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A Guide to the Maverick Family Papers, 1660-[circa 1980s]

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Creator Maverick Family
Title Maverick Family Papers
Dates: 1660-[circa 1980s]
Accession No.: 72-71, 72-127, 73-11, 73-42, 81-16, 81-17, 81-20, 81-21, 81-129, 2006-103, 2008-241, 2016-125
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Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Information

Chronology of Samuel Augustus Maverick

July 28, 1803 Born in Pendleton, SC
1825 Graduates from Yale College
1828 Studies law, Winchester, VA
1829 Admitted to Virginia Bar; defeated for South Carolina legislature
1833 Leaves South Carolina due to opposition to nullification
1833-34 Tends to family business in Georgia and Alabama
April, 1835 Arrives in Texas
October-December, 1835 Imprisoned by Mexican forces
1836 Delegate to Convention of 1836; signs Texas Declaration of Independence; returns to Alabama
August 4, 1836 Marries Mary Ann Adams
January, 1838 Maverick family returns to Texas; licensed to practice law in Texas
1839-1865 Involved in San Antonio and state politics and government, including terms as mayor, city treasurer, alderman, and chief justice of San Antonio, as well as member of the Texas legislature.
1842 Moves family to area near LaGrange, Texas
September 11, 1842 Captured by Gen. Adrian Woll, imprisoned in Perote [elected as Bexar County representative to legislature while in prison].
March 30, 1843 Released from Perote.
1844-47 Maverick family lives on ranch in Matagorda County, Texas
1845 Member of Texas Constitutional Convention
1848 Member of Chihuahua Expedition
1858 Elected director of the San Antonio and Mexican Gulf Railroad
1861 Delegate to the Secession Convention; one of three commissioners appointed to secure surrender of all Union army troops in Texas
1869 Composes last will and testament
September 2, 1870 Dies

Scope and Contents

The Maverick Family Papers came to the University of Texas in a series of gifts from 1922 to 1956 through the generosity of several generations of family members. The papers constitute a detailed record of the Maverick family's private and public life spanning from before the Republic of Texas into the 20th century.

The papers consist of account papers, bonds, certificates, correspondence, court records, deeds, diaries, diplomas, estate records, land books, leases, legal proceedings, letterpresses, licenses, literary productions, memoirs, memorabilia, newspaper clippings, notes, plat maps, receipts, reminiscences, sketches, survey notes, tax sales lists, titles, and title abstracts. Material is in manuscript, typescript, and printed form. Papers also include research materials for Paula M. Marks' biography Turn Your Eyes Toward Texas: Pioneers Samuel and Mary Maverick, (1989).

The bulk of the collection is contained within two series: (1) General Correspondence and (2) Business & Financial. The correspondence files relate to daily life, family and personal matters, social life and customs, politics and government, religion, education, agriculture, and commerce. Within these files are scattered references to land holdings.

The business and financial papers document the land and real estate transactions of the Maverick family, from Samuel Maverick's land holdings in South Carolina through the administration of the estate of Mary Adams Maverick, sole heir of Samuel Augustus Maverick. The sub-series designations, by family member, reflect the organization of these files as received by the repository. In terms of content, they constitute a group of overlapping series. Within the chronological arrangement of these sub-series documents may be filed in one of several ways: according to the date of the earliest transaction noted in the document, by date of the first transaction in which the Mavericks were involved, by legal filing date, by termination date of lease, etc. In some instances documents are filed with later documents pertaining to the same piece of property. In addition, throughout these materials are notes most likely made in the 1880s by Albert or William Maverick, which have been left as they occurred within the files. In all cases the various methods of filing reflect the previous organization of the material when obtained by the repository. Although there is a separate series of tax papers, there are also tax documents scattered throughout the business and financial papers.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Maverick, Jane Lewis Maury, 1858-1954.
Maverick, Mary Adams, 1818-1898.
Maverick, Samuel Augustus, 1803-1870.
Maverick family.
Ranching--Texas--History--19th century.
Texas--History--Republic, 1836-1846.
Texas--History--Revolution, 1835-1836.
Matagorda County (Tex.)
Perote (Mexico).
San Antonio (Tex.)--History--Sources.

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2F6 Diaries and memorabilia
Samuel Maverick: pouch and notes,
Samuel Augustus Maverick, 1825-1848
2R110 Samuel Augustus Maverick, 1835-1842, 1848
3S174, 3S185, 3S179 Samuel Augustus Maverick: Diploma (1825) and License (1829, photostat)
2F6 Samuel Augustus Maverick, 1855 ?
Samuel Augustus Maverick: E.H. Terrell copies
Mary Adams Maverick, 1836-1895
2R110 Mary Adams Maverick, memoirs
2F6 Mary Adams Maverick, "In Memory of..."
2F26 Mary Adams Maverick, "In Memory of..."
2R111 Samuel Augustus Maverick, Jr., Reminiscences
2.325/M18b Lewis Maverick Diary, 1862-1865
2R111 Mrs. Lydia Van Wyck, "San Antonio in 1874"
2F6 Albert Maverick, misc., 1876
Phil Maverick, 1921
2.325/M18b Jane Maury Maverick, Jan. 31, 1935-Oct. 1939
Jane Maury Maverick, Jan. 31, 1935-Jan. 1, 1936 and undated
2F7 General Correspondence:
1825-1849 [including "Nullification Papers," 1832, and "Letters from Perote," 1842-43]
2F8 1850-1884, and undated
2R112 "Letters of Samuel Maverick of Pendleton, S.C., to his son Samuel Augustus Maverick of Texas, 1842-1915"
2R110 "Letters from the Maverick Papers copied for Rena Maverick Green, 1842-1915"
2.325/M18b Letter to Allie from M.A. Maverick, June 3, 1870
2F8 Business and Financial Papers:
Samuel Maverick Land Papers
Samuel Augustus Maverick, 1826-1841
2F9 Samuel Augustus Maverick, 1842-1907
Samuel Augustus Maverick, deeds 1852
Samuel Augustus Maverick, bonds and notes, 1820-1847
2F10 Samuel Augustus Maverick, Land books and memoranda, 1843-1870 ?
4L115 Samuel Augustus Maverick, Land book
3S140 Samuel Augustus Maverick, Land deed, 1852
3G13 Samuel Augustus Maverick, Record book, 1850-1859
2F10 Samuel Augustus Maverick, Misc., undated
Samuel Augustus Maverick, San Antonio and Mexican Gulf Railroad
3S174 Samuel A. Maverick, slave sale document, Alabama, 1835
2F10 William H. Maverick, Balmaceda lots, 1782
William H. Maverick, 1815-1869
2F11 William H. Maverick, 1870-1880
2F12 William H. Maverick, 1881-1885
2F13 William H. Maverick, 1886-1898
2F14 William H. Maverick, 1899-1924
William H. Maverick, Abstracts
William H. Maverick, Newspaper clippings
William H. Maverick, Miscellaneous
2F15 Albert Maverick, 1887-1898
2F16 Albert Maverick, 1899-1923
Albert Maverick, Leases and misc., 1894-1901
Albert Maverick, Letterpress, 1878-1890
2F17 Albert Maverick, Letterpresses, 1890-1908
2F18 George M. Maverick, Landbook, 1879-1883
George M. Maverick, Letterpresses, 1877-1911
2F19 Tax records, 1839-1879
2F20 Tax records, 1880-1905
2F21 Tax records, 1906-1924
3S174, 3S185 Tax records: Tax sale lists, 1865, 1873-1875, 1880-1883
3F163 Maverick Estate and Land Office Records, Land book (arranged alphabetically), 1847-1897
Maverick Estate and Land Office Records, Land book (arranged numerically), 1847-1897
3S174, 3S185, 3S140 Maverick Estate and Land Office Records, Land grants, 1847-1892
Map Collection Maverick Estate and Land Office Records, Plat maps and surveys, 1838-1839, 1881-1886
2F21 Maverick Estate and Land Office Records, Letterpresses, 1872-1888
2F22 Maverick Estate and Land Office Records, Letterpresses, 1888-1921
2F23 Maverick Estate and Land Office Records, Sam Maverick estate--claims, assets, and liabilities, 1891
4L116 Maverick Estate and Land Office Records, Sam Maverick estate--unfiled claims and receipts, 1891
2F23 Maverick Estate and Land Office Records, Account books, 1898-1918
4M640 Maverick Estate and Land Office Records, Account book (includes "Cash Account of S.A. Maverick as Treasurer of the Southern Defence Aid Society, 1861-1864"), 1870-75
3G13 Maverick Estate and Land Office Records, Account book, 1870-1889
3G163 Maverick Estate and Land Office Records, Account book, 1870-1889
2F24 Maverick Estate and Land Office Records, Account books, 1903-1922
2F25 Maverick Estate and Land Office Records, Account books, 1903-1926
2F26 Maverick Estate and Land Office Records, Account book, 1917-1922
3G8 Sabariego vs. Maverick, et. al.:
Legal documents and notes
Spanish documents
Testimony and notes
Correspondence, 1879-1888
Receipts, 1882-1888
Printed material, including news clippings
Perez, et. al. vs. Maverick
Family History and Miscellany
Description of New England, 1660, by Samuel Maverick (The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, January 1885)
The Boston Gazette and Country Journal, March 10, 1770
Re: Maverick slaves, 1845-1846, and Sam Maverick notes, 1849
"Ye 'Maverick.' A Term Which All Stockmen Use and Understand," St. Louis Republic, November 24, 1888
Remarks of Hon. Maury Maverick, March 28, 1938
Terrell Maverick letters, 1934
Lewis family
Miscellaneous, including photostats
3Y142 Photo: Samuel A. Maverick, photograph of former slaves Daphne and Jane (both in their eighties), Alabama, November 16, 1916
2.325/M18b Pamphlets
José Policarpo Rodrigues, The Old Guide, with forward titled "Mr. Polly" by James S. Maverick
Maverick Ancestors of the Maverick Family of Texas by James Slayden Maverick, 2 copies
2.325/M18b Processed material:
Copy of article from the North San Antonio Times, Aug. 12 and Aug. 19, 1971, "Samuel Augustus Maverick" by C. Stanley Banks, 2 copies
"Ye Maverick," letter from Samuel Maverick, Letter from Hon. Wm. J. Robertson, copies collected and printed by James S. Maverick, 2 copies, Mar. 29, 1959
2.325/M18b Manuscripts of Short Stories by James S. Maverick:
In Memory of Hazel (2 copies)
Texas State Historical Marker text
Early Travels of a Texas Maverick
Travel? Why Travel?
46 Countries visited, list
Our First Trip to Europe, 1954
Holy Week in Spain, 1956
1956, from Spain, 1956
Europe by Car, 1959
San Antonio to Jerusalem, 1961
We Were Guests in Pakistan, with 1975 letter from Lady Bird Johnson 1961
India, 1961
Thailand, 1961
South Viet-nam, 1961
Hong Kong, 1961
Japan, Hawaii and Home, 1961
1963 Trip to Europe
1965 Tour of Europe
Newspaper articles:
A Texan's Adventures in Egypt, 1961
Traveling in the Far East--Charming Encounter in a Tokyo Garden, 1967
Malinche Played an Important Role in Mexico History, The San Antonio Light, 1974
2.325/A147b Paula M. Marks research materials, Turn Your Eyes Toward Texas: Pioneers Sam and Mary Maverick [circa 1980s]
Ch. 1 SAM's ancestry
Ch. 2 SAM's early years
Ch. 3 Arrival in Texas/ beginning of siege of Bexar
Ch. 4 Siege of Bexar
Ch. 5 The Alamo and Independence Convention
Ch. 6 Departure and return
Ch. 7 San Antonio, 1938-1942
Ch. 9 Perote
Ch. 10 SAM's Return
Ch. 11 Annexation (1845) Agatha's illness (1847)
Ch. 12 The family in the '50s
Ch. 15 1850s
Ch. 13 Civil War
Ch. 14 The final years
Final chapter issues/research questions
Calendar of letters in SM Texan
Family chronology
2.325/A147c "Notes to Myself"
Land records
Misc. family info
Correspondence with family
General correspondence, including dissertation committee
Bibliographic sources
Maverick maps
Maverick photos
Maverick picture/quote permissions
Maverick dissertation proposal
Maverick family letters (1 of 2)
Maverick family letters (2 of 2)