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A Guide to the Robert C. Jeffrey Papers, 1945-2000.

Descriptive Summary

Creator Jeffrey, Robert C.
Title: Robert C. Jeffrey Papers,
Dates: 1945-2000.
Extent: 31 ft., 6 in.
Language: Materials are in English
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Robert C. Jeffrey (1927-2000) began his career at the University of Texas at Austin in 1968 as professor and chair of the Department of Speech Communication. In 1978 he was appointed dean of the College of Communication, a position he held until his retirement in 1999.

Jeffrey came to UT after earning his Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in 1949 and teaching at Cornell, the University of Virginia, and Indiana University. He published over 20 articles, monographs, and book chapters on communication-related topics, including Speech: A Basic Text (co-authored with Owen Peterson), one of the most popular textbooks on public speaking.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, clippings, research material, and video and audiotapes comprise the Robert C. Jeffrey Papers, 1945-2000, documenting Jeffrey’s research interests as well as his responsibilities as dean of the College of Communication. Jeffrey’s participation in professional organizations and the history of the College of Communication are particularly well represented in this collection.


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Robert C. Jeffrey Papers, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Papers



94-292/1 (5229111) SAA (Speech Association of America) Convention, 1956-1958, 1969
SCA (Speech Communications Association) Conventions, 1970-1974
SAA Summer Research Conference, 1969
"Toward a New Definition of Obscenity," Howard Moody
"The Student as Nigger," Jerry Farber
Course outline, speech criticism
Representation of Sounds of American English
Harold Samms decisions
The Case of Harold Samms, student
Sam Johnson decisions
Case of Sam Johnson
Suggested notations for outlining
Outline for an oral report
SMCR (Source, Message, Channel, Receiver)
Proposed Graduate Program
"The Student as Nigger"
Principles and procedures in criticizing
Outline example
Graduate brochures
Monroe's motivated sequence
Ditto masters
Instructional techniques for trainers
A Foolish American Ism
Communication motivation
Effective speaking
Lafayette's Tour Paper, 1964
Graduate Course Study Committee, 1966-1970
Graduate Committees, 1960-1967
Faculty Business, 1958-1966
A. A. U. P. (American Association of the University Professors), 1958-1962
Graduate Assistants, 1962-1968
Diagnostic examination, 1963
Indiana correspondence, 1959-1960
Legislative Study Committee on Rules and Procedures, 1957, 1967-1968
Commencement Address, Rolling Prairie, Indiana, 1963
Lecture, "Persuaders and Persuasion," 1964
Paper on SAA membership, Quarterly Journal of Speech, December 1962
94-292/2 (5227171) SCA Administrative Committee, 1973-1975
Airlie Conference, 1972-1973
SCA Bicentennial Coordinating Committee, 1973
Intercon Delphi file, 1975
SCA Committee on Committees, 1975
SCA Educational Policies Board, 1971
Membership Committee, 1978
National Office Review, 1974-1975
Presidential Address, 1973-1974
SCA Site Committee, 1974
Inter-Com, 1975
SCA Women's Caucus, 1973
Convention improvements, 1972
SCA Convention, general program, 1972
San Antonio, 1972
SCA Convention, 1979
SCA Convention, Placement Committee, 1979
SCA Summer Conference, 1970-1975
SAA Convention, 1959-1968
94-292/3 (5227193) Business and Professional Speaking
S 529, Directing the Forensics Program
Directing Forensics, teaching materials
Discussion and Conference Methods
S 526, papers (empty)
Lynchburg Foundry Company, supplementary material
Mass Communication Program
S 121, Public Speaking
S 121, Public Speaking, teaching assignments
S 122, Public Speaking
Public Speaking for Law Students
Renaissance and Modern Rhetoric
Renaissance and Modern Rhetoric Theory, class papers
Rhetorical Criticism
S 421, Speech Criticism
Speech Education
S 536, Seminar in Public Speaking (empty)
S 505, Seminar for Teaching Associates
Teaching Methods, Education M 478
Speech: A Text With Adapted Readings, by Jeffrey and Peterson, rough draft and brochure
Jeffrey Speech, Harper and Row
Returned copies
Peterson correspondence, 1954-1973
Text outline, 1961-1964
Public Speaking Textbook, 1971
Harper and Row Publishers, 1963-1978
Houghton-Mifflin, 1976
Production correspondence, 1970
Correspondence on 2nd edition, 1970-1976
Jeffrey-Peterson brief edition, 1975
94-292/4 (5229097) Speech: A Text with Adapted Readings, by Robert C. Jeffrey and Owen Peterson:
Chapter 1, Speech in a Democratic Society
Chapter 2, Analyzing Speech Purposes
Chapter 3, Analyzing the Audience and Occasion
Chapter 4, Analyzing Subjects
Chapter 5, Gathering Materials
Chapter 6, Testing Materials
Chapter 7, The Parts of Speech
Chapter 9, Methods of Dividing Speech Material
Chapter 10, Outlining
Chapter 11, Vocal Aspects of Delivery
Chapter 12, Visible Aspects of Delivery
Chapter 13, The Nature of Language
Chapter 14, Achieving Good Oral Style
Adapted Readings (AR):
1.3 Dangers to Free Speech on the Campus, Anthony Lewis
1.4 How Fair is the Fairness Doctorine?, John J. O'Connor
1.5 A Transparent Evasion of "Equal Time?," Russell Baker
4.2 My Business is Crowds, Jerry Bruno and Jeff Greenfield
2.2 Listener as well as Speaker Plays Important Role in Communication, S. I. Hayakawa
4.3 The Listener's Personal Priorities, Saul D. Alinsky
4.5 Audience Analysis and Adaptation of a Controversial Speaker, Beatrice K. Reynolds
4.6 Bullish on America, Art Buchwald
6.1 How Two Presidents Prepared their Speeches, Carl Kell
8.4 Problem-Solution Division: Raising the Fallen Image of Business, Stanley J. Goodman
9.3 What to do Until the Diploma Comes, James G. Trayham
10.3 Critics and Sports Fans: Development by Comparison, Lawrence W. Rosenfield
10.4 Making the General Specific, Saul D. Alinsky
10.5 "The Wild, Wild West is Alive and Well:" A Speaker's Use of Examples, Ray A. Billington
11.2 The Tricks of the Trade, Alfred McClung Lee and Elizabeth Briant Lee
11.5 Why the Pollster is Probably Right, Lee Dembart
11.6 College Football Polls - How Reliable?, Ross Atkin
12.2 The Many Faces of L. B. J., Theodore H. White
12.3 Churchill as Orator, Manfred Weidhorn
13.1 Praise the Lard, William Safire
13.2 How to Speak Without an Accent, Melvin Maddocks
13.3 Ha-Ha Holmes! The Cad's Left a Voiceprint, Clayton Jones
13.4 The President as Orator, James T. Wooten
13.5 Lament for the Listener, Eric Sevareid
14.1 Symbolizing the U. S., John Higham
14.2 Slang Words Become Part of Our Language
14.5 Unisex for Fun and Profit, Don Shoemaker
14.6 Would You Eat a Ratfish?, Ward Morehouse III
9.2 Great Speakers Outline Their Speeches, William Norwood Brigance
15.4 Saying it in English, Muriel Beadle
14.4 Department of Delicacy
14.7 Wickets, Overs, Leg Traps, Chinamen and Googlies
15.5 Let Candles be Brought, Sol M. Linowitz
1.1 The Importance of Communication in Today's World, J. Martin Klotsche
1.2 Free Speech, Persuasion, and the Democratic Process, Thomas R. Nilsen
4.4 As Massachusetts Goes, So Goes the District of Columbia, George S. McGovern
Miscellaneous articles and newspaper clippings, 1961-1976
Taxonomy project, 1976-1977
Federal taxonomy project, 1976
Bassett-Jeffrey survey, 1976
94-292/5 (5227295) Central States Speech Journal, 1966-1969
Central States Speech Journal inventory, 1968
SSA (Southern Speech Association) Convention, 1969-1970, 1957-1958
Speech Association of the Eastern States, 1969-1970
Texas Speech and Hearing Association, 1968
Western Speech Communication Association Convention, 1973
West Virginia Speech Association Convention, 1973
SSCA (Southern Speech Communication Association) Convention, 1971-1980
ICA (International Communication Association) Convention, 1973-1977
NEA (National Education Association) Officers meeting, 1962-1963
SAES (Speech Association of the Eastern States) Convention, 1973
Southern Speech Communication Association, 1972-1975
CSSA (Central States Speech Association) Convention, 1960-1974
ACE (American Council on Education) Convention, 1973
ASHA (American Speech and Hearing Association) Convention, 1969-1975
Canadian Speech Association Conference, 1973
Miscellaneous articles and newsletters, 1974-1978
Speech Monographs, November 1961
Instructors Manual to Accompany Speech: A Text with Adapted Readings, by Robert C. Jeffrey and Owen Peterson, 1971
SAA (Speech Association of America) and AETA (American Educational Theatre Association) Joint Convention program, 1964
The Southern Speech Journal, 1959
Legislative Procedure of the General Assembly of the State of Indiana, 1968
The Quarterly Journal of Speech, 1960-1963
Today's Speech, Journal of the Eastern Communication Association, Spring 1973
94-292/6 (5229075) Anniversary Speaking in Old South, 1959-1963
Book reviews, 1955-1960
Package Library Briefs, 1959-1963
SSA paper, 1957
Political correspondence, university, 1964
Programming in Speech, 1961
Public Speaking S 121, 1960-1966:
Course outlines
Student problems
Teaching syllabus
Outside correspondence
Miscellaneous articles and papers
Committee on S 223, 1965
Regional campuses, S 121, S 123, 1965-1967
Extension courses:
Parliamentary Procedure
Parliamentary Law, course materials
Effective Speaking
Machinists, 1959-1961
State Board of Health Communications Conference, 1965
Steelworkers Institute, July 23-28, 1961
Steelworkers Institute, July 21-26, 1963
Jaycees, group dynamics, August 5, 1967
Meade Johnson Institute
Student Council Workshop of Indiana, August 6-12, 1961
Business "Games," 1956-1959
Book information, general, 1959
Inland Management Development Group, November 4-9, 1962
Graduate School of Savings and Loan, 1966-1967
AFL-CIO Summer School, June 1962-1963
Research assignments, S 121
Political Imagery
TV program, "America: Great Issues, Great Speeches," June 23-August 4, 1963
Resident labor program, steelworkers, 1964
Speeches, 1951-1971
Student papers, finals, 1978
American Studies Program
American Public Address
Ancient and Medieval Rhetoric
Argumentation and Debate
British Public Address
94-292/7 (5229144) SCA Convention, 1973-1978
Presidential commitments, 1973
SAA Committee on Contemporary Public Address, 1957-1959
SAC Information Retrieval Thesaurus, 1971
SAA Administrative Council, 1972
Executive Committee Administrative Council, 1963-1964
SAA Executive Committee, 1972
Finance Committee, 1970-1971
SAA Finance Committee, 1963-1964
SCA Finance Committee, 1972
SAA Committee on History of American Public Address, 1964
SCA Committee on Central Focus, 1974
SAA Committee on Political Conventions, 1956
SAA Committee on Political Speaking, 1955-1956
SAA Committee on Time and Place, 1965-1966
SAA History, 1963
SAA Interest groups, 1969
SAA Publications, 1964-1969
SAA Committee for Editor, Speach Teacher, 1965-1966
SCA Research Board, 1969-1970
Spectra, 1965-1968
ACA (Association for Communication Administration) material, 1975-1976
ACA Department evaluation, 1977-1978
ACA survey, 1978
ACA memoranda, 1977-1978
ACA Bulletin Editorial Board, 1978
SCA, miscellaneous articles, correspondence, printed material, 1974-1977
ADASC (Association of Departments and Administrators in Speech Communication) Commission on Departmental Evaluation and Program Development, resources manual, 1974
ADASC Seminar, 1975
94-357/1 (5227150) TACA (Texas Association of Communication Administration), 1982-1989
TDNA (Texas Daily Newspaper Association), 1977-1991
TPA (Texas Press Association) 1972-1982
TSCA (Texas Speech Communication Association), 1980-1992
WSCA (Western Speech Communication Association), 1979-1983
TPRA (Texas Public Relations Association), 1985-1986
94-357/2 (5227240) Standing Rules and Orders, House of Representatives and Senate, State of Indiana, 1965, 1967
Class registers, 1968-1981
"The Brigance Forum," Wabash College, March 20, 1991
Framed photograph, UT Austin Women's Basketball Team, January 16, 1980
Time magazine, Special Issue, Communication, 1940-1989
Connections, Summer 1993
The Communicator, March 29, 1993
Communique, May 1993
Headlines, The Headliner Club, May 1993
Adaptation #4, "Credo for Responsible Communication in a Free Society," SAA August 20, 1963
Adaptation #9, "What I Propose to Get Done,"QJS February 1954
Adaptation #14, "Influences of the House of Commons on Debating,"An Introduction to the House of Commons, 1961
Adaptation #28, "Organization Techniques in a Speech on the Moral and Legal Implications of Dissent,"Representative American Speeches, 1967-1968
Commencement, State University of Iowa, August 7, 1957
UT System Study Conference "The Mission of the UT System: Directions for the Future," 1976
Assorted printed material
94-357/3 (5227230) ACA (Association for Communication Administration):
General, 1981-1986
Careers brochure revision, 1981-1985
Task Force on Department Evaluation, 1981-1983
Summer Seminar, 1979
Committee to Study the Association, 1985
Doctoral Rating Program, 1981-1983
Consultant service, 1982
Theater studies, 1984
Survey, 1982
Seminar, Chicago, November 1, 1964
Committee on Program Evaluation, 1975-1980
Bulletin editorial board, 1979-1985
Careers brochure revision, 1984
ANPA (American Newspaper Publishers Association):
General, 1980-1982
Convention, May 3-6, 1981
97th annual convention, New York, April 25-27, 1983
Montreal, April 30-May 2, 1984
Miami, May 6-8, 1985
Convention, April 20-23, 1986
New York, May 3-6, 1987
Honolulu, April 24-27, 1988
Chicago, April 22-26, 1989
Vancouver, May 5-8, 1991
ICA (International Communication Association):
Consilium, 1983
General, 1979-1984
Conference, Dallas, May 26-30, 1983
Convention, May 2-5, 1979
PRSA (Public Relations Society of America):
Conference, New York Hilton, October 23-26, 1983
Puerto Rico Speech Communication Association, 1988
SSCA (Southern Speech Communication Association):
General, 1983
Convention, 1981
Convention, 1982
Baton Rouge, April 5-7, 1984
Houston, April 3-6, 1986
Convention, April 9-12, 1992
SCA (Speech Communication Association):
75th Anniversary History
Administrative Council, 1986
Finance Board, 1985-1988
Chairman, Finance Board, 1987
Index Assessment Task Force, 1986
General, 1982-1989
Committee on Distinguished Service Awards, 1983-1984
Committee to Recognize William Work, 1985-1986
Convention, November 12-15, 1981
Louisville, 1982
Chicago, October 31-November 4, 1990
Atlanta, October31-November 3, 1991
Chicago, October 28-November 1, 1992
Washington, D. C., November 10-13, 1983
Chicago, October 31-November 5, 1984
Chicago, Committee on Committees, October 31, 1984
Convention, 1985
Chicago, November 13-17, 1986
Boston, November 5-7, 1987
New Orleans, November 3-6, 1988
SNPA (Southern Newspaper Publishers Association):
Journal Education Committee, symposium, Atlanta, July 8-10, 1984
SNPA Bulletins, 1984-1985
General, 1979-1985
2001-222/3 (9146038) Political campaign seminar, April 1984
Political communications seminar, June 11-12, 1983
Southwest conference radio committee, October-November, 1976
SCA [Speech Communication Association]:
Committee on operations of administrative committee, 1975-1979
Committee on governmental relations, September 1978
Consultant service, 1979-1980
Task force on equal opportunity, 1980
Convention, 1980
Committee on name change, 1976
Silver anniversary projects:
Naming the building, 1982
Transcriptions of phone interviews with deans, 1989
Oral history interviews, 1988
Scholar's project, 1989-1990
College film, 1988-1989
Committee of 25, 1988-1989
Monograph on founding, undated
Pike global satellite project, 1988-1990
College of Communication faculty and spouses, 1988-1989 and undated
Advisory council, College of Communication, 1986 and undated
Final report to chancellor, December 20, 1982
Research proposal, Jeffrey, 1972
System telecommunication, news releases, June 1983
Maxine Elam memorial award, 1983
Telecommunications committee, general mailings, 1982-1983
Co-sponsored programs, College of Communication, 1981
CMA equipment, auditorium, undated
CMA building renovation, 1979-1980
College of Communication, administrative council, [empty folder] 1980-1981
College of Communication, academic excellence, 1980-1981
SCETC [Southeastern Conference on English in the Two-year College] Conference, 1978
SSCA [Southern Speech Communication Association], committee to select executive secretary, 1980
Chairman selection committee, Department of Journalism, 1976-1977
Southwest Athletic Conference, 1975-1976
Right to communicate, 1972-1978
The clinic affair, 1970-1977
Committee on role of the graduate school, 1971
Committee on teacher education, 1972-1976
Committee on vice president for academic affairs, 1975-1976
Communication models, undated
NADSA [National Association of Dramatic and Speech Arts], 1972-1974
2001-222/2 (9146027) Communication center name change, 1981
NCAA [National Collegiate Athletic Association] Convention, 1975-1976
NCTE [National Council of Teachers of English] convention, New Orleans, 1974
[also includes Paramount Theatre Board of Directors, 1983]
Wiley's approved absence forms, 1984-1985
Gaslight Theatre board of directors, 1981
Gaslight Theatre, 1981-1982
Coordinating board, funding and finance sub-committee, telecourse study committee, 1982-1984
2001-222/4 (9146049) N. Edd Miller Reunion, April 1983:
Manuscript material, 1982-1992
[photograph separated to 3S105a, negative (restricted) separated to 3Z281c]
Time Magazine project, 1989
Harper contract and correspondence, 1971-1989
Lillian Hardwick, 1979-1980
Gissler, Sigvard, 1991-1997:
[photographs separated to 3S105a]
Garay, Duillermo Sanchez, 1994
Figs, 1956 and undated
Ethics and political discourse, 1974-1995:
Manuscript material
[photograph separated to 3S105a]
New York Trip, December 1997-January 1998
Project Reports, undated
Denny Scott, 1984-1993:
Manuscript material
[photograph separated to 3S105a]
Harper and Row correspondence, 1979-1982
Maryanna Jeffrey, 1986
International Film Festival, September 8-10, 1983
Manuscript material
[poster separated to 2.116/OD1177]
Bill Honan, New York Times, 1982-1994
Publications, 1959-1978
Speech and the humanities, 1974-1981
Vic Silvestri, 1965-1970
Mal Sillers, 1954-1983, 1998
Temple Junior College, 1992
Arthur Sulzberger, New York Times, 1982
Stagecoach analogy, undated
Speeches, 1971-1980 and undated
Prentice-Hall, 1971
Holbrook Press, 1972-1974
Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc., 1966-1967
McGraw-Hill, 1974
MacMillan Publishing Company, 1973-1976
Whitaker text, 1975 and undated
Sid Sheinberg, 1987 DeWitt Carter Reddick Award, 1986-1993
Soft back edition, revision ideas, 1973-1987
Visuals, 1979-1981
Harper and Row publishers, 1982-1990
Publicity release for textbook, 1971-1972
Dryden Press, 1971-1974
Harper & Row, Speech: A Basic Text, Second Edition, 1978-1988
2001-222/5 (9146050) Clippings, 1994-1998
Robert Gunderson:
Manuscript material, 1973-1997
[photograph separated to 3S105a}
Grand Jury, 1987
Manuscript material
[photograph separated to 3S105a]
Johnson, Lady Bird, 1985-1986
Johnson, Luci Baines, August 19, 1992
Jacques Brel, 1970-1972 and undated
Bob Mann, 1986-1993
Literature in Performance, 1981-1984
Lifetime learning lectures, 1980 and undated
Lowell Lebermann, 1981-1991
Lamb, Fran, 1995-1996
Austin Municipal Federal Credit Union, 1988-1989
Austin Club, 1986-1987
Bacon, Wallace A., 1985
Baird, A. Craig, 1951-1957, 1970-1990
De Toth, Andre, 1984-1986
Jeffrey roast, September 29, 1999, May-December 1999
Commencement address, College of Communication, May 22, 1999
Columbia University, 1993-1994
Freedom Forum, 1994-1999
Capitol Club, 1981-1984
The Ordways, 1971
Coloquio Cinematografico, 1981
American Press, 1992-1993
Auer, Jeffery, 1953-1999
Judy Auer, 1988
Austin, 1995-1997
Beverly Whitaker Long, 1978-1995
Jeffrey archives, Barker Library, 1994-1996
Irwin C. Lieb, 1976-1986
Blood, 1972-1981
Robert Decherd, 1983-1989
David, Robert, undated
Barbara Kaster, 1969-1985
Mary Frances Hopkins, 1984-1994
1996 Verbophile meeting, 1996-1998
Faculty Center, Jack Sharder Award, 1997-1998
The Ponder Heart, 1974-1983
Owen Peterson Correspondence, text, 1973-1999
RC Jeffrey Deposition in the case of Dallas Morning News / Times Herald, 1990
2001-222/7 (9146071) A Survey of speech Making on the Floor of the United States House of Representatives During the Second Session of the 80th Congress, Robert Campbell Jeffrey, Master's thesis, Department of Speech, Iowa State University, August 1950
2001-222/6 (9146060) An Analysis of the Forensic Speaking in the Credentials Committee Hearings of the Republican National Convention of 1952, Robert Campbell Jeffrey, Doctoral dissertation, Department of Speech, Iowa State University, August 1957
Jeffrey correspondence with A.H. Belo Corporation and Dallas Morning News executives, 1980-1989
Interview transcripts, [from audio cassettes], 1988-1998 and undated
History of the college, 1997-1998 and undated
Mission statement, undated
Orlando Taylor, 1968-1993
Stephen Robb, 1966-1988
Poetry festival, 1976-1979
Verbophiles, 1985-1997
2001-222/7 (9146071) "Toward Developing a Professional Conscience," Robert C. Jeffrey, 1974, 1987
"Ethos Exhumed," [March 20, 1991]
Robert C. Jeffrey, Papers/Speeches, 1963-1983 and undated
2001-222/5 (9146050) Freedom Forum and other memorabilia, 1993-1994
RCJ Retirement, Dean and UT, SPECTRA, "In Memory," 1999-2000
Manuscript material
[photographs separated to 3S105a]
Robert Jeffrey, short vita, 1983-1997
Robert Jeffrey, long vita, 1991-1997
Jeffrey, Robert C., Professor and Chairman, Speech Communication, personnel file, 1968-1979
2001-222/8 (9146082) Business cards, undated
2001-222/6 (9146060) Strategic Plans, College of Communication:
Bound master 1983,
2001-222/1 (9146016) Original 1983,
2001-222/7 (9146071) Report of the Committee of Twenty-five, University of Texas at Austin College of Communication, October 25, 1991
2001-222/1 (9146016) 1992-1997
Dean's Report: Master File, Volumes 1-9, 1983-1994
Statistical Handbook, University of Texas at Austin Office of Institutional Studies, 1992-1993
Annual Report, College of Communication:
College of Communication Undergraduate Catalogue, Catalogue Number: Part XI, The University of Texas at Austin:
University of Texas Publication Number 7106, 1971-1973,March 15, 1971
University of Texas Publication Number 7307, 1973-1975,April 1, 1973
University of Texas Publication Number 7502, 1973-1975,January 15, 1975
University of Texas Publication Number 7505, 1975-1977,March 1, 1975
University of Texas Publication Number 7712, 1977-1979,June 15, 1977
University of Texas Publication Number 8103, 1981-1983,January 1981
University of Texas Publication Number 8302, 1983-1985,January 1983
University of Texas Publication Number 8503, 1985-1987,January 1985
University of Texas Publication Number 8703, 1987-1989,January 1987
University of Texas Publication Number 8903, 1989-1991,January 1989
2001-222/6 (9146060) College brochures and directories:
Promotional booklet, 10″ × 13″, [ca. 1981]
2001-222/1 (9146016) Promotional booklet, 11″ × 8.5″, [ca. 1986]
25th Anniversary Alumni Directory, 1990
"Communication: Preparing for the Future," promotional booklet, 1993
"General Information," three-fold brochure, 1996-1997
"Communication Center," booklet, undated
Technology/Telecommunication reports:
"The New Texas: Perspectives on an Information Society," bound agenda, August 22, 1986
"Texas According to The New York Times," a report from the New Texas Project, August 1986
"University of Texas System Committee on Telecommunication Final Report and Recommendation," undated
2001-222/2 (9146027) Walter Cronkite roast for the University of Texas at Austin, The Mayflower Hotel, May 6, 1986:
Planning binders, submitted by Gretchen Poston, Washington, Inc.:
Mike Quinn, [1986]
Bob Jeffrey, [1986]
Payment record for Walter Cronkite Chair in Communication, binder, 1986
General, 1986:
Correspondence and clippings
[photographs separated to 3S105a]
Thank you letters, 1986
Fundraising, 1986
Austin lunch
Kuhn correspondence
Washington, Inc.
Complimentary seat list
Strauss correspondence
Chairman/Vice-chairman correspondence
Funds raised for Walter Cronkite Chair in Communication, binder, 1986
Videotape, 1986
Attendees, table list, 1986
Award speeches/presentations/lectures:
Edward H. Harte Lecture on Latin America and the Press, "The United States and Mexico: Neighbors Adrift," Alejandro Junco de la Vega, University of Texas at Austin, College of Communication, April 16, 1986
Walter Cronkite discusses "A Reporter's Life," February 5, 1997
2001-222/1 (9146016) "The DeWitt Carter Reddick Award Address":
Walter Cronkite, CBS News, 1974
Bill Moyers, 1975
Wilbur Schramm, 1976
Joe M. Dealey, 1983
Helen A. Thomas, 1984
Robert C. Maynard, 1985
Joan Ganz Cooney, 1986
Sid Sheinberg, 1987
Sylvia Chase, 1988
Tom Johnson, 1991
Faculty publication lists:
Communication Faculty Publications and Creative Works 1988-1990, College of Communication, The University of Texas at Austin, Janet Staiger, Editor, [ca. 1991]
History of the college:
"For All Time to Come," Walter E. Long, 1964
2001-222/7 (9146071) The Founding of the College of Communication 1958-1965: A Documentary History, Martin T. Todaro and Jesse J. Villarreal, [ca. 1990]
2001-222/8 (9146082) Foundation Advisory Council Biographies, University of Texas at Austin, College of Communication:
2001-222/1 (9146016) Christian [George] roast:
Scripts, 1982
Manuscript material, undated
[photographs separated to 3S105a]
General history of the college:
UT Press Kit on Communication Complex, 1975:
Manuscript material
[photographs separated to 3S105a]
Integrity and responsibility in Public Communication: A Proposal for a Conference and Program, School of Communication, The University of Texas at Austin, 1977
Chronology, [1987]
Chronologies, College of Communication, 1988
History of speech department:
Departmental History, 1948-1989
Biographical Information [Villarreal], 1963-1988 and undated
Villarreal, Jesse, 1979-1988
SPE, "A Rating of Doctoral Programs in Speech Communication," Edwards and Barker, 1976
2001-222/2 (9146027) History of advertising department:
"Request for Administrative Reorganization of the School of Communication to Provide for a Department of Advertising," March 1, 1972
History of journalism department:
Alan Scott, 1957-1997
Manuscript material, 1957-1997
[photograph separated to 3S105a]
KUT related:
Certificates, 1954-1959
Application for Construction Permit for New FM Broadcast Facilities in Austin, Texas: 88.5 MC with an Effective Radiated Power of 4.08 kw, file copy, 1958
KUT-FM Handbook, Radio/Television, University of Texas, 1964
Microwave History, 1964-1978:
Binder one, paper documentation
[Binder two, photographs separated to 3S105a]
CMB [Communications Building] modifications:
Correspondence, 1968, 1982-1983, 1994-1996
[Oversized architectural drawings separated to 2.116/OD1177]
2001-222/7 (9146071) Publications by Jeffrey:
Speech: A Text with Adapted Readings, Robert C. Jeffrey and Owen Peterson, 1971
Speech: A Text with Adapted Readings, Second edition, Robert C. Jeffrey and Owen Peterson, 1975
Speech: A Text with Adapted Readings, Third edition, Robert C. Jeffrey and Owen Peterson, 1980
Instructor's Manual to Accompany, Speech: A Text with Adapted Readings, Second edition, Robert C. Jeffrey and Owen Peterson, 1975
Instructor's Manual to Accompany, Speech: A Text with Adapted Readings, Third edition, Robert C. Jeffrey and Owen Peterson, 1980
Speech: A Basic Text, Robert C. Jeffrey and Owen Peterson, 1976
Speech: A Basic Text, Third edition, Robert C. Jeffrey and Owen Peterson, 1989
Instructor's Manual to Accompany, Speech: A Basic Text, Robert C. Jeffrey and Owen Peterson, 1977
Legislative Procedure in the General Assembly of the State of Indiana, Indiana Legislative Council, revised by George W. Meyers, Robert C. Jeffrey, Sharon Cummins, and Samuel T. Lesh, December 1968
Election '84: Search for a New Coalition, Proceedings of The Allan Shivers Election Analysis Conference, Robert C. Jeffrey, Editor, November 17, 1984
The Past is Prologue: A 75th Anniversary Publication of the Speech Communication Association, edited by William Work and Robert C. Jeffrey, 1989
25th Anniversary Alumni Directory, Robert C. Jeffrey, College of Communication, University of Texas at Austin, 1990
"Ethos Exhumed: Of Politicians, Pols and Polls," Robert Jeffrey, The Brigance Forum Annual Public Lecture, March 20, 1991
Speech Communication, Robert C. Jeffrey and Owen Peterson, 1994
Other Publications:
Cannon's Procedure in the House of Representatives, 1963
Senate Manual Containing the Standing Rules, Orders, Laws, and Resolutions affecting the Business of the United States Senate, Jefferson's Manual, Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Constitution of the United States, etc., prepared by Gordon F. Harrison and John P. Coder, 1963
Constitution, Jefferson's Manual, and the Rules of the House of Representatives of the United States Eighty-eighth Congress, by Lewis Deschler, Parliamentarian, 1963
The Fellows Supplement: 1992-1995, The Freedom Forum Media Studies Center at Columbia University in the City of New York, 1995
94-357/2 (5227240) Video tapes:
Legislative issues:
#101, Dean Robert C. Jeffrey with guests: Ray Hutchison, Dave McNeely, George Christian, February 6, 1979
#103, February 20, 1979
#105, Interest Rates in Texas: How High is too High?, March 20, 1979
#106, Tax Relief, Dean Robert C. Jeffrey with guests: Sen. Oscar Mauzy, Rep. Wilhelmina Delco, Rep. Bob Davis, March 27, 1979
#107, Initiative and Referendum, Dean Robert C. Jeffrey with guests: Mike Kingston, Steve Oaks, Prof. Lewis Gould, April 3, 1979
#108, State Spending Overview and Prospects for a Special Session, Dean Robert C. Jeffrey with guests: Lt. Gov. Bill Hobby, Bill Clayton, Bo Byers, April 10, 1979
#109, The Lobby and the Legislature: Part 1, Dean Robert C. Jeffrey with guests: Gene N. Fondren, J. Gaylord Armstrong, George Waldroup, April 17, 1979
#110, The Lobby and the Legislature: Part 2, Dean Robert C. Jeffrey with guests: Saralee Tiede, Sen. Ron Clower, Rep. Brad Wright, April 24, 1979
#111, Governor's Report Card, Dean Robert C. Jeffrey with guests: Sen Farabee, Sen. Mengden, Ray Bonavita, May 1, 1979
#112, May 22, 1979
#113, Legislative Wrap-Up, Dean Robert C. Jeffrey with guests: Governor Bill Clements, Carolyn Barta, George Waldroup, May 29, 1979
[Other videos separated to 3X32a]
2001-222/6 (9146060) History of College of Communication Data, 1997-1998, prepared by Michael Rapp, undated:
[Disk (restricted) removed to 3H13]
Alan Scott Interview Transcript.doc, March 12, 1997
Alcade.doc, College of Communication Alcalde Citations, November 23, 1997
Annual.doc, Annual Report data 1966-1992, November 10, 1997
Betsy Villarreal Interview Transcript.doc, May 6, 1997
Bill Giorda Interview Transcript.doc, February 25, 1998
Bob Shenkkan Interview Transcript.doc, October 28, 1997
Catalog.doc, 7th Floor Filing Cabinet Catalog [list of files], April 21, 1998
Degreees.doc, Degrees conferred, 1960-1995, November 4, 1997
DW, JV, BS Recording.doc, Discussion among DeWitt Reddick, Jesse Villarreal, and Bob Schenkkan, May 6, 1998
Faculty.doc, Faculty list, 1889-1998, December 12, 1997
Jeffrey5.xls, COC [College of Communication] enrollment data, November 7, 1997
Joe Neal Interview Transcript.doc, September 26, 1998
Lists.doc, COC [College of Communication] advisory council, awards, chairs, November 14, 1997
Marjorie Reddick Interview Transcript.doc, October 1, 1997
Reddick History Lecture.doc, DeWitt Reddick lecture on the history of communication at the University of Texas at Austin, May 14, 1998
2001-222/2 (9146027) Photos, Communication Department:
Manuscript material, 1983-1998
[photographs separated to 3S105a]
2.116/OD1177 Materials stored at Sid Richardson Hall:
International Film Festival, poster, September 8-10, 1983
CMB [Communications Building] modifications, architectural drawings, 1968-1971, 1982-1983, 1996
3U254b Bibliographic card file, undated
3X32a Other videos:
Cronkite Roast, Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC, May 6, 1986
1988 Democratic Convention, Ann Richards, Jimmy Carter, Ted Kennedy, [Jane Jacobs?], etc., 1988
E. Kennedy with Don Codd, 1988
"The World of Ideas," PBS, Bill Moyers interviews Michael Josephson, Institute for Study and Teaching of Ethics, 1988
"Conversations with Communicators:"
Dr. Joe W. Neal interviewed by Dr. Martin Todaro
Dr. Alan Scott, Mike Quinn, September 28, 1988
Dr. Wayne Danielson, Dr. Ashmore, September 28, 1988
Richards/Williams image ads, gubernatorial election, 1990
"Technology Transfer," produced by the University of Texas System, 1990
"Space Needs: College of Communication," March 22, 1990
"Robert C. Jeffrey: A Life of Joy and Accomplishment," September 29, 1999
"America: Great Issues, Great Speeches:"
Depression, Anti-slavery, undated
Women's rights, populism, undated
"Great Speeches," JFK Inaugural, MLK, Jr. "I Have a Dream," FDR State of Union 1942, Hitler 1934, undated
"Point of Order," Film of Army/McCarthy hearings, undated
2X83b Standard cassettes:
Jesse Villarreal memorial service, August 25, 1988
"Journalism Education and the Industry: Can we Talk?," Parts 3 and 4, August 11, 1993
Robert Jeffrey interview with Betsy Villarreal (Mrs. Jesse Villarreal), May 6, 1997
Bob Schenkkan interviewed by Bob Jeffrey, September 28, 1997
Marjorie Reddick interviewed by Robert Jeffrey, October 1, 1997
Interview with Bill Giorda, KUT, Jeffrey, February 25, 1998
Alan Scott, "The PR sequence," Interviewed by Robert Jeffrey, March 12, 1999
Memorial services for Robert C. Jeffrey, CMA Auditorium, College of Communication, UT Austin, April 30, 2000
Silver Anniversary Reunion, "Living in Electronic Space," undated
Adlai Stevenson, "Voice of the [Uncommon?] Man," undated
Murrow 1, ML4340, undated
Murrow 2, ML 4095, undated
Murrow 3, ML 4261, undated
Joe Neal interviewed by Marty Todaro, September 6, 1988
History of comm[unication] and Communications 65, undated
Reddick, undated
Reddick, Schenkkan, Villarreal, history of the college, undated
Schenkkan, undated
Alan Scott, undated
Villarreal, undated
3S105a Photographic material:
Photos of Jeffrey, [ca. 1928], 1945-1947, 1967-1972, 1985-1990 and undated
Photos, Communication Department:
Speech clinic, ca. 1960s-1970s
Speech and Hearing Center Annual Report, 1992-1993
Examinations, undated
Unidentified contact print, undated
Pictures, unidentified people, 1967-1968 and undated
KUT, Studio 7, Bryce Jordon, Joe Gwathmey,? and Lady Bird Johnson, black and white print, ca. 1970
Bill Moyers, Jeffrey and unidentified people, 1984 and undated
Speech and Hearing Center, unidentified people, 1991 and undated
Jeffrey and unidentified people, 1994-1999 and undated
Speech and Hearing Center move, unidentified people, undated
Equipment, undated
Robert C. Jeffrey's retirement display, undated
Jeffrey at desk, undated
N. Edd Miller Reunion, photo, 5 × 7, black and white, 1982
Gissler, Sigvard, photographs, 1991-1997
Ethics and political discourse, photograph, 1974-1995
Denny Scott, photograph, 1984-1993
Robert Gunderson, photograph, undated
Grand Jury, photograph, 1987
RCJ Retirement, Dean and UT, SPECTRA, "In Memory," photographs, Jeffrey's retirement as dean, Jeffrey and Cronkite at retirement from UT, 1999
Walter Cronkite roast for the University of Texas at Austin, The Mayflower Hotel, general, photographs, 1986
Christian [George] roast, general, photographs, undated
General history of the college, UT Press Kit on Communication Complex, photographs, 1975
History of journalism department, Alan Scott, Austin Aqua Festival promotion by High Noon agency, 8×10 black and white photo, Spring 1971
KUT related, Microwave History, binder two, photographs, 1964-1978
3Z281c Restricted Material:
KUT, Studio 7, Bryce Jordon, Joe Gwathmey, [?] and Lady Bird Johnson, 8×10 negative, ca. 1970
Speech and Hearing Center, undated
Equipment, undated
Unidentified contact print, negatives, undated
N. Edd Miller Reunion, negative, 4 × 5, black and white, 1982
3H13 Disks:
Commencement speech, 3.5″ computer disk, May 22, 1999
Freedom forum file, 3.5″ computer disk, undated
Professional documents and history of the college, zip disk, undated
History of College of Communication Data, prepared by Michael Rapp in PC format, MS Word 97 or 6.0 and Excel, 3.5″ computer disk, 1997-1998,undated
2.325/W19b Audiotape:
Gridiron Show featuring Walter Cronkite and the "Ready for Prime Time Players," 1978
2.325/T16a Oversize:
Photograph, [ca. 1970s]