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A Guide to the Joseph and Shirley Wershba Papers, 1936-2001

Descriptive Summary

Creator Wershba, Joseph and Wershba, Shirley
Title Wershba (Joseph and Shirley) Papers,
Dates: 1936-2001
Abstract Husband and wife Joseph and Shirley Wershba were producers for CBS. Audio tapes, videocassettes, correspondence, transcripts, printed material, newspaper clippings, notes, scripts and drafts, photographs, motion picture film, press releases, research material, and ephemera document their careers.
Accession Nos. 96-141; 96-331; 98-276; 2002-019; 2002-189; 2004-066
Extent 60 ft., 11 in.
Language English.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Husband and wife Joseph and Shirley Wershba were producers for CBS. At CBS Joseph worked as a producer for "CBS Reports," "60 Minutes," and "Hear it Now". During the early 1960s, he was a writer for the New York Post and an occasional contributor to Forward. Shirley was a producer and writer for the 1960s CBS radio program "Dimension of a Woman's World," and later was a producer for the "McNeil/Lehrer Report" and for "60 Minutes".

Scope and Contents

Audio tapes, videocassettes, correspondence, transcripts, printed material, newspaper clippings, notes, scripts and drafts, photographs, motion picture film, press releases, research material, and ephemera document Joseph and Shirley Wershba's careers in broadcast news. The material reflects events and political and social issues in the United States between 1936 and 1993. Much of the collection consists of the Wershbas' program files relating to stories they were producing. Among the many prominent twentieth-century figures represented are Winston Churchill and John F. Kennedy. Persons who had a significant impact on the development of broadcast news are included, in particular Edward R. Murrow. Other persons associated with the collection include John Henry Faulk, Walter Cronkite, and Lyndon B. Johnson.



Organized into eight series: I. Reel-to-reel audio II. Audio cassette tapes, III. Videocassette tapes, IV. Personal correspondence, V. Joseph Wershba papers, VI. Shirley Wershba papers, VII. "60 Minutes" transcripts, VIII. Film. IX Artifact Collection.


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Subjects (Persons)
Churchill, Winston, Sir, 1874-1965
Cronkite, Walter
Faulk, John Henry.
Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973.
Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963
Murrow, Edward R.
Wershba, Joseph--Archives.
Wershba, Shirley--Archives.
Subjects (Organizations)
Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc.
60 minutes (Television program)
Broadcast journalism--United States--Archival resources.
Broadcast journalists--Archives.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Joseph and Shirley Wershba Papers, 1936-1993, Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Collection


Reel-to-reel audio tapes:

4X224 Seven inch reels:
H. L. Hunt transcript tape, [recorded] 84-5-8.
Johnson - Sevareid -Murrow.
The Week that Shook the World." Murrow, Sevareid, Sheiri, Lord Holgraf. 20th century "10 January 1960.
President John F. Kennedy recordings:
reel 409 - John F. Kennedy at the United Nations, "Not arms race but peace race" speech, 1961; Don and Randy.
reel 412 - John F. Kennedy assassination material, 23 November 1963.
reel 417 - John F. Kennedy speech to the United Nations, 25 September 1961.
reel 419 - John F. Kennedy on Negro rights, 11 June 1963; Governor Wallace of Alabama.
reel 420A - John F. Kennedy, two year review.
reel 422 - John F. Kennedy, question and answer session, Houston Texas, 12 September 1960; John F. Kennedy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 4 July 1962.
reel 423 - John F. Kennedy in Paris, France, 2 June 1961.
reel 424 - John F. Kennedy Press Conference in Paris, 2 June 1961.
reel 425 - John F. Kennedy press conferences, March, 1961.
reel 426 - John F. Kennedy press conference, 13 April 1961.
reel 427 - Kennedy on Vietnam
reel 428 - "UAW", 8 May 1962;
Kennedy Press Conferences:
30 August 1961
28 June 1961
19 July 1961
10 August 1961
reel 429 - I.L.G.W.U song, 10 June 1969; Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh, Adlai Stevenson; Talulah Bankhead.
reel 430 - Liberal Party (from Morris Korik, WNBC) 14 September 1960.
reel 431 - Elks Club, Los Angeles, California, 1 November 1960; Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, 9 September 1960.
reel 432 - Canadian Parliament, 17 May 1961 (bad tape).
reel 432 - AFL-CIO, 15 November 1963; Protestant Council, 8 November 1963; Canadian Parliament, 17 May 1961; post-Khruzhchev, 6 June 1961; American Press, 8 November 1963.
reel 433 - John F. Kennedy United Nations speech, 20 September 1963.
reel 434 - Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, 9 September 1969; Astronaut Cooper, 21 May 1969.
reel 435 - Rose Kennedy; AFL-CIO "Goldberg Team," 7 December 1961; Last Half of Medicare, 20 May 1963.
reel 436 - John F. Kennedy, full AFL-CIO speech, 7 December 1961.
"60 Minutes" Claude Pepper transcripts, summer of 1981:
Claude Pepper at "Domino Corner" in Little Havana.
Hearings on Boarding House violations.
Rules Committee Hearings; Tip O'Neil; Pensions and Mandatory retirement; Committee members on Boarding House Violations Hearing.
Five inch reels:
Little Nite Music, reel 1, no slate, 71/2" IPS.
CBS 60 Minutes. "Text Books" Interview transcripts, with:
Wershba, Morley Safer, James Camery, Greg Cooke, and Rev. Horan. Charleston, West Virginia. Sound # 22, wild transfer.
Bryan, Tokyo, Wild, 25 January 1964.
Mike Wallace, Housing, wild narration, 1 December 1964.
Kalb China, wild narration, 27 October 1964.
4X225 Seven inch reel size:
Edward R. Murrow in Germany:
Murrow over Berlin, 3 December 1943.
Murrow at Buchenwald, 15 April 1945.
War Anniversary Program, 19 November 1964:
Buchenwald, 15 April 1945.
Conditions in Germany, 22 April 1945.
Luna: rural petrol, 22 April 1945.
Crossing the Rhine, 24 April 1945.
Hear it Now series:
Basic Reels: #1, 6, and #8.
Album Work Reels: #1, 3, and #8, 15. including material first recorded between 1949 and 1957.
Parts I, IV, 22 December 1950.
McCarthy, reel #2.
Album Draft reels #1 and #2.
Five Inch Reel size:
Housing, Peters. wild narration, 12 November 1964.
China, M. Kalbe. wild narration, 30 October 1964.
CBS Reports "Churches" 10 December 1967.
Bryan narration, 12 June 1964.
Murrow, Muggeridge, B.B.C.
4X226 Seven inch reels:
Randy, Don, and Shirley Wershba, songs, August 1956.
Songs for a Better Tomorrow:
"No Irish Need Apply"
"The Millwall made of Marble"
"Which Side are you On?"
"We Shall Not Be Moved"
"Sit Down"
"All Together"
"Union Maid"
"Joe Hill"
President F. D. Roosevelt's Fireside Chat, 24 June 1938.
This is Edward R. Murrow, 29 April 1965.
60 Minutes H. L. Hunt interview with Mike Wallace, sound rolls 1 and 2.
Don and Randy Wershba, 1961.
Time to Remember:
reel 1:
Mac Costello
Richard Nixon
reel 2:
Truman on Hiroshima, 5 August 1945.
Greasy Thumb Guzik.
Edward VIII abdicates, 10 December 1936.
Stevenson concedes.
Stone of Scone, 25 December 1950.
Alben Barkley dies, 30 April 1956.
Winston Churchill, 5 March 1946.
Joe Di Maggio, 11 December 1951.
Four Dark Days, reels 1 and 2.
Hear it Now McCarthy, reel 1.
John F. Kennedy series:
Draft reels #1 - 6.
reel 452, press conferences.
reel 444, press conferences, October and November, 1963
reel 442, Robert Frost readings.
20 Years of Broadcasting volumes 1-4. dubbed from 16 mm, 10 March 1965.
James Baldwin and Ray Boyle. 1963.
Wershba family, 1956.
Five inch reels:
John Morgan interviewed by Edward R. Murrow, London.
4X227 Ten and 1/2 inch reels:
Winston Churchill, show reel number 2.
Reel # 126, 1958:
Talulah Bankhead.
Richard Nixon on campaign.
Coronation of Pope John XXIII.
Knowland concedes defeat.
Reel # 127:
Rockefeller victory speech, November 1958.
Edmund "Pat" Brown, elected governor of California over Knowland, 4 November 1958.
Congressman Brook Hays loses Arkansas.
Dr. Alvord(?) Arkansas victor.
Eisenhower news conference, 5 November 1958.
Rockefeller acceptance speech.
Knute Rockne.
Reel # 130, 1958 wrap up
Reel # 132:
Jimmy Hoffa, 1959.
Nixon-Khrushchev Moscow kitchen meeting, summer 1959.
Nixon's farewell speech to the Russians, summer 1959.
Reel # 133:
Krushchev farewell, 27 September 1959.
Edward 8 farewell, 11 December 1936.
Reel # 134, Eisenhower/MacMillan television discussion, London, 31 August 1959.
Reel # 136, part 1-- 1959 events.
Reel # 136, part 2.
Reel # 137A, 1959 events.
Reel # 153, Democratic Convention Kennedy acceptance speech. 1960,
Reel # 70 A:
Franklin D. Roosevelt excerpts.
Movies learn to talk.
Reel # 90, Sputnik, October 1957.
Reel # 162, Winston Churchill materials.
Reel # 118, CBS 1957.
Abba Eban, United Nations, 30 October 1956.
Rube Goldberg interview.
T.V. album, 1963.
4X228 Seven inch reels:
Reel #104, 1946.
Reel #104:
Stevenson in Boston, 28 October 1956.
Eisenhower on the Israel war, 31 October 1956.
Reel # 105:
Eisenhower press conference, 30 August 1956.
Stevenson, Liberal party candidate, September 1956.
Reel #108, United Nations 12 year review, 25 June 1957.
Reel #109, Eisenhower, ADL, Abilene, 23 November 1953.
Reel #109A, Eisenhower "Book burning" speech, Dartmouth College, 13 June 1953.
Reel #110:
Eden defends the invasion of the Suez, November 1956.
Ben Gurion, with Edward R. Murrow, 11 November 1956.
Reel #111, Little Rock, Arkansas, 24 September 1957.
Reel #112, Orval Faubus, 26 September 1957.
Reel #119, United Nations, 26 June 1945.
Reel #120, General Marshall and the "Marshall Plan".
Secretary of State Dulles, press conference, 16 October 1957.
Hear it Now:
Work reels: # 16 - 20.
Five inch reels:
Transcript, Head Out.
Reel #358, Telstar broadcast, wrap-up, 23 July 1962.
Social Club, all singing.
Trappistine Nuns serenade Cardinal Cushing, April, 1968.
Reel #212, Texas England, 12 March 1967.
Agronsky wild narration, Law, 3 October 1964.
"Suffolk Police" transcript, head out.
BBC Radio tribute to Edward R. Murrow, 21 January, 1965.
Cardinal Cushing, 1968.
Transcript tapes.
Brig transcript.
Wild narration, George, 25 April 1964.
J. S. Bach "Suite #6", Pablo Casals.
Dave Lowe Narration, China.
Dr. Carl Coppolino and Mrs. Mary Coppolino, for "Trial Lawyers" program.
4X229 Five inch reels:
Marvin Kalb, China narration.
Eric Sevareid, wild narration, 18 October 1964.
Mike Wallace, Housing, wild narration, 30 November 1964.
Interview with Jesse Core.
Warren Report; "Garrison-Wershba" interview.
George, Bill Leonard, wild narration, 8 June 1964.
Cardinal Cushing story.
Reel #601-- Henry L. Stimson on American neutrality, 5 November 1939.
Senator John F. Kennedy, Al Smith Dinner, 19 October 1964.
Eisenhower "I shall go to Korea.." 1952.
60 Minutes "Textbooks": wild narration, Reverend Horan, Morley Safer, and Joseph Wershba, in Charleston, West Virginia, 24 May 1975.
Lyndon B. Johnson, speeches etc.
Bob Hope remarks, May 1961.
Peterson, reel 4 side 2, part 2.
Hydrozine sulpha as cancer treatment, transcript.
Randy Wershba, 6 1/2 Mos.
Sevareid - Kennedy-Keating wild narration, 15 October 1964.
Kalb, China, wild narration.
John F. Kennedy at American University, 10 June 1963.
"He went to China.." transcript.
Randi and Don Wershba, Randy, January 1956: 1954.
Bob Trout, guns, wild narration, 14 April 1964.
Law transcript, Fortes-Agronsky.
Lyndon B. Johnson on crime in the streets.
Harry S. Truman, 1944 - 1952.
Betty Furness, care birthday, 1963.
Leonard, wild narration, 10 June 1964.
Kalb, China wild narration, through a long lens.
Upton Sinclair, 27 April 1962.
Edward R. Murrow, broadcast excerpts, 1940 to 1946.
Cardinal Cushing transcript.
President John F. Kennedy at the University of North Carolina, "Neither red nor dead."
"Negro History", Bill Peters wild narration.
Law, Gideon, George Bryan, wild narration, 30 September 1964.
Agronsky, law wild narration, 2 October 1964.
Agronsky, law wild narration, 7 September 1964.
Eyewitness, Murrow and Sevareid.
Kalb, wild narration.
4X230 Seven inch reels:
Clare Booth Luce interview.
Lyndon B. Johnson, State of the Union address, 1966.
West Point.
Dwight Eisenhower, 1958.
Reel # 105, Time to Remember 1939 events.
Marvin Barnes, 20 February 1978.
Marvin Barnes, phone conversation with Joe Wershba, February 1978.
Chuck Medlin interview.
Five inch reels:
Panama Canal.
Kalb China narration.
George Bryan, China Promo, 4 November 1964.
Reuther and Johnson speech.
WEVD Ain check 1.
Randy and Don Wershba, Winter 1961 -1962.
Wild thing.
Floyd Paterson beats Archie Moore, wins heavyweight championship
Commentary: Nat Hentoff, 18 September 1961.
Lindsay Campaign.
Transcript Labor.
Edward R. Murrow, "The Battle of Britain."
Richard Card Cushing, Boston, 9 March 1964.
Secretary of War Stimson.
Henry L. Stimson on American neutrality, 5 October 1939.
Nixon-Sawyer tape #3.
Nixon-Sawyer tape #4.
Dwight Eisenhower, Adlai Stevenson, 31 August 1956; 11 September 1956.
Four inch reel:
CBS Reports "Lipton Summerama Opening"
Ten and 1/2 inch reels:
Abba Eban, Suez invasion, 1 November 1956.
1956 events.
Dag Hammangold dies; John F. Kennedy at the United Nations, 1961.
"Convention Fever" 9 August 1956.
Winston Churchill tribute.
4X231 Seven inch reels:
Miriam Rudder transcript.
John Henry Faulk and Alger Hiss, Panorama program, 10 November 1976.
John Henry Fault and Alger Hiss.
President Lyndon Johnson, press conference, 28 July 1965.
Justice Hugo Black, radio address on his membership in the Ku Klux Klan, 1 October 1937.
Sherman Adams, Eisenhower, General Wainwright surrenders Quezon to Congress. 17 and 18 June 1958; 4 May 1956;
Fulbright answering L. B. J. on the Tonkin Gulf, Katzenbach on asking for a declaration of war, 6 February 1970; 17 August 1968.
Nixon Inaugural Address, 20 January 1973.
Nixon Inaugural Address, 20 January 1969.
Dr. Jonas E. Salk, 12 April 1955.
Reel #303, events. 1961
Reel #303, New York City, events. 1961
CBS Report on the Democratic Convention, 24 August 1956.
Lyndon B. Johnson Inaugural Address, 20 January 1965.
Herman Goering; Nelson Rockefeller.
Concentration Camps in the U.S.A., 19 December 1967.
Alger Hiss transcript.
Track of conversation in screening room during running of Polish film on North Viet Nam.
John H. Glenn, astronaut, speech to Congress, February 1962.
Stevenson, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 13 September 1956.
John F. Kennedy speech to Congress on space and flight to the moon, 25 May 1961.
Clarence Earl Gideon transcripts, roll 10 and 11.
Rocky Marciano retires, Montgomery, Alabama, bus strike, 1956; April 1956.
LaGuardia, 26 June 1956.
D.N.R., German television, February 1966.
Reel #307, LaGuardia material.
Clarence Earl Gideon letter #2.
Stevenson at Madison Square Garden, 23 October 1956.
Reel #102, Hear it Now possibilities:
Rocky Marciano 27 April 1956.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Richard Nixon.
Dwight Eisenhower.
Five inch reels:
Four Dark Days, reel 1, part 2.
Reel #603, Harry Bridges.
David Lowe, Sr., narrates China; Yiddish comments on Bobby Kennedy vs. Keating.
Larry Flynt, press conference.
4X232 Seven inch reels:
AD-710710 Abzug; Steinham.
Richard Nixon tape.
3 March 1981.
Walter Winchell, 17 February 1946.
Five inch reels:
Jo Hoffa (Jimmy Hoffa's wife).
Hoffa-Chuck Ashman, 8 November 1964.
Lindbergh, second half, 11 September 1941.
Cardinal Cushing on the cost of education, 1968.

4X232 Audio cassette tapes:
Walter Cronkite, Daniel Elsberg.
Roosevelt speeches.
Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Winston Churchill, reels 3 & 4.
Winston Churchill, reels 5 & 6.
Epcot Center.
Bach to Bach; Ladies who Lunch.
Jacksonville emergency, part 2.
Gloria Steinham, cassette 3.
Gloria Steinham, cassette 1.
Esther Williams.
Nixon, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b.
Epcot #3, Walt Disney World.
First Run Miriam Rudder story.

4X232 Video cassette tapes
Diane Sawyer Round Table, 2 November 1983.
Buddy Ebsen / "The Dancing Man" from Walt Disney.
Epcot Clip #3, Demo copy.
MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour, Martha Graham.
Live from the MET, Tosca and La Traviata.
Robot and sensor technology.
4X233 See It Now, vol. III, number 2 and 3, 6 October 1953.
Up to the Minute, "The curse of fatness" with Morley Safer and "drastic measures" (with slugs), 1 December 1981.
60 Minutes:
"Smile, Darn You, Smile" 17 May 1987.
"Houston Trials, part 1."
"Houston Trials" third hour.
Edward R. Murrow, 18 March 1979.
Paul Hogan, (three tapes) 18 April 1985.
Philip Johnson, architect, on PBS, 30 June 1986.
Andrija Artukovic, documents.
Heart of Hollywood with Goldie Hawn and Kris Kristofferson.
Paul Hogan, presentation for the Australian Tourist Commission.
Australian Tourist Commission, 60 second TV spot.
Morning News, Nancy Reagan Interview, November 1982.
4X234 Disney #15 cartoons, materials, Pinocchio and Cinderella.
Reed Harris, 11 May 1981.
"Green Hell" part 2. MacArthur.
"American Caesar" part 2 (dub from original); "The Green Hell"
Australia, 31 May 1986.
Claude Pepper.
The Impostor Phenomenon: overcoming the fear that haunts your success. Dr. Pauline Rose Chance. Book Video.
CBS New Fall 1985 Shows Campaign, 3 September 1985.
Two on Town, 14 March 1983.
Diane Sawyer Round Table, 2 November 1983.
Cagney & Lacey selected clips from episodes "Hooked" and "Stress"
W. R. Grace, "the Deficit trials" 27 January 1986.
Morning News "Eye of the Needle" (last 20 minutes).
Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, dancing on roller skates.
4X235 60 Minutes "Actors" part 3.
"Reaching for the Stars," Lockheed Co. promotional material.
C-1 Durs World Fair.
Texas Money Mystery.
Richard Nixon - Frost, part 2, 4 May 1977.
60 Minutes "Houston Trial" fifth hour of five.
Tama Janowitz on byline.
Cancun Chi 21 October 1981; Evening News Joburg bird, 1 September 1981.
Eleanor Roosevelt--Sevareid, World War II.
Young / Magruder, narration only.
Sandy Freeman interview with Tom Saffer (CNN).
CBS Sunday Morning Record; Morning News, 22 October 1981.
Rooster Cogburn.
Palmer Williams obituary.
60 Minutes "Hugel"
4X236 John F. Kennedy.
Macneil/Lehrer Newshour "Internment and Co-op care" 20 October 1980.
Macneil/Lehrer Newshour "Co-operative Health Care roll" 19 November 1980.
George Burns insert.
Sony British Comm.
CBS News: Monroe birthday, Benny Goodman, Anthony Quinn, George Burns, Artie Shaw.
60 Minutes "Smile, Darn You Smile" 17 May 1987.
See It Now "the Milo Radulovich story" 20 October 1953.
Morning News "Ehrlichman Interview" (dub) 18 June 1982.
Julio Iglesias, part 2, air copy.
"The World of Tomorrow."
Lady-bird Johnson interview, December 1982.
MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour "Warsaw, Indiana" 18 February 1980.
AYEM News Bank "Anthony Quinn/Kurtis"
4X237 CBS Morning News Round Table Discussion with CBS War Correspondents, May 1985.
Up to the Minute:
"Morality and the New Right (Wallace)" and "In the beginning...(view copy)" 30 September 1981.
"Morality and the New Right (Wallace)" and "In the beginning..." (On-air record), 8 October 1981.
The Curse of Fatness (Safer) "No-fault fat" (Dub from 2").
The New Right (Wallace) "In the Beginning..." 6 October 1981.
CBS Morning News, "VE Day plus 30 Years... Correspondents Roundtable." May 1985.
Studio Discussion "In the Beginning..."
National AIDS awareness test, 15 September 1987.
6 March 1981.
Prize Winning Commercials.
60 Minutes. Korczak and the Crazy Horse Dream.
Hope Ryden talking @ Bobcats, November 1981.
Morning News. "Cronkite's 1984 revisited" 26 May 1983.
Morning News. Pamela Harriman dub, March, 1983.
Richard Nixon interviews, 1-4 June 1982.
4X238 C-2 dub, World Fair.
Richard Nixon interviews, first dub, 1-4 June 1982.
MacNeil/Lehrer Report "Atlanta Children" 8 January 1981.
Shirley Wershba.
Liz Taylor, 6 May 1986.
MacNeil/Lehrer Report "Atlanta Children" 16 February 1981.
Leslie Stahl Standup.
Pat Harriman; Shirley Maclaine; Rodney Dangerfield; Kitty Carlisle Hart.
60 Minutes vol. IX, #40, 3 July 1977.
"Auschwitz and the Allies."
Peter Sellers obituary, 24 July 1980.
Morning News various segments.
MacNeil/Lehrer "Who remembers Mama?" 13 June 1979.
"Journalistic ethics" 27 September 1981.


Personal Correspondence:

4X239 1957 to 1988
4X240 1954 to 1991
4X241 1954 to 1993
4X242 1985 to 1987
4X243 1954 to 1987


Joseph Wershba, papers:

4X243 CBS News directory; 60 Minutes directory.
Miscellaneous story material.
Receipts and notes, 1986.
4X244 Miscellaneous printed material
Time. 25 February 1980
People "Television's 50th anniversary issue," Summer, 1989.
The Rebel 30 January 1984.
Confederate Veteran, Time cover, 1 December 1980. January/February 1986;
"Hydrazine Sulfate: Unorthodox Chemotherapy." The Cancer Syndrome.
4X245 Desk calendars, 1983 and 1985.
Transworld Airlines tickets.
Newspaper articles about Max C. Hugel.
The Village Times. various articles by John Horn, 1986.
American Bar Association Journal. various articles. 1966.
Stone, David M. "A Poetic Symmetry: Nixon's War on Public Television." 1980.
Collins, Larry and Dominique Lapierre. "The remarkable life of Andre Malraux" Saturday Review Bondy, Francois. "Paris Letter: the New Metamorphosis of the Gods." The Hudson Review. 27 April 1968; Spring 1968.
Travel brochures and foreign currency.
Brooklyn College Magazine. May 1987.
Wershba family coat of arms.
Artisrael in the 1980's; American Express.
"The Fort Monmouth Scandal"
Polisar, Eric. "The Histrionics of Henry Adams," typed manuscript.
Lomza, Poland.
John P. Atgeld centenary publications.
Miscellaneous printed material
(6 folders).
4X246 New York Review of Books. review of Friendship and Fratricide: an analysis of Whittaker Chambers and Alger Hiss. 23 February 1967.
American Jewish Congress First Amendment Awards program, 1978.
Tributes to Edward R. Murrow, 1979.
Prison inmate fraud schemes, newspaper clippings.
Horn, John. "One Small Bugle: columns from the Rockland Independent."
Miscellaneous printed material
(11 folders).
Miscellaneous notes.
4X247 Kollek, Teddy. "Journal of a visit to Europe and the Levant." For Jerusalem: A Life.
Television Academy Hall of Fame brochure. 1 January 1984.
St. Joseph Gazette. front page. 4 November 1917.
Paul Sann obituaries.
Electrocardiographic report for Joseph Wershba, 1976.
Press passes and travel papers, 1951 to 1953.
Interview with Morley Safer, Proposal by Sam Wershba, 1963; 1981.
KLRN-TV, Austin, Texas-- Newspaper articles, 1979.
Sheila M. Parker, resume.
Kraus, Barbara. Carbohydrate Guide to Brand Name and Basic Foods. 1981.
Cancer, Dr. Gold, printed material.
Mitgang, Herbert. "Policing Americas Writers" The New Yorker. 5 October 1987.
Miscellaneous printed material, 1976.
Miscellaneous printed material, 1990-1993.
Gulf war printed material, 1991.
Miscellaneous printed material
(three folders)
Filmstrips, undated.
Edward R. Murrow.
Unidentified, undated.
Guy Gabaldon, Jeffery Hunter, Vic Damone, and David Janssen, 1960.
Photographs from New Hampshire Sunday News.
Roy Cohn.
Slides, unidentified.
Project files, research notes and background material:
Notebook; miscellaneous notes.
Forward reviews, December 1989.
Harry Golden preface, draft and notes, 1987.
Newspaper and magazine articles and book reviews.
"Greyhound" script, undated; Churchill - Shelley article, 1980.
4X248 Editorial research reports, 1983 - 1987.
60 Minutes. Roy Cohn story materials:
Newspaper clippings and notes.
Library clips.
Richard Dupont, 1979.
Roy Cohn, Richard Dupont.
Script drafts and notes.
Interview transcripts.
GIT Industries annual report.
4X249 60 Minutes, "Les Miserables." (TWA/Liz Rich story): interviews, notes, correspondence, script drafts, 1988.
Simon Weber materials.
Lt. General F. E. Peterson, biographical sketch and photographs.
Jerrold Petrofsky.
60 Minutes. I. M. Pei story. script and notes.
CBS Reports. "Rescue with Yul Brenner" See it Now. script, 10 December 1960; 13 March 1956; 6 August 1957.
60 Minutes. Corporal Lindsey Scott story. newspaper clippings and notes. 16 August 1987:
Herbert L. Block.
60 Minutes Madalyn Murray O'Hair.
60 Minutes. Crazy Horse Memorial.
Embalming, notes.
CBS Reports. "The Policeman's Lot" transcripts, press releases, and fan mail. 29 March 1966:
CBS Reports. "The Press and the Law," script draft.
4X250 "Daddy-0 at 16+" (CBS News Alaska survey, 1948.)
CBS records, earning summary.
Note cards.
Donald E. Robinson, Jr.
Scripts; 60 Minutes transcript, 10 April 1988.
Ed Bliss, correspondence and notes, 1983.
Thomas H. Tattersall, story information and notes, 1983.
CBS News bulletins and memos, 1964 -1986.
CBS Radio stationary.
"A Retrospective of CBS News broadcasts" panel discussion, 29 November 1971.
"Remarks by Walter Cronkite," 18 May 1971; "A Hour with Ed Murrow" Congressional Record, Congressional Record 30 April 1965; 15 December 1971; 18 August 1971.
CBS News:
Memo on "The News Twisters" Perry Wolff's retrospective, 1 October 1971; 6 May 1971.
Television feature news, 1950 - 1960.
Transcripts, 27 September 1964 and 26 April 1966.
Newspaper articles, 1987.
Reference Library of recorded Winston Churchill speeches, source list and excerpts.
Hear it Now:
Winston Churchill album:
Second draft script, 1955.
Corrected script.
Proposal for Winston Churchill album; work draft of Churchill script.
Transcript of Churchill recording.
Reference library of Winston Churchill speeches; transcript of Churchill album.
Album correspondence, 1954 - 1964.
Second draft "The four months war, a fable for our time."
History in detail, 1949 - 1956.
income tax return. 1957
4X251 Story proposals, dope sheets for Fred Friendly; notes, 1986
60 Minutes miscellaneous.
Clippings and story ideas, 1981-1984.
Miscellaneous clippings and notes.
60 Minutes. bluesheets.
CBS News possible stories, 1973 - 1974, and 1978.
CBS operating standards; miscellaneous printed material; story possibilities.
60 Minutes. transcripts, blue sheets and press releases.
CBS News, stories.
CBS News, 1986.
Paris expenses, 1986.
60 Minutes. Jerry Rawlins story. transcript and newspaper clippings.
United States Supreme Court, journal articles, 1984-1986.
The Autobiography of William O. Douglas, obituaries; National Archives, Motion Picture, Sound and Video Branch, procedures and order records. 1980;
Kemner v. Monsanto trial, newspaper articles and notes, 1987.
Joseph and Shirley Wershba, 38th anniversary notice, New York Times. 10 April 1986.
Bliss, Ed. "If your white and a male, O.K."; Alger Hiss story materials.
60 Minutes. Louis Kerber story, background material, 1986.
60 Minutes. story possibilities and updates, 1983 to 1987.
Rosenberg case, story material.
Frances E. Kemner v. Monsanto company, exhibits and correspondence, 22 February 1984.
60 Minutes. Transcript of Houston trial, reels 51 to 94.
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Air travel,
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Aug. 4, n.y.
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"Closeup," Nov. 6, 1958
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"Closeup," Dec. 29, 1961
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"Closeup," May 26, 1960
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`People's Choice," in "Closeup," Apr. 10, 1960
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"Closeup," Nov. 4, 1958
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"The Mayor's Executive Secretary," in "Daily Closeup," June 5, 1959
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"Born to the Press," in "Closeup," Oct. 3, 1963
Dulles, Allen
May 10, 1960
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"Our New Welfare Commissioner," "Daily Closeup," Jul. 30, 1959
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"Novelist and MP," in "Closeup," June 17, 1963
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"Clergyman of the Year," in "Daily Closeup," n.d.
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"Closeup," June 8, 1961
Elias, Rosalind
"Closeup," Oct. 24, 1961
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"Closeup," Dec. 5, 1958
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"Closeup," Mar. 21, 1962
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"Closeup," Aug. 31, 1961
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"Closeup," Mar. 24, 1960 [?]
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"Closeup," Jun. 6, 1962
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"War Diary Author," in "Closeup," Aug. 12, 1963
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"Closeup," May 31, 1960
Faulkner, William
"The Enigma Lives On" in "Closeup," Jul. 8, 1962
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"Clean Campaigner," in "Closeup," Oct. 25, 1960
Fernald, John
"Stage Director," in "Closeup,' Sept. 21, 1962
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"Housewife Puls," in "Closeup," Mar. 14, 1963
Fromm, Erich
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"President of Argentina," Jan 19. 1958
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"Robert Frost's 58th Birthday Wish: `Let the U.S. Win at Every Turn," n.d.
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Gabel, Martin
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Garner, Erroll
"Closeup," Oct. 1959
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"Man of `Today,' " in "Closeup," n.d.
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"Closeup," Oct. 25, 1961
Gershwin, Ira
"Daily Closeup," Oct. 19, 1959
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"Closeup," Jan. 10, 1961
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"Veteran Actress," in "Closeup," Mar. 21, 1961
Gitlin, Irving
"Director of Public Affairs, CBS News" in "Closeup," Jan. 23, 1959
Goldberg, Joseph
"The New Justice," in "Closeup," Aug. 30, 1962
Golden, Harry
"Only in America," in "Daily Closeup," Nov. 22, 1958
In New York Post Daily Magazine
Jan. 30, 1961
Jan. 31, 1961
Feb. 1, 1961
Feb. 2, 1961
Feb. 3, 1961
"Golden Pays for Return of 2 More Negroes," May 20, 1962
Golding, William
"Novelist Jeremiah," in "Closeup," Dec. 17, 1963
Gordon, Albert I.
"Author of `Jews in Suburbia," "Daily Closeup, Nov. 16, 1959
Gordon, Max
"Ace Producer," in "Closeup," Nov. 11, 1963
Gosden, Freeman F.
"Amos," Dec. 2, 1958
Graff, Robert D.
"Closeup," Jun. 14, 1962
Granahan, Kathryn
"Foe of Obscenity," "Daily Closeup," Dec. 8, 1959
Graves, Robert
"British Poet, Author," in "Closeup," Jun. 8, 1960
Greeley, Father A.M.
"Closeup," Mar. 8, 1962
Green, Adolf (with Betty Comden)
"Daily Closeup," Apr. 29, 1959
Green, Martyn
"A Veteran Comic Actor Stars in a Real Life Drama of Courage," in "Closeup," Jan. 3, 1962
Greenberg, Leon A.
"Closeup," Nov. 17, 1961
Griffin, Representative Robert P.
"Co-Author Landrum-Griffin Bill," "Daily Closeup," Aug. 1959
Grimes, Tammy
"Unsinkable Molly Brown," in "Closeup," Nov. 18, 1960
Griswold, Erwin N.
"Harvard Law Dean," in "Closeup," May 8, 1961
Gross, Dr. Calvin Edward
"New Chief of Schools," in "Closeup," Oct. 28, 1962
Gross, Chaim
"Sculptor," in "Closeup," Dec. 12, 1963
Gross, Mason W.
"Rutgers New President," "Daily Closeup," May 6, 1959
Grumet, Jacob
"Investigation Committee Chief," in "Closeup," Dec. 1, 1958
Guggenheimer, Mrs. Randolph
"Closeup," Dec. 28, 1960
Gusweller, Reverend James A.
"Slum Fighter," in "Closeup," Dec. 9, 1958
Guttman, Charles
"A Poor Boy Who Got Rich Remembers a Settlement House," in "Closeup," Nov. 30, 1961
Hacker, Louis M.
"Educator and T.V. Jury Foreman," in "Daily Closeup," July 7, 1959
Hagerty, James C.
"Closeup," Nov. 18, 1962
Hand, Judge Learned
"Daily Closeup," Apr. 10, 1959
Harnick, Sheldon
"Lyricist of `Fiorello,' " in "Daily Closeup," Mar. 17, 1960
Harkey, Ira
"Mississippi Editor," in "Closeup," May 2, 1962
Harris Lou
"Question Man," in "Closeup," Oct. 6, 1963
Hartigan, Stephen
"Daily Closeup," April 8, 1960
Hatfield, Mark
"Governor of Oregon," "Daily Closeup," Nov. 25, 1959
Hawkins, Rev. Edler G.
"Closeup," Jun. 7, 1960
Hayden, Sterling
"A Voyage of Discovery," Book review of Wanderer, Dec. 15, 1963
Hayes, Roland
"At 75, a Famous Negro Tenor Feels His Life's Just Beginning," in "Closeup," May 29, 1962
Hayward, Leland
"Closeup," n.d.
Heller, Joseph
"Closeup," Mar. 15, 1962
Hennings, Senator Tom
"Gang Investigator," in "Closeup," n.d.
Herman, Jerry
"Closeup," Jan. 26, 1962
Hill, Herbert
"NAACP's Labor Aide," in "Daily Closeup," June 14, 1963
Hill, Lister
"Alabama Democrat," "Daily Closeup," Oct. 7, 1959
Hinman, George L.
"New GOP Committeeman," in Daily Closeup," May 7, 1959
Hoffman, Malvina
"Of Fame and a Woman," in "Closeup," May 6, 1962
Holder, Geoffry
"Closeup," Mar. 28, 1962
Holt, Len W.
"CORE"s Field Director" in "Closeup," n.d.
Home, Lord
"Britain's Foreign Secretary," in "Closeup," Dec. 27, 1960
Hornbeck, Lyle W.
"GOP State Campaigner," in "Closeup," Aug. 16, 1960
Horwitz, Julius
"Author of `The Inhabitants,' " in "Closeup," Oct. 14, 1960
Houphouet-Boigny, Felix
"Closeup," May 22, 1962
Houseman, John
"Shakespeare Festival Producer," in "Daily Closeup," n.d.
Howard, Lisa
"Closeup," Oct. 19, 1960
Hoxha, Enver,
"Closeup," Dec. 14, 1961
Hubbard, Ronald
"When the Tide Caught His Friend, He Forgot His Paralyzed Arm," Aug. 10, 1958
Hughes, Emmet John
"Eisenhower Historian," in "Closeup," Jul. 19, 1963
"Where Will It End," Sep. 21, 1958
Humes, H. L.
"Author of Men Die in "Daily Closeup," Oct. 22, 1959
Huntley, Chet
"Daily Closeup," n.d.
Huxley, Aldous
"Writer-Philosopher," in "Closeup," n.d.
Huxley, Sir Julian
"Closeup," Nov. 24, 1959
Hyman, William A.
"Space Law Expert," "Daily Closeup," Oct. 1959
Italiaander, Rolf
Book Review of Men at the Top: New Leaders of Africa. n.d.
Jack, Homer A.
"Director of SANE," in "Closeup," May 19, 1960
Jackson, Hugh R.
"Business Watchdog" in "Closeup," Mar. 9, 1961
Jacobs, Sophia Yarnall
"Urban League President," "Daily Closeup," Jan. 6, 1959
Jamieson, Francis A.
"Rockefeller's Special Assistant," "Daily Closeup," Dec. 8, 1958
Javits, Marion
"Closeup," Apr. 30, 1962
Jensen, Elise
"Birth Control Leader," in "Closeup," May 11, 1961
Johansson, Ingemar
Jun 26, 1959
Johnson, Dr. Joseph E.
"Peacemaker in the Middle East," in "Closeup," Dec. 10, 1961
Jones, Madison S.
"Closeup," n.d.
Joubran, Salim
"Closeup," Feb. 14, 1962
Judd, Walter H. "Republical Keynoter"
"Closeup," June 15, 1960
Kaplan, Louis I., "Investigation Commissioner"
"Closeup," Dec. 15, 1960
Karamanlis, Constantine, "Greek Prime Minister"
"Closeup," Apr. 17, 1971
Kaufman, Judge Irving R.
"Daily Closeup," Jan. 14, 1960
Kavaler, Lucy "Chronicler of the Elite"
"Closeup," Dec. 9, 1960
Keating, Kenneth
"There are Two Sides to Every Question," in "Closeup," Oct. 19, 1958
Kefauver, Estes
"Up for Renomination," in "Closeup," Aug. 4, 1960
Kekkonen, Urho "Finland's President"
"Closeup," Nov. 7, 1961
Kelley, Florence M.
"Closeup," May 1, 1962
Kennedy, Edward M.
"Closeup," Mar. 16, 1962
Kennedy, John F.
"Here's What Happened After You Went to Sleep," Nov. 9, 1960
Kennedy, Robert
Bobby Kennedy Today
Mar. 23, 1964
Mar. 24, 1964
Mar. 25, 1964
Mar. 27, 1964
Mar. 29, 1964
Keppel, Francis
"Education Chief," in "Closeup," Mar. 5, 1963
Ketcham, Hank
"Closeup," May 23, 1962
Kintner, Earl
"Closeup," May 8, 1960
Kissinger, Henry A.
"Presidential Advisor," in "Closeup," June 5, 1961
Klutznick, Philip M.
"President of B'nai B'rith," "Daily Closeup," May 28, 1959
Kotsuji, Abraham
"Japanese Convert to Judiasm," in "Daily Closeup," Mar. 9, 1960
Kozlov, Frol R.
"Daily Closeup," n.d.
Kramer, Stanley
"Movie Maker," in "Closeup," Jan. 28, 1960
Krebs, Bernard
"Eyes For the Blind," in "Daily Closeup," n.d.
Krips, Josef
Symphony Conductor, "When Artists Work Together, the Composer is the Star," in "Closeup," Jul. 18, 1961
Krum, Gladys M.
"Closeup," Feb. 1, 1962
Lal, Chaman
"Buddhist Monk," in "Closeup," Mar. 20, 1963
Lamport, Felicia
"Closeup," Dec. 8, 1963
Landau, Ely
"The Man Behind Channel 13," in "Closeup," n.d.
Landau, Moshe,
"Judge in Eichmann Trial Stresses the Larger Issues," in "Closeup," Dec. 12, 1961
Landrum, Representative Phil M.
"Co-Author, Landrum-Griffin Bill," Aug. 1959
Lang, Theodore H.
"City Job Director Urges Students to Stay in School," in "Closeup," Sep. 14, 1961
Lapidus, Morris
"Americana's Designer," in "Closeup," Sept. 25, 1962
Laporte, Clyde
"Closeup," Oct. 6, 1961
Larkin, Leo A.
"City Corporation Counsel," in "Closeup," May 15, 1961
Larrick, George P.
"FDA Commissioner," Dec. 29, 1960
Lavon, Pinhas
"Israeli Storm Center," Feb. 14, 1961
Lee, Peggy
"Closeup," Mar. 22, 1963
Lefferts, George
"A Tough-Minded Poet Directs Television's Study of the Sexes," in "Closeup," (partial Photocopy) Oct. 3, 1961
Lefkowitz, Louis
"The GOP Camp Cheers a Loser," in New York Post Magazine, p. 7, Nov. 8, n.y.
Lehmann, Herbert
In New York Post Magazine, p. 2, Dec. 8, 1963
Leidesdorf, Samuel D.
"Closeup," Sept. 26, 1961
Lerner, Alan Jay
"Closeup," Apr. 3, 1960
LeRoy, Warner
"Playwright-Producer-What's in a Name? About One-Third of the Bottle," in "Closeup," May 13, 1960
Letter to the Editor
"Clarification," Dec. 11, 1961
Levene, Sam
"Daily Closeup," Oct. 30, 1959
Levenson, Frances
"Foe of Bias in Housing," "Daily Closeup," Jan. 8, 1960
Levitt, Saul
"Anderson Trial Author," in "Daily Closeup," Jan. 29, 1960
Levy, David
"Closeup," May 31, 1962
Libby, Willard F.
"Nobel Prize Chemist--A dedicated Scholar has a Limited Taste for Fame," in "Closeup," Dec. 13, 1960
Lincoln, Abraham
"Daily Closeup," n.d.
Lincoln, Murry D. "Co-op Buster"
"Closeup," June 29, 1960
Lindsay, John V.
"Daily Closeup," Oct. 31, 1958
Liswood, Dr. Rebecca
"Marriage Counselor," "Daily Closeup," Sept. 10, 1959
Lloyd, Harold
"Closeup," Apr. 23, 1962
Lodge, Henry Cabot
"Daily Closeup," Sept. 22, 1959
Loeb, James
"Ambassador to Peru," in "Closeup," May 10, 1961
Louchheim, Katie Scofield
"Lady Poet in the State Department, in "Closeup," Jan. 28, 1962
"Women's Director Democratic Party," in "Closeup," Apr. 1, 1960
Lynn, Diana
"Actress," in "Closeup," Mar. 18, 1963
Macmillan, Harold
"British Prime Minister," in "Closeup," Sept 27. 1960
Malamud, Bernard
"Closeup," Sep. 14, 1958
Malfetti, James L.
"Auto Safety Expert," in "Closeup," Apr. 16, 1963
Mann, Abby
"Closeup," Dec. 27, 1961
Manuti, Al
"Presideint Musicians Local 802" in "Daily Closeup," Jan. 12, 1959
Marrow, Alfred J.
"Chairman of COIR," in "Daily Closeup," July 21, 1959
Masters, Dexter
"Director of Consumers Union," Summer, 1959
Mateos, Aldofo Lopez
"President of Mexico," in Daily Closeup," Feb. 19, 1959
Maury, Elsa
"One Woman's Fight for Free Shakespeare," Aug. 27, 1958
May, Elaine and Mike Nichols (see under Nichols)
"Daily Closeup," May 29, 1959
Mboya, Tom
Apr. 19, 1959
McCarthy, James E.
"Youth Project Official," "Daily Closeup," Jan. 11, 1960
McCloskey, Mark
"Daily Closeup," Sep. 23, 1959
McKeon, William H.
"Closeup," Mar. 2, 1962
McMahon, General George F.
"Commander of Volunteers of America," in Daily Closeup," Mar. 22, 1959
McNair, Barbara
"Closeup," Jul. 22, 1963
McVitty, Marion H.
`World Federalist," in "Closeup," June 26, 1961
Medaris, Gen. J. B.
"Retiring Missileman" in "Daily Closeup" Oct. 27, 1959
Meares, George E.
"Closeup," Dec. 15, 1960
Miller, Dr. Sutherland, Jr.
"College Sex Authority," Dec. 13, 1963
Miller, William E.
"New FCC Chief" in "Closeup," Jun. 11, 1961
"The GOP's Tough New Boss," Jun. 11, 1961
Minow, Newton M.
"Closeup," Jan. 11, 1961
Mitchner, James A.
"Refugee From Paradise," in "Closeup," Apr. 2, 1961
Moffo, Anna
"Opera Star," in "Closeup," Mar. 27, 1963
Monaghan, George P.
"State Racing Commissioner," in "Daily Closeup," May 4, 1959
Monserrat, Joseph
"Director, Puerto Rican Migration," in "Daily Closeup," n.d.
Montero, Frank C.
"A Pioneering Negro Leader Challenges the Bronx Machine," in "Closeup," Apr. 19, 1962
Morgenthau, Robert M.
"New U. S. Attorney," in "Closeup," Apr. 6, 1961
Morhouse, Jud
"Closeup," Nov. 7, 1958
Morris, Newbold
"The Next Parks Commissioner" in "Daily Closeup," n.d.
Mosel, Tad,
"Broadway Playwright," in "Closeup," May 1, 1961
Moses, Grandma
Dec. 14, 1961
Mowshowitz, Rabbi Israel
"Closeup," Jun. 8, 1962
Mueller, Frederick H.
"Commerce Secretary Mueller--Grand Rapids Traditional," "Closeup from Washington," Aug. 30, 1959
Mumford, Lewis
"Student of Cities," in "Closeup," May 26, 1961
Murphy, Bob
"Traveling Bob Murphy: He's Dulles' Ace Mr. Fix-It" Aug. 9, 1958
Murrow, Ed
A Post Portrait, Feb. 5, 1961
Mussolini, Benito
Book review by Joe Wershba of Mussolini by Laura Fermi, Oct. 29, 1961
Nadler, Marcus
"Closeup," Apr. 21, 1961
Nakajima, Yuriko
"Exchange Student Symbolizes The New Woman of Japan," in "Closeup," Feb. 5, 1962
Nason, John W.
"Closeup," Nov. 1, 1961
"Sands Point Takes Nassar in Stride," Sept. 25, 1960
"India's Prime Minister," in "Closeup," Sept. 26, 1960
"Enigmatic Visitor From India," in "Closeup," Nov. 12, 1961
Nelson, Otto L.
"Chairman, `Little Hoover Commission," in "Daily Closeup," Jun. 16, 1959
Neuberger, Maurine
"The Lady From Oregon," in "Closeup," May 1, 1960
Neuberger, Senator Richard
"Cancer Victim - and fighter," in "Closeup," Apr. 28, 1959
"New Party Led by Ex-ALPers, Seeks 50,000 Votes," Oct. 30, 1958
"Newark Engineer Died of Drowning, Doctor Says," Oct. 6, 1958
Nichols, Mike
"Brilliant Rebel," in "Closeup," Nov. 22, 1963
Nichols, Mike and Elaine May
"Daily Closeup," May 29, 1959
Nitze, Paul H.
"Closeup," Jan. 1, 1961
Nizer, Louis
"Closeup," Nov. 15, 1961
Norstad, General Lauris
"Daily Closeup," Apr. 3, 1959
Nottage, Wally
"Psychotherapist," in "Closeup," Jul. 15, 1963
Ober, Norman
"Closeup," May 17, 1962
O'Brien, Conor Cruise
"Closeup," Sept. 19, 1961
O'Connor, Aida
"Lawyer from Puerto Rico," in "Daily Closeup," May 13, 1959
Ogilvy, David
"Closeup," Jan. 21, 1960
Ohrenstein, Manfred
"West-side Reformer" in "Closeup," June 1, 1960
O'Kelly, Sean Thomas
"Daily Closeup," n.d.
O'Neal, Frederick
"Star of Shakespeare in Harlem," in "Daily Closeup," n.d.
Oswald, Lee Harvey
"The Full Oswald Court Story," Dec. 2, 1963
Page, Geraldine
"Daily Closeup," Mar. 27, 1959
Pahlavi, Mohammad Reza (Shah of Iran, 1962)
"Closeup," Apr. 15, 1962
Panofsky, Erwin
"Closeup," Sept. 15, 1961
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Mar. 11, 1964
Mar. 12, 1964
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"Untitled" by Deborah Halsey Stern, 1976.
New York Post. 19 October 1951.
New York American. editorial page, 1 March 1918.
New York American. front page and page six, 18 February 1935.
L.A. Free Press. Kennedy assassination special.
Photograph, undated and unlabeled.
3So82 Assorted newspaper articles
60 Minutes. story photographs and viewer response.
CBS News bags.
Fifth Avenue Coachlines Advertisement, New York Times. 31 October 1967.
New York Times, front page and page ten, 23 June 1968.
New York American. editorial pages: 22 November 1933, 18 February 1934, 11 March 1918, 3 June 1918.
The Sunday Mirror. New York Times. 25 April 1954; 8 November 1932.
New York Times: 21 January 1961, 13 April 1981, 13 March 1934.
"Elections from Jackson to Truman." The Philadelphia Inquirer. 1952.
New York American. editorial page, 8 February 1924.
Coverage of 1952 elections.
3So84 60 Minutes. viewer response cards
Hendrixson political cartoon, 1957
"Fred W. Friendly: Towering Figure in the Evolution of Televions News," Silurian News, May 1998
2.325/0D7 60 Minutes Poster.; Salt Creek Oil field photograph; Chicago Daily Tribune. front page and page 10, 12 September 1941.

4X263 Shirley Wershba Papers:
Story notes and outlines:
Diet Research.
Joan Fontaine.
Henry Ford II.
Jean Harris.
Marilyn Horne.
Hostages in Lebanon.
King Juan Carlos of Spain.
Clare Boothe Luce.
Rupert Murdoch.
Rudolph Nureyev.
Test tube and other hi-tech reproduction.
Outlet towns.
Obesity research.
Admiral Rickover.
Resources and people.
Roman A. Clef.
Pete Rose.
B. F. Skinner.
Harry S. Truman.
Health and Beauty.
Subliminal/Mind reading.
Terrorism, general.
Kurt Vonnegut.
Hostage information.
Juvenile justice and the death penalty.
Minnesota Abortion law.
Receipt envelope.
General information: CBS memos and directories, 1982-1985.
Interview list.
Proposals for series; Randi Wershba, resume.
CBS Morning News. bluesheets.
CBS Radio program on Franklin Delano Roosevelt, script and notes; Contract with CBS, 1971.
CBS Radio "Dimensions of a Woman's World", scripts, 1960's.
4X264 CBS Radio "Dimensions of a Woman's World", scripts, 1960's.
CBS Radio "Dimensions of a Woman's World", recording schedules and program outlines.
CBS Radio News memoranda and scripts
Interview of Andrea Hart, transcripts.
Astronauts, printed material, 1959.
People, Numbers and Things (CBS News pick-up list, booking sheets and expense records) 1984-1985.
Retirement, information and notes.
Retirement planning.
4X265 File for computer-entry recipes.
Layouts for Manhattan Digest. 1957.
Delmar Digest. 1960.
Scripts, 1972 to 1974.
Heart Health, scripts, 1975.
Story outlines and notes:
Childhood diseases, background material and notes
Brooke Astor; Teller/Bethe; Carter; Convertibles; Diamonds.
Flat tax rate.
Adult illiteracy.
Frieda Kaplan, 1982.
Saul Bellow.
Judge William P. Clark.
Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy.
Miscellaneous biographies.
Mary Decker; Empress Farah Diba.
Albert Einstein.
CBS Morning News. Herald Price Fahringer, background material and notes, 1983.
Fitness, story notes
60 Minutes. "The Wellness Community"-- story materials.
Carly Simon, background material.
Hypertension, background material.
Framingham, Massachusetts, 1974.
4X266 60 Minutes. "Creation Science" story, 1986
Background material and notes.
Interview transcripts.
Hedtke, Randall. The Secret of the Sixth Edition. 1983.
Juan Doe, background material, 1987.
60 Minutes. "Wild Women", background material, 1987.
MacNeil/Lehrer Report program files:
"Over thirty back to school."
"Electronic Freshmen."
Education for the Handicapped.
Home study.
Education, basic.
Computer technology.
Estrogen, 10 January 1979.
Family, 23 June 1981.
Gun control, 9 December 1980.
4X267 Abortion.
Teenage pregnancy and abortion, 1979.
Agent Orange, 1980.
Age and Aging.
Aging and education.
National council on Aging.
Aging and Retirement Village.
Teenage Alcoholism, 1981.
Baby Boom, 1981.
Behavior modification.
Birth control, 1980.
Birth rate, 1981.
Book business, 2 May 1980.
School Busing, 18 November 1980.
St. Louis plan, 25 June 1981.
Cancer, 1980.
Cholesterol, 1980.
Collectibles, 27 September 1979.
Cosmetic surgery, 1980.
Crime story, 1981.
Death/Dying, 1981.
D.E.S., 1979.
Drugs, 1981.
4X268 CBS Morning News program files:
No Pass/ No Play, 23 October 1985.
R.D.A. nutrition guidelines, 24 September 1985.
"Rock Porn", 18 September 1985.
Reaction to Ronald Reagan speech, 25 November 1985.
Ship hijacking, 8 October 1985.
Spy swap, 12 February 1986.
Peter Malken, 29 April 1986.
Space Shuttle explosion, 29 January 1986.
Pre-summit meeting, 6 November 1985.
Sissy Spacek, April 1986.
Spies, 30 September 1985.
Summit reaction, 22 November 1985.
Elizabeth Taylor, 6 May 1986.
Terrorism 1985, 30 December 1985.
T.V. $ hucksters, 16 June 1986.
The Vanishing family, 24 January 1986.
Lillian Vernon, 31 October 1985.
Steve Wozniak, 29 October 1985.
Armand Hammer.
CBS Morning News information.
War Correspondent's Roundtable.
Story outlines, background material and notes:
Orson Wells.
Sandra Day O'Conner.
Oleg Cassini.
Fashion Designers, notes.
"Castle for Sale" People June 14, 1982.
Government waste.
Margaret Chase Smith.
New ideas.
60 Minutes:
Story proposals, 1986-1987.
Bluesheets, 1984-1987.
Sgt. Clayton Lonetree, background material and notes, 1987.
"Smile, Darn You" transcript and letters, 1987.
Cheryl Pierson murder case, background material and notes.
Bernard Bressler, background material and notes, 1986.
Story outlines, background material and notes:
Buccaneer surgeon.
Hanford, Washington.
Bobby Joe Leaster, 1986.
Germ warfare.
4X269 Creation/Evolution debate.
Miscellaneous story ideas and notes.
60 Minutes. Arab-Israelis, notes, 1987.
Medigap insurance, background material.
The Sheen family, background material.
60 Minutes. "Prescription for disaster," background material, 1986.
CBS Morning News interview transcripts.
Flat tax rate, background material and notes.
CBS Morning News program files:
Shirley MacLaine, 3 October 1985.
Alan Joy Lerner, 1986.
Jack Lemmon, 13 May 1986.
Martin Luther King holiday, 1986.
Dudley Moore, 2 December 1985.
4X270 Gramm-Rudman budget-balancing law, 1980.
Achille Lauro hijacking, 1985
Infant and baby mortality, 1986.
Joseph P. Kennedy II, 1986.
Diahann Carroll, 1986.
Desk Calendar, undated.
The MacNeil/Lehrer Report. transcripts, 1977-1981.
The MacNeil/Lehrer Report program files:
Women in the military, 1981.
Textbook Turmoil, 1980.
Communications technology, 30 August 1979.
Test-tube babies, 26 July 1978.
Teacher Burnout, 13 June 1980.
Tuition Tax Credits, 4 June 1981.
Toxic Shock syndrome, 30 January 1981.
Wayne Williams murder trial, background material, story layout and notes.
Meetings, memos and story ideas.
Shirley Wershba, resume.
Miscellaneous story material.
Talking chimps story, notes and outline.
Dracula, notes and story introduction.
Alcoholism story introduction, 22 June 1972.
Emergency medical services story background material, notes, outline and script.
Emmy Awards program 1993 to 1994.
"Feeling good", background material, script, and outline.
4X271 Jastrow, Robert. The Enchanted Loom, 1983.
CBS Morning News program files:
Adoption Series, 1986:
Basic background material.
Adoption part I.
Adoption part II: agency vs. independent adoptions.
Adoption part III: pitfalls.
Adoption part VI: open vs. closed adoptions.
Adoption part V: birth mothers.
Afghanistan, 1985.
Giovanni Agnelli, 16 October 1985.
Ryan White, 17 February 1986.
Air Safety, 1986.
Robert O. Anderson, chairman of ARCO, 1985.
Jean Auel.
George Burns, 1985.
Cancer breakthrough, 1985.
C.I.A. campus connections, 1986.
Bill Cosby, 1986.
Tom Cruise.
John DeLorean.
E. L. Doctorow, 1986.
Drug searches, 1985.
Ken Follett.
Benny Goodman tribute, 1986.
J. Peter Grace, 1986.
Farm series, 1986:
Basic background material.
Dan Rather on the Plight of the Farmers.
CBS pole results.
The economic realities of the farm.
Black farmers.
Charles Collingwood obituaries, 1985.
60 Minutes:
Tax Donors, interview transcripts.
Sugar Cane workers, background material, notes, script drafts and interview transcripts, 1978.
Wiretapping, interview transcripts.


60 Minutes transcripts:

4X272 1968, June 1972
4X273 October 1972, April 1976
4X274 May 1976, May 1978
4X275 June 1978, September 1980
4X276 September 1980, December 1982
4X277 January 1983, April 1985
4X278 May 1985, 1992



4X220 Color comp print, H. L. Hunt answer print.
60 Minutes. Tonkin Gulf show, 16 March 1971.
CBS Reports: the education of George Waruhui.
vol. 5, show 20, reel #2. 24 June 1964.
CBS Reports: the education of George Waruhui. vol. 5 show 20, reel #1. 24 June 1964.
Head feature story.
CBS Morning News.
"Hogan" location shooting, New York, New York. work print A milar spliced cell side only.
5370 (Info. Prods.) (Her Block. #1) (comp. B&W print) (Show #1).
Experimental mass, Cardinal Cushing.
Shirley Wershba.
"News with a Woman's touch" Marlene Jaders, 1968.
Overseas Press Club, women's forum, 13 December 1962.
Cushing, singing nuns.
Gideon, pool room.
"Funny Girl" opens, 26 March 1964.
Barbara Streisand at the Rainbow Room, 27 March 1964.
"Funny Girl" 7 am. 27 March 1964.
18 ft.
4X221 CBS Reports: the education of George Waruhui. vol. 5 show 20 reel #1, 24 June 1964.
Edward R. Murrow, part 1.
Edward R. Murrow, part 2.
"See it Now," Edward Murrow, "McCarthy," 9 March 1954.
2.325/AA13d Oversize: New York Post columns, 1959-1962


Artifact Collection:

2.325/Z6 Nixon campaign buttons; name tag.