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A Guide to the Texas Parent Teacher Association Records, ca. 1885-1997

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Creator Texas Parent-Teacher Association
Dates: ca. 1885-1997
Accession No. AR 88-228; 97-250
Extent 26 ft.
Language English.
Repository The University of Texas at Austin Dolph Briscoe Center for American History


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Texas Parent Teacher Association Records, ca. 1885-1997, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Collection


History and organization:

At the Library Storage Facility:
2.325/U119 A History of Texas Congress of Parents and Teachers [laminated pages found with heavy decorated leather binder separated to artifacts collection]
A History of the Texas Congress of Mothers and Parent-Teachers Associations, 1909-1912, 1909-1929, 1929
History of the PTA organization, assorted material, 1909-1983
A History of the Texas Congress of Mothers and Parent-Teachers, complied by Mrs. H. B. Chamberlain, 1919-1935
History, biographical on Ella Caruthers Porter and Texas PTA beginnings, with Texas PTA timelines including Dallas
History of district and city PTA/Mothers associations, 1930, 1937, undated
Articles of incorporation for the Texas PTA
National bylaws, administration and rulings; National Parliamentarian, 1962
Copy of bylaws, undated
Bylaws of districts
Certificates and state charters from National Congress to Texas, 1897, 1922, 1926, 1928
Charter, 1932, 1965, 1983
Charter, 1952-1966, 1988

2.325/U120 Minutes:
Texas Association of Mothers and Parent-Teachers Associations, and loose material removed from book 1909-1914
Book, and loose material removed from book 1914-1925
Book, and loose material removed from book 1925-1927
National Congress, 1937-1938
Assorted loose material:
1916, 1921-1925
Board of Managers, San Antonio Texas, St. Anthony Hotel, November 8, 1921
Preconvention Executive Committee Meeting Called Meeting of Executive Postconvention Executive Committee Meeting of the Texas PTA, 1934-1939
Assorted committee meetings, 1934-1939
[2 copies]
Assorted committee meetings, 1939-1941
Galveston 1939 convention to Executive Committee, June 2, 1943
1949 (cont.) - 1952
4C332(3121974) Texas PTA, 1987
Texas PTA, winter board meeting, January 25, 1987

2.325/U121 Texas president's material:
Mrs. Ella Caruthers Porter, 1909-1912:
Ella Caruthers Porter's history/biography
Ella Caruthers Porter history, 1908, undated
Organization of the Dallas Council of Mothers
Historical information on locals and councils, 1909
Materials for history, 1909, undated
History from Ella, undated
On thrift and other PTA business:
1914, 1924, 1928-1930
Assorted personal and PTA, 1930-1938
Personal, 1934-1939
Lakeside Browning Club, correspondence and finances
Letters sent:
Texas PTA business, 1910-1912, 1918
Regarding chairmanship of Texas PTA, 1937
To Mrs. Schaff from Mrs. Worley
Letters received, 1910-1912, 1933
Telegrams received at the death of Ella Caruthers Porter, 1939
Speeches and addresses:
Child welfare and Texas PTA, undated
including press releases 1928-1930,
[2 files]
By and about Ella Caruthers Porter, 1939, undated
From Womens Christian Temperance Union chair, head of Mothers Department, on the purpose of organized motherhood, undated
Lakeside Browning Club
Speeches and toasts [Ella's?], undated
2.325/U122 Assorted:
Mrs. Porter's administration, minutes, 1909-1912
[2 copies]
Lakeside Browning Club, foundation documents
Reports, statements, and resolutions, 1928-1938
Assorted notes
[2 files]
Travel notes and materials, [1920?]-1939
Personal certificates and invitations
[Funeral guest book?]
Memorials and record of funeral flowers, 1939
Death/memorials, funeral address by Bishop Moore, 1939
At the Sid Richardson Hall:
2.325/N41b Scrapbook
At the Library Storage Facility:
2.325/U122 2.325/U122
Scrapbook materials, 1933-1937
Printed material:
Thrift and the PTA, 1928-1938
Delta Kappa Gamma
Lakeside Browning Club
Lakeside Browning Club, yearbooks, 1923-1939
Passport and personal
Briefs on Quebec and Ottowa, 1938
Postcards, Christmas cards, and Christmas greetings
Prints/copies of Native American portraits
Collected personal publications
[2 files]
Assorted non-Texas PTA publications and printed material
Assorted personal, 1925, undated
At the Sid Richardson Hall:
2.325/N41b 2.325/N41b
Oversized assorted printed material
At the Library Storage Facility:
2.325/U122 Clippings, 1923-1932
Personal clippings
Assorted clippings
[2 files]
At the Sid Richardson Hall:
2.325/N41a Newspapers and clippings, domestic and international, 1900-1939
2.116/OD1224 Newspapers, international, 1900-1910
At the Library Storage Facility:
2.325/U122 Books:
For Rent - One Pedestal
2.325/U123 The Story of the Bible
Child's Commentator [on the Bible]
Loving Imprints: The Mothers Album
Talisman, 1896, 1898
A Bouquet of Memories, autograph book from PTA meeting
For Our Mothers
Sociability Songs and Joy to the World
Love in Letters
Mrs. McAllister, 1914-1917:
Correspondence and reports
Publications produced/collected during administration
Mrs. E. A. Watters, 1917-1920:
Correspondence, minutes and reports
[2 files]
Publications produced/collected during administration
[3 files]
Mrs. S. M. N. Marrs, 1920-1924:
Correspondence, speeches, and minutes
Printed materials and clippings
Publications produced/collected during administration
Texas Congress of Mothers and Parent-Teachers handbook and yearbook
2.325/U124 Mrs. C. E. Maddocks, 1924-1927:
Speeches, minutes, and reports
Publications produced/collected during administration
Mrs. Noyes Darling Smith, 1927-1931:
Correspondence and reports
Bylaws and minutes
Printed material from state and local conventions
Publications produced/collected during administration
Printed materials and clippings
Mrs. A. F. Wood, 1931-1935:
National, state, and local convention material
Publications produced/collected during administration
[3 files]
Mrs. M. A. Taylor, 1935-1938:
Minutes and reports
State and local convention material
Publications produced/collected during administration
[2 files]
2.325/U125 Publications produced/collected during administration
[2 files]
Mrs. Joe A. Wessendorf, 1938-1941:
Publications produced/collected during administration
[3 files]
Mrs. Jack M. Little, 1941-1944:
Minutes and reports
Convention material
Publications produced/collected during administration, 1941-1943
Mrs. E. H. Becker, 1944-1947:
Minutes, speeches, and correspondence
Convention material
Publications produced/collected during administration
[4 files]
2.325/U126 Mrs. J. H. Moore, 1947-1950:
History of Moore administration
Minutes, reports, and correspondence
Dedication ceremony for new wing of state office building
Publications produced/collected during administration
[3 files]
Mrs. H. G. Stinnett Jr., 1950-1953:
History of the Stinnett administration of the Texas PTA
[2 files]
Convention publications
Mrs. Leon Price, 1953-1956:
Minutes and reports
[2 files]
Convention material
Publications produced/collected during administration
Mrs. W. D. de Grassie, 1956-1959:
History of de Grassie administration
Reports and correspondence
Publications produced/collected during administration
2.325/U127 Publications produced/collected during administration
Mrs. T. H. Whaley, 1959-1962:
Publications produced/collected during administration
[2 files]
Publications produced/collected during administration
[3 files]
Mrs. W. J. Davenforth, 1962-1965:
Publications produced/collected during administration
[2 files]
4C334 (3121952) President, Laura Tynes, 1984-1985
4C332 (3121974) President, Texas PTA, 1988


General files:

2.325/U128 Assorted correspondence:
Early PTA, 1898-1899, 1943
General office/PTA, 1912, 1917
Assorted, 1918-1927, 1932-1938, 1938-1953
Mrs. B. M. N. Marrs and Mrs. D. A. Livingston, 1924-1927
Correspondence, 1924-1933, 1954 - 1956, 1956-1958
Mrs. Marrs, 1927
Mrs. Lillian Porter Butler, letters received, 1939-1940
Regarding archives, 1952-1959
Mrs. De Grassi, 1953-1955
4C333 (3121963) Correspondence, 1984-1985
State PTA correspondence, 1984-1985
Newsletters, correspondence, 1984-1986
4C332 (3121974) Local PTA correspondence, 1980-1982
Resolutions, committee correspondence, 1985
2.325/U128 Statewide programs:
Mental Health:
Committee on Mental Health, 1954
Dr. Sutherland's correspondence, 1954-1956
Correspondence and printed material, 1955-1956
Correspondence regarding workshops, 1955-1956
Hogg Foundation assistance, 1955-1956
Materials for Texas PTA, 1955
Reports for use in June seminar, 1955
Seminar, June 1955
Teacher Seminar, San Antonio, September 1955
Charles Dent, Report of 49th Annual Convention and Mental Health Material, 1956
Workshop in McAllen, Texas, February 1956
Workshop, Mineral Wells, Texas, February 1956
Workshop at Eagle Rock in Wimberley, March 1956
Texas Congress of PTA planning for summer workshop on mental health, June 1956
Mental Health emphasis (3 year), 1956
Texas Mental Health Emphasis, 1957
Mental health seminars, 1957
At the Sid Richardson Hall:
2.325/N41b Oversized notes from workshops/meetings
At the Library Storage Facility:
2.325/U129 Youth development:
Workshop, 1957
Workshop and Robert Sutherland correspondence, 1957
Workshops and reports from district presidents, 1957
4C333 (3121963) Assorted outreach programs:
Child abuse, 1982-1983
Dusty `Dillo's Safety Belt Activity Package, 1985
Seat Belt Safety resource Package, 1984
4C332 (3121974) Safety, 1986
Safety belts on school buses, 1985
Alcohol, A Family Concern (developed by Texas PTA), 1983
Poster contest, 1986
Project Texas trivia game, 1985-1986
Drug and alcohol abuse, 1987
PTA, play, undated
4C334 (3121952) STEP (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting), 1978, 1982
Texan's War on Drugs, 1981-1983
2.325/U129 Material found with slides, 1983, undated
Narration script for cassette tape and slide show "As Time Goes By"
Narration script for cassette tape and slide show "Reflections/EPA"
Narration script for "Children's Trust Fund Community Prevention"
Narration script for "A Visit to Your State Headquarters"
Endowment fund:
Records, 1924-1939
Reports and plans for endowment fund and study, 1926-1927
Reports and correspondence, 1933, 1934, 1937-1938
Correspondence, change to bylaws from constitution and secretary, 1935-1938
Records, 1937-1939
Minutes of Endowment Fund Board, and tribute to Mrs. E. C. Porter 1939
Ella Caruthers Porter Memorial Fund, 1956-1959
Ella Caruthers Porter Memorial Endowment Fund, minutes and copies of transmittal letters, 1958-1960 1961-1972
Endowment, 1959, 1992
Office funds:
Office records and expenses, 1911, undated
Treasurer's material, 1922-1925
Cash book, 1923-1937
Papers removed from cash book, 1930-1938
Cards with records of dues payments, 1932-1937
Duplicate dues and other data
Mrs. Will T. Decherd, Chairman of the Budget Committee, 1934
IRS tax letters, 1934-1946
Papers out of files relating to S. S. case, 501-3-c determination, 1940-1946
Auditor, 1951-1955
4C333 (3121963) Report of Examination:
(second copy in4C334/3211952) July 31, 1980
(second copy in 4C334/3211952) July 31, 1981 and 1980
July 31, 1983 and 1982
4C334 (3121952) July 31, 1982 and 1981
4C332 (3121974) July 31, 1984, and 1983
2.325/U129 Insurance, 1982, undated
4C332 (3121974) State Budget Committee, 1985
2.325/U129 For Comptroller Mecca Kirkland, 1986
Appraisals and insurance on Texas PTA home and possessions, 1986-1987
At the Sid Richardson Hall:
2.325/N41b Oversized trust fund statements, tax material and dues
At the Library Storage Facility:
2.325/U129 Legislative:
Material on Kindergarten Bill, drafts, authors, 1916-1918
Press releases, information for legislative action, 1919
Legislative measures, 1920-1924, undated
Official Texas state proclamations and orders, 1939-1965
Senate concurrent resolution on PTA Day, 1977
4C333 (3121963) Legislative team, 1982
PTA Day at the Capitol:
4C334 (3121952) March 17, 1982
4C332 (3121974) 1988
2.325/U129 Resolutions and legislative work; records, drafts, copies of bills, undated
Proposed legislative work and Senate bills, undated
2.325/U130 Office files:
List of Pioneer PTAs and individuals who came into the Texas Congress of Mothers, 1909
State office statistics and state history items, 1937
Typical district folder, 11th district, 1942-1943
Texas PTA plans for Ella Caruthers Porter's papers, 1996
Bulletins and reports, 1917, 1926, 1937
Recommendation of State Chairman of Home Education, 1934
Gifts to state office, records and correspondence, 1950-1953
4C334 (3121952) District reports, 1967
4C333 (3121963) Councils, reports, 1981-1983
2.325/U130 State Advisory Committee for Children's Year, undated
Report of State Chairman of Membership Committee; Cooperation of Parent-Teacher, undated
District president's book, 1939
Book for president's representitive at district conferences, 1939
Book for state presidents, vice-presidents, and president's representatives for extention purposes, 1939
Office manual, 1984
4C334 (3121952) District president orientation, June 1982
4C332 (3121974) National orientation, 1984-1985
New president's orientation, May 1984
2.325/U130 Construction:
Headquarters file on construction, remodeling, and furnishing, 1937-1958
Building Committee, 1949-1951
National Headquarters Building Committee, Mrs. C. R. Larimer, Chairman, 1953
At Sid Richardson Hall:
2.325/N41b Blueprints and bids
At the Library Storage Facility:
2.325/U130 Naugahide samples for Texas PTA building, undated
District Meeting, Arlington, Texas, April 1952
Workshop at Brenham, Texas, September, 1952
State Meeting at Wichita Falls, November, 1952
State Convention, San Antonio, November, 1953
Meeting at Corpus Christi, November 1954
12th District meeting, Center, Texas, April 1955
Convention, Fort Worth, Texas, November 1955
7th District conference, Bandera, Texas, April 1956
4C334 (3121952) 70th Annual, Amarillo, Texas, November 13-15, 1979
71st Annual, El Paso, Texas, November 17-19, 1980
Summer seminar, 1980-1983
72nd Annual, San Antonio, Texas, November 16-18, 1981
73rd Annual, Fort Worth, Texas, November 21-23, 1982
State Board of Managers, November 1982
Winter board meeting, state, 1982
Winter board meeting, February 1982
Diamond Jubilee, Houston, Texas, November 27-29, 1984
4C333 (3121963) State Board of Managers meeting, December 1, 1983
"Texas PTA, In Tune with Today," Board of Directors Meeting, 1985
National Congress of Parents and Teachers (PTA), District 14 Spring Conference, 1983
Bastrop PTA, Executive Board Meeting, 1981-1983
4C332 (3121974) Board of Managers meeting, July 1984
Board of Directors meeting, November 1984
Board meetings, 1984-1985
Summer seminar, 1984, 1985
2.325/U130 National Texas PTA Convention material, Charlotte Travis administration, 1996
2.325/U131 Assorted:
Speeches by assorted individuals for National PTA and Texas, late 1880's
To be filed, 1913-1918
Miscellaneous business, 1932, undated
The observance of Founder's Day, National PTA, February 17, 1934
Texas State Library, 1952
4C334 (3121952) Membership, 1971-1972
Leadership course, 1980
Liberty Hill PTA Association, 1983
Nominating Committee, 1983
Winning literature essays, first prize, National PTA, 1983
First Lady of Texas luncheon, April 9, 1985
Procedure workshop, undated
4C333 (3121963) Austin City Council PTA:
Assorted newsletters and mailings, 1980-1984
Assorted, 1981-1882
Assorted correspondence, minutes, and printed material, 1982-1983
2.325/U131 Registration of PTA logo, certificate of registration to April 3, 1988
Mrs. Herbster's file for approval of materials, bylaws, letters and information
Child Welfare Day, undated
Printed material:
Texas PTA certificates and awards, 1920, 1976-1989, undated
Certificate for good dental care, 1937
Ella's portrait, Nicholas Brewer, painter
Mrs. J. J. Devoti, printed material, 1962
Music and songs
[Pageant transcript?]
Membership card, 1983-1984
4C334 (3121952) EPA, 1977
Cultural Arts, 1981-1982
4C332 (3121974) Councils, 1982-1986
Membership award forms, 1986
Newsletters, 1985-1986
2.325/U131 Packet of publications on family living #2, 1954:
Education for a Long and Useful Life
Making the Grade as Dad
You Don't Have to be Perfect
Looking Forward to the Later Years
Emotional Maturity
The Middle Years
The Golden Age
Religion as a Factor in the Mental Health of the Adult
Your Marriage
First Aids for Planning Mental Health Programs
Can an Adult Change
Emotional Maturity for Living Together
Role of Love in Human Development
Packet of publications on family living #5, 1954:
Homemaking for Health and Happiness
The Clergy and Mental Health
Brief Principles of Mental Hygiene
A Guide to Good Eating
There is Something You Can Do About Mental Health
My Son Graduated from a Mental Hospital
My Brother's Keeper
Psychological First Aid
What to Do Now About Emergency Sanitation at Home
Eat To Live
Why We Must Keep Our Homes Clean
Tested School and Community Breakfast Program Activities
Assorted publications and study guides:
Plans by State Chairmen, book 2
U.S. Department of Interior leaflets, 1924
Facts For You, Parent of a Boy
A Review of Mr. Fillers' Explanation Concerning the Recent Change of Textbooks
Handbook of Information on Parent-Teacher Associations
"The Parent-Teacher Movement"
Why Grownups Need Play
Programs and Suggestions for Thrift Education
Suggestive Program for Thrift Education of the Child in the Home
List of Loan Papers for Program Use
The Odyssey of Mrs. Brown
Rural Child Life in Texas
Confessions of a Mother
Status of Rural-School Supervision in the United States in 1935-1936
Assorted printed material, 1898-1941
Assorted National PTA publications, 1906-1911, undated
Assorted PTA publications, 1909-1940's
Assorted Texas PTA printed material, 1910-1935
Assorted printed material, 1927, 1930, undated
Assorted publications, 1927-1962
Clippings and printed material
2.325/U132 Assorted clippings and envelopes
At Sid Richardson Hall:
2.325/N41b Assorted newspapers and clippings
At the Library Storage Facility:
2.325/U133 Conventions:
Convention programs and related material, 1913-1931
Delegates notebooks, 1932-1936
Official programs and guides, 1937-1964
Small printed convention cards, 1960, 1962
[2 files]
Child Welfare Conference publications, 1898-1918, 1921, 1937-1939
2.325/U134 District meeting publications, 1910-1940
4C332 (3121974)
State convention information, 1984
2.325/U134 National:
Congress of Mothers:
Convention handbooks, 1897-1899
Publications and printed materials, 1897-1898, 1901, 1908-1912, 1914, 1919-1920, 1923, 1925, 1940
Official program, 1947
Jubilee History: 50th Anniversary 1897-1947
Convention digest, 1940, 1950, 1952, 1953, 1955, 1958
Annual Convention Proceedings, May 1953
Greetings to National Council from Broward County Council
Assorted states:
California Congress of Mothers and Parent-Teacher Associations, year books, Extension Department brochure, Patriotism Department brochure, Membership Department brochure, 1917-1918, 1918-1919, 1919-1920
The Educational Meaning and Necessity of the Mother's Meetings, Colorado Congress of Mothers, undated
Illinois Congress of Mothers and Parent-Teacher Associations, year book, 1914-1915
Massachusettes Parent-Teacher Asociation, year book, leaders handbook, and brochure, 1920
41st Annual Convention Bulletin, Washington State Parent-Teacher, April-May, 1954


Serial publications:

2.325/U135 The Texas Congress of Mothers and Parent-Teacher Associations Bulletins:
March-May, November, December, 1922
January-March, September-December, 1923
January-May, July-September, November-December, 1924
January-May, July-December, 1925
January 1926
Fall, 1959
District bulletins, 1935-1936
National Congress Bulletin:
April, August-October, December, 1933
January 1934
July 1934 - March 1936
January-March, May, June, September-December, 1937
January-June, October-December, 1938
January-June, September-November, 1939
March-May, November, December, 1941
special February war extra, January-October, December, 1942
January-December, 1943
May-December, 1944
January-July, September-December, 1945
Family Chat's:
November 15, 1944
January 25, February 21, April 21, June 6, August 31, October 31, December 27, 1945
February 4, March 18, 1946
The PTA Messenger:
October 1925
June 1926
June 1932
January 1933
February 1934
September, November, 1935
January-March, 1936
Convention News:
November 14-17, 1927
November 13-15, 1928
November 19-21, 1929
November 18-20, 1930
November 10-12, 1931
November 19, 1935
November 17, 1936
November 16, 17, 1937
At Sid Richardson Hall:
2.325/N41b May 22, 1930
November 15, 1938
At the Library Storage Facility:
2.325/U135 November 6, 1940
May 4-5, 7, November 17, 19, 1942
November 21, 1952
November 18, 19, 20, 1953
November 16, 1955
November 14, 15, 1956
2.325/U136 Texas Parent-Teacher Magazine:
April-August, October-December, 1926
January 1927 - December 1936
2.325/U138 January-June, September, November, December, 1937
January, March, May-December, 1938
May 1938-April 1941
July 1941-December 1942
2.325/U137 January-December, 1943
January-December, 1945
November 1947
October 1950
October 1953
March, May, October, 1954
January 1955
November 1956
January 1957
October 1959
January 1961
January 1962
January 1963
January 1964
January 1965
Texas Motherhood Magazine:
June, July, October-December, 1910
June, November, December, 1911
January, February, April-October, December, 1912
2.325/U139 January 1913 - June 1915
2.325/U140 July-December, 1915
January-June, August, September, November, December, 1916
January-March, May, June, October, December, 1917
January, October, 1918
March, August, 1919
May 1920
January 1924
2.325/U141 Child-Welfare Magazine:
January 1908
March-June, September-December, 1910
January-April, 1911
February-August, October-December, 1912
January-December, 1913
January, February, May, December, 1914
January, February, July-December, 1915
January-June, September, October-December, 1916
January-December, 1917
January-November, 1918
March-December, 1919
January-March, May, 1920
October-December, 1921
January-December, 1922
January, March-November, 1923
2.325/U142 January 1925 - December 1927
January-August, October-December, 1928
January-December, 1929
January-July, September-December, 1932
September-December, 1933
January-July, 1934
2.325/U143 The National Parent-Teacher Magazine (formerly Child Welfare Magazine):
December 1934
January-December, 1935
January, March-December, 1936
January-December, 1937
January, February, 1938
January, August-November, 1939
October, November, 1940
June 1947
May 1955
2.325/U144 Dallas Council of Parents and Teachers News, 1934, 1935, 1937, 1939
PTA serials from assorted states, 1926, 1928, 1934, 1935
The Texas Outlook, 1924, 1929
Texas Congress of Mothers and Parent-Teachers, year book, 1910-1911, 1923-1924
Dallas Mothers Council, yearbooks, 1910-1911, 1924-1925
PTA Handbook of Information, undated
Texas Parent Teacher Messages, December 1941 - November 1944, December 1944 - November 1947
National Congress of Parents and Teachers, publications:
Handbooks / yearbooks, 1911-1914, 1919-1920
2.325/U145 Handbook, 1929
Manuals, 1935, 1936, 1938, 1940-1965
2.325/U146 Miscellaneous:
National Congress Bylaws, 1962-1964
Study-Discussion Group Techniques for Parent Education Leaders, 1956
4C333 (3121963) Annual Report, National PTA, 1975
The PTA Communicator, 1982-1983
4C332 (3121974) The PTA Communicator, 1984-1988
Improving PTA through Better Public Relations, 1984
7th District PTA News, Texas PTA Handbook, 1983-1984
Texas PTA, Impact: A Biennial Report, 1978
2.325/U146 Assorted historic pamphlets and publications, 1910-1924
[2 files]
Congress State Bylaws, 1958, June and November 1961, 1962, 1964
Policies and Procedures, undated
Installations, undated
Procedures for Organizing Local Unit Parent-Teacher Associations, undated
Treasurer's Record Book, 1958-1958, 1959-1960, 1962-1963, 1964-1965
Parent-Teacher Leadership Procedure Course
Parliamentary Pointers, 1964, undated
Parliamentary Course
Songs for Parent-Teacher Meetings
A Little Child Shall Lead, song, undated
Song sheet
Guide to Community Action for Safe Living
Cultural Arts, leaflet
Rural Youth
Families are Forever
The Adolescent and the Family
2.325/U147 Assorted pamphlets and leaflets, internal:
The American Family Today
As We Sow
At the Sign on the Gavel
A Bigger PTA - A Stronger USA
Birthday Banquet
City Council Bylaws
Civil Defense
College and University Safety Conference
Conference on Citizenship, Education, and Home Welfare
County Council Bylaws
Dedication of New Home of the Texas State Congress of Parents and Teachers
Dedication of New Wing of State Office Building
District Bylaws
Down the Parent Teacher Trail in Texas
Duties of Historians
Education for Family Living
Education and Family Living
Ella Caruthers Porter
Endowment Fund, Founders Day, and Texas Congress Birthday
Focus on the Family
Four Methods of Reporting to Parents
Guide to Community Action for Safe Living
Help Make Texas Children the Best in the World
Helpful PTA publications
Historians Leaflet
Homes Create Community Strength
In Defense of Childhood and Youth
Information for Small Associations
Life Memberships
Local Presidents Calendar
Making Democracy Live in Your Community
Mental Health Means This
Methods of Reporting Elementary School Children's Progress to Parents
Motion Pictures and Visual Education
Negro-Parent Teacher Groups
Organization and Program Information for Parent Teacher Groups
Organizing a PTA
Our Birthday Party Under the Oak Tree
Our Birthday
Parent Teacher Cooperation for School Improvement
PTA Installations
PTA Needs You
Parent-Teacher Procedure Course
PTA Program
PTA Story
Parlimentary Pointers
Parlimentary Procedure - Texas Study Course
Plans By State Chairmen
Plans for Increasing Membership
Plans of State Chairman
Policies and Procedures
Preschool Service Guide
Principal's Leaflet
Program, 1958-59
School for Instruction of Council Officers
School for Instruction of Local Units
Speaking Up for the PTA
State Procedures
State Program Outline:
Stepping Stones
Suggested Bylaws
Suggestive Programs
System-Wide School Evaluations
Texas Congress Birthday
Texas Course of Parent Teacher Procedure
Treasurer's Record Book
We the People
Whose Resopnsibiblty
You Belong in the PTA
2.325/U148 Assorted pamphlets and leaflets, outside sources:
ABC of Radio, The
American Home Economics Association
American Teacher, The, parts 1, 2, and 3
Austin, March 1956
Broadcasting to the Youth of America
Can Texas Children Live on Less
Children Bear the Promise of a Better World
Code of the National Associations of Broadcasters. The
Cooperation between the PTA and the Campfire Girls
Education and Democracy, part 3
Education for Family Living
El Procedimiento del Curos del Congreso de Padres y Maestros de Tejas
Family and its Home, The
Guide to Safe Living for Elementary Schools
Health Program for Texas Congress of Parents and Teachers
How to Use Radio
How to Use Radio in the Classroom
Humane Education
Information about Series E Bonds
Juvenile Court Steps In, The
Mental Health Emphasis
Mental Health for Effective Living
Mental Health is a Family Affair
Mejor Juventud Para un Mundo Mejor
Mother's Club, The
New Defense Bond Features
Our Homes
Parent Teacher Movement, The
Regamanto de la Asociacion de Padres y Maestros
Safe Driving Popular
Safely to School
Teen Trouble
Texas Needs Libraries
Texas Public Schools
Texas School of the Air
Una Demostracion de Una Reunion de Negocios Sencilla
Under Texas Skies, volume 1, #10
Under Texas Skies, volume 5, #2
What the F.R.E.C. Means and Offers You
Items borrowed for consideration for exhibit, returned July 1999:
Pamphlet, From Acorns to Oaks, 1959
Pamphlet, Endowment Fund, Founders' Day and Texas Congress Birthday, undated
Magazine, Texas Parent-Teacher, pp. 5-6, including list of officers of Texas Congress of Parents and Teachers November 1946,
Blank form, "Back-to-School Drive, Children's Bureau, U.S. Department of Labor," undated
Blank form, "National Council of Defense, Woman's Division, Children's Year Committee, School Welfare Division," undated
At Sid Richardson Hall:


Photographic material:

3S361 Photographs:
Ella Caruthers Porter
Family members of Ella Caruthers Porter
Texas PTA and district presidents and officers
National PTA figures
State PTA conventions, 1940's, 1950's
Texas Mothers Association conventions, 1912
3S183 Texas Mothers Association convention, 1911
National convention, 1953
3S361 National conventions, 1947
Local Texas PTA and Mothers Associations meetings, undated
Texas PTA headquarters, laying the cornerstone and completed structure, 1942, undated
Trees planted at San Jacinto battlefield, 1927
Improvements to school buildings
Assorted, 1909, 1926
3T407f Panoramic photographs:
Group photographs of conference attendants:
Texas Mothers Congress, Austin, Texas, [copy 1] undated
3T407g Texas Mothers Congress, Austin, Texas, [copy 2] undated
National Congress of Mothers and Parent Teachers Associations:
23rd Annual Convention, Kansas City, Missouri, [copy 1] 1919
3T407g 23rd Annual Convention, Kansas City, Missouri, [copies 2, 3, 4] 1919
25th Annual Convention, Washington, DC, 1921
32nd Annual Convention, Washington, DC, 1929
Unidentified group, undated
3T407h International Congress of Mothers, Washington, D. C., undated
3S361 Small copy of panoramic photograph of unidentified group, undated
3S362 Slides:
Slide shows:
"A Visit to Your State Headquarters"
"As Time Goes By" [4 sets: see also cassette tapes of the same name]
3V63 "As Time Goes By" [3 sets: see also cassette tapes of the same name]
"As Time Goes By" master set
"Buckle-up Because"
[2 sets]
"Children's Trust Fund Community Prevention"
"Confrontation with Realities," and extra vandalism images
"It Has a Lot to Do With Attitude"
[5 sets]
"Mothers Who Work Outside the Home" [see also cassette tape of the same name and "Working Together"]
"Reflections," 1991-1995, undated
"Reflections," winners
"Texas PTA Leadership Program" [see also cassette tapes of the same name]
Images unused for vandalism filmstrip
Alberquerque National Conference, Fort Worth State Convention, with shots of the Graphics Office at Texas Tech and children, 1983, undated
District 7 fall workshop, October 1977
District 8 fall workshop, and Alabama press conference, October 4, 10, 1983
El Paso mini-seminar, September 21, 1978
Martha Jackson, district workshop; legislative conference, undated
July 1970
July seminar, July 1978
Summer seminar, 1983
Texas PTA meetings
Magazine and forum slides
Moore Growth Center, 1975-1980
PTA staff, television training and publications, 1976-1977
RIP program board
School children
School volunteers at Mitchell Boulevard
Prather shots
Waco Independent School District media
Joyce Wright
#16330, scenes of [Texas?]
#04166, 16332, 19386, 19541, 66184, unidentified
3S309c Lantern slides [5]
3S361 Negatives, trees planted at San Jacinto battlefield and unidentified [10]
3W118b Audio:
Cassette tapes for slide shows:
"As Time Goes By," audible tones and inaudible tones [7 sets and 1 extra audible tone]
"Texas PTA Leadership Program," audible and inaudible tones
"The Great Body Shop"
3W118c "Inclusiveness" I and II
Reflections/EPA slide show
"Reflections: Exploring New Beginnings," Imagine That," 1992/"1993
"Introduction to Success in School," Dr. Hilary Motsinger
"Who's in Charge: Young People and Self Esteem," with Dr. Scott Sheperd
[2 copies]
"Working Together/Mothers Who Work Outside the Home," 2 audible tone, 1 inaudible tone
1/4 inch reel tape, Texas PTA Radio public service announcements in Spanish,:
30 seconds
3W118a State PTA tribute to Shirley Igo, 1/2 inch videotape, 1997
[4 copies]
"Parent Participation," 16 mm color television print, 1977-1978
1/2 inch reel tape, unidentified
3W105 Videocassette, Louise Mandrell, trivia game, 1986


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