bonnet," by Florence F. Roan and Tommy Ray Clark, [ca. 1936]
"Brazos Boat Song," by David W. Guion and John William Rogers, 1936
"The Centennial," by Mary Gaffney, [ca. 1936]
"Freindliness," by Minnie Dibrell Robey, 1935
"I'm Going Down to Texas," by Ovid A. Edwards, [ca. 1936]
"I'm Kissing Your Tears Away," by Eula Nauwerck-Koller, signed by Nauwerck-Koller, [ca. 1936]
"The Land Where the Bluebonnets Grow," by Effie Jackson Parker, sheet music and lyrics sheet, [ca. 1936]
"My Sweetheart of Yesterday," by Eula Nauwerck-Koller, signed by Nauweck-Koller, [ca. 1936]
"Praise Song," by Grace Conner, signed by Conner, 1936
"Texas," by Annie Brennand Clark, [ca. 1936]
"Texas: The Lone Star State," by Perle Perkins Harper and Jean Armour Granger, 1925
"Texas Bluebonnet Waltz," by Camilla Hendrix, 1936
"Texas Centennial 1936," by Lena Sledge Perryman, 1936
"Texas, Dear Old Texas, You're in Your Centennial," by Willie Mae Nash, 2 copies, 1936
"Texas On Parade," by Leon Durst, sheet music and 2 lyrics sheets, [ca. 1936]
"Texas Shadows," by LaUna deCordova Skinner, [ca. 1936]
"Yellow Rose of Texas":
Secular Octavo Music, 2 copies, 1 copy signed by T.A. Taylor, 1906
Songs, from Sam Houston State Teachers College, 1928
Typed lyrics sheet, "The Yaller Rose of Texas," May 1930
2.325/B96 Jessica and Julia Owen sheet music [see additional information]
Thou Art the Dearest, by Jessica Owen, arranged by A.B. Kidd, published by J.E. Owen, Navasota, Texas, undated.
Texas Bluebonnet Song, words and music by Julia D. Owen, Navasota, Texas, 1922