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A Guide to the Texas Speech Communication Association Records, 1899-1999

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Creator: Texas Speech Communication Association
Title: Texas Speech Communication Association Records
Dates: 1899-1999
Abstract: The Texas Speech Communication Association is a professional, academic association committed to excellence in communication instruction, student performance, research, scholarly accomplishment, professional service and political awareness.
Accession No.: 82-119; 93-083; 94-300; 96-294; 97-309; 98-336; 99-216; 2000-286; 2001-224; 2002-254; 2004-081
Extent: 11 ft., 2 in.
Laguage: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History,The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

The Texas Speech Communication Association is a professional, academic association committed to excellence in communication instruction, student performance, research, scholarly accomplishment, professional service and political awareness. The Texas Speech Communication Association strives to fulfill its responsibilities by providing a variety of quality academic programs and workshops at its annual convention in instructional development, rhetorical communication, interpersonal and organizational communication, oral interpretation, theatre communication, argumentation and debate, forensics, mass communication, and communication administration.

Scope and Contents

The Texas Speech Communication Association Records, 1899-1999, include journals, convention programs, newsletters, reports, teaching materials, membership forms, directories and handbooks, biographical information on prominent members, and artifacts of the organization.


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Texas Speech Communication Association
University of Texas at Austin Dept. of Public Speaking
University of Texas at Austin Dept. of Speech
Oral communication
Education Texas History
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Texas Speech Communication Association Records, 1899-1999, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Offsite Inventory

4J329 (00073762) High School debate tournaments, correspondence 1973-1974
TSCA: (Texas Speech Communication Association)
Convention program 1974
Newsletter: Correspondence, lists of thesis titles and other information to be included January 1975
Convention program highlights 1973
Southern Speech Communication Association meeting description 1973
TSCA Interpretation interest groups
May 1971
February and September 1974
January 1975
Galleys and manuscripts 1972-1974
Programs 1968-1974
Membership list 1974
Newsletter and Convention address by George Tade 1974
Correspondence 1968-1974
Correspondence by or concerning Amy Allen 1940
Texas Speech Arts Association:
Annual program agenda 1928-1931
Texas Speech Arts Magazine:
February and May 1928
February 1930
November 1931
April 1932
Houston Little Theatre news clipping, Houston Post-Dispatch November 9, 1930
List of speech teachers in Texas, 1935-1936
Interscholastic League breakfast and section meeting program, with handwritten notes 1932
List of directors and schools of one act play, undated
Texas Speech Association:
Convention programs 19371939-194119461947194919511962
Membership list 1947-1949
Newspaper clippings 1934193719471952
University of Texas Department of Speech, presentation dinner program, 1954
Preliminary draft of a course of study in speech methods for the elementary classroom teacher
Texas Speech Communication Association:
Convention: newsletter, program, correspondence, financial statement 1975
Convention: newsletter, program, correspondence, financial statement, transcript of paper by Otis M. Walter, "An Autopsy on the Death of a Nation" 1974
Convention: program, official reports, meeting agendas, program abstracts 1976
4J330 (00073784) University of Texas Speech Department:
Radio degree development, course descriptions
Radio broadcasts, 1946-1949
Radio and Audiovisual Education Forum, 1947
Radio Committee:
Minutes 1944-1948
Annual reports of Radio House, 1946-1947, 1948-1949
Correspondence, reports, 1946-1949
Radio Faculty Council Committee letter, 1952
4J331 (00073809) University of Texas catalogue with map, 1918
Ed Shurter, 1899-1916
UT catalogues, 1900-1916
4J332 (00075429) Tom Rousee Papers:
University of Texas Veteran Reports 1946-1948
Political Ethics and the Voter:
Reprint permission requests 1951-1952
Manuscript and notes
"Washinton Tyranny: A case study," Readers Digest October 1951
H.W. Wilson correspondence 1951-1952
Unused articles
Articles and manuscripts
Speech Communication Association:
Convention programs, papers, handouts 1970-1971
Publication list 1974
4J333 (01838016) "A History of the Texas Speech Communication Association" 1923-1975
Texas Speech Communication Journal: volume 1, no. 1 , 1976volume 2, no. 1, 1977
Speech Communication Association Abstracts annual meetings 1970-1971
History of speech classes and related activities, notes on cards 1883-1913
UT Department of Speech, presentation dinner program 1954
University of Texas Veteran's Program Administration, correspondence, memos, notes 1946-195?
4J334 (01838005) Speech Handbook revision
2.325/A110 (02219858) Don Streeter papers:
A chronology of personal appearances of Donald Clint Streeter 1981
Vol. 1, Speeches, manuscripts 1937-1978
Vol. 2, Letters, programs, arrangements
Kennedy Hospital 1952
American Institute of Banking 1956
Clinic on Business letters in Communication 1958-1961
Texas Eastern 1960
Engineers club, Parliamentary procedures 1954-1970
Engineers, advanced class 1960-1962
U.S. Steel 1960
Desk and Derrick 1960
TSPE Convention 1962
U.S. Post Office Mail Handlers 1962
Columbia Gulf 1962
Corpus Christi workshop 1963
Texas Eastern 1964
Ranger Insurance 1966
NASA 1966
American Society of Internal Medicine 1968
EPR Communication 1966-1968
AMA Executive Secretary Seminar 1960
Fluor 1968
DuPont Syllabus 1970
TEA-DECA, Par-Pro Workshop 1971
First City 1973
Lockheed 1973-1974
Notebooks B-C-D, speech topics and notes 1952-1978
Texas Speech Communication Association
Programs 1957-1980
Journal 1976, 1978, 1981
Newsletter 1978
Speech communication research, UT Austin
Directory, Speech Communication Association Program 1970-1971
Speech Communciation Association Program 1976-1980
School of Communication, UT Austin, newsletter 1969-1974
Emogene Emory speech 1977
2.325/A111 (01837964) Texas Speech Communication Association Convention newsletter January 1978
Women's Caucus of the Southern Speech Communication Association program 1978
Women's Caucus of the Speech Communication Association: Proposed constitution and by-laws undatedNewsletter 1978
Senior College and University Section of Speech Communication Association newsletter 1978
Texas Speech Association newsletter November 1978
Speech Communication Association annual meeting Convention program Transcripts of papers 1975
Texas Speech Arts magazine, photocopies May 1925January, March, 1926February, November 1928March 1929
Speech Communication Research, The University of Texas at Austin:
"Intercultural Communication: A guide for Neophytes," by P. Wayne Gasnell
"A course of study for an undergraduate major in Intercultural Communication," by Lyn M. McKay
"Non-verbal behaviors in Intercultural Communications," by John T. Crowmanuscript, North Texas State University
Texas Speech Communications Association:Candidate's vitae1979 conventionBy-laws19761978
Speech Communications Association, short course program 1979
Texas Speech Association newsletter May 1970
Texas Speech Communication Association:
"The use fo evaluative categories in a communications classroom," by Dr, Juliet V. Garcia, presented October 1978
Speech Communication Association, constitution and by-laws, 1969-1970
Speech Association of America:
Convention program 1967
Membership brochure
Spectra newsletter December 1966April 1967
Texas Association of College Teachers:
Descriptive pamphlet
TACT bulletin March 1967
Texas Student Education Association descriptive pamphlet
American Association of University Professors, manuscript pamphlets
Texas Speech Association:
State Committees 1966-1967
Constitution 1963
Newsletters September 1972February 1974January 1975March 1977January 1980January 1981
Texas Speech Communication Association
Archivist report 19771978
Resolution to honor Professor Emogence Emory of Hardin-Simmons University
Instructional Development: Colleges and Universities interest in group meeting
Invitation to meeting 1977
Minutes 1977
Various reports and correspondence of Beverly Martin concerning archives, Executive Council 1977-1980
Speech and Drama community college directory 1978
By-laws 1978
Annual convention papers: handouts, reports, correspondence 19781980
4J335 (00075418) Don Streeter Speech handbook:
Correspondence and financial statements concerning publications 1957-1976
3rd edition working copy
Handbook revision 1970-1972
Correspondence 1963
Manuscript of "The Barnes Speech Handbook," by Barry Grinnell Barnes, revised by Don Streeter 1958
Handbook, shorthand notes
4J336 (00073751) Revised edition working copy of Harry Barnes 1956
Comments on handbook revision, correspondence, 1951-1959
"The major public addresses of Lucius Q.C. Lamar during the period 1874 to 1890," reprint 1949
Galley proofs, revised edition
"Speech communication handbook," proof duplicate (3rd edition) 1972
Correspondence concerning 3rd edition 1971
4J337 (00073795) University of Texas, Department of Speech:
Speeech 305 and 306, syllabus, notes 1946
Speech 385, standards of judgment forms
Speech 385, final exam
Speech 315, exam
Speech 385, bibliography
Rhetoric and Public Address, bibliography
Speech 385 example speeches:"Great Expectations," Roger M. Blough"And Sudden Death," J.C. Furnas"To a University President," Walter Prescott Webb"Eisenhower: the 1956 campaign," Austin J. Freeley
Speech 385: "The Chapa letter," newsletter September30, 1957
Speech 305 and 306, syllabus, notes 1942
Speech 385:Research in Rhetoric, bibliography, notes, syllabus
4J338 (00075430) University of Texas, Department of Public Speaking:
Papers concerning release from active military duty for Professor Thomas A. Rouse 1945
Papers and correspondence concerning Paul C. Ragsdale, instructor 1938-1942
Miscellaneous correspondence, forms faculty minutes, teacher's reports, receipts 1932-1936
Photograph of T.A. Rouse
Photograph of Arthur Hayes, Thomas Rouse, and the executor of the Schurter estate, presenting a painting of Schurter
Newspaper photograph of T.A. Rouse
Speech 365: Study guide and reading list undated
T.A. Rouse 1958:
Speech 365, notes, bibliography, test
"Thoughts on Speech Education," by Grover Fuchs
Speech correction and audiology," Lennart L. Kopra
"The teaching of oral English as a foreign language"
"The radio speaking of Edward R. Murrow"
"Money v. Numbers"
"The Ready Man," notes by T.A. Rouse
"Federal organizations and services related to higher education"
4J339 (00073773) Maurine Amis: 1943-1950
Notes, programs, memorabilia from the Democratic National Convention 1944
Yearbook, New Century Club, Elgin, Texas 1946
Notes on the teaching of speech
One letter
Three unidentified photographs
Speech 365: Reading list Footnotes and bibliography Speech performance evaluation form Study guide Speaking schedule, spring 1957-1958Blue book, Samuel Aleman, Speech 303 1952
Elton Abernathy: 1949-1975
Correspondence, Texas Speech Association newsletters, finanicial statements, reports
George Tade: Audiotape of presidential address, TSCA, October 1974
2.325/A92e (018379575) TSCA organizational records, 1983-1985
2.325/A92f (01837953) Speech communication day 1991
Minutes 1991
Executive council reports 1991
TSCA Convention, Lubbock 1991
3M9 (02464319) Scrapbooks, 1923-1950
3M10 (02464320) Scrapbooks, 1923-1950
2.325/A22a (05227014) TSCA retreat and convention program examples 1993
TSCA conventions 1992-1993
Speech curriculum in Texas public schools 1975-1983
TSCA convention, Waco 1992


Inventory at Sid Richardson Hall:

2.325/B24 Convention program and reports 1995
Committee and District Chair reports
Maps of Districts
TSCA Journal, 1995
Convention programs
Newsletter August 1995
Proposed mission statement for TSTA
Agenda and minutes of convention, 1995
Documents, letters from writing team concerning required speech course in Texas public schools
Copies of courses
Presidential address, Ann Shafner
Directory of members, 1995
TSCA by-laws and leadership manual
Guy E. Bizzell:
National teacher of the year 1957
44 years teaching spent and drama in Austin High School
Active in TSA, Emeritus member
Letter dated to Texas Education Task Force, subject: April 17, 1980"Need for Course in Speech as Requirement for Graduation from all Texas High Schools"
Keynote address,"Speech the Interpreter of Knowledge," delivered to the 1957 joint meeting of the Texas Speech and Hearing Association and the Texas Speech Association
2.325/A192 Texas Speech Communication Association Records, 1997:
Texas Speech Communication Association Newsletter, December 1985
Texas Speech Communication Journal 1987
Texas Speech Communication Association Newsletter, August 1988
Convention program, Ft. Worth, Texas 1988
Directory of members 1995, 1996
Convention program El Paso, Texas 1996
Texas Speech Communication Journal 1988
Directory of members 1990
Texas Speech Communication Journal 1989, 1994
Texas Speech Communication Association Newsletter January 1988
Kerry Moore president:
Presidential correspondence with officers October 1995- May 1997
Assorted materials:
Convention program, Lubbock, Texas 1991
Newsletter 1998
By-laws 1990
Moore, Kerry presidential address 1997
El Paso, Texas convention 1996:
Election notes
Program notes
Neal Reiko presidential address 1996
Assorted materials:
Guy Bizzel speech 1980
"Proposed speech curricula" (preliminary), no author 1996
Records: 1993-1994
Convention materials October 1994
Financial documents
Directory of members 1993, 1994
Committee materials
Assorted records:
Minutes of executive secretary, Ann Harrell 1983-1987
Notes on past presidents August 1985
Texas Speech Communication Association Newsletter December 1985
Financial records 1993-1994:Comptroller receipts for checks June 1, 1993- May 31, 1994
Directory 1987
Speech Communication Association Guidelines Speaking and listening competencies for High School graduates, Speech Communication Association Records 1978-1977
Examples of district activities during the past year 1996"Crisis communication-process and practice," Martha J. Haun 1996
"Public Speaking Workbook," Martha J. Haun 1997
"Competitive Oral Interpretation," Martha J. Haun and Michael L. Fain 1995
"Communication Theory and Concepts," 2nd ed., Martha J. Haun 1996
Directory of members and TSCA by-laws 1996-1997
"A brief history of the University Interscholastic League on the occasion of the League's 75th anniversary," no author undated
"What you can do with a Communication degree," poster 1985
"Education excellence through competition," poster undated
President Kerry Moore Executive board meeting minutesRecords October 8-9, 11, 1997-1999
3H127 Texas Speech Communication Association Records, 2000:
Membership directory 1999-2000
Texas Speaks, August 2000, Spring 2001
Texas Speech Communication Journal 2000
Don Streeter's Autobiography 1999
Correspondence October 1996- May 1997
Educator of the year 2000
Archivists' report 2001
Obituaries, E. Guy Bizzell and Nan Elkins 2001
Executive committee minutes, district reports, and convention reports October 2000
Officers retreat May 2000
Officers retreat agenda June 2001
Examples of programs, convention, October 2000
"An Affair to Remember" covention program October 2000
TSCA Records, 2001:
4C457a State Board of Education issues and action February-May 2001
States Advisory council report 2000
Committee and officer reports
El Paso 2001
Officer's retreat June 2001
Speech Odyssey October 2001
Educator of the year 2001:
Secondary- Randy Ellis
Community College- Lou Ann Seabourn
University- Dr. Terry M. Thibodeaux
New Teacher materials 2001-2002
Leadership handbook 2000
Journal vol. XXVI 2001
Membership directory 2000-2001
Texaspeaks newsletterSpring, August, December 2001
TSCA Records, 2002:
4C457b Reports convention agenda 2002
Convention programs 2002
Texas Speech convention of program 2002
Material concerning retreat in Corpus Christi May 2003
Educator of the year 2002:
High School- Teresa J. Lee
Junior College- Jackie Ganschow
University- Peter Michael Pober
Leadership handbook 2002
Convention program
Membership directory 2001-2002
Coaching: speech, multicultural teaching, speech and drama
3H13 RESTRICTED TSCA Mil project master disk
Artifacts Artifacts
3G362 TSCA Records, : 1998
TSCA Convention , South Padre Island: 1998
Convention Program, “Making Waves in Texas”
Convention notes, events and papers
Lunch tickets
Membership pins
TSCA Executive Officers’ meeting agenda and notes
Ad Hoc Committee for College Core Curriculum Annual Committee Report
Educator of the Year 1998:
Committee Report
Winner Portfolios
President Jane Riggins Curriculum speeches to State Board of Education, 1998-1999
Governmental Affairs Committee, 1997-1998
TSCA Publications:
Membership directory, [1997-1998?]
Membership directory, 1998-1999
Texas Speech Communication Journal, Volume XXIII, 1998
TexaSpeaks, Summer 1998
TexaSpeaks, Winter 1998
Eugene Guy Bizzell:
Articles and writing
Voice and Diction: Playing with the Sounds of English: Technical Exercise to Improve the Use of The Voice Mechanism for Speaking, manuscript
Correspondence, 1996-1998
Miscellaneous, 1998