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University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

A Guide to the Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr., Papers

Descriptive Summary

CreatorBentsen, Lloyd
TitleLloyd M. Bentsen, Jr., Papers
Dates: 1921-1998
Abstract:Correspondence, printed material, creative works, legal documents, financial documents, minutes, photographic materials, sound recordings, and works of art make up the papers of Senator Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr. (1930-1994, bulk 1971-1993). Bentsen and his staff created the bulk of the material during his term as United States Senator from Texas (1971-1993), though the papers also contain records from Bentsen's term as United States Secretary of the Treasury (1993-1994). A limited amount of the material documents Bentsen's career in business and his private life. Few records exist from his term in the United States House of Representatives (1948-1955).
Accession No.AR 88-066; 88-370; 88-395; 89-072; 90-100; 90-287; 91-002; 91-010; 91-028; 91-046; 91-047; 91-135; 91-182; 91-344; 92-043; 92-149; 92-165; 92-359; 93-061; 93-138; 93-162; 93-188; 93-239; 94-269; 94-347; 95-005; 95-017; 95-029; 95-064; 95-167; 95-210; 96-237; 96-274; 96-289; 97-092; 97-098; 98-236; 98-246; 99-175; 99-199; 2000-180; 2000-185; 2000-269; 2002-067
Extent2687 cubic feet
LanguageMaterials are in English.
RepositoryDolph Briscoe Center for American History,The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Lloyd Millard Bentsen, Jr., Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, U.S. Senator and Representative, businessman, Texas county judge, and decorated World War Two veteran, was born in Mission, Texas, on February 11, 1921. He ran for Vice-President of the United States in 1988 on the Democratic ticket with then Massachusettes governor Michael Dukakis. He served as Secretary of the Treasury under President Bill Clinton from 1993 to 1994. Bentsen kept up a full schedule until 1998, when he retired after a decline in his health. He died on May 23, 2006.

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Scope and Contents

Correspondence, printed material, creative works, legal documents, financial documents, minutes, photographic materials, sound recordings, and works of art make up the papers of Senator Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr. (1930-1994, bulk 1971-1993). Bentsen and his staff created the bulk of the material during his term as United States Senator from Texas (1971-1993), though the papers also contain records from Bentsen's term as United States Secretary of the Treasury (1993-1994). A limited amount of the material documents Bentsen's career in business and his private life. Few records exist from his term in the United States House of Representatives (1948-1955).

The material is organized in ten subgroups. The first seven subgroups consist of records from Bentsen's Senate offices.

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Click on a subgroup link below to view the detailed inventory for that subgroup.
I. Management/Administration Subgroup, 1971-1993 (26.5 cubic feet)
II. Legislative Section Subgroup, 1945-1993 (579.5 cubic feet)
III. Personal and Political Files Subgroup, 1923, ca. 1940-1993 (217.5 cubic feet)
IV. Correspondence Subgroup, 1971-1993 (1306 cubic feet)
V. Press Section Subgroup, 1930-1931, 1942-1994 (161.5 cubic feet)
VI. Constituent Services Subgroup, 1971-1993 (259 cubic feet)
VII. State Offices Subgroup, 1921, 1942-1993 (109.5 cubic feet)
VIII. Secretary of the Treasury Subgroup, 1981 (1993-1994) (25.5 cubic feet)
IX. Post Secretary of the Treasury Subgroup, 1995-1998 (5 items)
X. Lewis L. Gould Files Subgroup, 1942-1994 (1 linear foot, 8 inches)


Access Restrictions

Casework and personnel files are restricted for 75 years after creation, up to the year 2068.

Use of some audio and video materials is by appointment only; please contact sound archivist.

Use of digital material by appointment only; please contact digital archivist.

Use Restrictions

A portion of these papers is stored remotely. Advance notice required for retrieval. Contact repository for retrieval.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Bentsen, Lloyd--Archives.
Subjects (Organizations)
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Finance.
United States. Congress. Senate.
Economics--United States.
Finance--Laws and legislation--United States.
Finance--United States.
Politics, Practical--Texas.
Texas--Politics and government--1951-

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr., Papers, 1921-1998, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Detailed Description of the Collection


VI. Constituent Services Subgroup, 1971-1993
Extent (259 cubic feet)

Administrative History
Projects and casework were the primary Constituent Service work of Senator Bentsen's staff. Typical projects, undertaken on behalf of groups, municipalities, or the state itself, included efforts to receive federal grants or designations, to gain inclusion in federal programs, and to affect the decisions of federal agencies. Cases involved specific individuals requiring assistance with Federal agencies and government departments, such as the Veterans and Social Security Administrations; the Internal Revenue Service; Immigration and Naturalization Service; Departments of Agriculture, Health, Education, Welfare, Justice and Labor; and branches of the armed forces.
Staff in Bentsen's Austin office performed most casework and project work. Dallas staff managed some local cases. The State Director, reporting to the Administrative Assistant, supervised the work. Bentsen's Administrative Assistant handled some special constituent problems personally.
Other routine constituent services included applications to the military service academies, coordinated by Houston staff, and routine congratulatory correspondence, managed by Dallas staff.
Scope and Content Note
Project Files created by Bentsen's Constituent Services staff include correspondence, reference and research materials, and administrative documents. The files provide an overview of the sorts of projects Texas communities undertook during Bentsen's term, as well as the methods and relationships Bensten's staff drew on to assist them.
Because of their private nature, individual case files are closed for 75 years from date of creation. The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History did not retain service academy files.
For routine constituent correspondence, see Correspondence Subgroup.
93-188/213 (01808478)Project Files Series 1971-1992
Extent (226 cubic feet)
Scope and Content Note
Project Files created by Bentsen's Constituent Services staff include internal memos and correspondence with constituents and state and federal agencies, printed material such as reports and clippings, photographic materials, legal documents, and cartographic materials. Three series: Water resources projects, 1971-1979; Sequentially filed projects, 1971-1989; Project files arranged by county, 1982-1992.
The separate water resources project files may reflect Bentsen's membership in the Public Works Committee (renamed Environment and Public Works in 1977), which considered appropriations for such projects. The Sequentially filed projects series contains the bulk of the files. Staff assigned each case a descriptive title and a reference number, by which the files are organized in their particular year. In the reference number, the digits after the hyphen represent the year of the project (e.g., 1-77 for the first project in 1977).
Typically, the files include a coversheet, which lists actions taken by Bentsen's office on different dates. The later files often also include "snapshots" printed from the office computer system used to track case and project work. These documents state the status of the project, contacts made at federal agencies, actions taken, and the names and addresses of involved constituents. Some projects, such as the unsuccessful effort to prevent the closure of Ellington Air Force Base (1974-1981), involved many staff over a long period of time. In contrast, "one-shot" projects required only a single telephone call or letter to close.
The contents of the files vary. Generally, they include correspondence with constituents and administrators in federal agencies. Many of the files include the CMS work orders for Bentsen's correspondence. Occasionally, the constituent's original contact included printed material, such as reports and clippings. Some of the files include notes created by the staff member who worked on the project. Other materials in the files can include photographic materials, legal documents, and cartographic materials. In a few instances, legislative staff became involved in the project and their communication with the Senator is documented.
Lists and reports tracking project work can be found in the Austin office files, including several card files indexing projects 1971-1989.
Sequentially filed projects, 1971-1989:
348-88, Weatherford, State Highway 199
349-88, Harlingen Information & Social Services Organization
350-88, Tyler, American Health Services, Inc.
351-88, University of Texas at Austin, Savings and Loan study
352-88, Kelly Air Force Base environmental compliance
353-88, University of Texas at Austin, Business School Japan Scholarship funding
354-88, Hondo Airport
355-88, El Paso, Centro de Salud Familiar La Fe, Inc.
356-88, Devine, EDA grant
357-88, McAllen Enterprise Zone Designation, board interpretation
93-188/214 (01809222)358-88, Lavaca River widening in Edna
359-88, Corpus Christi, Section 202
360-88, Medicare, pathology language change
361-88, Eagle Pass Housing Authority
362-88, Del Rio, GSA buildings
363-88, Diana, landfill objections
364-88, Hondo National Bank
365-88, USDA, Plant Stress Facility at Texas Tech
366-88, Medicaid contract for Texas
367-88, Animal Welfare Act
368-88, Fisher County hazardous waste disposal
369-88, TWA, Icahn's takeover complaint
370-88, Aflatoxin, USDA, FDA
371-88, Tiltroter application, FAA
372-88, Brazoria County Airport
373-88, USDA, bovine leukemia
374-88, Hurricane Gilbert
375-88, Doss post office
376-88, Waller, Southern Pacific Railroad, speeding in city
377-88, Tarleton State University
378-88, Amarillo College EDA grant
379-88, Casa Ricardo Chacon, Fort Worth
380-88, Houston, allocation of Section 202, HUD
381-88, SBA, set a side grant program
382-88, Kirvin post office
383-88, FCC, taxicabs
384-88, Coleman, overall Morris Memorial Hospital respite care
385-88, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) opposition to runway
93-188/215 (01843016)385-88, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
(DFW) opposition to runway
386-88, Amarillo, thrift savings
387-88, Pearsall, Frio Hospital
389-88, Texas, State Legalization Impact Assistance Grants (SLIAG) program
390-88, Leonard ISD
391-88, Production Credit Association of Texas
392-88, Odessa, Bureau at Labor Statistics
393-88, U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
394-88, FAA, Air Traffic Control (ATC) facility downgrading
395-88, Destruction of Social Security Archives in Waco
396-88, Port of Brownsville EDA grant
397-88, EPA, TEMIK brand aldicarb for citrus industry
398-88, Laredo, highway plan
399-88, Austin, Veterans and Small Business Administration
400-88, UTHSCH, NIDA problems with HIV/AIDS research
401-88, Lakeport post office
402-88, Texas A & M University, National Educational Leadership Research and Development Center
403-88, Oak Cliff, Dixico toxic materials permit
404-88, Minden post office
405-88, Century 21 star program
406-88, El Paso, Rio Grande COG, EDA grant
407-88, Hutchison Co., taxes owed by FDIC
408-88, Department of Education student loan regulations
409-88, Del Rio, opposition to toxic waste
410-88, Duncanville, Heritage Bank Savings and Loan
93-188/216 (01843209)411-88, Burzynski Research Institute
412-88, Prairie View A & M University
413-88, Galveston's Next Generation Weather Radar (NEXRAD)
414-88, Chico, renovation of Brown Hotel
415-88, Austin, Town Lake Bridge Repair
416-88, Tyler, Texas College
417-88, Iowa Park, FEMA regulations
418-88, Lufkin, Flight Service Station
419-88, Orange, Sheriff James Wade
420-88, Dilley, proposed state prison
421-88, Texas Tech, maternal child health care
422-88, EPA, landfill regulations
423-88, Bellville General Hospital
424-88, NLRB, acute care hospital regulations
425-88, Lelia Lake post office
426-88, Terrell, solid waste incinerator
427-88, Leon Valley zip code
428-88, Hillsboro, Charr water supply
429-88, Jefferson County, airport project
93-188/216 (01843209)430-88, REA regulations
431-88, Andrews water supply
432-88, Childress County bridges
433-88, Fieldton post office
93-188/217 (01808423)434-88, San Antonio, Blue Bonnet Hotel
435-88, Heath, wants zip code
436-88, Houston, AIDS application
437-88, HCFA, lab regulations
438-88, Austin ISD, the Science Academy of Austin
439-88, HCFA, food allergy
440-88, Flomot, post office
441-88, Willis, IH-45 road improvement
442-88, Dallas, VA Medical Center incinerator
443-88, Tarrant County, Section 8, HUD contract
444-88, Presidio water and sewer improvements
2.116/OD 1273City of Presidio-Sanitary Sewer Improvements, October 11, 1988
93-188/217 (01808423)445-88, Georgetown, Battered Women's Shelter
446-88, Elsa, sewer plant improvements
447-88, Freer, Border Patrol Station
448-88, Wink, planning studies grant
449-88, Brownsville, levee improvements
450-88, Dallas, AIDS Resource Center
451-88, FCC, price cap model
452-88, Gilmer, Baylor Home Care
453-88, Baytown, Bay Area Rehabilitation Center
454-88, Saint Mary's University
455-88, Galveston, Children's Center
456-88, Voss post office
457-88, Texas Tech, Agriculture Loan Mediation Program
458-88, San Saba Hospital
459-88, Falcon Leaders Navy contract
460-88, Bay City, Riceland Regional Mental Health Association
461-88, Brazoria County Sewer Lines for Pearland, Friendswood
462-88, Chambers County, Cecos toxic waste site
463-88, Dallas Child Guidance Clinic
464-88, Houston, need for a federal reserve
465-88, Los Escondidos Water Corporation
466-88, Plainview highways
467-88, Texoma Senior Citizens Center
468-88, Texas job safety
469-88, Brownsville, Section 213, HUD funds
470-88, Maverick County, Texas Apparel Corporation
471-88, Corpus Christi State University Bilingual Education
472-88, Dallas Family Hospital
473-88, El Paso, Air Force ROTC
474-88, Gulf Coast Regional Banker's Bank
475-88, Valley Springs post office
476-88, Burck Burnett, Carter Wind Systems
93-188/218 (01843286)1-89, Crosbyton Hospital
2-89, Temple, FmHA, OGC consultation
3-89, Somerset ISD classroom construction
4-89, Premont economic development
5-89, Brown County, need for a doctor
6-89, Texas National Forests hunting fees
7-89, Fort Bend Co., Social Security Office
8-89, Brownwood Essential Air Service (EAS)
9-89, Denton post office modifications
10-89, Abilene, Day Nursery homeless grant
11-89, Arlington, State Highway 360 improvements
13-89, Seguin, post office
14-89, Spring, Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Materials Physics Associates
15-89, HCFA, medically unnecessary
16-89, GSA bonding requirements regulations
17-89, Farm Credit Administration, appraisal requirements
18-89, Base reorganization, closing
19-89, Nacogdoches, Clean Water Act violations
20-89, Brownsville, Alison McDermid sale to Vietnam
21-89, Houston, KU47 classic radio
22-89, Jefferson County, EDA grant application
23-89, Tatum, Windsor Gypsum Company
24-89, Galveston, public housing sale
25-89, Corpus Christi, EDA grant application
26-89, Brownsville, EDA grant application
27-89, Killeen, Sison's SBIR, DOD
28-89, Waxahachie, Oak Lawn preservation
29-89, San Benito, Cedar Family Center for South Texas
30-89, MCorp recapitalization
31-89, Georgetown, highway improvements
32-89, Waxahachie, post office
33-89, Terrell, Able Springs water supply, FmHA application
34-89, FCC, Rural Service Area Cellular Telephone Lottery
35-89, Carthage, Panola General Hospital
36-89, Hardin and Liberty Counties FM 787
37-89, Anson, Bypass opposition
38-89, Higgins, landfill opposition
39-89, Austin Council of the Blind federal grant application
40-89, NMFS, Marine Mammal Protection Act amendments
41-89, Plainview, South Plains Health Provider
42-89, Tyler, Vet Center closing
43-89, Abilene, exclusive HUD properties listing
44-89, Gilmer, post office building
45-89, Del Rio, weather station closing
46-89, Electra, Texas Times magazine
47-89, SWTSU, Bicentennial Commission proposal
48-89, Deanville, First State Bank
49-89, Dallas Challenge, DOED chemical dependency application
50-89, Okinawa, Air Force housing water supply
51-89, Waller, railroad crossing safety
52-89, Hearne Airport
53-89, Eagle Pass, Mexican coal mine opposition
93-188/219 (01808252)54-89, Plainview produce
55-89, Brazilian rain forests
56-89, Paris, Essential Air Service (EAS)
57-89, Temple, Essential Air Service (EAS)
58-89, Texas City, Mitsubishi Metal's Copper processing plant
59-89, Fort Bend ISD, Junior ROTC
60-89, Cleveland, federal applications
61-89, Jasper, Texas Capital Fund
62-89, El Paso National Weather Station
63-89, Houston READ Commission, Vista Literacy Commission
64-89, Sonora, Ozona, Eldorado, public housing needs
66-89, Humble, Eastex Volunteer Fire Department
67-89, Fritch, Vega, rural health clinics, Public Health Services (PHS)
68-89, Dallas, Grandezza con Opulence
69-89, Rocksprings, landfill regulations
70-89, Mertzon, landfill regulations
71-89, South Texas Primate Observatory, relocation of Japanese snow monkeys
72-89, NPS strip mining
73-89, Texoma Area Agency on Aging, HCFA demonstration project
74-89, FTC, Texas plumbing code investigation
75-89, Houston, Cliffs drilling Bolivion bid
76-89, Wichita Falls, National Weather Service Office
77-89, New Braunfels Airport
78-89, SBA, federal guarantee for debt refinancing
79-89, Border pollution
80-89, Fort Davis National Park Proposal
93-188/220 (01809142)81-89, Titus Co. White Oak Bridge
82-89, Furadon cancellation
83-89, Valley VA Hospital
84-89, Texas Southern University, building trades training
85-89, Korean Cancer Center AID Grant
86-89, Castroville, NEA grant application
87-89, USDA, hay and grazing restrictions
88-89, Tehuccana, Old Westminster College preservation
89-89, El Paso, Casa Blanco Therapeutic Communities
90-89, Tyler, Howe-Baker Suriname project
91-89, Lake Waco Park closing
92-89, Austin, McCauley Export
93-89, Middle Rio Grande Development Council economic development projects
94-89, Texas, Farmers Market WEC funds
95-89, Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC), DARPA bid on high definition TV
96-89, Fort Bend County, child care center
97-89, Sabinal Canyon senior citizens
98-89, Point Comfort, water supply
99-89, Wills Point, MacBee water supply FmHA application,
100-89, Houston, drug-testing NIDA grant
101-89, OMB, metro city regulations
102-89, Brownsville, housing preservation grant
103-89, Splendora postal service
104-89, McKinney ISD dropout prevention
105-89, Austin, CEDEN Family Resource Center
106-89, Grand Prairie, weather service contracting
107-89, Jourdanton, Trio City Community Hospital
108-89, Three Rivers, uranium layoff and TAA request
109-89, Austin, Radian Corporation
110-89, Fisher County Hospital
111-89, Kingsville, Texas A & I University
112-89, Bonham, Bois d'Arc water district
113-89, HCFA, Coronary bypass surgery
114-89, Spicewood post office
115-89, Dallas-Fort Worth pediatric AIDS grant
93-188/221 (01809404)117-89, Friendswood, Clover Field Airport
3V228Photographic material
93-188/221 (01809404)118-89, El Paso, White Sands SDI laser electricity
119-89, Pesticides on food
120-89, Temple, Scott and White Special Projects of Regional and National Significance (SPRANS) grant for high risk newborns
121-89, University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, south Texas Area Health Education Centers (AHEC)
122-89, Padre Island National Seashore
123-89, San Antonio, Association of Retarded Citizens
124-89, Abilene, Elm Creek Detention Dam
125-89, Brazosport Eye Institute
126-89, Amarillo, Panhandle Community Services
127-89, Austin, Jobstart PIC Project
128-89, Texas Rural Health Care Grants
129-89, Pittsburg, EDA grant
130-89, Lytle, highway projects
131-89, El Paso Community College
132-89, Vancourt, post office
3V228Photographic material
93-188/221 (01809404)133-89, Cisco NWS station
134-89, Port Arthur Community Health Clinic
135-89, Burleson County Community Center
136-89, Phone Section 8 housing
137-89, Beaumont Enterprise Zone
138-89, Texas Clean Air Act
139-89, Texas Partners of the Americas USAID grant
140-89, UTEP, Institute for Manufacturing and Materials Management
93-188/222 (01845361)141-89, GSA, relocation of EEOC office
142-89, Laredo, import Los Expansion
143-89, University of Texas, Center for Fusion Research
144-89, FCIC, crop insurance restriction
146-89, BATF, warning labels
147-89, Exxon Valdez oil spill
148-89, Montague County Wayport
149-89, San Antonio Inman Christian Center
150-89, Uvalde County, drug enforcement operations
151-89, Cedar Hill Tower
152-89, HHS, National Medical Expenditure Survey
153-89, Brownsville, Bowie Road
154-89, New Boston, James Bowie Memorial Museum
155-89, HCFA, substandard care regulations
156-89, Tri-County Agricultural, Research, and Development Foundation
157-89, Longview, Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) configuration
158-89, NASA, Space Grant College Program
159-89, South Padre Island, Queen Isabella Causeway cut
160-89, North Harris County, INS detention facility
161-89, El Paso, SBA Consumer Collection Office
162-89, Texas, State Legalization Impact Assistance Grant (SLIAG) grants
163-89, Ropesville Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
164-89, Dallas, MBDA Regional Office
165-89, Houston, Enterprise Zone application
166-89, Alvin NWS station
167-89, Hemphill, South Sabine Water Supply
168-89, San Antonio, Lutheran General Hospital EDA application
169-89, Clear Lake City, Chateaux Dijon Apartments
170-89, AID, agricultural development grant
171-89, Bryan, homeless grant
172-89, Lower Valley, Wildlife Corridor
173-89, TDHS, elder abuse grant
174-89, Jacksonville, Poly Cycle Industries
175-89, Houston, Buffalo Steel
176-89, Texan's War on Drugs
177-89, El Paso, Rio Grande operating plan
93-188/223 (01843038)178-89, EPA plastics recycling
179-89, National Narcotics Border Interdiction System
180-89, Corpus Christi, Fina layoff
181-89, Corps, deferred dredging projects
182-89, Houston, The Living Bank
182-89, Stephenville, Senior Citizens Center
184-89, Carrizo Springs, flood control along Carrizo Creek
185-89, El Paso, Texas Tech Medical School
186-89, Austin, Tracor's chaff facility
187-89, UTPB, federal grant proposals
188-89, UTHSCH, Special Projects of Regional and National Significance (SPRANS) grant
189-89, Texas A & M, Project Socrates
190-89, Rice, NASA funding for materials research
191-89, UMTA, cold weather research and development
192-89, Whitney, use of CORPS land for water facility
193-89, Corpus Christi ISD dropout application
194-89, Wylie Community Hospital
195-89, Burnet County, flood plain guidelines
196-89, El Paso Job Corps Center
197-89, Olton, FmHA nursing home loan
198-89, NEA, Visual Arts Awards, "Piss Christ"
199-89, Texas A & M, IRS ruling
200-89, Jacksonville, Nan Travis Hospital
201-89, Big Spring, Scenic Mountain Medical Center
202-89, Orange, opposition to AIDS center
203-89, Hill County disaster request
204-89, HCFA, free standing cancer radiation centers' reimbursement
205-89, Fort Bend County, landfill permit
206-89, Trinity Memorial Hospital
207-89, El Paso, Rehabilitation Center DOED grant
93-188/224 (01808729)208-89, USDA, surplus cheese distribution
209-89, Corpus Christi, relocation of Navy Recruiting orientation unit to Corpus Christi
210-89, Santa Fe Railroad abandonment in North Western Texas
211-89, Glen Rose, Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant
212-89, Hidalgo Co, Maternal and Infant Health Improvement Act (MAIHIA) grant
213-89, Dimmitt ISD, family literacy
214-89, El Campo, Main Street Project
215-89, Dallas, Baylor Health Care System
216-89, Midland International Airport
217-89, Kickapoo Indians
218-89, Evant ISD, impact aid grant
219-89, Texas, Sears relocation
220-89, Dalhart Airport
221-89, Plainview, Alzheimer Nursing Center
222-89, Aspermont Peanut and Grain Association
223-89, Lake Ray Roberts
224-89, Houston, Zapata Corp, Fish Oil
225-89, Brownfield, street improvements
226-89, Bon Wier, Hughes Wood Production
227-89, GAO, airline competition review
228-89, Woodson, prison interest
229-89, Dallas, Texas clinical labs
230-89, Austin, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds
231-89, Texhoma, public health clinic
232-89, 903 area code
233-89, Mineral Wells, Railroad abandonment purchase
234-89, Boerne Library improvement grant
235-89, Victoria ISD, magnet school application
236-89, Dallas, C2C aerospace SBIR
237-89, Crosby, Superfund sites
238-89, Fort Hood, aircraft damage
239-89, Bryan, Texas A & M and Bryan ISD magnet school application
240-89, Fort Bend, flooding along San Bernard River
93-188/225 (01808536)241-89, Lubbock, SBIR for Housing
242-89, Bridge City, flooding problems
243-89, Ingleside, EDA grant for military improvements for Homeports
244-89, Austin, Ener Craft Inc. Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) machine
245-89, Texas Commission on Human Rights
246-89, General prison interest
247-89, Breckenridge prison interest
248-89, May floods, disaster
3V228Photographic material
93-188/225 (01808536)249-89, Army, high performance computing center
250-89, Houston, Holiday Inn Memorial Plaza Project
251-89, University of North Texas, nanostructural materials research
252-89, Texas University affiliated programs
253-89, Palo Alto Battlefield
254-89, DOD, animal wound labs
255-89, Austin, Concordia Lutheran College
256-89, Flatonia, hospital, toxic waste
257-89, Galveston, UTMB Pathways to Health
258-89, Bryan, Texas Mariculture, Inc.
259-89, Southeast Bexar County water supply
260-89, Hubbard, Family Learning Center
261-89, NIH diethystilbestrol (DES) study
262-89, King Ranch NPS study
263-89, Denison, flood plain guidelines
264-89, Hearne post office
265-89, Frost sewage grant
266-89, Fort Worth, Dunbars Teacher Enrichment Program
267-89, Valley Mills, elderly housing
268-89, Travis County road improvements
269-89, Throckmorton Memorial Hospital
270-89, Bicentennial of the Constitution
271-89, Houston, Buffalo Bayou flood control project
272-89, Fort Worth, Gifted Students Institute DOED application
273-89, Galveston and Orange County flood study, Corps
274-89, Fort Sam Houston historic buildings
275-89, Beaumont, Taylor and Hillebrandt Bayous flood control projects
276-89, Austin Lyric Opera, NEA grant
277-89, Wichita Falls Foundry
278-89, Spur ISD, family involvement grant, DOED
279-89, Arkansas, Quachita National Forest
280-89, Grants, drugs and alcohol abuse
281-89, Irving Health Care System
282-89, Global warning
93-188/226 (01843184)283-89, University of Texas, rail gun technology designation of National Lab, Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) at Balcones Research Center
284-89, Thomason Hospital
285-89, Seguin, Walnut Creek Project
286-89, Upshur Co. literacy grant
287-89, Gulf of Mexico, Marpol Annex V
288-89, Ingram, wastewater treatment facility
289-89, Big Bend, electricity to Mexico, Rio Grande Electric Cooperative
290-89, Houston, Cypress Creek flood control project
291-89, Texas, State of the Child Project
292-89, Galveston, Corps reorganization
293-89, Childress Sectional Center post office
294-89, Jacksonville, Stryker Lake Water Cooperative water system upgrade
295-89, Lago Vista post office
296-89, El Paso, city request to lease federal property for park
297-89, UTHSCSA, OSHA anti drug grant
298-89, Amarillo, family hospital
299-89, North Lamar ISD, schoolwide enrichment program
300-89, Texas Woman's University, rehabilitation grant application
301-89, TDHS, project Providing Awareness on Substance Abuse to Keep Employees Effective (PASKEE), OSHA
302-89, Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge
303-89, Houston, VA Hospital
304-89, Austin, verified health information
305-89, Dallas Inter-Tribal Center, Indian Child Welfare grant application
306-89, Bastrop, Family Crisis Center
307-89, Grayson County Airport
308-89, Del Rio, Deep Underground High Explosive Simulation Test (DUGHEST), DNA
309-89, Gorman Hospital
310-89, St. Mary's DOED grant application
311-89, Los Indios Bridge
312-89, Houston, Herman Hospital and University of Texas Nursing, HHS Nursing Education Project
313-89, Colonias funding
314-89, Batesville, Smith Company Pollution
315-89, Luling, hazardous waste refinery
316-89, Paris, North Lamar ISD DOED application
317-89, Waco, EDA grant for TSTC access
318-89, Waller, G & W water supply FmHA application
93-188/227 (01808241)319-89, Texarkana, IH 49 expansion, Shreveport to Kansas City
320-89, Rockwall, Harry Myers Park
321-89, Somerset Biomedical Waste Incinerator
322-89, Hidalgo County EDA planning grant
323-89, Gilmer, EDA grant for sewage line
324-89, Miller Beer
325-89, Chappell Hill Historical Society Transportation 2020
326-89, IRS, Harris-Winters Phase II cases
327-89, West Texas Regional Landfill
328-89, San Antonio, podiatric primary care residency training grant
329-89, Brazoria County Toxic Waste facility
330-89, San Antonio, Radar Guidance Inc.'s, (RGI) SBIR
331-89, Grand Parkway Association
2.116/OD 1273Grand Parkway-Proposed Alignment, January 1988
93-188/227 (01808241)332-89, Mission, reactivation of Moore Air Base
333-89, Houston, American Transitional Care Inc., demonstration project
334-89, Brownsville and San Benito, shelters for alien families
335-89, Houston, Agriculture Credit Corporation
336-89, Houston, Hunter Environmental Waste Facility
337-89, Victoria, Southwestern Medical Centers
338-89, Austin, Too Cool to Do Drugs
339-89, Vietnamese, United States and Cambodia
340-89, Corsicana, scrap iron recycling
341-89, Carthage, DNA testing labs
342-89, Rockdale, Richards Memorial
343-89, East Texas COG, JTPA funds
344-89, San Antonio, International Diagnostic Center
345-89, Cameron, Senior Citizens Complex
346-89, Austin, Concordia College NSF application
348-89, Houston public television, Art Start
349-89, San Antonio, See the Sea, Inc.
93-188/228 (01808671)350-89, Houston, VA automatic deposit pilot
351-89, Amarillo, Family Hospital Center
352-89, Amarillo, Panhandle Area Alliance
353-89, El Paso, Centro Medico del Valle, public health
354-89, Jasper, Main Street Project
355-89, Belton, Project B.O.O.T.
356-89, Buda, Texas Lehigh Cement Company
357-89, Houston, American Envirotech incinerator
358-89, Dallas, Christian Care Centers, Inc. HUD application
359-89, Victoria, Adult Day Care Center
360-89, Dumas, housing
361-89, Dallas, Homeless Health Care Program
362-89, Starr County MHMR
363-89, Falls County, solid waste and waste water disposal
364-89, Crowley, Tricon Co. hazardous waste
365-89, San Antonio, Defense Mapping Agency
366-89, International Border Commission on Health and Environment
367-89, HEI Co. Sullivan Community Hospital
368-89, Wise County, LBJ National Grasslands landfill lease
369-89, Houston County Electric Cooperative
370-89, Houston, International Jazz Festival
371-89, Concan, handicapped resort proposal
3V228Photographic material
93-188/228 (01808671)372-89, Texas Association of Civil Litigants
373-89, Mesquite, Hudson Municipal Airport
374-89, Gonzales, Warm Springs Rehabilitation Hospital
375-89, Martin County Convent Foundation
3V228Photographic material
93-188/228 (01808671)376-89, San Antonio Housing Authority
377-89, NIH, cystitis funding
378-89, Texas minerals mapping project
379-89, OSHA, AIDS dental regulations
380-89, Waco, Performing Arts Hippodrome Theatre
381-89, Texas Highways, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
382-89, UTMB and Shriners Burns Institute
383-89, LCRA, pollution prevention grant
384-89, Baylor College of Medicine Nurse-Midwifery Care Project
93-188/229 (01843162)385-89, Houston, Indochinese Culture Center
386-89, Big Thicket National Preserve
387-89, Big Wells, wastewater treatment plant
389-89, Denton County Airport
388-89, Texas Highway trunk system
390-89, Liver transplants
391-89, Odessa, Dynagen clean air violations
392-89, Longview, East Texas television network
393-89, San Antonio, customs staffing
394-89, Pecos, Red Bluff Water Control District
395-89, AIDS, community programs for clinical research
396-89, Orange, HUD housing grant
397-89, McLennan Community College Student Support Services (SSS) application
398-89, Hawkins, Jarvis Christian College
399-89, Mabank, economic development
400-89, Chicota, postal service
401-89, Corpus Christi, Naval Air Station
402-89, Dallas, Structured Behavioral Learning Center
404-89, NCNB University Savings
405-89, Austin, community literacy
406-89, Dallas Baptist University
407-89, Amarillo, Santa Fe Energy Co.
408-89, Chocolate Bayou flooding
409-89, Bay City, Van Vieck ISD air contamination
410-89, Austin, HUD $100 down payment
411-89, Dallas, El Centro Community College National Literacy Program
412-89, Texas Radiation Advisory Board
413-89, Edinburg, urban county program
414-89, Amarillo Medical Center Rural Telecommunications Project
415-89, Graham, drug abuse program
416-89, Corpus Christi, Spohn Hospital
417-89, San Antonio ISD, fuel storage concern
418-89, Brownsville, American Marine Institutes, Inc.
419-89, Waskom, methadone clinic
420-89, NASA, SEASAT
421-89, Caldwell County economic development effort
422-89, Wharton drug war
423-89, Longview drug war
424-89, FSLIC merger with FDIC employee concerns
93-188/230 (01808650)425-89, Bryan, Brazos Maternal and Child Health Center
426-89, Calhoun County economic development
427-89, South Texas Halo Flights
428-89, Brownsville, Cameron County Housing Authority drug abuse program
429-89, AID, microenterprise program
430-89, El Paso, Clean Air Act
431-89, Austin, Texas System of Natural Labs
432-89, UTHSCSA, South Texas Geriatric Education Center
433-89, Lytle, Benton Water Supply Company
434-89, Paris, Cox Field Airport
435-89, IRS, minimum participation regulations
436-89, Spider Webb Medal of Honor
537-89, Houston, Motco Superfund site
438-89, Tyler, drug free schools project
439-89, Kimble County rural telecommunications interest
440-89, Texas A & M Regional Training Center
441-89, Houston, Johnson Space Center
442-89, Amarillo Airport
443-89, Kerrville, Texas Lions League for Crippled Children
444-89, Permian Basin Regional Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program
445-89, Attwater prairie chickens
446-89, Austin ISD language program
447-89, San Antonio, San Francisco Cathedral Foundation
448-89, Harlingen Horizon Youth Services
449-89, Hillsboro Airport
450-89, Disaster freeze file
451-89, Kendall County aquaculture
452-89, The Great Northern Nekoosa
453-89, Nolan County water quality project
454-89, El Paso, Americana Museum
93-188/153 (01845350)Project files arranged by county, 1982-1992:
93-188/154 (01808773)Garza-Nueces
93-188/152 (01808300)Oldham-Zavala
Project summary assignments, 1982-1992
Statewide/regional projects, 1982-1992
93-188/245 (01843093)Case Files Series, 1971-1993
Extent (33 cubic feet)
Scope and Content Note
The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History accepted approximately 5% of Senator Bentsen's case files as a sample. In order to protect the privacy of the individuals involved, the case files (33 cubic feet) are closed to researchers for 75 years from date of file closure. The case files are similar in form to project files. They contain correspondence and notes, including a case "snapshot" or computerized summary recording relevant information on the individual's concern and the agencies contacted.
The following files contain administrative information.
Austin office files:
Casework annual memo statistics, 1990-1993
Extent (five folders)
Casework workload, 1984 (1989-1990)
Casework forms, 1989
Most frequently asked casework questions, January 1990-February 1990
329-88-0001/1 (01844846)Casework responsibilities, January 1976
329-81-0073/13 (00152778)Casework
000-89-0005 (92-043)/1 (00880811)Daily mail reports, casework, 1971-1973


VII. State Offices Subgroup, 1921, 1942-1993
Extent (109.5 cubic feet)

Administrative History
Senator Bentsen's state offices were responsible for significant constituent service duties and for campaign coordination, including fund-raising. Bentsen maintained offices in Austin, Houston, and Dallas. The Austin office had the largest staff, including Bentsen's State Director. The Dallas office was opened in 1977.
Constituent services undertaken in Texas included projects, cases, and academy appointments. The Austin office coordinated project work undertaken on behalf of municipalities, businesses, groups, and non-profit entities in Texas. Austin staff, occasionally in collaboration with Bentsen's Washington staff, performed most project work. The state offices also undertook cases for individuals, investigating and resolving problems with federal agencies. Dallas staff handled a small proportion of cases, but most were resolved by staff in Austin. Cases originating in Houston were forwarded to the other offices or resolved with telephone calls. (See Constituent Services Subgroup for project and case files.) Staff members in Houston also worked with high school students who contacted Senator Bentsen in an effort to gain appointments at Unites States military service academies.
In addition to processing service academy applications, Senator Bentsen's Houston office was responsible for maintaining the Senator's campaign funding accounts. Senator Bentsen's business had been based in Houston, and his office there included personal items documenting his life before his election to the Senate.
Bentsen's Dallas office performed some casework and sent congratulatory letters and telegrams to Texans. (See Correspondence Subgroup for those files.) Staff in Dallas also maintained clipping files. Prior to 1987, while the Dallas files were in General Services Administration storage at the Federal Records Center in Fort Worth, a series of scrapbooks and up to 25 boxes of political files were mistakenly destroyed. The material included documentation of Bentsen's 1976 Presidential and Senatorial campaigns.
Subgroup Scope and Contents
Staff in Bentsen's offices in Austin, Dallas, and Houston performed constituent service and campaign work. This subseries contains records created by Bentsen's State Directors (based in Austin), personnel, and work tracking records, as well as campaign and clippings files. Items from Bentsen's Houston office include personal materials, photographs, and scrapbooks documenting Bentsen's life before his election to the Senate.
93-188/238 (01843195)Austin Office Files, 1971-1993
Extent (41 cubic feet)
Scope and Content Note
Correspondence, reports, printed material, photographs and videotapes, card files, and artifacts make up records from Senator Bentsen's Austin office, 1971-1993. Six series are open for research: Personal Political Files, 1973-1992 (23 cubic feet); Office Administration Files, 1972-1992, incomplete (4 cubic feet); Videotapes, 1991, undated (1 cubic foot); Constituent Services, 1971-1989 (4 cubic feet); Artifacts, 1972-1992 (6 feet). Personnel files of Bentsen's Texas employees (3 cubic feet), stored in the Austin office, are closed to researchers for 75 years after creation.
Personal/political files from the Austin office include County Files, General Files, and 1988 Campaign Files. The County Files profile each county in Texas (1980-1992). General Files (1973-1975, 1980-1993) include a limited amount of "first namer" or V.I.P. correspondence, 1974-1975, and constituent correspondence concerning the Office of Equal Opportunity, 1973. Subject, reference, and office files, also included among the General files, contain a variety of political files about events, groups, and nominations, as well as some office management files regarding casework and office procedures. 1988 Campaign Files contains significant material generated during Bentsen's campaigns for senator and vice-president that was stored at the Austin office. File topics include fundraising, campaign field operations, opposition research on Republican Senate nominee Beau Boulter, videotapes of television advertisements, poll results, and various lists of supporters, volunteers, media representatives, influential Texans, and others. For campaign records stored from the Washington offices, consult the Political and personal subgroup portion of the finding aid.
Office Administration Files include Administrative and Executive Assistant Files, 1972-1981, and Trip Files, 1989-1992. The Administrative and Executive Assistant files include material created by Joe O'Neill, State Office Director, who later served as Bentsen's Administrative Assistant in Washington. The files include subject files, office management files, and correspondence files. Files O'Neill created as Bentsen's Administrative Assistant are listed as part of the Constituent Services subgroup.
The Videotapes series, distinct from the 1988 campaign tapes, includes various tapes stored in Austin (1987-1988). Most of Bentsen's moving image records were stored in Washington and are part of the Press Section subgroup, External Communication series.
The Constituent Service Series includes lists and card files indexing the many projects assisted by Bentsen's Austin office, 1971-1989 (4 cubic feet). The actual files generated in the course of project and casework, which were stored in the state offices, are listed as part of the Constituent Services subgroup.
Artifacts from the Austin office (1972-1992) consist primarily of plaques.
Personal/Political Files:
County Files:
Anderson - Dallam, 1980-1982, 1984-1988, 1991-1992
93-188/239 (01808161)Collingsworth - Guadalupe, 1981-1982, 1984 1988, 1991-1992
93-188/240 (01808332)Hale - Jackson, 1980-1983, 1985-1988, 1990-1992
93-188/241 (01808547)Jones - Parker, 1980-1982, 1985-1992
2.325/T38aLiberty County: Liberty, Texas street map, 1981
93-188/242 (01808401)Parker - Uvalde, 1982-1992
93-188/243 (01845292)Upton - Zavala, 1981-1982, 1984-1988, 1990 1992
General Files:
Correspondence to and from first namers, A - S, 1974-1975
93-188/245 (01843093)OEO [Office of Equal Opportunity] correspondence, March 1973
OEO correspondence, March 1973
P.A. correspondence, February 1973-November 1973
Subject, reference, and office files:
Senate mail system computer information, June 1990-January 1993
Casework annual memo statistics, 1990-1993
(five folders)
Austin office procedures, 1985-1992
Casework workload, 1984 (1989-1990)
Casework forms, 1989
Most frequently asked casework questions, January 1990-February 1990
Texas offices weekly reports, January 1991-June 1991
Texas offices weekly activity report, 1992
B. A. Bentsen caravan (for Ann Richards campaign), June 1990-October 1990
American Legion Citation of Appreciation, undated
Congressional Delegation-Texas, 1985-1991
Congressional Delegation-U. S., 1988-1991
Introductory biography-Senator Bentsen, May 1990
Senator Bentsen-In-state events introduction sheets, October 1987-January 1988
Senator Bentsen-Biography sheets, 1988, 1992
Mrs. Bentsen-Biography sheet, 1976
General economic info, 1987, 1989
93-188/240 (01808332)Scott Altas correspondence, 1989-1992
93-188/138 (01809380)Elected officials, (loose binder) undated
93-188/129 (01843210)Bentsen, Lloyd, III, November 18, 1983
Charter information, February 7, 1990
U. S. Congressional coin, 1989-1990
Correspondence, not printed at government expense, 1987 (1988)
Janine K. Webster:
Correspondence, 1987-1989
Memos sent, 1989-1991
Memos received, 1985 (1988-1991)
Memos sent, 1989 (1991)
Memos received, 1991
3V227Publicity photographs
Black and white photographs, B. A. Bentsen, undated
3V228Bentsen, Southern Methodist University photographs, undated
93-188/129 (01843210)Party platforms, 1988, 1990
Reception for Michael, Austin, Texas, February 6, 1987
Tower space, November 1983
Schedules, 1988-1991
Town hall meeting information, 1987
Memos, 1991
Mr. Gary Bushell, undated
White House Conference on Small Businesses, 1985-1986
Speaking invitation forms, January 1983
Lloyd Bentsen accomplishments, January 1982
Lloyd Bentsen, legislative accomplishments, 96th Congress, reference only, undated
Introduction for Lloyd Bentsen, February 1983
Lloyd Bentsen biographical information, February, 1988
Biographical speeches, October 1981
Press releases, 1982
Lloyd Bentsen on the economy, undated
NAR - Secret Service notified, May 5, 1991
Phone call tallies, September 1991-October 1991
National Wildflower Research Center, September 16, 1985
Travel and Tourism Industry Advisory Council of the Senate Commerce Committee, 1987-1988
J. R. Thornton
Texas World Trade Council, 1986
United States Bankruptcy Judgeship, Fifth Circuit, 1986, 1987
University of Texas System, 1985
Guestbook, (two books) 1990-1992, undated
93-188/108 (01809164)Bicentennial, Senate, October-November 1990
Congressional Staff, January 1991
Conscientious objectors, April 1991
Demonstrators, 1989-1990
1990 Economic summit, 1989
El Salvador, 1987, 1989 (1990-1991)
93-188/71 (01809302)Shrapnel from El Salvador, 1987
93-188/108 (01809164)Gubernatorial appointment information, January 1991
Homestead Exemption Act, October 1990
Judgeships, Texas Districts, October 1990-November 1990
Troop Rallies, April 1991-June 1991
Out of state, political, August 1990
Palestine Solidarity Committee U.S. Loan Guaranties to Israel, 1991
Operation: Desert Shield, Desert Storm, November 1990-March 1991
Physicians for Social Responsibility, November 1990-December 1990
Air Marshall Program, Executive Director, July 1986
Archivist of the United States, 1985-1986
Cardiovascular and Renal Drug Advisory Committee for the Food and Drug Administration, June 1986-July 1986
Committee on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution, July 1986-September 1986, December 1986
Commission on Agricultural Workers, December 1986-January 1987
Commission on Biomedical Ethics, 1986
Commission on Deaf Education, September 1986-October 1986
Committee for Purchase from the Blind and Other Handicapped, October 1986-December 1986
Distinguished Service Award, September 1986
"E" Award, 1986
European Communities Visitors' Program, April 1986
Federal District Judgeship, October 1983-February 1984, August 1984
Federal Home Loan Bank Board-Dallas, December 1986-January 1987
Graduate Medical Education Council, 1986
Lagergren, Ralph, SBA matter, combine prototype, January 1987-March 1987
National Advisory Committee on Rural Health, December 1987-January 1988
National Advisory General Medical Sciences Council, April (May) 1986
National Commission on Orphan Diseases, January 1986-February 1986
National Wildflower Research Center, Lady Bird Johnson, 1981-1985
93-188/106 (01808219)Employee Benefit Simplification and Expansion Act of 1991, 1991
93-188/123 (01808445)1988 campaign Files:
Subject files:
1976 campaign coordinators list, (loose binder) c. 1988
Steering committees, 1988
Senate fundraising, 1986-1989
Strother, 1981 (1988)
Tarrant County campaign, April 1988
Telemarketing, 1987
Texas Democratic Party, October 1988
Voter registration, (1987) 1988
A Celebration of Leadership, Donna Swallow, P.O.C., undated
Advertisement quotes, 1982, 1988
Austin volunteer charts (gold), undated
Bentsen advertisement (Spanish), [c. 1988]
Bentsen's Breakfast menu, undated
Bentsen in '88 draft sketch, [c. 1988]
Biographical sketches, B. A. Bentsen, undated
Biographical sketches, Senator Bentsen, undated
Catastrophic illness letter, undated
Cocktail buffet, April 7, 1988
Dallas fundraiser sponsor cards, undated
Debate watch V. I. P. pass, October 5, 1988
Draft copies of staff business cards, 1988
Draft copy of "Texas Can Depend On" brochure, '88 Texas, 1988
Dukakis/Bentsen mailout, [1988]
GOTV memo, April 1988
"He's No JFK" bumper stickers, [1988]
Homestretch Kickoff Rally (LBJ Library), [poster moved to LMB 8] October 28, 1988
Houston salutes Lloyd and B. A., May 11, 1987
Lloyd Bentsen stationery (P.O. Box - Houston), undated
Mike Andrews/Jack Brooks kickoff rally, July 22, 1988
Military flyer, 1988
Mike Dukakis thank you memorandum (card), [c. 1988]
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People AD, undated
New Democratic emblem (P. Geren), October 1988
1988 Vice-Presidential Debate admission ticket, October 5, 1988
1988 Vice-Presidential Debate program (Omaha), October 5, 1988
Omaha charter list and invoices, October 11, 1988
3V226Separated photographs
Pictures taken in Lubbock, Texas, April 1988
93-188/123 (01808445)Private reception, Kirk and Diana Strauss' home, January 22, 1988
Quotation (embossed imitation wood) from China, June 1988
3V226Separated photographs
93-188/123 (01808445)Reception for Lloyd and B. A., Radisson Hotel, October 28, 1988
Sample button draft, [button moved to LMB 11] [c. 1988]
Sample logos (Media SW), [c. 1988]
3V227Younger photo of Senator Bentsen, undated
Senator Bentsen Arrowhead Ranch photographs, cmt of 50, June 24, 1988
93-188/123 (01808445)Summer evening with the Bentsens program, June 6, 1987
Dukakis/Bentsen materials order form, 1988
Some tips on leaving the office behind, undated
Summer evening with the Bentsens reply card, June 1987
Texarkana rally, July 8, 1988
Texas Democratic Women's Reception, March 10, 1988
Texans for Bentsen envelopes and stationery, [c. 1988]
Town meeting, July 19, 1988
Tranquility Park admission ticket, July 22, 1988
Travel week map, undated
"Tyler Rose" sew-on patches, undated
Vice-Presidential Debate '88 poster, [moved to LMB 8] 1988
Sea World rally pictures, [photos to 3V226, paste ups to 2.325/T38b(?)] October 1988
Sample straight ticket, [c.1988]
Scrappin' Valley Bar-B-Que, August 22, 1987
"He's No JFK" letters, October 1988
Multi issues, letters, and explanations, September 1988
Letters sent elsewhere (various), August 1988-September 1988
93-188/109 (01808784)Opposition research on Beau Bolter:
Federal Election Commission reports, 1988
Research clippings, 1987-1988
3V226Photographs [clippings separated to oversize location]
93-188/109 (01808784)Opposition research, 1988
Opposition research, 1982-1988
Phone and mail surveys, 1988
Bentsen family biographical sketches, undated
News clippings, 1985-1986
News clippings, 1986
Newspaper clippings about Beau Boullter and Senator Bentsen, 1988
Beau Boulter information, 1987-1988
National Jewish Center for Immunology and Respitory Medicine Benefit, March 1991
3V227Photos of Bentsen and Dukakis, 1988
93-188/110 (01843151)Boulter archives (loose binders):
Voting history, 1982-1988
Ineffectiveness, 1985-1988
Campaign tactics, press clippings, 1984-1988
Voting history and press clippings, 1985-1988
93-188/111 (01843107)Boulter's attendance, 1988
Bentsen staff profiles of Beau Boulter, 1988
Campaign correspondence from Beau Boulter, 1988
Boulter's ethics problems, 1985-1988
Boulter's legislative position, January 1988-August 1988
Boulter press clippings, 1982-1988
Boulter archives, average Texan voting record, 1985-1987
93-188/114 (01808627)Campaign field operations files:
Scheduling, July 1988-August 1988
B. A. Bentsen schedule, September 1988
National scheduling, August 1988-November 1988
Yard sign allocation, [1988]
Absentee voting, October 1988
Rural media, September 26, 1988
Hispanic advertising, August 1988
County coordinator meeting, August 1988
Texarkana, July 1988
B. A. Bentsen press releases, October 1988
M. Andrews, December 1987
Press releases, steering committee, [moved to LMB4] 1988
B. A. Bentsen campaign material, [moved to LMB4] 1988
Mrs. Bentsen receptions/coffees, August 17, 1987-August 25, 1987, July 1987-August 1987
Telephone interview with Beau Boulter (KLBJ), September 1988
Beau Boulter campaign correspondence, 1986 (1987-1988)
Hamilton, Frederick & Schneiders demographic profile, February 1988
Hamilton & Staff voter study, January 1987
Letters to the editor, 1987 (1988)
Poll reports, 1988
Media Southwest, undated
Memos to the Senator, February 1988-March 1988
Panhandle coordinators, undated
Panhandle ads, December 1987
L. B. re-election announce information, November, 1987
Surrogate speeches, October 1988
Sea World reception, undated
Scheduling, 1987-1988
Ray Strother political memo, February 1988
Texarkana, July, 1988
Thank Yous, August 1988
Texans for Bentsen, 1987-1988
Town hall meetings, June 1987-July 1987
Volunteer phone banks, [1988]
Women/Bentsen, September 1987
Women's letter, 1988
Organizing manual for the Young Democrats, undated
L. B. letters, 1982, 1986 (1987-1988)
Memos from Guy Erwin, April 1988-November 1988
Coordinators, 1986-1987
93-188/115 (01808616)Texas election analysis, county by county, (loose report) undated
Newsletter copy, July 1987-November 1988
Jack Martin memos, January 1988-February 1988
County steering committee, October 1987 (March 1988-May 1988)
Republicans and independents, January 1988, April 1988-July 1988
County coordinators, 1986-1987
County steering committee, March (April) May 1988
Press releases, April (May-June) 1988
Field ops, May 1988-June 1988
Field ops schedules, September 1988
Lan/Lloyd schedules, November 1988
Used profiles, county coordinators, 1988
Profiles, coordinators, 1988
Coordinator meeting, August 27, 1988
County coordinator meeting, June 1988-August 1988
Press, B. A. Bentsen, August 1988-September 1988
Bentsen '87 issues, 1987
County judges ruling, March 11, 1988
B. A. Bentsen's 1988 schedule, January 1988, March 1988-April 1988
D. C. mailing list, December 1987 (February 1988-April 1988)
Follow up, November 1988
Polls, June 1988, August 1988
County by county swing results, (loose binder) August 16, 1988
Swing results by district, (loose binder) August 16, 1988
Harris county campaign, 1988
Hebert, August 29, 1988
Heidepriem, Lake January 1988
Hispanic GoTV, June 1987-July 1987, November 1988
Hunt county campaign, September 7, 1988
Independent media, August 1988-October 1988
Lan Bentsen, August 1988-November 1988
Newsletter, November 1988
October 20 fundraiser, October 1988-November 1988
McLennan county campaign, September 1988
Minority radio, 1988
Media trading, September 1988-November 1988
Lloyd III, August 1988-September 1988 (October 1988)
3V227B. A. Bentsen campaign material, October 1988
93-188/116 (01808558)Lists:
Young professionals, December 1987
Virginia Dorris/Stephenville list, August 1987
D. Henderson list and statement of contributors, 1985-1987
Women's Caucus list, November 1987
Texans for Bentsen, 1987
County and state district court list, August 1987
Travis county mailing list, June 1987
Texas Association of Counties, November 1987
Travis County elected officials, undated
Travis County contributors, November 1987
Texas Democratic county chairs, 1986-1988
News media, Texas State Capitol, August 1987, October 1987, (November 1987)
List for press releases for bar-b-que, August, 1987
Friendly editors list, September, 1987
State Democratic Executive Committee list, 1987
County coordinator-chap., undated
Economic Development Council (S. E. Harris Company), October 1987
Steering committees, 1988
Leadership Texas participants, October 1987
Lubbock town hall and reception, undated
Senator Bentsen campaign, data summary, c. 1988
Dukakis rally list, February 1988
San Marcos luncheon, undated
Houston rally, July 15, 1988
End of campaign thank you letters, November 1988
Panhandle Republicans and Independents for Bentsen, undated
Past newsletter mailing, December 1987
Republicans chair, January 1988
Texas Trade and Professional Association, September 1985
South Texas elected officials, November 1987
Dallas womens friendly list, January 1988
Scott Atlas, 1988
Houston Hispanic attorney, September 1987
Association of Senior Citizens Groups of Metroolitan Dallas, Inc., February 1987
Miscellaneous, SPEC sheet, top counties, undated
Universities and colleges in Texas, 1987
Locating past contributors list, 1987
Longview reception list, August, 1987
Town hall meeting, July 1987
Waco luncheon list, August 1987
San Antonio thank you list, August 1987
Calvin Guest invitation list, Bryan/College Station, August 1987
Contributions, Tyler event list, August 1987
Oldest supporters, letters, 1987-1988
Truckers, 1987
Lubbock thank you letters, April 1987
Harris County volunteer list, 1987-1988
County coordinator list, Erwin, August 1, 1988
County coordinators, 1988
Sheriffs, judges, commissioners, miscellaneous officials, undated
Fort Worth host list, July 1987
Austin Young Professionals, 1985-1986 (1987)
Statewide volunteers, new additions, input, March 1988-May 1988
County Steering Committees list, (loose report) undated
93-188/117 (01808525)1982 election numbers, 1982, 1986
Photos at Tyler junior College and E-Systems, [moved to 3V226] September 1987
Resolicitation for contributions, June 1987-August 1987
Campaign newsletters, 1987
Texas Democratic Women, December 21, 1987
Dallas Young Professionals, October 1987-December 1987
Beau Boulter fundraising, June 1988-November 1988
Beau Boulter media, September 1988-October 1988
Beau Boulter financial reports, July 1988-October 1988
Beau Boulter research, June 1988-August 1988
Bexar County campaign, 1987-1988
Beau Boulter material, 1988
George Bush material, 1978 (1988)
Committee of 50, July 26, 1988
Lloyd Bentsen, miscellaneous information, July 1976-September 1976
County Coordinators, April 1988-October 1988
Dallas County campaign, 1981-1982, 1987-1988
Direct mail, 1987-1988
1988 election results, 1987-1988
List of lists, September 1988-November 1988
Contributors list, Scrappin' Valley Bar-B-Que, August 1987-September 1987
Newsletter and mailing lists, 1987-1988
Contributor codes, 1986-1988
County Coordinator list, April 1987-October 1987
County Coordinator list, May 1987-August 1987
Harris County volunteers, October 1987-December 1987
93-188/134 (01843253)Polls:
Report on Focus Groups, (loose report) August 1988
Swing Voter Survey, (loose report) August 1988
Tabular Report Texas Statewide, (loose report) August 1988
Texas Tracking: Wave 3, (loose report) October 20, 1988
Tabular Report, Texas Tracking: Wave 4, (loose report) October 1988
Tabular Report, Texas Tracking: Wave 5, (loose report) October 1988
Tabular Report, Texas Tracking: Wave 6, (loose report) October 1988
Tabular Report, Texas Tracking, (loose report) October 1988
Tabular Report, South Texas, (loose report) October 1988
Tabular Report, East Texas, (loose report) October 1988
Travis County Democratic Party delegates, March 1988
Polling data, August, October 1988
Beau Boulter campaign research material, [1988]
Polling questionnaire information, 1987-1988
Polling results, 1988
93-188/127 (01808387)Campaign polling research, 1988
Polling, 1986 (July 1988-September 1988)
Polling II, July 1988-November 1988
Polling III, 1988
LMB TV, 1982, 1986 (1988)
LMB research, 1980, 1985-1987 (1988)
Campaign research:
1980 (1981) 1982
Budgets, (1981) 1982
Reports, [1982?]
Opinion analysts, September 2, 1982
Bentsen support, 1982
Shipley polls, 1980 (1982)
Peter Hart polls, 1981-1982
Press clips, 1988
Rowan fundraising, 1986-1988
Rural media, 1987-1988
Senate operations, undated
93-188/112 (01808343)Videotapes:
Bentsen Senate and Vice-Presidential campaign ads, (21 tapes) 1988
Beau Boulter campaign videocassettes, (5 cassettes) 1988
93-188/113 (01845340)Videotapes, (17 cassettes and 3 reels) 1987-1988
329-88-0001/1 (01844846)Office Administration Files:
Administrative and Executive Assistant Files:
Subject files:
American Indian tribes, July 1979
Big Thicket miscellaneous information, October 1975
Casework responsibilities, January 1976
Democratic congressmen, Texas, 1972
Coordinators letter, March 1979
Correspondence, 1976
Sue Elsenbrook, Houston Office, January-May 1977
Energy poll, April 1977
ESAA inquiries, general, July 1975
Forms, undated
General mail counts, 1973
Hospitals, 1974-1977
Internships, 1976
Legislative responsibilities, October 1975
Memos, Carol Ann Carter, 1975
Miscellaneous, Joe O'Neill, (1976) 1980
MT letters, June-July 1975
North Atlantic assembly trip, November 1974
Panama Canal treaties, January 1978
Peat, Marwick & Mitchell study, 1977
Press releases, Austin, September-November 1976
Revenue sharing cuts, 1979-1980
Robo letters forms, 1971
S. 10, rights of institutionalized persons, November 1979-January 1980
Old schedules, 1974-1978
Windfall profits, 1979-1981
90-287/75 (01007107)[Joe O'Neill], correspondence, 1973-1974
3V226Separated photograph
90-287/75 (01007107)Possible press releases
Larry Meyers, Public Works Committee, Subcommittee on Water Resources, 1973
[Joe O'Neill], correspondence, 1975
Primary (empty folder)
Texas primary, 1974-1975
Account information, 1975-1977
Office machines and products, 1973-1974
Xerox, telecopier, 1974
Xerox, photocopier, 1974
Expenses, 1973-1974
Monroe, calculator (empty folder)
Expense report sheets, 1975
Sherman, 1975
Redaction, 1974
Contributions, 1975
Project report sheets from individuals, 1974
Summer interns [Joe O'Neill], 1973 (1974)
Miscellaneous county supporter listings, 1970
Recommendation request, undated
Expense reports, 1975
Telephone logs, January 1974-February 1974
Congressional research, August 1975
Internship (empty folder)
Joe O'Neill memos, 1974
IBM, typewriters, 1974
SDEC list, undated
Correspondence, office matters, 1973-1974
Project report sheets for completed reports, 1974
NORELCO, dictating equipment, 1974
Project log, 1974
Secret Service, 1975
Invoices and receipts, 1974
Water and sewer projects, June 1973
Joe O'Neill phone logs, 1974
Completed project reports, 1974
Rivers and harbor list, undated
Post Office, November 1975
Atlantic Monthly, October 1974
Post Office business, 1974-1975
Joe O'Neill memos, February 1975
RC and D's general, January 1975
Political organization, 1972-1975
Bentsen staff, August 1973-November 1973
Democratic county chairmen, undated
Articles (interpretive) on Senate race, 1970
Long range schedules, July 1975-August 1975
Legislative section committee assignments, July 1, 1975
Monarch Paper order dispute, May 1975-July 1975
CRF test mailer, March 1975
Computer correspondence, April 1975-June 1975
Joe O'Neill pending file, 1974
93-188/107 (01808718)Trip Files:
93-188/106 (01808219) 1991-1992
93-188/120 (01843129)Trip files and miscellaneous letters, 1983-1985, 1990 (1991-1992) 1993
93-188/119 (01843220)Videotapes:
Delta Strategies, Taxation/Trade Focus Group #1, Houston, Texas, 6:00 P.M., (VHS videotape) January 8, 1991
The Bentsen Tribute, (8″ reel of 1″ tape) undated
Raymond Strother, Ltd., Bentsen, 1″ master, (8″ reel of 1″ tape) undated
The Vincent Macri Story, undated
Bentsen and Dan Quayle on plant closings, "MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour," April 22, 1988
CNN Dollar Policy Package, by Liv Chapman, October 1994
Secretary Bentsen, "Face the Nation," November 27, 1994
Secretary Bentsen Resignation Announcement at the White House Rose Garden, CNBC, December 6, 1994
Secretary Bentsen, "This Week with David Brinkley," December 11, 1994
The Bentsen Tribute, Raymond Strother, Ltd., 1 inch tape and 1 inch master tape, undated
The Vincent Macri Story, undated
Delta Strategies, Taxation/Trade Focus Group (2 tapes), January 8, 1991
93-188/135 (01845317)Constituent service:
Index cards for project files:
Alpha by county name, 1982
Alpha by county name, Anderson-Johnson, 1971-1981
93-188/136 (01843071)Alpha by project name, 1971-1989
93-188/137 (01845372)Alpha by county name, Jones-Zapata, 1971 1981
Alpha by county name, statewide projects, 1971-1981
93-188/139 (01808230)Alpha by county name, 1981-1989
Multi-county, statewide, national, 1981-1989
93-188/138 (01809380)Master project list and work orders, (loose binders) 1971-1979
Elected officials, (loose binder) undated
93-188/125 (01845306)Artifacts:
Plaques, 1974-1992
Austin College honorary degree, 1971
93-188/130 (01808398)Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons combat helmet, undated
93-188/132 (01843275)Glass ship from Bay City Chamber of Commerce, undated
93-188/150 (01843060)Piece of the Rock doorstop, 1982
93-188/122 (01808570)Plaques, mementos, and paperweights, 1972-1991, undated
93-188/124 (01844405)Texas Hospice Commission glass plaque, 1991
93-188/49 (01808060)Houston Office Files, 1921, 1942-1993
Extent (55.5 cubic feet)
Scope and Content Note
Correspondence, printed material, scrapbooks, photographic material, sound recordings, and artifacts characterize materials from Bentsen's Houston office. The Houston office files contain a mixture of personal and political materials, as well as records related to the function of the office and its services to residents of South Texas. Many of the records among the personal materials document Bentsen's life and career before he was elected to the Senate. Three series: Personal/Political Files, 1921, 1942-1991 (37 cubic feet); Constituent Service Files, 1990-1992 (6 cubic feet); Office Administration Files, 1954, 1956-1987 (7 cubic feet); Artifacts, 1971-1992 (5.5 cubic feet)
Personal/Political Files stored in the Houston office include personal mementos of Bentsen's political career and rich documentation of his 1970 Senate campaign. Also among the personal materials are significant items related to Bentsen's military career (1942-1965). The Political/Personal Files series includes three subseries, Mixed Files, Political Files, and Scrapbooks. The Mixed Files contain limited documentation of Bentsen's campaign for and career as U.S. Representative (1948-1953), and his continuing involvement in Texas Democratic Party politics after leaving the House. The latter includes his involvement in the 1956 State Democratic Convention and his exploratory Senate campaign (1963-1964). The files include correspondence with numerous Texas politicians, among them Sam Rayburn, Jim Wright, John B. Connally, Dolph Briscoe, and Price Daniel. Correspondence with national political figures, including letters from and artifacts associated with Lyndon B. Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan, also forms the Mixed files. The Mixed files contain numerous files related to Bentsen's 1970 Senate campaign, including correspondence and printed material. Political Files contains records from Bentsen's 1976 Senate campaign against Alan Steelman, Campaign finances records (1971-1991), Videotapes (1970-1971, 1974-1976), and Audiotapes (1970-1972, 1974-1975). Most of the 1976 campaign material relates to Bentsen's Harris County organization. Financial records include Federal Elections Commission reports (1971-1991), bank statements (1977-1990), and cards recording contributors to Bentsen's campaigns (1975-1991), in addition to other materials. Videotapes and audiotapes include advertisements from Bentsen's 1970 campaign. Scrapbooks and clippings includes a subseries of eleven scrapbooks (1921, 1946-1970) and a Newspaper clippings subseries, 1975-1990. The scrapbooks contain valuable information on Bentsen's early political career, his work as a businessman, and about the 1970 Senate campaign. The scrapbooks are available on microfilm.
Constituent Service Files consist of telephone inquiries (1990-1992). Binders contain logs of these calls, many of which concern issues of the day.
The Office Administration Files also includes documentation of Bentsen's life before joining the Senate. It includes Appointment and address books (1954, 1956-1990), Daily logs (1971-1987), Mail reports (1973) and Congressional directories (1953, 1971-1987, incomplete). A few related records, including a guestbook, office manual, and office study, are among the Mixed files in the Personal/Political series.
Artifacts from the Houston office include plaques, paperweights, pins, coins and medals, textiles, and keys to cities in the United States and Canada.
Personal/Political Files:
Bentsen for Congress in 1948, 1947 (1948) 1952-1953
Extent (2 folders)
Campaign for House of Representatives, 1950
Legislation Committee testimony, March-April 1951
1956 State [Democratic?] Convention and Senate exploratory campaign, 1963-1964
[includes correspondence from Adlai Stevenson, Governor Price Daniel, and State Representative Dolph Briscoe, Jr., all June-July, 1956]
"Bentsen Treasures," 1957-1974
[letters from VIPs including Lady Bird Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, various Senators and Representatives, including Jim Wright]
Senate exploratory campaign, 1963-1964
Extent [two folders]
Bentsen for Senate campaign, 1963-1964
Lloyd Bentsen Senate campaign information, 1963-1964
Correspondence and appointment recommendations to Governor John Connally, 1963-1968
Hubert Humphrey nomination, 1968
Beryl Ann Bentsen, Democratic National Committeewoman from Texas, 1966, 1970
Miscellaneous campaign materials, March-May, 1970
[includes letter from artist Tom Lea]
Miscellaneous campaign materials, 1970
Extent [two folders]
2.116/OD 1177Campaign support activities schedule, 1970
93-188/49 (01808060)Campaign organization and strategy, 1970
Mail campaign, general election, 1970
Weekly newsletters, 1970
Material reproduced in state office without PO [production order] number, 1970
Production orders (mailings), June-October, 1970
Extent [four folders]
Press releases, 1970
Campaign speeches, 1970
Special letters mailed out, 1970
Texas newspaper advertisements, 1970
Campaign advertisements, April 1970
Financial reporting, 1966 (1970) 1975
Official ballot and returns in Texas, May-June 1970
Victory Dinner, September 1970
Miscellaneous political material, 1970, 1976
Voting record and ratings, 1973-1976
93-188/60 (01809244)Military records, 1942-1946, 1948-1951
Military and flight records, 1942-1945, 1950, 1952-1953
Military records, 1952-1959, 1965
Reflections on B-24 bomber run over Southern France, typescript, August 13, 1944
Political correspondence:
Sam Rayburn, 1952 (1974)
Lyndon Johnson (LBJ), 1955-1966,
(1974 and 1979, from Lady Bird Johnson)
Political correspondence and congratulations, [1969], 1974-1977
Presidential invitations, 1974-1976
Presidential correspondence, [Ford and Carter] 1976 and 1980
Presidential invitations and Christmas cards, 1977-1979
Personal and legislative correspondence, Jimmy Carter to LMB, 1977-1979
Carter presidential correspondence and invitations, 1980.
Includes LMB's account of Carter's fishing fly tying
Presidential correspondence and invitations, 1980-1982
Presidential correspondence, 1980, 1982-1985
[includes Nixon, Carter and Reagan]
Presidential invitations and Christmas cards, 1982-1985
Presidential correspondence, 1985-1987
Presidential invitations, 1985-1987
Presidential and miscellaneous invitations (including Alfalfa Club), 1987-1989
Presidential correspondence, 1987-1989
93-188/71 (01809302)Artifacts removed from Presidential correspondence:
Fishing flies tied by Jimmy Carter for Lloyd Bentsen, 1980
Ronald Reagan presidential cufflinks, 1980-1982
Air Force One matchbook, 1980-1982
White House Christmas ornament from President Ronald Reagan, 1981
Gerald Ford pen, 1974
Ronald Reagan pen, 1983
Lloyd Bentsen swearing in pen, 1989
93-188/60 (01809244)List of names and addresses, undated
Proposed Texas congressional districts, 1981-1982
Campaign information, 1982
Precinct organization, July-September, 1982
Campaign committee organization, June-July, 1982
3V226Fundraiser photographs, 1979
93-188/61 (01808274)Bentsen, Johnson conversation, June 25, 1964
[7 1/2″ tape removed to audio box]
Labor Hunt, Arrowhead Ranch, December 1970
Senator's Committee, 1969 (1970) 1971
Politics, Primary 1970, Bentsen-Yarborough breakdown by county and CQ study, 1970-1971
Association letters, primary, February 1970-March 1970
Political files [?]:
LMB personal, 1970-1971, 1974-1975, 1979
Labor, liberal, and personnel, 1968 (1970)
Louis, Bowles and Grace, Inc., 1970
Itinerary, 1970
Editorials, miscellaneous, 1970
Bentsen biographical sketch, undated
Campaign literature, [1970]
Campaign correspondence, 1970
Post-election correspondence, (November) December 1970
Steering committee, 1970
Campaign memorandums, 1970
Campaign newsletters, February 1970-April 1970
Memorandums, February 1970-April 1970
Campaign newsletters, July 1970-October
Assorted issues, 1970

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