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A Guide to the Jim Hightower Papers, 1971-1999

Descriptive Summary

Creator Hightower, Jim
Title: Jim Hightower Papers,
Dates: 1971-1999
Extent: 35 ft., 10 in.
Language Materials are in English
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Jim Hightower grew up in Denison, Texas, and worked his way through college at North Texas State University in Denton as assistant general manager of the Denton Chamber of Commerce. He earned a B.A. in government at North Texas before completing a year of graduate studies in international affairs at Columbia University. After moving to Washington, D.C., in the late 1960s, Hightower worked for the Congressional Research Service, was legistlative aide to U.S. Senator Ralph Yarborough, worked for the Rural Housing Alliance. In 1976 he returned to Texas an became editor of the Texas Observer, and during the 1980s he held the posts of president of the Texas Consumer Association, Texas Agriculture Commissioner, and chair of the National Democratic Party Agriculture Council. Since 1991 Hightower has hosted numerous radio talk shows as an advocate of left-of-center politics. He has written numerous books, including There's Nothing In The Middle Of The Road But Yellow Stripes And Dead Armadillos : A Work of Political Subversion(1997) and If The Gods Had Meant Us To Vote They Would Have Given Us Candidates(2000).


Portions of collection stored offsite; advance notice required for retrieval; contact repository for retrieval.

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Jim Hightower Papers, 1971 (1982-1990) 1997, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Detailed Description of the Papers



2F447 At Sid Richardson Hall:
There's Nothing in the Middle of the Road But Yellow Lines and Dead Armadillos, 1997:
Book proposal
Chapter outlines
Edited galley proofs, first Harper Collins draft:
Book jacket, table of contents, acknowledgements, chapter 1
2F448 Chapters 2-3
Chapters 4-5
Edited galley proofs, second Harper Collins draft:
Chapter outlines, title page, table of contents, chapters 1-2
Chapters 3-4
Chapter 5
Edited galley proofs, third Harper Collins draft:
Book jacket, table of contents, acknowledgements, chapter 1
Chapters 2-3
Chapters 4-5
3W52 American Folklife Foundation hearings, conducted by United States Senator Fred Harris, Democrat from Oklahoma, in Kyman Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee, December 4, 1971:
Testimony and performances [7 inch phono tapes]:
Tape 1:
Introduction to the "Grand Ole Opry," 2,395th consecutive broadcast on WSM Radio, Nashville, Tennessee
"Jack Greene Show":
Jack Greene
Jeannie Sealey, performance of "All Right, I'll Sign The Papers"
Billy Walker
Jack Greene, performance of "Don't Take Her She's All I Got"
Jeannie Sealey, performance of "Don't Touch Me"
Billy Walker, performance of "Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away"
Jack Greene and Jeannie Sealey, performance of "Much Obliged"
Jimmy Dry, performance of "Sing Me A Song Of Sadness"
Tape 2:
Goo-Goo advertisement
"Del Reeves Show":
Del Reeves
Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper, performance of "Poor Ellen Smith"
Goo-Goo advertisement, with Grant Turner
Stringbean, performance of "Mountain Dew," encore
Jimmy C. Newman, performance of "Blue Christmas"
Goo-Goo advertisement
Del Reeves, performance of "Philadelphia Fillies"
Introduction of audience from the International Shoe Company, Kentucky
Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper, performance of "Satisfied"
King Leo Candy advertisement, with Grant Turner and Del Reeves
Stringbean, performance of "Y'all Come"
Jimmy C. Newman, performance of "A Fallen Star"
Del Reeves, performance of "A Dime At A Time"
Goo-Goo advertisement
WSM Radio, Nashville, Tennessee, advertisement for Triple S Tonic
Tape 3:
Martha White advertisement
"Bill Monroe Show":
Kenny Baker
Bill Monroe, performance of "True Life Blues"
Jean Shepard, performance of "Help Me Make It Through The Night"
Martha White advertisement
Stu Phillips, performance of "It's Over"
The Crook Brothers, performance of "Black Mountain Rag"
Grant Turner introduction of forty people from Deckerville, Wisconsin, down on a bus trip
Martha White advertisement
Bill Monroe, performance of "Highway Of Sorrows"
Jean Shepard, performance of "Safe In These Loving Arms Of Mine"
Martha White advertisement
Stu Phillips, performance of "El Tigre"
Bill Monroe, performance of "Stoney Lonesome"
Martha White advertisement
Tape 4:
Stephens Work Clothes advertisement, oldest advertiser on the "Grand Ole Opry"
"Roy Acuff Show":
Brother Oswald
Howdy Forrestor
Roy Acuff, performance of "Wabash Cannonball"
Connie Smith, performance of "I'm Sorry If My Love Got In Your Way"
Stephens Work Clothes advertisement
The Four Guys, performance of "Turn Your Radio On," encore
Mac Wiseman, performance of "Jimmy Brown"
Stephens Work Clothes advertisement
Roy Acuff, performance of "Loving You"
Connie Smith, performance of "Too Much To Gain To Lose"
Stephens Work Clothes advertisement
The Four Guys, performance of "Cotton Fields"
Stephens Work Clothes advertisement
Tape 5:
Luzianne Coffee advertisement
"Billy Grammer Show":
Billy Grammer, performance of "Done Laid Around"
Dottie West, performance of "Christmas Every Other Year"
Luzianne Coffee advertisement
Billy Carlisle, performance of "No Help Wanted," encore
Jimmie Riddle, performs mouth sounds
Fruit Jar Drinkers
Billy Grammer, two instrumental performances
Dottie West, performance of "I Was Born A Country Girl"
Luzianne Coffee advertisement
Bill Carlisle, performance of "Poke Salad Annie"
Billy Grammer, performance of "Under The Double Eagle"
Tape 6:
Kellogg's Cornflakes advertisement
"Hank Snow Show":
Hank Snow, performance of "Big Eight Wheeler"
The Willis Brothers, performance of "Big Daddy's Alabamy Bound"
Kellogg's Cornflakes advertisement, with The Willis Brothers
Lonzo and Oscar, performance of "Lonesome Road Blues"
Introduction of Senator Fred Harris
Kellogg's Cornflakes advertisement, with The Willis Brothers
Hank Snow, performance of "On The Seashore Of Old Mexico"
The Willis Brothers, performance of "Women's Liberation"
Kellogg's Cornflakes advertisement, with The Willis Brothers
Lonzo and Oscar, performance of "Easy Lovin'," encore
Tape 7:
Fender Guitar advertisement
"Billy Walker Show":
Billy Walker, performance of "When a Man Loves A Woman"
Fender Guitar advertisement
Jack Greene, performance of "If Only I"
Jeannie Sealy, performance of "All Right, I'll Sign The Papers"
Fender Guitar advertisement
Billy Walker, performance of "A Million And One"
Fender Guitar advertisement
"Jimmy C. Newman Show":
Jimmy C. Newman, performance of "Jambalaya"
Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper, performance of "Banks Of The Ohio"
Union Oil Company advertisement
Stringbean, performance of "Ruby"
Union Oil Company advertisement
Jimmy C. Newman, performance of "Back Pocket Money Man"
Jimmy C. Newman theme song, "Alligator Man"
Union Oil Company advertisement
Tape 8:
Trail Blazer Dog Food advertisement, with Grandpa Jones
"Bill Monroe Show":
Bill Monroe, performance of "Christmas Time's A`Comin'"
Trail Blazer Dog Food advertisement
Jean Shepard, performance of "Silver Threads and Golden Needles"
The Willis Brothers, performance of "Cimmaron"
Trail Blazer Dog Food advertisement, with Grandpa Jones
Bill Monroe, performance of "White House Blues"
Beechnut Chewing Tobacco advertisement
"Roy Acuff Show":
Roy Acuff, performance of "I Am Only Lonely Tonight, Little Pal"
Beechnut Chewing Tobacco advertisement
Connie Smith, performance of "I'll Fly Away"
Bill Carlisle, performance of "I'm Movin'"
Beechnut Chewing Tobacco advertisement
Crook Brothers and the Fruit Jar Drinkers, with the Stoney Mountain Cloggers
Roy Acuff, performance of "Great Speckled Bird"
Roy Acuff, performance of "Carry Me Back to the Mountains"
Beechnut Chewing Tobacco advertisement
Tape 9:
"Hank Snow Show":
Hank Snow, performance of "Spread Your Tiny Wings and Fly Away"
Dottie West, performance of "Bobbie McGee"
Coca-Cola advertisement, with banjo
Billy Grammer, performance of "Detroit City"
The Fruit Jar Drinkers, with Ben Smothers and the Stoney Mountain Cloggers
Coca-Cola advertisement, with Dottie West
Dottie West, performance of "Put Your Hand In The Hand"
Billy Grammer, performance of "Theme from Dr. Zhivago"
Coca-Cola advertisement, with Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty
Sam and Kirk McGee, performance of "Wildwood Flower"
WSM Radio advertisement
Hank Snow, performance of "As Love Goes"
Coca-Cola advertisement
Harvey's 1972 Country Music Who's Who advertisement
Tape 10:
Elm Hill Meats advertisement
"Stu Phillips Show":
Stu Phillips, performance of "Help Me Make It Through the Night"
Elm Hill Sausage advertisement
The Four Guys, performance of "He Brought Joy Into My Heart" and "Sweet Caroline"
Elm Hill Luncheon Meats advertisement
Lonzo and Oscar, performance of "Columbus Stockade Blues"
Elm Hill Bacon advertisement
Stu Phillips, performance of "Welcome to My World"
Mac Wiseman, performance of "I Wonder How The Old Folks Are at Home"
Mention of the Senate hearings on the American Folklife Foundation
Elm Hill Meats advertisement
98-167/1 Stored Off-Site:
Deposits, 1983-1984
Campaign loan information, 1982
Hightower endorsements, 1986
State Election Petitions, 1980
Railroad Commissioner campaign statements and news releases, 1980
Campaign receipts, 1981
Hightower committee first city bank account, 1982-1985
Campaign expenditures and contributions, 1974-1980
98-167/2 1986 General Election
Bill Powers in Houston, September 1986
Hightower in El Paso, October 1986
Bill Powers on KURV
Vicki Nummo speech to TACA meeting, September 1986
Unlabeled tape
Agricultural Business Council meeting
Hightower spots (2)
Railroad Commission notes
Railroad Commission speech
Railroad Commission radio spots
Correspondence from parents, news releases, Railroad Commission campaign materials
Emory and Young analysis of the 1980 Texas Democratic Primary Contacts, 1939
Washington contacts
Labor correspondence from Bernard Rappoport, 1979
News clips:
With correspondence, 1979-1980
Correspondence, 1981-1982
Road work
Corporate dominance
Agricultural commissioner campaign materials
American Express bills, 1981
98-167/3 (6756393) Campaign stickers, campaign flyers
Nolan Ryan
Press release, statistics, flyers
Hightower election wrap - information
Hightower - Powers (clippings) November 1986
Policies and budgets - Texas Department of Agriculture 1985-1986
Constitutional amendment analysis - July 1986
General politics - November 1986
Powers - Trompler May 1986
General politics - primary and runoff - May- June 1986
Hightower - Coling May 1986
La Rouche
Hulan E. Jack Fifty Years a Democrat
Campaign materials 1982
1986 primary
Hightower announces re-election, January 1986
Cowling and Sheraton Crest, February
Bill Powers capitol announcement, October 1985
Charles Templar Republican Ag Commissioner candidates, January 1986
98-167/4 (6756611) 1982 campaign materials
Perry tales
Fund raising
Thorough Bred Breeders
Texas United
Sugarman letters
File II (report of contributions and expenditures - ) 1990
Texas Association of Democratic Consultants - 1990
Television and radio
World Hunger Relief, Incorporated
American Arabs
Letters and brochures - Farm Bureau, Realtors for Senator Gramm, GOTV/ phone packet 1990
Labor Day events - 1990
Garry Mauro - 1990
General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
Value added production
Savings and Loan information
Cherokee County
Panola County
Harrison County
Gregg County
Nacogdoches County
Rusk County
Cass County
Morris County
Hopkins County
Hunt County
Anderson County
Hays County
Tarrant County
Fayette County
Washington County
Trips - general
Perry press releases
County coordinators
Phone numbers
Coalition of Black Democrats (file empty)
Taj Mahal
Tom Green
Danson Day
Yard signs
Editorial - September 7, 1990
Endorsements - farm day
Unity 1990
John Pouland
Budget negotiations
Black Mayors
Scheduled pending
Early vote
Ester (file empty)
Tamra (?) (file empty)
Others (file empty)
Texas Democratic Party
Editorial boards
Primary summary
Hightower events
Open records request
As soon as possible
Hightower schedule (file empty)
To do
Unity 1990
Media - mandate
Jim George
98-167/5 (6757793) Welch - Democratic Agriculture Council, 1984
Democratic Convention - San Francisco, 1984
Farm politics, 1986
Farm politics, 1987-1988
Democratic Convention - Atlanta, 1988
Democratic Party - PRPZ politics, 1988
Jesse Jackson
Jesse Jackson
Democratic Party, 1988
Democratic Convention - Atlanta, July 1988
Farm politics, 1987-1988
Democratic Convention - San Francisco
Farm policy - political - 1986
Agriculture Council
98-167/6 (6756371) Homestead Law
International marketing
Israel - T.I.E.
Land values
Linked deposit loans
Loans (including FMHA)
Market basket
Mexico and Texas/Mexico trade
Native Texas plants
Nuclear power and waste
Organic agriculture
Pesticide authority
Pesticide/herbicide dangers
Hightower: announcement of Populist Alliance/third term 1989-1990
Pesticide/herbicide use
Pesticide/herbicide use II
Pesticide/herbicide use III
Pinto beans and rice
Predator control
Right to Know Act and program
Rural development
State agencies
State fair
Sunset legislation
Sustainable agriculture
Taste of Texas
Tax law
98-167/7 (6756600) Action items
Clip sheet/Food News
Gazette 1990
Gazette 1989
Gazette 1988
Gazette 1987
Gazette 1986
Straight Talk from Texas Department of Agriculture - Mike Moeller
Food News 1983-1986
Food News 1987-1990
Tex Port 1983-1986
News clips 1987-1988
News clips 1989-1990
News clips 1983-1984
News clips 1985-1986
Action Items newsletter 1988-1989
Action Items newsletter 1990
Action Items 1983-1985
Action Items 1986-1987
98-167/8 (6756666) 1986 press clips
Farm crisis
Farm Crisis Hotline
Farmer's job training
Farmer's markets
Foreign owned land in Texas and the United States
Fire ants
Grain warehouses
Hazardous waste
Horse racing
Pheasant hunting
International marketing
Loans (including Farmer's Home Administration)
Native Texas plants
Organic agriculture
Pesticides and herbicides
Pinto beans
Poison collars
Poultry and eggs
Project Tejas
Regulatory: miscellaneous
Renewable energy
State Fair
Ad request
Miscellaneous clippings
Event itinerary for campaign 1990
Fundraising letters
Walker County
Montgomery County
County chairs party officials
Lamar County
Henderson County
98-167/9 (6756644) Hightower: files, logs (mail) - September 1985 - December 1989
September 1985 - August 1986
September 1986 - August 1987
September 1987 - August 1988
September 6, 1988 - May 31, 1989
June 1, 1989 - December 29, 1989
98-167/10 (6756462) Welch, pesticide, Battle Project Tejas 1984-1985
Implementation of regulations since January 1985
Pesticide legislation 1985
Pesticide correspondence
Pesticide information
Pesticide: favorable editorials and articles
News clippings press releases, correspondence
Project Tejas: 1986 press
Project Tejas 1986
Project Tejas - Corpus Christi
- Releases 1985
- Press
- General information
- School children
Save the Children information
Minnesota's program
98-167/11 (6756418) Issues files
- Senate ratings, Governor's ratings, Committee on Political Education May 1990
Reagan Administration
Reagan cuts, tax plan, unfairness, etc.
Broken Promises: the Republican platform three years later 1980
Miscellaneous books, magazines
Sunset: notes
Beef II
Beef Press Conference
Budget reports - 1986
Memos - June 21. 1983 - August 9, 1983
Non-political - January 3, 1983 - June 31, 1983
Letters 1983 - 1984
98-167/12 (6756688) Fund raising 1990
Fund raising - letters (1990)
Agriculture News: January-February 1990
Agriculture News: December 1989
Agriculture News: September-November 1989
News clippings 1989
Sunset: letters, resolutions, etc.
Sunset letters
News clippings June-July 1989
News clippings May 1989
Sunset: testimony and materials
Sunset: bills
Memos, letters and news releases 1989
98-167/13 (6756350) Best of Hightower: partial clips and originals
Susan de Marco - resume
Hightower - the man, the myth
Texas Department of Agriculture - responsibilities
Hightower - quotes by him and on him
Articles written by Hightower - 1989
Articles on Hightower - 1989
Articles on Hightower - 1990
Testimony before US House Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs - 1989
Speech to National Press Club - 1985
Speech "Grassroots Economic Growth" 1986
Speech - Association of State Democratic Party Chairs - 1987
Speech "New Voices, New Proposals" 1988
Hightower and Populism (articles and clippings)
Hightower - Texas Observer - Thanksgiving 1978
Texas Monthly and Texas Observer - 68th Legislature
Atlanta Weekly - Hightower Populism
Mother Jones - All Stars of the States - 1984
More speeches - 1988-1989
98-167/14 (6756429) 1990 clips, magazine articles from library
Campaign materials
Targeting 1982
One set of each (campaign materials)
1982 invitations
1982 campaign materials
Targeting data
MO Ranch: conference schedules and letters
Poll 1982
Finance Committee 1982
MO Ranch 1981
Phelen report
Newspaper clippings 1990
98-167/15 (6756407) Railroad campaign material
Correspondence - 1980
Form letters
Campaign correspondence - general
Nugent letters
Fundraising: San Francisco
Correspondence (1980)
Scheduling - past
Hightower - letters
Personal politics, letters
Out of state correspondence
Endorsement correspondence
Notes, correspondence
Railroad commissioner speech
News clippings and Railroad Commissioner campaign materials (1980)
Railroad Commissioner campaign materials
1979 American Federation of Labor - Congress of Industrial Organizations state meeting
Oil and gas information
Energy clippings
Dallas - December 15
Week of January 7th
Austin Newspapers and correspondence
Lubbock - Amarillo - Moore Co. - Hereford
Corpus Christi and the Valley
Railroad Commissioner campaign materials
Railroad Commissioner correspondence
98-167/16 (6756382) Welch
Mexico/Texas exchange
Texas/Israel exchange
International marketing
Hormone-free beef
Miscellaneous: personnel and campaign materials
Miscellaneous: Department of Agriculture
Hormone-free beef sales
International marketing
Hormone beef
Texas/Israeli exchange
Editorials and best quotes
Texas/Mexico committee
Texas/Egypt exchange
98-167/17 (6757807) Memos, memorandum, letters August-October 1989
Letters, memos February-July 1989
Letters, memos July 1989
News clippings July-August 1989
News clippings August-October 1989
Memos, clippings, letters November 1989-February 1990
98-167/18 (6756484) Savings and loan bailout
Lear article
Capitol Gains Tax (1989)
Savings and Loan
Clips (news clips ) 1990
Clips - December 1989
Clips - November/December 1989
Clips - September/October 1989
Taste of Texas Directory 1990-1991
98-167/19A (6756677) Hightower
Texas Department of Agriculture news releases July 1987-August 1987
Texas Department of Agriculture news releases August 1987-September 1987
Texas Department of Agriculture news releases December 1987-January 1988
News releases, office memorandum, correspondence from Hightower
Itineraries and human resource files
Itineraries, human resource files and office memorandum
Office memorandum
Miscellaneous Texas Department of Agriculture releases and publications
News clippings July 1987-August 1987
News clippings August 1987-September 1987
News clippings December 1987-January 1988
News clippings (assorted)
Sunset papers
Sunset papers
Texas-Israeli exchange
Texas Weekly and other newsletters
Catalogs, advertisements, and handbooks
98-167/19B (6756430) Memorandum and itineraries
Certificates 1987-1990
Periodicals, September 1987
Newspapers, October 1987-December 1987
Texas Department of Agriculture news releases, September 1987-November 1987
News clippings, May 1987-September 1987
News clippings, September 1987-November 1987
Iowa Regeneration Project
98-167/20A (6756633) Memos and letters - 1989
Press clips - October 1990
Press clips - August and September 1990
Memos, memorandum, letters April-May 1990
98-167/20B Texas Department of Agriculture memorandum, 1989-1990
Memorandum, itineraries, notes, 1989-1990
Newsletters, 1989-1990
Texas Weekly and other newsletters, 1990
Memorandum from the Office of Natural Resources, 1989-1990
Texas Department of Agriculture news releases, 1990
News clips, 1989-1990
News clips, 1990
Texas-Israeli exchanges, 1989-1990
Miscellaneous studies and reports, 1989-1990
Miscellaneous studies and reports
El Paso-Juarez phone directory, 1990
Speech materials, campaign materials, editorials, 1989
Soundprint radio show on cycles and time
FBI investigation, 1990
Texas Federal Inspection Service Investigation
98-167/21 (6756655) Texas Department of Agriculture press releases: January 1, 1990-December 31, 1990
Hightower op-ed pages
Andy Welch's office calendars: 1983 - 1990
Rip-offs and outrages files
Texas Department of Agriculture releases
Press activity - November 1990
Press activity - October 1990
Press activity - September 1990
Press activity - August 1990
Press activity - (written as "June") July 1990
Press activity - June 1990
Press activity - May 1990
Press activity - April 1990
Press activity - March 1990
Press activity - February 1990
Press activity - January 1990
Press activity - December 1990
Rip-offs and outrages 1987 - 1990
Gramm-Rudman 1986 -1990
Andy Welch's calendars
98-167/22A (?) Hightower politics 1988-1989
1988 Marttila and Kiley poll
1990 politics: - "Six Pack" general primary
- general election
- aftermath
Texas Federal Inspection Service
FBI bullshit
Other bullshit
Hightower campaign materials 1990
Hightower campaign materials and press releases 1990
Hightower campaign materials and post-election speeches 1990
Texas Department of Agriculture news releases and Hightower office memorandum 1990
Boatwright and Perry campaign materials 1990
Phil Gramm campaign materials and editorials
Assorted press releases
Lynn Nabers and Doc Arnold
Commodity farm groups
Texas Farm Bureau
News clippings and correspondence 1988-1989
News clippings, December 1989-August 1990
News clippings, January 1987-November 1990
News clippings, December 1984-September 1990
News clippings, January 1990-August 1990
News clippings, July 1990-October 1990
News clippings, October 1990-November 1990
Correspondence, 1988-1990
Republican and Democratic Texas Primaries 1990
Survey of voters in Texas 1988
Survey analyses 1988-1989
Questionnaires and election tabulations 1990
Mason-Dixon Poll and Texas Interested Citizens statewide general elections survey 1990
98-167/22B (?) FBI investigation - 1990
Texas Federal Inspection Service - investigation
98-167/23A (6756622) Political video tapes 1982-1990
Hightower speech to Democratic National Convention, San Francisco (VHS videocassette) 1984
Hightower on 60 minutes (VHS videocassette)
Hightower fundraiser (VHS videocassette) September 9, 1989
TFB (?) debate - Abilene, Six-Pack, (VHS videocassette) Spring 1990
Untitled (beta videocassette)
Hightower Senate Chamber, won't run against Gramm, establish Texas Populist Forum, (2 U-matic videocassettes) January 6, 1989
Hightower appearing on "The State of Texas" and the McNeil-Lehrer show (beef) (VHS videocassette)
Hightower-Powers debate on KERA-TV, Dallas, (VHS videocassette) 1986
Othal Brand from the Today Show, (VHS videocassette) July 24, 1985
Rick Perry: From Agriculture, For Agriculture (VHS videocassette)
Fundraiser at the YO Ranch on KVUE-TV channel 24, 10 PM news, not for rebroadcast (VHS videocassette) September 19, 1987,
Eastern Airlines Congressional, 45:00 (VHS videotape)
98-167/23B (6756495) Political audio tapes
Box "SR"
Farm Bureau Roundup, February 1984
Farm Bureau Update with Gene Hall, June 1985
Farm Bureau Report with Robert Sawneers, June 1985
Farm Bureau on FMHA(?), January 1986
Farm Bureau radio feeds on primary vote and Anti-Hightower rally, May-June 1986
Farm Bureau Roundup, May 1987
Farm Bureau Roundup, May 1987
Texas Farm Bureau, September 1988
Farm Bureau Roundup with Bob Walsh on the Texas Department of Agriculture promotion of ostriches, August 1989
Farm Bureau Roundup with Roddy Peeples and Rob Junnell, September 1989
Farm Bureau Roundup on Nolan Ryan for Agricultural Commissioner, October 1989
Hightower on Tejas in Dallas, and Gary Sable "Save the Children" November 1985
Farm Bureau reports; August, October, December 1984
Farm Bureau Hotline on Nolan Ryan poll, October 1984
Farm Bureau reports on beef hormones and Sunset issues. 1989
Farm Bureau reports on Farm Aid IV
Othal brand KLBJ AM, May 1990
Farm Bureau report with Bernie Glascoe, July 1990
First Annual Agricultural Conference
Tape 1 - Newt Dyer, Charles Mayfield, Bill Sarpalius
Tape 2 - Bill Sarpalius, Sol Marroquin, Charles Stenholm, Carl Anderson
Tape 3 - Carl Anderson, Robert Saunders, Eduard Pena
Tape 4 - Eddie Aldrete, Barbara Baughman, J. Taylor
VSA pesticide story
House debate on Saunders Pesticide Bill
Ken Boatwright announcement, November 1989
Senate Bill 489, March 1989
Country western music
Doug Zabel on grain marketing
Clayton Williams (blatant millions)
Dale Dudley's "Blatant Millions" parody
Singing cowboy
Watchdog music
Jim Hightower at NRECA(?) manager's inference, 1975
Rick Perry Speaker's Committee poem, December 1984
Rick Perry KLBJ radio, August 1990
Rick Perry, April 1990
Rick Perry wins Republican nomination, April 1990
Hightower box 1
Hightower at Washington DC Progressive Conference, January 1984
Robert Saunders on Hightower, August 1984
Advance radio feeds on Nugent bus trip
Steve Fromhole singing Railroad Commissioner song
Steve Fromhole singing Railroad Commissioner Campaign song
Unidentified guitar player singing commercial for Hightower
Hightower at Texas AFL-CIO convention, July 1983
Hightower talking about child and cats scene
Hightower near Waco, June 1984
National Press Club and Hightower, October 1985
Hightower to APRI [?] National Convention in Dallas, September 1985
Hightower at the Texas AFL-CIO, August 1985
Rough radio spots with Hightower and Zabel, 1982
Hightower campaign ads for Middleman Family Steak Farmers [?], 1982
Railroad Commissioner campaign, Man-on-the-street interviews
Citizens rates during railroad commissioner race
Hightower fundraiser, Austin, 1985
Hightower Box 2
Hightower talking about Michael Rogers who might contribute
Hightower on Humor in politics show, November 1988
Hightower in Laporte, New Braunfels, Colorado City, October 1990
Hightower in Temple, Waco, Mexia, October 1990
Hightower at Black minister's breakfast, Hazardous Waste Conference, September 1990
Hightower in Greenville, Sulpher Springs and Atlanta, August 1990
Hightower at National Lawyers Guild Banquet, June 1990
Hightower at Galveston Bay Foundation Speech in League City, May 1990
Hightower fundraiser at the L-Bar Ranch, September 1989
Gene Orke [?] on the Farm Bureau Roundup, September 1989
Jesse Jackson at the State Democratic Convention in Houston, June 1988
Austin Democratic Forum, October 1988
Homeless and ACORN, August 1988
Hightower Press conference at the Senate chamber, January 1988
TX AFL-CIO in Austin, September 1987
Hightower at the Broken Spoke, April 1988
Hightower at the COPE [?] Convention, March 1986
2001-007/1 (8634615) Show files:
December 1, 1998-February 12, 1999
2001-007/2 (8634626) February 15-April 23, 1999
2001-007/3 (8634637) April 27-July 16, 1999
2001-007/4 (8634648) July 19-November 5, 1999
2001-007/5 (8634659) There's Nothing in the Middle of the Road but Yellow Stripes and Dead Armadillos:
Galley pages, paperback edition, May 26, 1998
Extent [2 copies]
New introduction, May 1998
Back-up materials for insertions, paperback edition, May 1998
Changed pages, paperback edition, April 14, 1998
Copyedited version of new introduction and insertions, paperback edition, April 29, 1998
Changed pages, paperback edition, June 2, 1998
Corrected galley pages, June 12, 1998
Table of contents and introduction, paperback edition, 1998
Materials found in paperback copy:
2 message slips
Subscription form for the "Hightower Lowdown"
Back-up materials and notes:
Book-topic outlines
Campaign 1996
1992 Democratic Convention
Clinton the Quisling
Real economics
Job quality
Corporate welfare
Pollution, background materials
Meat, poultry inspection
2001-007/6 (8634660) Hogs, turkeys and mad cows
2001-007/5 (8634659) Uncle Ben
Coming clean
The media
Liberal media
Tales of the tube
The real media bias
A Mickey Mouse story
Logos galore
The people are revolting
The corporation
The NPM memo
High-tech excess
Vernon Jordan
Daddy's philosophy
Betsy's additions for book
2001-007/7 (8634670) Additional back-up
Promotional poster
Promotional signs
Adds, edits and back-up materials
Paperback: introduction
Paperback: supporting clips
Texas Department of Agriculture:
Pesticide Safety for Texas, October 1984
Texas Native Plant Directory, 1984
Texas Native Tree Directory, 1984
Panhandle Residents' Views of High-Level Nuclear Waste Storage, May 1985
Texas Blueberries: A Market Opportunity Investment, October 18, 1985
Extent [2 copies]
Economic Growth Through Agricultural Development: A Blueprint for Action, October 1986
Extent [3 copies]
Texas Building for the Future: Alternatives for Revitalizing and Diversifying the Economy, Texas House of Representatives, Office of the Speaker, January 1987
Texas Agriculture: Growing a Sustainable Economy, A Greenprint for Action, September 1990
Extent [2 copies]
"Water Program for Texas Agriculture," December 14, 1984
"Marketing and Agricultural Development," 1984
"Agricultural Land and Water Contamination," 1984
"Paying the Piper: Twenty Questions on Agriculture and the Unregulated Natural Gas Utilities," 1984
"A Populist Proposal to Save America's Family Farms," (draft) 1984
Sections removed from Texas Agriculture: Growing a Sustainable Economy, A Greenprint for Action
Letter from Gibson D. (Gib) Lewis, removed from Texas Building for the Future, January 15, 1987
Press release removed from "Paying the Piper," January 14, 1985
4Ja1 Additions - KS, 9/27
Clippings, 1979-1980
Miscellaneous campaign material, 1978-1980
Petitions, 1980
[photograph of Hightower removed to?]
4Ja2 Railroad Commissioner race:
New conferences, 1980
Press releases, 1980
Miscellaneous campaign materials, 1980
Clippings, 1979-1980
Press releases, notes, campaign materials, 1981-1983
Campaign petitions, undated
4Ja3 1982 Research materials:
Personal filing system, 1982
Council for Agricultural Science and Technology, 1972-1979
Center for Rural Affairs, 1981
OS "New Land Review"
"Prairie Sentinel"
4Ja3 Clippings, reviews of Eat Your Heart Out [Hightower's book], 1961-1982
International concerns, 1982
Proposition 3, 1982
Nuclear notes and clippings, 1981-1982
Disaster payments, 1982
Guayule (a shrub), 1979-1982
Wineries, clippings and notes, 1982
Nurseries, 1972
Fire ants, 1982
FIFRA [Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act] Vote, 1982
Cotton Classing Office, 1982
Big Picture (plans/goals), undated
Agriculture economy, research materials, 1981-1983
Fuel groups, 1982
Farm policy, 1982
Articles of interest, [miscellaneous clippings], 1982
Grain, 1982
Questionnaires, 1982
WSJ [Wall Street Journal clippings], 1982
Memos, miscellaneous, undated
Miscellaneous publications, 1982
Clippings, miscellaneous, 1982
The American Promise [a book edited by Arthur I. Blaustein,] 1982
Houston terminal project, 1978-1982
Campaign Texas Agriculture Commission: 1990,
Campaign materials, 1990
4Ja6 1986 Campaign materials, Texas Agriculture Commissioner:
Mary Sanger, [contact prints removed to?], 1985
[photographs of Hightower by Karen Dickey-Johnson removed to?]
[74 photographs by Mary Sanger removed to?]
Jim Hightower biographical file, undated
Itinerary forms, undated
Event request forms, undated
Hightower campaign Request forms for special materials, 1986,undated
Food industry, friends of Hightower, 1986
Local committees' organizational materials, 1986
Grassroots organization materials, 1986
1986 opponents, clippings, 1985-1986
Direct deposit information, campaign funds, 1986
Campaign brochure, 1986
Campaign materials, 1986
County coordinators, local committees, 1986
Parties, invitations and correspondence, 1985
Fundraising, 1981-1985
Campaign brochures and bumper stickers, 1986
Campaign advertisements, 1986
Political publications, various democratic clubs, 1986
4Ja7 1990 Texas Agriculture Commissioner campaign, finances and fundraising:
Direct mail September 1989:
Second week, September 16-22, 1989
First deposit, October 9-15, 1989
Contributors, 1989
Expenses, January 1 - June 30, 1988
July 1 - December 31, 1988
4Ja8 Texas Department of Agriculture, letters of regret, public speaking engagements, [photos removed to?], [1986-1988?]
Natural Rural Caucus, Fly-Around Town, October 24-26, 1988
60 Minutes correspondence, March-April, 1987
Briefings, 1984-19888
Letters of regret, 1988
Democratic National Convention, Atlanta, 1988
Party publicity, 1988
Miscellaneous, 1989-1990
4Ja9 Texas Agriculture Commissioner, Primary campaign: 1990
Secretary of State documents, AGFUND [Agriculture fund], 1987-1989
Campaign notes, undated
Campaign letters, 1990
Signs [posted for campaign], 1990
Campaign scripts, 1990
Campaign advertisements, 1990
Opponents data, 1990
GOTV [Geographic Territory Voting?], 1990
Direct mail, 1990
Political publications, undated
Mailing report, Radio stations, 1990
Environmental hazards, undated
Secretary of State expenditure reports, 1990
10-K's of companies invested in by the Texas Farm Bureau, undated
Investments by the Texas Farm Bureau in agriculture, chemical waste management companies and other insurance companies, undated
Texas Farm Bureau data center bills, 1990
Texas Farm Bureau documents on premium finance company, 1987-1989
Texas Farm Bureau Investment Corporation, 1946-1987
Data center searches, undated
Victoria county, 1988
Bastrop county, 1988
Matagorda county, 1988
Austin Progressive Coalition, 1986-1990
"This Land is Their Land," stories by Worth Wren Jr., 1990
"The Entrepreneurial Economy Review," 1989
Aransas county, 1988
Calhoun county, 1988
Farm Bureau research, notes and phone numbers, undated
Various counties, 1988
Lee and Fayette counties, 1988
Applications for ballot by mail, 1988
Voter registration applications, 1988
Texas Senate - 71st Legislature, 1989
Voting information, [mostly information on Dukakis/Bentsen], 1988
Agriculture, farmers and ranchers [campaigning], 1986-1988
Southern Farm Bureau Insurance, 1988
Texas Farm Bureau, salary/expense data, 1985-1987
Texas Farm Bureau, summaries of clips, 1988-1989
Drafts, Texas Farm Bureau stories and memos, 1990
Texas Farm Bureau structure, organizational chart, officers, 1990
Texas Farm Bureau, unused clippings and deep background, 1971-1989
Summarized clippings, 1988-1989
4Ja10 Newspaper clippings, 1987
AG commissioner reports
Agriculture commissioner position
Agriculture development
Agriculture organization
Agriculture Protection Act
Agriculture week
Animal disease
Budget cuts, federal [empty file]
Budget cuts, state
Cattle and beef
Christmas trees
Constitutional amendments
Country crafted
Direct marketing
Eggs and poultry
Family farm and ranch security program
Family Land Heritage Program
Farm bills
Farm crisis
Farm crisis hotline
Farm workers
Farmer's job training
Farmer's markets
Fire ants
Food safety
Foreign ownership of land
Fruit fly
Grain warehouses
Hazardous waste
[H]ightower-Gramm [sic]
Homestead proposal
Horse racing
International marketing
Israel - TIE
Land values
Legislation, Texas Lege.
Loans (including FMHA)
Market basket grocery survey
Mexico/Mexico, Texas trade
Minimum wage (including piece rates)
Native Texas plants and trees
4Ja12 Rick Perry's voting records
Voting record in the 69th through 71st Legislative sessions, two copies, 1985-1990
Campaign contributions, 1990
4Ja13 1990 Texas Agriculture Commissioner campaign, finances and fundraising:
El Paso event, May 30, 1990
Direct mail, January 1990
Follow up letter, 1990
Joe Bradberry, January 16, 1990
Mayor, Day and Collie event, January 18, 1990
Contributions, 1990
Baron and Budd fundraiser, November 29, 1989
L-Barr fundraiser, letters, memos, etc., 1989
General, 1988-1989
AAM Convention, Little Rock, January 12, 1990
Farmer's Union, Dallas, January 25, 1990
Vidal Trevino, Laredo, January 31, 1990
Walter Martinez, San Antonio, February 7, 1990
Daryl Atkinson event, 1989
Joe Tew event, November 13, 1989
Don Hammill Collection, December 1989
Judge and Hutchins, Amarillo, December 14, 1989
Bertrand, Witchita Falls, December 13, 1989
4Ja14 Julian Gonzalez McAllen event, 1989
Ed Wendler, 1989
L-Barr Fundraiser, cash receipts, 1989
Expenses, January 1-June 30, 1989
Coyle, McConnell and O'Brien, check records, 1989-1990
Expenses, February 2-March 30, 1990
Expenses, July 1-December 31, 1989
Receipts and check records, 1987
Expenses, January 1-June 30, 1989
Receipts and check records, 1990
Texas Monthly and CompuAdd magazines, [misfiled?], 1990
4Ja15 Issues files:
Farm bill, 1990
1990 farm bill, results
Food safety, 1989-1990
1990 farm bill, Texas Department of Agriculture
Farm policy, 1987
Gramm-Rudman budget cuts, 1990
Hispanic media lunch, Walter Martinez, August 31, 1990
Hightower miscellaneous, 1990
Amarillo press conference, September 18, 1990
Texas Department of Agriculture, Lubbock District office, November 1, 1990
South America, 1987-1988
Financial democracy campaign, reports and releases, 1991
Hightower, February 11, 1991
Savings and loan, 1989-1991
4Ja16 Videocassettes, notes
4Ja17 Newspaper clippings, 1987:
Nuclear power and waste, 1987
Onions, 1987
Organic agriculture, 1987
Peanuts, pecans, 1987
Pesticide, herbicide use, 1987
Pheasant cook-off, 1987
Predator control, 1987
Recycling, 1987
Regulatory, miscellaneous, 1987
Safety, 1987
Seeds, 1987
Sheep and goats, 1987
Sludge, 1987
Snails, 1987
Soil, 1987
State fair, 1987
Sunset, 1987
Taste of Texas, 1987
Tas law, 1987
Texas Department of Agriculture:
Action, employees, 1987
Budget and plane [?], 1987
District and District Ag. Bds. [?], 1987
Texas grown, 1987
Thanksgiving dinner, 1987
Transportation, 1987
USDA, 1987
Valley Interfaith Organization, 1987
Water pollution, 1987
Water, rural water quality, 1987
Weights and measures, 1987
Wheat, 1987
Wine, 1987
Wool-Mohair, 1987
Texas Department of Agriculture Commissioner correspondence, RM-2, 1985-1990
4Ja18 Personal and Political files:
Other Democratic National Committee business, 1984-185
Democratic National Committee, AgCouncil [Agriculture and Rural Council], 1985
Political correspondence, January 3-December 1, 1983
Democratic National Committee, notes, contacts, 1983-1984
Democratic National Committee correspondence, general, 1983-1984
Campaign, [mostly Dukakis], 1988-1989
Dukakis, [Michael Dukakis' campaign for President], 1988
Jackson, Jesse, 1988
Rick Perry, [opponent for Agriculture Commissioner], 1990
Clayton Williams, 1989-1990
Phil Gramm, 1987-1988
Democratic National Convention, 1988
Debate [with Rick Perry], 1990
Democratic party, national, 1984-1986
Democratic party, general, 1983-1985
Kelso, Louis, ESOP [Employee Stock Ownership Plan], 1984-1989
Israel trip [Texas-Israel exchange], 1983-1989
Farm bill, 1990
Texas Farm Bureau, 1983-1986
4Ja19 Phonotapes
(1) Jim Hightower, interview with Mr. Bill Olwell re: Safeway takeover, reel-to-reel
(2) Operation USA, "James Garner," reel-to-reel, May 9, 1991
(3) Ruth Shaefer interview, reel-to-reel List of audio tapes
(4) Hightower "Bridge Report," reel-to-reel
Hightower segments, audio tape
Hightower, promo, audio tape
Hightower full length segments, audio tape
Hightower full length segments, audio tape
Hightower segments, audio tape
Radio show scripts
(8) Jim Hightower interview with Mr. Bill Olwell re: Safeway takeovers, reel-to-reel
(9) Hightower masters, reel-to-reel
(10) Jim Hightower session, reel-to-reel, tape 1 of 2, April 4, 1991
(11) Hightower, "Bridge Report," reel-to-reel, June 17, 1991
(12) Gary Bass interview, reel-to-reel
(13) Hightower, "Whistle Blower," reel-to-reel, June 18, 1991
Hightower fuel, reel-to-reel, March 1, 1991
(6) Take 26, "Patti Smith song…", reel-to-reel
(7) Jim Hightower session, reel-to-reel, tape 2 of 2, April 4, 1991
(15) Hightower, "Whistle Blower," edited, reel-to-reel, June 19, 1991
(16) Karen Mussbaum interview, reel-to-reel
(17) Environment/Hightower, number one, reel-to-reel
(5) Hightower promo, tails out, reel-to-reel
Hightower statement [?], Dawn, Tex., audio tape, December 19, 1989
Hightower keynote speech at Democratic State Convention, audio tape
Hightower Alliance for Justice from Andy, D.C., dubbed, audio cassette, April 11, 1990
4Ja20 Hightower office:
Issue Papers
Farm policy
Washington Post article, September 1984
Wall Street Journal article
Articles, Agriculture policy debate
Farm economics
Freddie's staff
Farm credit task force
Farm, credit crisis
TDA midgerm report
Friday, 10:00 a.m., committee on hunger hearing, Austin February 7, 1986,
Hotline, emergency farm services
FMHA foreclosure battle, 1986
Correspondence, 1989
Article, food policy
State examples
Jim article
4Ja23 Hightower videos, miscellaneous, 1980s-1994
4Ja24 Texas Agriculture Commissioner, miscellaneous files:
Early vote, 1990
NECARE Conference, Framingham, Mass., January 14, 1989
Seed industry, farm (speech)
Southern Regional Council, Farm, Atlanta, Georgia, April 10, 1987
Texas Catholic Conference, farm, 1985
Texas Corn Growers, farm, 1987
Texas Panhandle Press Association, farm
Texas Soil and Water Conservation, farm, 1984
UAW [?] Agriculture Implement Council, farm
Wheat Growers Association, 1983
Miscellaneous, farm, 1983-1985
Campaign, 1986
Israel, 1987-1988
American Family Farm Foundation, 1987
Americans for Safe Food, 1986-1987
Galveston Bay Foundation, 1990
International Labor Rights Education and Research Fund, Board of Directors, 1987-1990
Japan/American Society's Business Council, 1987
Fund for renewable energy and the environment, (free), 1987-1988
National Rural Caucus, 1988
Renew America, 1989-1990
Hightower, biographical sketch, [photos removed to?], 1985
Black farmers, Texas Department of Agriculture, 1985
CIAGA, 1987
Civic clubs, Texas Department of Agriculture, 1985-1989
County Judges and Commissioners, Texas Department of Agriculture
Dawn Flour Mill, Texas Department of Agriculture
District Agriculture boards, Texas Department of Agriculture, 1986
Family Farmland Ranch, Texas Department of Agriculture, 1983-1985
Family Land Heritage, Texas Department of Agriculture, 1985-1987
Farmworkers, Texas Department of Agriculture, 1986
FFA Texas Department of Agriculture, 1985-1986
Hunger, food needs, 1986-1987
Job training, Texas Department of Agriculture, 1986
Kroger promotion, Texas Department of Agriculture
Labor Coalition on Public Utilities, Texas Department of Agriculture, 1987
LBJ School of Public Affairs, Economy of the 90s, Texas Department of Agriculture, 1988
Leadership Texas, Texas Department of Agriculture 1983
Marketing, Texas Department of Agriculture, 1984-1988
Mayor's Association, Texas Department of Agriculture, 1987
McDonald's, Texas Department of Agriculture, 1985
Mexican/American, Texas Department of Agriculture 1986
Mexico, Texas Department of Agriculture, 1990
Native Texas plants, Texas Department of Agriculture
Natural resources, Texas Department of Agriculture, 1984
Real estate brokers, Texas Department of Agriculture, 1985
Retail Grocer's Association, Texas Department of Agriculture, 1987
Sesquicentennial, Texas Department of Agriculture, 1986
Sheet and goat raisers, Texas Department of Agriculture, 1985
Southern Legislative Conference, Texas Department of Agriculture, 1986
Sunset Advisory Commission, Texas Department of Agriculture, 1987
Texas Farmer's Union, Texas Department of Agriculture, 1986
Texas Retail Association, Texas Department of Agriculture
Toastmaster's club, Texas Department of Agriculture
Valley Interfaith, Texas Department of Agriculture, 1986
Wine, Texas Department of Agriculture
Miscellaneous, Texas Department of Agriculture, 1985-1989
AFL/CIO demo, 1985-1988
Baylor Young Democrats demo, 1986
Brazos County Democrats, demo
Democratic Forum, Austin, demo, October 1988
DNC Council, demo, 1983
Education, National Council of Urban Associations, Texas Department of Agriculture, 1988
Ellis County Democrats, 1987
League of Women Voters, demo, 1987
Mexican American Democrats, El Paso, demo, August 1987
Midwest Academy, demo, 1985
National Democratic Convention, demo, July 1988
National Press Club, demo, 1985
New York, American for Democratic Action, demo, 1987-1988
Rainbow Coalition, demo
Shorenstein democratic event, GOTV, San Francisco, demo, September 30, 1988
State Democratic Convention, demo, 1988-1990
State Democratic party chairs, demo, 1986-1987
Texas Coalition of Black Democrats, demo
Travis County Democratic Party, demo, 1986
Miscellaneous demo, 1984
Bob Bullock
Wild Bill Cody
Johnnie Henderson
Jim Hightower
Bill Hobby
Leo Leo, March 2, 1985
Big Lewis
Oscar Mauzy
L.G. Moore
Richard Moya
Hugh Parner
Walter Rochter
Babe Schwartz
Dale Seastrunk
Bob Strauss
Dewey Upshaw, July 19, 1985
Roa Walker
Miscellaneous roasts, 1984
American agricultural movements, 1986-1988
Black Mayor's Conference, 1987
Farm Bureau, 1986
Farm Credit Conference
Farm Crisis Conference
Farmer's Union, 1987
Idaho trip, July 1987
Immigration, 1987
Iowa farm rally
Kansas farm rally
Red River Farmer's Co-op, March 26, 1987
4Ja25 Texas Agricultural Commission, slides
4Ja26 Texas Agricultural Commission, photos and negatives, 1983-1986
98-067/4Ja29 Texas Department of Agriculture, Press clips, printed materials and correspondence, 1986-1987:
Texas Department of Agriculture, 1986-1987
Dallas, tourist information, 1988
Newspapers, 1988
Press clippings:
Texas Department of Agriculture, 1985-1990
Project Texas, 1985
Texas Federal and State Inspection Service, 1990
Texas Department of Agriculture, 1989-1990
Texas Department of Agriculture, media, 1989
Texas Grown, clippings and interview list, 1989-1990
Thanksgiving dinner, 1989
Tourism, 1989
Trees, see also Texas Grown and Arbor Day, 1989
USDA, 1989
Water, 1989-1990
Water, colonias, 1989
Water conservation, 1989
Water pollution, 1989
Weights and measures, 1989
Wheat, 1989
Wine, 1989-1990
4Ja31 Texas Department of Agriculture, subpoena documents, 1990:
Robert Green, Grain Warehouse Advisory Committee, contracts, 1987-1989
Russell Koontz, contracts, purchase vouchers, 1979-1989
House bills, cotton, 1987
Claiborne Crain, research and consultation service, contracts, 1988
Question number 4:
Travel records for Mike Moeller and Bill Quicksall, 1987-1989
Travel records for Tom Fordyce, 1987-1989
Travel records for Bill Rogers and Pete McRae, 1987-1989
Contracts managed by Pete McRae and/or Tom Fordyce, 1987-1989
Personnel files, 1980-1989
Contracts regarding Texas, Federal Inspection Service, 1988-1990
Documents number 005892 through 005930 delivered to FBI April 10, 1990 per Grand Jury subpoena, [Russell Koontz personnel file], March 13, 19901950-1990
Additional documents numbered 006074 through 006092, response to subpoena dates March 13, 1990, 1989-1990
4Ja36 Issue files from Hightower's office:
Fire ant initiative, 1986
Farm bill, sponsors/strategy, 1984-1985
Tejas, [Project Tejas African Food Program], 1986
Tejas news brief, 1985
Project Tejas, 1984-1985
Tort reform, 1984-1986
Value-added food industries, 1983-1985
Nursery, Touch of Texas, 1985-1986
Horseracing [effect on Texas Farm Economy], 1985
Horseracing, testimony, 1985
VocAg/FFA fight, [Vocational Agriculture vs. Future Farmers of America], 1985-1986
A&M meetings, 1986
Grain warehouse, 1984-1985
Wine tour, 1984
Wine poster, undated
Lone Star state wine competition, 1984-1985
S-G-R-C Winery [Sanches-Gill-Richter-Cordier], 1985-1986
Wine tastings, 1983
TDA wine tasting reception at Nostromo's, 1983
Grape Grower's Association, 1985
Farmer's markets, 1983-1985
Export trading company, 1983
State procurement, 1983
Alternative crops, 1984-1985
Food transportation issue
Kenaf project, 1986-1987
Project Tejas, press conference, 1985
Texas World Trade Council, 1986-1987
Native plants, "Plant Texas," 1984-1986
Pesticide regulations, 1984-1986
Farmworker task force, 1983
Farmworkers, "Sharecropper," 1981-1984
Europe, 1984
Agriculture development bonds, 1983
Food Processing, 1985
Toxic waste report, 1986
Hazardous waste, senate committee, 1986-1987
Toxic waste dumps, 1984
Texas-Israel Exchange (TIE), letters, 1985-1987
Texas-Israel Exchange (TIE), correspondence from Israelis, 1984
Letters regarding Israel trip, 1983-1985
Israel, United States Free Trade Zone, 1984-1985
Texas-Israel Exchange (TIE), national mailing, 1985
Katz-Oz, Abraham, TIE meeting, 1985
4Ja38 Awards, certificates and correspondence, 1983-1990
Printed materials, Whole Whog Catalog and Convenient Kitchens
Ephemera (various), calendars, works of art and awards, 1983-1988
Correspondence, sent with photographs, [photographs removed to?], 1983-1984
Hightower desktop (new office):
Soundprint, The 24-Hour World, audio cassette
Departmental correspondence, 1989-1990
Memos and letters, 1990
June 15th meeting with Dr. Arntzen and Dr. Ibañez
Memos and letters
Notes and letters, September 1990-January 1991
Planning meeting, June 1990
Susan DeMarco, 1989
Articles and reports, (hunger, housing, economics)
Schedules, September 14, 1990
Memos and letters, September-December 1990
News clippings, September-December 1990
Notes, travel, Beer Distributors of Texas, 1990
4Ja44 Texas Agriculture Commissioner campaign, press releases and news clips, 1982:
UPI studies
1982 agriculture campaign
Press announcement
RVB's whereabouts
Campaign clips, April-May 1982
Clips, miscellaneous
Oil and gas
Brown's statements
1982 campaign, supporters, clippings
4Ja47 Issues Files, Ripp's office:
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, May 26-28 to Albuquerque, Atlantic City, Washington, [Jesse Jackson campaign], 1988
Jackson, Jesse, clippings, 1988
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Chicago, [notes], 1988
Jackson, Jesse, business, [Hightower's endorsement of Jackson, correspondence and clippings], 1988
Washington D.C. [notes, Democratic National Convention], Wednesday, May 4, 1988
Ms. Magazine's 15th Anniversary, [2 Ms. Cover photos removed to?], 1987
Editorial prospectus, [interests in publishing a new magazine?], 1987
Contacts [notes, correspondence, clippings, new magazine], 1987
Content ideas [new magazine], 1987
New magazine, tasks, 1987
Investors, 1987
Subscriber network, undated
Printed material, Folio magazine, 1988
Agriculture policy, [correspondence, speeches, clippings,] 1983-1984
Hightower clippings, 1983
Memos and correspondence, 1983
4Ja49 Agriculture News, June-July 1988
Agriculture News, January-March 1988
Letters and clippings, November 1988-January 1989
Letters and clippings, August 1988-November 1988
Agriculture News, March-May 1989
4Ja50 Welch research files, I-Z:
Immigration, 1985-1989
Killer bees, 1987-1990
Richard Lyng, 1986-1987
Marketing, 1980-1990
Milk metering, 1983-1985
Open houses, district offices, 1984-1987
Palm trees, 1984
Populist forum, populist politics, 1986-1990
Poultry, including turkey and eggs, 1986-1990
Producer conferences, 1984-1987
Property taxes, 1990
Rail safety, 1986-1988
Rail transportation, 1990
Rural health issues, 1987-1990
School finance, 1988-1990
Sheep and goats, 1985-1990
Senate fair, food and fiber pavilion, 1984-1990
Tax reform, 1985-1989
Texas Farm Bureau, 1985-1990
Texas Farmer's Union, 1977-1990
Texas Populist Alliance, 1988-1990
Tigua Indians, 1987
Transportation and trucking deregulation, 1980-1987
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), 1987-1989
Voter registration, 1988-1989
Wheat, 1985-1990
Wool act, 1985-1990
Ralph Yarborough and Russell Lee, exhibit, 1987
4Ja51 Welch:
Farm policy, 1985-1990
Farm credit crisis/TDA conference and report
Farm crisis (hotline)
Mediation services
Farm credit system, bails
Displaced farmers
Farmers Home Administration, FmHA
Dial-Hay, 1984
Drought, 1984
Drought, 1986
Dial-Hay III
Drought, 1988
Drought, 1989-1990
Freeze, drought, flood, oil spill, 1989-1990
Hay, set aside
Hurricane Gilbert, September 1988
Saragosa tornado, May 1987
Valley eco/freeze recovery
4Ja56 Issues files, Ripp's Office:
Election-related bills filed, 1989
Voting, pre-election articles, issue-related articles, surveys, 1988
Voter registration, notes, 1987
Printed material:
Blacks and the 1988 Democratic National Convention, 1988
Mother Jones, 1988
The Atlantic Monthly, 1987
Business Week, 1987
Forbes, 1987
Various articles, 1935-1988
Correspondence and clippings, 1988
Greider, William, Federal Reserve, articles, 1987-1988
City and state budgets, 1989
Printed materials, Poverty, income, federal budget deficit, [Reagan era], 1987-1988
Notes, American economy, undated
Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) Levi Strauss/Colt Enterprises opens in Tyler, 1984-1987
4Jc137 Hightower's daily papers from desk:
Texas Department of Agriculture business, correspondence, memos and clippings, 1987-1988
4Jc141 Publications and Printed materials, producer and consumer services, former assistance, natural resources, TDA general:
Certified organic program, 1989
Sustainable agriculture, 1989
Predator management, 1988-1990
Eco-fair '90, 1990
Pest management and enforcement, undated
Publication, Regulating Pesticides in Texas, 1984
Indoor aid pollutants and pesticides, 1984
Texas Agricultural Hazard Communication Law, 1988-1989
Fire ant project, 1986
Texas Department of Agriculture, general, 1984-1990
Texas Department of Agriculture administrative services, goals, objectives, action steps, 1987
Texas Department of Agriculture management seminar, 1987
GATT [General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade], 1990
Farmer assistance, 1985-1990
Texas constitutional amendments, 1987-1989
Farm bill, 1985
Farm policy debate handbook, 1986-1987
Farm bill, 1990
Research, nuclear waste, 1985-1987
Consumer services, undated
Recycling, 1990
Seed program, 1984-1986
Natural resources, reports, 1984-1987
4Jc143 Texas Agriculture Commissioner, publications and printed materials, special projects, 1983-1990:
Texas Agriculture Day, 1984-1990
Country Crafted, 1987-1990
Grape Fast, 1987-1988
Project Tejas, [photos removed to?], 1985-1986
Family Land Heritage Exhibit, 1985-1990
SOS [Share Our Surplus] Program, 1989
Trees for Texas Program, 1990
TDA Invitations, 1984-1990
Black Farmer's conferences, 1983-1990
Conferences, 1983-1991
Eco-Fair, 1990
National Migrant Service Directory, undated
Fliers, 1984 and undated
TDA promotional and educational printed materials, 1985-1988
TDA promotional materials, recipes, undated
TDA publications:
"Small Grain Statistics," 1986
"Citrus Tree Inventory Survey," 1987
TDA Sunset evaluation report to the Sunset Advisory Commission, Part 2, 1987
TDA revised budget request, 1984-1985
TDA request for legislative appropriations, 1988-1989
4Jc144 1982 Texas Agriculture Commissioner, research materials:
Rural health care in Texas, 1980-1982
Contributions and marketing, undated
Dump/waste sites, 1982
Farm foreclosure court case, 1982
Economic crisis issues, 1980-1982
Direct marketing, 1982
Research materials for TDA campaign, 1981-1982
Department of Agriculture, 1981
Farm crash, 1982
Fire ants, 1980-1981
Corporations, 1976-1981
Foreign investment in Texas, [1982?]
Miscellaneous agriculture clippings, 1977-1981
The food industry, 1974-1981
Column/TV/Radio ideas, 1981
Agriculture publications, 1962-1982
Farmers and corporations, 1977-1982
Hightower, candidate for Agriculture Commissioner, 1982
92-215/2 Issue papers from Hightower's office:
January 3, 1983 - May 4, 1983
August 9, 1983-October 20, 1983
FM Bill, introduction, May 7, 1985
TDA farm policy statements
Pesticide fight, 1984-1985
Fight, budget 1984
Pesticide, 1984-1985
Homestead exemption
Wool Act
Natural gas, regulation
92-215/5 Texas Department of Agriculture, Marketing
Texas Agriculture: Growing a Sustainable Economy, a Greenprint for Action, 1990
Home-grown Agriculture, January 1987
Economic Growth through Agricultural Development, a Blueprint for Action, [1988]
Texas Federal-State Livestock Market News
Toolbox: Resource Handbook for Rural Development, 1988
The Flowering of Texas: The Industrial Potential for Texas-Grown Cut Flowers, October 1987
Texas Textile and Apparel Industry Overview: Cotton, 1989
Development Prospects for Fisher County, Texas, 1988
Development Prospects for Swisher County, Texas, 1988
Economic Development Prospects for Dalhart, Texas, 1988
Rural Resources: A How-to Guide for Rural Development Assessment, 1988
Exotic Game in Texas: An Overview of Commercial Potential, 1989
Agricultural Development in a Sustainable Economy: A community Resource Guide, 1990
Ag Development Projects as of October 1, 1989
Texas Livestock Market News, July 29, 1989
Texas Native Tree and Plant Directory, 1986-1988
Texas Native Plant Directory, 1984
Agricultural Development Bonds
Marketing - Diversification Loans and Grants
Direct Marketing:
Farmer's Markets
Promotional Marketing:
Commodity recipes
Texas-Israel exchange
Texas grown
Taste of Texas
San Francisco
98-215/5 Onions
Peanuts and pecans
International marketing
Agricultural Council of Texas
Texport directories, food and fiber:
98-215/6 1990 primary election results
Correspondence log, January 2-May 31, 1990
Use of airplane, trips approved, 1982-1984
Newspapers, 1991
Vic Feazell, 1988-1990
Personnel records given to the Grand Jury, 1984-1987
Correspondence, 1990
Certificate, Good Guys award, Texas Women's Political Caucus, November 13, 1983
98-215/9A Welch, natural resources, AG resources, pesticides:
News clips and letters, pesticide
Grape boycott/Fast for Life, 1988
Agriculture Resources Protection Authority
Chlorodane, pest control
2, 4, D Drift, 1984-1985
E.D.B. (Ethylene Dibromide)
Lawn care, chemical treatments
Fire ants
Nuclear dumps
98-215/9B All-American Pipeline, Goodyear
Alternative fuels
Eminent domain
Energy conservation
Farmland protection
Food irradiation
Greenhouse effect, weather
Hazardous waste
Integrated pest management
Natural gas regulation, agriculture
Renewable energy
Rural water task force
Uranium mining, Karnes county
98-215/10A Newspaper and magazine clippings:
Jim Hightower:
Ceasar Chaves fast, 1988
98-215/10B Hightower clippings and magazine articles, from library, 1987-1989:
Hightower 1989:
Health and the environment
Donald Judd/art file
State legislation, politics
Populism, agriculture race, popular opinions, directions
Ronnie Dugger's Texas Observer
Texas Observer,"Why I'm Staying Put," January 27, 1989
Boston Globe Magazine,"Popular Populist Jim Hightower," January 29, 1989
The Nation,"Raising Hell and Hope," February 6, 1989
The Progressive,"A Party Within a Party," March 1989
Esquire Magazine,"Mind Benders," (Jim Hightower), August 1989
Business Week,"Jim Hightower, Maverick," November 6, 1989
98-215/11B Hightower 1984-198
Horse racing
Ice cream
International marketing
Letters to the editor
Loan program
Main street projects
Mexico treaties
Native plants
Natural gas
Nuclear dump survey
Other nuke site
Palm trees
Pesticide use
Pesticide regulations, before January
Other than regulation
98-215/12 Welch, Marketing I
Rural development, rural communities, boards
College curriculum
Implementation of TADA, TAFA
Agriculture development
Transparencies, market price structures
Farmers markets
Farm trails
Alternate crops
Childress meats, B3R
Co-ops, cooperatives
Country crafted Texas
Dawn Flour Mill
Direct marketing
Exotic game
Food processing, IC2 conference, February 1985
98-215/14B Supplies (Hightower's new office):
July 1985-August 1985
September 1985
October 1985
November 1985
December 1985
98-215/7 October 1986-February 1987
February 1987-March 1987
February 1987-April 1987
September 1986-February 1987
98-215/15A Hightower clippings, magazine articles (from library), 1982-1986
Hightower 1985
Hightower 1984
Hightower 1983
Hightower 1982
Trips log, March 1, 1983-November 2, 1990
98-215/16B TDA press clips/political press clips, 1988:
Hunting leases
International marketing
Irrigation [file empty]
Israel, TIE
Land values
Linked deposit loans
Loans (including FmHA)
Market basket prices
Mexico, M-TEC [file empty]
Milk [file empty]
Native Texas plants
Nuclear power and waste
Organic agriculture
Peaches, apples, etc.
Pesticide/herbicide use
Pesticide hotline
Pinto beans
Predator control
Promotional marketing [file empty]
Railroads, safety
Regulatory/miscellaneous [file empty]
Renewable energy
Right to Know program
Rural development
Rural health
Seeds [file empty]
Snails [file empty]
State agencies
State Fair
Taste of Texas
Tax law [file empty]
Miscellaneous programs
Budget and phone [file empty]
District advisory boards
Texas grown
Valley Interfaith [file empty]
Water, colonies development
Water conservation
Water pollution
Water, rural water quality [file empty]
Weather, climate, disasters
Weights and measures
Wheat [file empty]
98-215/18A Stay, political research, B-L
Poor, but working
Border economy
Democrats, 1988
98-215/18B Government politics
Hispanics in Texas
Housing and urban development scandal
Labor, layoffs, etc.
98-215/19A Issue files from Hightower's office:
Grassroots economic growth
Economic development memos
Agriculture Land Protection Report
Drought, general
May relief request to block, October 1984
Drought, corn release
USDA documents, drought
Drought, 1988
Chicago meeting, drought
PLB corn release agreement, October 12, 1984
EDB (ethylene dibromide)
Water testimony
Israel-Agritech, 1985
Denmark trip
Italy, 1986
Wednesday, May 2, 1984, 7:00 p.m. dinner at Armen's Mediterranean Restaurant
Upcoming Israel trip
Texas-Israeli committee
TIE, committee business
TIE, Laredo project
Texas taxes
Hobby-Texas Public Works Program
Budget, 1987
Research and policy planning
TDA, minority involvement
TDA, column
TDA projects
TDA, division work priorities, 1987
Electricity-agriculture use
98-215/19B Water plan, 1984-1985
Texas Rural Water Task Force, 1984-1985
Nuclear dump, 1983-1984
Water project proposal, 1984
Water pollution, 1984
Farmland, 1981
Soil conservation, 1984
Budget cut response, to Mark White, 1986
Texas Department of Agriculture retreat, 1986
Miscellaneous magazines, 1986
Newspaper clippings, 1986
Newspaper clippings:
Politics, 1985
Texas Department of Agriculture expenditures, 1984-1985
Thanksgiving, 1985
Watermelon, 1985
Wheat, 1985
Women Involved in Farm Economics (W.I.F.E) convention, 1984-1985
Wine, 1984-1985
Wool, 1985
Rural water/water quality, 1985
Texas water plan, 1984-1985
Texas Department of Agriculture open houses, 1984
Texas Department of Agriculture/Texas Department of Conventions, pesticide use, 1984
Texas Department of Agriculture supervisor, 1984
Taste of Texas, 1984-1985
Vernon seed lab, 1984
Texas Department of Agriculture, 1984-1985
Safety, 1984
Shrimp, 1984-1985
Snails, 1985
Soil erosion, 1985
Solar, 1984
State Fair, 1984
Stress, 1984
Texas Department of Agriculture cattle drive, 1984
Renewable energy, 1984-1985
Russian visit, 1985
98-215/20A Political research, H-W
Leveraged buyouts
Molly Ivins
Republicans, 1988
98-215/20B Stock market
Tax fairness
Utility rates
Wealth distribution
98-215/21A Issue files from Hightower's office:
Farm Task Force updated, September 18, 1989
Farm Task Force update, part two
Newspaper and magazine clippings (food safety)
Newspaper and magazine clippings (sustainable agriculture)
From professional journals
Scientific articles
January 1989-December 1989
TDA budget process, 1989
Agriculture News, February 1990-April 1990
Correspondence, July 1988-August 1988
98-215/22A Hightower 1986
Doggett letter
Lloyd Doggett
Democratic National Committee, agriculture forums
South Dakota trip (Tom Daschle), August 1986
Presidential candidates
State candidates
Walter Mondale
Walter Mondale, farm session, August 16, 1984
Walter Mondale and farm memo
Lloyd Doggett and Phil Gramm
San Francisco
Draft, 1984
1984 platform, notes
1984 platform, agriculture statements
Financial information
August 18th fundraiser, Hog Days
P,P&M, May 10, 1984
Washington D.C. trip, Democratic National Convention, January 1984
98-215/22B FR contacts
D.C. fr
FR - invitations
Letter head
Wrock and Wrestling show
FR: possible events and mailings
September 5, 1985 fundraisers
Campaign brochure
Radio spots, October 1986
Jim Hightower, letter
Campaign themes
Announcement, 27 de Enero 1986
General, 1986
Political notes
Campaign material
Primary results, 1986
Governor's race, 1986
Election, 1986
Debate, 1986
Campaign organization
Coordinators, 1986
98-215/24 Welch Marketing II
Arbor Day
Christmas trees
Cut flowers
Earth Day, 1990
Native plant promotion
Nursery industry
Texas grown
Hempstead co-op, Kroger
Herbs and sprouts
Horse racing
Hunting, economic benefits of leases
Galveston-Alvin-Pearland (GAP)
Oriental, vegetables et al
Pinto beans
Seafood/aqua culture
Soybean ink
Artifact collection