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A Guide to the Molly Ivins Papers, 1936, 1944-2008

Descriptive Summary

Creator Ivins, Molly (Mary Tyler)
Title: Molly Ivins Papers
Dates: 1936, 1944 -2008
Abstract Correspondence, literary productions, newspaper clippings, legal documents, photographs, audiovisual productions, notes, research materials and other items document Molly Ivins' journalistic career and personal life.
OCLC No.: 30455275
Extent: ca. 180 ft.
Language Materials are in English.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Syndicated columnist, author, and lecturer Molly Ivins (1944-2007) covered Texas and politics, government, and social issues. Born Mary Tyler Ivins to Margaret and James E. Ivins in Monterrey, California, Molly Ivins grew up in Houston, Texas, attending St. John's School. She earned a B.A. degree in history from Smith College (1966) and an M.A. degree in journalism from Columbia University (1967). Ivins worked as a reporter for the Houston Chronicle (1967) and Minneapolis Tribune (1967-1970) before joining Kaye Northcott as co-editor of the Texas Observer (1971-1976). While working for the Observer in Austin, Ivins' caustic writing style caught the attention of folklorist and free speech activist, John Henry Faulk. The two developed a strong friendship based on their shared passion for the First Amendment. Ivins left the Observer for the New York Times(1976-1981), working for both the New York City Bureau and Rocky Mountain Bureau. In 1982, lured by the promise to write on whatever she pleased, she returned to Texas as a columnist for the Dallas Times Herald (1982-1991), covering Texas politics. With the collapse of the Times Herald in 1991, she moved her column to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

In 2001, Ivins left the Star-Telegram (1992-2001) to become an independent columnist. At the height of her popularity, Ivins' column was syndicated in nearly 400 newspapers, and she frequently freelanced for such publications as The Progressive, Mother Jones, Ms., and The Nation. Her acerbic pen garnered Ivins countless critics and admirers. Winner of a host of awards and three-time Pulitzer Prize finalist, she authored or co-authored countless articles in numerous magazines and several best-selling books, including Molly Ivins Can't Say That, Can She? (1991), You Got to Dance With Them What Brung You: Political in the Clinton Years (1998), Bushwhacked: Life in George W. Bush's America (2003), and Who Let the Dogs In?: Incredible Political Animals I Have Known (2004). Because of her wit, humor, and unabashed criticism of political and public figures, Ivins was a highly sought after speaker, and a regular contributor to radio and television, even briefly for 60 Minutes in 1996.

Although she had left the Texas Observer in 1976, Ivins remained a staunch supporter of the bi-weekly publication, donating funds and serving on the board of directors of its parent organization, the Texas Democracy Foundation. Following in John Henry Faulk's footsteps, Ivins was a champion and defender of free speech, speaking at American Civil Liberties Union events across the country.

Diagnosed with late stage breast cancer, Ivins underwent intensive treatment and chemotherapy in 1999. She openly wrote and spoke about her ordeal, encouraging other women to get regular examinations. Unfortunately, the cancer returned several times, ultimately causing Ivins' death in 2007.


Sapper, Neil."Ivins, Mary Tyler [Molly]". Handbook of Texas Online, accessed December 20, 2011.

Scope and Contents

Comprising correspondence, literary productions, newspaper clippings, legal documents, photographs, audiovisual recordings, notes, research materials, the Molly Ivins Papers, 1936, 1944-2008, document the journalism career and personal life of Molly Ivins. Research and subject files contain newspaper clippings, articles, and other printed materials about prominent political, public, and social justice figures and issues, such as abortion, both Gulf Wars, gays in the military, health care, the environment, First Amendment rights, and feminism. A sizable portion of the papers comprises reader mail and email with a wide rage of responses. There is a large volume of invitations and unsolicited manuscripts as well. Literary productions include Ivins' columns and freelance articles in the Dallas Times Herald, New York Times, Texas Observer, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Mother Jones, The Nation, Ms., The Progressive, and complete issues of Playboy.

Page proofs, correspondence, audiovisual materials, and research materials pertain to her books, Molly Ivins Can't Say That, Can She?, You Got to Dance With Them What Brung You: Political in the Clinton Years, Bushwhacked: Life in George W. Bush's America, and Who Let the Dogs In?: Incredible Political Animals I Have Known. Speeches, event flyers, notes, and video and audio cassettes document Ivins' public appearances on college campuses, 60 Minutes, C-SPAN, NPR, ACLU rallies, political events, book signings, and numerous other engagements. Correspondence, speeches, schedules, pamphlets, and news clippings relate to Ivins' work with civil liberties groups, the Texas Democracy Foundation, publishing houses, and anti-war groups. Diaries and personal correspondence describe her relationship with her mentor John Henry Faulk as well as her family and close friends, while medical records and correspondence detail Ivins' struggle with breast cancer. Photographs and correspondence document Ivins' travels, holidays, and relationships with family, friends, and her fans. Correspondence and legal documents regard a lawsuit against Ivins and Ronnie Dugger by Texas evangelist, Lester Roloff, and financial records include Ivins' tax documents and personal finances.


Use Restrictions

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Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Ivins, Molly -- Archives.
Dugger, Ronnie.
Faulk, John Henry.
Roloff, Lester, 1918-
Subjects (Organizations)
CBS/Broadcast Group (New York, N.Y.)
Dallas times herald.
Democratic Party (U.S.)
Fort Worth star-telegram.
Houston chronicle.
Minneapolis tribune.
New York times.
Republican Party (US. : 1854-)
Texas Democracy Foundation.
Texas Democratic Party.
Texas Observer Co.
The Progressive magazine.
Abortion--Government policy--Citizen participation.
Freedom of speech--United States.
Gun control--United States.
Iraq War, 2003-
Persian Gulf War, 1991.
Political satire, American.
United States--Armed Forces--Gays.
Women journalists--United States.
Texas. Legislature--Humor.
Austin (Tex.)
Boulder (Colo.)
Dallas (Tex.)
Fort Worth (Tex.)
New York (N.Y.)
Texas--Politics and government--1951---Humor.
United States--Politics and government--20th century-- Humor.
United States--Politics and government-- 21st century -- Humor.

Separated Material

Some material has been separated to the Artifact Collection and Briscoe Center Library Unit.

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Molly Ivins Papers, 1936, 1944-2008, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

Processing Information

This collection was processed and revised by Daniel Alonzo, May 2004; Laurel Rozema, Megan Mummey, and Shelly Rowland, 2009-2010; and Mark Firmin, 2011.

Detailed Description of the Papers



2.325/A16 Audiotapes:
SECC Energy Budget PSAs
Red Licorice (in envelope)
Houstonewall: press kit, 1994
Ring notebook
Correspondence: to Ivins with replies from Faulk, 1994
Letters: to Ivins, 1994
Health care: letters and press releases, 1994
Health care 2: letters and press releases, 1992-1993 and undated
Random: letters, some with major attachments, 1994
Letters, 1994
Pamphlets, 1983-1991 and undated
Heroes: two letters, ( with press kit from Youth Hall of Fame International) May 31, 1994
Dan Quayle book: letters, 1994
Budget: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities press kit, May 23, 1994
Welfare: letters, 1994
China: letter, May 30, 1994
Paula Jones/Anita Hill: letters, clippings, newsletter, March-May, 1994
Fort Worth Star Telegram columns responses:
Singapore, letter, May 7, 1994
Health care, letters 1994
N.R.A., letter, May 10, 1994
C.E.O.s: letters informational packet with cover letter, 1994;May 1, 1994
Nixon: letters, 1994
Random: press releases, clippings, legal documents, pamphlets, letters, 1994
Columns, random: letters and comments, 1994 and undated
Mall of America: letters, 1994
Letters about the book(s), 1994
Jackie Thomas (contents of padded envelope), 2 folders:
Transcription of address, return address, and posted date
Xeroxes relating to Barton Creek PUD, 1990
"Best of Barton Creek" videocassette and video log
"PUD is a Fuddy Dud" broadcast videocassette
2.325/A17 Letters and press releases:
February 1994
March 1994
April 1994
(3 folders) May 1994
Letters, 1990 and undated
Publications, press releases, speeches
Correspondence and schedules:
Letters with replies from Faulk, April-June, 1994
Schedules, memos, notes, February-May, 1994,December 30 and undated
Australia Travel and Leisure piece: brochures, notes, drafts, research materials (4 folders), 1993
Columns by and articles about Ivins, (photocopies) 1994
Letters and press releases, June 1994
Correspondence, May 1994 and undated
Schedules with attachments, miscellaneous printed material June 17 and July 1, 1994,
2.325/A24 Books:
A Crotchety Old Liberal's Book of Days, by H. Gene Taylor, 1994
Ransacking the Closet, by Yvonne Zipter, (galleys, brochure for Spinsters Ink, and letter, 1995December 14, 1994
Contract with America, 1994
E-mail, December 1994 - January 1995
March 1994 - February 1995, undated
Printed material, 1994-1995, undated:
Press releases and advertisements
Clippings, newsletters, magazines
2.325/J34a Nancy Dowd scripts (4 files):
"Just Crazy About"; includes letter, December 23, 1975
"All Washed Up," 1979
"Buffalo Ghost"
"R&R" with note, December 6, 1981
You Can Negotiate Anything by Herb Cohen, with note, April 3, 1994
Presidential campaign, 1988:
Clippings, 1988 and undated
Letters, October 26, 1988 and March 7, 1989
American Freedom Journal, September 1988
Executive Intelligence Review, August 15, 1988
Presidential Biblical Scoreboard, 1988
President, 1988:
Clippings, 1986-1988 and undated
Letters and notes, 1987, 1988 and undated
Press releases and papers, 1987-1988
Conference on World Affairs: publications and notes, 1984, 1986, 1987
1986 elections:
Clippings, 1985-1986
Memo, notes correspondence, press releases, 1985-1986 and undated
Information on Bill Clements, 1978 and undated
Clippings: mostly on foreign affairs, 1982-1992
Miscellaneous printed material:
Clippings, 1988-1989
Press releases:
"Feminists Oppose Censorship" with order form (multiple copies), undated
"Polygags," 1989 and undated
Schedules: with attachments February 16, February 27, 1994,
Unlabeled audiotape
Letters, January-March, 1994, and undated
Letters, March 1994
Letters, April 1994
Press releases, pamphlets and programs
Publications, 1994
2.325/J34b India trip: travel documents, trip information, notes, 1988
John Henry Faulk (4 folders):
JHF correspondence, 1987-1990 and undated
JHF eulogies, 1990
JHF background material
JHF by Ivins: drafts, notes, published articles
Syndication information (3 folders)
Ivins photos: head shots, undated
Ivins columns: March-May, 1994
Books, annotated:
The Bible: God's Word or Man's?
Life--How Did It Get There?
Letters and cards (2 folders), 1982-1994
Notebooks [Liz Faulk?]
Personal: schedules, photographs, poster, cartoon, church program
Clippings and press releases, (many are ACLU-related) 1983-1994 and undated
"Bookmarkers": laminated, by Jack Townsley
2.325/J35a Magazines
Promotional materials
Bumper stickers
Pamphlet: Useful Knots and How to Tie Them
Newspapers: 1960s-1994
Matted New York Times crossword puzzle featuring Molly Ivins as a clue, 1994
2.325/J35b Australia-New Zealand trip, 1993
"Sister and Brother," manuscript, request for comments, note to Liz Faulk, 1994
Somalia: columns and postcard, October 1993
Dole: columns and letter, October 1993
New Mexico: letter, with attachments, including one Ivins column which prompted the letter August 17, 1993,
Gary Graham: Ivins column, letters legal documents, 1993
Thomas Paine: letters and supporting documentation that he was not an atheist, Free Inquiry magazine, September-October, 1993;Summer 1993
Arab-Israeli peace: letters, one with major attachments about Ireland September 1993,
Letters, 1990-1992
Letters (3 folders): May 1993-March 1994
to Ivins, responses from Faulk January-March 1994,
Two undelivered letters from Ivins
Draft of letter to Ann Richards, undated
By Ivins: copies of columns, drafts, including that for Travel and Leisure article, brief vita, notes, column, March 1994;undated;December 12, 1993
Schedules: February 17-March 18, 1994
Printed material:
Newsletters, press releases and advertisements, 1994 and undated
Clippings, 1991-1992
"Picture What Women Do," videotape and press packet
Vietnam Veterans Against the War:
Cover letter, January 14, 1994
Transcript of Nancy Miller interview, October 1974
Affidavit from Barbara Stocking, July 9, 1972
Xerox of newspaper article, August 14, 1972
Barbara Stocking note and transcript of CBS News interview. 1973
Name change petition (Barbara Stocking to Amy Lewis), February 19. 1977
Letters of reference, 1977, 1979
Related material, 1972-1974
Letters, January-February 1994
2.325/J36a Letters, March 1994
Letters, April 1994
Letters: 1991-1994, undated
Schedules and memos: December 12, 1993-April 12, 1994
Award from State Bar of Texas, April 1994
Printed Material:
Press releases
Directory, "Leadership in Florida," 1992-1993
Program, "A More Perfect Union," November 13, 1993
The Nation, February 21, 1994
Legal documents, with accompanying letters dated April 21, 1994 and May 15, 1989
South Texas columns: letters and clippings, 1986
Notes in Ivins' hand writing, original folder labeled "Mirabella" 1989 and undated;
Scraps: looks like contents of desk drawer, in envelope postmarked from W. B. Neville April 19, 1994,
Censorship-Debbie Denzer: cover letter, and related materials April 18. 1994,
Press and Nixon: clippings, 1973
Clippings, 1972-1981 and undated
Miscellaneous creations:
Kundera, Milan, "The Art of the Novel," xerox, undated
Sayles, John, "I-80 Nebraska M.490-M.205, xerox, Atlantic, May 1975
Saber, 1971
Firing Line, transcript of taping, February 27, 1973
Frankel, Jess J., "Older Americans: The Newest Minority," keynote address, April 6, 1977
Research materials: 1988-1989 [1994], undated
Letters, 1988-1989
2.325/J36b Publications:
The Backlash! volume 2, number 1 (April 1994)
What's Wrong with Womens' Pages? (1971?)
Pun Intended, volume 3, issue 4 (Spring 1994)
Hard Response volume 1, number 1 (April 1994)
"Paranoid Politics" from Maurice Merleau-Ponty's Signs, 1964
Secular Humanist Bulletin, volume 10, number 1 (Spring 1994)
Schedules and notes: April 25-27, 1994, and undated
Press packets
Clippings: 1972-1994 and undated
Letters, January-March, 1994
Letters, April 1994
Letters, May 1994
Letters, 1971-1994 and undated
Fossil Rim Wildlife Center: Video Newsletter, volume 1, issue 1
Ivins columns, May-June 1994
Gun control letters, 1993
Gun control letters, 1993-1994
American West:
Clippings, mainly concerning James Watt 1981-1983,
Wire copy, letters, press releases, notes relating to "The American West: Colonies in Revolt" conference, June 30-July 3, 1981
Legal matters:
"The Soul of the Law" by Benjamin Sells (uncorrected bound page proofs, letter, press packet) February 23, 1994
Correspondence, 1994
Race in America: letters, September 1993 and March 1994
Foster suicide: letters, August 1993
Religion: letters, 1993
Texas clippings, 1985
Trygve Bauge: letter and related materials, February (?) 1994
"A Sponsored Life": manuscript and letter, March 4, 1994
2.325/J36c Baptist Peace Fellowship: event and related materials
Correspondence, 1992-1994
Clippings, 1988-1994
Schedules and memos: also drafts of columns and letter, December 16/17, 1993-February 22, 1994;undated
Printed material:
Newsletters, 1982-1994
Advertisements and bumper sticker
Press releases, 1992-1994
Nursing Management magazine, January 1994
Mexico: Torture with impunity, Amnesty International publication, 1991(?)
Letters: [April 1990, March, May 1992] June-November 1993 and undated
Letters, December 1993
Letters (3 folders), January 1994
Letters, February 1994
Letters, March 1994
Videotapes (2 folders):
Roger Mudd Report on Health Care, 1994
"Charlie Wilson Spots"
"Lt. Governor Bob Bullock"
"Double Justice: Race and Capital Punishment," 1993
2.325/J37a NAFTA letters and related materials, 1993
Letters, faxes, clippings, 1993-1994
Cattle Baron's Ball promotional booklet, 1986
Printed material:
Clippings, 1994
Newspaper headlined "World Famous Writer Molly Ivins Hits 50"
Liberty and Jobs for All by Edward Page, signed, with letter dated July 1, 1994
Notebook newsletter, August 1994
Amherst magazine, summer 1994
Crime bill/gun control: letters, August 1994
Health care: letters, July, August 1994
Smokers: letters, August 1994
Student papers: "Women in [and?] the Media," Spring 1994
Letters: 1993-1994
Email: July-August, 1994
Schedules, also column draft, July 1994;undated
Crime State Rankings 1994
Attacks on the Freedom to Learn, People for the American Way report 1993-1994
"Nothin But Good Times Ahead" galleys with cover letter, October 6, 1994
Environment: letter, August 22, 1994
Gun control: letters, August 23, 1994, and undated
Crime bill: letters, August 1994 and undated
Miscellaneous: letter, August 15, 1994
Fan letters: August-September, 1994, and undated
Health care: letters, July-August, 1994
Christian Right: letters, June, August, September, 1994
Letters and email: (in original order) July-September, 1994
Memos, schedules, column draft: August-October, 1994
Press releases and brochures: June-October, 1994
Email: August-September 1994
Printed material:
Clippings, 1994
AFTRA, Summer 1994
Funny Times, Liberal Opinion, November 1994September 26, 1994
Perception and Reality: A study comparing the success of men and women candidates, September 1994
Birthday cards
2.325/J37b Letters:
June-July 1994
August 1994
(2 folders) September 1994
Email: July-August, 1994
"Ask Me If I Care": page proofs and letter, June 23, 1994
"Generation at the Crossroads": page proofs and correspondence, April, June 1994
Correspondence, June-August, 1994
Printed material, press releases, pamphlets, newsletters 1994:
Ring notebook [Liz Faulk's?], undated
"The Nobody Show": cassette tape, October 1993-January 1994
2.325/J37c Letters (7 folders): [January-June] July-August, 1994 and undated
2.325/M2 Columns: by Ivins and others, article, "Good Time Charlie" by Ivins, GQ August 1994-January 15, 1995;August, 1994,
Personal letters, includes postcards and several photographs 1971-1980 and undated;
Miscellaneous (2 folders):
Pamphlets, clippings, letters and cards, programs, 1983-1986
Appointment calendar award certificate, clippings, pamphlets, photographs, notes, (1978);1985-1986 and undated
Old old letters: medical records, photographs, notes, address list, international driving permit and other travel documents, voter registration card, draft fragments, 1947-1969 and undated
AAP: letters and cards, clippings, programs, advertisements, notes, postcards, 1982-1986 and undated
Miscellaneous: Republican and Democratic Convention passes and schedules, notes, cards, letters, programs, clippings, slide, bio sheets, advertisements, receipts, canceled passport, 1984 and undated
Letters: letters, cards, postcards, check stub from Houston Chronicle, 1964-1967 and undated;July 16, 1965
Molly Ivins: column drafts, clippings, conference programs, notes, 1981
Freemen Institute:
Letter from David Irvine, Utah Public Service Commission, May 22, 1980
Copy of article, "Round Table Review,"Dialogue, A Journal of Mormon Thought, Autumn-Winter 1971
Copy, "Freemen Influence in State Legislature" undated
"Ivins Republic" draft, undated
Freemen Digest, 1979
N.Y. 1976-1980: letters, clippings, photocopies, conference materials, Houston Chronicle Magazine on New York Texans, booklet "To Molly, A Spiritual Guide for Her Temporary Sojourn in the Wild West," July 10, 1977;1977
Letters, memos, and cards, 1976-1980
Business card
Drafts and fragments
Annotated draft letter by Ivins to George, June 3, 1978
Receipt, H. Medill Sarkisian, August 7, 1978
"Text of Remarks by Governor Hugh Carey…" April 22, 1977
The New York State Capitol pamphlet
"June is Bustin' Out All Over" song text
2.325/M3 Charlie B.:
Letters 1975-1979
"Charlie," by Jim Ivins
Profundos - Pithy's - Whimsey's, A Compendium, 1974
Profundos, Pithy's. Whimsey's, A Compendium, 1979
At Least I Had Fun Doing These, Charles N. Granville, 1979
1993 Syndicate Releases (2 folders):
January 7-July 29, 1993
August 1-December 30, 1993
1994 Syndicate Releases (2 folders):
January 2-July 31, 1994
August 2-December 25, 1994
Letters: some with attachments; most concerning speaking engagements 1994,
Letters, 1994
Molly's perusal, 1994
Letters and memos, 1994
Notes, postcards, photographs, 1994
Printed material:
Groves, Ralph, The Big Picture, 1992
The Texas Observer, December 27, 1974
The Progressive, January 1995
The Nation, November 28, 1994
GQ, August 1994
Miscellaneous: awards, programs, legal forms, invitations
Business: letters and schedules, 1994
Research and clippings, 1994:
West Virginia research
Newspaper columns and articles by Ivins and others
Drafts of columns
Manuscript: Cayloma, Helen, "Tell Me, My Dear, Who Was Your Mother?" 1993
2.325/M4 Clippings by and about Ivins, some with letters attached, 1971-1977 and undated
Personal letters, 1969-1975 and undated
(includes cards and a wedding invitation)
Dowd: letters, undated
Letters to Ivins and others, 1968-1970
Letters from Ivins, returned or unsent, and drafts, 1969 and undated
Film treatment and related research about Dayton Corporation, 1968
Memos, undated
Letters, notes, calendar pages, clippings, pamphlets, legal documents including an autopsy report, 1962-1980
Austin People Today, October 1973
reprint from Atlantic, September 1969
Texas 2:
Correspondence, 1970-1977 and undated
(includes one photocopied letter from Ivins, 1975)
Farenthold: A Texas Chronicle
Kimball Art Museum Fort Worth Texas
Check transaction register, 1975
Student grade slip, May 4, 1972
Copy of State of Texas Purchase Voucher, with note August 20, 1972,
Texas 3:
Letters, cards, and clippings, 1969-1977
Typescript, "U.S. Journal: Houston `Not Super-Outrageous,'" by Calvin Trillin for The New Yorker, December 12, 1970
Campaign statements, undated:
Sissy Farenthold
Dolph Briscoe
Confidential legal document, February 23, 1972
Fragment of wire copy. June 22, ?
Check transaction registers, no year indicated (2)
Note cards
Lyrics, "El Pajarote Grandote," ca. 1976
[More} program
Xerox of Texas legislature voting record, and "Reform Voting Analysis," March 15, 1971,undated
Mengden campaign card
Women in Communications invitation, May 6, 1973
Armadillo World Headquarters backstage pass
Texas 4:
Correspondence and notes, 1968-1980 and undated
(includes 2 letters from Ivins, 1965 and 1976)
Bob Bullock press packet
House Concurrent Resolution 44 (bluebonnets)
Desk blotter calendar, April 1975
Legal brief, ca. 1973
Resolution on Cissy Farenthold
Pamphlets and invitations
Minneapolis clips, 1967-1969
Minneapolis clips 2, 1968-1970
Correspondence, notes, drafts, clips, 1968-1977 and undated
Ivins' resume
Star-Tribune memos and documents, 1970
Pamphlet, "Revolution: Violent and Nonviolent," reprinted from Liberation February 1968
Check register, undated
Japan Report, May 31, 1968
Miscellaneous printed material
Minneapolis 2:
Letters, notes, and drafts, 1967-1976
Star and Tribune Employees Credit Union passbook
Greer, William Royal, Gems of American Architecture, 1935
World Press Institute Fellows 1972-1973 pamphlet
Page One, 1969
University of Washington Daily, April 19, 1974
2.325/M5 Minneapolis 3:
Clips, newsletters, tabloids, drafts, 1968-1975 and undated
"The Un-Healthy Realities of Power in Minneapolis," by Douglas Elliott, with note to Ivins, undated
Tawté, a journal of Texas Culture, May 1975
Minneapolis memos, 1967-1969
Personal memos, Minneapolis: (includes some letters and drafts), miscellaneous printed materials, Minneapolis Daily Tribune, 1967-1969 and undatedMay 25, 1867
letters and cards, 1972-1980 and undated
Photograph, 1918
Article, "Jim Hoag and his one-horse chariot,"Chicago, May 1979
Reporter's notebook
Early Texas:
Identification and membership cards, 1965-1966
Clippings, 1966-1968
Cards and letters, 1969-1972 and undated
Denver piece: research, drafts and letters, 1981-1982
Mark Twain:
Cover letter, January 14, 1994
Xerox of Sketches, Old and New
Ring notebook with True Women materials and cover letter, March 31, 1993
Fulmore Middle School:
Copies of newspaper, Falcon Cry, November 16, 1992-February 8, 1993
Yearbook, A New Image, 1993
Australia and New Zealand (2 folders): Travel materials, maps, one letter, June 25, 1993
Schedules and drafts, 1994
Photos, GQ,, clippings, and newsletters, 1992-1994
Cyberspace information, 1991-1993
Correspondence, 1993-1994
2.325/M6 Miscellaneous: Clippings, notes, press releases, letters, and more, 1994
Press kits and newsletters:
Health Care Reform: A Physician's View
New Perspectives Quarterly
Texas Republic
NOW press kit
NOW video, More Voices, More Votes!
Bob Krueger, clips and speech
Vince Foster, article and editorial
Bill Clements: clips, notes, xerox of The Bishops' Committee Report on SMU
Vietnam; clippings 1994 and undated
Nicaragua; clippings and press releases, 1983-1989
Southeast Asia: clippings, 1989, 1990, and undated
China: clippings, undated
Clippings, 1984-1985, and undated
Amnesty International report, with cover letter, 1982,January 5, 1983
El Salvador: clippings and flyers, 1982-1989, and undated
Iraq: clippings, 1987-1992
El Salvador: letters, notes, wire copy, drafts, clippings, 1981-1983
Presidential campaign with one clipping from 1992,1988
Gib Lewis: speech, clippings, 1987:undated
"On Condition of Anonymity," 45 rpm record, undated
Mideast War:
Clippings, 1982-1991
Letters, 1984, 1994, and undated
"Israel: U. S. Foreign Assistance Facts," December 22, 1986
"The Dilemmas of a Jewish Dove," undated
Jake Pickle: clippings, 1993
Jim Wright: clippings, 1989
Miscellaneous: clippings, 1980s-1994 and undated
Iran-Contra: clippings, 1986-1992 and undated
José Mario: legal paper, clippings, note, Rolodex cards 1986;
Mattox Border Plan: clippings, 1994
"Gube race": clippings, press releases, letter, clipping, 1989-1990,1994
Rushdie, Salmon: clippings, 1989-1994 and undated
Presidential Race:
Clippings, 1992
Note and partial draft, undated
Letter, March 8, 1992
Bush: clippings and notes, 1989-1994
"The HAMMER of Truth," November 1, 1994
Letter, November 21, 1994
WIC publications, 1993-1994
Correspondence, October 31, December 1, 1994
Press packet
2.325/M7 From Liz Faulk: Schedules, memos, letters, 1994
Clippings: plus "Bush Lost--Get Over It" bumper sticker 1994,
"Too Great A Temptation" bound uncorrected proofs and related materials, September, 1994
The Road From Rio: Sustainable Development and the Non-governmental Movement in the Third World, Julie Fisher, (paperback) 1993
Press releases: some with letters, 1994
Letters, 1994
3D6-3D23 Professional career papers:
Letters and other materials from readers:
General, 1971-1994 and undated
2.325/D8a Oversize general correspondence
3D24 Appeals for help, 1987-1993
Items separated from letters
3D25 Louis Jarvis materials on prophecies and JFK assassination, 1979-1993
Miscellaneous materials, 1992-1993 and undated
3D26 Business correspondence:
Requests for appearance, articles, and endorsements, with replies:
3D27 1993 and undated
Requests from other authors, 1989-1993 and undated
Political, 1973-1993 and undated
3D28-3D31 General, 1961-1994 and undated
3D32 Memoranda and telephone messages, 1968-1970, 1992-1994 and undated
Literary productions:
Newspaper columns:
Minneapolis Tribune, and reprints, 19681969, 1970
Texas Observer:
3D33 1975-1977, 1994 and undated
Dallas Times Herald:
3D34-3D35 1985-1993
3D65-3D69 Duplicate columns, 1982-1991
3D36 Fort Worth Star Telegram, 1992-1994 and undated
Miscellaneous newspaper columns/essays, 1972-1994 and undated
Magazine/journal articles/essays:
Civil Liberties Review, 1974-1975
Houston City Magazine, 1980-1981
Mother Jones, 1988-1993
3D37 MS, 1987-1992
The Nation, 1986-1994
The Progressive, 1987-1993
Savvy, 1981, 1989
Texas Monthly, 1986-1993
TV Guide, 1987-1988
Washington Journalism Review, 1985, 1987
Miscellaneous publications:
Texas, 1978-1992
3D38 National, 1972-1993
International, 1974
Drafts of columns/articles [unsorted]
3D69 Duplicate articles [unsorted]
3D39 Books:
Molly Ivins Can't Say That, Can She?
Pre-publication correspondence, contracts and other materials, 1989-1991
Initial column selections
Publicity-related materials:
Correspondence and tour schedules, 1991-1992 and undated
Clippings: Reviews and articles, 1992
Bestseller lists, 1992-1993
Fan mail, 1991-1993 and undated
3D40 Copy-edited draft
Velox page proofs
Preliminary book jacket design
3D41 Nothin' But Good Times Ahead:
Publicity-related materials:
Correspondence, schedules, press releases, program, flyer, 1993
Clippings: Reviews and articles, 1993
Extra copies of book columns, 1992
Introduction: Manuscript draft
Acknowledgments: Typescript
Copy-edited draft
Corrected draft
3D42 Uncorrected galley proofs, June 16, 1993; June 17, 1993
Paste-up proofs
Page proofs (1st)
3D43 Page proofs (2nd)
Editor's questions and Ivins' corrections, June 14-July 23, 1993
Blue-line proofs
Velox page proofs, July 23, 1993; August 3, 1993
Assorted corrections, August 5, 1993
Unbound signatures
3D44 Papers and essays, 1962-1967 and undated
Article on religious censorship for Soho News, 1981
Radio/television transcripts, 1986-1993 and undated
Speeches and reports:
ERA speech, San Francisco, 1989
General, 1993 and undated
3W24 Speeches, Mount St. Mary's College, Los Angeles, and Lamar University, Audio cassette September 22, 1993September 24, 1992:
3D44 Roasts, toasts, and interviews, 1991-1993 and undated
Unidentified writings and excerpts, 1986-1993 and undated
3D45 Works of other authors:
Papers and essays about, referring to, or quoting Molly Ivins:
Student critiques of Ivins' guest lectures, 1992
General, 1990-1992 and undated
Greg Bass, Loopholes in the Bible Belt: Typescript, undated
Steve Bertsch, Crisis in Our Courts: Advance bound copy, uncorrected page proofs, 1993
Pete Brewton, The Mafia, the CIA, and George Bush: Spiral-bound galley copy and other items, 1992
3D46 Helen Engelking Handley, Annals of Society, Part I: Being the Memoirs of a Failed Debutante: Typescripts and other materials, 1992
Sybil James, The Adventures of Stout Mama: Bound galley copy and other materials, 1993
Howard Kurtz, Media Circus: The Trouble with America's Newspapers: Bound galley copy, 1993
Thomas H. McCord, 39 Jade: Midlife Hopes and Gridiron Dreams, 1992
Naomie Wolf, Fire with Fire: The New Female Power and How It Will Change the Twenty-first Century: Edited typescript copy , pages 1-217 1993,
3R193 D. L. "Sandy" Matthews, Los Viejos, Computer discs: 1992:
Original, DOS format
Translation, MS Word 5.1
3D47 Naomie Wolf, pages 218-350
Open Fire, the Open Magazine Pamphlet Series Anthology: Galley copy, 1991
S. O. A. P. Students Organizing Against Pornography, 1992?
American Forum: Articles and Sample Clips,, July 1991-June 1992,, 1992
Untitled, on Rational Taxation Technique/Governmental Debenture Service (*RTT/*GDS): Paper and letters by Charles B. Baskett, Berkeley, California, 1992
Political statements and addresses, 1988-1993
3D48 Research materials:
Reference files: Clippings and other materials:
A - Z:
Abortion, 1987-1989, 1993
Alamo treasure hunting, 1992-1993
2.325/D8a Oversize map and other materials
3D48 Big Bend Dairy Goat Cooperative, 1990-1993
Don Bolles murder case:
3D49 Undated
Bob Bullock, 1978-1979, 1987
Cartoons, 1989-1993 and undated
Chili and cook offs, 1975-1980 and undated
Cuernavaca, Mexico trip, 1981
Lonnie Dingle story and Joyce Tryngsted, 1986-1988 and undated
Sammilu Williamson Evans, 1993
John Henry Faulk, 1989, 1993 and undated
Gun control, 1939, 1993
Hereford, Texas column and controversy, 1982-1987 and undated
HUD, 1989 and undated
Bill Kugle, 1971, 1981, 1992
John Leo columns, essays, 1991-1992
3D50 Linda Lewis, 1987, 1992-1993
Stanley Marsh 3, 1993
Grace Motabai and her Blessed Assurance: At Home with the Bomb in Amarillo, Texas, 1986-1991
Willie Nelson, 1992-1993
School bus accident, Edinburg, Texas, 1989
School finance, 1988
Donna Shalala, 1987-1993
Robert Sherill, undated
Soviet trip, 1974
Texas legislature:
70th, 1987
71st, 1989
3D51 Clayton Williams, 1968 and undated
Workers' Compensation, 1986-1989
General, 1968-1994 and undated
3D52 Reporter's notebooks and notes, 1984, 1992 and undated
Printed materials:
Molly Ivins events, 1987-1993 and undated
General, 1980-1994 and undated
Molly Ivins events:
3D53 1989-1993 and undated
General, 1975-1993
3D54 Brochures, catalogs, flyers, 1975-1993 and undated
Certificates and awards, 1969-1993 and undated
Press passes, business cards, tickets, 1979-1992 and undated
Press releases, 1988-1993
Clippings and other materials about Molly Ivins, 1978-1994 and undated
3D69 Duplicate printed materials [unsorted]
2.325/A23 Miscellaneous newspapers, magazines and other printed materials, unprocessed
3D54 Scheduling materials: Speaking engagements and book publicity tours, 1992-1993
3W24 Audio and video productions:
audio cassettes:
Cactus Comments, KLBJ-AM radio, Austin, Texas, "Molly Ivins," December 9, 1987
"CURE: What is CURE All About?" 1993
John Henry Faulk, oral autobiography, February 28, 1988
"The Richest Man in Texas," (Perot song) Jim Terr and Perfectly Adequate Band, Blue Canyon Music BMI, 1992
"Molly Ivins," Washington Speakers Bureau, Inc., December 9, 1993
"America's Constitutional Heritage: Religion and Our Public Schools," presentation of ACLU, undated
"Beyond JFK: the Question of Conspiracy," 1992
Declarations series, undated:
"Equality's Child, Bell/Portillo
"Equality,""Riding in Cars with Girls," D'Ono/Frio/Gustafson
"Empower the Poor," Woodson/Negroponte
"The Corredo of Demitrio Rodriquez," Tajima/Rodriguez
"I Am a Promise: The Children of Stanton Elementary School," HBO, September 24, 1993
"Louisiana Boys: Raised on Politics," undated
"Surrealism," Karl Krogstad, July 9, 1993
3D55 Documentation: Letters, clipping, 1992-1993
Law suits: Legal documents, correspondence, clippings and other materials:
Roloff Evangelistic Enterprises and Lester Roloff, Individually vs. Ronnie Dugger, d/b/a TEXAS OBSERVER PUBLISHING CO., and Molly Ivins, 1976-1979 and undated
J. Edgar Ruiz vs. TIMES HERALD PRINTING CO. et al, 1987, 1992
Miscellaneous business papers:
Pulitzer Prize nomination, and Pulitzer jury service, 19881992
Syndicated column client list, 1992-1993
2.325/D8a & 2.325/OD10 Oversize materials
3S28 & 2.325/OD10 Unprocessed photographic materials [2 in.]
3D57 Personal papers:
Family, 1955-1994 and undated
3D58-3D59 General:
3D60 Undated
Letters written by Molly Ivins on behalf of others, 1989-1992 and undated
Letters from "Rocky," 1985 and undated
3D61 Christmas/greeting cards, unsorted
3D62 Education materials:
Correspondence, 1958-1964
Report cards, 1950-1962 and undated
School materials: Schedules, programs, literary productions, tests, printed materials, mementos:
Sidney Lanier Junior High School, Houston, 1957-1958
St. John's School, Houston, 1961-1962, 1992 and undated
L'Ecole du Montcel, France, Summer 1961
Scripps College, Claremont, California, 1962-1963, 1991 and undated
3D63 Smith College, 1963-1966, 1993
Smith College grades, 1965-1966
Smith College Junior Year Abroad Program, Paris, 1964-1965
Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, 1966-1967
Diplomas, 1962-1967
Vacation materials:
Summer camps: Reports and other materials, 1953-1963
River rafting and house boating: Correspondence and other materials, 1979-1980, 1990-1993
Legal and financial records: Miscellaneous documents, 1961-1993 and undated
Religious activity materials: Certificate, bulletins, and other items, 1955-1960 and undated
Diaries, 1958 and undated
3D64 Notes, lists, phone messages and miscellaneous papers, undated
Family, 1936, 1959-1964, 1980-1988 and undated
General, 1955-1979 and undated
Mementos, fragments, 1954-1992 and undated
Private correspondence and other materials, 1965-1993
2.325/M74a February 14 John Graves Column, print date February 16:
Column draft
Dallas Museum of Art press release
Notes from Lisa Taylor, Dallas Museum of Art, January 5 and January 10, 1995
"Beyond the Double Bind: Women and Leadership," by Katherine Hall Jamieson: bound proofs and letter, December 6, 1994
"And Say Hi To Joyce," by Deb Price and Joyce Murdoch: bound manuscript draft 1995
"City-Building in America," by Anthony M. Orum: bound proofs, promotional brochure and correspondence, 1995,December, 1994, and January 1995
"Ellis Island Revisited; Chronicles of Vagrancy and Hope," by Georges Perec and Robert Bober: photocopy of manuscript, publication notice, undated;undated
"The Book of Eros: Arts and Letters from yellow silk," eds. Lily Pond and Richard Russo: uncorrected bound proof, and letter, 1995,December 9, 1994
Printed material, 1987-1995
Ivins' reporters notebooks, 1985, 1989, 1990, undated
Schedules and related materials 1994-1994,
Christmas cards. 1994
E-mail, January 23-February 1995
E-mail, March 1-23, 1995
Correspondence, miscellaneous items 1994-1995;
2.325/M74b Letters, 1994 and undated
Letters, January 1995
Letters, February 1995
2.325/M75c Letters, March, 1995
Letters, April 1995
Schedules, notes, faxes (Liz), 1995
95-133 Columns, 1995
Phone logs, 1992
3S282 & 2.325/OD10 Unprocessed photographic materials [2 in.]
3S03 Photographs
2.325/G148 Videotapes TV/Variety:
CBS This Morning, story on Molly concerning: Molly Ivins Can't Say That Can She? January 5
C-Span, American profile, on Molly Ivins, June 14
Late Night with David Letterman, October 16
McNeil Leher News Hour, Molly's commentaries
McNeil Leher News Hour, Molly Ivins commentary on art, football
CBS Sunday morning- John Leonard on John Henry Faulk/Studs Terkel/Bill Moyers
McNeil Leher essay-New age fitness
KACV "Perspectives", May 2
The Learning Channel: Interview with Charlie Rose concerning Molly Ivins Can't Say That Can She? September 21
WFSB-Women in Politics, October 16
Personal conversations with Dennis Wholey, Interview with Molly, January 22
C-Span viewer call-in program with Molly Ivins, January 7
Nightline, on Ted Kennedy, August 18
C-Span-Brian Lamb show-Molly Ivins and Pat Buchanan, October 17
Dennis Miller Live, interview with Molly Ivins (3 copies), December 30
Nightline, concealed handguns in Texas, February 11
The Late Show with Tom Synder (2 copies), February 22
PBS Frontline on Rush Limbaugh, March 1
CMU public television, Editor's Notepad, with guest Molly Ivins, February 15
Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Show with David Letterman, concerning Molly Ivins Can't Say That Can She?
"Texans", hosted by Henry Cisneros, with Molly Ivins, John Conally and B.J. Thomas
Today show and CBS Good Morning, concerning Nothin' but Good Times Ahead
Conan O'Brian interview with Molly Ivins
CBS News Street Stories: Molly Ivins on Concealed Handguns and Gays in the Military
A Current Affair, concerning Vidor Texas
"The Nation" Magazine's 120th Anniversary party
S2L Production group/McNeil Lehrer group: Life and other issues with Molly Ivins:
Show #1: Pirates of politics
Show #2: Humor hurts, humor heals
Show #3: Blame game
Show #4: Civility
Show #5: Preachers
Sales demo- 15 minutes
Keynote address-American Civil Liberties Union, Florida
Keynote address-American Civil Liberties Union, Louisiana/Bill of Rights, December 9
Spirit of place conference/Texas style panel, July 16
C-SPAN II-1992 Election-character issue, September 22
Lamar University (2 copies), September 24
Ball State University/Women's week, March 29
University of Wisconsin Eau Claire (2 copies), September 23
2.325/G149 Videotapes:
Atlanta History Center, January 19
West Virginia Cultural center, April 26
University of California at Davis (C-SPAN) (3 copies), February 23
University of California at Davis (C-SPAN), February 24
American Civil Liberties Union, Idaho at Boise State University, September 22
Date Unknown:
"Visions for the state of Texas", Texas department of Natural Resources
2.325/G150 unprocessed
2.325/G151 Columns:
The Nation
The New York Times Newspaper
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Fort Worth Star-Telegram:
January 13-December 27, 1997
Austin-American Statesman, 1992
Dallas Times Herald
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Free Lance Magazine articles
Austin American-Statesman
Magazine articles
2.325/G152 Molly Ivins scheduling memos:
(files labelled Notebook)
January 2-June 27
July 4-November 19
January 4-May 19
June 2-December 24
January 1-March 31
April 1-June 30
July 1-September 30
June 1-November 29
January 3-May 30
S2L Production Group Inc.:
Life and Other Issues with Molly Ivins:
Miscellaneous information
The Blame Game
Preachers on the Porch
Humor Hurts/Humor Heels
Civility and Community
Chuck Simon
Phone Numbers
Chuck Simon, Television project
Show possibilities
Pilot, guests
60 Minutes:
Miscellaneous faxes
Don Hewitt
Phone Number
Plagiarism charges 1995-1996:
Florence King, Literary Lies
Florence King, plagiarism, 1996
Plagiarism, nursing management
Cosby Speakers Bureau, 1995
2.325/G153 Correspondence:
Kids Shooting Kids, Stories From Across the Nation of Unintentional Shootings Among Children and Youth, Violence Policy Center, March 1997
Miscellaneous Magazines, 1996-1997
Newspaper clippings and articles, 1997
Private Matters, Janna Malamud Smith, May 1997
Himalayas Trip notes, 1990
Address book and notes
Waltz Acrossed Texas
Austin American-Statesman columns, 1996
Molly Ivins Scheduling memos:
1996-June 9, 1997
2.325/G154 Cite: The Architecture and Design Review of Houston:
Spring 1996
Summer 1986
Correspondence and newspaper clippings, 1997
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1996-1997
The University of Texas at Austin, Course Schedule, Spring 1997
Column proofs
Video tapes:
Central Texas Gardner, Doug Blachly butterflies, November 1996
Nuclear Reaction, PBS airdate April 22, 1997
Struble, Oppel, Donovan communications
Howard Stern: Shut Up and Listen, 1997
audio cassettes:
New Age Movement's Masterminds, Clearwater Florida, January 9, 1993
New Age Movement's Masterminds, Orlando Florida, January 8, 1993
3M58 Correspondence, October-December 1998
Letters from Readers, 1995-1999
Family Planning and Population Control
Telecommunication Legislation, 1996
Cyberspace and prison clippings, 1994-1997
Lobbyists, 1994-1996
Welfare for Weapons Dealers, 1996
Children, 1995-1996
Corporate welfare, 1995-1996
Education newspaper and magazine clippings
Mexico, 1995-1996
Nafta's Broken Promise: The Border Betrayed, 1996
Banking fees, 1995-1996
Banks, 1995-1996
"Reinvestment Reform in an Era of Financial Change," April 1995
Environment General File, 1995
Environment General File, 1996-1997
Miscellaneous material used for columns
Reference statistics
U. S. Constitution
Correspondence newsletter
Newspaper clippings
Printed Material
3M59 Book Material for You got to dance with them what brung you : politics in the Clinton years:
You got to dance with them what brung you columns sent to Random House, 1997
Seniors' Coalition, 1995
Las Colonias, Dan Morales, 1995
"Nunsense," 1996
Representative Hansen-misquotes, 1995
Columns, June 1-December 3, 1993
Magazine columns, June-December 1993
Fort Worth Star-Telegram columns, 1994
Fort Worth Star-Telegram columns, 1995
Fort Worth Star-Telegram columns, 1996
Fort Worth Star-Telegram columns, 1997
You got to dance with them what brung you contents with articles
You got to dance with them what brung you columns, memos, and receipts
Third book possible titles
Book titles-Mike
Plagiarism article
Original columns
New York
Columns, 1993-1997
You got to dance with them what brung you manuscript
Suggested columns for third book
Memos and notes for third book
Introduction, rough and final drafts
You got to dance with them what brung you edited manuscript
Miscellaneous columns
Columns, June 1-December 30, 1993
Columns, 1997
Freelance, June-December, 1993
1994-1996 Freelance
Suggested articles for third book
3M60 Resource material for columns
Military budget/nuclear weapons
Polilitcal/Special Interest fliers and announcements
Printed Material, magazines and brochures
Letters from Readers
Texas "Lege" Open Records, 1995
Telecom Reform, Texas Legislature
Insurance Reform, Texas Legislature, 1995
Texas Legislature, general file, 1995
Newspaper clippings
Texas Legislature
Texas Democrats
Texas Republican Party Platform, 1996
Republican Party of Texas Convention Rules, 1994
Politics-General file
Texas politics, November 1996
Politics-Chrisitian Coalition in Texas, 1996
Politics-Texas, general file
Socialist Party of Texas, Lone Star Socialist, 1996
Texas Election Results, May 1996
Legislature, session 1992-1993
Governor's Race, June-November 1994
Texas Senate Races, 1994
Texas Sex Education, 1993
Gasoline Emissions Testing, 1995
Phantom Taxes, 1995
Judge Stacy-Kerrville, Anti-government example
Legislature of Texas
3M61 Liz Faulk notes to Molly Ivins, February-March 1999
Letters Received, January-April 1999
Letters Received, May-October 1998
Letters from Readers, January-March 1999
Printed Material
Political Promotional Material, 1999
Young Women's Work Project, CATO Institute, 1999
Bankruptcy laws
Advertising practices impact study, 1999
Frontline, 1999
The Barbie Chronicles, 1999
"Grampaw's Ultimate Stand"
PBS Frontline The Execution
Take a Mulligan
City arts and Lectures San Francisco
The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder, February 10, 1999
Project Censored: Is the Press Really Free?
Titan Tire of Texas, Brownsville, Texas, January 30, 1999
Washington Journal, April 15, 1999
A&E Biography: George W. Bush, June 9, 1999
3M62 Columns, February-April, 1999
Environment, General file, 1995
Environment, 1996
Environment-Alaska, 1996
Anti-government movement, 1995
Gun control-NRA, 1985-1995
Letters from readers, 1999
Branch Davidians-Waco, 1995-1996
Politics and Religion, 1984-1996
Animal Rights, 1993-1996
Culture-Racism, 1995-1996
Nuclear Waste dumping, 1984-1996
Miscellaneous, 1995-1996
Photocopies of Ivins columns, June-July 1999
Ivins biography (1 page), undated
The Atlantic, "Texas: A Special Issue," includes "Inside the Austin Fun House," by Molly Ivins March 1975,
"Friday's Fickle Finger," annotated typed draft by Herb Caen, undated
Annotated manuscript copy for You Got to Dance With Them What Brung You
Correspondence with readers, April-June 1999
Aurandt manuscript and related correspondence, June 1999
Correspondence, January-June 1999
Jessica Mitford news clippings, August 23, 1998
3M63 Materials used for columns in 1995 and 1996:
Budget-National-Corporate Subsidies, summer 1995
Government-Federal-Budget-Environment-Cuts in health and safety- "Anti-Life," June 21, 1995
Deregulation-TRI and rotten meat, July 5, 1995
Christian Coalition, September 1995
Culture-Dallas, material regarding Dallas council member Peavy, September 1995
Government-Federal-Federal Reserve (letter), August 24, 1995
Economics-Widening gap between the rich and the poor, September 1995
Corporate Welfare, Janice Shields, September 20, 1995
Newt's Tongue column, September 24, 1995
Government-Federal-Welfare-Corporate, September 15, 1995
Foreign Policy-Helms at the Helm, 1995
Government, Federal, Welfare, Corporate, regarding wage stagnation, 1995
Government, Federal, Medicare, August-September 1995
Environment, October 1995
Project of Government Oversight, November 29, 1995
Budget, National Taxes, Bartlett-Steele, "America: Who Really Pays the Taxes"
Fellure, Jack, Republican Presidential Candidate, (Winner Take All)
Material for Column, December 17, 1995
Flat Tax, January 14, 1996
Government, Federal, Telecommunications, February 1996
Populism, February 1996
Corporate downsizing-Corporate responsibility, February 1996
Economics-Corporations, Corporate Responsibility, February 1996
Environment, Environmental Politics, March 11, 1996
Political Issues, Tort Reform, Utility deregulation, March 1996
Newt, Cal Thomas material, April 1996
Government-Federal-Welfare-Children, May 1996
National Budget, Congress owned by big business, May 4, 1997
Taxes, National gasoline tax, May 1996
Government, Federal, Federal Aviation Agency, regarding Value Jet, May 1996
"Toxicity of Several Varieties Cloud the Air," deregulation, July 9, 1995
Economics/Stock Market, Wall Street, July, 1996
Corporate Welfare: Nuclear Reactors
Banking/Credit card consumer bankruptcy, October 1996
Political Issues/Initiative and Referendum Issues, October 1996
Presidential campaign 1996, October 21, 1996
Government Federal Medicare cut, October, 1996
Economics-Deregulation of utilities, November 1996
3M64 Random House contracts, 1992, 1993, 1996
Random House financial agreements, 1990
Random House royalty statements, 1992-1996
Reprint permission, 1992-1993
Unwelcome publicity, 1993
Vintage paperback contracts, Molly Ivins Can't Say That, Can She?, 1992-1993
Audio tapes of books, January 22, 1992
Correspondence regarding untitled book on Texas Legislature, 1989-1991
Letters of condolence, 1997
Molly's notes, November 28, 1996
Molly's notes, 1996
Spiral bound notebook, undated
Molly's notes, January 4, 1997
David McHam, journalism professor, 1997
Jan Reid, 1993
David and Sandy Richards, 1998
Charles Kaiser, 1995
Eden Lipson-Neal Johnston, 1996
McNeely Kreeland, November 10, 1996
Jessica Mitford, 1996
Marco Perella, undated
Marilyn Schultz, 1995
Dee Simpson, 1994
Jack B. Tinsley, 1993
Skip Heine, 1994
Sam Hudson, letters from, 1993-1996
Sam Hudson, 1993
Ida and Jessee Frankel, 1995-1997
Sammilu Evans, 1993
Flash, 1993-1996
Dave Foster, 1995
3U249 Letters sent, September 24, October 4, 1999
Correspondence, August-September 1999
Daily schedules and notes from Liz Faulk, October 5-November 2, 1999
Letters from readers, 1999:
The Washington Spectator, June 1, 1995-November 1, 1996; February 1, 1998
Political news clippings, 1995, 1998-1999
Death penalty news clippings, 1984-1995
Death penalty printed material
Walt Disney Company, 1996
Texas Center for Policy Studies, 1999
Adam Clymer, 1999
Financial reports for syndicated column, March 1996-August 1997
Rich Connor, June 20, 1993
Jack Cox, July 30, 1995
Kate Cronkite, April 1999
Cumblers, June 1994-May 1995
Felicity Fromholz, 1997
Mumia Abu-Jamal, 1995
Microsoft Q&A
UnderWire View Point articles, March 1997
Freelance columns, 1995-1996, undated
Syndicated columns, 1997
Letters from Dan Green, 1990-1997
Letters from Dan Green regarding books and sound recordings, 1990-1994
Journalism and Women Symposium, September 1992
Creators Syndicate, letters received, 1992, 1997
Letters from Dan Green regarding Creators Syndicate, 1992-1997
Slogans sent from readers regarding campaign finance reform, 1997
Poynter Institute, 1995
Miscellaneous printed material
2R494-2R503 Responses to Columns
2R494 (includes Slogan suggestions from July 1997 column) March 3, 1993, December 5, 1996 - July 17, 1997
2R495 July 20, 1997 - December 23, 1997
2R496 January 1, 1998 - June 1, 1998
2R497 June 2, 1998 - July 30, 1998
2R498 August 9, 1998 - December 29, 1998
2R499 January 3, 1999 - June 24, 1999
2R500 July 1, 1999 - December 23, 1999
2R501 January 4, 2000 - June 15, 2000
2R502 June 20, 2000 - January 21, 2001
2R503 January 23, 2001 - April 10, 2001
2R503-2R507 Column Material Used
2R503 June 1, 1997 - October 30, 1997
2R504 November 5, 1997 - March 30, 1998
2R505 April 7, 1998 - September 29, 1998
2R506 October 1, 1998 - October 5, 2000
2R507 January 7, 2001 - February 20, 2001
Clipping Files
1999 - 2001
Responses to Appearances on C-SPAN and CNN
Feb. 1998
April 15, 1998
April 15, 1999
December 20, 2000
2R507-2R508 Copies and Clippings of Ivins' Columns
2R507 Freelance Work, 1993 - 1998
2R508 1995-2001
Column First Drafts (undated)
2R509 You Gotta Dance With Them What Brung You
Comments from Readers
Review File
Intro Materials
Temporary Galley Proofs and Corrections
Engagement/Speaking Files
December 1998 - November 1999
2R510 Reference Material for Shrub
Includes Publications, Clippings, Correspondence, Proofs, Drafts
2R511 Publications, Clippings, Proofs, Drafts, Subject Files, Comments
2R522 Correspondence
Unsolicited manuscripts/articles
2R523 Clippings
Subject files
2R524 (1926-1930, 1940s, 1995-99)
Correspondence (Personal)
Personal Ephemera (Ivins' Parents):
Diploma for Margaret (Peggy) Robbie Milne 1929
1926 yearbook,
Photograph in frame, unlabeled
Yearbook, Smith College - Margaret Milne 1934
Packet of Correspondence between Margaret and Jim Ivins (labeled "war letters to my wife") from WWII
Diploma (Margaret Milne)
1930 Certificate of Completion, Margaret Milne
2R525 Promotional Photographs (3)
Audio Cassettes
"Ivins" Biscuit Tin (present from a fan)
Handwritten notes
Copies of columns
Inter-office memos
Press releases / Publicity
2R526 Publications
2R527 (1998-2000)
Printed Material (clippings, publications, programs, etc.)
Unsolicited manuscripts
Responses to columns
Handwritten notes
Videotape: "America's Godly Heritage"
CD: "Discipline the Rich"
2R528 (1997-2000)
Original, pasted-up newspaper columns, January 1997-December 1998
Subject files
Responses to columns
CD-ROM: "Climate Canary V"
Audio Tape: Dave Harrington
Videotape: ERISA, AETNA Training Tape
Handwritten notes
2R529 (1996-2000)
Printed material (greeting cards, press releases, etc.)
Proofs for "Shrub"
Copies of columns (printed from Internet)
Handwritten notes
Subject/clippings files of "Material used for Playboy Piece on Newt Gingrich, 1996"
2R530 (1996-2000)
Correspondence (business and personal)
Printed material (brochures, booklets, press releases, etc.)
Handwritten notes
Messages/Schedules from Personal Assistant
Videotapes: "Final Friday, 3/30/00"
"Mark Russel, 25th Anniversary" and " NewsHour"
"Molly Ivins, Show #4, Civility"
Barbie for President Doll, unopened, in box
2R531 (1980, 1995-2000)
Videotape: "The Awful Truth"
Correspondence (business and personal)
Printed Material (press releases, clippings, etc.)
Handwritten notes
Unsolicited Manuscripts
Copies of Columns - 1998-1999
2R532 (1981-1985; 1994-2000)
Copies of columns
Videotapes: "Hoxsey How healing becomes a crime,""Welcome to Philadelphia"
Clippings files
Printed materials (newsletters, media kits, etc.
2R533 (2000-2001)
Correspondence (business - mostly requests for appearances and/or reviews -- and personal)
Inter-office memos, schedules
Printed materials (press kits, newsletters, manuscripts, magazines, pamphlets, etc.)
"Re: Shrub, the Book" Folder - misc. correspondence, memos, clippings…
Box of personal photographs (old and new), negatives, letters
2R534 (1998-2000)
Audio cassette ( "Buffalo Songs")
Printed material (press releases, clippings, publications, media kits, etc.)
"Notes from desk" files
Clippings files
Material used in columns files
3.5″ disk - Hogeye festival press release and photos
2R535 (1995-2000)
Correspondence (enclosures include video, CDs, audio tapes, clippings, photographs, etc.)
Printed material (media kits, press releases, publications, etc)
Inter-office memos, schedules, etc.
2R536 (1999-2000)
Breast Cancer cards and letters of support (enclosures include clippings, audio tape, books, etc.
2R537 (2000-2001)
Correspondence (business and personal)
Inter-Office memos, schedules
Printed material (clippings, pamphlets, greeting cards, etc.)
Handwritten notes
Badge: "Semicentenarian and Apprentice Curmudgeon"
Video: "The Last Debate"
CD: ""
Audio Cassettes (2) : WNYC - "Molly Ivins"
CD: "George W. From Texas (Ten Gallon Smirk)"
2R538 (2000)
Correspondence re: breast cancer
Enclosures include clippings, books, magazines, audio cassettes, videotape, ceramic figurines, etc.
2R539 (2000-2001)
Prisoner Letters
Printed Material (booklets, press releases, greeting cards, etc.)
Unsolicited Manuscripts
CD: "El Corrido de Enrique Moreno"
Video Tape: "An American Dream?"
2R540 Correspondence Subject Files
Laudatory Letters
General letter folders (Laudatory, Negative and E-mails)
Correspondence subject file: guns
Correspondence subject files (breast cancer, Clinton, prisoners)
2R541 Financial records, tax forms [RESTRICTED BOX]]
2R542a (1994-2001, some clippings from the 80s)
Clippings files
Handwritten notes
Correspondence (enclosures include clippings, photograph, videotape, book, plastic clicker thingies, etc.)
Responses to Columns
Printed material (Loose clippings, press releases, unsolicited manuscripts, pamphlets, etc.)
CD - "Hail to the Thief"
2R542b (2001)
Correspondence (w/ enclosures including clippings, photographs, manuscripts, etc.)
Unsolicited Manuscripts


Off-site Materials

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