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A Guide to the J. W. Neuberger Papers, 1952-2001

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Neuberger, J. W. (John W.), 1934-
Title: J. W. Neuberger Papers,
Dates: 1952-2001
Abstract: Dr. John W. Neuberger is a mathematician who has held teaching positions at University of Tennessee - Knoxville, Emory University, and the University of North Texas. Research journals, correspondence, articles and publications, teaching materials, grants, lectures, notes, and other items document his mathematical career.
Accession No.: 2003-131
Extent: 16 ft.
Laguage: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

John W. Neuberger received his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin in 1957 under the direction of H. S. Wall. His primary research interests include nonlinear semigroup theory, descent methods for partial differential equations, and the study of quasianalyticity. Throughout his career he has consulted for various governmental and industrial organizations, and has also worked extensively with scientific computation. Dr. Neuberger has held teaching positions at University of Tennessee - Knoxville, Emory University, and the University of North Texas.

Scope and Contents

Research journals, correspondence, articles and publications, teaching materials, grants, lectures, notes, and other items document the mathematical career of John W. Neuberger. The majority of the collection consists of research journals -- dated mathematical notes kept by Neuberger that span almost fifty years.

Neuberger's original file titles were retained when possible. File titles created by the archivist are generally enclosed in square brackets.

Forms part of the Archives of American Mathematics.



Organized into thirteen series:
Research journals and related material
Printed material
Student work of Neuberger
Subject files
At Sid Richardson Hall


Access Restrictions

Access to student grades and computer disks is restricted. Access to all other materials is unrestricted.

Use Restrictions

Most of these papers are stored remotely at CDL. Contact reference staff for retrieval from offsite storage.

Index Terms

Neuberger, J. W. (John W.), 1934-
Emory University. Dept of Mathematics
University of North Texas. Dept. of Mathematics
Mathematics -- Study and teaching -- United States
Scientific computation
Semigroup theory, nonlinear

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

J. W. Neuberger Papers, 1952-2001, Archives of American Mathematics, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Papers


Research journals and related material:

2003-131/1 1955-1964
Mathematical notes and printed material, 1963
2003-131/2 1964-1967
2003-131/3 1968
"Book I" from blue binder, 1968
2003-131/4 1971
"Talk notes," 1971
2003-131/5 1973-1975
2003-131/6 1975-1977
2003-131/7 1978-1980
2003-131/8 1980-1983
2003-131/9 1983-1987
2003-131/10 1988-1991
2003-131/11 1992-1996
2003-131/12 1996-1999



2003-131/12 Manuscripts and drafts, [alphabetical by title, four folders], undated
Abstracts, 1957-1975 and undated
Refereed by JWN, 1961-1975 and undated
Notes, drafts, correspondence, and proofs, ca. 1960s
"Quasi-analyticity condition in terms of…," copy with referee notes, 1963
"An exponential formula…," proofs, 1966
"Fréchet derivatives of the composite…," referee report, 1966
"Symmetry in non self-adjoint…," correspondence and referee report, 1967
"Symmetry in three-point boundary…," referee report/rejection, 1967 and undated
"Three-point symmetry…," rejection, 1968
"Tensor products and successive…," draft, manuscript, referee report, 1968
"Tensor products and successive…," correspondence, proofs, 1968
"1968-1969 publications and abstracts," drafts, correspondence, manuscripts, [two folders], 1968-1969
2003-131/13 "1968-1969 publications and abstracts," drafts, correspondence, manuscripts, [two folders], 1968-1969
"Minimal operator…," notes, correspondence, 1971
Comments on Weiner's work for Masani, article refereed by JWN, 1972
"Norm of a symmetric product…," manuscript and referee report, 1972-1973
Referee reports, 1972, 1997 and undated
PAMS III material, 1973-1974
"Partial differential equations…," manuscript and correspondence, 1975
"Mostly rejecta mathematica," [rejected articles and referee reports], 1976-1977 and undated
D[ollard and] F[riedman], Rota, [article refereed by JWN], 1978-1979 and undated
"Prevalence of chaotic…," proofs with corrections, 1995
"Sobolev gradients and boundary conditions…," manuscript and referee report, 1996
"Lie generators for strongly continuous…," draft, undated
"Sobolev gradients and optimization," draft, undated
"Papers (own)" [?], [articles and notes], undated



2003-131/13 Personal, 1952-1957, 1972-1977, and undated
Professional, 1954-1999, and undated
Business, [filed together by JWN], 1957-1959 and undated
Interesting correspondence, 1965-1972 and undated
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation [two folders], 1967-1970 and undated
Reprints mailed, 1967-1971 and undated
Bearling and Kato correspondence, Cambridge talk, 1969-1972
Reprints, 1969-1984 and undated
Important correspondence, [and notes], 1971
Pictures at [?], [correspondence and printed material], 1972-1981
Wyoming (or whatever), [job offers], 1973-1977
Remains of 1975-1976 correspondence, 1973-1977 and undated
Correspondence and notes, 1974-1983
[From envelope], 1975-1977 and undated
Grants, etc., 1976-1981 and undated
2003-131/14 General, [includes reference letters, grant material, and notes], 1976-1999 and undated
Kuwait University, 1981-1983
Correspondence and printed material from red binder, 1982-1984
Austria, 1983

2003-131/14 Conferences, 1958-1999 and undated



2003-131/14 General, 1969-1980 and undated
National Science Foundation (NSF), 1965-1977 and undated
NASA proposal, 1967-1970
Proposals and related material, [filed together], 1971-1977
NSF proposal and computer project, 1971-1979
NSF, IBM, [paper?], 1980-1989 and undated
NATO collaborative research grant proposal, 1990
Texas Advanced Technology Program proposal, 1993-1996
2003-131/15 Proposals, [leave application and unidentified], 1995 and undated



2003-131/15 N.L.S.Q. talk notes, 1968-1974 and undated
University of Kansas conference on evolution equations [?], N. Aronsin, organizer, 1970
Georgia Tech talk, May 1970
Auburn talk material, some lie gen stuff too, 1970-1971
Talk notes, 1973-1976 and undated
S. A. talk, transparencies, January 1976
Announcements, 1978-1999 and undated
"Nonlinear system of first order…," transparencies and conference programs, 1980
Lecture notes, undated



2003-131/15 General, 1968-1992 and undated
Mathematical notes from unlabelled folder, 1957-1976 and undated
[Unidentified], 1958-1961 and undated
Stray mathematical notes, [correspondence, notes, and printed material], 1960-1976 and undated
1963, [mathematical notes and printed material], [ca. 1963]
Miscellaneous mathematical notes, 1967-1974 and undated
Notes and printed material, 1969-1973 and undated
[Unlabelled folder, mostly references], 1971-1976 and undated
Miscellaneous mathematical notes, 1971-1992 and undated

2003-131/15 Printed material, 1971-1994 and undated



2003-131/15 Publication list, [includes publication titles and numbers as referenced below], April 30, 2001
Publications number one - thirty, 1958-1979
Publications 31 - 53, 1981-1988
Publication number 54, volume one, 1989
Publication number 54, volume two, 1989
2003-131/16 Publications number 55 - 75, 1990-1997
Publications number 76 - 88 and miscellaneous publications, 1997-2001


Student work of JWN:

2003-131/16 General, 1952-1954
Thesis, June 1957


Subject files:

2003-131/16 Dynamical systems seminar, 1964-1968 and undated
Symmetry in non-self-adjoining BUP and original symmetry notes, 1964-1973 and undated
Quasi-analytic questions…," 1965
Current mathematics, [correspondence and notes], 1967 and undated
Differential equations start, [mathematical notes and other material], 1967-1970 and undated
Lie groups, 1968-1969 and undated
Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA), 1968-1974 and undated
R. L. Moore, March-July 1969 and undated
Character group calculations, 1970
Generalized inverses, [?] b. c., 1971
Lie generators, 1971 and undated
Lie generators, future papers and neatly written stuff, I. Most important work, 1971 and undated
Lie generator for 1-P S-9 on sets, also all Q. A. for [?] S. Q. material, II. Secondary material, 1971
Review, [notes], 1971
Semigroup stuff, 1971 and undated
SIAM-Paper, [?] reprint, [notes], 1971
Top groups from lie generator point of view and newer lie generator stuff, 1971
Los Alamos [and other material], 1973-1976 and undated
PDI, 3 X 3, early attempts and results, June 1976 and undated
SINV, FORTRAN subroutine, input (PDI » FORTRAN), July 1976
TX-2 [or TX-Z?], July-August 1976
Earhist [?], OD1, help from PCT, inconclusive, 1976
Philip Walker, 1976-1977 and undated
Bellman, Academic Press, March-April 1977
Fn5c.F77, [computer printouts and correspondence], 1989-1999
[Martin's file?, handwritten program notes], undated
Topological semigroups, undated



2003-131/16 General, 1 957-1993 and undated
M461, M462, M463 and other courses, ca. 1960s and undated
F. L., [salary notices, Emory], 1968-1971
M311, M312, M313, 1975-1976 and undated
Craig Beasley's preliminary exam in analysis and related material, June 1976
Analysis preliminary exam, January 1980
Recommendations for Robert Edwin Trout, 1981
Real analysis, 1989-1992 and undated
Faculty development leave, 1994-1995
Theorem proved in class with note by JWN, September 2000
Algebra, undated


At Sid Richardson Hall:

4RM51 Photograph of JWN, 2.5" X 3.5", black and white, [ca. 1960s?]
4RM85 Restricted:
Student records, 1956-1988
Two 5 1/4" computer disks, undated