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A Guide to the H. S. Wall Papers, 1902, 1929-1974, 2006

Descriptive Summary

Creator Wall, H. S. (Hubert Stanley), 1902-
Title H. S. Wall Papers
Dates: 1902, 1929-1974, 2006
Abstract Collection consists of the mathematical notes, publications, and teaching material of mathematician H. S. Wall (1902-1971).
Accession No. 2000-088, 2002-076; 2006-073; 2006-121; 2006-137; 2010-321
Extent 3 ft., 4 in.
Language Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Wall received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1927. He was a professor of pure mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin (1946-1971) where he directed the doctoral work of over 60 students. Wall employed the discovery-based method of teaching in his classroom. His research interests included continued fractions, Hellinger integrals, group theory, and infinite processes.

Scope and Contents

Collection consists of the mathematical notes, publications, and teaching material of mathematician H. S. Wall (1902-1971). Also includes some notes of J. S. Mac Nerney, one of Wall's students and a professor of mathematics at the University of North Carolina.

Forms part of the Archives of American Mathematics.


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Index Terms

Mac Nerney, J. S. (John Sheridan), 1923-1979
Wall, H. S. (Hubert Stanley), 1902- -- Archives
University of Texas at Austin. Dept. of Mathematics
Lecture notes
Mathematics -- Periodicals
Mathematics -- Study and teaching -- United States

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

H. S. Wall Papers, 1902, 1929-1974, 2006, Archives of American Mathematics, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

Acquisition Information

Accession 2006-073 was transferred from the University of Houston Special Collection and Archives Department.

Detailed Description of the Collection



2006-073/5 J. S. Mac Nerney [includes mathematical work, bound], 1950-1958
2011-375/1 [15839185] Wall and J. S. Mac Nerney [accession no. 2010-321], 1961-1968, 1971
2006-073/1 General, 1948-1958

2000-088/1 Class and seminar material, 1941-1948 and undated


Publications by Wall

2000-088/1 "Selected Problems in Mathematical Analysis," 1955
"Theory of Equations," undated
Creative Mathematics, Austin: UT Press, 1963
4RM180 Analytic Theory of Continued Fractions, Bronx, NY: Chelsea Publishing Co., 1948
2000-088/1 Miscellany, undated
2000-088/2 Offprints, 1931-1938
Offprints, 1940-1943
Offprints, 1944-1945
Offprints, 1946-1949
Offprints, 1953-1957
2006-073/5 Offprints, 1931-1957


Mathematical work

2006-073/1 Manuscripts:
"Calculus" [later became Creative Mathematics], 1956
4RM180 "Calculus" [later draft?], undated
2006-073/1 "Concerning the power series expansion of a continued fraction," undated
“Differential and Integral Calculus,” undated
Fundamental function theory, undated
“The Scientific Work of Edward Burr Van Vleck,” 1945 and undated
Northwestern University Contributions to Continued Fractions [includes 15 monographs authored or coauthored by Wall], 1929-1942
Research files:
Linear systems [includes Analysis Seminar Reports from Northwestern and “The Hellinger Solution of the Moment Problem”], 1942-1943 and undated
Mathematical notes, 1966 and undated


University of Texas at Austin

2002-076/1 Course notes:
"Calculus" notes [Calculus 613 class], ca. 1951-1952
Notes [Theory of Equations 315], ca. 1951-1952
2006-073/1 M. 697L [typed and handwritten notes], 1955-1956
Student work:
Chisolm, J. S. R., 1963
Darwin, James T., undated
Drobnies, Saul I., undated
Garrett, B. D., undated
Helton, Burrell W., undated
Lane, Ralph E., undated
Mac Nerney, J. S., undated
Murray, C. S., undated
Neuberger, J. W., undated
Parker, undated
Porcelli, Pasquale, undated
Roach, F. A., undated
Steib, Michael Lee, undated
Pure Mathematics Foundation of the Univerisity of Texas, 1952

2002-076/1 Mac Nerney, J. S., "An Introduction to Analytic Functions With Theoretical Implications," The University of North Carolina, 1960


Works by others

2006-073/1 Bisshopp, K. E. “The Use of Matrices and Normal Coordinates in the Solutions of Torsional Vibration Problems” [lecture delivered at Spring MAA meeting, Milwaukee, WI], May 13, 1944
Frevel, Ludo K. “Applications of the Explicit Expansion of Iterated Functions” [The Dow Chemical Company], undated
RESTRICTED Restricted [for conservation purposes]: Stieltjes, Thomas Jan, Recherches sur Les Fractions Continues, Paris, 1902, 2006
2006-073/2 The Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 4, No. 2, Spring 1974 [dedicated to H. S. Wall], 1974
2000-088/2 Offprints, 1937-1968 and undated
Reid, W. T. Introduction to the Theory of Functions, Chicago: University of Chicago Bookstore, 1944
2006-073/2 Reprints [alphabetical by author]:
2006-073/3 H-P
2006-073/4 R-V
2006-073/5 W-Z



3W111 Four photographs [includes photocopy of letter from Wall’s son], circa 1930s