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A Guide to the Bruce A. Anderson Papers, 1960-1991

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Creator: Anderson, Bruce A., 1939-1992
Title: Bruce A. Anderson Papers,
Dates: 1960-1991 and undated
Abstract: Bruce A. Anderson (1939-1992) was a professor of mathematics at Arizona State University from 1966 until his death in 1992. These papers consist of mathematical notes, correspondence, and drafts of articles, as well as lecture notes and student notes documenting his mathematical career.
Accession No.: 2004-075
Extent: 4 ft., 2 in.
Laguage: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Bruce A. Anderson (1939-1992) was a professor of mathematics at Arizona State University from 1966 until his death in 1992. He earned his Ph.D. at the University of Iowa in 1966 under the direction of Steve Armentrout, a student of University of Texas mathematics professor R. L. Moore. Anderson was greatly influenced by the "Moore Method" of teaching and learning, and utilized a modified-Moore method in his classes at Arizona State. Anderson's research interests started out in topology and in the mid-1970s moved toward combinatorics, including perfect 1-factorizations, sequencing of finite groups, and Howell designs. His style of mathematics was deeply geometric and his notes are filled with multi-colored diagrams that document his work on various problems. Anderson was known as a strong teacher and was recognized by the Golden Key National Honor Society in 1990 for his promotion of academic excellence through teaching.

Scope and Contents

These papers consist of mathematical notes, correspondence, and drafts of articles, as well as lecture notes and student notes documenting the mathematical career of Bruce A. Anderson. Of particular interest for researchers of the "Moore Method" of teaching are Anderson's student notes, taken under the instruction of Steve Armentrout and R. H. Bing, both students of mathematician R. L. Moore. The articles series includes collaborations with other mathematicians, including P. A. Leonard.

Forms part of the Archives of American Mathematics.


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Anderson, Bruce A., 1939-1992
Armentrout, Steve
Bing, R. H.
Leonard, Philip A.
Arizona State University. Dept. of Mathematics
University of Iowa. Dept. of Mathematics
Combinatorial analysis
Mathematics -- Study and teaching -- United States

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Bruce A. Anderson Papers, 1960-1991 and undated, Archives of American Mathematics, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Papers


Student notes:

[Notes and other material primarily from Anderson's time as a student at the University of Iowa]
2004-075/4 Includes notes from 1961 Summer Institute with R. H. Bing at the University of Georgia, also includes work by B. J. Ball, 1961-1962 and undated
University of Iowa:
Alexandroff survey, "Results in Topology in the Last 25 Years," and notes, 1960 and undated
Lebesque integration, Spring 1962 and undated
Topological groups, [green binder, part one], Summer 1962
General topology II, [green binder, part two], 1963-1964
Manifolds, Spring 1965
Topology, [includes notes on the Normal Moore Space Conjecture, BAA's thesis, upper semi-continuous decompositions, para-compactness and other topics], 1965 and undated
Geometry, undated
Dimension theory and general topology, undated
R. H. Bing's course on homology theory, undated


Teaching notes, Arizona State University:

2004-075/4 MAT 410, includes notes by R. W. Heath, C. W. Arnquist and R. S. Countryman, 1966-1968 and undated
Combinatorics, annotated textbook Introduction to Combinatorics by Berman and Fryer and notes, 1972 and undated
Combinatorics, notes and student work, [ca. 1975?]
Configurations in projective planes, MAT 412, undated
Topology, [set A], undated
2004-075/5 Topology, [set B], undated
2004-075/4 [Unidentified author], notes for a Moore method course on differentiable manifolds, undated


Articles :

[Includes notes, drafts, correspondence, and printed material. Numbers refer to article number as ordered in publication list]
2004-075/1 Publication list, 1992
Reprints by BAA, [publications number 13, 16, 17, 19, 20, 22-26, 28, 30-33, 36, 41, 43, 47, 49], 1976-1993
Number 8, "Finite Topologies and Hamiltonian Paths," [note from Phil Leonard: Represents Anderson's shift from problems in topology to his work on 1-factorizations and related combinatorial problems], 1973 and undated
Number 9, "A Perfectly Arranged Room Square," with notes by John B. Kelly, ca. 1973 and undated
Number 10, "A Class of Starter-Induced 1-Factorizations," 1973-1974 and undated
Number 12, "Sequencings of Certain Dihedral Groups," ca. 1975 and undated
Number 15, "Howell Designs From Room Squares":
Notes and correspondence, from the Second Caribgean Conference on Combinatorics and Computing, see also: Conferences, ca. 1977
Notes and drafts, ca. 1977
Number 16, "A Recursive Construction of Asymmetric 1-Factorizations," with M. M. Barge and D. Morse:
Notes and drafts, 1973 and undated
Notes, drafts and correspondence, 1974-1975 and undated
Number 17, "Symmetry Groups of Some Perfect 1-Factorizations of Complete Graphs":
"Symmetry Groups of Perfect 1-Factorizations of Some K(2n)" [early title], development of paper, notes, drafts, also includes some notes on other topics, 1972 and undated
2004-075/2 Correspondence and revisions, 1973-1977 and undated
Revisions, ca. 1977 and undated
Number 18, "Starter-Adder Methods in the Construction of Howell Designs," with K. B. Gross:
Manuscript and schedule, 1976-1977
1976-ca. 1977 and undated
1977-1978 and undated
Number 21, "A Partial Starter Construction," with K. B. Gross, also "Multiplying Certain Howell Designs by Three" [unpublished], 1978 and undated
Number 22, "Some Howell Designs of Prime Side," with K. B. Gross and P. A. Leonard:
Correspondence, notes and drafts, [includes some of Leonard's notes about his contribution to the argument], 1978-ca. 1979 and undated
Revisions, correspondence and notes, 1979 and undated
Number 23, "A Doubling Construction for Certain Howell Designs," 1979 and undated
Number 24, "Hyperovals and Howell Designs," ca. 1980 and undated
Number 25, "A Note on Howell Designs," 1978-1980 and undated
Number 26, "Asymptotic Multiplication of Howell Designs by 3," with K. B. Gross, 1 982 and undated
Number 27, "Complementary Even Starters," ca. 1980 and undated
Number 28, "More Skew Room Squares," with R. C. Mullin and D. R. Stinson, 1980
Number 30, "Some Howell Designs of Prime Side II," with P. A. Leonard, [correspondence, drafts, printed material, notes, and proofs], 1978-1981 and undated
Number 31, "Hyperplanes and Balanced Howell Rotations," 1981-ca. 1982 and undated
Number 33, "The Existence of Howell Designs of Even Side," with P. J. Schellenberg and D. R. Stinson:
Correspondence, notes, and draft, 1980 and undated
4RM551 Oversized notes, ca. 1980
2004-075/2 Correspondence, notes, revisions, 1980-ca. 1984 and undated
2004-075/3 Correspondence, notes, revisions, 1980-ca. 1984 and undated
Number 34, "Sequencings and Houses," [notes, manuscripts, also includes some reprints of BAA publications number 12-14, 17, 19, 24], ca. 1984 and undated
Number 35, "Some Complete Balanced Howell Rotations for an Odd Number of Tables and the Equation pm=s2+4," with P. A. Leonard and A. Bremner, ca. 1985-1990 and undated
Number 37, "A Fast Method for Sequencing Low Order Non-Abelian Groups," [notes], 1986-ca. 1987 and undated
Number 40, "Symmetric Sequencings of Finite Hamiltonian Groups with a Unique Element of Order 2," with P. A. Leonard, ca. 1988 and undated
Number 41, "Some Quasi-2-Complete Latin Squares," ca. 1990 and undated
Number 42, "All Dicyclic Groups of Order = 12 Have Symmetric Sequences," undated
Number 44, "A Class of Self-Orthogonal 2-Sequencings," with P. A. Leonard:
Notes and development, ca. 1991 and undated
Notes and draft, [ca. 1991]
Unnumbered, [published (?) in Annals of Discrete Mathematics volume honoring Professor Kotzig on his 60th birthday], "Some Howell Designs of Side 6P," 1979-1980 and undated
"Proposed Algorithm for Finding Semi-regular 1-Factorizations of K2n," [many illustrations], 1972 and undated
2004-075/4 "Howell Designs of Prime Side III," 1980 and undated
"2-Sequencings and Perfect 1-Factorizations," 1986 and undated
"A Class of Semi-regular 1-Factorizations," undated
"Howell Designs with Subdesigns," undated
"Howell Designs of Type H (s, 2n)," undated
"A Modified Starter-Adder Construction for Certain Howell Designs," with K. B. Gross, [notes and research], undated
"A Multiplication Process for Howell Designs," undated
"Some Complete Balanced Howell Rotations for an Odd Number of Tables," with PA Leonard, [unpublished predecessor of publication number 35, "Some Complete Balanced Howell Rotations….and the Equation pm=s2+4," undated



4RM224 Unidentified conference photo (8"X10", black and white), includes Bruce A. Anderson and Paul Erdos, [ca. 1970s]
2004-075/1 Fourth Southeastern Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Computing, includes conference material and subsequent correspondence and notes, [reflects BAA's move from topology to combinatorics], March-June 1973
Second Caribbean Conference on Combinatorics and Computing, [see also Publications: "Howell Designs from Room Squares"], January 4-7, 1977
Joint AMS/MAA Meeting, January 1991 in San Francisco, talk on "A Doubling Construction…," 1990-1991

2004-075/1 Correspondence, draft of letter from BAA to Paul Schellenberg, undated



2004-075/1 Miscellaneous, includes 1-factorizations, undated
Including groups and 1-factorizations, also includes record of invention for "Road Puzzle" game, 1971 and undated
Building strong starters, includes computations, 1973 and undated
Includes outline for "2-Sequencings of D-even" and notes for "Vermont Talk," printed material, 1978-1980 and undated
PBD closure, includes letter from Jeff Dinitz, 1980 and undated
1-factorization, labeled picture, undated
Automorphism groups of 1-factorizations, undated
Even starters and Howell designs, undated
Hausdorff spaces, undated
Howell designs, undated
Perfect 1-factorizations, undated
Preliminary work on a self-orthogonal 2-sequencings [?], showing the geometric nature of BAA's thinking [noted by Phil Leonard], undated
Some information on strong starters, undated
Starter-induced 1-factorizations, undated
Starters and 1-factorizations, includes "Boca Talk," undated
Starters, including "Leonard Starters on Zpn," undated