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A Guide to the Paul B. Ragsdale Papers, 1959-2006

Descriptive Summary

Creator Ragsdale, Paul B.
Title: Ragsdale, Paul B., Papers
Dates: 1959-2006
Abstract Papers of Paul B. Ragsdale consist of classified files assembled when he was Texas state representative from Dallas (1959-2006).
Extent: 42 ft.
Language Materials are in English
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History; The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Born in 1945, Paul B. Ragsdale was one of the first African American legislators in Texas since Reconstruction. Growing up the son of a barber in a rural area near Jacksonville, Texas, Ragsdale went on to earn a sociology degree from the University of Texas at Austin. After graduation, Ragsdale worked as a program analyst for the city of Dallas, evaluating Crossroads Community Center. After writing a study critical of the Center and its programs, Ragsdale was suspended and then reinstated to his position. He was later promoted to chief of planning and evaluation, a position he left in order to run for office.

Ragsdale was elected to represent Dallas as a Democrat in the 1972 state elections. A champion of African American and Hispanic rights, Ragsdale fought racial bias in the workplace and played an active role in state politics. In 1973 he applied for food stamps to protest his $4,800 annual pay as a legislator. Ragsdale received many honors from Texas civic organizations, including the Trailblazer Award from the Texas Legislative Black Caucus in 2011. Ragsdale died on August 2011 following a stroke.

Scope and Contents

Papers of Paul B. Ragsdale consist of classified files assembled when he was state representative from Dallas (1973-1986). Ragsdale served on the following committees, among others: Regions, Compacts, Districts (1977-1984); Public Education (1983-1986); and State, Federal, and International Affairs (1981-1982, chairman 1985-1986). Files document state government and legislative issues including educational reform (1984), public safety, redistricting of election constituencies (1981), and issues pertaining to blacks such as equal opportunity employment and constituent discrimination claims; minority business enterprise; the Black Legislative Caucus; the Texas Black Legislators before 1900 Project; and the East Texas Project, a series of lawsuits regarding reapportionment of county commissioner precincts in 48 East Texas counties. Materials include legislative bills, press releases, correspondence, statistical employment records, reports, campaign materials, newspaper clippings, and maps of state and local election districts. The collection also includes papers relating to Ragsdale’s earlier work for the City of Dallas as a program analyst.


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Subjects (Persons)
Ragsdale, Paul B.
Dallas, Texas.
East Texas (region)
County Commissions
Labor and employment
Politics and politicians
Race relations
Prisons, pardons, and paroles
Subjects (Organizations)
Prairie View A & M University
Texas. Legislature. House of Representatives.

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Paul B. Ragsdale Papers, 1959-2006, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

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2.325/F281 (05299004) HB 950, relating to the proper voting unit for a change of status relating to alcoholic beverages by local option election when the original voting unit no longer exists, 69R 3505, Rep. Ragsdale
HB 1016, relating to the board of hospital managers of the Dallas County Hospital District, 69R 3503, Rep. Ragsdale
HB 1340, relating to the posting of information concerning certain state employment opportunities, 69R 1711, Rep. Ragsdale
HB 1342, relating to the requirements and procedures for the reduction of homeowners insurance premiums and to inspectors involved in providing inspections for the reduction of homeowners insurance premiums, 69R 3502, Rep. Ragsdale
HB 1341, relating to the board of trustees of certain college districts, 69R 1669, Rep. Ragsdale
HB 1656, relating to educational equalization operating allotments (DISD)
Relating to the election of the board of trustees of junior and community college districts
Papers relating to HB 1936, public parking lot revenues; HB 440, Texas Horse Racing Act, and greyhound racing bill, 1985
HB 374, relating to the partition of real property
P. D. resolution
Athletic agency licensing
HB 1296, relating to the board of hospital managers of the Dallas County Hospital District
Papers relating to handguns:
HB 902, relating to handgun transactions
Handgun control
Letters on handgun control
HB 949, Ragsdale, relating to the regulation of transactions involving certain handguns; providing penalties, HB 2278 by Roberts (revision of the Speedy Trial Act)
HB 892, relating to substandard handguns, HB 2101, prohibition on specialized handgun bullet
Case work:
Prohibition against certain types of ammunition, "KTW"/Devestator
Papers relating to HB 297, relating to the authorization of a savings and loan association as a depository for funds of an independent school district, S & L's as school depositories
2.325/F282 (05299037) HB 333, relating to the delivery of handguns, HB 345
HB 298, Ragsdale, relating to compensation of trustees of independent school districts, 69R 1673, Rep. Ragsdale January 10, 1985,
HB 509, Ragsdale, provide performance bonds and payment bonds for contractors: January 24, 1985,
69R 1755, Rep. Ragsdale
HB 209, performance and payment bond
69R 1671, Rep. Ragsdale
Gun control:
Papers relating to gun control
HB 2089, Gun Control Bill
Ragsdale, HB 138
Gun bill
Gun control press
Materials relating to gun control
Papers and materials relating to gun control
Gun Control Bill to be typed
Gun control PR clippings
Gun control bills, including preliminary drafts, Georgia bill, Reyes' bill
Gun control public relations, mailing lists and letters
Correspondence from this office concerning gun control and HB 2089
Gun control, Georgia and related states, includes model bill
2.325/F283 (05299060) Papers relating to Texas Legislative Black Caucus:
160-00-04, LBC report on trip to Washington, D. C., March 6-7, 1979
160-00-01, Legislative Black Caucus correspondence from Congressional Black Caucus and other elected officials
160-00-02, Interim correspondence with the Congressional Black Caucus, 1979
160-00-03, Interim correspondence with the Congressional Black Caucus, 1980
160-05-00, Press releases
160-10-00, Membership list
160-20-00, Interim meeting notices, 1979-1980
160-20-01, Meeting minutes, interim, 1979-1980
160-20-03, Intra-caucus correspondence
160-25, Legislative Black Caucus general correspondence, 1979
160-25-06, General correspondence interim, 1977-1978, 1979-1980
160-30-00, Budget information, LBC budget information
160-65-00, Legislative Black Caucus sponsors, reception 1979
160-70-00, Black History Month:
Black history activities in Texas public schools
Black Caucus letters concerning Black History Month
Preliminary report of Committee on Black History Week, January 24, 1979
Black Caucus, school districts
160-95-00, Recommendations, 1979:
Franchisca Young resume
Legislative Black Caucus recommendations, 1979
Recommendations, Legislative Black Caucus letter urging appointment of Black federal judges in Texas to president, attorney general, and senator
160-95-01, Legislative Black Caucus, David Belew correspondence
160-105-00, Black Legislator's Association, 1973
160-110-00, Caucus resolutions
OCR case summaries
160-40-01, December 1979 symposium information
Black Caucus symposium material, December 8, 1979
Finished originals for the symposium file, December 1979
Persons attending symposium, partial list
Symposium, Houston, December 1978:
Political contributors and supporters
Legislative Black Caucus symposium workshop and panel material
Papers relating to symposium
Legislative Black Caucus symposium and retreat planning file, December 1978
Symposium letters sent to invitees, participants, special guests, sponsors, patrons, elected officials
Used paper:
Election information
160-02-00, Committee preferences and assignments
160-03-00, Mexican-American Caucus
160-05-00, Press releases
160-10-00, Membership list
160-15-00, Black media lists
160-20-00, Meeting notices
Correspondence with CBC:
Correspondence with the Congressional Black Caucus, 1982
160-00-01, Correspondence with Congressional Black Caucus, 1981
Tom Skinner, A Renewed Black Leadership
Black Caucus meeting records:
LBC meeting, August 30, 1980
160-20-01, Meeting minutes, interim
Black Caucus meetings, January 28 - May 4, 1981; May 12, 1982
2.325/F284 (05299081) 160-15-00, Black media list
160-15-00, Minority media
Texas Legislative Black Caucus correspondence:
160-25-01, General correspondence, January 1981
Annual Report, 1978-1980, Sickle Cell Disease Research Foundation of Texas, Inc.
160-25-02, General correspondence, February 1981
160-25-03, General correspondence, March 1981
160-25-04, General correspondence, April 1981
160-25-05, General correspondence, May 1981
160-20-03, Intra-caucus correspondence
160-25-06, Interim general correspondence, TEC:
"Tom Skinner Associates 15th Anniversary"
"Is There a Better Way? A Perspective on American Prisons"
"Africare Newsletter," Fall 1982
160-30-00, Budget information, budget status reports from the General Accounting Systems
160-40-03, Texas Southern
160-40-04, D. C. Amendment:
"A Special Report to the State Legislators on the Constitutional Amendment to grant the residents of the District of Columbia full voting representation in the U.S. Congress"
Jules B. Gerard, "The Proposed Washington, D. C. Amendment"
160-40-06, Redistricting
160-40-07, Criminal justice
160-40-08, Voting Rights Act
160-40-09, MLK birthday
U.S. Department of Education complaint filed concerning UT Austin, 160-40-10
Department of Human Resources Board meetings:
160-40-11, Klan:
"The Klan in Perspective: A Report by the Judicial Relations Committee of the Fort Worth Human Relations Commission"
160-40-12, Miscellaneous
160-40-13, Employment:
"A Summary Report of the Vice President's Task Force on Youth Employment"
"When People Need Help"
"You and the Texas Department of Human Resources"
160-45-00, Organization and development, Legislative Black Caucus organization and development file
160-45-01, Pictures
160-50-00, Member biographical information
160-55-00, News clippings
160-60-00, Sutton Memorial Award
Black Texas Legislators information:
160-80-00, History, Black Texas Legislators
160-90-00, Mailing lists
Caucus resolutions, 160-110-00:
67R6028 Washington, HR 340, Miss Texas College
67R6033 Washington, HR 339, Miss Jarvis Christian College
67R6031 Washington, HR 338, Miss Paul Quinn College
67R6032 Washington, HR 337, Miss Wiley College
67R6030 Washington, HR 336, Miss Huston-Tillotson (College)
67R6023 Washington, HR 335, UT/Sweetheart
67R6029 Washington, HR 334, Miss Bishop College
67R6027 Washington, HR 333, Miss Texas Southern
67R6026 Washington, HR 332, Miss Prairie View A&M
160-70-02, Names and addresses of certificate recipients
160-95-00, Caucus recommendations
160-70-00, Black History Month
2.325/F285 (05299070) Texas Rehabilitation Commission, discrimination charges
Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation and Affirmative Action:
Mental Health and Mental Retardation
SMD cities, city council
Water quality and development:
Water Development Board
Water Quality Board
Youth Council
EDA ED-612, information and forms
Dallas/Ft. Worth Regional Airport
EEO press release
Texas Department of Public Safety and EEO
Texas Department of Highways and Public Transportation and EEO:
Transportation, 1981
2.325/F286 (05303305) Affirmative Action and EEO:
EEOC Affirmative Action:
"Texas Employment Commission Annual Report," 1976
"Affirmative Action and Equal Employment: A Guidebook for Employers,"
Extent Vols. 1-2
EEOC, "Toward Job Equality for Women"
USCSC, "A Guide for Affirmative Action"
"The EEO Act of 1972"
EEOC letters
EEOC Report, Railroad Commission, 1979-1980
Air Control Board
Department of Agriculture and EEO:
Texas Department of Agriculture, "Affirmative Action Plan"
"Texas Agriculture," November 1977
Adjutant General
Attorney General
Auditor, "Audit Report: The Senate and the House of Representatives of the State of Texas," 1975
Bank and Finance Committees
Texas Board of Control and EEO:
"State Board of Control: Affirmative Action Plan," March 15, 1974
"Board of Control: Compliance Review Take Away Package," August 22, 1975
"State Building Construction Administrative Act"
"Selling to the State of Texas"
EEO, Barber Board
EEO, Colleges and Universities
Commission for the Blind
EEO and Coordinating Board, Texas College and University System, Coordinating Board of Higher Education
EEO and State Comptroller, "Job Analysis Report, part I," September 1976
EEO, ethnic and statistical breakdown on employment
EEO and State Comptroller's Office:
Comptroller of Public Accounts
EEO, determinations of conciliation
EEO master file
EEO and Texas Department of Community Affairs
2.325/F287 (05303291) Lloyd Bentsen
Attorney General's opinion, executive officers vs. elected officers
Campaign contributions, 1982
Miscellaneous, "House of Representatives: Rules of Procedure, 68th Legislature"
HB 1048 by T. Smith
Miscellaneous papers concerning education, Newsweek cover story: "Why Teachers Fail: How to Make Them Better," September 24, 1984
68S454, Rep. Ragsdale
68S699 (1), Rep. Peveto
HB 440, Texas Horse Racing Act
Texas Legislative Black Caucus papers:
Ms. Phyllis Otero Armijo
Standing House Committee charges, September 1983
Removing the prohibition against compensation for trustees of independent school districts:
HB 213, Removing Prohibition on School Trustees Compensation
HB 264, Removing Prohibition on School Trustees Compensation
Past versions and resource materials
Pages from Life, cover story: "Guns Are Out of Control" April 1982,
2.325/F288 (05299048) Redistricting:
Redistricting press
Green proposal
Senate district maps and figures
R67R134, Ragsdale
House bills relating to redistricting
Gaston Plan
Congressional districts
Davis/Jackson Plan
Dallas County maps
Regions, compacts, and district requests
LULAC Plan, Dallas, 16 members
Black politics, national
Statewide demographics: age, race, ethnicity, sex
I-65, Lyon
I-66, Lyon
I-68, 16 members best attempt
Redistricting papers:
Bullock's House Plan
Regions, compacts, and districts, committee notes
2.325/F289 (05299059) News clippings
Census tract information on Dallas, Tarrant and surrounding counties
"Committee on Regions, Compacts, and Districts: Interim Report to the 68th Texas Legislature"
67S452, Ragsdale
Representative Ragsdale
Ragsdale amendment to SB 1
Ragsdale/Smith committee substitute amendment
Ragsdale/Valles amendment
HB 1529
Legal opposition, Justice Department pre-clearance
Ragsdale/Smith amendment
Redistricting papers:
Steve Bickerstaff, "Reapportionment by State Legislatures: A Guide for the 1980s"
Clayton House Plan
Hobby Senate Plan
Census Tract map, Dallas County
Ragsdale Plan, incumbent plan B
Ragsdale/Smith Comp. C54
Representative Ragsdale
2.325/F290 (05303350) Regions, compacts and districts:
Dallas Plan as passed
Miscellaneous papers:
Texas Research League, "Program Accountability in Texas State Government"
"Summary of the 1984 Annual Financial Report, State of Texas"
"Advice for Sale: State Use of Professional Services"
Trends, Fall 1984
The Texas Observer, January 11, 1985
TAPA, The Ledger, September 1984
Black media list
Royce Clay
B-05-, Paul Ragsdale
Redistricting and miscellaneous
Ragsdale, 16 member plan
Mexican-American Caucus
Education, TEA
Horse racing, parimutuel betting
Blue Law
Child abuse
Education, committee resumes
Affirmative Action Plan, Robert S. Calvert, Comptroller of Public Accounts, November 1973
B-11-, Paul Ragsdale
Indigent Health Care
2.325/F291 (05298974) "Governor's Advisory Committee on Education: Report and Recommendations," June 1980
Texas Education Agency Depository Contract System: bank detail in routing order
Letters from school teachers
Environment, Department of Corrections
Shirley Blacknold, #343472
Research papers
HB 1339, relating to public school programs providing compensatory and remedial instruction, alternative education, and tutorial services and to salaries and salary supplements for teachers who participate in those programs
Paul Ragsdale: House Public Education Committee, 2:00 pm Reagan Building, Room 104 Tuesday, April 23, 1985,
"An Interim Report on the Implementation of Chapter 1," Children's Defense Fund
Chavkin and Williams, Jr., "Executive Summary of the Final Report: Parent Involvement in Education Project," November 1985
Steve Brensen, 4608 Mt. Vernon, Austin, Texas, 78741:
HB 72 and HB 1339, education
69R4220, Rep. Ragsdale, 417-D
Dallas politics
Schools, Paul's district
Minority Business Enterprises
2.325/F292 (05298985) Housekeeping Resolution, 68th Legislature
Committees, 68th Legislature
Committee assignments by committee
Letters received from notables, 1983
Requests for biographical information on Paul
Received from Mexican-American Caucus
Requests for information
Letters received from notables, 1984
HB 297, relating to the authorization of a savings and loan association as a depository for funds of an independent school district
HB 791, city authority to establish program to increase minority contracting
HB 2201, relating to state contracts with land purchases from small businesses, including those owned by minority group members
69R 3142, Rep. Ragsdale 417-D, HB 791, relating to adoption of programs by political subdivisions to increase participation by minority business enterprises in contract awards
HB 1936
69R 3975 Rep. Ragsdale 417-D HJR 56
69R 5288 Rep. Ragsdale 417-D HR 230, Aide to Africa Resolution
69R 4699 Rep. Ragsdale 417-D HR 203 "Operation Home Free"
69R 5997 Rep. Ragsdale 417-D
Dallas transportation
HB 297, Ragsdale, relating to the authorization of a savings and loan association as a depository for funds of an independent school district January 10, 1985,
Investment/Public funds
Paul Ragsdale, House Public Education Committee, 2:00 pm, Reagan Building, Room 101 Tuesday, April 2, 1985,
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and EEO:
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
TPWD employment information
EEOC charge of discrimination, employer, TPWD complainant, Ms. Mary P. Kirksey
Dallas County, EEO, Attorney General's opinion
EEO, Dallas County MHMR
City of Dallas, EEO
Dallas, city
EEO, Dallas County
EEO analysis sheets
76 EEO-4 analysis
EEO analysis worksheets
Model letter for EEO-4 and Attorney General's opinion
2.325/F293 (05303316) EEOC:
Commentary, language changes, and related materials
Individual complaints
Minority resource and recruitment manual
Justice suits
Bill Nunnellee case
Model AAP, Harvard
Model conciliation agreement
Newspaper articles
Ragsdale, political science project
EEO-4 position analysis worksheet
EEO program, Sam Houston State University
Sam Houston, EEO suit
EEO rules and regulations
Senate Banking Department
Pardons and paroles
Merit System Council
Library and History Committee
Legislative Budget Board
Legislative Council
Labor statistics
Industrial accident bid
House of Representatives:
EEO, House
HB 139, amendments from 63rd Legislature, EEO file
EEO Affirmative Action Plan for the House of Representatives
2.325/F294 (05303269) Governor's office
General Land Office
Veteran's Affairs
Turnpike Authority
Department of Human Resources
Real Estate Commission
Railroad Commission
Consumer Credit Commission
Secretary of State
Securities Board
Recommended State Board of Education candidates
House Public Education Committee, February 6, 20, 27, March 6, 1985
Legislature on Education
Legislative Education Board
2.325/F295 (05303258) Education
House Public Education/Subcommittee on Teaching Profession, joint meeting, January 1984
Transitional School Board
Education, miscellaneous
Governor's Education Amendments
Texas Educational Agency, 1983-1984 budget tax data
HB 72
68S 699, 1 and 2
Education reform background materials:
HB 7, HB 11
House Public Education/Senate Education, joint meeting, May 1984
Education Legislation
Roosevelt Jackson, Jr.
2.325/F296 (05304057) House Public Education Committee, April 30, May 1, 1985
Education, HB 297: Savings and Loan Bill
Committee on Public Education:
House Public Education Committee, April 10, 17, 1985
Effects of HB 72
Autism Task Force
School Librarian as Educator
HB 1543, HB 726, HB 299
Equal Employment Opportunity Project, general, 1981:
Proposed suit against the state of Texas
State agencies, overall statistics
Press, 1981, EEO and related articles
Governor's Task Force on Equal Opportunities for Women and Minorities
Department of Health
HB 768
Parks and Wildlife
Texas Rehabilitation Commission
Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation
Alcoholic Beverage Commission
Merit System Council
Correspondence sent
Contract Between Attorney and Client
Civil Subpoena
EEO, individual charges
Department of Human Resources
Resource materials, EEO project, 1981
Correspondence received
Press releases
Anti-discrimination bills
Deep East Texas Council of Governments Economic Development District
Form letters, EEO project, 1982
SB 345, hand gun legislation
Economic Development Project:
Economic development
Correspondence sent
EEO Conciliation Agreement
Alcoholic Beverage Regulation
2.325/F297 (05303280) Miscellaneous:
HB 292, EEO Division of Labor and Standards
HB 60, 61, 63, 466, 468, 59, 811, 1070, 1262, 1754
Ragsdale substitute for SB 1
Maps, bills
Correspondence, 1981
HB 328, relating to prevention of certain discriminatory practices in employment and creating the EOD or Department of Labor and Standards
East Texas Project, 1981
Texas OMBE
HB 1647, relating to the prevention of certain discriminatory employment practices
HB 293, Human Relations Commission
Ragsdale, HB 120, 121, 1228
Equal Employment Opportunity
2.325/F298 (05303349) House bills:
HB 1223-1228, 2088, Equal Opportunity
HB 1080, utilities
HB 1225
Interest rate bill, HB 1228, 67th legislature
HB 1848, Surplus Property Bond Bill
Miscellaneous, including Police Corps, Mr. Roosevelt Jackson
Committee on State, Federal, International Relations
Voting Rights Act information:
Extension, 1975
Act, 1965
Analysis, 1975 extension
Press releases
Relating to the election of the Board of Trustees of certain school districts; adding section 23.022 to chapter 23 of the Texas Educational Code, as amended:
HB 562
Past versions and resource materials
68R 5457
Relating to the designation of certain public school administrators as deputy voter registrars:
Voter registration of high school students
HB 210, school administrator as voter registrar
2.325/F299 (05303360) Human rights/relations:
Human Relations Commission
HRC bill as amended
Kentucky Commission on HR
Ragsdale house bill no. 122
HB 1052
Second called session, 67th Legislature
HB 334, relating to prevention of certain discriminatory practices in employment and creating a human relations division of the Department of Labor and Standards
Ragsdale biography and campaign materials
HCR 110
News clippings, Ragsdale
Honors and awards, Ragsdale
Parole Board
Gun control articles
HB 1848
Ragsdale campaign materials
Ragsdale campaign literature
Notes, miscellaneous, 1972
Single member districts
Black elected officials
Amendment 1, Texas Legislature
Dallas residence requirement
Miscellaneous, gun control, greast treasury giveaway
House administration, "Austerity Recommendations," plus draft
Census and election data, February 1982
East Texas Project
Ragsdale campaign materials
Address listings, workshop participants, Black activists
News clippings concerning Ragsdale
News clippings
2.325/F300 (05303327) Prairie View A&M University:
Dallas hotel and motel tax ordinance, 1977
Subcommittee Invest, organizational meeting
Budget analysis
Housing finance, state agency
Student affairs
Curriculum Sub-committee
Correspondence from President A. I. Thomas
WAER scandal
Financial statements and data sheets
Miscellaneous, 1984
Financial reports
Attorney General opinion requests
C. T. Stubblefield
Requests for information
Enrollment and dormitory occupancy
News clippings on Prairie View
Student Activities Subcommittee
Course analysis
Centennial Council report
Press releases
Student financial aids
Federal funding sources
Water supply controversy
Jordan Committee report
Appropriations Bill, general provision, 1970-1971
Admissions information
Bond analysis
Extra staff reports
Cash management
Institutional reports
Correspondence to committee
Internal correspondence, full committee
Staff report, FA and GOP Sub-committee
Committee information
Expenditure analysis
Testimony HB 778
Prairie View investigation, 1974
Prairie View vs. A&M proposals
2.325/F301 (05303338) Bills introduced by Rep. Paul Ragsdale
HCR 113
Parks and Wildlife Conciliation Agreement
Mailing list
Poll locations
Education legislation newsclippings, 1984
Education legislation, HB 72
Metroplex News and Dallas Weekly
Newspaper clippings:
Vending machines
Food stamps
Banking and interest rates
Black Chamber of Commerce
Office administration, status reports
Political convention
Plato Crayton, assistant administrator
Precinct maps
Press releases, 1974:
East Texas Project
Paul Ragsdale
Political organizations
Push for excellence
Pylon Salesmanship Club
Redistricting, census data
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1982
News clippings
Ray Williams
Harris/Tarrant Counties, name and address files
Medical malpractice
Regions, Compacts and Districts Committee:
February 8, 1977
2.325/F302 (05303270) Public school finance
Business and Industry Committee:
Appropriate matters
SB, minority business
Legislation, final action report on bills sent to governor
Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce
Malpractice TTLA
Inter-Tribal Council
Judiciary, 1973-1974
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Legislative pay raise
News clippings concerning Ragsdale
Exhibits F-3 through X
Exhibits Y, F-2, B
Prairie View A&M
Office administration, personnel forms
News clippings, Paul Ragsdale, East Texas Project
Pardons and parole
Articles on parole system
Press release, 1976
Real Estate Board
Press release, 1976-1977
Press releases, food stamps, 1974
2.325/E485 (05298806) Irene M. Young
November-December 1979
Paul Ragsdale, Personnel
East Texas Project, B-2-47
EEO: Equal Employment Opportunities
East Texas Project, status reports
September correspondence
Voting Rights Act
Joseph L. Watson
William M. Glenn
Waldon Watson
Education, EEO
EEOC ordinances and related materials
George Wilson
Correspondence, August 1979
Democratic State Convention, September 10-11, 1982
Dallas Block Pac
Fundraiser, 1980
Pylon Salesmanship Club
Noble Poindexter
Political committees
Resource list
Region and Compact Committee
Redistricting, court cases, congressional redistricting
Peter McKnight, campaign folder
Mr. Winston McNut and Son
Mrs. Howard Lewis, ref. Chriss Lewis
Lester DenWitty
Constituent, Willie L. Graham
Handgun legislation
Shirley Harper
Lt. Governor Hobby campaign
Berry Hattly, Jr.
School board suit, Paris, Texas
68th Legislative Session
State Affairs Committee, sub-title: Budget Oversight
Subcommittee for State Affairs
Special session, 1982
Angela Stone, ref. Earnest Evans
Employment opportunities
2.325/E486 (05298715) Dallas Alliance
State appointments, under Black Caucus
Minority business
HCR 86
Texas office, EEO
Democratic primary election, 1982
Minority businesses: study, legislative efforts
State employment information
EEO statistics, 1979
EEO statistics and data
Summary sheets
EEO-TEA Affirmative Action
Texas office of EEO
University of Texas
Active file
Contacts, notes
Paul Ragsdale
Josephine G. Gutterrez
Ruby Evans
Asadi Shamfideen
Claude Maples
Helen Jester
Lewis Mary
Birdie Houston
Willie Franklin
Nepha Webb
Porter Renfro
2.325/E487 (05298817) The arts
Edward Brown, Sr., Dallas
Biographical data concerning Paul Ragsdale
Board of directors
Black bank
Campaign contributions and expenditures, January 1980
Campaign transportation
Coalition of Black Democrats, speech
Campaign forms
Black Chamber of Commerce
Census information, 1979-1980
EEO, City of Dallas
Governor Bill Clements
Correspondence 1981
4449, Walk maps
Democratic candidates, 1984
Community College District
County Hospital District
Housing Authority
Chamber of Commerce
William R. Conley
Equal Opportunity Employment
Barbara Collins Ellis
Forest Ave. retail study
Edith Fontenot
Evelyn Green
House study group, affirmative action
Alvin Hughes
Invitations, 1979
Congressman Martin Frost
Media mailing list
Minority precincts in DISD
Mexican American Caucus
News releases for week of August 23-29, 1981
Newspaper articles, 1979
News clippings, redistricting
Newsletter, "For the People"
2.325/E488 (05299026) Prison letters
Police review board
Precinct chairpersons
Press releases of local interest
Redistricting: Dallas County Plan, Ragsdale Plan, adopted by the Legislative Redistricting Board
Redistricting Plan: Ragsdale, Smith, August 4-6, 1981
Redistricting, Regions, Compacts and Districts
Regional Transportation Council
Texas Peace Officers Association
Ray L. Williams
Voting Rights Workshop, October 1980
Characteristics of housing and population records
Census data
Robertson County
Robertson County reapportionment suit
Grimes County
Hopkins County
East Texas Project, Houston County
Jasper County
Jefferson County
Kaufman County
Lamar County
Lee County
Leon County
Liberty County
Limestone County, East Texas Project
Madison County
Marlin City Charter information
Angelina County census maps
Austin County
Bastrop County
2.325/E489 (05298726) Bastrop County
Bowie County
Brazos County
Camp County
Chambers County
Cherokee County
Colorado County
Falls County
Fort Bend County
Freestone County
Frio County
Galveston County
Gregg County
Anderson County
Angelina County census data
East Texas:
Population and ethnic data
Press releases
Project, school population 1973-1974
Citizens League
Project, school population 1974-1975
Texas Black Legislators, 1900
State employees
State Board of Barber Examiners
HB 256, Administration of Family Law
Texas Black Caucus
Speaking engagements
Dallas County, reapportionment
Austin Community Radio Station
Austin, election precincts
Black Caucus, 1973-1975, 1977
Campaign Committee
Black colleges
Campaign, 1976
Campaign materials, financial statement, 1974
Campaign materials, election returns
Campaign, 1974
2.325/E490 (05298781) Cathy A. Abbott
City of Dallas
Governor Anderson
Martin Frost campaign
Rep. Paul Ragsdale: reports, record of accomplishments
Frances Watkins, Mr. Davis
Legislative session, 1982
Christian Science Monitor and Jacksonville Daily Progress
Components of an effective EEO Program
Correspondence, 1977-1978
Copies of letters, 1975
Campaign materials
Carbon copies of letters from this office, 1977
Copy correspondence, 1976
Carter/Mondale campaign material
Consent decrees: Justice Department (EEO) settlement with state agencies
Consumer protection
Chamber of Commerce
Dallas County
Dallas County Community College District
EEO, Dallas County Community College District and Dallas/Fort Worth Regional Airport Board
Dallas/Fort Worth Regional Airport
DISD: Board members' failure to satisfy residency requirements
Precinct list
Miscellaneous clippings
Delegation, 1975
Dallas County Sheriff Association
Urban League
Day care
Oliver Lee Davis
Petition for the freedom of Oliver Lee Davis
District project
Duties of County Commissioner's Court
Dress code amendments to City of Dallas' Public Accommodation Ordinance
Eloise Campos
Economic development
East Texas Legal Services Project
Effective campaign techniques, including workshop
Editorials, out-going news reports
Employment opportunities
2.325/U1 (05298941) Campaign scheduling
Media information
Church list
Message of reminder to vote
Freeman Companies rental agreement
Media, Post Tribune: Ragsdale
Telephone bank call sheets
Walk list, CC
Media, Dallas Examiner and Elite News
Letters to media
Message of reminders for voters on election day
Maps of precincts
Telephone bank call sheets
Campaign volunteers
North Texas Abortion Rights Action League, political campaign vols.
Message for telephone bank volunteers
Volunteers list
Contract labor agreement, campaign workers
Campaign press
Election State Rep. District 110, Reed and Rose vs. Ragsdale 1982:
Campaign material, 1982
Steering Committee list
Telephone bank call sheets
Paul Ragsdale
Contract labor agreement
Polling locations
Correspondence, June-November 1986
Invitations, 1986
District Office files
Invitations, Ragsdale
Economic development, employment data
Smith County redistricting materials:
New, improved county plan
Republican plan, Chamblee Plan
Population data
Tyler City Council
Taylor County
2.325/U2 (05297767) Waller County materials:
Maps, miscellaneous
Voter registration
East Texas Project
Washington County
Wharton County
Upshur County
Selected counties: statistical breakdowns
Miscellaneous maps and precinct information
East Texas Project: articles, status reports
Voting Rights Act (extension), East Texas Project
Reapportionment, 64th legislature
Grimes County law suit
Burleson County law suit
Walker County law suit
East Texas Project, general
Power of attorney forms
County Commissioners lawsuit
East Texas, blank analysis sheets
Correspondence: request and replies, redistricting information, East Texas Project
Midland County
East Texas Project, Nacogdoches
Navarro County
Newton County
Panola County
Polk County
2.325/U3 (05298963) Potter County
Red River County
Marion County
Matagorda County
McLennan County
Harrison County:
Judge Stokes plan
Ragsdale proposed plan
Miscellaneous information
Analysis of present plan, ED map, population data sheet
Miscellaneous maps
Press releases, 1979
Committee work, reapportionment, 1975
Dallas elected officials
Voting Rights Act
Travis County redistricting
Port Arthur Police Department, policy
Dallas Housing Authority
Texas Civil Liberties Union
Dallas desegregation
Special Projects Fund
Speaker of the House
Southern Regional Council
Frank Robinson
Press releases, 1974, 1976
Employment, full; Employment Act
Education, discrimination
Voter Education Project
SB 300 concerning voter registration
Volunteer deputy registrars
Voting Rights Act
Merit system reports
Insurance, no fault
Prison mail
2.325/U4 (05297789) Gubernatorial appointments
Gilford V. Trinity County
Equal Rights Act
Equal Rights Amendment
Employment, state unemployment
Open records
Full employment:
HB 731
Texas Full Employment Act
HB 2090, Full Employment Bill
Single-member districts, school
SMD Dallas County Community College District
SMD, Dallas Hospital District
Texas universities
HB 1990
Press releases for 1974, 1975, 1979
Prison mail
Dallas City Council
Texas Democratic Party
Dallas County Commissioners
Dallas Community College District
Dallas City, Single Members District
Committee on Constitutional Revision
Board and commission appointments
Black history
Black elected officials
Resolutions, commemorative
Dallas County, EEO
Dallas Agency on Aging
Campaign literature and newsletters
2.325/U5 (05297756) Miscellaneous correspondence, printed material
East Texas Legal Services, Inc.
News clippings concerning Ragsdale, issues
News clippings
Mailing list
Thomas Edward Neal
Jamerson, Bobbie
Salvation Army Center/Discrimination Case
Payne, Edward
Clarence Killian
Council of Governments newsletter
Texas Research League, Texas State Finance newsletter/schools
O. T. Griffin, Jr.
House Study Group
Employment opportunities
Editorials, out-going newsletters
Christmas cards, 1981
Correspondence, January 1980
Campaign literature, George Strake
Census data
Bob Bush: Christmas poem to all good Democrats
Campaign funding
Mailing list newsletter
Southern Regional Education
State government EEO
State Fair
Correspondence, May-December 1980
2.325/U6 (05298919) Correspondence, February-April 1980
Highlights of NAACP History, 1909-1973;National Roster of Black Elected Officials, Vol. II, 1981
Directory of Black Businesses in Dallas, Prairie View A&M 1976-1977,
"Resolution of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Board, Commending State Legislators…, 1985"
Newspaper clippings: Austin American Statesman,Dallas Morning News,Houston Chronicle/Houston Post,Dallas Times Herald
News articles concerning discrimination, employment, Ragsdale


Accession 2015-229 (Stored off-site)

2015-229/1 Handwritten notes, 1967-1971 and undated
Articles and clippings, 1959-1976, 1997-2002 and undated
2015-229/2 "The Grassroots" newsletter, October 1971-March 1972
Correspondence, 1968-1979, 2000-2005
Campaign and political materials, 1973-1986
Crossroads Community Center,
"An Evaluative Profile of the Crossroads Community Center and Operation of Can-Do as Related to the Department of Urban Rehabilitation" summary and memos, 1969
Correspondence and notes relating to "An Evaluative Profile of the Crossroads Community Center and Operation Can-Do as Related to the Department of Urban Rehabilitation," 1969
Crossroads Community Center interview instructions and forms, 1969
Diagnostic survey, 1969
Data collection instruments, 1969-1970
Crossroads Community Center, 1969-1971
2015-229/3 Crossroads Community Center articles and reports, 1969-1972
City of Dallas memos, 1969-1972
Crossroads Community Center, 1969-1972
SMU Institute of Urban Studies Crossroads Community Medical Study, 1970
Community Service Centers Board by-laws, 1970
Diagnostic survey and critique, 1970
Reporting of monitoring and evaluation of Crossroads Community Center, 1970
Crossroads Community Center Board by-laws, committees etc., 1970-1971
Goals for Crossroads, poverty- what is it? Etc., 1970-1971
Second Crossroads report, "Crossroads Community Center- Community Control vs. a Controlled Community," 1970-1971
Crossroads Community Center articles and clippings, 1970-1971
Crossroads Community Center news articles, 1970-1972
Crossroads Community Center memos and letters, 1970-1972
Crossroads Community Center board of directors, 1971
Goals for Crossroads, 1971
Goals- originals, 1971
Planning and evaluation role and objectives, 1971
Crossroads Community Center clippings, 1971
Crossroads Community Center election results, July 1971
Crossroads Complaint forms and notes, 1971
Crossroads planning and evaluation outreach/followup proposed budgets, 1971-1972
Goals for Crossroads, undated
Goals- originals and worksheets, undated
Crossroads Community Center interim core services program, undated
Forms and questionnaires, undated
Necessity for competent research and evaluation, undated
Goals for Crossroads Community Center, undated
Can-Do project
Can-Do interviews and forms, 1969-1970
Can-Do project, 1970
Can-Do investigative Committee, 1970
Contractor complaints, phase I withdrawal, 1970
2015-229/4 Contractors (phase II), 1970
Operation Can-do, 1970
Can-Do program, 1970-1971
Maxine and James Reese, 1969-1970
Don Chambers, 1970
Pleas Wash, 1970
Jesse James, 1970
Mrs. Birdie Hawthorne, 1970
Mrs. O. M. Goss, 1970
Andy Anderson, 1970
D. M. Chambers, 1970
Stanley Gaines, 1970-1971
Ester Lee Morgan, 1971
Ella Mae Jackson, 1971
Can-Do complaints, 1971
Advent of single-member districts for Jacksonville, TX, 1976
Minority Enterprises Inc. 406 grant application, 1971
Job descriptions, 1969
A Study of the Neighborhood Center Pilot Program, 1969
The Dynamics of Community Controversy, undated
Black rage, undated
Memberships (boards, commissions, committees etc.), 1965-1970
Community Organization, 1969-1970
DAME study of the extent of non-white businesses, 1971
Speeches, 1984 and undated
Ordinance to establish Office of Community Service Centers Dallas, September 1970
Report on the status of civil rights in Texas, 1968-1978
Research reports and notes, 1967
Notes on neighborhood center pilot program evaluation, 1970
Research, 1969
Procedures, 1970
Annual report police department Dallas, 1970
Is job discrimination a myth?, 1970
Peoples United Front by-laws, undated
People's United Front, 1971
City Politics, Activists etc., 1970-1972
ETEX project, 1976-1978
South Dallas Planning and Steering Committee, 1971
Board reports, 1969-1970
Research material, 1959-1969
Proposed black leadership conference, undated
A report of the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization, 1970
Institutional racism in America, undated
Goals for South Dallas, 1970
Housing discrimination lawsuits (Chuck Troupe), 1970
The White Problem, undated
Highway 352 and Fair Park, 1969-1971
Highway 352 Negro Chamber of Congress, 1971
A profile of the American Negro, 1969
Jacksonville, Texas Independent School District, 2000-2001
South Dallas Planning Committee, 1971
Examination of the War on Poverty, U.S. Senate, March 1969
Advisory Committee meetings, 1970
Central records, 1969
Linkage document, undated
Advocate of program action, 1969
Community organization, 1969-1971
2500 Block Peabody St., 1970-1971
City/County employment by ethnicity (SCLC), 1969
CAA planning, 1969-1970
City planning, 1970
Dallas development, 1968-1971
Housing discrimination, 1970
2015-229/5 Assorted papers, 1958-2000
CD of "The Escorts," undated
(2 disks)
(Note: Paul Ragsdale was a member of the band The Escorts from 1964-1967)
DVD of The Escorts 40th Anniversary reunion, 2006
(Note: Paul Ragsdale was a member of the band The Escorts from 1964-1967)
The White Problem, undated
Why Black Power? By Joseph R. Barndt, 1968
Paul B. Ragsdale: An Oral History Interview conducted by Bonnie A. Lovell, 2002


Stored on-site at Sid Richardson Hall

3Y550 Photographs
Legislative Black Caucus, February 15, 1973
Honoring World Heavyweight Champion George Foreman, February 1973
Representative Craig Washington, Matt Garcia (San Antonio) and Ragsdale, [ca. 1970s]
Paul Ragsdale and Jimmy Carter, [ca. 1970s]
Assorted photos of Ragsdale and others, [ca. 1970s]
James E. "Pete" Laney and Paul Ragsdale, 1999
2.325/V10 Photocopies from Tyler Morning Telegraph, February 1993-May 1994
Census tract map of Dallas, 1960
Census tract map of Dallas, 1970
Proposed planning and evaluation process, 1969