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A Guide to the Barnett (John F., Sr.) Papers, 1909-1959

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Barnett, John F., Sr., 1883-
Title: Barnett, (John F., Sr.) Papers
Dates: 1909-1959
Abstract: Papers document the activities of Thomas Menefee and family as well as related families. John F. Barnett Sr. conducted most of the genealogical research with his granddaughter Mary Evelyn Edwards. Records also include research on the Barnett family.
Extent: 1 ft
Laguage: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History,The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

John Franklin Barnett Sr. was part owner and manager of the Barnett Lumber Company in Palacios, Texas in conjunction with his son Price Menefee Barnett and subsequent Barnett family relatives. Barnett married Grace Letitia Menefee and was father to Grace Evelyn Barnett, John F. Barnett Jr., Carolyn Sunshine Barnett and Price Menefee Barnett. John F. Barnett Sr. is also a relative of Dr. George Washington Barnett, who signed the Texas Declaration of Independence. Grace Evelyn married Thomas M. Ferguson. John Franklin Barnett Jr. married Ethel Cook and was killed in 1944 in Italy during World War II. Carolyn Sunshine married Warren Eugene Edwards. Mary Evelyn Edwards, a granddaughter of John F. Barnett Sr., did much of the family research on the Barnett, Menefee, Frazee and Sutherland families with her grandfather. Price Menefee Barnett, the youngest of the children, and a graduate of Texas A&M University, was married three times and was a stepfather to two daughters and father the John Franklin Barnett III.

Scope and Contents

The papers include personal letters, clippings, Masonic Lodge records, genealogies, Jackson county clerk records, marriage records, Fox Photo film company records, pictures, wills, titles, and deeds, documenting John F. Barnett's research on Thomas Menefee and family. The papers also document other branches of the family. These families include Frazee, Mercer, Sutherland, Sullivan and White. Thomas Menefee, from Virginia, married a widow Lucy Sutherland Paine with one child. The Menefee's, in addition to the Sutherlands and other Menefee family members, moved to Texas to settle in what is now known a Jackson county. At the time the area was known as the Stephen F. Austin Colony and was experiencing a great deal of anti-Mexican feelings. William Menefee organized the "Menefee Meeting" of 1832 which organized the colonists against the Mexican Army as it was advancing to Fort Velasco.

Index Terms

Menefee, Thomas
Barnett, John F., Sr.
Barnett, George Washington
John F. Barnett Lumber Company
Frazee family
Mercer family
Sutherland family
Sullivan family
White family
Menefee Meeting of 1832

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Barnett (John F., Sr.) Papers, 1909-1959, Center For American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Detailed Description of the Papers


John F. Barnett, Sr. Papers, 1909-1959

4Jc168 Research on Thomas Menefee and family 1838-1959
Masonic AF-PM May-June 1957
Texas History Center State Archives - Austin 1956-1957
Frazee genealogy 1956-1957
Food 1956
Josephine T. Menefee 1956-1957
Names-various for research genealogy 1956
Bennie B. Hardimann 1956
Mrs. John R. Barnett 1957
Looney - Earnest Allen 1956-1957
Pearl Fitch Stevens 1956-1957
Zingery Blue Print Co. 1956-1957
Mrs. J.F. (or Grace M.) Barnett 1934,1939-1940,1956
George Ernest Menefee 1955-1957
County Clerk Jackson County 1956
Willie Laughlin 1956-1957
Mrs. C.B. Cooper 1956
Price Menefee Barnett 1955-1956
Dora Menefee (Dorsey) James Looney Menefee 1956-1957
Mercer Baylor University Historical 1956-1957
Mercer 1956
Borden, Gail Mercer-Menefee 1957
Mercer, Eli families 1956-1957
Marriage records 1956
Sutherland data 1957
John W. Menefee Sr., William Shellman - Victoria, Texas 1956
Sons of the Republic of Texas 1956
Wills,titles,deeds for Thos. Menefee, Eli Mercer, George Menefee, George Sutherland 1838,1859,1863
Work - Current 1956
Work 1956
Genealogy 1956
Forms, undated
Clippings political 1955-1956
Sadie Gillespie 1956
Grace M. Barnett 1934-1935
Fox Company 1955
Grace Menefee Barnett - old letters 1908-1914
Threadgill research transfer file 1955
Mrs. Florence S. Hudson 1956-1957
Heard - Sullivan - Menefee - Mercer - White 1955-1956
Frazee genealogy 1955
Genealogy notes Mercer Menefee lineage 1955
Historical commission 1955-1956
Frank L. Heard 1956
Sutherland Clark from Mrs. Virgil Sutherland 1956
Mrs. Virgil Sutherland Menefee file, Rio Vista, Texas 1955-1957
Thomas Nelson Menefee 1957
3S212b Family Photographs 1955-1956
Mrs. C.B. Cooper Menefee file, Rio Vista, Texas 1956
Family outdoor gathering, small group
Work - Current 1955
Photographs of family members printed January 1956
3S105b Envelope of negatives