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A Guide to the UT LAMP (Learning Activities for Mature People) Records, 1989-2015

Descriptive Summary

Creator: UT LAMP (Learning Activities for Mature People)
Title: UT LAMP (Learning Activities for Mature People) Records
Dates: 1989-2015
Abstract: Correspondence, minutes, audiocassettes, business and financial records, photographs, and reports comprise the UT LAMP (Learning Activities for Mature People) Records, 1989-2015, and reflect the administrative and creative history of this on-going education organization for senior citizens.
Accession No.: 2003-156 2003-156; 2004-034; 2004-085; 2005-132; 2008-008; 2008-126; 2010-028; 2010-185; 2011-325; 2015-179
Extent: 6 ft., 5 in.
Laguage: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History,The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

Dr. Thomas M. Hatfield, then Dean of Continuing Education at the University of Texas at Austin, founded Learning Activities for Mature People (UT LAMP) in 1989. UT LAMP, an on-going education program for people over 55 housed at the Thompson Conference Center at the University of Texas at Austin, encourages senior citizens to participate in classroom and social activities. Volunteers perform all administrative, technical and infrastructure support functions.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, minutes, audiocassettes, business and financial records, photographs, and reports comprise the UT LAMP (Learning Activities for Mature People) Records, 1989-2015, and reflect the administrative and creative history of this on-going education organization for senior citizens. The papers contain the business and financial records of the organization, including committee meeting minutes, correspondence, membership directories, calendars, newsletters, bylaws and reports, both financial and technical. The audiocassettes contain speeches given by visiting lecturers. Additionally the records contain vita, papers, and correspondence from these speakers.


Access Restrictions

The collection is open for research use.

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Subjects (Persons)
Hatfield, Thomas M.
Subjects (Organizations)
University of Texas at Austin.
University of Texas at Austin. Learning Activities for Mature People -- Archives.
University of Texas at Austin. Thompson Conference Center.
University of Texas at Austin. Third Age University.
Continuing education -- United States.
Austin (Tex.).

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

UT LAMP (Learning Activities for Mature People) Records, 1989-2015, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Papers


Audiocassettes of speeches

2X85b Dr. Hatfield, Dr. Cunningham and "Myth," Dr. Betty Sue Flowers, October 10, 1989
"Fat and Sassy," Dr. Ted Edwards, October 10, 1989
"What Crisis in Financial Situations?," Bob Mettllent, October 10, 1989
"Religion in American History," Norman Mimin, October 11, 1989
"Texas Coastal Water Problems," George Ward, October 11, 1989
"History of Democracy Movement in China," Edward Rhoads, October 11, 1989
"Living in South Africa," Rabbi Sauson, October 12, 1989
"Aspects of Increasing Medical Costs," David Walmn, October 12, 1989
"Texas Politics: 1990 and Beyond," Sam Kinch, October 12, 1989
"Landscape Gardening: Influence on Painting," McDonald Smith, October 17, 1989
"Iowa's Amona Colonies," Gary Carmen, October 17, 1989
"Secondary Mortgages," Beverly Hardawam, October 17, 1989
"Interpreting the French Revolution," Nancy Barken, October 18, 1989
"The Future of Man," John McKitta, October 18, 1989
"China: The Political Context," Gordon Bennett, October 18, 1989
"Life in France," Henri Bernabe, October 19, 1989
"Overview of Social Problems in Texas," David Austin, October 19, 1989
2X85c "Federal Budget Deficit Increases and Prospects," James Galbraith, October 19, 1989
"Speaking About Laughter," Cactus Pryor, October 24, 1989
"Current Issues in Aging," Paula Johnson, October 24, 1989
"The Future of the Savings and Loan Industry in Texas," Tom King, October 24, 1989
"Why Northerners Fought in the Civil War," George Forgie, October 24, 1989
"Superconductors," David Gavenda, October 25, 1989
"Living in the Dominican Republic," John Diggins, October 26, 1989
"Criminal Justice System of Texas," Bill Anderson, October 26, 1989
"Wither Soviet Reform: Domestic and International Implications," Rupert German, October 26, 1989
"Speaking of Movies," John Bustin, October 31, 1989
"Jungian Typology," Priscilla Muir, October 31, 1989
"Southern Distinctiveness," Norman Brown, November 1, 1989
"What Went Wrong with Cold Fusion?," L.O. Morgan, November 1, 1989
"China: Tiananmen Square," Papang Chen, November 1, 1989
"Living in Iran," Roya Johnson, November 2, 1989
"Legislature Pay Raise," Tom Smith, November 2, 1989
"A Look at Contemporary Austin Theatre," Michel Jarochy, November 7, 1989
2X86a "Does Your Family Make You Sick?," Bert Kruger Smith, November 7, 1989
"Economic and Business Climate In Texas," Tom Plaut, November 7, 1989
"Americanization of George Washington," Philip White, November 8, 1989
"The Past, Present and Future of Space Dynamics," Victor Szebehely, November 8, 1989
"China's Foreign Policy," Jacat Metha, November 8, 1989
"Life in Brazil," Isabelle Cunningham, November 9, 1989
"Observations on Urban Problems in Texas," Terrell Blodgett, November 9, 1989
"Blacks in Education," John Buyuer, November 9, 1989
"What Good is Poetry?," Alan J. Altimont, November 14, 1989
"Jungian Typology," Priscilla Muir, November 14, 1989
"Is There a Future for Texas Real Estate?," George Gau, November 14, 1989
"The Cold War," William R. Brands, November 15, 1989
"Dinosaur Evolution and Origin of Birds," Timothy Rowe, November 15, 1989
"The Overseas Chinese Community," Patricia Wong, November 15, 1989
"Life in Australia," John Higely, November 16, 1989
"Substance Abuse Among Children," Lela Dawkins, November 16, 1989
"The Constitution," John Henry Faulk, November 16, 1989
2x291c Herb Johnson, "LAMP Early Days," May 1, 2002
Mary Crockett, "Depression"
Sue Seriff, "LOEB Talk," February 12, 1997
Donna Lopiana, "Ethics in Athletics," February 20, 1990
James Galbraith, "International Competitiveness & American Wages," February 20, 1990


Business and financial records, 1989-2003

3J302 October-December 1989
January-November 1990
January-August, October-December 1991
January-June, August-December 1992
January-May, July, September-December 1993
January-May, July, September-December 1994
January-May, July-November 1995
January-May, August-December 1996
January-May, August-December 1997
January-May, September-December 1998
January-May, August-December 1999
January-May, July-December 2000
January-May, August-November 2001
January-March, May, October, December 2002
January-March 2003


Organizational Files

3J308 Membership directories, 1992-2004
Calender of events, 1989-2004
The LAMP Lighter newsletter, 1989-2004
LAMP speakers:
Papers and printed material, circa 1989-1990
Resumes and correspondence, 1989-1990
3J329 Curricula summaries and correspondence, 1990
Curricula summaries and resumes, 1994-1996
Curricula summaries and correspondence, 1996-1997
LAMP Veterans Survey forms
Surveys and Plans
LAMP Speakers:
By Date, 1989-1998
By Subject and Name, 1989-1998
By Subject and Date, 1989-1998
By Name, 1989-1998
By Date, 1989/1990 – 1995/1996
By Topic and Date, 1989/1990 – 1995/1996
By Name, 1989/1990 – 1995/1996
3J301 Committee Highlights
Orientation Handouts, 2002
LAMP End-Of-Term Dinner Programs
Annual Reports
LAMP Scholarship
Etcetera (Assorted notes and forms)
LAMP Attendance, 2000-2002
Leadership Roles, 2002-2003
Membership Statistics, 1999
LAMP History, 1992
Membership Waiting List, 1993
First LAMP dinner, 2002-2003
Second LAMP dinner, 2002-2003
Third LAMP dinner, 2002-2003
Austin Programs for Aged, 1989-1992
2.325/E503 General Assembly & Executive Committee Minutes:
The Lamplighter newsletter:
Volume 16, June 2004-January 2005
Volume 17, December 2004-December 2005
Volume 18, January 2006-Spring 2007
Membership Directories, 2004-2007
Events Calendars, 2004-2007
Occasional Items (includes a data CD with archived versions of web site, programs, membership list, notes, etc.) 2003-2007
2.325/F308 LAMP Executive Committee Minutes, 2007-2008
The Lamplighter newsletter, 2007-2008
UT LAMP Directory, 2007-2008
Curriculum Calendar
Cyperlamp-Lecture Synopsis, Spring 2008
2.325/A74d Annual Reports, 2009-2009
Margie Hale Scholarship Report
UT LAMP Directory, 2009/Curriculum Schedule, 2009
The Lamplighter, newsletter vol. 20, 2008-2009
End-of-Term Dinners, May 2008-February 2009
Cyperlamp Reporters
UT OLLI Framework for Operations
Executive Committee Minutes, 2008-2009
3R129 UT LAMP directory and programs, 2009-2010
Report and budget, 2009-2010
Curriculum schedules, 2009-2010
History of the LAMP Scholarship Program, 2010
The Lamplighter newsletter, 2009-2010
Meeting minutes, 2009-2010
LAMP lectures, 2009-2010
4Jb80a Speaker thank-you letters, 1997-2009
Executive Committee minutes, 2009-2015
Lecture summaries, 2010-2014
Strategic plans, 2014-2015
25th Anniversary CD, 2014
List of chairpersons, 1989-2014


Photograph Albums

3R181 1992
3R189 1995