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A Guide to the George Yuri Rainich Papers, 1925-1982

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Creator Rainich, G. Y. (George Yuri), b. 1886
Title George Yuri Papers
Dates: 1925-1982
Abstract The Rainich Papers consist largely of manuscript materials for a proposed book, course notes (for classes at the University of Michigan and the University of Notre Dame), and seminar materials created between 1941 and 1965.
Accession No. 86-24; 2000-142
OCLC No. 19504145
Extent 3 ft. 7 in.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

George Yuri Rainich (né Rabinovich) was born in Russia on March 25, 1886. He studied mathematics at universities in Odessa, Göttlingen and Munich, obtaining a Magister of Pure Mathematics at the University of Kazan in 1913. He then taught at Kazan and Odessa until 1922, when he came to the United States of America with his wife Sophie. He was a Johnston Scholar at Johns Hopkins from 1923-1926, and taught at the University of Michigan until his retirement in 1956. After retirement, he lectured as a visiting professor at the University of Notre Dame. Rainich returned to the University of Michigan after the death of his wife in 1963 and remained active in the field until his death on October 10, 1968. Rainich's focus of study was relativity theory, but he also studied electromagnetic theory, linear vector functions, and analytical vector functions. He taught classes in geometry, higher algebra, vector analysis, theory of probability, and partial differential equations of mathematical physics.

Scope and Contents

The Rainich Papers consist largely of manuscript materials for a proposed book, course notes (for classes at the University of Michigan and the University of Notre Dame), and seminar materials created between 1941 and 1965. They also include the correspondence of Wilfred Kaplan regarding Rainich's papers, the correspondence between Alice R. Nichols and J. Wiley (publisher) regarding a book on relativity theory, and photocopies of letters from Albert Einstein to Rainich.

Forms part of the Archives of American Mathematics.


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Rainich, G. Y. (George Yuri), b. 1886
Kaplan, Wilfred, 1915-
University of Michigan. Dept. of Mathematics
University of Notre Dame. Dept. of Mathematics
Electromagnetic theory
Relativity (Physics)

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George Yuri Rainich Papers, 1925-1982, Archives of American Mathematics, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin

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George Yuri Rainich:

86-24/1 Correspondence, 1925-1967
Colwell, Dorry
Einstein, Albert [photocopied letters]
Hazlett, Hélène
Kraus, Edward H.
Rainich, George Yuri
Swanson, Ellen E.
Watkins, Edwin
Unidentified correspondents [in Russian]
November-December 1958
January 1962
February 1962
March 1962
April-May 1962
October 1962
June 1963
July 1963
December 1963
January 1964
February 1964
March 1964
March-May 1964
June 1964
January-June 1964
July-August 1964
August-December 1964
October 1964
November 1964
December 1964
January 1965
February 1965
March 1965
April 1965
86-24/2 May-August 1965
September 1965
October 1965
November 1965
December 1965
January 1966
February 1966
February-March 1966
April 1966
May 1966
June 1966
July 1966
August 1966
September 1966
October 1966
November 1966
December 1966
January 1967
February 1967
March 1967
April-May 1967
July-August 1967
September 1967
October 1967
November 1967
December 1967
4RM55c Oversized notes [equations and figures] undated
86-24/3 Bibliographic notebooks
Lectures, 1954-1964
Talks on general relativity, 1964
Introduction to relativity, undated
Assorted lectures, 1954-1964
Writings, 1926-1969
Manuscript drafts
Introduction to continuous groups, 1949
Textbook draft—Mathematics 139, 1949-1951
Textbook draft—untitled, undated
Seven Lectures on Relativity, 1926-1969
Essay drafts
Electric charge and mass in the general relativity theory, 1926
On the measure of deviation from normality for congruences of curves, 1927
Gravitation and electromagnetism [includes correspondence], 1950
Group of rigid motions, 1958
Group of elliptic geometry, 1958
A skew five by five matrix and general relativity theory, 1959
Coordinates in general relativity, undated
Stresses, 1959
Radiation, 1960
On a case of steady motion, 1961[?]
On Near-waves, 1961
Summer riots [two copies], 1967
G.R. 1, undated
q-1, undated
QCC, undated
ST, undated
Diff. Geo. Curves, undated
Curved Spaces, undated
Math 339, undated
Sp., undated
Spl., undated
T, undated
Physical significance of transformation of space-time coordinates, undated
R.B., undated
Peano series, undated
Stereographic parameters, undated
Minimal surfaces, undated
Linearization of surface theory, undated
Two worlds in science and literature, undated
Discreteness of charges and mapping of spheres, undated
Linearization in relativity, undated
Non-commutative analysis and the Hausdorf theorem, undated
Particle and field, undated
Electric charge and topology, undated
The fundamental theorem of algebra and the Picard theorem, undated
The indicator-ellipsoid for Newtonian transformation, undated
On the relative position of two linning[?] circles in inverse three space, undated
Of topological invariants of antisymmetric tensorfields in four-space, undated
Les indices dans un champ de tenseurs. Generalisation de la Courbure integrale, undated
Minimal surfaces and non-analytic functions, undated
Selection rules and Chebyshev polynomials, undated
Description of proposed research, undated
On five-dimensional relativity, undated
Particles and waves, undated
A new proof of the basic relation of the general relativity theory, undated
Nebulae, meteorites, and cosmic rays, undated
Surfaces, undated
Hilbert, Kandinsky, and Gertrude Stein, undated
Redundancy, undated
Curvature and radiation, undated
The field of a photon, undated
Chapter III, Special relativity, undated
Essays by others
Hsieh, L.F.
“On doubly piercing lines of space pentagons,” undated
Inomata, Akira
“A geometric theory of neutrinos,” undated
Katz, E.
“Concerning the number of independent variables of the classical electromagnetic field,” 1965
Penney, R.
“Gravitational field of a charged fluid,” ca. 1960
“Charged particles in general relativity,” ca. 1963
Thomas, T.Y.,
“Space-time coordinates in the general theory of relativity,” 1963
“The perfect relativistic gas,” 1964
Votruba, George
“Applications of Lie theory to geometry,” 1958


Wilfred Kaplan, 1969-1982

86-24/3 Correspondence, 1969-1982
Held, A.
Kaplan, Wilfred
Kotik, Lee K.
LeVeque, William J.
Rosenbaum, Marcos P.
Shube, Beatrice
Stachel, John
Williams, David N.
Address list
“Excerpts from research files left by the late George Y. Rainich” [photocopies], 1980
"Notes of Nov. 1964"
“For Hoboken Conference, 11 May 1965”
“Introduction to General Relativity, (prob. May 1965)”
“For seminar 30 June 1966”
“Notes of 30 October and November 1 1967”
“Notes of 22 November 1967”
“Projected Table of Contents—Rainich, Relativity”
“From material for book, handwritten”
“From material for book “General Relativity”
“Electric Charge and Mass in the General Relativity Theory, Feb. 21, 1926”