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A Guide to the Elmer Harrison Johnson Papers, 1906-1950.

Descriptive Summary

Creator Johnson, Elmer Harrison
Title: A Guide to the Elmer Harrison Johnson Papers,
Dates: 1906-1950.
Abstract The papers of Elmer Harrison Johnson consist of his life research on Texas natural resources and his career as a geographer.
Extent: 21 ft.
Language Materials are in English.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Born near Preston, Missouri, on September 8, 1893, Elmer Harrison Johnson went on to earn a B.S. from Southwest Missouri State College in 1917. After working in military intelligence during World War I, he studied with noted mineral resources expert C.K. Leith at the University of Wisconsin, where Johnson earned a Ph.M. in 1921. He continued his education at a variety of institutions, including the University of Chicago, Clark University, the University of Missouri, and Harvard University. In 1925 Johnson moved to College Station, Texas, to become a geography instructor at Texas A&M University, but in 1927 he moved to the University of Texas at Austin to become an industrial geographer and economist with the Bureau of Business Research. He devoted his life to the study of Texas natural resources and was a staunch supporter of industrial development in the state. He died on June 15, 1947, and is buried in Austin.

Scope and Contents

Papers relate to the career of Johnson (1893-1947), industrial economist and geographer with the University of Texas Bureau of Business Research and staff member of Texas Business Review, and concern his research and writing on natural resources, industrialization, physiography, geology and metallurgy as well as Texas and the Southwest. Included are speeches, articles, lecture notes, reports, proceedings, press releases, and newspaper clippings.



Papers are arranged by natural resource, and by published articles and clippings, and also include maps.


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Hill, Robert T.
Johnson, Elmer Harrison
Marbut, Curtis Fletcher.
Chemists and chemistry
Geology and geologists
Mines and mining
UT Bureau of Business Research.

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Elmer Harrison Johnson Papers, 1906-1950, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of Papers

2J48 (3419874) Classified files:
B. H. Weil's papers on plastic and products from petroleum, 1941-1946
Papers on synthetic resins and plastics, 1939-1945
Foreign trade in chemicals, 1940-1946
Chemical industry in Texas and Southwest, 1937-1946
Chemical industry, 1943-1946
Texas regions
Notes on human geography
2J49 (3419863) Industrial development in the Far East, 1934
MacGregor, the evaluation of industry
Olive oil in Italy, 1935
Fats and their uses, 1935
Vegetable oils:
Vegetable oils
Margarine industry
Dairying and margarine industry
Vegetable oils and animal fats
Soy beans
Printed material
Tin and rare metals, 1936-1937
Economics of aluminum industry, 1936
Economic history
Economic change
The chemical industry
Mining industry
Textile industry
The geographic basis of the Lancashire cotton industry
Early English cotton industry
Textile industry of New England
The Mather lecture
2J50 (4272410) New frontiers
American industry, general sketch
Periods of economic history
United States population
American industries' foreign plants, April 29, 1928
Outline for the study of industries
Ten biggest industries in the United States, 1927-1935
Centralization of decentralization
Regional competition and shifts in industry
Industries in cities, 1935-1936
Industrial migration
Location of industry
Wood and pulp
Cellulose as a raw material
Summary of synthetic fibers, 1943-1945
Articles on cellulose plastics, 1938-1945
Rayon, 1935-1946
2J51 (4272421) Sugar
Textile industry and chemicals consumed therein, 1937-1945
Leather industry and chemicals used in the leather industry, 1944-1948
Essential dyestuffs and dyes
Notes on physical geography and geographic geology
West Texas historical development:
Clippings on McKenzie, 1935-1937
Clippings on West Texas in general, 1935-1937
Historical sites in West Texas, clippings, 1935-1938
Barbed wire, 1931
Miscellaneous clippings, articles and pamphlets
2J52 (4267556) Frontier experiences
Newspaper clippings of articles by Robert T. Hill, 1934-1939
Early transportation in Texas
Archeology and ethnology:
Indians of Gulf Southwest
Texas history notes
Geology notes and articles, including petroleum industry and conservation
2J53 (3419138) Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies
North America
Notes on Mexico by R. T. Hill
Outline of geography in America
Dr. Snider's lectures, 1944-1945
Dr. Snider's lectures, 1945
Canada and Alaska
Mexico and Central America
2J54 (4267523) Texas summary: industry
Essentials of natural regions of Texas
Geographic dispersion of industry
Notes on North America
Chemicals used in pulp and paper industry
Geological section of Texas
Economics of Kraft paper industry
2J55 (4267512) Comparative view of natural resources in Texas
Pulp and paper industry
Pulp and paper industry of southeastern United States
Chemical revolution
Economic development in Texas
Dr. C. F. Marbut's lectures on soil processes, soils, and soil regions:
Lectures I-XIV
2J56 (4267534) Lectures XV-XVIII, XXII-XXX
Notes on regional geography
Cretaceous period
Newspaper clippings, 1931-1936
Newspaper clippings, 1931-1937
2J57 (4267567) Exam questions
Questions on Zimmerman
Notes on soils
Notes on evaluation of culture
Dr. Snider's 1944 lectures
Growth of the corporate form in manufacturing
Wheat granaries of the world
Mexico, 1906
Texas industry, history, culture, geology, geography
Growth of commerce
Typescripts of articles from The Nation
2J58 (4267545) Perspective elements of the world economic structure
Credit system development
World industries and commerce
Area and population
Industrial revolution
World economic development
The gold problem
Economics and government
The Sherman Act
"The Economic Consequences of a German Victory" and "Modern Geography and World Economy"
General perspective of the world economy
The war and its economic aspects
World economics vs. national policies
Industrialization and the capitalist system
World economy
Newspaper clippings
World combinations
"Behind the World Economic Upheaval" and "Reviving our trade--Some Basic Facts"
Unilever group
The sugar beet
The sugar refining industry
2J59 (3419852) Lecture notes on Brazil; book review concerning Russia
Last lectures of Clark: soils
Human geography of mountains
American Sugar Refining Co.
Human geography of cities
History of geography
"Raising the Price of Wheat: A Problem for Many Nations," by Francis Delaisi
"Too Much Wheat: A Great World Dilemma," by Delaisi
Livestock industry
Brazil and Chile
Essential characteristics of United States climates
2J60 (4267625) "Agricultural Regions of Europe," by Olof Jonasson
European agriculture, 1800-1900
Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru
Venezuela and Columbia
Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay
Brazil and Chile
Latin America
Modern economic science
Australia and New Zealand
Political geography of Europe
2J61 (4267501) Robert T. Hill's notes, lectures, correspondence, newspaper clippings
Notes and articles on soils
Manuscripts and clippings on soils
Newspaper clippings and transcripts concerning Texas history
Manuscripts, notes, and printed material concerning economics
Mexico and the Maya country
2J62 (4267614) Notes and lectures on Trans-Pecos area
A sketch of Dr. C. F. Marbut; notes on soils
Newspaper clippings and typescripts concerning Texas history
Typescripts, clippings, and printed material on population
Geology and geography
Geologic uplifts and subsidences
Mountain systems of Texas
Geographic features of Texas
Geographic geology
Geographic and geologic notes on Texas
Pioneering for deep water on Texas plains
Irrigation in Texas-New Mexico region
Underground water of arid regions
2J63 (4267636) Clippings and notes on Texas regions
Clippings on Texas regions
Humble relief map prints of Texas regions
"Geography of Texas: A Supplement to Maury's Manual of Geography"
Manuscripts by Edwin Gay on business and economics; New York Times clippings
Stone Age
Red River investigations
2J64 (4267647) Various notes and typescripts concerning geology
Dr. Marbut's notes and lectures on soils
Clippings on petroleum industry, etc.
Clippings on geology by Robert T. Hill
Biographical sketch of John Wesley Powell; articles concerning geology
Clippings and notes by R. T. Hill on Texas history and geology
Balcones Fault
Trinity of Texas
Notes and clippings on the Santa Fe Expedition
Clippings on Texas history by R. T. Hill
Clipping and typescript on frontier forts
Clippings on Fort Concho
Texas, Past and Present
Notes and correspondence on general geology
Southern California, re: geology
Geological and cultural observations
2J65 (4267603) Climate
Agricultural problems of Europe
World agricultural policies and conditions
Manuscript, lecture, clippings on Southwest Border Region
East Texas and Coastal Plain, re: geology
Manuscript and typescript on Southwest Border Region and deserts
Clippings concerning history and geography of Southwest
Story of the Crow Indians
2J66 (4267669) American economic history
European economic history
European agriculture, economics, geography, climate, etc.
A Journey Through Texas…, 1857
Clippings and typescripts on Texas history, mainly about Indians
2J67 (4267590) The Mediterranean
South America
Brazil and Argentina
The furniture industry
Mountains, rivers, deserts in Texas, Mexico, and California
Clippings on Texas history, geology, etc.
2J68 (4267589) Typescripts of magazine articles on international relations
United States economic policy
Colonial problems
United States politics and the United States economy
The Americas and the New Pacific
Population development, wheat production, and wheat trade of the world
Main features in the development of industrialization before the World War (I)
Lecture notes on free trade
Lecture notes concerning trade and World War I and post-war period
Anthropology lecture notes
Geology lecture notes
Geology and science notes, clippings, miscellaneous
2J69 (4267680) Resources
Gestalt concept, example: transportation
The environment
Flow and fund resources
The arts
Agents of production
Concept of energy
Social aspects
Resources and resistance
Distribution of resources
England's economy
The South
Industrial agglomeration
The hierarchy of minerals and agriculture
Evolutionary social genetics
Pent-up vs. expansive social groups
Europe compared to the United States
The United States during the 20th century
The two Europes
The two Europes within the United States
The Rio Grande embayment
Running the canyons of the Rio Grande
Trans-Pecos Texas
Economic progress
Population and international trade
International price movements and the conditions of agriculture in non-tropical countries
The agricultural crisis of 1875-1890
West Texas going highbrow
Causes of international depression of agriculture
Agricultural depressions and agricultural tariffs
Expansion of production
Demand factors; accumulation of stocks
Food and population
2J70 (4267691) Economic history of the United States
Passing of Western Expansion
Recent economic changes: historical parallels
Early agriculture
Economic history
Biographical sketch of R. T. Hill
Western Cross Timbers
Soils of Texas
Geology, soils, and botany
The nature of agriculture
Perennials and annuals
Foods and food resources
Fats and oils
Mineral economics
Coal and petroleum
Power industry
The metals
2J71 (4267578) Economic aspects of our forest resources; pulp and paper industry
Natural vegetation of Texas
Industrial expansion in Texas and the Gulf Southwest
Industrial potentialities of Texas
The overland mail
The natural regions of Texas
Regional movements
Ancestral man
Casa Grande
Spanish explorers in Texas
Clippings on Texas history
Clippings on Texas and the Southwest
Red River investigation
The transformation of the desert
2J72 (3417686) Clippings and typescripts on Texas history
Fort Griffin
Clippings on Texas
The Dutch East Indies
Running the canyons of the Rio Grande
Campaigning with MacKenzie
South American industry
Clippings and typescripts on geology
Clippings and typescripts on Texas
Gay-Williamstown Round Table
2J73 (3417653) Cultural anthropology
France and the Low Countries
Typescripts on geography
Typescripts concerning history and economics
2J74 (3419003) Indians in Texas
North America
The reaction of nature to man as illustrated by the North American Indians
Evaluation of culture
South America
2J75 (3419014) Theory of foreign trade
Foreign trade practice
Foreign trade
Exam questions
Soil groups of Europe and Asia
Soils and flora of Europe
Werhli Carte Ethnographique et Lingusitique de L'Europe
2J76 (3419036) Rivers, deserts, water supply
Coal and coke
Coal: its future prospects
Structure of the iron and steel industry
United States coal industry
World coal industry
Modern metals
The new economic order and its problems; land
Texas and the westward march of agricultural and industrial expansion
Flax, jute, tea, coffee
Tin; industrialization; mineral position of the nations
Foods America gave the world
Problem of the origin of the world's agriculture
The world centers of the origin of agriculture and the soil map of the world
The first farmers
Wild progenitors of the fruit trees of Turkestan and the Caucasus and the problem of the origin of fruit trees
Studies in the origin of cultivated plants; the geographic center of the origin of cultivated plants
Mexico and Central America as the principal center of the origin of cultivated crops of the New World
Geographic centers of the origin of cultivated plants
Studies on the origin of cultivated plants
Geographic centers of the origin of cultivated plants
New role of Central Asia in origin of cultivated plants
How cultivated plants originated
A contribution to the classification of Genus Gassypium
The evolution of culture
Nature of man
2J77 (3419047) Asia
Conceptions of man with regard to the races of men; ethnology of Europe, etc.
Ethnology, etc., of Europe
2J78 (3419025) The USSR; Central and Eastern Europe
International trade
Soils of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico
Economic history of the United States
Economic development of the world
Soils of China; Swedish industrial geography
Plant geography
Middle latitudes
High latitudes
Low latitudes
The world citrus situation
Agriculture of Russia
Argentina: production and trade
Plant geography
Larger aspects of United States oil production outside of Texas
Water resources of Texas
2J79 (3417664) The geologic cycle
Texas physiography
Evolution of the continents
Oil geology
Texas geology
Oil producing districts of Texas
Texas oil production
World petroleum industry
2J80 (3417675) Natural resources, science, and industry in world affairs
Texas soils
Pulp and paper industry
A cotton production program in relation to natural regions of Texas

3K105 (4266870) Literary productions:
Alkyd Synthetic Resins and the Field of Protective Organic Coatings
American Prairies
Another Step Forward in the Expanding Chemical Industry in Texas
Arkansas and Louisiana
Bases and Development of Modern Industry
Before the Industrial Revolution
Brief Memorandum on Geography
Brown and Black Soils
California and Rocky Mountain Fields
Chemical Components of Natural Gas
Chemical Composition of Crude Petroleum
Chemical Conversion by High Pressure Synthesis
Chemical Industries in the Post-War World with Particular Reference to Texas
Chemical Industry in Texas
3K106 (4266906) Chemical Industry of Texas
Chemical Plants in Texas and Adjacent States
Coal, Petroleum, and Natural Gas as Sources of Energy and of Chemical Raw Materials
Coastal Plain and East Texas
Crop Reporting Districts of Texas
Dynamic Aspects of Texas Economy
Dynamics in Modern Industry
Economic Development in Texas
Economic Future of Texas
Essentials of Natural Regions of Texas
Essentials of the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Essentials of the Natural Gas Industry
Essentials Toward an Understanding of Texas Economy
Evolution of Modern Petroleum Refining
Evolution of the American Oil Industry
3K107 (4266746) Geo Maverick
Geographic Perspective
Industrial Development in the Southwest
Industrial Expansion in Texas and the Gulf Southwest
Industrial Platform for Texas
Industrial Potential of Texas
Industrial Potential of Texas and the Gulf Southwest
Industrial Potentialities of Texas
Industrial Revolution Comes into the South
Industrialization in the Southeast
Industrialization in the Southwest
Industrialization in the Southwest
Industry Continues Its Trek Southward and Westward
Industry Possibilities in Texas
Industry Possibilities in Texas
3K108 (3416537) Industry possibilities in Texas
Industry Possibilities in Texas
Industry Possibilities in Texas
Industry, the Basic Factor in the World of Tomorrow
Investments in Texas Plants
Key Role of Catalysts
Key Role of Catalysts in the Chemical Industry
Location of Industry
Magnesium Industry
Mid-Continent: Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Kansas
3K109 (3416377) Mid-Continent: Oklahoma and Kansas
Mid-Continent: Pacific Coastal Area
Mid-Continent Region
Migration of Chemical Industries to the Gulf Southwest
Migration of Industries to Texas
Natural Gas and Related Industries
Natural Gas in Texas and the Gulf Southwest
Natural Gas in Texas and the Southwest
Natural Gas Topics
Natural Regions
Natural Resources in World Affairs
Natural Resources, Science and Industry in the Post-War World
Natural Vegetation in Texas
Natural Vegetation in Texas
3K110 (3417085) Naturally Occuring Products vs. Synthetic Substances
Oil and Natural Gas in Texas and the Southwest
Oil in Mexico and Canada
Outline of the Stratigraphy of Texas
Perspective of Natural Resources and Modern Industrialization
Petrochemical Production in Texas and Adjacent States
Petroleum Refining: Technical and Economic Aspects
Physiography of Texas
Physiography of Texas I
Physiography of Texas II
3K111 (4268901) Physiography of Texas III
Position of Texas in the National Picture
Possibilities of Industrial Expansion in Texas
Problems of Post-War World Economy
Professor Dr. Curtis Fletcher Marbut
Purely Synthetic Fibers and the Synthesis of Super-Polymers
Railways and Economic Regions of the United States
Rapidly Expanding New Chemical Industry of Texas and the Gulf Southwest
Rate, Scope, and Some Implications of Industrial Development in the Past 100 Years
Raw Materials Situation of Texas and the Southwest
3K112 (4266768) Raw Materials Situation in Texas Part I
Raw Materials Situation in Texas Part II
Raw Materials Situation in Texas Part III
Recapitulation of Synthetic Resins and Plastics
Recent Growth of Industry in Texas
Recent Industrial Advance in Texas
Red and Yellow Soils
3K113 (4267658) Regional Analysis of Texas: Introductory
Resources Basic to the Chemical Industry in Texas
Rise of the Plastics Industries
Scope of Economic Development in Texas
Sketch of the Early Historical Development of Manufacturing in Texas
Social and Economic Background of Texas
Soil Regions of the United States
Soil Resources and Their Agricultural Utilization
Soil Resources and Their Agricultural Utilization
Soil Resources and Their Agricultural Utilization
3K114 (4266699) Soil Resources and Their Agricultural Utilization
Soils: A Perspective
Soils (Miscellaneous)
Soils in World Affairs
Spectacular Growth of Synthetic Organic Chemicals
Synthetic Resins and Plastics
Synthetic Rubber
Synthetic Rubber
Synthetic Rubber Industry
Texas Enters New Era of Industrial Development
3K115 (4266702) Texas Industrial Possibilities
Texas Industry in Perspective
Texas Industry in the Post-War World
Texas Industry: The Dynamic Factor in Texas' Economic Development
Texas Region, Its Resources and Opportunities
Toward an Understanding of the Geography of Texas
Towards a Perspective of Texas Oil Development
Trends in Petroleum Refining
Typical Examples of the Migration of Large Industries into Texas
United States and World Trade
United States Oil: East of the Mississippi River
United States Oil: Rocky Mountains and California
3K116 (4267498) World Oil Industry Outside North America
World Oil Industry Outside North America
World Petroleum Industry
Miscellaneous materials
2.325/B99a-b, 2.325/B100a-b (4262530) "An Economic Survey of the Sabine Area, Texas…"
Literary productions on geography and geology, natural resources, industrial and economic development of Texas, 1930s and 1940s

3K116 (4267498) Clippings and notes:

3K117 (4267670) Classified files:
Conversion of petroleum hydrocarbons
Evolution of the chemical industry
Fluid synthesis process
Industrial news items
Natural gas conservation
Petroleum refining
Sulphur industry in Texas and Louisiana
Synthetic fibers
Synthetic liquid fuels
Synthetic resins and plastics
Synthetic rubber
Tomorrow in petroleum technology

Map Collection Maps:
U. S. oil pipelines
Venezuela oil

Map Collection Miscellaneous