University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

A Guide to the Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights Archive, 1968-1994.

Creator Americans for Nonsmokers
Title: Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights Archive,
Dates: 1968-1994.
Abstract Materials originate from the American for Nonsmokers lobbying organization, which opposes the tobacco industry and promotes the rights of non-smokers.
Extent: 15 ft.
Language Materials are in English.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Historical Note

Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights (ANR) is a member-supported national lobbying organization that promotes the rights of nonsmokers and opposes the tobacco industry. The organization seeks to expose the dangers of secondhand smoke and youth tobacco addiction. Founded in 1976, ANR began by backing legislation to ban smoking in the workplace and other enclosed public spaces. Since the early 1980s ANR has supported clean indoor air initiatives in over 1,500 communities in the U.S.

Scope and Contents

Materials include correspondance, reports, classified files, newsletters, anti-smoking campaigns, and medical reports. Contents also include the policies and procedures of the organization.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Dole, Bob
Dukakis, Michael
Subjects (Organizations)
Pan American Health Organization Task Force
American Lung Association
Tobacco Institute
Consumer Affairs
Kennedy Bill
Luken Bill
Aspen, Colorado
Cincinatti, Ohio
Cleveland, Illinois
District of Columbia
Miami, Florida
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
Tallahassee, Florida
Wichita, Kansas
Advertising Age
American Lung Association Bulletin
FTC Review
Health Concerns of Smoking
Tobacco Issues
We Mind If You Smoke

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights Archive, 1968-1994, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Archive



3H343 Classified files:
Pan American Health Organization Task Force
Advertising Age, through (articles) 1986
Consumer Education Contest Material
Advertising Age, (articles) 1987-1988
National Cancer Institute monograph, May 1990
Advertising Age, (xeroxed articles) 1981-1984
3H344 Xerox copies of correspondence addressed to Gale Held (Center for Substance Abuse Prevention) on proposed legislation regulating tobacco sales to minors, 1993
3H345 Classified files:
Cover letter from Gale Held to Kevin C. Goebbel (Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights), and copies of correspondence described above 1994
Kennedy Bill, January 20, 1990
The Advocacy Institute, publications and correspondence, 1988-1989
Nonmokers' Rights, legislation and correspondence, 1985-1986
3H346 Classified files:
Federal, General, 1986
Federal Excise Tax increase, 1986 and correspondence, 1988-1989
District of Columbia correspondence and legislation, 1987
Texas legislation and miscellaneous, 1985-1987
Ohio legislation and miscellaneous, 1985-1986
Chambers of Commerce, 1986
Dole, Dukakis ads, views on smoking, 1987
Information on Lobbying and Political Activities of Tax-Exempt Organizations (government agency report)
Contra Costa County legislation, correspondence, miscellaneous, 1985-1986
Hiring policies (photocopied articles), 1986
Reports, miscellaneous publications, 1980-1982
3H347 Classified files:
Kansas City, legislation and correspondence, 1986
New York State, legislation-related miscellany, 1986-1987
Luken Bill, 1988
Massachusetts, petitions for legislation, 1988
Michigan Clean Indoor Act, and related correspondence 1986
Missouri Clean Indoor Act and correspondence, 1987
Colorado GASP publications, correspondence, miscellaneous, 1986-1990
3H348 Smoking and Health Bulletin, July-August, 1986, January-December, 1988
Bibliography on Smoking and Health, 1982
3H349 Bibliography on Smoking and Health, 1983-1985
3H350 Bibliography on Smoking and Health, 1986-1988
3H351 Classified files:
Restaurants (Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota)
International Association for Non-Smokers' Rights Bulletin, Minnesota, 1981
New Jersey GASP, 1981-1982
Non-smokers' tours, 1982
American Lung Association Bulletin:
October, 1981
December, 1981
January-February, 1982
March, 1982
New Hampshire Lung Association correspondence, 1981-1982
Letter from Mike Daube, Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh, to Andy Gould-Halper, Executive Director of California GASP [February 18, 1982]
Letter from United Way to California GASP [May 20, 1982]
Article on indoor air from Environmental Action, May, 1982
Publications of the Nonsmokers' Movement of Australia, 1981
Cover letter and publications of the Association for Non-smokers' Rights of Minnesota, to California GASP [October 15, 1981]
Community education
Smoking and youth, 1981
Action on Smoking and Health
ASH Smoking and Health Review, November, 1985 and January, 1986
Unopened letter to East Bay GASP, Berkeley, California
Medical Statistics, 1981
The Non-Smokers' Voice, pamphlet by Colorado GASP, 1981
Letter to Andy Gould-Halper, California GASP, from Leo C. Kay, Alaska Council on Smoking or Health, Inc. [January 13, 1982]
3H352 Classified files:
North Dakota GASP newsletters, 1981 and 1982
The Charlotte Observer upper half of page 1 [March 25, 1979].
Washington FANS (Fresh Air for Nonsmokers)
Pamphlets [1981?]
Newsletter, March-April 1982
Smoke Signals:
Newsletter, December 1981 - March 1982, May 1982
Smokeless Singles newsletter, June 1982
Tobacco Report/World Smoking and Health:
Tobacco Report, May, 1981 and No. 2, 1981
World Smoking and Health, Spring 1979 and Spring 1981
National Institute on Drug Abuse
Prevention Resources, Winter 1981
GASP of New York
Wichita GASP
The Clean Air Capital Ventilator, November 1981-May 1982
Wisconsin Clearinghouse
Miscellaneous extra materials (3 folders related mainly to Smoking in the Workplace)"Workplace"
Cover letter: "Dear Hotline Volunteer"
Mailing list titled "Nonsmokers' Rights Groups"
Smoking and Health Bulletin, July 1980
3H353 Publications:
Comprehensive Smoking Prevention Education Act, Congressional hearings, March 1982
Comprehensive Smoking Prevention Education Act, appendix to hearings, March 1982
FTC Review (1977-1984), September 1984
Tobacco Issues (Part 2), Congressional hearings, November 16, 1989, and March 1, 1990
Matchen, Don C. We Mind If You Smoke. New York: Pyramid Books, 1977
Muller, Mike. Tobacco and the Third World: Tomorrow's Epidemic? London: War on Want, 1978
Smoking and its Effects on Health. Geneva: World Health Organization, 1975
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, January 12, 1979
Kaufman, Alan S. "Comment--Where There's Smoke, There's Ire: The Search for Legal Paths to Tobacco Free Air."Reprinted from Columbia Journal of Environmental Law, Fall 1976
The Health Consequences of SMOKING. USGPO, 1968.
The Health Consequences of SMOKING (Supplement). USGPO, 1969.
1984-1985 Directory On-Going Research in Smoking and Health. Maryland: U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, 1985
3H354 Classified files:
Communication Update
Ecological Illness Law Report
FASE reports
GASP newsletters and miscellaneous:
Atlanta, Georgia
Bowie, Maryland
New Mexico
New York
3H355 Classified files:
Hawaiian Islands Nonsmokers' Organization newsletters 1985-1987
Inspiration, Winter 1987
International Association for Nonsmokers' Rights Bulletin, vol. 1, no. 1
International Organization of Consumer Unions (Netherlands), Annual Report 1985
Kansans for Nonsmokers' Rights newsletters 1984-1987
Korea GASP newsletter #1 [1983?]
Ligue Contre La Fumée Du Tabac En Public (France) newsletters, letter and poster, 1985
Medical Update newsletter, February 1985 and March 1986
Nonsmoker, England, newsletters, 1985-1987
Non-Smokers' Association, Ontario, pamphlet, advertisement, and newsletters, 1982-1986
Nonsmokers Incorporated newsletters, 1985-1987
People Against Tobacco Smoke, miscellaneous, 1987
The Reactor newsletters, January-October, 1987
The Right ANSR newsletters (Scotland), 1984-1987
Smoke Signals reprints, [1982?-1985]
Smokeless Singles Newsletter, 1984-1986
Smokers' Lib:
Letter from Brian Meharg to AMNSR [March 29, 1986]
Copies of ad for How To Stop Smoking Without Really Quitting, 1981, 1984
Smoking and Health Reporter, 1983-1986
"Smoking and Health Report," ALA of Western Missouri, Winter 1983-84
Stop Teenage Addiction to Tobacco (STAT), miscellaneous, 1985-1987
Swedish National Smoking and Health Association news release [1/13/86]
Texas Clean Indoor Air Association miscellaneous publications, 1987
Tobacco and Youth Reporter, Summer 1987
Tobacco On Trial, February-June, 1987
Today & Tomorrow, UCSF calendar for January 19-February 1, 1985
Wind Pipeline newsletter, 1982, 1984-1986
Tobacco Alert, April-June 1987
California Poll:
Photocopy of article, "Gallup Poll: Cigaret Smoking Drops--Lowest in 42 Years" [1986]
followups 1987
3H356 Social Security Survey, "Second Hand Smoke on the Job"
Gallup, Gallup, 9/83;1/84
Gallup Polls, miscellaneous, 1977-1985
Polls, miscellaneous photocopies, 1982-1985
Roper Report, 1978
Restaurants, miscellaneous pamphlets & "kits" promoting smoke-free restaurants in California, 1985
Smoking Limitations/Separate Sections, photocopies of articles, 1983-1985
Scientific Reports, 1975-1986
Academic Reports/Studies, 1975-1983
"The Life Expectancy of Nonsmoking Men and Women," photocopied from Public Health Reports, July-August, 1983
Cancer Risk from Passive Smoke, report, 1985
Comments for Rebuttal to "Cigarette Smoke & the Nonsmoker," draft [January 6, 1984]
"Cigarette Smoking as a Risk Factor for Epidemic Influenza in Young Men," NEJM, October 21, 1982
"Smoking in Developed Countries," WHO report, 1/83
Association between Cigarette Smoking and Acute Respiratory Tract Illness, article, JAMA, July 9, 1982
"Drug Effects Can Go Up In Smoke," reprint, 1979
"Irritants in Cigarette Smoke Plumes," photocopy from AJPH, November 1982
Ticket for: Smokefree Flight, brochures [ca. 1988]
3H357 Classified files:
Columns, 1985-1990
CBS clippings, 1986
Columns, 1985-1991
Advertising Effectiveness, photocopy of Introduction to book: Reuijl, Jan C. On the Determination of Advertising Effectiveness: An Empirical Study of the German Cigarette Market. Boston: Kluwer-Nijhoff, 1982.
Articles on cigarette ads, 1986
Ban on Cigarette Advertising articles, 1986
Cigarette Advertisements (Yves St. Laurent's RITZ, ) 1986
Public service advertisements, 1980-1982
Advertising, Subliminal (articles, court cases, correspondence, ) 1983
Air Pollution (article, and GASP newsletter, ) 1981,1985
Indoor Air Pollution (articles, meetings, manuals, legislation, ) 1981-1985
Airlines (articles, correspondence, miscellaneous, ) 1974-1985
American Cancer Society, 1984-1985
American Medical Association, 1981-1986
CNR (miscellaneous articles, 1981-1986
Churches and Smoking articles, 1984
Cigars articles, 1983-1984
3H358 Classified files:
Clove Cigarettes, articles, 1984-1985
5th World Conference on Smoking and Health, 1983
(also includes a conference held in 1985 and miscellaneous, 1982-1983)
Federal Excise Tax on Cigarettes, miscellaneous 1984-1985
Cigarette Taxes articles, 1981-1985
Economics of Smoking articles, speeches and papers presented, 1979-1986
FTC Report, 1981-1985
Furniture-flammability articles, 1981-1986
Firefighters and Smoking, articles, 1982-1983
"Fire-Safe" Cigarettes, articles, correspondence, legislation, 1979-1985
Fires, Cigarette-related, articles, 1981-1985
Norman Fleishman, correspondence and miscellaneous, 1985
International Summit 1985
BUGA UP (Billboard-Utilising Graffitists Against Unhealthy Promotions, Australia), newsletters, miscellaneous, 1982-1984
Tobacco and Foreign Countries, miscellaneous, articles, 1979-1986
United Nations, articles, 1979, 1985
World Health Organization articles, 1982, 1983
Legislation, Other Countries, memo from ASH (Australia) and miscellaneous articles, [April 1986]1983, 1985
3H359 Smoking Prevention Education Act hearings Washington: USGPO, [March 9 and 17, 1983].1983
Classified files:
Congressional Label Laws, article, undated
Government Regulation/Nonregulation, articles, 1981-1985
Warning Label articles, 1981-1985
Stan's publications (curriculum vitae, articles, miscellaneous by or about Stanton Arnold Glantz, ) 1982-1986
American Heart Association, correspondence, miscellaneous, 1981-1985
Toxic Substances in Tobacco:
Article, 1982-1983
Smoking and Pregnancy kit for health providers, 1982
Addiction articles, 1981-1986
Radioactivity/Radiation articles, 1982-1983
Cancer articles, 1981-1984
Heart Disease-Smokers articles, 1979-1986
Health Hazards, general, articles, miscellaneous, 1979-1986
Doctors and Smoking, articles, 1984-1985
Women and Smoking, articles, correspondence, 1982-1985
Koop's Letter to CNR, correspondence from the Surgeon General, 1986
Hospitals articles, 1978-1985
Non-Smoking Policies, articles and miscellaneous, 1985-1986
Articles, 1985, undated
Nicorette press packet, 1984
3H360 Photocopies, reprints, papers, reports, pamphlets, ca. 1971-1986
3H361-3H362 Articles and miscellaneous, 1929 through the 1970s
3H363 Articles, correspondence, and miscellaneous printed matter, 1970s
Classified files:
General Info Sent (completed "Info/Materials Request" Sheets) 1986
"Death In The West," general info sent, 1986
"Death In The West," organizers packets sent, 1986
GODOT (orders and payment for Legislative Approaches to a Smoke Free Society), 1986
Letters and forms requesting information, 1986
Curriculum Guides Paid for and Sent, 1986
Horowitz, Shel (ed.). BREATHE! An Antismoking Anthology. New Jersey: Warthog Press, 1981.
Nonsmokers' Directory of Restaurants, Hotels and Guest Houses in the British Isles, 1985-1986. Norfolk: M & M Administration Services, 1985.
Bibliography on Smoking and Health, 1974.
CNRF report on "Death in the West" curriculum project
3H364 Classified files relating to research for A Nonsmoker's Guide to the United States:
Laws, Rhode Island (letter, ) 1985
Laws, South Dakota (letter, ) 1986
Laws, Tennessee (letter, and copy of proposed legislation) 1986,
Laws, Texas (copies of legislation, memos, newspaper article, ) 1985-1986
Laws, Utah (letter and copy of legislation, ) 1986
Laws, Vermont (letter, ) 1985
Laws, Virginia (letter, articles, survey, ) 1986
Laws, Washington (letter and legislation, ) 1985
Laws, West Virginia (letter, ) 1985
Laws, Wisconsin (letter, and legislation, ) 1986,1984
Laws, Wyoming (letter, ) 1985
Correspondence relating to orders for publications, 1985-1985
Extent (5 folders)
Laws, Nebraska (letter, ) 1986
Laws, Nevada (empty)
Laws, New Hampshire (letter, and legislation, ) 1985,1981
Laws, New Jersey (pamphlet, legislation, ) 1980, 1981, 1984
Laws, New Mexico (letter, policy statement, legislation, ) 1985
Laws, New York (letter, legislation, miscellaneous codes) 1985,
Laws, North Carolina (letter, ) 1985
Laws, North Dakota (letter, ) 1985
Laws, Ohio (letter and information packet, ) 1985
Laws, Oregon (letter, ) 1985
Laws, Pennsylvania (letter, ) 1985
Nonsmokers, Insurance (applications, reports, correspondence, ) 1985-1986
Laws, Alabama (letter, ) 1985
Laws, Michigan (letter, ) 1986
Laws, Minnesota:
Memo [November 1985]
The Minnesota Plan for Nonsmoking and Health, September 1984
Minnesota Department of Health:
Disease Control Newsletter, September, 1985
"Summary of the Omnibus Nonsmoking and Disease Prevention Act"
"Policy and Procedure, Nonsmoking/Smoking," 1985
The Path to Nonsmoking, 1985
Laws, Massachusetts (letters, and articles and pamphlets, ) 1986,1984-1986
Laws, Maryland (letter, ) 1986
Laws, Maine (letter and legislation, ) 1985
Laws, Louisiana (letters, ) 1986
Laws, Kansas (letter and information packet, articles, ) 1985,1986
Laws, Kentucky (letter, ) 1986
Laws, Delaware (letter, ) 1986
Laws, Florida (letter and legislation, ) 1985
Laws, Hawai'i (letter, legislation, article, ) 1985
Laws, Idaho (letter, draft legislation, ) 1985
Laws, Indiana (letter, ) 1985
Laws, Iowa (letter, legislation, miscellaneous, ) 1985
Laws, Alaska (letter, and legislation, ) 1986,1984
Laws, California (articles, 1985-19860
Laws, Colorado (articles, ) 1985
Laws, Connecticut (letter and legislation, ) 1985
3H365 Correspondence, articles, surveys, miscellaneous, 1985-1986
Bibliography on Smoking and Health, 1975
Bibliography on Smoking and Health, 1976
Nonsmokers, miscellaneous (mostly articles, ) 1986
Nonsmokers, employers (articles, amicus brief, miscellaneous, ) 1985-1986
Cover letter and results of computer data base search relating to A Nonsmokers' Guide to the United States
3H366 Bibliography on Smoking and Health, 1977
Bibliography on Smoking and Health, 1978
Bibliography on Smoking and Health, 1979
Bibliography on Smoking and Health, 1981
3H367 Classified files:
Excerpts [1981?]
Report of an International Conference on Smoking and Health, Swaziland, April 1982
"Smoking and Health: A New Generation of Campaigners," [1983?]
"Scientists: What Some of the Most Reputable Have Discovered," undated
Passive Smoking and Lung Cancer, articles, 1981 and 1983
Is Smoker Segregation Effective in Reducing Passive Inhalation? article and cover letter, 1982
Passive Absorption of Nicotine in Airline Flight Attendants, letter to editor, NEJM, 1983
Miscellaneous Statistics, articles, 1979-1985
"Passive Smoking in the Workplace: Selected Issues," report of the Office of Technology Assessment, and cover letter, 1986
Smoking Cessation, report, and articles, 1985,1981-1984
Quitting Smoking:
Articles, 1981-1985
Listen and Stop Smoking, cassette tape
How To Stop Smoking Without Really Quitting or The Art of Smoking With Kindness, 1978
Smoking/Kicking the Habit, articles, 1983-1986
Smoking Trends, articles, 1981-1986
Surgeon General's Report, and articles, 1984,1982-1984
Tobacco Industry, articles, manuscript, surveys, 1979-1986
3H368 Classified files:
Tobacco Industry-owned Companies, 1984
Philip Morris Companies, Inc., annual report, and information packet, 1986,[1981?]
Tobacco Subsidies, articles, and correspondence, 1981 and undated,1984
Industry Sponsored Events, schedule, and articles, 1984,1981-1984
Tobacco Institute, articles, publications, miscellaneous, 1975-1985
Tobacco-Smokeless articles, 1984-1986
Youth, reports, articles, pamphlets, 1982-1986
Candy Cigarettes, article, and paper 1983,undated
Virginia Slims, correspondence, memos, questionnaires, miscellaneous, 1985-1986
3H369 Classified files:
Airline Ban, correspondence, legislation, petitions, miscellaneous, 1986-1990
Airlines, Background, articles, correspondence, legislation, miscellaneous, 1975-1986
Airplane Legislation, articles, correspondence, legislation, publications, memos, notes, 1983-1986
3H370 Classified files:
Florida legislation, correspondence, legal brief, 1986-1987
Tri-Agency Coalition, memos, notes, correspondence, 1986-1987
Koop letter and enclosures, 1988
STAT (Stop Teenage Addiction to Tobacco), 1985-1986
Legislation, Various articles, and phone message 1986,
Airline Ban, "DOT Approp.," reports, legislation, miscellaneous, 1986-1987
NAS ETS (Environmental Tobacco Smoke), 1986
Arizona legislation, articles, newsletter, 1985-1986
3H371 Classified files:
New York, press articles, 1986
New York City, articles, correspondence, legislation, miscellaneous, 1986-1988
Surgeon General Report, and related miscellany, 1986,1986-1987
ASH Smoking and Health Review newsletter, 1985-1989
Smoking or Health newsletter (Australia), 1989-1991
3H372 Miscellaneous newsletters, U.S.A. and other, 1984-1992
Classified files:
The Clean Air Clarion [Australia], 1987-1991
European B.A.S.P./Smoking Prevention, 1990-1991
IN: The Insider's Newsletter of Smoking Cessation, 1990-1991
Tobacco Products Liability Project, newsletter, "Tobacco On Trial," 1987-1991
Tobacco-Free Young America Reporter newsletter, 1984-1987
Tobacco and Youth Reporter, and correspondence 1986-1988,[May 10, 1986]
DOC (Doctors Ought to Care) newsletter, 1986-1991
"For Clean Indoor Air" newsletter, 1989-1990
"Citizens for Clean Indoor Air" [Kansas City] newsletter, 1987-1989
People Against Second Hand Smoke, broadsides, undated
3H373 Classified files:
Fresh Air for Nonsmokers, FANS newsletter, 1987-1991
GASP Wichita newsletter, 1986-1987
"Kansans for Nonsmokers Rights" newsletter, 1987-1990
"Non-Smokers Newsletter" (Virginia), 1988
Virginia GASP newsletters and miscellaneous, 1986-1991
ACAT (Association for Clean Air in Texas), newsletters, 1987 and 1988
TAN (Texas Association of Nonsmokers), newsletters and miscellaneous, 1987-1989
Houston GASP newsletters, 1987-1991
Texans Against Public Smoking newsletters, and complaint form 1988,
"Breathers' Digest" newsletter, 1988-1989
Association for Nonsmokers' Rights of Pennsylvania newsletters, 1987-1988
GASP Ohio newsletters, 1987-1988
North Carolina GASP newsletters, 1987-1991
Smokefree Educational Services newsletters, 1990-1991
GASP New Mexico newsletters, 1988 and 1989
FRENDS/Albuquerque newsletters, 1989-1990
Nevadans for Nonsmokers Rights newsletters, 1990
Missouri GASP, undated
Countdown, Minnesota Coalition for a Smokefree Society newsletter, 1988-1989
PATS newsletter, 1988, 1989
Massachusetts GASP newsletters, 1986-1991
Smoking Behavior and Policy, October 1987
GASP, Inc. (Maryland) newsletter, miscellaneous, 1975,1972-1989
Maryland GASP, Bowie, Maryland, newsletters and miscellaneous, 1986-1991
Hawaiian Islands Nonsmokers Organization newsletters, 1988 and 1991
Georgia GASP, Atlanta, newsletters and miscellaneous, 1985-1992
GASP of Miami newsletters, 1986-1992
3H374 Classified files:
Florida GASP newsletters, 1990 and 1991
"Wind Pipeline" newsletters, 1988-1989
The Reactor newsletter, 1987-1989
TECC News [Tobacco Clearinghouse of California] newsletters, 1991
League of Women Voters newsletters, 1986, 1988, 1989
ANSR, Arkansans for Non-Smokers' Rights newsletter, Arizonans Concerned About Smoking, ACAS newsletters, Summer 1987;1988-1991
Arizonans for Nonsmokers' Rights newsletter, and questionnaire 1990
Arizonans Aerophile newsletters, 1986-1988, and questionnaire, 1989
Alaska Council on Smoking or Health newsletters, 1985 and 1987
ASH: Action on Smoking and Health, questionnaires, newsletters and information bulletins, 1987-1991
ASH, Canberra, Australia:
Newsletters, 1986-1991
Correspondence from newsletter editor to "Mark," most likely at CNSR [1989?]
ASH, Australia newsletters, 1990 and 1991, memo, correspondence [7/11 and 8/25/1989]
ASH, London bulletins, 1989-1992
3H375 Augustans for Nonsmokers Rights handbill, March 1992
New Jersey GASP newsletter, February 1987
"Tobacco Free Teens" newsletter, May 1992
Classified files:
The Right ANSR, Scotland, newsletters, 1987-1990, and pamphlet, 1987
ASH, Auckland, New Zealand, newsletter, correspondence, miscellaneous, 1987-1991
AGHAST, Netherlands, newsletters, 1987-1989
Malaysia, TAP:
Correspondence from Dr. S. K. Teoh [August 17, 1987, and September 11, 1990]
Newsletters, 1987-1991
National Society of Nonsmokers, London, England, newsletters and miscellaneous, 1986-1988
Non-smokers for Clean Air newsletter, May 1988
"Breathers' Digest," Canada, newsletter, 1988-1991
Canadian Council on Smoking and Health newsletters, 1989-1991
Non-Smokers' Rights Association, Canada:
Correspondence to Mark Pertschuk [August 10, 1987]
Newsletters, 1986-1988
Quit Quarterly newsletters, 1988-1990
Cover note [August, 1987?] and newsletter, "Japan Citizen Now," August 1987
"Japan Citizen Now," [1987?]
Letter to Viola Weinberg from Hiroshi Nogami of Osaka Group for Tobaccoless Society [April 16, 1987]
Tobacco and Candy Journal, vol. 212, nos. 8-13, 15-16, 1984
"Healthlines" newsletter, May 1984
"Smoking and Health Reporter," July 1984
Cancer Facts and Figures, 1984
"Smoke Signals," March 1982
Shor, Ronald E., Marilyn B. Shor, and Daniel C. Williams, "The Distinction between the Antismoking and Nonsmokers' Rights Movements," typescript of article for Journal of Psychology, September 1980
3H376 U. S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare publications:
Bibliography on Smoking and Health, 1970
Bibliogrpahy on Smoking and Health, 1973
Bibliography on Smoking and Health, 1972
Bibliogrpahy on Smoking and Health, 1971
1978 Directory of Ongoing Research in Smoking and Health Smoking and Health Bulletin, February-March and October-November, 1980
National Commission on Smoking and Public Policy. A National Dilemma: Cigarette Smoking or theHealth of Americans, January 31, 1978.
"IANSR Bulletin," vol. 1, no. 1 [France]
Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations. Cigarette Bootlegging: A State AND Federal Responsibility, May 1977
3H377 Classified files:
Copies of ordinances passed in other states
Military policy
Other countries, articles, 1970s
Canada correspondence and miscellaneous, 1970s
Subsidy legislation, correspondence from Frank M. Nowak, 1978; and article, 1980
Air Travelers Association, articles and newsletter, 1983
Air Cleaners, articles, advertisements, 1982
AMTRAK, pamphlet and correspondence, 1983
CAB, articles, correspondence, legislation, 1983
Economics, articles, miscellaneous, 1983-1984
EPA, multiple copies of New York Times article, "E. P.A. Study Links Deaths of Nonsmokers to Cigarette," November 3, 1984
FANS letter [November 10, 1983]
Federal Regulations, legislation, articles, correspondence, miscellaneous, 1978-1980s
Insurance fund-raising, letter and copy [May 20, 1983]
Fires, letters, reports, correspondence, 1980-1983
Indoor pollution, Glantz, Stanton, "Health Effects of Ambient Smoke," undated
Consumer Affairs/Indoor Pollution, copy of pamphlet entitled "Clean Up Your Room!" 1982
Indoor Pollution/National Academy of Science report, 1981
N. J. GASP newsletters, correspondence, miscellaneous, 1982-1984
N. Y. CNR, correspondence and vita of Darlene Zelenke, and articles of incorporation for New Yorkers for Nonsmokers' Rights, 1983,1984
Poll, L. A. (T. I.) questionnaire results, 1984
Pacific Telephone Survey questionnaire and results, 1983
3W50 Video and audio tape material