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A Guide to the Aubrey E. Skinner Papers, ca. 1834-1985

Descriptive Summary

Creator Skinner, Aubrey E.
Dates: ca. 1834-1985.
Abstract Aubrey E. Skinner, 1928-1985 was the librarian at the Mallet Chemistry Library at the University of Texas at Austin. Correspondence, creative works, maps, photographs, microfilm, and printed material 1834-1985 (8 ft. 9 in.) document his life and research interests, including Texas history and bibliography and history of the book.
OCLC Record No. 27120344
Extent 8 ft., 9 in.
Language English.
Repository The University of Texas at AustinDolph Briscoe Center for American History

Biographical Note

Born in Vernon, Texas, on March 19, 1928, Aubrey Eugene Skinner was the first son of Hosea Emmitt and Johnnie Vera (Barnes) Skinner. Growing up in Kilgore, Texas, Skinner graduated from Kilgore High School in 1945. He graduated a co-valedictorian from Kilgore Junior College, with an Associate of Arts degree in chemistry, May 1947. He completed his undergraduate education at North Texas State College, September 1948 through August 1951, with a Bachelor of Arts in library science. From September 1951 until his death on July 6, 1985, Skinner was employed as the librarian at the Mallet Chemistry Library at the University of Texas at Austin. He earned a Master of Library Science degree in 1977. In addition to his love of librarianship, his interests included rare books, fifteenth century printing, Texas library history, Texas local and regional history, Christian thought, and literature. He authored two published books: Rowena Country, 1973, and Texas Library History: A Bibliography, 1983; and edited Frank Kaiser's Reminiscences of a Texas Ranger, 1967. Skinner also wrote over thirty articles and reviewed books for scholarly journals.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, creative works, maps, photographs, microfilm, and printed material 1834-1985 (8 ft. 9 in.) document the life and research interests of Aubrey E. Skinner, 1928-1985. Skinner's personal papers, 1945-1985 (1 ft. 8 in.), bulk with creative works, 1945-1985 (1 ft. 3 in.), published and unpublished. Other records provide biographical material, 1945-1983 (.5 in.); correspondence, 1949-1984 (3 in.); and genealogical material, 1969-1976 (.5 in.). Included are correspondence dealing with The Handbook of Texas, and single letters from C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien. The largest records series, more than one half, deals with the history of Texas (4 ft. 7 in.). Individuals, communities, institutions and movements are documented. The second largest group is a subseries on the history of Texas libraries to 1940 (3 ft. 11 in.). A substantial group concerns bibliography and the history of the book (2 ft. 1 in.). Included are materials on incunabula, the Bible, the Gutenberg Bible, and the Book of Common Prayer. A single series relates to chemistry. Small bodies of material discuss the history of Austin (5 in.), and poetry and prose (5 in.), including the Blithdale Press productions and works of and by Ezra Pound. Skinner's original order including his file-level descriptions have been followed in the Texas history and the bibliography series. A new order was imposed on the personal papers and poetry and prose series.

Most material produced before 1900: Photocopies.



Records organized into six series: 1. Personal papers; 2. Texas history, organized into three subseries: a. General, b. Austin history, and c. Texas library history; 3. Bibliography and history of the book; 4. Poetry and prose; and 5. Chemistry; and 6. Photographs.


Arrangement within series 1 is by type; within series 2 through 5 it is alphabetical, except in subseries 2b, where it is by subject.
All other arrangement is chronological.


Access Restrictions

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Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Gutenberg, Johann, 1397?-1468--Bibliography.
Skinner, Aubrey--Archives.
Subjects (Organizations)
Episcopal Church. Book of common prayer (1790)
Episcopal Church. Book of common prayer (1928)
Blithedale Press (Austin, Tex.)
Church of England. Book of common prayer.
University of Texas. Department of Chemistry.
Austin (Tex.)--History.
Rowena (Tex.)
Runnels County (Tex.)

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Aubrey E. Skinner Papers, ca. 1488-1985, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Collection



2R353 Personal papers:
Biographical material, 1945-1983 and undated:
Confirmation certificate
Commencement announcement
High school memory book
Musical manuscript
Personnel evaluation
General, 1949-1984
Handbook of Texas, 1967-1984
Letters from the Journal of Chemical Education, 1979-1983
Genealogical material, 1969-1976 and undated:
Barnes, Fletcher, Longfellow and Skinner families
Notes on the English royal family
Printed material:
Works citing contributions by Skinner, 1961-1984
Articles, bookmarks, clippings, and receipt, 1945-1968
Creative works:
Unpublished manuscripts and typescripts, 1948-1985:
"Austin's First Author," 1985
"The Bridwell Library," 1975
"Carter Family Discography":
[I], [1970's]
[II], [1970's]
"Checklist of the Writings of J.R.R. Tolkien," undated
"A Chronology of Texas Library History", 1685-1900, 1983
"Count de Saligny, Bullock's Pigs, and the First State Bank of Rowena: An Unexpected Footnote to History," ca. 1968
"The Divine Popularizer," 1949
2R354 "Fifteenth Century Books in the University of Texas Library: A Second Census, with Annotations and an Essay," [1974]
"First Impressions: An Anthology of Descriptions of Austin, Texas, Before the Civil War," 1981
"The Hunting of the Snark: A Search for Special Libraries in Texas Before World War II," 1976
"Karl Blumberg Diaries," 1846 and undated
"The Mohawk Prayer Books: Some Random Notes," 1975
"Multi Mirabilia: A Sermon on the Kingship of Christ Preached by St. Thomas Aquinas," 1963
"The Poetry of A.E. Housman," 1948
"The Printed Word on the Southwestern Frontier: Books, Libraries and Printing in Texas Before Annexation," 1983
"Questiones Disputas: The Origins of Communion Under One Kind - A Catena of References," [1962?]
"Science in the Fifteenth Century: an Exhibition Catalogue," 1975
"Selected Epigrams, Chiefly Lewd and Obscene of Gaius Valerius Martialis," 1964 and 1965
"Six of One, Half a Dozen and No Tilley: Verses," 1978
"Some Notes on the Earliest Activities of the Texas State Library," 1984
"Texas Library History: An Overview," 1982
"A Thousand Lost Golf Balls: The Juvenila and Other Uncollected Poems and Verses of T.S. Eliot," 1965
"Translations of the Book of Common Prayer: A Checklist of Editions in Five Austin-area Collections," 1977
2R355 Published works: correspondence, galley proofs, invoices, news releases, publisher's agreements, reviews, and royalty statements, 1945-1984:
"Publications of A.E. Skinner," an index of complete bibliographic information for folders 2-135
Folders numbered:
2R356 77-135
2R357 Texas history
General: photocopied journal articles, thesis excerpts, typescript research notes, and publications, 1834-1983:
Classified files:
Adventures in Texas:
[I], 1845-1874
[II], 1863 and undated
Archive War, 1842-1981
Bacon, Sumner, 1967
Banks and banking, 1929-1963
Baptists, 1941
Birdsall, John, 1922
Books and reading, 1929-1981 and undated
Confederate textbooks, 1975
Copyrights - Patents, 1836-1936
Cushing, Edward Hopkins, 1922
DeBow's Review [I], 1846-1853
DeBow's Review [II], 1855-1868
De Cordova, Jacob, 1958
2R358 Education, 1902-1947
Food, 1883-[1983]
Galveston, 1924
Gammel, Hans Peter Nielsen, 1979
Historical records, 1907-1981
Laredo Archives, 1966
Manuscripts - Texas, 1971-1983
Maps - Texas, 1961-1979
Methodists, 1858
Muldoon, Father M., 1971
New Braunfels, 1927-1953
Newspapers [I], 1926-1969
Newspapers [II], 1884-1980
2R359 Printing in Texas, 1929-1983
Protestant schools, 1926-1937
Rogan, Edgar H., undated
San Antonio, 1937-1980
Shettles, E. L., 1941
Texas Almanac, 1967-1972
Texas bibliography, 1938-1983
Texas Germans - Bibliography, 1980
Texas laws [I], 1836-1973
Texas laws [II], 1975-1982
Texas miscellaneous, 1834-1962
Texas money, 1927-1968
Webb, Walter Prescott, 1963-1968
Microfilm Collection 831.25 Publication in German: "A Portrayal of the True History of the Mainzer Verein for the Emigration to Texas in a letter of 3 November 1846 by Carl Blumberg."
2.325/N23 Maps
2.325/B1 Rowena, Runnels County, history:
Correspondence, research materials, notes, and other documents, (unprocessed) 1966-1983
2.325/J82 Unprocessed materials
4Zf246 Typescripts, research materials, plat maps, and other documents, (unprocessed) ca. 1898-1966
4Zf247 1916-1938
4Zf248 1939-1965
4Zf249 1966-1973
2R360 Austin history: photocopies of articles, diaries, drawings, and maps; and typescript research notes, 1844-1979
Classified files:
The city, 1844-1979
The people, 1920-1977
The religion, 1883-1958
Clippings, 1912-1973 and undated
Theses, 1930-1966
2.325/N24-N27 Unprocessed materials.
2R361 Texas library history: photocopied journal articles, thesis excerpts, typescript research notes, and publications, 1859-1983
Classified files:
Abiline Christian College, 1949
Hardin-Simmons University, 1949
Abiline Public Library, 1907-1955
Allen, Winnie, 1976
Anderson. St. Paul's College, undated
Angelina County, 1937
Baker's Select School, undated
Blind School, undated
Burke's Reading Room, undated
Deaf School, undated
German-American Ladies College, undated
Austin Library Association, undated
Austin Lyceum, 1941-1979 and undated
Methodist Sunday School, undated
Austin Public Library, 1941-1976 and undated
State Armory, undated
State Hospital, undated
Supreme Court, 1956 and undated
Texas Military Institute, undated
Texas State Gazette Reading Room, undated
Texas State Library [I], 1932-1960
Texas State Library [II], 1966-1981 and undated
Texas State Military Institute, undated
Tillotson College, undated
Union Sunday School, undated
University of Texas at Austin:
[I], 1938-1976
[II], 1966-1982
2R362 University of Texas at Austin. History, 1887-1983 and undated
Bastrop Academy, undated
Bastrop Military Institute, undated
Bastrop Union Sunday School, undated
Beaumont. Tyrrell Public Library, undated
Mary Harden-Baylor University, undated.
Belton Public Library, 1929
Bethany. Union Sunday School, undated
Big Spring City Library, 1936
Blacks. Libraries, 1900-1943 and undated
Bookmobiles, 1945
Milam Masonic Female Institute, undated
Ringwood Female Seminary, undated
Blinn College, undated
Public Library, undated
Church Library, undated
St. Joseph's College, undated
Union Sunday School, undated
Bryan Public Library, 1952-1953 and undated
Burdett's Prairie. Union Sunday School, undated
Burgess, Richard F., 1945
Calvert German Casino, undated
Carnegie Libraries, 1959-1981 and undated
Castañeda, Carlos E., 1973-1980 and undated
Catholic Schools, 1966
Chappell Hill:
Chappell Hill Female College, undated
Chappell Hill Library, 1965
Joule University, undated
Clarksville, McKenzie College, 1929 and undated
Cleburne Public Library, 1929-1950
Clifton College, 1927
College Society Libraries, 1966
Columbia. Subscription Library & Library Association, undated
Columbus. Union Sunday School, undated
College Station. A & M College, 1950-1980
Commerce. East Texas State College, 1957
Connerly, Doris H., 1962
County Libraries, 1930
Cruger, Jacob W., 1956
Dabney, E. R., 1945
Civic Federation. Spence Memorial Library, undated
Dallas Female College, undated
First Baptist Church, undated
Dallas Public Library, 1923-1935, undated
Dallas "Public Library", undated
Denison Public Library, 1965
Denison "Public Library", undated
North Texas State University, undated
Denton Public Library, 1976
Texas Women's University, 1980
Dobie, J. Frank, 1951, 1957, and 1970
El Paso Public Library, 1936
2R363 Elliott, L. R., 1971
Estill, Julia, 1945
Evans, Charles, 1976
Fort Belknap, undated
Fort Brown, undated
Fort Clark, undated
Fort Concho, undated
Fort Davis, undated
Fort Elliot, undated
Fort Griffin, undated
Fort McKavett, undated
Fort Mason, undated
Fort Merrill, undated
Fort Phantom Hill, undated
Fort Quitman, undated
Fort Richardson, undated
Fort St. Louis, undated
Fort Worth:
Fort Worth Public Libraries, undated
Fort Worth Public Library, 1939-1965 and undated
Texas Christian University, 1947, undated
Franklin, Louise, 1967
Gainesville Public Library, 1920-1951 and undated
Galveston Free Library 1874-1881, undated
Galveston University, undated
Galveston Historical Society, undated
Galveston Mercantile Library 1870-1874, undated
Galveston Law Library Association, undated
Galveston Lyceum, undated
Galveston Public Library, undated
Galveston Reading Room (Public), undated
Rosenberg Library, 1918-1972
Texas Literary Depot and Reading Room, undated
Texas Medical College and Hospital, undated
University of St. Mary, undated
University of Texas - Medical Branch, 1944-1974
Ursuline Convent, undated
Young Men's Association, undated
Gay Hill. Live Oak Female Seminary, undated
General notes, 1973, undated
Southwestern University, undated
Union Sunday School, undated
Gladewater Public Library, 1978
Gonzales College, undated
Gonzales Union Sunday School, undated
Goree, Edwin Sue, 1961-1967
Grange Libraries, 1938
Gunter, Lillian, 1958-1973
Handbook of Texas Libraries
[I], 1902-1908
[II], 1916-1935
2R364 Handbook of Texas Libraries. (New edition), 1981
Hargrave, Helen, 1979
Harrison, Alice S., 1968
Henderson Male and Female College, undated
Houston Academy, undated
Houston Circulating Library [1839-], undated
Circulating Library [1843-], undated
Houston City Library (circulating), undated
Clark Seminary for Young Ladies, undated
Franklin Association, undated
Harris Country Law Library, 1942
Houston Circulating Library and Reading Room [1844-], undated
Houston Junior College, 1936
Houston Mechanics' Institute, undated
Houston Public Library [I], 1936-1940
Houston Public Library [II], 1941-1983
Rice University Library, undated
Houston Scientific Institute, undated
University of Houston, undated
Houston YMCA, undated
Andrew Female College, undated
Prison Library, undated
Sam Houston (State Normal School), undated
Ideson, Julia Bedford, 1946-1966
Indianola. Union Sunday School, undated
Jasper Joint Stock Circulating Library Association, undated
Jefferson Lyceum and Public Library Association, undated
Josselyn, Robert, 1886-1978, undated
Junior College Libraries, 1947
Kingsville. Texas A & I, 1958
La Grange. Union Sunday School, undated
Larissa College, undated
Lampasas Library Association, 1974
Librarians. Biography, 1960-1978 and undated
2R365 Libraries, 1859-1982 and undated
Library Laws, 1930-1980
E. C. Clark Library, 1928-1976
Union Sunday School, undated
Longview. Nicholson Library, 1956
Lubbock. Texas Tech, undated
Lufkin. Kurth Memorial Library, 1937-1976
Mansfield College, undated
Marshall News and Book Company, undated
Marshall. Wiley University, undated
Matagorda. Union Sunday School, undated
McCulloch County Library, 1925-1937
Medical libraries, 1936-1938
Midland Country Library, 1967
Milford. Texas Presbyterian College, 1939
Mineral Wells Public Library, 1953
Mission San Antonio de Valero, undated
Mound Prairie Institute. Aldelphi Library Society, undated
Mule Prairie. Union Sunday School, undated
Music libraries, undated
Nacadoches. Histrionic and Literary Society, undated
New Braunfels:
Lina Harms Circulating Library, undated
Methodist Sunday School, undated
New Braunfels Academy, 1928 and undated
Orange Public Library, 1948
Palestine Public Library, 1963
Paris. Lamar Female Seminary, undated
Patten, Francis Chauncy, 1966
Pecos Public Library, 1936
Pennington College, undated
Peoples' Library Movements, 1942
Philosophical Society of Texas, undated
Point Isabel. Union Sunday School, undated
Port Arthur. Gates Memorial Library, 1967 and undated
Port Lavaca. Union Sunday School, undated
Private libraries:
Austin, Stephen F., undated
Ballinger, William Pitt, 1936-1967
Bastrop, Baron de, undated
Burnet, David G., undated
Burritt, Elijah Hinsdale, 1936 and undated
Caldwell, undated
Cummings, Moses, undated
Durst, John, undated
Gray, William Fairfax, undated
Hemphill, John, undated
Houston, Sam, undated
Ingram, Ira, undated
Jones, Anson, undated
Kleberg, Robert Justus, undated
Lamar, Mirabeau B., undated
Miscellaneous, undated
Ogden, James M., undated
Palm, Swante, 1966-1967 and undated
Pease, Elisha M., undated
Pease Mansion Library, 1927
Pfeuffer, 1932
Robins, Joseph, 1938
2R366 Roeder, Ludwig Anton Siegmund von, undated
Rose, Pleasant W., undated
Rusk, Thoma J., undated
Smith, Ashbel, 1962-1966 and undated
Sterne, Adolphus, undated
Stewart, Charles B., undated
Unknown owner, undated
Wharton, William H., undated
Public libraries, 1937-1978
Raines, Cadwell Walton, 1972
Ranger Junior College, 1937
Ratchford, Fanny Elizabeth, 1951
Rio Grande City
Ringgold Barracks, undated
Union Sunday School, undated
Rocky Creek. Union Sunday School, undated
Rogan, Octavia Fry, 1954 and 1963
Roma. Union Sunday School, undated
Methodist Sunday School, undated
Rutersville College, undated
Texas Monumental and Military Institute, undated
Salado College, undated
San Antonio:
Alamo Literary Society, undated
Alamo Select School, undated
Bexar Bar Library Company, undated
Bryant (W. N.) Periodical Depot and Reading Room, undated
Gamble (P. S.) Rental Library, undated
German Reading Room, undated
San Antonio Junior College, 1933
San Antonio Public Library, 1940-1979 and undated
San Antonio "public libraries", undated
St. Mary's Institute, undated
St. Mary's University, undated
Trinity University, 1970 and 1977 and undated
Union Sunday School, undated
Ursuline Convent and Academy, undated
San Augustine Masonic Institute, undated
San Augustine University, undated
San Marcos:
Coronal Institute, undated
San Marcos Public Library, 1967
Southwest Texas State University, 1961 and undated
Savoy. Male and Female College, undated
Scheuber, Jennie Scott, 1968
Schnitzer, Jennie Scott, 1957
School libraries:
[I], 1914-1942
[II], 1947-1965 and undated
2R367 Seguin:
Guadalupe High School, undated
Methodist Sunday School, undated
Shelbyville. Circulating Library, undated
Sherman. Austin College, undated
Shoal Creek. Union Sunday School, undated
Special libraries, 1947 and 1951
Stephenville Public Library, 1937
Sullivan, Maud Durlin, 1944-1977
Sweetwater [Public Library], 1957
Taylor County, 1949
Taylor Public Library, 1962
Terminology, 1961
Terrell Public Library, undated
Texana. Methodist Sunday School, undated
Texas City. Moore Memorial Library, 1957
Texas Federation of Womens Clubs, 1938
Texas Library Association, 1944-1980
Theological libraries, 1963
Thorp Springs. Add-Ran College, undated
Bowdon Literary Society, undated
Carnegie Library, undated
Tyler University, undated
United States Christian Commission, 1868-1871 and undated
United States Library History, 1876-1976 and undated
Velasco. Bates' Regiment Library Association, undated
Nazareth Convent, undated
Union Sunday School, undated
Baylor University, 1964-1968 and undated
Waco Female College, undated
Waco Public Library, 1955
Waco University, undated
Marvin College, undated
Sims Library, 1975
Webb's Prairie. Union Sunday School, undated
Wellington High School, 1936
Wesley. Czechoslovak Reading Room, undated
West, Elizabeth Howard, 1965
Wharton. Union Sunday School, undated
Wichita Falls. Kemp Public Library, 1958 and 1965
Wilcox, Fannie Niles, undated
Winkler, Ernest William, 1962
WPA Library Project, 1976
Wrenn, John Henry, 1933
2.325/N13-N19 Unprocessed material
2.325/B1 Correspondence and notes (unprocessed)
2R367 Bibliography and the history of the book: photocopied journal articles, thesis excerpts, typescript research notes, and publications, ca.1488, 1743, 1843-1985:
Classified files:
Alice in Wonderland, 1936-1977
Bayeaux Tapestry, August 1966
2R368 Bible:
[I], 1890-1973
[II], 1881, 1952-1978
Bibliography, 1897, 1943-1979
The book, 1937-1979
The Book of Common Prayer:
[I], 1846-1981
[II], 1847-1970
2R369 [III], 1743, 1869-1975
[IV], 1864-78, 1901-1902, 1931-1976
British Library, 1971
Calendar, 1962
Caruso, Enrico, 1922, 1958 and 1974
Church Historical Society, 1973-1974
Dickens, Charles, 1945 and 1961
Early printing
[I], 1899, 1917, 1960-1975
[II], ca1488, 1931-1977
2R370 Eliot, T. S., 1951-1964
Faulkner, William, 1959 and 1971
Fifteenth Century Latin Bibles, 1891 and 1930
Grail, 1961
The Gutenberg Bible:
[I], 1794, 1891-1983
[II], 1897-1985
[III], 1870-1983
Incunabula, 1933-1975
Libraries, 1952-1979
McGuffey Readers, 1974
Magna Carta, 1980
Petty, Mary, 1953-1966
Printing presses, 1922-1984
Printing types, 1970
Pseudo. Biblia, 1975-1984
Rare books:
[I], 1965-1978
[II], 1967-1974
Rodgers, Jimmie, 1979
State publications, 1974
Streeter Collection, 1977
Terrell Gospels, 1937
2R372 Trollope, 1964
Writing, 1961-1977
2.325/N20-N22 Unprocessed materials
2R372 Poetry and prose, 1917-1981:
Blithedale Press:
List of printed poems [1965]:
Billings, Harold, 1961 and 1965
"Nuns Walking"
"The Christmas Road"
Donne, John, 1965
"Epithalamion: A Wedding Song Made by Master John Donne for the Marriage of William Thomas Hooper III and Joan Lea Bybee"
Hess, William H., 1965
"Spring Stroll in Princeton, Coming up from Lake Carnegie, Recently Iced"
Hooper, William Thomas, III, 1965
Skinner, Aubrey E., 1965
"You, Hart Crane"
Cocteau, Jean, 1950-1970
"Le Numero Barbette" and articles about Cocteau
Pound, Ezra, 1917-1981 and undated
Cantos 1-CXIV and articles written about Pound
2.325/V60 Oversize manuscript materials
2.325/N11-N12 Chemistry: Classified files (unprocessed)
3S44 Photographs
3/S127a Oversize photographs