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University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

A Guide to the Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr., Papers

Descriptive Summary

CreatorBentsen, Lloyd
TitleLloyd M. Bentsen, Jr., Papers
Dates: 1921-1998
Abstract:Correspondence, printed material, creative works, legal documents, financial documents, minutes, photographic materials, sound recordings, and works of art make up the papers of Senator Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr. (1930-1994, bulk 1971-1993). Bentsen and his staff created the bulk of the material during his term as United States Senator from Texas (1971-1993), though the papers also contain records from Bentsen's term as United States Secretary of the Treasury (1993-1994). A limited amount of the material documents Bentsen's career in business and his private life. Few records exist from his term in the United States House of Representatives (1948-1955).
Accession No.AR 88-066; 88-370; 88-395; 89-072; 90-100; 90-287; 91-002; 91-010; 91-028; 91-046; 91-047; 91-135; 91-182; 91-344; 92-043; 92-149; 92-165; 92-359; 93-061; 93-138; 93-162; 93-188; 93-239; 94-269; 94-347; 95-005; 95-017; 95-029; 95-064; 95-167; 95-210; 96-237; 96-274; 96-289; 97-092; 97-098; 98-236; 98-246; 99-175; 99-199; 2000-180; 2000-185; 2000-269; 2002-067
Extent2687 cubic feet
LanguageMaterials are in English.
RepositoryDolph Briscoe Center for American History,The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Lloyd Millard Bentsen, Jr., Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, U.S. Senator and Representative, businessman, Texas county judge, and decorated World War Two veteran, was born in Mission, Texas, on February 11, 1921. He ran for Vice-President of the United States in 1988 on the Democratic ticket with then Massachusettes governor Michael Dukakis. He served as Secretary of the Treasury under President Bill Clinton from 1993 to 1994. Bentsen kept up a full schedule until 1998, when he retired after a decline in his health. He died on May 23, 2006.

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Scope and Contents

Correspondence, printed material, creative works, legal documents, financial documents, minutes, photographic materials, sound recordings, and works of art make up the papers of Senator Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr. (1930-1994, bulk 1971-1993). Bentsen and his staff created the bulk of the material during his term as United States Senator from Texas (1971-1993), though the papers also contain records from Bentsen's term as United States Secretary of the Treasury (1993-1994). A limited amount of the material documents Bentsen's career in business and his private life. Few records exist from his term in the United States House of Representatives (1948-1955).

The material is organized in ten subgroups. The first seven subgroups consist of records from Bentsen's Senate offices.

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Click on a subgroup link below to view the detailed inventory for that subgroup.
I. Management/Administration Subgroup, 1971-1993 (26.5 cubic feet)
II. Legislative Section Subgroup, 1945-1993 (579.5 cubic feet)
III. Personal and Political Files Subgroup, 1923, ca. 1940-1993 (217.5 cubic feet)
IV. Correspondence Subgroup, 1971-1993 (1306 cubic feet)
V. Press Section Subgroup, 1930-1931, 1942-1994 (161.5 cubic feet)
VI. Constituent Services Subgroup, 1971-1993 (259 cubic feet)
VII. State Offices Subgroup, 1921, 1942-1993 (109.5 cubic feet)
VIII. Secretary of the Treasury Subgroup, 1981 (1993-1994) (25.5 cubic feet)
IX. Post Secretary of the Treasury Subgroup, 1995-1998 (5 items)
X. Lewis L. Gould Files Subgroup, 1942-1994 (1 linear foot, 8 inches)


Access Restrictions

Casework and personnel files are restricted for 75 years after creation, up to the year 2068.

Use of some audio and video materials is by appointment only; please contact sound archivist.

Use of digital material by appointment only; please contact digital archivist.

Use Restrictions

A portion of these papers is stored remotely. Advance notice required for retrieval. Contact repository for retrieval.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Bentsen, Lloyd--Archives.
Subjects (Organizations)
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Finance.
United States. Congress. Senate.
Economics--United States.
Finance--Laws and legislation--United States.
Finance--United States.
Politics, Practical--Texas.
Texas--Politics and government--1951-

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr., Papers, 1921-1998, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Detailed Description of the Collection


VI. Constituent Services Subgroup, 1971-1993
Extent (259 cubic feet)

Administrative History
Projects and casework were the primary Constituent Service work of Senator Bentsen's staff. Typical projects, undertaken on behalf of groups, municipalities, or the state itself, included efforts to receive federal grants or designations, to gain inclusion in federal programs, and to affect the decisions of federal agencies. Cases involved specific individuals requiring assistance with Federal agencies and government departments, such as the Veterans and Social Security Administrations; the Internal Revenue Service; Immigration and Naturalization Service; Departments of Agriculture, Health, Education, Welfare, Justice and Labor; and branches of the armed forces.
Staff in Bentsen's Austin office performed most casework and project work. Dallas staff managed some local cases. The State Director, reporting to the Administrative Assistant, supervised the work. Bentsen's Administrative Assistant handled some special constituent problems personally.
Other routine constituent services included applications to the military service academies, coordinated by Houston staff, and routine congratulatory correspondence, managed by Dallas staff.
Scope and Content Note
Project Files created by Bentsen's Constituent Services staff include correspondence, reference and research materials, and administrative documents. The files provide an overview of the sorts of projects Texas communities undertook during Bentsen's term, as well as the methods and relationships Bensten's staff drew on to assist them.
Because of their private nature, individual case files are closed for 75 years from date of creation. The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History did not retain service academy files.
For routine constituent correspondence, see Correspondence Subgroup.
000-92-0009 (92-043)/13 (00880924)Project Files Series 1971-1992
Extent (226 cubic feet)
Scope and Content Note
Project Files created by Bentsen's Constituent Services staff include internal memos and correspondence with constituents and state and federal agencies, printed material such as reports and clippings, photographic materials, legal documents, and cartographic materials. Three series: Water resources projects, 1971-1979; Sequentially filed projects, 1971-1989; Project files arranged by county, 1982-1992.
The separate water resources project files may reflect Bentsen's membership in the Public Works Committee (renamed Environment and Public Works in 1977), which considered appropriations for such projects. The Sequentially filed projects series contains the bulk of the files. Staff assigned each case a descriptive title and a reference number, by which the files are organized in their particular year. In the reference number, the digits after the hyphen represent the year of the project (e.g., 1-77 for the first project in 1977).
Typically, the files include a coversheet, which lists actions taken by Bentsen's office on different dates. The later files often also include "snapshots" printed from the office computer system used to track case and project work. These documents state the status of the project, contacts made at federal agencies, actions taken, and the names and addresses of involved constituents. Some projects, such as the unsuccessful effort to prevent the closure of Ellington Air Force Base (1974-1981), involved many staff over a long period of time. In contrast, "one-shot" projects required only a single telephone call or letter to close.
The contents of the files vary. Generally, they include correspondence with constituents and administrators in federal agencies. Many of the files include the CMS work orders for Bentsen's correspondence. Occasionally, the constituent's original contact included printed material, such as reports and clippings. Some of the files include notes created by the staff member who worked on the project. Other materials in the files can include photographic materials, legal documents, and cartographic materials. In a few instances, legislative staff became involved in the project and their communication with the Senator is documented.
Lists and reports tracking project work can be found in the Austin office files, including several card files indexing projects 1971-1989.
Sequentially filed projects, 1971-1989:
54-83, OPM standards on librarians
55-83, Los Fresnos, Commercial Shrimp Culture International
56-83, Sealy, Dairy Products, Inc., FmHA application
57-83, Houston, Eagle Engineering, Inc., Small Business Innovation Research Act
58-83, San Antonio Performing Arts Association
59-83, UTEP grants from DOED
60-83, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)
61-83, 5¢ tax on gasoline, Federal Aid Highway Program
62-83, City of Melissa, voting irregularities
000-92-0009 (92-043)/14 (00880957)63-83, City of Red Oak
64-83, Cedar Park, Texas Certified Development Company
65-83, City of Dayton, UDAG eligibility
66-83, Kelly AFB, contracting out of keypunch duties
67-83, Representation of persons at Immigration and Naturalization hearings
68-83, Austin, MoPac extension
69-83, Brazoria County Head Start Program
70-83, Vietnam Veterans Foundation and SBA
71-83, Houston, INS building problem
72-83, Eagle Pass U. S. Magistrate office
73-83, Mesquite Independent School District Junior ROTC program
74-83, Waco, recreational buildings construction
75-83, Houston Community College, DOED proposal
76-83, University of Houston Downtown College, Upward Bound proposal
77-83, FAA closing of General Aviation District offices
78-83, Extradition of Don Yarborough
79-83, Storage facility for state generated low level radioactive waste
80-83, Lamar County water system
81-83, Marshall post office
82-83, U. S. Highway 82 in Grayson, Fannin, and Lamar Counties
84-83, Taylor, Morning Glory Mattress Company
85-83, Nacogdoches, NAACP
86-83, Montgomery County flood insurance study
87-83, San Antonio, EXIM Industries Corporation
88-83, Clute, Buccaneer Construction bankruptcy
89-83, Weepah Springs Wilderness Study Area
90-83, McAllen, Texas Valley Citrus Committee
91-83, San Antonio, Baptist Children's Home
93-83, Kent County, FmHA disaster designation
94-83, New Braunfels, Eden Heights Apartments
95-83, Denton County, disaster designation
96-83, Houston, Amdretech Corporation
97-83, Early Parent Intervention Project and Lamar University
98-83, Starr County, Foreign Trade Zone application
99-83, OMB rules on cost principles for non-profit organizations, political advocacy issues
000-92-0009 (92-043)/15 (00880414)100-83, Bayside, inadequate water supply
101-83, Killeen, central Texas College NTIA grant application
102-83, die casting facilities and EPA regulations on water pollution effluent
103-83, El Paso County Water Improvement District No. 1
104-83, Dallas, blighted area and industrial revenue bonds, Woodline Corp. Ray Hurt
105-83, Fort Worth District Office of Corps of Engineers
106-83, South Texas Guayule Project Jobs Program
108-83, Clear Lake City, second annual world championship for Unlimited Hydroplanes
109-83, Jim Hogg County Water Control and Improvement District #2 and EPA grant
110-83, Stinnett, proposed natural gas processing plant, Liquid Energy Corporation
111-83, Dallas, National Afro-American History Week and GSA building
112-83, Dallas, sale of Washington Place housing project
113-83, Tyler, Mother Francis Hospital
114-83, The University of Texas at El Paso, Public Service Fellowship Program grant
115-83, Houston, proposed closing of EPA laboratory
116-83, Medical Radiation Health and Safety Act
117-83, Fort Bliss, El Paso's First Savings Banking Center, establishment of
118-83, OMB regulations on Reduction in Force (RIF)
119-83, HCFA regulations on respiratory therapists
120-83, HCFA regulations on medical records
121-83, HCFA regulations on definitions of physicians
122-83, HCFA regulation on dietetic services
123-83, Mercedes, CDBG application
124-83, University of Houston at Clear Lake City, international trade and management program
125-83, Houston mass transit
126-83, IRS revenue ruling 83-3, buying power of gospel ministers
127-83, San Antonio, Dos Rios wastewater treatment plant
128-83, Neches River Bridge between Port Arthur and Orange, FHWA funds
129-83, Laredo Jobs Fair
130-83, San Marcos, Gary Job Corps Center
131-83, HCFA regulations on operating room personnel
132-83, Eagle Pass Foreign Trade Zone
133-83, Hunt County road conditions
134-83, San Benito, EPA air standards
135-83, Houston, International Defense Exposition (empty folder)
136-83, Starr County Industrial Foundation, certified development companies
137-83, OMB Oversight Committee
138-83, Brownsville, Railroad Relocation Project
139-83, Brownsville, National Weather Station
140-83, City of Mart, CDBG application
141-83, Chaparrosa Ranch Synfuels project
000-92-0009 (92-043)/16 (00880855)142-83, Weslaco ISD, problems with DOED
143-83, Canadian Custom Harvesters and PIK program
144-83, El Paso, Hotchkiss Technical Institute
145-83, Guadalupe, Blanco River Authority REA application
146-83, Amarillo, Amarillo Air Force Base surplus property
147-83, University of Houston Central Campus NEA application
148-83, National Bridge Inventory
149-83, Texas Highway System, need for repairs
150-83, OMB regulations on SSA Administrative Law Judge
151-83, Deaf Smith Co. proposed nuclear waste disposal site
152-83, HUD comprehensive improvement assistance program
153-83, Crowley, Bank of Crowley
154-83, Kingsville, Texas A & I University Title VII bilingual education training program proposal
155-83, HCFA regulations on durable medical equipment
156-83, City of Mercedes, UDAG application, Marvin Schevary Produce
157-83, FAA automated flight service stations, Automated Flight Service Station (AFSS)
158-83, City of Mineola, problems with HUD
159-83, Texas A & M Research Foundation
160-83, San Antonio, Southwest Research Institute DOED grant
161-83, Addison, Texet Corporation
162-83, City of Irving municipal elections
163-83, Wichita Falls, Sheppard AFB and local zoning ordinance
164-83, HHS regulations on nondiscrimination of handicapped
165-83, HCFA regulations on pathologists
166-83, Houston, Stop Fire, Inc.
167-83, Juarez Jaycees "Banco de Leche" milk bank
168-83, Austin, United States courthouse expansion
169-83, Alabama, Coushatta and Tigua Indians
170-83, Austin, relocation of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Division of Department of Treasury to San Antonio
171-83, United States International Air Service negotiations
172-83, Brazoria County, Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area
173-83, Spanish Radio Broadcasters of America, application to MBDA
174-83, White Rock Water Supply system
175-83, Waco, proposed closing of weather station
000-92-0009 (92-043)/17 (00880550)176-83, Throckmorton, establishment of a pulmonary treatment facility
177-83, City of El Paso, waiver for transit system
178-83, Center, Jerry Waters and oil and gas leases on military bases
179-82, Rocksprings public schools Title VII application
180-82, San Antonio, Citizens Dispute Resolution Center
181-83, National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association
182-83, Victoria, The Texas Zoo, IMS application
183-83, Dallas, Crisp Wholesale Lumber, Inc.
184-83, Medina Electric Cooperative, Pearsall Plant coal conversion
2.116/OD 1273Medina Electric Cooperative, Pearsall Plant Coal Conversion Project-CPM Network Logic Diagram, August 2, 1982
000-92-0009 (92-043)/17 (00880550)185-83, Gilmer, Glenwood Acres subdivision
3V228Photographic material
000-92-0009 (92-043)/17 (00880550)186-83, Stephenville, proposed closing of National Weather Service facility
187-83, Smithville Municipal Airport
188-83, City of Converse, flood insurance study
189-83, Friona, Prairie Acres Nursing Home
190-83, Corpus Christi, Centex Cement Corporation
191-83, City of Orange, CDBG and railroad problems
192-83, San Antonio, establishment of an International Trade Administration Office
193-83, Odessa, OPI Inc., Gamma Gears Inc.
194-83, Fort Worth ISD, HUD property
195-83, Houston, United States Army Reserve Center demolition
196-83, GSA discount computer stones
197-83, Establishment of a new state prison
198-83, South Pacific Railroad abandonment from Rosenberg to Guy
199-83, Shepherd, FmHA loan application for fire station
200-83, Central Texas Scenic Parkway
201-83, Austin, possible location of microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation
202-83, Organic Fuels Production, Inc. plant at Sunnymead Poultry Ranch in Heckville
203-83, Corpus Christi, proposed closing of Minerals Management Service research office, United States Geological Survey
204-83, NASA, small business contracts
205-83, Brownsville UMTA application
206-83, San Antonio, hemisphere redevelopment UDAG application
207-83, Sheppard AFB contracts, federal construction projects
208-83, Houston, Geneva Industries hazardous waste site
209-83, CDBG transfer to state
210-83, FEMA flood insurance study of Brazos River Valley
211-83, El Paso, ETCOM Inc. community bilingual radio station, NTIA proposal
212-83, Austin, Cresthaven Nursing Center
213-83, Velsicol Chemical Company
214-83, creation of enterprise zones
215-83, Brownsville, UDAG for hotel convention center
217-83, Austin, Middle Earth Unlimited, Inc.
000-92-0009 (92-043)/18 (00880312)218-83, Galveston County Coordinated Communities Clinic (4 C's Clinic)
219-83, Odessa, Odessa College, FCC application for public broadcasting system station
220-83, ICC regulations on re-classification of "clothing group" commodities, Haggar
221-83, Social Security System, prohibition of opting out by state and local employees
222-83, Harlingen, Texas Pipe Bending Company
223-83, DOED regulations on Guaranteed Student Loan Program
224-83, Austin, Advocacy, Inc., Developmental Disabilities Program
225-83, OPM regulations on medical technologists
226-83, San Antonio, AMCO Tool and Die Company
227-83, Community Resource Group, Inc., Terry Ambrose
228-83, Lone Star Steel company opposition to Arkansas UDAG application
229-83, Houston/Pasadena, proposed housing project to be located on Allen Genoa Road
230-83, Hillsboro, NEA grant application for construction of a civic & performing arts center
231-83, Waco, Center for Occupational Research and Development Corporation
232-83, Harris County, Municipal Utility District (MUD) #115 discharge into Lemm Gully
233-83, Odessa National Bank, sale/foreclosure
234-83, North Texas State University grant application to Administration on Aging
235-83, Houston, Coflexip & Services, Inc., possible location in
236-83, Houston, IRS Center location
237-83, Pharr Industrial Foundation (empty folder)
238-83, Joe Pool Lake
239-83, El Paso County's application to EDA for designation as a Public Works Impact Program Area
240-83, Kilgore, Merritt Tool Co., Inc., interested in participating in government contracts
241-83, Houston Community College System, DOED application for establishment of a Regional Center for Deaf Persons
242-83, Highway 87 bridge near Comfort
243-83, Childress, WALM, Inc., grant application to USDA
244-83, San Patricio County Community Action Agency application to HUD (202) for Mathis and Sinton
245-83, City of Balch Springs, need federal assistance
246-83, FmHA regulations on mortgage program
247-83, Presidio County application to EDA for designation as a Public Works Impact Program Area
248-83, Leona River Watershed Project
250-83, Clear Lake, The Wharf, need for speed zone
251-83, Tornado and flooding in Southeast Texas
252-83, Bexar County, construction of an Assault Landing Strip (ALS) at Camp Bullis
000-92-0009 (92043)/18 (00880312)253-83, Federal Election Commission proposed revisions of 11 CFR Part 114
254-83, HCFA regulations regarding Medicare reimbursement to hospices
255-83, Austin, Girling Health Care, Inc.
256-83, Lake Forest Lodge water system
258-83, Southern Pacific Railroad abandonment from Alice to Falfurrias
259-83, Grand Prairie, bio-ecology toxic waste site
260-83, Texas Hall of Fame Foundation
261-83, Bryan, Brazos Valley Community Action Agency
262-83, City of Lockney Housing Authority, HUD application for low rent public housing
263-83, Big Spring, Best Home Care, Inc.
264-83, El Paso Memorial Park grant application
266-83, Mercedes, UDAG application for expansion of H&H Meat Products Inc.
267-83, Corpus Christi, Hydro-Injection Inc., and application for permit for waste disposal facility
268-83, Maverick County, Development of a civil airport and an industrial park at Laughin Auxiliary Air Base
269-83, Houston, Chiles Drilling Company, Maritime Administration
271-83, Texas Building and Construction Trades Council DOL grant
000-92-0009 (92043)/19 (00880425)283-83, Abilene, Section 202 housing sponsored by (00880425) Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
284-83, Houston, UDAG application for El Mercado
285-83, Retamal Dam
286-83, Houston, Voss Village application to Office of Community Services, HHS
287-83, Houston, Hughes Tool Company
288-83, FERC regulations on fees assessed hydroelectric dams
289-83, ICC regulations on box cars
291-83, Catfish Creek designation in National Registry of Natural Landmarks
292-83, Lake Conroe Dam and flooding problems
293-83, San Antonio, Solid Energy Corporation (SECO)
294-83, SBA request for disaster designation for hail damage
295-83, Farm Credit Banks of Texas
296-83, San Jacinto County use of gravel from National Forest property
297-83, Ark-Tex Regional Development Co., SBA 503 program
298-83, West Texas drought, 27 counties, and emergency feed grain program
299-83, AFL-CIO Appalachian Council screening of Job Corps youth
300-83, proposed sale of National Grasslands
301-83, Expanded Nutritional Program funded by Texas Agricultural Extension Service
302-83, change of mailing address for Conroe, Tomball, and Magnolia, Texas to Spring, Texas
303-83, Houston, Circle Grinding Co.
304-83, McAllen, overpass over Highway 183
305-83, proposed closing of Weather Service Station at Austin Airport
306-83, FAA Air Route Traffic Control Center
307-83, Orange County, Veterans Service Office
308-83, Texas Department of Community Affairs Job Training Partnership Act application
309-83, Hilltop Lakes, request for post office and zip code
310-83, Waco, Paul Quinn College, DOED construction grant application
311-83, Lubbock, proposed closing of Texas Forest Service Office
312-83, Chem-Nuclear Corporation, proposed low level waste facility near Pawnee
313-83, Specialty Steel Industry Section 201 case
314-83, Organization of Border Cities and Counties
315-83, Downgrading of Longview and Texarkana Amtrak stations
316-83, City of Mission EDA Jobs Bill application
317-83, Webb County EDA Jobs Bill application
318-83, City of Kingsville EDA Jobs Bill application
319-83, City of Atlanta EDA Jobs Bill application
320-83, City of Center EDA Jobs Bill application
321-83, City of Marshall EDA Jobs Bill application
322-83, Henderson County EDA Jobs Bill application
000-92-0009 (92043)/20 (00880276)323-83, City of Jasper, EDA Jobs Bill application
324-83, City of Hooks, EDA Jobs Bill application
325-83, City of New Boston, EDA Jobs Bill application
326-83, City of Navasota, EDA Jobs Bill application
327-83, Liquid Energy Corporation and permit application to construct a natural gas processing plant in Brazos County
328-83, Public Communication Foundation for North Texas, NTIA application for radio station, KERA TV/Radio
329-83, Texas Department of Agriculture request to EPA for use of insecticide Pydrin
330-83, SBA regulations on size of dredging businesses
331-83, San Antonio, Alamo Trading - Office Furniture suit against SBA
332-83, Eastland County flooding problems along the North Fork of the Leon River
333-83, University of Texas Medical Branch, Bi-National Area Health Education Center program
334-83, DOAg reimbursement for child care food program
335-83, Dallas, Life Planning/Health Services, Inc.
336-83, Fort Worth, Tarrant County Emergency Management
337-83, DOE Project Airstream, study of El Chicon eruption
338-83, City of Grapevine, Main Street project application
339-83, HHS regulations on health professional student loan program
340-83, Vernon, EPA application for water and wastewater improvements
341-83, Changes in Socal Security and Civil Service Retirement System
342-83, Fredericksburg, Wildlife Services, Inc., application to FWS
343-83, City of Trinity, Jobs Bill application
344-83, City of Weslaco, EDA Jobs Bill application
345-83, City of Eagle Pass, EDA Jobs Bill application
346-83, City of Tulia, UDAG applications for expansion of C. Ramiriz and Sons, Inc. tortilla plant
347-83, Llano County need for federal assistance for water impoundment
348-83, Austin Resource Center for Independent Living
349-83, City of Brazoria, need for medical doctor
350-83, Jim Hogg County, EDA Jobs Bill application
351-83, Orange County, EDA Jobs Bill application
352-83, Proposed Highway 190
353-83, Fort Worth, General Dynamics plant clean up
354-83, Houston Ship Channel pollution problems
355-83, Newton County, EDA Jobs Bill application
356-83, Fort Worth, EPA clean up of Pesses site
357-83, City of San Antonio, EDA Jobs Bill application
358-83, City of Robstown, EDA Jobs Bill application
359-83, City of Houston, EDA Jobs Bill application
360-83, Gulf Universities Research Consortium funding for emergency planning
361-83, City of Roma, EDA Jobs Bill application
362-83, Corpus Christi Builders Association problems with HUD/VA
363-83, 1982 Census of Mineral Industries
364-83, City of Donna, EDA Jobs Bill application
365-83, Maverick County, EDA Jobs Bill application
366-83, City of Pinehurst, EDA Jobs Bill application
367-83, City of Nixon, EDA Jobs Bill application
368-83, Region One Education Service Center, bilingual education grant application
369-83, Fort Worth, B'nai B'rith HUD Section 202 application
370-83, GSA & HHS regulations on reimbursement of advisory committee members
371-83, Millsap, need for water system
372-83, Capital Area Planning Council
373-83, Houston, The Society for the Performing Arts, NEA application
374-83, Houston, Combination, Inc.
373-83, Georgetown ISD
376-83, City of Brownsville, EDA Jobs Bill application
377-83, City of Hallettsville, EDA Jobs Bill application
378-83, Santa Maria ISD, EDA Jobs Bill application
379-83, San Antonio, Heritage House, HHS application
380-83, City of Lockhart, EDA Jobs Bill application
000-92-0009 (92-043)/20 (00880276)382-83, Midland METRO Bank foreclosure
383-83, Houston, Crystal Chemical Company Superfund site
384-83, Anchor Crane & Hoist Service Company, Inc.
385-83, Houston, Triangle R Land Company
386-83, Sweetwater, proposed housing project
387-83, Pan American University, EDA Jobs Bill application
388-83, Houston Community College, EDA Jobs Bill application
389-83, University of Houston-Victoria, grant application to DOED, Secretary's Discretionary Program
390-83, McAllen, Financial Management Associates
391-83, Intercoastal Waterway dredging operation
392-83, Garland, Duck Creek & Rowlett Creek sewage treatment plant and EPA
393-83, Beaumont, Department of Justice and merger of Beaumont ISD with South Park ISD
000-92-0009 (92-043)/21 (00880979)394-83, Texas Shrimpers and the Lacey Act
395-83, Leadership Texas
396-83, Nueces County Senior Citizens, Inc., Section 202 application
397-83, Dilley, Winter Garden Medical Center, Inc.
398-83, Texas Air Control Board study on toxic chemicals in air in Gulf Coast area
399-83, Valentine, Air Force Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on supersonic flight operations
400-83, City of Marshall, application to FCC, police ban radio
401-83, Capital Area Food Bank
402-83, Job Training Partnership Act
403-83, City of Alton, EDA Jobs Bill application
404-83, Houston, Aim Services, interested in providing word processing services to NASA
405-83, HHS definition of homebound as it relates to Medicare home health services
406-83, proposed toxic waste disposal site, Liberty Waste Disposal Co.
2.116/OD 1273Chambers County Road Map, January 1975
3V228406-83, proposed toxic waste disposal site, Liberty Waste Disposal Co.
000-92-0009 (92-043)/21 (00880979)407-83, City of Ralls, EDA Jobs Bill application
408-83, Center, Shelby General Hospital
409-83, Texas wine industry
410-83, Spring Creek, Corps study for natural reservoir
411-83, Minerals Management Service regulations on Outer Continental Shelf data
412-83, Houston, MBDA Center contract
413-83, City of Balch Springs, wants own post office
414-83, DOL regulations on penalty mail privileges and TEC
416-83, The Victoria College, Medical Library Resource Improvement Grant application, HHS
417-83, El Paso Community College, EDA Hobs Bill application
419-83, Brazos River Authority proposed reservoir on Cedar Creek
420-83, Hurricane Alicia, August 1983
000-92-0009 (92-043)/22 (00880968)421-83, El Paso, UDAG application for "The Centre"
422-83, OMB Circular A-76
423-83, Hamshire/Fannett ISD
424-83, McCoy, post office operations
425-83, City of Lone Star, EDA Jobs Bill application
426-83, USDA commodity distribution policy
427-83, Beaumont, Southern Avionics Company's radio beacons & FAA
429-83, Yoakum Housing Authority application under Comprehensive Improvement Assistance Program
430-83, Spring, National Directory Services, Inc.
431-83, Cisco Housing Project
432-83, Laredo Junior College, college housing program application
433-83, City of Hidalgo, problems with Office of Revenue Sharing
434-83, El Paso County, Moon City, proposed housing project
435-83, Lynn County Hospital District, lack of RNs and termination of Medicare agreement
436-83, Lubbock, Maxey Associates Realty Company and HUD
437-83, UT Institute of Latin American Studies
438-83, Corpus Christi, proposed landmass marina
439-83, Discontinuance of bus service by Greyhound Lines to the various cities in Texas, ICC Petition
440-83, Beaumont Chamber of commerce and Bid Resource Center
441-83, The Rio Grande Valley Title VII Parent Training Programs
443-83, Travis County Livestock Association and lease between HUD for 128 acres for Livestock Show activities
444-83, Houston, Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Section 202 project
445-83, Longview, East Cotton St. Church of Christ, Section 202 application
446-83, Nature Conservancy and inventory of state resources
447-83, Hurricane Barry
449-83, Willacy Methodist Hospital
249-83, DOE possible construction of Texatron, giant atom smashing machine
450-83, San Antonio, Parent-Child Incorporated
451-83, Texas Medical Center Woodlands Research Campus
452-83, Medicare coverage of food allergy testing
000-92-0009 (92-043)/23 (00880899)453-83, City of Post, revenue sharing funds
454-83, TDCA and Texas Housing Authority application to HUD
456-83, DOED Regional Conference on Excellence in Education
457-83, San Angelo, Lake Nasworthy
458-83, Fort Stockton, guayule (?) research
459-83, Texas cities participating in National Flood Insurance Program
460-83, Department of Justice, antitrust laws and Safeway
461-83, United Shrimpers Association, composed of Bay Shrimpers
462-83, Midland, First National Bank
463-83, Houston, global marine Title XI maritime loan
464-83, Texas Embassy Project
465-83, Weslaco, UDAG application for downtown revitalization
466-83, Kirkland, proposed closing of post office
467-83, Brownsville, Economic Development Foundation
468-83, Austin, East Austin Chicano Economic Development Corp. application to Office of Community Services, HHS
469-83, Houston Old Town Development Corporation
470-83, DOL funding for Human Resources and Development Institute
471-83, EPA study on sea level and coastal zones
472-83, Azle, Eagle Lake Garden Village Housing Project
473-83, Corsicana, Navarro College DOED application for College Housing Program
474-83, Austin, University of Texas Centennial
475-83, EPA restrictions on Dallas and Fort Worth sewage plants
476-83, HCFA regulations establishing fixed costs for Medicare hospital services
477-83, Ruidoso, New Mexico proposed airport
478-83, Temple, proposed closing of Amtrak passenger station
479-83, Cedar Park, EPA application for sewer system
480-83, Port Isabel, INS Processing Center
481-83, Terrell, Southwestern Christian College
482-83, Brown County Museum of History
483-83, Southeast Texas flooding, September 1983
486-83, Dallas, City of Dallas Environmental Health Commission
484-83, Crystal City, EPA airport hazardous waste site
487-83, Houston, water system problems
488-83, Proposed wilderness area in East Texas
489-83, Marfa, contemporary art works
490-83, Texas Association of Student Special Service Program (TAASP)
491-83, Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD, DOED application under Secretary's Discretionary Program
492-83, Harlingen, proposed sewage treatment plant
493-83, Bonham, Institute of Knowledge of God Almighty
000-92-0009 (92-043)/24 (00880946)494-83, Hearn, General American Transportation Corp. PCB problem
495-83, Lamar Consolidated ISD
496-83, Aransas Pass, Pelican's Cove development
497-83, Texas Migrant Council
498-83, Donna, Housing Authority housing project
499-83, Farmers Home Administration home loan application
500-83, USDA regulations on surplus food distribution
501-83, Big Creek Watershed plan
502-83, Galveston County Shore Erosion Study
503-83, Los Fresnos, application to EPA for grant for waste water treatment
504-83, DOED regulations on higher education authorities
505-83, Aransas Co. Live Oak Peninsula and Corps permit
506-83, Red River Authority of Texas
507-83, City of La Grange, UDAG application for shopping center
508-83, Legal Services Corporation and proposed changes in eligibility requirements
509-83, City of Maud, need community center
510-83, EPA ban on pesticide ethylene dibromide
511-83, Sun Exploration and Production Co. canal
512-83, GSA Federal Supply Service directive
513-83, Stinnett, need for new water tower
514-83, Leander, EPA application for wastewater treatment facility
515-83, La Salle County, revenue sharing problem
516-83, Wharton County, Boling area and proposed dumping grounds
517-83, Rising Star, need for federal assistance
518-83, Gun Barrel City, wants new post office
519-83, City of Tool, wants own post office
521-83, Texarkana, Transark Contractors Inc.
523-83, Texas 2000
524-83, National Marine Fisheries Service loans on shrimp boats
525-83, Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management
526-83, Athens UDAG
527-83, Lone Star Industries Inc. Section 404 permit for work in Trinity River Wetlands
528-83, Richardson, Armstrong Medical Equipment Co., Inc.
529-83, International Longshoreman's Association
530-83, Denton, Texas Woman's University application for federal training grant
531-83, Interstate 10, San Jacinto River bridge
532-83, Austin, University of Texas application to NIMH for neighborhood based services for rural Mexican-Americans
533-83, Lubbock, Texas Tech DOED application
534-83, Jersey Village, wants own post office and zip code
535-83, Weatherford proposed airport
000-92-0009 (92-043)/25 (00880390)536-83, Athens Municipal Airport proposed expansion
537-83, EDA Jobs Bill applications
538-83, Commonwealth Communications Inc., JTPA application for Kentucky, North Carolina, Texas, and California
539-83, Houston, Museum of Medical Science
540-83, Lubbock flooding
541-83, DOE information on oil pricing settlements
542-83, Hurricane preparedness
543-83, Houston, Space Services Inc. of America
544-83, Uvalde, United States Fish and Wildlife Fish Hatchery
545-83, Big Thicket National Preserve
546-83, OMB redefinition of Metropolitan areas and effect on FmHA housing program
547-83, Hereford, La Plata Group Ltd. FmHA loan application for 32 apartment units
548-83, Wilson County Courthouse restoration, EDA application
549-83, Galveston, UDAG application for Mechanic Street Redevelopment Project
550-83, Laredo, application for Section 8 housing
551-83, Byran, FM radio license application before FCC
552-83, Proposed Southern Pacific abandonments in Texas
553-83, HUD IG's report on Fort Worth Regional Office
554-83, Palestine, the Multi-Cultural Educational Center
555-83, Belton, Belton Garden Apartments
556-83, Texas Rehabilitation Commission and application for funds under the Handicapped Migratory and Seasonal Farmworkers Program
557-83, Texas Panhandle Regional Development Corporation, SBA 503 Loan Program
559-83, Amarillo, Gilvin-Terrill Inc.
560-83, McAllen, Universal Canvas, Inc.
561-83, Wolfe City, Wayne Tadlock Evangelistic Association, Inc.
562-83, Victoria County Juvenile Board, concerning juveniles and adults in same facilities
563-83, San Antonio, via application for mass transit grant
564-83, study of union and non-union contractors in Gulf Coast Area
566-83, Padre Island land grant protested by heirs
567-83, Texas Student Association Southern Legislative Group
568-83, El Paso, family outreach of El Paso Inc.
569-83, El Paso, El Paso National Bank, Chamizal
571-83, Delta County, Cooper and water supply systems, Cooper Water Supply Corp.
572-83, Uvalde Section 8 HUD application
573-83, Laredo Junior College
574-83, Dallas, Central Expressway
575-83, Consolidation of Customs Service and Immigration and Naturalization Service
576-83, Customs Service efforts with Mexico to thwart smuggling
577-83, Laredo, proposal for establishment of military installation
578-83, Mount Pleasant, high school trip to China
579-83, Hale County, closing of the control tower of Plainview Airport
580-83, DOT regulations on Disadvantaged Business Enterprises/Women's Business Enterprises (DBE/WBE) participation
582-83, GSA regulations on bid listing requirements
583-83, Naples, proposal to establish printing plant
584-83, Corpus Christi, Skyeagle Inc.
585-83, Harris County Extension Service offices
586-83, Houston, ISD application for UMTA
587-83, Rehabilitation Act, Section 504 regulations
588-83, Bureau of Mines, helium field operations supervisors and pay cap limitations
000-92-0009 (92-043)/26 (00880378)589-83, proposed merger of Southern and Santa Fe railroads
590-83, CAB regulations on smoking on commercial aircraft
591-83, proposed state tax on hazardous waste
592-83, Dallas, Southland Corps proposed Cityplace project
593-83, San Antonio, International Airport noise abatement program
594-83, Port Arthur, poisonous petroleum waste site
595-83, University of Texas at San Antonio, proposal to VA for research on Vietnam
596-83, Conroe, United Creosote hazardous waste site
597-83, Oak Cliff, UDAG application for office, hotel and retail project
598-83, Paducah, W. Q. Richards Memorial Hospital
599-83, Whitney, proposed location of a national cemetery
600-83, Ridge, proposed closing of post office
601-83, Clarksville Housing Authority
602-83, Weslaco, UDAG for Mid-Valley Commercial Plaza, State Farm Insurance Building
603-83, Austin, Booker T. Washington Terrace Housing Project
604-83, USAir Service to Washington D.C.
605-83, UMTA and TDHPT problem over rural transit services
606-83, Harris County, Beltway 8
607-83, Houston, Southtex Technology Inc. proposal to DOT for methane conversion for highway use
608-83, Sears purchase of Coldwell Bank, possible violation, anti-trust violation
609-83, EPA dioxin cleanup policy
610-83, Galveston County Park Board of Trustees, Stewart Beach Pavilion
000-92-0006 (92-043)/4 (00880877)611-83, Crystal City, Vida y Salud, Health Systems, Inc. and HHS migrant health program
612-83, Bee County College DOED application for funding of a special service for disadvantaged students program
613-83, Energy Transportation Systems, Inc. (ETSI) pipeline project, coal
614-83, Damage to Texas citrus crops due to freezing
615-83, proposed customs regulations on trademarks
616-83, McAllen, Reynolds manufacturing and contract with Mexico
617-83, Willacy County EDA Jobs Bill grant for water line construction
618-83, Baytown, Brownwood subdivision buyout by FEMA
1-84, National Council of La Raza, proposal to DOL for Job Partnership funds
2-84, Bryan-College Station, Humana Hospital
5-84, Kermit, Memorial Hospital
6-84, Eagle Pass, water works system
8-84, Democratic National Committee Small Business Council
9-84, Texas Schools, problems with DOED Chapter I entitlements
10-84, Brownsville, Valley Ship Building
11-84, Argyle ISD
12-84, Houston, Energy Tube Products
13-84, McAllen, Adkar request for approval to FDA
14-84, Capital Area Rehabilitation Center, DOED grant application
15-84, Justin, Northwest ISD
17-84, San Antonio, A.M.A., South Texas Dump Body Manufacturers contract with Navy
18-84, Edinburg, Garcia Ordnance Corp. Army contract
19-84, Cleburne, Donnelly Printing facility
20-84, Laredo, EDA application for Mexican Mercado
21-83, Red River County, erosion control program
22-84, Randolph Air Force Base, Randolph ISD
23-84, Port Isabel, Home Rule Charter and the Voting Rights Act
24-84, Wichita Falls, proposed flood map revisions
25-84, The Houston Festival, application to NEA
000-92-0009 (92-043)/27 (00880334)26-84, Del Rio, The little Schoolhous
27-84, proposed relocation of SSA Houston Northeast Office #856
28-84, Texas Department of Health application to HHS for State Coordinated Family Planning project
29-84, Glass Packaging Institute petition for duty-free treatment of glass bottles
30-84, Broaddus, Attoyac property owners Volunteer Fire Department
31-84, Lake Ray Hubbard and I-30 condo development
32-84, Nacogdoches, Ed Johansson, Inc. application to FmHA
33-84, Houston, Bernard Johnson Inc.
34-84, Harlingen, The Palms Retirement Center, HUD application
37-84, Galveston Bay, Houston Lighting and Power application to increase water temperature
38-84, Houston, Covenant House grant application
39-84, Victoria, Iowa Electric Motors and Equipment, Inc. interest in city
40-84, DOAg, Houston, Children's Nutritional Research Facility
41-84, Liberty, Steel Mill closing
42-84, West, West Flour Mill Inc.
43-84, HUD proposed rule on Section 8 rental properties
44-84, Marshall, restoration of railroad depot
45-84, DDT contamination problem in state
46-84, West Dallas housing project, George Loving Place, Oak Cliff
47-84, Granbury, Hood General Hospital
48-84, El Paso, Hartec Enterprises, Inc.
49-84, Las Cruces, New Mexico, Port of Entry status
50-84, La Grange, proposed charter for La Grange National Bank
51-84, San Antonio, public improvement assessment district
52-84, DOC suit against Mexico for steel imports
53-84, United Way of the Texas Gulf Coast
54-84, Alvin, Houston Area Office of the National Weather Service
55-84, El Paso, Pathlab P.A.
58-84, Eagle Pass, UDAG application for 2nd mortgage loans, 30 new homes
59-84, Omaha, Peter Pan Kiddie Kollege, needs funds
60-84, Matagorda Bay study
61-84, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
62-84, Weslaco Post Office
63-84, Lakeside Airport
64-84, Cleburne, NASA week in Johnson County
65-84, Quitaque, Formers Cooperative Society #1
66-84, Greater Austin San Antonio Corridor Council and SWTSU proposal, I-35
67-84, Amarillo College, FCC application for public broadcast system
68-84, Dallas, proposed construction of a Town Lake
69-84, OSHA regulations on grain handling facilities
70-84, Hubbard, Hubbard Hospital
71-84, Terrell, revenue sharing problem
72-84, Dimmitt Hospital in Castro County
73-84, Houston Community College, application to DOED for Bilingual Vocational Training Program
74-84, ICC regulations on antitrust laws for motor carriers
75-84, San Antonio, Our Lady of Guadalupe School DOED application
76-84, Region XIX Education Service Center and Hudspeth County special language program application to DOED
77-84, Brownsville, 3 UDAG applications: JAC Frozen Foods, Nursery Capital improvements, and Lopez Supermarket
79-84, Fort Worth, FAA Regional Office and transfer of employees
80-84, McAllen, need for senior citizen housing project
81-84, Alpine, Big Bend Memorial Hospital
82-84, Robertson and Limestone Counties, proposed merger of electric cooperatives
83-84, Task Force on Hazardous Waste Management Plan
84-84, Institute of Cultural Affairs, AID proposal entitled, "The Heart of the Matter"
85-84, Venus, Venus High School fire
86-84, United States-Mexico agreement for cooperation in the field of Housing and Urban Development
000-92-0009 (92-043)/28 (00880323)87-84, Kerrville, Dr. Michael Wall and renal dialysis
88-84, Port of Brownsville, production of Navy causeways
89-84, Dallas/Fort Worth, need for general aviation airports
90-84, Houston, Mars Services, Inc., Sal Esparza
71-84, San Antonio, F & E Erection Co., Inc.
92-84, proposal to close National Weather Service Stations
93-84, proposed relocation of State Highway 90
94-84, Dallas, Bellamah Community Development Project near Joe Pool Lake
95-84, South Texas Family Planning and Health Corporation
96-84, Lower Rio Grande Development Council and Community Development Work Study Program
98-84, Houston, application by SwissAir to serve the city
99-84, Bay City, need for new postal facilities
100-84, City of Austin Airport studies, expansion
101-84, Dallas/Fort Worth, extension of Highway 360
102-84, Fort Worth, proposed Southwest Freeway
103-84, Nueces County Causeway and request for FHWA discretionary funds
104-84, San Jacinto County, Sheriff's Department request for funds
105-84, FAA conversion of aircraft records under the Aircraft Registration Record Administration System (ARRAS)
106-84, Austin, KAZI Radio
107-84, Del Valle Schools and Impact Aid funding
108-84, DOED Evaluation Dissemination and Assessment Centers (EDACs)
110-84, Westbrook, proposed relocation of post office
111-84, National Park Service establishment of boundaries for National Historic Landmarks
112-84, Houston Housing Authority misappropriation of HUD funds
113-84, City of Lampasas, problems with telephone service
114-84, Abilene, Tippett & Gee, Inc.
115-84, Valley Interfaith proposal to White House
116-84, San Antonio Symphony NEA challenge grant
117-84, Galveston, use of community development funds
118-84, Amarillo, The Texas Methanol Corporation
119-84, Lake Buchanan, proposed discharge of treated effluent
120-84, SBA regulations on 8(a) program
121-84, McAllen, Kenneth Fox Supply Co.
122-84, Extension of IH 30 to Lubbock
123-84, Sinton, HiLo Enterprises, Inc.
134-84, Hillsboro, Hill Jr. College, DOED application
125-84, Houston, Idacon Inc. EPA proposal
126-84, University of Texas Medical Branch, proposal for Binational Health Education and Training Program
127-84, Houston, Rice University assignment of NDSL Loans to DOED
128-84, EPA proposal on acid rain
130-84, San Antonio, Old Post Office Building
131-84, New Braunfels, location of new post office
132-84, McAllen, Piping Construction Co, Inc.
133-84, Amarillo, Panhandle Regional Planning Commission
134-84, Austin, wastewater problems FERC investigation of oil producers
000-92-0009 (92-043)/29 (00880265)136-84, Burkburnett, First Savings and Loan Association
137-84, Mineral Wells, proposed alien detention center
138-84, Houston, Hydrocarbon Trading and Transport Co, Inc.
139-84, Athens, proposed construction of loop around city
140-84, Laredo, Border Patrol training site
141-84, Grand Parkway, 160 mile freeway loop
142-84, La Joya Water Supply Corp.
143-84, Austin, Rapp Construction Company problem with Bureau of Reclamation
144-84, Smithville Hospital Authority
145-84, Dallas Alcoholic Center, Inc.
146-84, City of Cooper, EDA application for water treatment plant
147-84, Hillsboro, restoration of old home and need for financial assistance
148-84, DOI abandoned mine land fund
149-84, Elsa, EDA application for sewer improvements
150-84, UMTA and Section 18 interpretation
151-84, Marsea Marine II bankruptcy
152-84, Harlingen, EDA Jobs Bill application for water system
153-84, Abilene Christian University HHS grant application for child welfare services training
154-84, Houston, Summers Engineering and Management
155-84, Gladewater Housing Authority HUD desegregation order
156-84, TX Corporation, Corps permit to construct transfer facility and dredge off of Houston Ship Channel
157-84, Texas Southmost College, DOED application under Women's Educational Equity Act Program
158-84, Texas Department of Health and letter to EPA for use of endothall
159-84, Texas Southmost College, DOED applications, SDIP Minority Institutions Science Improvement Program
160-84, Rio Grande Valley Municipal Water Authority
161-84, South Texas Citrus Association
163-84, Dallas, RSR Corp. lead smelter and FTC divestiture order
164-84, Conroe High School blood drive and appearance on "Real People"
165-84, 1984 drought
166-84, South Padre Island, Refco application for Corps 404 permit
167-84, Governor's request to DOL for 17 million in Title III funds
168-84, California, Elk Hills Strategic Petroleum Reserve Oilfield
169-84, Austin, League of United Chicano Artista
170-84, Houston, Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, HUD request for 68 units of elderly housing
171-84, McAllen, Family Practice Residency Program need for financial assistance for Family Medical Center
172-84, HUD order to integrate East Texas housing authorities
173-84, Mont Belvieu, proposed relocation of town from salt dome area
174-84, Dallas, Forest Avenue Hospital problem with Medicare certification
175-84, Texas Hospitals and Medicare certification
176-84, Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission
177-84, San Antonio Bio Technology Foundation, establishment of scientific research park
178-84, ICC decertification of Texas Railroad Commission to regulate intrastate railroad rates
179-84, Magnolia Post Office
180-84, Webb County, proposed alien detention center
181-84, Houston, Manchester Sling Company
182-84, Freeport-Brazos River locks
183-84, Easterwood Airport
184-84, Highlands Acid Pit hazardous waste site
185-84, Galveston and Corpus Christi Border Patrol Stations
000-92-0009 (92-043)/30 (00880389)186-84, San Antonio Liederkranz need financial assistance to travel to Germany
187-84, Cleason Land Investment Company and Pinewood Village
188-84, Wharton County, naming of United States ship "Wharton"
189-84, Rockport UDAG
190-84, FHA mortgage insurance for public hospitals
191-84, City of Matador, request for disaster declaration due to tornado damage
193-84, Corpus Christi, HIALCO-OIC, Inc., HUD Section 202 application
194-84, Blackjack Water Supply
195-84, Del Rio UDAG for rental housing
196-84, El Indio Water Supply Corporation
197-84, Houston, Macomb Contracting Corporation, AID proposed
198-84, East Texas State University, Special Services for Disadvantaged Students Program
199-84, City of Agua Dulce, HHS grant application for water system improvements
200-84, City of Beeville, FAA grant request for airport improvements
201-84, City of Lyford, need for financial assistance
202-84, Union Grove ISD and Mings Chapel dispute
203-84, Baylor Physicians Associates HCFA proposal entitled, "Demonstrations to Test Alternative Approaches to Medicare Competition"
204-84, State of Texas and Randolph, Sheppard Act Amendments of 1974
205-84, Schertz Housing Authority
206-84, Gibraltar Chemicals, Inc., injection of waste underground and effects on Owentown and Winona area
207-84, City of Bells proposed landfill
209-84, Fort Hood, Direct Support Maintenance Shop RFP
210-84, Brownsville UDAGs for hotel and convention center, and acquisition of Atari manufacturing plant
211-84, Rusk Memorial Hospital
212-84, Brownsville Business Development Center
213-84, Texas American Indian Intertribal Conference
214-84, Houston Intercontinental Airport, application for funding under Airport Improvement Program (AIP)
215-84, McCulloch County loss of Head Start Program, funded by HHS and TDCA
216-84, Port of Dallas/Fort Worth and elimination of Appraisement Center by United States Customs Service
217-84, UTMB proposal to National Cancer Institute
218-84, Falcon Lake
219-84, Port Aransas, transfer of NMFS facility to University of Texas
220-84, Community Council of Bee County and Head Start Program, funded by HHS
221-84, City of Newcastle, need for water supply system
222-84, City of Dallas UDAG application for wholesale produce warehouse distribution facility
223-84, Bonger, Huber Corporation and EPA approval of process for destroying PCBs
224-84, Austin Underground Resource Management, Inc. and problems with Bureau of Reclamation grant
225-84, Federal Grain Inspection Service (FGIS) proposed rules with regard to public grain elevators
226-84, Texarkana Housing Authority and transfer of jurisdiction to Little Rock HUD office
227-84, Seguin, Spring Hill Water Supply Corporation
228-84, Don Nielson and Kids are Winners Program funding
229-84, Laredo, request for relocation of Economic Development Representative Office of EDA to Austin
000-92-0009 (92-043)/31 (00880301)230-84, Killeen, Viva la Arts Society
231-84, Monticello, Texas Utilities Generating Company air pollution
232-84, Galveston Historic Customhouse and GSA
233-84, Houston, Detox Industries and EPA approval of process for destroying PCBs
234-84, TDHR reduction in Waiver 5 funds for adult day care facilities
236-84, NOAA study on acid rain along Gulf of Mexico coast
237-84, Houston, Cabazos International application to MBDA
238-84, Houston, Metro proposed transitways on the Northwest and Southwest Freeways
239-84, Grand Prairie, West Highway 303 need for left turn exit
240-84, Austin, National Disaster Medical System
241-84, Swan, pollution of Little Sabine Creek by Tyler Pipe Industries, Inc.
242-84, National Bankers Association grant proposal to MBDA
243-84, Corpus Christi, Malaquite Beach Pavilion on Padre Island National Seashore
244-84, Pan American University and KEDT-TV application for PBS
245-84, Holly Springs Water System
246-84, TEDC funding from MBDA
247-84, reconstruction of State Highway 87
248-84, Texas MHMR opposition to proposal by the ADAMHA to consolidate divisions of the NIMH
249-84, El Paso branch of Federal Reserve Bank and possible closing
250-84, Erosion on Red River Northeast of Clarksville
251-84, Laredo water problem
252-84, Proposed Boerne Stage Airport
253-84, Lufkin, Community Bible Tabernacle Church and Section 202 application
254-84, Houston, Museum of Medical Science and need for financial assistance
255-84, Structural Pest Control Board of Texas and EPA grant application for pesticide enforcement
257-84, FERC and RRC ruling on white oil
258-84, Austin, Bergstrom AFB and Superior Water conditioners
259-84, Clear Lake Teacher Center Chapter II grant
260-84, Corpus Christi, Early Childhood Development Center, Inc.
261-84, City of Ballinger, 404 permit request to Corps
262-84, Houston MTA proposed bus facility in West chase development
263-84, El Paso, National Health Service Corp dentist at T.E. Thomason General Hospital
264-84, Texas A & M University EDA application for guayule research
265-84, Houston, Consulting Engineers, Inc. and Education Specialists
266-84, City of Clarksville, FmHA application for water treatment system
267-84, Palestine, HUD Section 202 application submitted by Retirement Housing Foundation
268-84, Edinburg, Pan American University, College Assistance Migrant Program proposal
269-84, Fort Worth Transportation Authority, UMTA application
271-84, Mission, HUD Section 202 application submitted by Retirement Housing Foundation
272-84, Trinity River and Bedias Reservoir Project, BuRec
273-84, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and grant application to HHS for funding of an area Health Education Center
274-84, Texas Medical Foundation Peer Review Organization, Medicare
000-92-0009 (92-043)/32 (00880367)275-84, bank failures in Texas
276-84, Housing Development Action Grant program (HoDAG)
277-84, Apple Springs ISD, audit of Chapter 1 funds
278-84, La Feria, Longhorn Boot Co., Inc.
279-84, McAllen, use of McAllen Methodist Hospital as a VA hospital
3V228Photographic material
000-92-0009 (92-043)/32 (00880367)281-84, Calhoun County Airport, FAA grant for runway extension
283-84, TEA, Chapter 1 Migrant Program
284-84, Laredo Family Counseling Service
285-84, Governor's Task Force on inhalant abuse
286-84, Bioprocessing Research Institute at Houston
287-84, Sherman, National Church Residences and Section 202 application
288-84, Houston, Hispanic International University, Leonel Castillo
289-84, Brady, Hickony Underground Water District
290-84, Highlands, Liberty Waste Disposal Company
291-84, Herbicide drift problem to Texas farmers
292-84, Houston, 4th Ward area and nomination to the National Register of Historic Places
293-84, Pottsboro, Glenn Ellen Edition and application for waste discharge permit by Fred Brodsky Co.
294-84, Volunteers of America and Section 202 application for elderly housing
295-84, Henderson County Junior College, loan application for dormitory
296-84, Corpus Christi, Casey & Glass problem with Saudi Arabia
297-84, British Tanker oil spill in Gulf
298-84, arsenic contamination problem
299-84, Harlingen, Lincoln Homes
300-84, EPA emergency dumping in Gulf, aluminum phosphide
301-84, EPA reduction of gasoline lead
302-84, FHWA charge to states for National Highway Institute courses
303-84, University of Texas Engineering Research Center of Excellence, grant application to NSF
304-84, City of Seadrift, EDA application to rehabilitate harbor area
305-84, The Lighthouse of Houston, Section 202 application for apartment complex
306-84, Colonado City, misuse of grant for sewer system
307-84, Continental Illinois Bank bail out
308-84, Houston, General Petro Science, Inc. and development of an offshore training institute
309-84, Dallas Co., discovery and preservation of Spring Creek Forest by Bobby Scott
310-84, United Cerebral Palsy Association of Dallas County and Section 202 application
311-84, Brownsville, HUD grant application for 48 unit apartment complex
312-84, Texas State Implementation Plan for National Ambient Air Quality Standards
313-84, Lower Neches Valley Authority
314-84, Welborn Water Supply Corporation, loan application
315-84, Galveston Co. Community Action Council and application to SDHPT for purchase of vehicle
316-84, Maverick Co. application to HHS, Office of Community Services for discretionary funding
317-84, Mud Creek Reservoir
318-84, San Antonio, Arence, Inc. and participation with COSSMHO in Concerned Parents National Demonstration project
319-84, National Association for Parents of the Visually Impaired, Inc.
320-84, Houston, Texas Southern University and proposal to FAA for Airway Science Demonstration project
321-84, Lasara ISD, DOED Title VII application
322-84, Bellaire Sesquicentennial Committee
323-84, Culberson County Airport
324-84, HUD reduction of Public Housing Operating funds
325-84, Crockett, Ratcliff Nutrition Center need for financial assistance
326-84, Arlington, General Motors Assembly plant and electroplating pretreatment compliance deadline set by EPA
327-84, City of Weslaco, UDAG application for All-Fresh Frozen Foods, Inc.
328-84, Houston, Continental Controls, Inc.
329-84, Houston, Freedmen's Town Association, Inc.
000-92-0009 (92-043)/33 (00880403)330-84, Tyler Water Utilities and EPA administrative order regarding water quality standards
331-84, Houston, UDAG application for construction of homes to sell to low-income families
332-84, City of Palacios Flood Insurance Study (FIS)
333-84, South Padre Island, Boardwalk Development Company and Corps permit for marine complex
334-84, Austin Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority
335-84, Brownsville, Texas Southmost College and refunding of Institutional Aid program by DOED
336-84, City of Refugio, UDAG and Housing Development Grant (HODAG) applications
337-84, Texas Gulf Coast and need for additional weather observation and reporting stations
338-84, Houston Count Lake and the Piney Point addition hydrilla problem
339-84, City of Cedar Park and need for additional traffic control devices
340-84, Chinese Health Service Center of Houston, HUD loan application for senior citizen housing
341-84, Flood damage prevention plan for Nueces Co. and flooding along FM 666
342-84, Houston Lighting and Power Co. and intervention by DOE in rate case
344-84, removal of Social Security representative to serve Social Security recipients in Atascosa, Frio and Medine
345-84, Association Regional De Maquiladoras De Reynosa and problems with delays in border crossing at McAllen
346-84, Port Arthur, Texaco Refinery and layoff of 1400 employees
347-84, TPWR underground injection control program
348-84, City of Mesquite, problems with eligibility for Revenue Sharing funds
349-84, Fort Belknap water supply
350-84, Corpus Christi State University, DOED Title VII application
351-84, City of College Station development of energy conservation program
352-84, City of Edinburg, UDAG applications, Gerber Manufacturing Co. and Jude Sportswear Inc.
353-84, San Marcos Area food Bank, need for federal assistance
354-84, Bypress, Association for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities
355-84, Houston, Kelsey-Seybold Clinic bid to CDC entitled, "Medical Exam of Agent Orange and Vietnam Experience Cohort Members"
357-84, Grayson County Juvenile Detention Center
358-84, Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers and Medicare
359-84, Flooding in Cameron and Willacy Counties, September 1984
360-84, New Braunfels, FEMA maps
361-84, Dallas, HODAG application for renovation of Adam Hat Industry Building
362-84, TDHR/MHMR waiver applications, 3
363-84, Harris County HUD Coinsurance Program
364-84, Medicaid Certified Intermediate Care Facilities for the Mentally Retarded
365-84, Reduction of DOED support for special education personnel
367-84, City of Kemal, need for FEMA assistance for damages caused by Hurricane Alicia
368-84, Port Bay and Wilmar Development Co. application for Corps permit
369-84, City of Trinity UDAG application to leverage cost of nursing home
370-84, Brooks County Memorial Hospital in Falfurrias
371-84, Asbestos removal in public schools by EPA
372-84, proposed changes in regulations governing foreign trade zones by the United States Customs Service
373-84, City of Carrizo Springs, UDAGs and HODAG applications
374-84, proposed Townhouse Development at Laguna Madre and request for Corps permit, Moffit and Friedrichs
375-84, South African Airways request from CAB for Houston to Johannnesburg flight
376-84, Kilgore, FmHA loan for multi-unit housing and community opposition
377-84, Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center at Clear Lake, Request for Proposal (RFP) for janitorial contract
378-84, Texas Child Abuse Prevention Foundation, Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association grant application to HHS for discretionary funds
379-84, Avante International HUD contract for study of Southwest Border economies
380-84, Dallas, KERA-TV grant proposal to the National Endowment for the Humanities
381-84, Cotulla ISD, DOED Title VII application
382-84, Proposals to National Institutes of Health for establishment of an Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
384-84, Houston, Clarkson Drilling Co., Inc.
385-84, Texas Health and Human Services Coordinating Council and grant application to HHS for discretionary funds
386-84, Falfurrias, flood control improvements proposed by the Corps
387-84, Harris County, flooding along Cypress Creek
388-84, Williamson County, flood control problem
389-84, San Patricio County, presidential disaster declaration due to flooding on October 19-20
390-84, Dallas County, HUD rental increases
000-92-0009 (92-043)/34 (00880935)391-84, SBA hold on currency program and PIK
393-84, GSA appliance removal from federal buildings
394-84, Texas Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) II, waiver application to Health and Human Services
395-84, City of Pasadena and EPA effluent violations
396-84, Ellis County Highway 287 bypass
397-84, East Austin Chicano Economic Development Corp. application for HUD Neighborhood Development Program
398-84, Texas Shrimp Association, disagreement with United States Customs and FDA on product of USA labeling
399-84, Homeporting of Navy ships on the Gulf Coast, opposition
400-84, United States Army, dioxin at Boy Scout Jamboree
401-84, small businesses on Island of Grenada
402-84, Child Advocates' application to HHS for discretionary funds
403-84, EPA stack height regulations
404-84, PL 480 shipments' one port limitation
405-84, American Airlines, opposition and petition to National Airport perimeter rule
406-84, Hays County, Goforth Water Supply Corporation FmHA application
408-84, Foreign Trade Zone application, Oiltanking Inc.
409-84, EPA Emission Regulations for light and heavy vehicles
410-84, Phillips Petroleum take over bid by Mesa Petroleum, T. Boone Pickens
1-85, Plainview's Public Housing Authority application to TDCA for weatherization funds
2-85, Freedon of Information Request to Maritime Administration by Coflexip, Inc.
3-85, Three Rivers Enterprises, Disabled Employment Program
4-85, New Mexico, Brantley Dam Project
5-85, Montgomery County, HUD Section 8
6-85, Interstate 35 ramp design
7-85, Texas Municipal Retirement System, loss of Treasury interest
8-85, HHS regulations for ostomy prosthesis
9-85, Missing Children of Texas, Department of Justice Juvenile Justice application
10-85, Oxygen reimbursement under Medicare
11-85, Galveston Weather Bureau facility conditions
12-85, EEC pipeline embargo
13-85, Northland Gold, dredging BLM permit
14-85, HHS conditions of participation, Medical Directors, respiratory care
15-85, Deaf Smith, Legal Services Corporation activities
3V228Photographic material
000-92-0009 (92-043)/34 (00880935)16-85, City of Primera, road repair
17-85, Wichita Falls Housing Authority
18-85, Southwest disposals, Marshall
19-85, Anderson Systems International's (ASI) Hawaii Asia Trading Group (HATG) grant proposal to the United States Trade and Development Program, Department of State
20-85, Austin's General Mail Facility, design of
21-85, Dallas, KERA's application to National Telecommunications and Information Administration and Commerce
22-85, Hidalgo County, SBA Innovation Research Program
93-188/163 (01808321)23-85, Austin annexation, voting rights act issues
24-85, Riverside, City, FMHA application
25-85, SER-Jobs for Progress, Inc., Minority Business Development Agency application
26-85, El Paso UDAG grant applications
27-85, FMHA loan program (new)
28-85, East Texas Regional Airport at Nacogdoches
29-85, Houston, metro
30-85, Reality House Community Treatment Center, Brownsville
31-85, Migratory Bird Treaty violations
32-85, Medicare reimbursement form #158 for home health agencies
33-85, Treasury study on Bureau of Engraving and Printing facility location
34-85, Saturn, General Motors plant location
35-85, hospice documentation requirements for Medicare claims
36-85, NIH research grant cuts
37-85, SBA assistance for counties affected by PIK participation
38-85, Bivens addition roads, Longview
39-85, extension of Disaster Unemployment Assistance Program
40-85, St. Edwards University CAMP application to DOED
41-85, shipment of volatile chemicals, Beaumont
42-85, recommendations for San Antonio HUD manager
43-85, OMB rate increases for federal hydro-electric power sold by SWPA
44-85, La Bota Ranch, Laredo Tourism Complex
45-85, affirmative action violations by San Antonio, class action suit
46-85, All-American Pipeline, crude oil pipeline through Texas
47-85, MHMR residence in Western Hills South, Fort Worth
48-85, Super Turf '84, Saudi Arabia contract problems
49-85, Stacy Dam
50-85, emergency program for water and wastewater facilities
51-85, purchase of land around Lake Texoma by VFW Post #7873
52-85, reassignment of P.M.E.L. work at Kelly AFB
53-85, sewage dumping in Trinity River
93-188/162 (01809390)54-85, Continental Airlines
93-188/163 (01808321)55-85, Wild Horse and Burrs Holding Facility BLM contract
3V226Photographs, correspondence, notes
93-188/162 (01809390)56-85, Abilene Christian University, NTIA application
57-85, Economic Development Administration: budget recession FY 85
58-85, Home Health Intermediaries: regional consolidation, HHS
59-85, Corpus Christi Regional Transit Authority: request UMTA case study on high-speed water transportation in Corpus Christi Bay
60-85, Hinson and Hazelwood: eligibility for federal student loan assistance
61-85, INS proposal for non-citizen labor program
62-85, Foreign Buildings Office, State Department: contracting activities
63-85, contiguous/primary county designation, SBA eligibility
64-85, Hereford Senior Citizens Association, IRS letter
65-85, Providence Hospital, Waco
66-85, grants for oil and gas drilling in Israel
67-85, Customs Services Surety bond regulations
68-85, Austin, KAZI's application to NTIA (commerce)
69-85, OMB withholding USDA/WIC funds
70-85, Institutional Conservation Program, Department of Energy
71-85, San Antonio Lignite Strip Mine
72-85, Harris County, North-Northeast Hospital, Certificate of Need
73-85, Star Wars Defense Initiative: Grants
74-85, Austin, Parmer Lane proposed extension
75-85, Solis Paving, problems with Laredo's federal contract activity
76-85, Government Plaza plans, Laredo
77-85, San Jacinto County proposed dam, BUREC
79-85, Combes Subdivision FMHA problems
80-85, opposition to UT Health Science Center Prosthetics Department's VA application, artificial limbs
81-85, Cuban bass research
82-85, Metro Airlines Services, Laredo and San Antonio
83-85, disaster assistance requests
84-85, Goodfellow AFB housing project proposal
85-85, Children's Defense Fund, Texas Maternal and Child Health Project funding request
93-188/161 (01843130)86-85, City of Irving, FEMA map revision (Criswell project)
87-85, Tulia Community Nursing Home, HUD application
88-85, DOE consulting opportunities, Robert Freedman
89-85, Browning-Ferris Industries landfill
90-85, Laredo State University, DOED applications
91-85, changes to Texas Community Development Program
92-85, Texas Institute for Arts in Education grant application to the NEH
93-85, Wetlands permit violation, CORPS
94-85, weather modification operations in State of Texas
95-85, Brownwood, closing of SCS office by USDA
97-85, Huntsville Post Office facility
98-85, Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission's EDA application
99-85, Calloway Branch flood project, CORPS
100-85, Home Nursing and Therapy Services' Medicare reimbursement problems
101-85, Chimney Rock Center application to HHS
102-85, Starr County Industrial Foundation's application to TDCA and OCS (HHS)
103-85, J/M Manufacturing Company, Inc., Johns Manville Sales Co. pension plan
104-85, Texas A&M's Department of Oceanography TOPEX/Poseidon experiment
105-85, Brenham postal facility
106-85, Medicare, nursing home reclassification
107-85, Gonzales County Health Agency's proposal for satellite clinic in Caldwell County
108-85, park and ride lot in Houston suburbs
109-85, San Antonio Community Radio Corporation (KSTX-FM) NTIA grant request
110-85, Palacios crime prevention C.J.D. grant through H.G.A.C.
111-85, proposed Frisco Airport
112-85, City of New Braunfels river management plan
113-85, Eagle Pass Housing Authority, proposed conversion of Eagle Pass Inn
114-85, strategic petroleum reserve pipeline study
116-85, affect of proposed FCC regulations on public safety entities
117-85, Lackland ISD classroom construction funds
98-188/160 (01808310)118-85, toxic waste disposal in Wharton County
119-85, National Rehabilitation Coalition and National Council on Independent Living
120-85, Carriage House Apartments Section 8 set aside approval
121-85, HCFA proposed rule to eliminate waiver of liability protection for home health agencies, hospitals, and skilled nursing facilities, cross-reference #32-85
122-85, Production of the ALR-74, Radar Warning Receiver (Air Force)
123-85, Federal Debt Collection Project
124-85, Technical Assistance Center of the Southwest, Principals Training Proposal (HB 72)
125-85, Mercedes' HHS application (Mercedes Boot Company)
126-85, Winnsboro economic development plans
127-85, Medicare reimbursement, endoscopic procedures
128-85, Care and Share, San Antonio
129-85, Opening of Cedar Bayou
130-85, East Texas, needs of veterans
131-85, Longview Christian Retirement Center's HUD application for 32-unit low income housing project
132-85, Pan American University's Title III application to DOED
133-85, Medicare, hospitals' payment responsibility
134-85, Southeast Texas, Inc., Foreign Trade Zone application
135-85, oil drilling on Moore AFB
136-85, Travis County, Austin Housing Authority
137-85, Passenger Car CAFE Standards 1986-1989
(corporate average fuel economy)
93-188/159 (01808467)138-85, Brazos Higher Education Authority's request of DOED for approval to issue #035 million bond obligation to purchase student loans
139-85, Atascosa Health Clinic
140-85, BLM and Forest Service land interchange proposal
141-85, need for VA outpatient facility in Halletsville serving 10 counties
142-85, Sulphur Creek Watershed
143-85, Harlingen, EDA application for industrial park development
144-85, Customs Service rulings, foreign flag boats on U.S. OCS drilling locations
145-85, San Antonio, Mexican American Unity Council's grant application to HHS/OSC for industrial park development
146-85, Freeport, National Firehawk Foundation Affiliate funding needs
147-85, FEMA educational program
148-85, Coast Guard, plans to discontinue maintenance of channel workers to Espiritu Santo Bay, "Army Hole"
149-85, Installation Restoration Program: USAF (hazardous waste disposal sites on DOD facilities)
150-85, Lytle, Drivers License Substation
151-85, DOED migrant projects
152-85, Lake Naconiche (SCS)
2.11/OD 1273Multiple-Purpose Structure Site 23A-Attoyac Bayou Watershed, July 20, 1989
93-188/159 (01808467)153-85, Whitt, proposed waste disposal facility
154-85, Van, application for state park location
155-85, Brownwood, regional hospital DRG designation
156-85, GSA, conversion of multiple award contracts to single award contracts
157-85, Kerrville, expansion of postal facility
159-85, OSHA, trench accidents at construction sites
160-85, Lubbock, ICBM site on Reese AFB
161-85, Baylor College of Medicine, National Repository for Human DNA probes
162-85, Houston Symphony Orchestra
163-85, Brenham, closing of Social Security Office
164-85, Texas Rural Hospital Study, DRG impact, HHS
165-85, Choke Canyon, BUREC
166-85, Mission, Texas, Mission Hospital Medicare reimbursement problems
167-85, state and community programs on aging, interim regulations, HHS
168-85, Location of NEXRAD system, NWS
169-85, TEC, Dislocated Worker Project, DOL/Job Training and Partnership Act (JTPA)
171-85, INS regulations on nonimmigrant students
172-85, Encino, relocation of U.S. 281
173-85, IRS ruling on aborted fetus exemption (#73-156)
93-188/158 (01958765)174-85, Maverick Co, closing of ASCS office
175-85, Medicare, certified registered nurse anesthetists
175-85, Medicare, anesthesiology reimbursement
176-85, Endangered species, eastern brown pelican, CORPS permit, central power and light
177-85, Brownwood, Adams Branch flood control project
178-85, Rockland Dam, Neches River
179-85, Watauga, postal facility
180-85, Nassau Bay, Hurricane Alicia damage claim, FEMA
181-85, EPA fluoride standards
182-85, UTA, Resource Center for Adoptive Services
183-85, Houston, Federal Research Funding/Houston Economic Development Council
184-85, Orange, Texas, Home Health/Home Care Inc.'s Medicare reimbursement problems
185-85, Hughes Springs, area revitalization
186-85, Arlington Cancer Treatment Center's Medicare reimbursement problems
187-85, Customs regulations, foreign-produced fuel ethanol
188-85, Long Branch, post office
189-85, Cleburne, post office
190-85, McAllen, U.S. Court of Southern District Location
191-85, Farmers Branch, Zoecon Industries Pesticide plant, hazardous waste
192-85, EPA hazardous waste regulations
93-188/164 (01808296)193-85, San Antonio, Baptist Memorial Hospital
194-85, Southwest Airlines, Muse merger
195-85, home health care, Medicare cost caps
196-85, Brownsville, National Trust "Main Street" application
197-85, foster grandparents program
198-85, Harlingen, Su Clinica Familiar
199-85, Austin, Solar Photovoltaic Project
200-85, El Paso, Juarez water needs, CORPS
201-85, IRS, Form 5500-C, retirement
202-85, Fort Bliss, Bliss Army Airfield Drug Interdiction Center
203-85, Waco, VA Medical Center
204-85, Coastal Barrier Resources Act
205-85, Texas Rural Water Study
206-85, FERC Regs, natural gas pipeline industry
207-85, Houston, good services for the Community State Department Proposal
208-85, Nacogdoches, Pocket-of-Poverty, UDAG, International Paper Company
93-188/165 (01808194)209-85, Georgetown, post office building use
210-85, border, Mexican trucking problem, foreign motor carrier registration
211-85, Waco, city dump
212-85, Leaday, post office
213-85, Texarkana, singer career's Job Training and Partnership Act (JTPA) Title III DOL application
214-85, El Paso, Providence Hospital
215-85, USDA, bird breeders
216-85, FWS, waterfowl zones
217-85, Bay City, post office
218-85, Harlingen, U.S. Army five ton truck contract (with Stewart & Stevenson)
219-85, Rio Grande City, Border Pacific Railroad, FRA grant request
220-85, Beeville, Chase Field Naval Air Station Civilian Personnel Office
221-85, Weatherford area, post office needs
222-85, Dallas, Maple Avenue development, HHS grant
223-85, NEH fellowship, Armstead
224-85, Houston, Methodist Hospital
225-85, Laredo, HUD 235 program
226-85, Mt. Pleasant, North Texas Community College
227-85, Coast Guard, Vessel Registry on OCS
228-85, Abilene, WesTex Commerce Center
229-85, HUD's reduction of administrative fees under Sec. 8 existing and voucher program
230-85, FAA pilot regulations
231-85, Lubbock, airport improvement
232-85, skilled nursing home facilities
233-85, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
234-85, Pine beetle infestation
2V226Photographic material
93-188/165 (01808194)235-85, Nash, need for sewage improvements
236-85, Judicial Conference of the U.S., creation of additional judgeships
237-85, Brownsville and Harlingen, Eagle International Bus Company
238-85, Uvalde county, farm labor employment in south Texas
239-85, Delta Airlines Flight 191 crash at Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport
240-85, Austin, VA Data Processing Center
241-85, DOT, car trunk safety
242-85, Pecos River Compact Commission, Los Esteros Reservoir, New Mexico
243-85, Samnorwood Water District
244-85, IRS, Texas unemployment compensation fund
245-85, TIRR application to NIHR (DOED), Baylor College of Medicine
246-85, EPA, Holbar Energy and hazardous chemical disposal
247-85, Cypress, Cypress Cottage 202 HUD application
248-85, Houston, HUD Section 8, Reach Unlimited
249-85, NEA Visual Arts
93-188/166 (01808605)250-85, El Paso, proposed Resler I-10 interchange
251-85, VA, remote rural health program (PL 98-528)
252-85, Salado, post office
253-85, Brownsville Community Health Center, liability insurance
254-85, Fair Labor Standards Act, Garcia decision
255-85, Big Springs VA Medical Center
256-85, Childress, aerial pesticide sprayer, USDA, SBIR
257-85, Dumas, Memorial Hospital
258-85, USDA, brucellosis programs
259-85, HCFA, life safety rules for ICF-MR population
260-85, DOE, OCS leasing schedule
261-85, Laredo, Laredo State University's USIA grant application
262-85, Lake Jackson, Greater Progressive Baptist Church, Paradise Boys Home
263-85, San Antonio, Vietnam Veterans Memorial
264-85, Volunteers of America, HUD Section 202 application for Alvin, Abilene and Gonzales
265-85, Texas Department on Aging, AOA application for projects, Savvey and Bootstrap
266-85, Austin, East Austin Mercado
267-85, Justice, Preclearance for Texas Judicial Elections Reform (H.B. 2509)
268-85, Galveston, East Ends Flats Dredge disposal site
269-85, Hastins Radio Chemical Company waste site
270-85, Burleson, Highland components SBA 503 application
271-85, Unbarger Dam and Spillway, BUREL
272-85, Port of Freeport, cargo preference, agriculture commodities
273-85, Tyler, outer loop
274-85, TDCA, Migrant Regional Service Centers Project, HHS
275-85, National Institute of Corrections Training and Research Facility
276-85, Canyon, Panhandle-Plains Higher Education Authority
277-85, Muleshoe Housing Authority, Seasonal Farm Labor Housing Project
278-85, Angleton, closing of Social Security Office
279-85A, FAA, carry-on luggage regulations
279-85B, FAA, carry-on luggage regulations
280-85, Seguin, closing of Social Security Office
281-85, Edinburg Child Care, Child Neglect Program
282-85, Matagorda County Nuclear Power Plant
283-85, Texas Guaranteed Loan Corporation
93-188/167 (01808762)284-85, Lake Texoma
2V226Photograph, correspondence, legal document, printed material
93-188/167 (01808762)285-85, Amarillo, VA nursing home
286-85, Houston, Brio Toxic Waste Site
2V226Photograph and letter
93-188/167 (01808762)287-85, Collingworth Company, liability insurance
289-85, Truman Dam projects
290-85, Texas Southern University, USIA Student Exchange application, CAMPUS
291-85, Texas Osteopathic Medical Association
292-85, Del Rio, EDA application
293-85, Atascosa Company, DOJ preclearance for voting precinct change
294-85, Brownwood Municipal Airport, Army contract location
295-85, Irving, Social Security Contact Station
296-85, Big Spring, Social Security Office
297-85, San Antonio, three military ISD and impact aid
298-85, Reno, post office
299-85, Gladewater, FMHA proposal for apartment complex and community opposition
300-85, Amarillo, Panhandle Community Services
301-85, Iranian Shi'ite terrorist group
302-85, Bonham, HUD Section 202 application, Retirement Housing Foundation
303-85, Crystal City, railroad line abandonment by MoPac
93-188/168 (01808569)304-85, HUD Section 202 applications for Waco, Andrews, and New Braunfels housing, National Residences
305-85, Uvalde County Rural Health Initiative
306-85, West Fork of Buffalo Creek Watershed, SCS, City of Cleburne
307-85, Eldorado, Schlicher County Medical Center
308-85, Gonzales, Memorial Hospital
309-85, Graham General Hospital
310-85, Luling, Edgar B. Davis Memorial Hospital
311-85, La Grange, Fayette Memorial Hospital
311-85 (?), Divestiture of AT&T
312-85, Rankin, County Hospital
313-85, Winnsboro, Presbyterian Hospital
314-85, Pharr, EDA application for industrial park development
315-85, Walker through Matagorda County Power Transmission
316-85, Divestiture of AT&T
317-85, Houston, Rivington Townhomes Association, Fannie Mae approval
318-85, San Augustine, Wastewater Treatment System
319-85, Bertram, Meals on Wheels
320-85, Corpus Christi Metro Ministries, HHS grant application for child abuse work
321-85, Dallas, Trinity River Park
322-85, Timpson, Hazardous Waste Site
323-85, Clifton, Wastewater Treatment Facility
324-85, Temple Wastewater System, Doshier Farm Plant
325-85, Plano, Cultural Arts Council
326-85, Medina River, acid spill
327-85, mandatory seat belt law
328-85, Dallas Housing Authority, opposition to Town Park Apartments acquisition
329-85, Mission, Los Epanos International Bridge
330-85, Southwest Milam Water Supply Corporation, FMHA grant for Burleson, Lee, Williamson counties
331-85, IRS, handgun ownership
332-85, HUD, handicapped in 202 housing
333-85, Amarillo, Black Historical Culture Center
334-85, Dallas, Webb Forest Apartment Complex, HUD
335-85, FEMA, National Emergency Training Center
93-188/169 (01808489)336-85, Toyota plant site location
337-85, Texas state water plan
338-85, San Felipe Creek watershed project, SCS
340-85, Fort Worth, Plumy Industries' Airline safety lights
341-85, Texas Society of American Foresters
342-85, Hearne, Central Texas Medical Center
343-85, Sutherland Springs Post Office
344-85, Houston, Sheldon Senior Citizens Center
345-85, Pearland General Hospital
346-85, Clarksville, educational facilities needs
347-85, Brady, land fill on Highway 87
348-85, Texas Southmost College Academic Facilities
349-85, Lake Buchanan Water & Wastewater System
350-85, Medicare reimbursement burn unit costs
351-85, Houston, Exxon Chemical Americas' Plant
352-85, NASA directive, government travel through SATO Office
353-85, Tractor Trailer Splash and Spray
354-85, Burleson County, preclearance submission
355-85, EPA, storm water permits
356-85, AID, Egyptian Electrical Authority
357-85, Hebbronville, Minimum Security Center
358-85, Kingsville, Uranium Resources Mine
359-85, Lincoln National Forest
360-85, Longview, adult diaper facility, Lighthouse for the Blind
361-85, Jacksonville, UDAG, Bealls Warehouse
362-85, Childress General Hospital
363-85, St. Charles Bay Estuary
364-85, West Texas, Mobile Oil distributors
365-85, Ft. Worth, dead parcel post branch closing
366-85, Electra, sewage problems
367-85, Friona, Parmer County Community Hospital
368-85, McAllen, Conway Technology's EDA request to hilp acquire Reynolds Manufacturing
369-85, Pampa, Social Security Office closing
370-85, Magnolia, wastewater treatment construction
371-85, El Paso, Chamizal National Memorial
373-85, DOD aircraft refurbishing, fighters into trainers
374-85, Dallas stop-shock pesticide application, EPA

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