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A Guide to the James A. Michener "Texas" Project Archive, 1981-1992

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Creator Michener, James A.
Title: James A. Michener Texas Project Archive,
Dates: 1981-1992
Abstract Archive relates to James A. Michener and his work on the novel Texas, as well as his association with the University of Texas and the Texas Center for Writers.
Extent: 16 ft.
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

James A. Michener was born in New York City in 1907 and traveled extensively throughout the United States as a young adult. He graduated with honors from Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania and also attended St. Andrew's University in Scotland before returning to teach in Pennsylvania. Michener subsequently held teaching positions at the Colorado State Teachers College and Harvard University, and then worked as a textbook editor in New York until World War II erupted. Young Michener joined the Navy and his experiences in the Pacific Theater helped shape his first book, Tales of the South Pacific, which went on to win the Pulitzer Prize. Throughout his writing career, Michener drew acclaim for his masterfully crafted historical novels, among them Texas, published in 1985. Tracing the lives of four families, this epic spans four centuries and two continents and charts the formation of several great dynasties from the age of the conquistadors to modern times.

Michener's involvement in public policy issues included a run for Congress in 1962, serving as secretary to the Pennsylvania constitutional convention, and acting as an advisor to NASA, the U.S. Postal Service, and the International Broadcasting Board. His many honors and awards included recognition by the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities and the United States' highest civilian honor, the Medal of Freedom. Michener spent his final years based at the University of Texas at Austin and died in 1997.

Scope and Contents

Manuscripts, literary productions, printed material, research notes, photographs, computer discs, correspondence, original drawings, legal documents, newspaper clippings and audio recordings relate to James A. Michener and his work on the novel Texas, as well as his association with the University of Texas and the Texas Center for Writers.


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Film reels and photographic negatives are restricted; contact repository for more information.

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Michener, James A. (James Albert), 1907- --Archives.
Texas Center for Writers.

Related Material

See also the Michener Texas Collection at the University of Northern Colorado.

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James A. Michener Texas Project Archive, 1981-1992, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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2.325/E461 Texas page proofs
2.325/E462 Edited caption statements and cardboard signs for Texas History Center Exhibit on the Evolution of a Historical Novel
Michener Schematic Drawings for Texas Exhibit
Fold-out section from Texas
Texas Exhibit:
List of Michener books for exhibit
Michener exhibit press publications
Texas Monthly tearsheets about Michener
Purchase orders
Photograph orders
Exhibit souvenir programs given out at SAA annual meeting, Barker Center reception, October 1985
Charles Shaw Drawings for Michener Texas
Copies of letters to JAM from Governor Clements of Texas
Accept and regrets to invitations to University's party to honor JAM and Texas, August 6, 1986
2.116/OD1282 Oversize exhibit photographs
2.325/G104 Audiotape, "Under the Big Top Benefit"
Correspondence and invitations to Michener, 1981-1984
Newspaper clippings on Michener
Texas reacts:
Correspondence to Michener, 1981-1984
Newspaper clippings on Michener, 1982, 1984
Correspondence reacting to writing of Texas, 1982-1985
Invitations to Michener, 1983
Correspondence to Michener, 1982-1985
"Your History and Ours: A Tribute to Waxahachie"
Newspaper interview with Michener, April 1983
Newspaper clippings on Michener, 1985
Photograph of Michener
Correspondence to Michener, 1982
MuseAir Monthly Magazine, interview with Michener, November 1983
Newspaper clippings on Michener and his work
Random House proof of the cover of Texas
June issues of "The Armadillo: Arts, Entertertainment, and Living in the Rio Grande Valley"
Business cards
Information on state of Texas
Field trip itineraries:
El Paso, November 1983
Lubbock, October 1983
Mexico, August 1983
Rio Grande, December 1983
Abilene Christian University, March 1984
Jefferson, March 1983
Dallas, April 1983
People Magazine research trip, January 1983
San Antonio, December 1982
Chicago, September 1982
New York, Today Show, October 1983
Get well cards made by children
Correspondence to Michener, 1982
Michener thank you correspondence, May 1982
Correspondence reacting to Texas, 1986
Texas Senate Resolution No. 505 given to Michener, officially welcoming him to the Texas Senate and State Capitol, May 23, 1985
Texas House Resolution No. 140, given to Michener, asking him to address the House, March 28, 1983
Information from the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, Wyoming
Newspaper clippings concerning Michener, 1983-1984
Phone messages, business cards
Correspondence to Michener, 1984
Ronald Reagan's acceptance address to Republican National Convention, August 23, 1984
Photographs of Michener at the Ranch Caravan Event at Casa del Sol, October 7, 1984
Newspaper clippings on Michener, 1984
Information on Mill Creek Golf and Country Club
Reproduced painting of the Alamo
"Texas Libraries 75th Anniversary Issue," including interview with Michener, Spring 1984
2.325/G105 Correspondence, October 1984 - December 1986
Photograph of Michener with John Odam, Jr., Assistant to Governor White
The Longhorn Scene magazine, April 1986
Script of Natchez Trace Press Conference, March 10, 1986
Texas Quarterly, with chronology of exhibition of paintings from the Michener Collection, V. 13, No. 1, Spring 1970
Maps and research notes
Correspondence, May 1983 - May 1986
Newspaper clippings on Michener, 1983
"Research and Scholarship at UT, Austin"
MuseAir with interview of James Michener, November 1983
Chapter 14:
Correspondence with Random House, February-March 1985
Chapter 14 and version one of "Task Force"
2.325/G116a Texas contacts:
List of names and addresses
Notes for thank you letters
General correspondence, 1982-1985
Dead VII, Proof Pages, May 3, 1985:
Manuscript pages 714-844, "Three Men, Three Battles"
Manuscript pages 856-1023, "The Texians"
Manuscript pages 1050-1130, "The Ranger"
Chapter 13, Original, "The Invaders"
Notes on editing chapter 6
Notes on editing chapter 7
Chapter 14, Original, "Power and Change"
Chapter 14, "Power and Change," copy
File with Chapter 6, editorial notes
Manuscript entitled "Our Task Force" sent to Mr. John Kings c/o Barker Texas History Center
Copy of "Our Task Force"
Chapter 14:
Original changed, January 7, 1985
Copy with editorial notes
Pages 43-52A
2.325/G116b Official Supplementary Directory, UT, Austin Faculty/Staff
John's Book:
Correspondence with Michener, 1984
Newspaper book reviews, 1982-1985
Comments readers made on parts of Michener's draft
Michener essays:
Election of 1984
American universities
Dallas Cowboys
Olympics, 1984
Transcript of panel discussion with Michener at LBJ Library
Family Trees for Texas characters
Draft of acknowledgments for book
Correspondence regarding Michener activities at UT, 1983-1985
Travel expenses, 1984
U.T. Press correspondence concerning book, November 1980 - December 1984
Correspondence with Ph.D. candidate Cleta Galvez, Invitations to Michener to speak, write, October 19841982-1984
Random House information
Correspondence with Jim, December 1983 - October 1984
Articles concerning Michener in Alaskan magazines, newspapers
Correspondence concerning visit to Washington, January-March 1985
Owen Laster (William Morris Agency) correspondence with John Kings, 1984-January 1985
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1983-1984
Texas maps
Chapters 13 and 14 coversheets
Alaska research trip correspondence, June-July 1985
Book materials:
Fact and Fiction summaries for each chapter
"Task Force" meetings
Distances between Texas cities
Texas maps
Robert Vavra:
Correspondence concerning Vavra, November, December 1984
Vavra's "Carmen Sevilla"
Walt Disney American Hero Award for Michener, January 1985
Rough draft for Texas acknowledgments
Time sheets, vouchers, December 1984
Expenses, 1985
Texas A&M project, chapter outline
Literary Guild:
Article explaining why Texas is appropriate subject for book
Correspondence, 1985
Correspondence, 1984
Photographs of Michener at Texas A&M
Doylestown, Pennsylvania, thank you letters from Michener, May 1985
Edited version of "Our Task Force," Chapter 8
Dallas Cowboys:
Michener article
Newspaper clippings
Manuscript proof pages 1-1485
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1985
2.325/G116c Chapter 4
Second draft, chapter 4
Chapter 5
Second draft Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
First draft Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
First draft Chapter 9
Editorial aids:
Suggestions to readers
Forward material
List of characters, genealogy
Correction discards
Copy of genealogies
Maybe-later-date invitations:
Photographs, East Texas Oil Museum at Kilgore College
Correspondence, 1982-1983
Scheduled engagements, September 1983, January 1984
Correspondence and responses, October-December 1984
Creative writing essays
Education essays
Copy of Francis Parkman's "La Salle & the Discovery of the Great West"
Chapter 5 comments
Task Force comments
Staff memos and correspondence 1983-1984
2.325/G116d The Armadillo Company, Texas, and armadillos
Essay, "Friday Night Heroes: A Look at Texas High School Football," by Carlton Stowers
Unpublished information on Early Exploration and Settlement of Texas, Chapters from book Reise durch die Mexikanischen
Miscellaneous correspondence and items sent to Michener, 1983-1986:
Copy of "Song Land Messenger: A New Songbook," 1868
Photograph of Young County, Texas, and arrival of Lindy Lou
Copy of "I Think Back: Being the Memoirs of Grandma Gruen," San Antonio, Texas, 1937
Copy of Michener speech to Rice University Associates, 1984
Drafts of Chapter 14
Letters from Texans, 1869-1885
Anders' comments on chapters 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14
Maps of Texas duplicates
Chapter 14A, Jim's first draft
Chapter 14B, JAM original
325/G117 Essay, "The History of the Life of James N. Smith," J. N. Smith, pages 1-245
"The Solitaro," A Natural Area Survey, No. 9
"Fresno Canyon," A Natural Area Survey, No. 10
"Colorado Canyon," A Natural Area Survey, No. 11
"Bofecillos Mountains," A Natural Area Survey, No. 12
"Rio Grande - Falcon Thorn Woodland," A Natural Area Survey, No. 13
"Enchanted Rock," A Natural Area Survey, No. 14
"The Magnificent Carpetbagger: The Life, the Times, and the Literature of Edwin M. Wheelock (1829-1901)," Jerry D. Frazee, 1976
Essay, "Sing Me A New Song" by Myra H. McIlvain
Essay, "From Daylight to Dark: Life of a child on the Plains," by Carol Kyle and Linda Burkhardt
Essay, "Trails to Texas" by G. Loyd Collier
Excerpts from songbook
Newcastle, Texas: Sketches of Its School and its Scholars, 1909-1983
"Harrison County, Texas," (includes bibliography)
"Texas Plants: A Checklist and Ecological Summary"
Families of Texas:
Printout of the descendants of John Covenhoven
"Blanco County Families for 100 Years"
Correspondence, 1983 - August 1984
Essay, "Some History of Van Zandt County" by Wentworth Manning
Galleys, 1-65A
List of Photographs
"Guidelines for a Texas Mission: Instructions for the Missionary of Mission Concepcion in San Antonio"
"An Introduction to the Antecedents of the Spanish Missions in Texas"
"The Texas Missions of the College of Zacatecas in 1749-1750"
"Letters and Memorials of the Father Presidente Fray Benito Fernandez de Santa Ana 1736-1754"
Blanco County News, May 6, 1983
Fredericksburg Standard, May 4, 1983
Society pages, May 4, May 11, 1983
Bridal Section of the Radio Post, May 11, 1983
Fredericksburg Standard Visitors Guide, 1983
Square House Museum information
Copies of articles from 1857, 1861, and 1875 from New Orleans and North Carolina
Book, "Light is the Theme"
Biography for Mickey Gilley
325/G118 Miscellaneous newspaper, magazine articles concerning Texas 1981-1983
Essays, papers, articles concerning Texas:
"The Fredonian Rebellion" by Edmund Parsons," 1967
"The Story of the Credit Union Movement in Texas, 1913-1980"
"The Antebellum Period in the Stephen F. Austin Colony"
"No Peace for a Rebel"
"Our McBurney Memories"
"Geographic Factors in the Indianola-Matagorda Bay Area of Texas that Influenced Development of the Southwest from 1840-1875"
"Excerpts from diary of John Slaughter, 1876"
"Early Neches Life, Crude, Primitive"
"The Harvard Family of Angelina County, Texas"
Memoirs, Lula Martha M. Primer
"The Paternal Side," the Rogers
"Small Scraps from Texas Press"
Hobbs Family Information
"Study of Comanchero Activity in the Texas Panhandle"
Letters from Three Members of Terry's Texas Rangers, thesis 1861-1865,
"Story of Richter's Bakery, San Antonio"
Asociacion de Reclamantes of Texas Land Grant Heirs
"Texas: Its First 150 Years,"Dallas Times Herald
Miscellaneous magazines, brochures
Issues of Texas Longhorn Journal, 1984
Selected Texas Monthly articles, February 1979 - November 1981
The Middlothian Mirror, March-April, 1983
The Middlothian Reporter, March-April 1983
Waxahachie Daily Light, April 22-24, 1983
Miscellaneous brochures
Friends: Chevrolet Magazines, 1984
Texas Longhorn Journal, March, April 1984
Photographs of U.S. fighter planes
"Two Sixshooters and a Sunbonnet: Story of Sally Skull," by Dan Kilgore
"Corpus Christi: A Quarter Century of Development, 1900-1925," by Dan Kilgore
"Nueces County, Texas 1750-1800: A Bicentennial Memoir," by D. Kilgore
Map of Fort Velasco
"The Faith Healer of Los Olmos: Don Pedro Jaramilllo, 1829-1907"
King Ranch brochures
"Margaret Lea and Sam Houston: A Lifetime Romance," by Ann Crawford
"Swedish Migrants to Texas," lecture by Professor Magnus Morner
1983 Annual Report to Shareholders, SEDCO, Inc.
"Governor Antonio Martinez and Mexican Independence in Texas: An Orderly Transition," by Felix D. Almaraz, Jr.
Miscellaneous magazines, article clippings, 1978, 1982, 1984
"Summer of Fair Ladies & Early Morning Verse," by Edward P. McCue
Dr. Michael DeBakey:
Miscellaneous information
DeBakey's articles on vascular surgery
2.325/G119 Random House Printing of Texas
Manuscript proof pages for Texas
"Conservation of Metal Objects from Underwater Sites: A Study in Methods," by D. L. Hamilton
"An Underwater Archeological Magnetometer Survey and Site Text Excavation Project off Padre Island, Texas," by J. Barto Arnold, III
Article on James Michener
Jacket Covers for: Hawaii, Centennial, The Drifters, The Source, Space
Dr. Michael DeBakey
Baylor College of Medicine
"Texans are a People," by Mildred Morgan
"A History of the Chipley Family"
Texas Center for Writers
2.325/G125 Chapter 0, "The Task Force"
Chapter 1, "Glory and Power"
"Our Task Force" entries for Chapters 0-14
Unrevised Chapter 0 and Chapter 1
Chapter 1 with editorial notes
Unrevised Chapters 0-1 and maps
Chapter 2 with editorial notes
Chapter 2 partial corrections
Chapter 2 unrevised
Chapter 2 unrevised
Chapter 3 with editorial notes
Chapter 3
Chapter 3 unrevised
Chapter 4
Chapter 4 with editorial notes
Chapter 4 unrevised
Chapter 4, "Our Task Force"
Chapter 5
Chapter 5 with editorial notes
2.325/G127 Chapter 6, "Three Men Three Battles," edited
Chapter 6, edited
Chapter 7, "The Texians"
Chapter 7, edited
Chapter 8, "The Ranger," edited
Chapter 9, "Loyalties," edited
Chapter 9, final copy
Chapter 10, "The Fort," edited
Chapter 10
Chapter 10, final
Chapter 11, "The Frontier,"
Chapter 11, final
Chapter 12, beginning, "Our Commission"
Chapter 12
Chapter 12, edited
Chapter 12, final
Chapter 13, "The Invaders"
Chapter 13, edited
Chapter 13, final
Chapter 13
2.325/G126 Chapter 14, with editorial notes
Chapter 14, edited, "Power and Change"
Chapter 14, "Power and Change"
Chapter 14, with editorial notes
Chapter 14
Chapter 14, "Our Commission"
Final camera-ready repros with all illustrations and display type in place
Miscellaneous edited pages
2.325/G128 Repro proofs of Texas
Edited pages of Texas
2.325/G129 Chapter 1, "Coronado":
Research information
Typed copy of beginning
Chapter 2, "Mission":
Research information
Photograph of statue of missionary
Music for "The Rivers of Texas"
Chapter 3, "Rancho El Cobo":
Research information
Maps of San Antonio
Copy of "Jose de Escandon: Colonizer of Nuevo Santander," by Hubert J. Miller
Chapter 5, "The Trace":
Information on the Natchez Trace frontier road
Photograph of Mount Locust, Early 1800 Inn on Natchez Trace
Chapter 6, "Three Battles":
Research informaion
Information on Gonzales County, Texas
Information on the Alamo
Copy of letter written June 21, 1836
Chapter 7, "The Texians", research information
Chapter 9, "Loyalties":
Information on German pioneers in Comfort, Texas
Information on Vicksburg
Music to "The Bonnie Blue Flag"
Chapter 10, "The Fort," information on Captain Charles King
Chapter 11, "Frontier":
"Civil War Days in Young County, Texas," ed. Barbara Ledbetter
"The Diary of a Frontiersman, 1858-1859," ed. Barbara Neal Ledbetter, primary source material about the Indian Reservation of 1854-59 in Young County, Texas
Information on Young County
Chapter 12, "Oil":
Research information
Information on cotton production
Information on petroleum exploration
Chapter 13, "The Invaders"
3E320 Statements by Texas project staff members about the Texas project, 1984
Statements Michener about the Texas project, 1984