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A Guide to the Melissa Hield Papers, 1889-1991.

Descriptive Summary

Creator Hield, Melissa
Title: Melissa Hield Papers,
Dates: 1889-1991.
Abstract Collection consists of materials documenting the career and activities of Melissa Hield, feminist historian, women's rights activist, and instructor in the University of Texas at Austin American Studies Department.
Accession No.: 84-235; 88-409
OCLC No.: 961118786
Extent: 38 ft., 6 in.
Language: Materials are written in English.
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Biographical Note

Melissa Hield is a scholar, feminist historian, women's rights activist, and served as an instructor in the University of Texas at Austin American Studies Department from 1976 to 1980. A 1972 graduate of Smith College, Hield has been involved in numerous women's studies initiatives, both national and regional in scope, throughout her career.

Scope and Contents

Collection consists of materials documenting the career and activities of Melissa Hield, including college and graduate school notes from 1968 to 1980, notes, letters, reports, newsletters, and topic files relating to the South Central Women's Studies Association (1979-82), the University of Texas Women's Studies Committee (1976-80), National Women's Studies Association, Coalition for Western Women's History (1981-84), Texas Women's History Project (1979-84), Texas Foundation for Women's Resources (ca. 1983), and People's History in Texas, Inc. (for which Hield was the director in the 1980s).


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Subjects (Persons)
Hield, Melissa
Subjects (Organizations)
South Central Women's Studies Association
National Women's Studies Association
Coalition for Western Women's History
Texas Foundation for Women's Resources
People's History in Texas, Inc.
University of Texas at Austin
Women's rights

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Melissa Hield Papers, 1889-1991, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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2.325/C52 Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies,"National Women's Studies Association, Selected Conference Proceedings, 1979," Vol. V, No. 1, Spring 1980
Women's Studies Quarterly, Vol. XIII, No. 2, "Teaching About Women and Poverty" and "The Curriculum Integration Movement," Summer 1985
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2.325/C53 Class notes: Methodology in American Civilization, Fall 1974, and Society in American Literature, 1920-1970
Readings for orals in American Intellectual and Cultural History
Winifred Welsh: Grace Abbott and Social Action
Sophonisba Preston Breckinridge biography
Note cards, timeline
Notes and worksheets on Jane Adams, Grace Abbott, Edith Abbott, and Sophonisba Breckinridge
"Conflict in the Illinois Woman Suffrage Movement of 1913," by Adade Mitchell Wheeler, Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, Vol. 76, No. 2, Summer 1983
"Hull House: Pioneer in Urban Research During its Creative Years"
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Computer search
Notes, Abbott papers, University of Chicago, Summer 1978
Melissa Hield, dissertation journal, Summer 1979
Miscellaneous research notes, Summer 1978
Grace Abbott, odd bills, fan mail
Children, 1979
Social Service Administration research projects
Edith/Grace Abbott
Children's Bureau Internal Affairs
Grace and Edith Abbott, photographs, mementos
Grace Abbot on "Women and a Century of Progress," a 1933 survey of women in education, politics, government and work
Breckinridge "Women in the 20th Century"
Grace Abbott, articles on Social Security
Child and State, reviews of Grace Abbott's book
Women in social work
Grace Abbott, Social Security
Social Security Act, efforts to pass, etc.
Grace Abbott at the Graduate School of Social Service Administration
Edith Abbott, speeches
"Better Homes in America," Grace Abbott's 1924 radio talk
Social work today, sexism
Social work education, history
Emma Lundberg "The Century of Promise"
"Scholarship in the Quest for Social Welfare: A FIfty-Year History of the Social Service Review," by Steven J. Diner
University of Chicago, Social Service Administration articles
J. Lathrop/Florence Kelley correspondence
Marian Talbot and S. P. Breckinridge, "Green House," 1925
Women's Peace Party, 1916 Conference on Oppressed Nationalities
Hull House, 1935-1938
Grace Abbott, memorials
General bibliography
Edith Abbott, memorials
Abbott family
Louise Bowen, notes
Sophonisba Preston Breckinridge, biographical articles
S. B. Wellesley, bio-letters
Edith Abbott on case work
Edith Abbott on social work, social science
Edith Abbott articles on Social Service Administration and social welfare
Sophonisba Preston Breckinridge, Marian Talbot letters from 1935-1936
Edith Abbott, lectures
Social Service Administration, Rockefeller Grants
Relief, Chicago
Julia C. Lathrop, Jane Adams, 1922 Conference on social work
Illinois Immigrants' Commission
Reminiscences of Grace Abbott and Edith Abbott
Edith Abbott contribution to social work
2.325/C54 Feminist Resources for Schools and Colleges: A Guide to Curricular Materials, revised edition, by Merle Froschl and Jane Williamson
Re-entry Women Involved in Women's Studies, National Institute of Education, U. S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare
Women's Studies as a Catalyst for Faculty Development, National Institute of Education, U. S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare
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Women's Studies International Quarterly, Vol. 2, No. 3
Women's Studies Evaluation Handbook, National Institute of Education, U. S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
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Special issue "Development and the Sexual Division of Labor," Vol. 7, No. 2
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Vol. 7, No. 3-4
Vol. 8, No. 1-4
Vol. 9, No. 3
Vol. 9, No. 4, special lesbian issue
Vol. 10, No. 1
Feminist Studies, Vol. 10, No. 2
Aztlan, Vol. 3, No. 1
"Women in the World," A Ford Foundation position paper
The Effectiveness of Women's Studies Teaching, National Institute of Education, U. S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
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The Relationship Between Women's Studies, Career Development, and Vocational Choice, National Institute of Education, U. S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
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Women and the Workplace
Radical History Review, No. 20
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Connecting Women in the Community, sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities
Frontiers: Vol. IV, No. 3; Vol. V, No. 2-3; Vol. VI, No. 1-2; Vol. VII, No. 1, 3; Vol. IX, No. 1; Vol. XII, No. 2; Vol. XIII, No. 1-3
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Resources for Feminist Research, Vol. VIII, No. 3
2.325/C55 "Hull House in the 1890s: A Community of Women Reformers," Kathryn Kish Sklar from Signs, Summer 1985
Untitled notes and outlines
Mary to Melissa, and notes April 26, 1986
"Protecting Women" Melissa Hield, prologue "The Shelter We Together Build is All That Keeps us Warm"
Page from The Women's Review of Books, Vol. III, No. 1, October 1985
Dissertation, March 1986
Berkshire Conference of the History of Women, June 1, 1984
Women and Professionalization Conference, Smith, June 1983
Dissertation correspondence, 1977-
Edith Abbott, Sophonisba P. Breckinridge, suffrage tract, 1912
Edith Abbott's dissertation, "Wages of Unskilled Labor," 1905
Grace Abbott, "Married Women's Legal Position," 1909
Lela B. Costin on Grace Abbott
Biosketches, Edith and Grace Abbott
Marion Talbot
"Two Friends of the Immigrant," Palmer master thesis
Edith Abbott house reform testimony, undated
Palmieri on women in higher education, 1979
Johnson "Role of Women in Funding Children's Bureau"
Weiss, "Children's Bureau as Women's Voluntary Network," 1976
Bolin, "Feminism, Reform and Social Service," 1973
Richter, "Educated Women and Social Settlement," 1974
Chicago South and White
Interviews, 1978-1980
Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy, 1909-1919
Hull House early days, 1912-1930
Professional education, 1930
Newberry Library
National Archives
Edith and Grace Abbott bibliography
Social work history course material, 1982
National Women in Social Work, "Ladies of Chicago," 1980
Abstract, 1979, 1981-1982
Dissertation outline and critiques, 1975-1979
"Ladies of Chicago," for Frontiers, 1979
Women in federal administration, proposal and ideas
Women in Administration Project
Alice Hamilton biography, Slaight dissertation, 1974
Women's studies correspondence, personal, 1983
Women's studies programs, information, etc., 1982
Women's studies, 1976, 1982
University of Texas at Austin, 1977-1983
University of Texas at Austin, articles, conferences, 1983
Women's studies, 1983-1984
New Deal Conference, UT Austin, 1983
Money, 1977
Sophia Smith Collection, 1982
Archives, 1976
National Association of Social Workers, 1981-1984
Newberry Library Scheme, 1982-1983
Fellowship applications, 1982
Marj Jo Deegan
Jane Marcus
Biography, building institutions
Women's Rights Movement, Spring 1975
Index to dissertation files, Fall 1981
Dissertation group, 1980-1984
Prospectus and forms, November 1982
Texas Child Welfare Movement
Texas: Sheppard Towner mother and infant mortality
Midge McKenzie script "Gentle Crusader: The Early Years at Hull House"
Outline for Julia Lathrop
Encyclopedia entry for Julia Lathrop
Julia Lathrop tribute and information "Twenty Years of the Children's Bureau"
"Julia Lathrop and Professional Education for Social Work"
"The Transition from Charities and Correction to Socail Work, 1873-1923, and Then?" by Julia Lathrop
Julia C. Lathrop miscellaneous file, The Commons, Vol. VI, No. 65, December 1901
Julia C. Lathrop, Committee on Education, 1910
Jane Addams, My Friend Julia Lathrop, xerox of anecdotes about Julia Lathrop
Julia Lathrop memorials, 1928, 1932
Julia Lathrop to Children's Bureau 1920, how Grace Abbott was appointed to Children's Bureau head
Julia Lathrop, Children's Bureau, 1921
Julia Lathrop, Children's Bureau, correspondence, 1922
Children's Bureau, Julia Lathrop papers, 1923-1924
2.325/C56 Cassette tapes:
March 2, 1982
Alida, November 18, 1982/October 11, 1982
Alida, November 8, 18, 1982
Alida, December 4, 1982
Wildy, Walker-Goldstein September 12, 1978/
Notecards: reform and feminism, social work, bibliography, Darwin, women's studies, miscellaneous
Announcements, The School of Social Service Administration, The University of Chicago, September 9, 1987
Chicago history, Sring 1978
Class notes for American Social History, Fall 1982
Sophinisba P. Breckinridge, correspondence to Edith Abbott and others, 1891, 1907, 1939-1942
Edith Abbott as a person
Sophinisba P. Breckinridge/Grace Abbott, correspondence, 1917-1924
Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy merges with University of Chicago
British influence
Edith Abbott/Grace Abbott correspondence, 1915-1935
Immigrants' Protective League
Maternity and Infance Act
Child Labor Amendment
Jane Addams
Grace Abbott: New Deal Policies
Alice Hamilton
Mary Dewson to Grace Abbott, National Consumer's League
Katherine Lewroot
Emma Lundberg
Grace Abbott for Secretary of Labor
Grace Abbott, attackers, enemies
Grace Abbott's speeches
Children's Bureau, miscellaneous
Grace Abbott's speeches
Children's Bureau, miscellaneous
Grace Abbott's Children's Bureau appointment and resignation
White House conference and Grace and Edith Abbott, 1930
Save the Children's Bureau
Edith's and Grace's writing, relations with University of Chicago Press
Edith's writing, mail, progress reports, miscellaneous
Esther Kohn, biography
Adena Rich, biography
International Social Work, Grace Abbott, 1923-1925
Federal Relief Administration (FERA) social work training program
Paul Kellogg and survey associates
Abbott network
Grace Abbott and League of Nations
Grace Abbott and the International Labor Office
Association of Professional Schools of Social Work
Edith Abbott on relief, 1930s
American Association of Social Workers, 1930s
Frances Perkins, Edith Abbott, 1945
Nebraska Friends
Miscellaneous correspondents
Martha Eliot letter, 1934
Edith Abbott, policies, 1930s
Grace Abbott on juvenile court, 1935
Midwest Women's Historical Collection
1st Alumni Directory of the School of Social Service Administration
2.325/C57 South Central Women's Studies Association (SCWSA), 1983
Women's Studies publications
Sex and society
National Women's Studies Association (NWSA), 1983
Leadership Texas
Sex/Gender division of labor, University of Minnesota, May 13-15, 1983
Women's Educational Equity Act
Women's Educational Equity Communications Network
Coordinating Committee for Women in the Historical Profession
Why woman creates project, Susan Lee, 1981
Women in Administration
Women's Equity Action League
National Women's Political Caucus, San Antonio, July 1983
The Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education
Women management
Women in higher education, statistics, 1981
Women's studies institutes, programs
Northwest Center for Research on Women, 1982
Wellesley Center for Research on Women
On Campus with Women: Project on the Status and Education of Women newsletters, 1981-1985
Project on the Status and Education of Women and Association of American Colleges
Newsletter of the Southwest Institute for Research on Women, 1981-1985
Women and money
The Women's Fund
Women's Studies Fellowships
National Commission on Working Women, 1984-1985
Current Statistics, 1983-1985
Deadly Connections
Texas Women: 1984
"Motivations, Aspirations, Perceptions, Opinions, and Work styles of Leadership Texas Women"
United Service Organization, World War II women in Austin photos
Texas Coalition of Labor Union Women Handbook, 1985
Leadership Texas, a program of the Texas Foundation for Women's Resources
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Governing Texas: An Opportunity to Participate, 1981
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Governor's Task Force on Higher Education, Texas, 1982
"Independent Journeyman," 1979
"Clarksville: A Short History and Historic Tour," 1978
"To Buy or Not to Buy"
"Woman In-Sight: New Art in Texas," 1979
"Clarksville: Whose Community?"
"Paisano," by A. C. Greene
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The Dinner Party, 1979
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Mental Health Associations in Texas
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The Women's West, 1983
About the developer bonds
The Women's West, program of events, 1984
The Women's West, poster
Women in Texas History, calendar, 1976
Women in Texas Week, poster, 1984
2.325/G140 Newsletters
SCWSA, 1981
NWSA, 1982-1983
Texas female mailing lists
Correspondence, 1980-1981
NWSA, minority women organizing in Texas
NWSA, racism and sexism, 1981
SCWSA, receipts
Melissa Hield, receipts, 1980
Women in friendships and working relationships
NWSA, forms
Photograph archives
NWSA, materials and mailings
Promotional photographs
Fundraising, UT Development Office
Women's studies and fundraising
Fundraising packet originals
Chamber of commerce directories
Womanfair I, list and labels
Sales tax exemption for SCWSA
SCWSA, letterhead
Womanfair, mailing list
Womanfair, publicity and promotional material
Clerical help
Oklahoma Solar Energy Association, mailing list
Conference contacts, 1981
Womnfair, Texas Committee for the Humanities (TCH) grant
Education contacts
Texas Women's Political Caucus
Austin Convention Bureau
"Who Are We," SCWSA
Womanfair in the Humanist
9 to 5 newsletter
Women's Studies librarians
2.325/G141 Women's West:
TAKE, notes for Women's West Conference, 1984
Follow up and planning, 1983
Phone calls, notes planning, journal
Program Committee
Sun Valley, August 1983
Films, etc.
Exhibits, films, shows
Leadership Texas:
Amarillo Press
Clippings, etc.
Sun Valley Institute, August 18-22, 1982
2.325/G142 Womanfair, October 18-19, 1980:
Conference announcements
Envelopes and paper
Buffalo Chips to Senate Seats, Women at Work in Oklahoma, 1978
Womanfair conference, 1980
Womanfair surveys
News releases, UT Arlington, 1980
Womanfair proceedings to be typeset
2.325/G143 Smith papers, 1971
History 327J
PoliSci 41
Economics 110A
Russian 22
History 267B
History 59
History 67
Government 304A
Special Studies
Women in Texas History
American Studies 231A
American Studies 340B
English 62
Class notes
2.325/G144 Film credits, 1979
Oral History Association, related correspondence and conference projects, 1977-1978
Notes, Women in the Texas Workforce
Booklet order forms
Oral history and video, 1977
Texas Commission for the Humanities (TCH) grants, forms, information and monthly reports, 1979
Xeroxes of contact sheets of stills for "Talkin' Union"
TCH grant transcripts of video narration and final credits
"Union - Blinded," notes, drafts, correspondence, research
TCH grant correspondence, August-October, 1978
TCH grants, budgets and budget changes, 1978
People's History in Texas (PHIT), oral history proposal materials, 1977
Spanish translation
American Institute on Learning Differences and Socail Behavior, 1976-1978
Miscellaneous, 1978-1979
Future newsletters, unused materials, 1978
TCH, letters, press releases, 1978
Stationery original, PHIT, 1978
PHIT annotated bibliography on Women in Texas History, 1977
Oral history project, contact file, mailing lists, 1975-1977
Women in the Texas Workforce, posters, letters, evaluations, brochures, leaflets, photographs, etc., 1978
2.325/G145 Research and development projects, U. S. Department of Labor, 1977
Women, Vol. 4, No. 2
Heresies #6 on Women and Violence
Southern Exposure, Vol. 4, No. 4
Women Alone, Vol. 5, No. 3
Women's Educational Equity Research Grants Announcement, 1979
A Select Bibliography of Recent Work in American Social History
Sourcebook, 10th Annual Conference on Women and the Law
Catalog of Materials and Services, the Dissemination Center for Women's Educational Equity Act Program
Sexism in Education, 1971
Women and the American Economy, 1976
Women's Studies Newsletter: Vol. 5, No. 1-4; Vol. 6, No. 1, 3; Vol. 7, No. 1-2; Vol. 8, No. 1-3
Scattered Seed: A Gathering on Minnesota Memories, Vol. 2, No. 1
Women Organizing: A Socialist Feminist Bulletin
Hembra, Spring 1976
Directory of Women in American Studies
Buffalo Chips to Senate Seats: Women at Work in Oklahoma
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National Survey of Professional Administrative, Technical and Clerical Pay, March 1981
Toward Thoughtful, Active Citizens: Improving the Public School Curriculum, 1981
Fiscal Notes, May 1982
Texas Business, April 1982
Notes, 1980-1982
Facts, information, 1971-1982
Governor's Task Force of Higher Education documentation:
Building square foot study, 1971-1982
Draft report, 1982
My work, 1981
Research, 1976-1982
House study group, college construction, 1981
Research and development, state I co-op, 1981
Research and development study, 1981
Financial report, 1980
Work on available university fund, 1980
University of Houston, report on research funding, 1981
Texas Tech research funding
Faculty salaries, 1981
Committee lists, 1982
Governor's Advisory Committee on Education, 1980
Student loans, 1982
Committees #1
Formula funding, 1980
Q, 1982
101 report, 1981
Headcounts, 1981
Faculty compensation, 1981
Medical, 1982
Coordinating Board, general, 1982
Minutes, 1982
Research Triangle Park, 1975
House Special Committee on Higher Education Commission, 1981
Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Program, procedures manual
2.325/G147 Cable Commission, 1981-1983:
Access, July 1983
Cable Television and the Community: An Introductory Workshop, February 19-21, 1981
Cable, Boyd, women's cable, 1982
Cable television, 1982
Video: Access, 1982
Cable Commission, 1981-1983
Access watch:
Mailing lists
Position paper, 1983
Cable TV correspondence, agendas
Franchise agreement, 1981
2.325/G148 Alberta Snid (Maria Flors) interview in San Antonio, pecan shellers
Modern Telecommunications, Inc., broadcast rate card
"Talkin' Union: Seasonal Work Narration/Corrido de Pensilvanio," Alan Pogur, 1979
Brochure for "Talkin' Union," and "Women in the Texas workforce: Yesterday and Today"
Report on the making of "Talkin' Union"
Copies of negatives from film "Talkin' Union"
"People's History in Texas" (PHIT), bylaws and preliminary draft
"Women in the Texas Workforce: Yesterday ad Today," 1979
Film from "Talkin' Union":
WPA projects, industrial jobs
Miscellaneous copies
Housing, pecan
Letter, Jay Campbell to Jim Cullers concerning "Talkin' Union" film, December 4, 1979
Brochure for "Women in the Texas Workforce: Yesterday and Today"
Presentations of "Talkin' Union"
Slides from "Talkin' Union," garment workers
Script "Olivia Rawlston," video
"Talkin' Union" video transcripts, 1978
PHIT bank account, 1979, 1981
Booklet orders, 1981
Rentals, 1981
PHIT, receipts, 1980-1981
Film requests
Booklet orders, 1979-1980
UT film, invoices, 1980
Correspondence, TCH, etc.
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1979
Modern Telecommunications, Inc., correspondence, 1979
Script report booklets
Original booklet test photographs
Project evaluation report, "Women in the Texas Workforce," 1979
"Union Minded: Women in the Texas International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union," 1933-1950
Film catalogs, 1979
Let Their Voices Ring, November 27-28, 1979
Copyright information and forms, 1979
Release forms for project, 1979
Oral history project information for talks, 1979
PHIT grant, 1978
TCH "Women in the Texas Workforce" publicity, 1978-1979
Nuestro, June-July 1979
"Women in the Texas Workforce: Yesterday and Today," 1979
Oral history project, 1976-1977
PHIT oral history project, 1976-1977
NEH youth grant application materials, 1972-1976
Calendar project, 1975-1977
Rough edit and notes
Oral history, preliminary interviews, 1976-1978
"Talkin' Union" and "Union Minded," 1977-1978
2.325/G149 Women at work, S-Z
Board meeting, June 14
Texas Foundation for Women's Resources
Directory of Humanities Scholars
UT Women's Studies, 1979-1980
Charles Butt
10th Smith reunion
Texana III
8-5 Committee: Live Oak Fund
Mankato, handouts
Plans, week project, 1981-1982
Healing project
Melissa, TCH file
Socialist, feminism, sexism
Melissa, study group
Study group #2
Lynn's workshop
9-5, National Association of Working Women
9-5, National Secretaries Week, April 18-24, 1982
Clerical project
Entrepreneurial education, Mary Jo Aagerstrom
Correspondence, SCWSA, 1979-1980
NWSA, Kansas, 1979
5th Berkshire conference
NWSA, 1980
SCWSA, conference planning, 1980
Current, 1979-1980
Panel, 1980
Evaluation, 1979-1980
Proposals, grants, 1979-1980
2.325/G150 Pamphlet "Sheltering Your Income and Winning Negotiations," October 16, 1991
Texas Labor Directory
Texas Residential Conservation Services, May 1981
Introduction to Macroeconomic Theory and Policy, textbook
Texas Loan Officer's Desk Book on Residential Energy Management
Energy and Jobs for Minorities and Women, highlights of an national conference, May 19-21, 1980
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Mother Jones, May, August, 1981
Savvy, February 1981
New Texas Directory, July-August 1981
Austin Environmental Handbook, 1981-1982
Handbook for Women's Legal Rights, April 1980
A Handbook for Women on the Nuclear Mentality, 1980
Making Room, Women and Architecture, 1981
New America, the Energy Issue, 1980
Annual Report, Energy Laboratory, University of Houston, 1979-1980
"People Power: What Communities are Doing to Counter Inflation"
Southeast Educational Development Laboratory final report from the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory Conferences: The White House Report on Sciene and Engineering Education, March 10-12, 1981
Science, Sex, and Society
2.325/G151 Paper "Looking Backward: Andrew Jackson: Symbol for an Age," by John William Ward, Fall 1974
Notebook, main currents in American Civilization, 1975-1976
Paper, "American Democratic Culture, 1815-1860: Concensus and Conflict" and "Religion in a Democratic Society: The Second Great Awakening"
Paper "American Democratic Culture, 1815-1860: Concensus and Conflict" and "Political Conflict in Jacksonian America"
American Revolution
American Society, Fall 1974
The Artistic Woman, Spring 1975
Anglo-American Relations, Fall 1975
Darwin, Spring 1976
20th Century American Intellectual History
American Civilization
Untitled, Fall 1976
2.325/G152 Hovland, orals
Index cards:
Morris and Ruskin
19th century, general
Sarah Hale
Ladies' Magazine Godey's L. B.
Sarah Whitman
Sarah H. Whitman secondary
19th century art
National Archives of Women (NAW) xeroxes, 1979
NAW computer project, 1975-1976
NAW project, 1975
American art to 1865
Intellectual history
Graduate seminars, American Civilization, Fall 1973
Hammond world superior wall map
Atlas of human anatomy
Tanner's paper, 1976
Psychology and history, 1973
Tim's poems
Mel's courses, 1975-1978
Dance therapy
Smith College, miscellaneous, 1968-1972
Miscellaneous feminism, 1975-1976
National Archives Women's History Conference, 1976
Reading lists, bibliographies, 1971-1975
Bibliographies, 1976-1977
Dewey, Darwin, 1976
Papers, 1975-1976
Fictionalism, Ruskin and Morris, 1975
Papers, 1973-1976
2.325/G153 Womanfair, 3rd annual conference proceedings, October 18-19, 1980
Womanfair letterhead and evelopes
SCWSA newsletters
Woman's topics
2.325/G154 Calendars, 1976-1979
Correspondence, 1974-1980
Receipt, Pewter Company, Malaysia, June 14, 1978
2.325/G155 Picture of Melissa Hield and Tim Thomas
Wedding gifts, log
Articles, Vernon Daily Record, wedding, December 3, 1978
3 × 5, prints, Summer 1972
Negatives, Chicago, Summer 1978
Box and cards from wedding and gifts, 1980
Divorce file
Photographs from wedding
Photographs and negatives
2.325/G156 "The Debut of Margaret Abbott"
The dinner party exhibition, Judy, Chicago, 1979
NWSA, 1979
Minnesota women's stuff, 1976-1977
Correspondence, 1975-1977
IWY, National Women's Conference, Houston, November 18-21, 1977
"Women, Their Work," Austin, October-December, 1977
American Studies Association (ASA), National Convention, October 27-30, 1977
ASA, 1979
ASA of Texas, Dallas meeting, November 1977
Getting Women in Museums, May 21-22, 1976
Women in American Economy, Air Force Academy
UT Graduate School
Student papers, 1975-1978
Instructor evaluations, 1977, 1979
Sexual harassment
Women in academics
Austin Women's Center and Women's Space
Mel's projects
Battered women
Austin Rape Crisis Center information
Articles on rape, pornography, and abortion
Radical feminism, politics
Ellie Smeal, Phyllis Scafly debate, transcript of "Donahue," July 12, 1979
Equal Rights Amendment, The National Women's Political Caucus
Chicana Rights project
Affirmative Action
Schlesinger Library and Bunting Institute
Feminist literary criticism bibliography
"Spermatorrhea," by R. N. Barr, 1855
The Physician and Sexuality in Victorian America, notes
Women's history notes
Feminist art
Mothers and daughters, papers by Gail M. Rudenstein, Jane Lilienfeld, Lorna Irvine, Helen Bannan, Jane S. Bakerman, and Melissa Hield
Order forms: SCWSA, NWSA, feminist studies
Women in world area studies
UT Library, women's studies bibliography
Women's studies programs, 1980
Women's history, research
Women's studies, 1978-1979
Women's Studies Service Learning Institute
Women's studies programs
2.325/G157 Frances Perkins papers from the National Archives (1937-1945), 1973
Statistical packages for social sciences, 1973
Sarah J. Hale material, 1974
Preservation, concerning Minnesota
Crunden, concerning American politics, 1973-1974
Darwinism articles, 1959-1972
Socialist Feminism, Austin, Minneapolis, 1974-1975
Ruskin and Morris, 1944-1975
Sarah Helen Whitman, 1975, undated
Pete's notes on puritanism, Fall 1976
Houland, 1973-1974
Statistics and computers, 1975
American Civilization class
2.325/G158 Address books
Bank statements
Day timer pages, 1982
Utility bills
Different Drummer project, 1979-1980
Courses, 1979
Melissa's courses
Equal Rights Amendment, rape
Women and arts
Women and their work
Kelleher, UT, Spring 1981
Conference on minorities and museums, 1976
Spindletop museum certificate
Air Force Academy assembly
The dinner party, 1980
Women of Action
Women of Action, Freida Werden, 1979
Diet and mood
Vita, 1979
Jobs, money, articles, 1979
Jobs, 1979
Money, 1979
How tos
Maps, diet plans
Jobs, 1980-1981
Minnesota Anti-Discrimination Committee
Internal Revenue Service, me, 1980
ASA, 1981
ASA of Texas, 1981
ASA, UT, 1980
Texas Employment Commission (TEC)
Mary and Dick, May 16, 1981
2.325/G159 Women in professions, statistics and notes
The Women's Calendar for 1980
Melissa Hield's notes and papers for projects concerning working women in Texas
Melissa Hield, notes and correspondence, 1980
Women in Texas History (WITH)
Texas Labor Laws
Texas Telephone Operators
WITH, overviews
TCH, evaluation procedures
Texas Foundation for Women's Resources, friends brochure
Austin opening of Texas Women: A Celebration of History, Febraury 7, 1982
Opening, Women in Texas History, May 9, 1981
Exhibit copyright
Austin magazine, featuring "Texas Women's History: Out of the Attic and Into the Limelight," by Barbara Law, May 1981
Reviews of "Women in Texas History"
Denton, February 27, 1981
Women's Conferences, 1980-1981
My map of the women's movement
Women and work, U. S. government publications
Women's history, methods
Feminism, homosocial, notes
Sexual tensions, class notes, 1980
Working women, Fall 1981
Working women, Spring 1980
Women and work
Working women, Fall 1980
Sexual tensions
AMS methods
Women's history survey
Work, lectures, 1980
Strouse, Women and analysis, articles and xeroxes
Health and sexuality, sexual tensions
Women's images: art, literature, and film
Thy Neighbors Wife, Gay Talese
Women in Texas History, calendar
Womanfair, October 18-19
2.325/G160 Title IX: Women in Sports, 1975-1980
Title IX health services, February 1981
Non-sexist education
SIECUS, sex education
Re-entry, women and issues, 1980
Bias in research, 1980
SER woman update, hispanic women conference, 1980
Totalitarian ego, 1980
Chicana history bibliography work, 1977
Unemployment, 1979
"Women Thinking and Talking," 1976
"Dual Career Families," 1980
Hers, 1980
"Women in Publication Administration," 1980
"Career Mobility for Women in Postsecondary Education," June 1980
Women's centers, 1980
Sexual tensions articles, 1980
Women in Management, 1980
Women's Conferences, 1981
Course syllabus "Films by and About Women," 1980
SCWSA printed material, 1980
Women st. film series, 1979
Take Back the Night, 1980
WAVAW, 1977
Lesbian bibliographies, 1979
Male sexuality, 1978
"Union Women, Union Vote," 1977-1978
CLUW/Women workers information, 1977-1980
Women's networks, 1980
Browning paper, "Women Leaders," 1980
Melissa's Womanhood in American Bibliographies, 1977-1980
Handouts, 1978
Hield courses
Current vita and resume, 1980
Loose articles and printed material, 1980
2.325/G161 SCWSA, newsletter mailing list, 1980
Current mailing list, 1977
SCWSA, mailing lists
SCWSA newsletter:
Vol. 1, No. 1-6
Vol. 2, No. 1, 4
Vol. 3, No. 2-4
Vol. 4, No. 1-3
Vol. 5, No. 1
2.325/G162 American studies:
323, night
310, syllabi
323, Women in contemporary America
Women and Money, Spring 1976
Women in Pop Culture, Fall 1976
American Studies S323, Women in Pop Culture, second Summer, 1976
American Studies 370, Spring 1977
American Studies 323, The American Woman, Suumer 1977
American Studies 323, Sexual Tensions, Spring 1978
American Studies 378, American Female Experience, Spring 1978
American Studies 323, Sexual Tensions, Spring 1979
American Studies 310, Sex and Society, Fall 1979
American Studies 323, The American Woman, Fall 1979
American Studies 310, Working Women, Spring 1980
American Studies 323, Sexual Tensions, Fall 1980
American Studies 310, Working Women, Fall 1980
Papers, Gilman and Goldman, 1971
Articles of interest
Articles on feminism
The dinner party, 1980
Lecture notes, 1975-1976
Notes, 1976-1978
Articles relating to feminism
Discussion, paper guides
American Studies reading lists and syllabi
Reading lists, etc. on women
UT Women's Center, Division of Gender and Comparative Studies
2.325/G163 Home energy efficiency
Child care
Biological backlash
Texas Committee for the Humanities
Sarah Weddington
Womanfair continuing education
SCWSA Steering Committee minutes, July 1981
Responses to Womanfair II proposal
Womanfair packets
Womanfair program, June 1981
Womanfair hotels
Womanfair programs
Womanfair exhibits
Womanfair II, advisory board and board meeting agenda and minutes
Womenfair, advisory board listts
Advisory board, correspondence from Melissa Hield
Womanfair, advisory board correspondence
Womanfair exhibits
Womanfair public relations ideas
Women's Network Fair, July 12
Womanfair correspondence, 1980-1981
Short course on energy for reporters, 1980
Guide to energy information from short course, 1980
Center for Energy Studies literature, 1980
University of Texas Science Education Center, Summer workshop for energy education teachers, 1981
American Association of University Women
Solar Energy Technology, 1979-1980
Wind Energy, 1980
Solar energy politics, 1981
Future office and waste, 1981
Texas Energy and Natural Resources Advisory Council newsletter, 1981
Water protection in Austin
Nuclear power as a feminist issue, 1981
Women in science and technology, 1976-1980
Women in construction, 1981
United Bank records for Womanfair II, 1981
Womanfair sites, 1981
Womanfair planning, May 26-June 10, 1981
Program draft minutes, Womanfair II, 1981
United Bank records, 1981
Consumer Action Now, 1981
Womanfair logo, 1981
Womanfair program, 1981
Womanfair draft panels, 1981
Womanfair speakers, 1981
Sheraton Hotel, 1981
Baybie Hoover, 1981
Panels Womanfair, 1981
Exhibitors, 1981
Womanfair and the Texas Union, 1981
Womanfair brochure
Banking records, 1978-1979
Paid bills, 1978-1979
Steering Committee minutes, 1979
Conference, 1979
Texas A&M chapter, 1978
Steering Committee, 1979
Correspondence, 1977-1979
Steering Committeee correspondence, 1978-1979
Steering Committee meeting, 1979
Steering Committee meeting minutes, 1978
Conference registrations, 1978
Documents for the first SCWSA conference
2.325/G164 Digest of education statistics, 1980
Accountability and Academe: A Report of the National Task Force on the Accountability of Higher Education to the State, 1980
Annual report of federal funds
Federal funds for research and development, 1979-1981
Federal Support to Universities, Colleges, and selected non-profile institutions, 1979
APPA, comparative cost and staffers reports, 1978-1979
Proceedings of the Texas Post-Secondary Education Outlook, 1980-1985, 1979
Publications of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, July-December, 1980
Texas Past and Future: A Survey, June 1981
Association of Business and Education (ABE), 1980
Informing the Future: A Plan for Higher Education for the Eighties, 1981
Education Directory, state education agency officials, 1980
Governors' Task Force of Higher Education (GTF/HED):
HED management, 1981-1982
GSLS, 1980-1981
Committee #2, Pub/Pnv Is
Committee #3, Q
Committee #4, finance, 1981-1982
Committee #6, reorganization, 1981
Committee #7, healthproofs, 1980-1982
Texas 2000, 1980-1982
Committee/Junior Colleges, 1981-1982
Ad and Continuing education and TSTI, 1980-1982
HED in Texas, general, 1981-1982
Formula funding, 1979-1981
Summary, letters from presidents, 1981
Job bank, 1979-1981
Patents, 1978-1981
Lubbock, 1981
Denton, 1981
College Station, 1981
Houston, 1981
Dallas, 1982
Austin, 1982
Austin, March 17, 1982
Final meeting, Austin, April 20, 1982
Texas A&M University concerning financial report, 1979-1981
UT Austin concerning financial reports, 1979-1981
Education Committee of the states, 1978-1981
SREB, 1979-1981
Research money, 1976-1980
American Association of Higher Education Conference, 1980
Colleges' responses to Governor's Task Force charge, 1981
Coordinating Board statistics, 1980
Faculty salary and research data, 1980
Report of the Advisory Committee on Agriculturally Derived Fuels to the Texas Energy and Natural Resources Advisory Council, 1979
Texas Energy Outlook: 1980-2000, 1980
Texas Trends, 1980
Informing the Future: A Plan for Higher Education for the Eighties, 1981
Statistical Supplement to the Annual Report on the Coordinating Board, Texas College and University System for Fiscal Year, 1980, 1981
2.325/G165 Women's film catalogs, 1981
Women's educational catalogs
Film brochures
Art exhibit photographs
Texas College and University System Coordinating Board, 1982-1983
New American Movement
Jobs, 1981-1983
Temporary jobs, 1982
Correspondence, 1983
American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)
Work correspondence, 1981-1982
Vita and resume originals, 1980
Smith Project on Women and Social Change
Smith College, alumni information
Austin women, 1982-1984
Austin Women's Network, 1981-1982
Austin Women's Center, 1984
American studies, 1981-1982
University of Minnesota, 1982
University of Texas, fund for the improvement of postsecondary education
Virginia Woolf Centenary Symposia, 1982
Liz Carpenter chair, gala, 1983
Liz Carpenter's Gala "to do" list
Careers in business program, University of Texas
Texas Committee for the Humanities, 1983
Labor day, 1982
Radiation risk project, 1982
March for Survival, publicity, 1982
Scripts and script writing
Correspondence, 1981
People's History of Texas, Inc., photographs
Texas literary tradition, journals, logs, etc., 1983
2.325/G166 Journals:
Frontiers: Vol. II, No. 2-3; Vol. III, No. 1-2; Vol. IV, No. 1-2
Signs: Vol. 1, No. 1-4; Vol. 2, No. 1-3, 4; Vol. 3, No. 1-4; Vol. 4, No. 1-3; Vol. 5, No. 1-4
American Quarterly: Vol. 26, No. 1-5; Vol. 27, No. 1-3, 5; Vol. 28, No. 1-2, 4-5; Vol. 29, No. 1-2, 4-5; Vol. 30, No. 1, 3-5; Vol. 31, No. 1-5; bibliography issues, Summer-Fall, 1980;1977, 1980
Journal of the American Studies Association of Texas: Vol. VIII, X, XI
American Studies International, Summer 1977
2.325/G167 Booklets:
Learning Resource Guide to Educational Motion Pictures, 1980
Women's Studies Sourcebook, 1976
A Statistical Portrait of Women in the United States, 1978
Womanfair, October 18-19, 1980
Historic Preservation in Texas, Vol. 1
Real Women, Real Lives: Marriage, Divorce, Widowhood, 1978
The Spirit of Houston: The First National Women's Conference, 1978
…To Provide Educational Equality for Women…, 1978
Women's Changing Roles at Home and on the Job, 1978
Feminist Revolution, 1978
Women in the Texas Work Force: Yesterday and Today, 1979
Buffalo Chips to Senate Seats: Women at Work in Oklahoma, 1978
Sexual Harrasment: A Report on the Sexual Harrasment of Students, August 1980
Profile on the Mexican American Woman, 1976
Heresies, Vol. 3, No. 1, issue 9
The Texas Humanist, Vol. 2, No. 4
U. S. Working Women: A Chartbook, 1980
Gender advertisements
Minnesota Women and Money, 1979
Reproductive freedom
Minnesota Women: Income and Poverty
Women still in poverty, 1979
Boston's labor movement, 1977
Rape victimization, 1979
Minnesota Women: State Government Employment Foolw up Report, 1979
A Special report on families
Women in Minnesota, 1980
First National Women's Studies Convention button
First National Women's Studies Association Conference, 1979
Second National Women's Studies Association Conference, 1980
Sex Role Socialization and Sex Discrimination: A Bibliography, 1979