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A Guide to the R. G. Lubben Papers, 1918-1974

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Lubben, R. G. (Renke Gustav), 1898-1980
Title: R. G. Lubben Papers
Dates: 1918-1974
Abstract: R. G. Lubben (1898-1980) was R. L. Moore's second doctoral student at The University of Texas at Austin. After graduating, he remained at UT for his entire career. Records of Lubben's teaching form the largest part of his papers, including files of course outlines, teaching notes, and examinations for several courses.
Accession No.: 86-9; 2006-202; 2012-184
Extent: 6 ft., plus books and journals
Language: Material is written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Renke Gustav Lubben was born on March 7, 1898, at Utica, Nebraska. His family moved to Jackson County, Texas, and he entered the University of Texas in 1916. He there received his B.A. in 1921 and his Ph.D. in 1925; he was R.L. Moore's second Texas doctoral student. Lubben remained at the University of Texas at Austin for his whole career. He taught courses in advanced geometry, advanced algebra, analytic geometry, and trigonometry. His research was in point-set topology and foundations of geometry. He died in 1980.

Scope and Contents

Records of Lubben's teaching form the largest part of his papers, including files of course outlines, teaching notes, and examinations for several courses. There are also many photographs of R. L. Moore and his students, chiefly from the early 1930s.

The collection also includes approximately 225 mathematical books and dissertations from Lubben’s personal library, as well as issues of mathematical journals.

Materials were later added to the collection by Ross Pounders, Lubben’s nephew (accession 2012-184).

Forms part of the Archives of American Mathematics.



Organized into six series:
General Correspondence
Other Professional Activities
Books, Dissertations, and Journals


Access Restrictions

Unrestricted access.

Use Restrictions

The majority of these papers are stored remotely at CDL and LSF. Advance notice required for retrieval. Contact repository for retrieval. Photographs are stored on-site.

Index Terms

Lubben, R. G., 1898-1980 -- Archives
University of Texas at Austin. Dept. of Mathematics
Geometry, Projective
Mathematics -- Study and Teaching -- United States

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

R. G. Lubben Papers, 1918-1974, Archives of American Mathematics, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

Processing Information

Ross Pounders accession processed by Elliot Williams, October 2012.

A Detailed Description of the Papers


General correspondence

86-9/1 Incoming, 1937-73
Outgoing, 1941-71



86-9/1 Advanced algebra
Analytic geometry; Topological groups
Non-Euclidean geometry
Analytic I
Analytic II
Axioms, Trigonometry, 1934;1966-68
86-9/2 Common; Hyperbolic
Old, including notes from Dr. Moore's class; Problems and exams
Projective geometry
Lattices; Old notes, problems, exams; Projective geometry, 1941
86-9/3 Polarities in the plane, Cross ratios, Quadrangular sets
Projectivities, Algebra of points, Collineations and polarities, Correlations
Projectivities, Conic sections, Regulus, Desargues' theorem
Topics in modern algebra
Beginning, Galois theory, 1960-68;1952-68
86-9/4 Groups
Log of course, Problems and exams, Class notes
Matrices, Vector spaces, Linear transformations, Determinants, Linear equations and affine spaces
Normal matrices, Linear transformations, Affine transformations
Problems, quizzes
86-9/5 Restricted: Gradebooks
[Note: student grade information is restricted for 80 years from the date of creation. See archivist for more information.]


Other professional activities

86-9/4 UT Mathematics Department, 1969-73, and undated
Math Club, 1935-47
Sigma Xi, 1935-44
AAM-OS/2 National Research Council Research Fellowship Board certificate for Lubben's appointment as 1926 National Research Fellow in Mathematics (1926)
AAM-MNR/4 National Research Council Research Fellowship correspondence [donated by Ross Pounders], 1926-1927
86-9/4 Mathematicians - Biographical and memorial items, newspaper clippings; Postcards of Gottingen and Gottingen mathematicians
Notes on mathematical books; Book purchases; Abstract, 1941



86-9/7 R.H. Bing
H.J. Ettlinger
F. B. Jones
R. G. Lubben
86-9/8 R. L. Moore
R. L. Wilder
By others mathematicians
Bound volumes
86-9/9 Bound volumes
By Lubben, 1928-1940



86-9/6 Family and other letters (outgoing)
Notes and examinations relating to Lubben's education, 1922-1923 and undated
Notes, Book purchases
Notes on European languages and geography
86-9/7 Other notes
3W111 Honorary Golden Anniversary Diploma, conferred by the University of Texas Ex-Students' Association, Mar. 27, 1971
AAM-MNR/4 U.S. Army discharge papers [donated by Ross Pounders], 1918
Family letters (outgoing, from Europe) [donated by Ross Pounders], 1926-1927, 1931-1932



[Note: writing in black ink on the backs of the photographs was done by R. E. Greenwood, 1975]
3T401e Panoramic print: group photograph, Semi-centennial celebration of the American Mathematical Society, New York City, September 6-9, 1938
4RM51 R. G. Lubben, ca. 1927-1935 and undated
Karl Menger, [alone and with Porter, Roberts, and Lubben], ca. 1931
R. L. Moore, ca. 1927-1935
UT Mathematics Department faculty and students, ca. 1927-1935 and undated
Outdoor [camping?] photos, includes Lubben, Vickery, Klipple, Biesele, F. B. Jones, adn others, ca. 1930s
Unidentified group portraits [Lubben's math students?], 1927-1929 and undated
Unidentified [family?], 1932
“Two cats,” gelatin silver print, undated
Landscapes and buildings, undated
3So14a Group photograph, Zurich International Mathematical Congress, 1932
3S105b Negatives [2.5" X 3.5"] of RLM portraits and group photo of students at Moore's house, spring 1935
3S199e [Note: these photographs were transferred from the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center]:
Christine Lubben, portrait on convex-oval prints, ca. 1900
Dickie and Elsie Lubben, portrait on convex-oval prints, ca. 1910 ca. 1910
3Y111d Unidentified portraits, undated
Outdoors and camping, undated
University of Texas campus, undated
3W111 UT mathematics department, 1966-1967
Group photographs: University of Texas Ex-Students' Association [class of 1921], Mar. 21, 1971


Books, Dissertations, and Journals

86-9/10 (LSF) Books and Dissertations
Cook, David Edwin, Concerning Contact Point Sets with Noncompact Clusters [typed dissertation signed by Lubben and R.L. Moore], 1967
Coxeter, H.S.M., Non-Euclidean Geometry, 1947
Wolfe, Harold Eichholtz, Introduction to Non-Euclidean Geometry, 1947
CDL The remainder of Lubben’s library is shelved at CDL (3rd floor). Contact archivist for a complete list of the books included.
[A complete list of all available issues for the following journals is available; consult archivist for more information.]
American Mathematical Monthly, 1972 [incomplete]
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society,
1923-1938 [incomplete]
1944-1951 [incomplete]
1952-1972 [complete]
1973 [incomplete]
Combined Membership List: AMS, MAA, SIAM, 1952, 1966-1967, 1968-1973
Duke Mathematical Journal, 1935 [incomplete], 1939-1946 [complete]
Notices of the American Mathematical Society, 1972-1974 [incomplete]
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 1950-1965 [complete]
Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico (Conferenze di Fisica e di Matematica, Universitá e Politecnico di Torino), vol. 28 1968-1969
University of Texas at Austin, Publications of the Faculty and Staff, 1969-1970