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A Guide to the Laura Furman Papers, 1961-2013

Descriptive Summary

Creator Furman, Laura
Title Furman (Laura) Papers
Dates: 1961-2013
Abstract The papers contain drafts, manuscripts and correspondence relating to the development and publication of Furman's books, essays and stories, as well as post-production materials including reviews, publicity information, and published copies of the works.
Accession No. AR 2001-086, 2001-235, 2002-117, 2002-173, 2014-178
Extent 32 ft., 4 in.
Language English.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History,The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Laura Furman (1945 - ) is a novelist, essayist and short-story writer and a member of the University of Texas faculty in the Department of English. Furman has published three novels, two collections of short stories, one memoir, and an anthology, as well as dozens of short stories and essays.

Furman was born in Brooklyn, New York on November 19, 1945 and received her B.A. in English from Bennington College in Vermont in 1968. In 1978 she moved to Houston to serve as the senior editor of Houston City Magazine and since then has continued to live in Texas. In 1983 she began her career at the University of Texas at Austin Department of English as a lecturer, and is currently Professor Emerita of English at the university. Furman has received many awards and grants, including residencies at the Yaddo retreat in Saratoga Springs, New York (1972-1978, 1984, 1985), the Dobie Paisano Grant from the Texas Institute of Letters and The University of Texas at Austin (1981), and the John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship (1982-1983). She was also the founding editor of the literary journal American Short Fiction (1990-1994).

Scope and Contents

The papers contain drafts, manuscripts and correspondence relating to the development and publication of Furman's books, essays and stories, as well as post-production materials including reviews, publicity information, and published copies of the works. The papers also include personal and professional correspondence, lecture notes, research files, and other materials.

The papers are organized into five series: General, Essays and Articles, Plays, Stories, and Books. The General Series consists of an alphabetical listing of Furman's papers that are not related to a specific writing project. The remaining series are each organized alphabetically by the title of the work, and chronologically within the title. Note that some works may have had multiple titles during the writing process. In these cases, the work will be listed under the final or published title, with early titles noted as they occur chronologically.


Access Restrictions

Some access restrictions: no photocopies or quotations from material unless authorized by Laura Furman; access to photographic negatives and computer disks is restricted.

Use Restrictions

Most of this collection is stored off-site. Advance notice required for retrieval.

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Subjects (Persons)
Furman, Laura
Subjects (Organizations)
New Yorker, The
Viking Press
Yaddo (Artist's colony)
Authors, American -- 20th century.
Short stories.
Women novelists, American.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Laura Furman Papers, 1961-2013, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin

Detailed Description of the Collection



2.325/D18d Awards:
American Short Fiction, a quarterly anthology, edited by Laura Furman, National Magazine Award for Fiction, finalist poster, 1993
2R730 Southern Methodist University Author's Award, 1982
Bennington College:
Thesis and paper, notes, 1966-1967
Transcript, 1970
Papers, undated
Book reviews by Furman:
Miscellaneous reviews, 1982-1988
Dallas Time Herald, 1981-1982
Washington Post, 1983
Printed material containing published works by Laura Furman:
1965-August 1980:
Sisterhood is Powerful: An Anthology of Writings from the Women's Liberation Movement, 1970
Silo [Bennington College publication], Fall 1965
Vogue, August 1, 1972
ART news, April 1974
The New Yorker:
March 1, 1976
November 1, 1976
March 7, 1977
April 11, 1977
September 5, 1977
Women in the Organization, 1977
Forum: A Creative Writing Issue, Summer-Fall 1977
Redbook, October 1977
Fiction, 1978
Houston City Magazine, January 1979
The New Yorker, March 19, 1979
Mississippi Review, Winter/Spring, 1979
Vision, July 1979
The New Yorker:
November 12, 1979
April 14, 1980
August 25, 1980
2R731 September 1980-1993:
The Glass House [uncorrected bound proof], September 1980
The New Yorker:
May 17, 1982
November 15, 1982
Basic Language Workbook and Handbook Five, 1983
Savvy, April 1983
House & Garden, August 1983
Avenue, November 1983
The New Yorker, April 9, 1984
House & Garden, May 1984
Woman's Own, June 1984
Vanity Fair, October 1984
Die Schatten von Houston, [German version of The Shadowline] 1985
The New Yorker, January 28, 1985
House & Garden, August 1985
The Writer, March 1986
House & Garden, June 1986
Vanity Fair, July 1986
Cosmopolitan, November 1986
GQ, March 1987
Southwest Review, Winter 1987
Ultra, September 1988
Texas Libraries, Summer 1990
The New Yorker
February 8, 1993
May 10, 1993
2.325/D18d Oversized publications:
Granny's OZ, January 1971
Atlanta Weekly, April 13, 1980
New York Times Book Review, October 23, 1983
The Texas Humanist, January/February 1984
2R732 Correspondence:
Personal, 1970-1979, 1996
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1977-1982
Letters from magazines about stories, 1973-1978
Letters about fiction, 1978-1980
Campbell Geeslin - People, August 13, 1980
New York Magazine, May 5, 1995
Curriculum Vitae, [ca. 1996]
"Dreams" journal pages, 1971-1972
George Washington University, 1985
Texas Lutheran College, October 1987
Guggenheim recommendations, 1982-1983
Handwritten draft [re: Galveston], undated
Handwritten notes, undated
IBM typewriter, 1981
Inventory, Fly Summit, undated
Iowa contest, 1976
Jane Arnold, 1983-1984
Poets and Writers, 1976-1977
Lecture notes on writing, 1977-1979
Abilene, McMurry College, 1984
Rice reading, May 1986
American College of Physicians, Humanities in Medicine, February 27, 1999
Letterhead, undated
Limies, undated
Milch/James, James Family Television Proposal, [ca. 1979]
NEA grant application, [ca. 1972]
Nametags, Texas Book Festival and Philosophical Society of Texas, November 1998 and undated
New Yorker:
Copyright assignment, 1980
Contract, 1978-1981
Reading agreement, 1983-1985
Stock purchase plan, 1983
Stock option, 1985
Notebook with miscellaneous notes, [ca. 1967]
Novel idea, notes, undated
Paisano, articles about Laura Furman, 1981
Printed material, 1964-1971, 1980-1981, 1998
Publicity, 1991-1998 and undated
Miscellaneous clippings, 1988, 2001 and undated
Brain, New York Times, March 21, 1995 and undated
Chemically sensitive persons, 1987-1988 and undated
Genetics/Cancer, 1993-1999
"The Grieving Child," Mishne, December 1992
Teenage suicide, undated
Reviews of Furman's books, 1981-1983
Stylesheets, MLA, etc., 1970-1978 and undated
Summit Books, letters, 1984
Swimming, notes, undated
Texas Institute of Letters:
Address list and correspondence, 1996-1998
Paisano, funding memo, 1997
Viking Press:
Contracts and correspondence, 1979-1980
Book purchase, 1982
Royalty statements, 1981-1984
Correspondence and receipts, 1985-1986
Wedding party lists and Xerox pics, 1979-1981
Yaddo, Annual meeting, September 6, 1997


Essays and articles:

2R733 "Atlanta's Jews," 1980 and undated
Artist retreats, Yaddo, for Countryside, September-October 1990
Audit essay for Savvy, 1982-1983
"The Benign Ghosts of Yaddo," 1985-1986
"Better Than Angels," for Communion, 1994-1995
[M.W.] Carlton article for House & Garden, 1984
"Couch" for H[ouse &] G[arden]?, November 6, 1995
"Dorothy" for Women's Day, 1987 and undated
"The Enemy Within:"
Ovarian cancer research [also used for Ordinary Paradise]:
Miscellaneous articles, 1985-1993
J. Taylor Wharton M.D. and M.D. Anderson interview, undated
N[ational] I[nstitute of] H[ealth] Consensus, 1994
Oophorectomy, 1992-1993
Piver, 1982-1984
Schildhraut, General population, 1988
Screening, 1993-1994
Yale, 1991
Elle, May 3, 1994
Mirabella, June 1, 1994
Drafts, July 1994 and undated
Notes, letter, manuscript, research, August 16, 1994 and undated
Working proofs, manuscript, September 1994
Original Mirabella article, December 1994
"Finished" for The Writer, 1985
Galveston weekend article for Southern Magazine, 1986
"The Given Moment:"
Drafts, notes, correspondence, 1988-1992
Proofs, August 1993
"An Interview with Natalia Ginzberg," 1984-1986
Italian essay, plane missed, undated
"The Last Good Year:"
Austin story, drafts, [ca. 1982]
Notes, letter, August 1982 and undated
Research, interview, September 1982-1983
"Original," research and drafts, 1982-1983
2R772 Esquire cut, working title "The Famous Austin Lifestyle," undated
2R733 Vanity Fair:
"Going Out in Austin," correspondence, drafts, 1982-1984 and undated
Vanity Fair/Washington Post, notes and drafts, [ca. 1984]
Texas Humanist, manuscript, undated
"Laura Furman, 1945 - :"
Correspondence, contract, 1992-1993
Drafts, proofs, January 1993
"Lauren Hutton's Feet," manuscript, May 3, 1995
Living in the country, drafts and correspondence, 1976
"Lone Star Lit" for Vanity Fair, 1986
"Mrs. Darling's Kiss:"
Reading to children, drafts and notes, 1994
Manuscripts, May 3, 1995
"Old Haunts" for the Austin Chronicle, October 27, 1997
2R734 Preservation article, 1997-1998
"Selling Home" for House Beautiful, June 1993
Stollman, Aryeh Lev Profile, research, notes, draft, 1996-1997
"The Stories of Mavis Gallant:"
Correspondence and drafts, 1994-1996
Drafts, 1995 and undated
Permissions, August-September 1997
Research, undated
Transcript, research, undated
"Straight Women, Gay Men" for GQ [also includes Shadowline correspondence and Tuxedo Park contract], 1986
"Suicide," 1994 and undated
"Tuxedo Park:"
Research and notes, 1983-1985 and undated
Correspondence, notes, final copy, January-May 1984
Ultra, seasonal essay, 1984
Washington Post, travel, 1984
"Worrying," undated
"Zen and the Art of Duck Lasagne," [ca. 1983]



2R734 Passenger on the Ship of Fools: A Play in Two Acts Based on the Life and Work of Katherine Anne Porter (written with Lynn C. Miller):
Research, notes and correspondence, [ca. 1997]
Drafts and notes, July 1998 and undated
Correspondence and publicity, 1998-1999
Drafts, April 1999-October 2000
Manuscripts, 2000
Yaddo Variations 2001 Benefit, May 2001
Drafts, undated
Manuscripts, undated



2R734 General:
Stories, 1961-1962
Stories from high school and college, 1962-1963 and undated
Stories, Fall 1965-1971
2R735 Stories for Xeroxing, 1976-1979 and undated
Copies of published stories, 1977-1979
Miscellaneous manuscripts and copies of published stories, 1984-1994
Laura's short fiction, manuscripts and letter, [ca. 1994]
Early stories, notes, undated
Xeroxes of work, undated
Short story collection, proposal, [ca. 1977]
Unidentified stories, undated
"Amsterdam Avenue:"
Manuscript, 1979
Drafts, [ca. 1979]
Drafts and notes, undated
2R772 Manuscripts, 1979
2R735 "The Apprentice:"
Fathers, drafts and notes, 1994 and undated
Ploughshares proofs, contract, correspondence, manuscript, 1995
Manuscript, undated
Proofs, manuscript, [ca. 1979]
"The Carpenter's Apprentice," drafts, undated
Elizabeth and Babycakes, drafts, 1974-1975
Manuscript [unpublished very early story], undated
2R772 Manuscript, undated
2R735 "Beautiful Baby," Yale Review letter and proofs, October 2000
"Before the Northeast Kingdom" [possibly an early version of Talking about the Weather / "Hagalund"]:
Drafts, November 1976 and undated
Manuscripts, undated
"Fifth Wheel" [early title], draft and letter, July 13, 1983
Manuscript and letter, December 12, 1983
Draft and letter, December 1983
Working proofs, December 6, 1983
Proofs and correspondence, 1983-1984
2R736 New Yorker manuscript and letter, 1980, 1987
Drafts, correspondence and manuscript, undated
"Fifth Wheel," "Eat Without Me," drafts, undated
Drafts, undated
Manuscripts, undated
"Buried Treasure:"
Drafts and correspondence, [ca. 1979]
Manuscript, 1980
Galleys and marked drafts, 1980
New Yorker manuscript and letter, 1980, 1983
Children's story, Pigg and Rabbit, drafts and letter, July 1, 1972 and undated
"Circle Pin:"
Manuscript and published copy, 1977 and undated
Drafts and manuscripts, undated
Drafts, undated
Manuscript, undated
"Dead Winter," draft and manuscript, undated
"Drinking with the Cook:"
Drafts, 1992-1999
Manuscripts, November 1999 and undated
"For Scale:"
Galleys, January 10, 1979
New Yorker manuscript and letter, 1979, 1982
Drafts and letters, undated
"Four Way Stop:"
Working copy, undated
First draft, undated
Third draft, undated
2R772 Manuscripts, undated
2R736 "Free and Clear:"
Drafts, October 1976 and undated
Proofs and published copy, 1976-1977
New Yorker manuscript and letter, 1977, 1980
2R737 "Hagalund:"
"A Long Conversation," manuscripts and drafts, April 1977
2R772 "A Long Conversation" and "Nobody's Child" [early titles] manuscripts, undated
2R737 Drafts and notes, [ca. 1987]
Notebook one, 1992
Notebook two, 1992
Letter, notes and research, 1992 and undated
"A Long Conversation" [early title], drafts and correspondence, [collected June 1993]
Southwest Review:
Cut for Southwest Review, drafts and letter, September 1993
Acceptance letter, December 9, 1993
Correspondence and proofs, 1994
Notes and drafts, undated
Master draft, undated
Drafts, undated
Manuscript, undated
"Kill Fee," correspondence with Phillip Lopate re: mystery story, 1983
"The Kindness of Strangers:"
Manuscript and New Yorker proofs, 1976-1977
Published story, April 1977
Letters, [ca. 1977]
New Yorker manuscript and letter, 1977, 1980
Drafts, undated
2R738 "Last Winter:"
Drafts, manuscripts and published story, 1975-1976 and undated
Manuscripts, [ca. 1976]
Proofs, final copy, 1976
New Yorker manuscript and letter, 1976, 1979
Notes and partial draft, undated
"Listening to Married Friends:"
Correspondence, proofs and draft, December 1977 and undated
Manuscripts, undated
"Looking for Something:"
Yale Review, February 5, 1976
Manuscripts, undated
2R772 Manuscripts, undated
2R738 "Melville's House:"
Drafts, 1991
Manuscript with ending corrected, March 1992
Southwest Review proofs and correspondence, March 2000
Manuscripts, undated
"My Father's Car:"
Drafts and letter, January 27, 1976 and undated
Manuscript and draft, July 1976
Drafts and New Yorker proofs, 1976
Proofs, notes and letter, 1976-1977
Letters, 1976-1977
New Yorker manuscript and letter, 1976, 1979
Early drafts, undated
Manuscripts, undated
"The Natural Memory:"
Drafts, November 1991
Manuscripts, February-June 1992 and undated
Doubletake letter and manuscript, June 1996
Draft, undated
Manuscripts, undated
2R739 "Nothing Like It:"
"Island Pie" [early title]:
Drafts and correspondence, [ca. 1978]
Drafts, undated
Manuscripts, undated
Manuscripts and correspondence, 1981
Galleys, final manuscript, 1981
New Yorker manuscript and letter, 1982, 1985
Woman's Own (UK) Version, 1984
Drafts, undated
"Quiet with Belinda:"
Drafts and manuscripts, July 1977 and undated
Early draft, undated
Original manuscript, undated
Draft two and three [plus manuscript of "Last Winter"], undated
Manuscripts, undated
"Raspberry Soup:"
Draft and letter, May 8, 1975 and undated
Copy of published work in Manuscript, 1977
Manuscripts, undated
2R772 Manuscript, undated
2R739 "Real Estate:"
Drafts, proofs and correspondence, 1977 and undated
New Yorker manuscript and letter, 1977, 1980
Manuscripts, undated
"The Secret Keeper:"
Drafts, undated
Manuscripts, undated
2R740 "Seesaw:"
Redbook contract and correspondence, 1977
Published copy, October 1977
"Josie and Tom" [early title] manuscript, undated
"Day Off" [early title]
Drafts, undated
Manuscript, undated
2R772 Manuscript, undated
2R740 "Shards," Proofs from the Threepenny Review, June 2000
Drafts and correspondence, June-July 1977 and undated
2R772 Manuscript, undated
2R740 Mississippi Review:
Correspondence and drafts, 1978-1979 and undated
Manuscript and published copy, 1979-1982
"The Smallest Loss:"
Drafts and galleys, 1978-1980 and undated
Belfrage suite, 1980
Xeroxed bluelines and letter, 1980
New Yorker manuscript and letter, 1980, 1983
Collection of drafts and curriculum vitae, 1979-1987 and undated
Original draft, undated
Drafts and correspondence, undated
Manuscript, undated
"Something Called San Francisco:"
Drafts, April-May 1986 and undated
Manuscript, undated
"The Water" [early title]:
Drafts, 1982-1984 and undated
2R772 Manuscript, undated
2R740 New Yorker manuscript and letter, 1985, 1988
Proofs, January 1985
Notes, undated
Drafts and correspondence, [ca. 1979]
Manuscript, undated
PEN Syndicated Fiction correspondence, December 9, 1993
Manuscript and letter, December 1993
"That Boy:"
"The Right Thing" [early title], drafts, April 1987
Drafts, February 1988 and undated
PEN Syndicated Fiction Reading, 1987-1990
Manuscript, undated
"Watch Time Fly:"
Fiction 100 Anthology correspondence, 1983
Manuscript, undated
"What Would Buddha Do?:"
Drafts, Summer 1999 and undated
Manuscript, undated
2R741 "Wonderful Gesture:"
Drafts and notes, 1993-January 2000 and undated



2R741 Bookworms: Writers and Readers Celebrate Reading (edited with Elinore Standard):
Frances Mayes' article on permissions, 1993
Contract with Carrol & Graf, April 26, 1996
Contract correspondence, May 30, 1996
Diane Root, permissions, 1996
Correspondence and notes, 1996
Wend Weil, correspondence, 1996
"Bookworming" speech, Women's studies colloquium, 1996
Table of contents, 1996
Expenses agreement between Laura Furman and Elinore Standard, 1997
Carrol & Graf catalogue and letter, 1999
Clear Light: Readings for the Funeral and Memorial Service (edited with Elinore Standard):
Proposal [also includes Bookworms' publicity], 1996
Research, library work, 1996 and undated
Correspondence and research, 1996-1997
Correspondence, March 24, 1997
Stollman letter and research, June 18, 1997 and undated
Working copy from binders, July 1997
Proposed table of contents and readings, 1997
Correspondence and readings, 1996-1999 and undated
George Nicholson correspondence and proposal, 1997-1999
Proposed cover and page design, March 2001
Proposal, undated
Drinking with the Cook:
Marked up stories and letter, February 1999
Winedale correspondence, March 31, 1999
Drafts of stories and notes, April-July 1999 and undated
Marked up stories and letter, August 1999
Working drafts of stories, September-October 1999
Winedale contract, August 2000
Publicity, [ca. 2000]
2R742 Copies of stories and proposed table of contents, undated
The Glass House:
The Progress of the Disease [original title of novella]:
Notes, 1979
Manuscript, [ca. 1979]
Original manuscript of novella with note to operator of word processor, 1979
Clean manuscript of novella from a University of Houston word processor, [ca. 1979]
Xeroxed manuscript of novella, [ca. 1979]
Publishing manuscript of collection, [ca. 1980]
Viking bio, 1980
Reviews and correspondence, 1980
Reviews and publicity, 1980-1981
Copyright assignment, 1987
Drafts of novella, undated
Manuscripts of novella, undated
2R743 Draft material, undated
Handmade card, undated
Ordinary Paradise:
Postcards from Aida Major [early title]:
Drafts and notes, [ca. 1986]-May 12, 1988
Proposal draft, November 1992
Final proposal and correspondence, November 1992-1993
Proposal and partial draft, June 1994
"My Natural History, Before" chapter manuscript, October 29, 1994
Chapter three draft and notes, May 30, 1995
"First Father Second Mother" chapter manuscript, August 19, 1995
"Nobody Here but us Chickens," chapter manuscript, December 16, 1995
Draft with notes from Laura Furman and Joel Barna, June 26, 1996
Notes, July 1996
Manuscript and notes, July 1, 1996
Draft used for revising Ordinary Paradise March 31, 1998, July 1996
Reponses to manuscript, August 1996
Editor's list, September 1996
Manuscript, September 14, 1996
Letter from Nina Ryan, October 24, 1996
Drafts, October-November 1996
2R744 Notes on drawing of chapters and titles, October-November 1996
George Nicholson correspondence [also re: Lost Time], 1997
Manuscript and letter to GFH [Babette?], her flags on manuscript, February 8, 1998
Manuscript with Laura Furman's corrections, possibly GFH notes, March 16, 1998
Proposals, undated
Manuscripts, undated
Lost Time [title change]:
Manuscript and letter, December 16, 1996
Manuscript, [ca. December 1996]
Manuscripts, undated
2R745 Manuscripts, undated
Ordinary Paradise [final title]:
Manuscript with notes, March 26, 1998
Manuscript with GFH comments, March 31, 1998
Master manuscript, March 31, 1998
Manuscript with notes from Susan Kaderka, April 9, 1998
Manuscript with Laura Furman's marks and Susan Kaderka's notes, April 11, 1998
Draft material, March-May 1998
Uncorrected proofs, 1998
Cover design, [ca. 1998]
Texas A&M University Press Catalogue, 1998
Reviews, 1998
Notes, undated
Short talk, undated
Pulp, Book proposal to Women's Weekly, 1978
The Right Age for a Widow:
Part one, draft, November 13, 2000
Manuscript, November 22, 2000
The Shadow Line:
Synopsis draft and letter, January 28, 1980
Ruth's memo, February 13, 1980
Final synopsis and letter, April 1, 1980
Viking contract, September 17, 1980
Research and correspondence, [ca. 1981]
Correspondence, 1981-1982
Design, January-February 1982
2R746 Permissions, 1982
Manuscript marked for publication by Viking and Laura Furman, [ca. 1982]
Galleys, [ca. 1982]
Viking Press catalog, Fall 1982
Reviews, 1982
Ullstein contract, 1983
Research, homicide, undated
Research, general, undated
Blow-by-blow, undated
Early notes, undated
Baby kidnap, earliest pages, undated
"Thrift," early chapter on thrift shop, undated
Retyped pages, undated
Draft one, undated
Original draft and chart, undated
Original drafts, undated
2.325/D18d Collage, mixed-media with author photo and review, undated
2R747 Original drafts, undated
Xerox of draft, undated
Rewritten pages, undated
Manuscript, Xeroxed as sent to Viking, undated
Stars at Night [aka Texas Star, unpublished novel]:
Texas Star [original title]:
Proposal draft, October-November 1986 and undated
Draft two, Pete and Marshall, December 1986
Chapter four and five rewrites, March 16, 1987
Draft, start, April 1987
Draft one, April 9, 1987
Draft two, incomplete early printout, May 22, 1988
Draft two, 1988
Rewrite plan and notes, August 1989
Notes, undated
Notes on sequence, undated
Handwritten draft, Chapter nine, undated
Draft, Jeff, undated
Draft one, Nina and Bill, undated
Partial draft one, undated
Draft one, part one, undated
2R748 Draft one, part two, undated
In between drafts one and two, undated
Handwritten draft two, chapter one, undated
Handwritten draft two, chapter two, undated
Draft two, Pete/Short, as sent to Robert B, undated
Draft two, part two, chapter 27, undated
Draft two, part two, partial draft, undated
Draft two, part three, partial draft, undated
Draft two, undated
2R772 Stars at Night [final title]:
Draft three, undated
Draft four and handwritten notes, undated
2R748 Draft four, [ca. 1989]
Draft, March 1989
Draft, part two, March 1989
Master hard copy draft, part one, [ca. 1989]
Master hard copy draft, part two, [ca. 1989]
Master hard copy draft, part three, [ca. 1989]
Notes, May 1990 and undated
Third from last draft, 1991
2R749 Third from last draft, 1991
Penultimate draft, June 1991
August 1991 rewrite, August 1991
Correspondence, Gibbs-Smith, 1994-1996
2R772 Manuscripts, undated
Manuscript from Weil Agency Box, undated
2R771b Manuscript from Weil Agency Box, undated
2R749 Manuscript with corrections, March 8, 1996
Manuscript before two revisions and retype, 1997
May 26, 1997 draft with June 5, 1997 corrections, May-June 1997
Corrected manuscript, put on Mac, September 17, 1997
Penultimate draft, small hand corrections, October 8, 1997
2R750 Correspondence, George Nicholson, 1997
Correspondence, general, 1997-1998
Draft four, chapter one, November 2000
Draft four, chapter two, November 2000
Research, French house, undated
Notes on time, undated
Draft, prologue, undated
Draft, chapter one, undated
Draft, chapter two, undated
Draft, part one, undated
Notes and draft material, undated
Drafts, undated
Notes for drafts two and three, undated
Reactions to draft three, undated
Draft four, chapter two, undated
Draft four, chapter three, undated
Draft four [multiple copies], undated
Draft, pre-1997 revisions, undated
2R751 Partial manuscript with Laura Furman and Kathleen Cambor notes in margin, undated
Manuscript and notes, undated
Talking About the Weather [unpublished novella, evolved into the short story, "Hagalund"]:
"Nobody's Child" [final, shortened version of the novella], manuscripts and draft material, January 11, 1977 and undated
Very early manuscripts, drafts and notes, undated
Original story manuscript, undated
Draft, undated
Miscellaneous pages, undated
Manuscript, undated
2R752 Manuscripts, undated
Terrible Algebra [unpublished novel]:
Draft material, [ca. 1973-1974]
Notes and draft material, 1974 and undated
Draft, December 1975
Correspondence, 1975-1982
Manuscript and letter, January 11, 1985 and undated
Early version, undated
Chapter one, undated
Draft, chapters five and six, undated
Original last chapter, undated
Draft material, undated
2R753 Draft material, undated
Partial drafts, undated
Working drafts, undated
I-Winter rewrite, undated
Partial manuscript, undated
2R754 Xeroxes, not final, manuscript and notes, undated
Manuscript, undated
Tuxedo Park:
General, 1985 and undated
Avenue, 1979
Barr, Ferree, American Estates and Gardens, 1908
Cleveland Amory, undated
Emily Post, "Tuxedo Park," Century Magazine, 1911
Frank Kintrea, undated
House & Garden, 1905
Notecards, undated
New York Times, June 12, 1983
Stephen Fox information, 1982
Town & Country, October 1949
Proposal drafts, 1982
2R771b Proposal and draft material, undated
2R754 Rewritten pages, [ca. 1982]
Correspondence and notes, 1983 and undated
2R771b Draft material, [ca. 1982]
2R754 Draft, [ca. 1983]
Contracts and correspondence, 1983-1985
Draft two, partial draft, [ca. September 1984]
Draft two, December 1984
2R771b Draft three, April 4, 1984
2R771c Draft three, April 4, 1984
Draft three, [ca. 1984]
2R754 Draft four, first draft with new ending, September-October 1985
End notes, October 1985
Ileene Smith's memo and notes, December 1985
Publicity material, 1985-1986
Notes for title page for copyedited version, January 1986
2R755 Fifth draft, publisher's copy, January 1986
Excerpt for Cosmopolitan magazine, 1986
Speech and letter, October 30, 1986 and undated
Fifth draft, 1986
Galley proof, 1986
2.325/D19c Publicity, enlarged reviews and book cover on foam core poster, [ca. 1986]
2R755 Publicity schedule, [ca. 1986]
Reviews, 1986-1988
Letter, June 16, 1987
Swedish translation, Viva catalogue, February 19, 1987
Plan and notes (Content Farm Road), includes "The Book of Youth," July 7, 1989 and undated
Handwritten draft, May 1993
Plan for a novel, Content Farm Road, August 9, 1996
Notebook, undated
Plan for a novel, Content Farm Road, undated
Early proposal, undated
Proposal drafts, undated
Proposal, final version, undated
Notes, undated
Notes, plant list/index, undated
Notes and draft material, undated
Draft, "Sadie and Willard in the Village," undated
2R756 Drafts, undated
Draft material, undated
Draft material, undated
Draft, chapter one, undated
Draft two, old beginning, undated
Second draft, undated
Third draft, undated
2R757 Draft four, undated
Miscellaneous Xeroxes, undated
Partial manuscript, undated
Blurb, undated
Speeches and notes, undated
Watch Time Fly:
Drafts and proofs, 1977-1982 and undated
New Yorker's with published stories, 1977-1982
Correspondence and proposal, 1982
Correspondence and copies of stories, 1982
Drafts and correspondence, 1982
Viking contract, 1982-1983
Galleys, marked, February 1983
Correspondence, March 1983
Book jacket design, 1983
Publicity, 1983
Manuscript and galleys from Viking, 1985

3X249.2 Photographs undated



3Z281c Negatives, undated
3R35 Computer Disks:
[Note: All disks are 5 1/4" diskettes in Perfect Writeer for KayPro format]
System disks and documentation:
Kaypro, undated
Other programs and copies, undated
J[oel] B[arna]'s files, undated
Letters, 1983-1988 and undated
N.Y. I and II, 1-5 and 6-epilogue, undated
School files, 1986-1988
Stories and articles, 1986-1991 and undated
"Hagalund," 1990-1992
"Natural Memory," 1991 and undated
"Sunny," [working title, "The Water"], undated
3R36 Books:
The Stars at Night:
Drafts one through five and notes, 1990 and undated
Drafts two, three and four, backups, 1991
Drafts four, five, and unidentified, [ca. 1989]
Draft five, rewrite, backup, [ca. 1990]
Draft five and unidentified, 1991 and undated
3H13 Second backup in six parts, undated
3R36 Tuxedo Park:
Master set, December 1984 and undated
"Content Farm Road," [early title], undated



2014-178/1 Correspondence
Manuscript drafts
2014-178/2 Books
Audiocassettes: "The Downward Path to Wisdom," Katherine Anne Porter