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A Guide to the Mathematical Association of America. History of American Mathematics in World War II Committee Records, 1943-1983

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Creator Mathematical Association of America. History of American Mathematics in World War II Committee.
Title Mathematical Association of America. History of American Mathematics in World War II Committee Records
Dates: 1944-1967, 1978-1983
Abstract Records of the Committee's work in documenting the history of American mathematics in World War II.
Accession No. 86-15; 89-8
Extent 10 in.
Language Materials written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

This committee, formed in January 1980, was charged with planning a project whose initial goals were to identify published works and issue bibliographies as well as to locate unpublished sources and to encourage their preservation and their proper description. In addition It recognized the need for new personal memoirs and oral history interviews. More information on the history of this committee can be found in its minutes. Members were: J. Barkley Rosser (Chairman), Maynard J. Brichford, Churchill Eisenhart, Albert C. Lewis, G. Baley Price, Mina Rees, and Nathan Reingold.

Scope and Contents

Records of the Committee's work in documenting the history of American mathematics in World War II. The material consists largely of letters from mathematicians active during World War II concerning historically valuable material in their possession, and of reports concerning mathematical research conducted during World War II. Included are letters, minutes, brief memoirs, reports, reprints, photographs, cassette tapes.

Forms part of the Archives of American Mathematics.


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Unrestricted access.

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The majority of these records are stored remotely. Advance notice required for retrieval. Contact repository for retrieval. Audiotapes and photographs are stored onsite, and do not require advance notice.

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Mathematical Association of America. History of American Mathematics in World War II Committee--Archives
World War, 1939-1945--Science
Other Authors
Brichford, Maynard J.
Eisenhart, Churchill.
Lewis, Albert C.
Price, G. Baley (Griffith Baley), 1905-
Rees, Mina.
Reingold, Nathan, 1927-
Rosser, J. Barkley (John Barkley), 1907-

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Mathematical Association of America. History of American Mathematics in World War II Committee Records, 1944-1967, 1978-1983, Archives of American Mathematics, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Collection



89-8/64 (16780634) Minutes, letters from Chairman, proposals to NSF, 1980
Letters, brief memoirs, photographs, and offprints of publications received in response to request by Committee of August 25, 1980:
Aroian, Leo A.
Arrow, Kenneth
Bennett, Richard D.
Birkhoff, Garrett
Cairns, S. S.
Churchill, R. V.
Cohn, Harvey
Curry, Haskell B.
Dubridge, Lee
Galbraith, Alan S.
Garabedian, Henry L.
Goldman, Alan
Goldstine, Herman H.
Kaplansky, Irving
Ketchum, Pierce W.
Koopman, B. O.
Leighton, Walter
Lewis, Daniel C.
McCarthy, Philip J.
McMillan, Brockway
Mood, Alexander M.
Morse, Philip M.
Mosteller, Frederick
Odle, John W.
Piranian, George
Pollard, Harry
Schoenberg, I. J.
Solomon, Herbert
Spencer, D. C.
Stibitz, G. R.
Taylor, Angus E.
Tribmle, Harold C.
Ulam, Stanislaw M.
Walker, Robert J.
Wolfowitz, Jacob
"Samuel S. Wilks and the Army Experiment Design Conference Series" by C. Eisenhart (ARO Report 75-2), undated
Letters sent to Churchill Eisenhart and Baley Price in 1978 cooperating with the Committee:
Birkhoff, Garrettt
Brier, Glenn W.
Bromberg, Eleazer
Cochran, William G.
Flood, Merrill M.
Fry, Thornton C.
Hay, G. E.
Kullback, Solomon
Leibler, Richard A.
McShane, E. J.
Morse, Philip M.
Mosteller, Frederick
Newsom, Carroll V.
Nyman, Jerzy
Odle, John W.
Paxson, Edwin W.
Prager, Wiliam
Rosser, J. Barkley
Simon, Leslie E.
Solomon, Herbert
Spencer, Donald C.
Taub, A. H.
Wilson, E. Bright
Wallis, W. Allen
Responses added to the collection in April 1981:
Berkeley, Edmund C.
Doob, J. L.
Garabedian, Paul R.
Greenwood, Robert E.
Gross, George L., [died October 24, 1980], reply from Mrs. Gross
Hamming, Richard W.
Morrey, Charles B., Jr. [with letter from Mrs. Morrey]
Quine, W. V.
Rotando, Louis M.
Salzer, Herbert E.
Zelinsky, Daniel
Response from Edgar E. Lorch, with photocopies of letters concerning the Applied Mathematics Group, Columbia University, 1944-1945, (relating to E. J. Moulton, Saunders MacLane, P. M. Morse, and George E. Pegram), and Mathematics Advisory Board to U. S. Army, 1948-1949, (relating to John Von Neumann, R. G. D. Richardson, J. R. Kline, Leo Zippin, and Herman Goldstine), December 11, 1980
Reprints and photocopies added to the collection in April 1981:
Spaatz, Carl, General, U. S. Army, Foreword to Leroy A. Brothers, "Operations Analysis in World War II," 1948
Curtiss, J. H., "The National Applied Mathematics Laboratories of the National Bureau of Standards: A progress report covering the first five years of its existence," 1953
Kulcinski, G. L. et al., "Energy for the long run: Fission or fusion?," American Scientist 67, 78-89
89-8/64 (16780634) NCTM, "An Agenda for Action: Recommendations for School Mathematics of the 1980s." 1980
89-8/64 (16780634) National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Peoria meeting, Sections on computers, March 27-29, 1980
Wald, Abraham, "A method of estimating plane vulnerability based on damage of survivors," [1943], 1980
Photocopies added to the collection by C. Eisenhart, April 1981:
Shewhart, Walter A., "Report as of June 8, 1946 of Chairman of the Subcommitee on Statistical Quality Control of the National Research Council Committee on Applied Mathematical Science," six pages, 1946
Operations Analysis in World War II. U. S. Army Air Forces, [lists operations analysts], 1948
Deming, W. Edwards, Elementary Principles of the Statistical Control of Quality, A Series of Lectures. Tokyo, first printing, 1950
National Research Council, Committee on Operations Research, "Operations Research with Special Reference to Non-Military Applications," 1951
Deming, W. Edwards, "What happened in Japan?," Industrial Quality Control 24, pp. 89-93, 1967
Wallis, W. Allen, "The Statistical Research Group, 1942-1945," Journal of the American Statistical Association 75, pp. 320-335, 1981
Added to the collection by Leonard E. Gillman, April 1981:
Tufts College Mathematical Research Project, L. Carmichael et al., "Mathematical Analysis of Ordinary and Deviated Pursuit Curves," 252 pages, photocopy, 1944
Gillman, Leonard, and Goode, Harry H., "The Limited Ammunition Problem," eight page photocopy of typescript, 1945
Goode, Harry H., "Summary of German Results on Pursuit Curves," 30 pages, NAVEXOS-P-425, 1946
"The Tufts College Mathematical Research Project, NAVEXOS P-528," 59 pages, mimeographed, April 30, 1948
[Gillman, Leonard?], [On pursuit curves], 24 page photocopy, "Columbia University Master's Essay" marked in left margin, undated
89-8/84 (16780645) Administrative files [collected by Albert C. Lewis]:
Research proposal:
The Influence of World War II on the Development of the Mathematical Sciences, 1981
Responses to statistical archives questionnaire, response register, 1981
Casual excerpts from planning committee meeting, November 12-14, 1980
Charles W. MacArthur, planning committee, 1980-1981
J. Barkley Rosser, J.L. Heilbron, 1981
“The Mathematization of U.S. Society,” draft and comments, Lewis, Rosser, 1981
Archives checklist, survey register, proposal comments, Lewis, Rosser, 1981
Eisenhart, Rees, Koppelman, 1978
Eisenhart, Price, Rosser, Rees, 1979
Price, Bernstein, Rees, Eisenhart, Brichford, Solomon, 1980
Eisenhart, Rosser, Bromberg, Krushkal, 1981
Rosser, Beckenbach, Rees, Eisenhart, 1981-1983
Miscellaneous, 1976-1983
Gina Bari-Kolata, ”Trial and Error Game that Puzzles Fast Computers,” Smithsonian, October 1979
“The Mathematization of U.S. Society,” Survey register, comments from Rosser, appendix, 1980
Minutes, budget, 1980-1981
2004-075/5 (CDL) Committee member list, 1978, 1979, 1980
Research Proposal:
“Applied Mathematics in World War II,” to National Science Foundation, 1983
Transcripts, reports, articles, correspondence, 1945-1983
4RM14c Audiotapes:
“World War II Committee, 80-11, Part I,” 1980
“World War II Committee, 80-11-13, Part II,” 1980
“World War II Committee, March, ’81,” 1981
4RM224 Photographs:
Carins, Stewart S., April 1972
Leighton, Walter, 1959
Mood, A. M., 1964
Wolfowitz, Jacob, 1975