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A Guide to the Allan Shivers Papers, 1949-1984

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Creator Shivers, Allan, 1907-1985
Dates: 1949-1984
Abstract: Correspondence, administrative files, and personal papers comprise the Allan Shivers Papers, 1949-1984, documenting Shivers’ political career and tenure on the Board of Regents of the University of Texas.
Accession No. AR: 85-112; 86-107; 94-041; 98-360; 2012-178
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Extent 32 ft., 9 in.
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Repository The University of Texas at Austin, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

Biographical Note

Governor Allan Shivers (1907–1985) was born in Lufkin, Texas, the son of Robert Andrew and Easter (Creasy) Shivers. After graduating from the University of Texas in 1931 with a B.A. degree, Shivers passed the state bar exam, and received his LL.B. degree in 1933. In 1934, at the age of 27, he was elected as a Democrat to the Texas state senate, the youngest member ever to sit in that body. Three years later, Shivers married Marialice Shary. He served in the United States Army during World War II, and after the war, was elected lieutenant governor of Texas. In the early 1950s, Shivers defended state claims to the Tidelands against the Truman administration, and as a result, he broke with the national Democratic Party and helped Republican nominee Dwight D. Eisenhower’s presidential campaign. In 1973, Shivers was appointed to a six-year term to the University of Texas Board of Regents, whereupon he served as chairman for four years.


Procter, Ben H."Shivers, Robert Allan."Handbook of Texas Online. Published by the Texas State Historical Association. Accessed October 12, 2011.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, administrative files, and personal papers comprise the Allan Shivers Papers, 1949-1984, documenting Shivers’ political career and tenure on the Board of Regents of the University of Texas. The bulk of the collection consists of Shivers’ UT administrative files and files belonging to Weldon Hart, who was the Chairman and Executive Director of the Texas Employment Commission in the 1950s. Correspondence relate to the establishment of the M. D. Anderson Hospital. Personal papers concern family finances, medical records, the Shivers Library and Museum, the “Woodlawn” mansion in Austin, golf tournaments, the Reagan-Bush campaigns, and well-known politicians such as Ann Richards, Lloyd Bentsen, J.J. Pickle, Ralph Yarborough and others. The collection also includes tape recordings of speeches made by Shivers and nine volumes of his bound speeches.


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Shivers, Allan
Hart, Weldon
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University of Texas
University of Texas Board of Regents
M. D. Anderson Hospital

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Allan Shivers Papers, 1949-1984, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Detailed Description of the Collection



2.325/A94(05298861) Correspondence:
May 1, 1956
University of Texas Board of Regents
2.325/C44(05305887) Statements on higher education, UT funds, etc.
Campus collage, "Counting UT's Blessings," September 20, 1976
Tom Law, term expires 1981
Williams, Dan C., term expires January 1981
Clippings, 1973-1979
Chairman, 1973-1975
Swearing in, commission
Regents, miscellaneous
Regents meetings, dates to note
General list of dates
Long range planning
Chairman, 1976-1979
Miscellaneous, 1980
Component institutions:
Texas A&M
UT Arlington
UT Dallas
UT Health Science Center, Dallas
UT El Paso
Marine Science Institute
University of Houston, Frank Erwin
UT Medical Branch, Galveston
Centennial Commission, 1982
Task Force V, "white paper"
UT Centennial Commission, September 24-25, 1982
UT Centennial Commission
UT Centennial Commission reunion, September 14, 1984
2.325/C66(05305876) Board of Visitors meeting, Houston, September 23, 1983
UT Cancer Foundation, Anderson Hospital
Correspondence regarding legislation to establish the M. D. Anderson Hospital, February 13-April 15, 1950
UT Cancer Center, Houston
Institute of Texan Cultures
North Texas State University
Pharmacy School
Sam Houston State University
Lutcher Center, UT San Antonio
UTSA Presidential Search Committee
Betty Anne Thedford, general
UT Health Science Center, San Antonio
UT Health Science Center, Tyler
Invitations, Regents' functions, UT related, etc.
Athletics department
UT College of Business Administration
UT School of Business
Cockrell Engineering Building
UT College of Communications
College of Fine Arts
UT libraries
Dolley, Dr. J. C., "Behind the Scenes During My Term as Vice-President of the University of Texas"
Ad Committee, Liberal Arts/Fine Arts Development Program, 1984
Flawn, Peter T., UT President
"The Eyes of Texas" (song), memorial to John Sinclair, composer Sven P. Helland
Faculty and staff, miscellaneous, 1976
System desegregation
UT HEW, Civil Rights Act
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health
UT Law School
LeMaistre, Dr. C. A., purchase of house in Houston
LeMaistre, Dr. C. A., Chancellor, general
UT College of Liberal Arts "Outstanding Alumnus Award" to Governor Shivers, 1981
Litigation, Bakke case
Yudof, Mark G., law school
UT McDonald Observatory at Mt. Locke, Advisory Council
Policies, UT Board of Regents
UT Health Science Center, Houston, commencement address, June 11, 1977
Video cassette (3/4 in.):
2.325/C67(05301751) Panel of governors for Eisenhower for president, including W. P. Hobby, Coke Stevenson, and Dan Moody, 1956
Allan Shivers speech supporting Eisenhower for president, 1956
"Youth Want to Know," NBC broadcast featuring Shivers, 1954
Panoramic photograph:
2.325/C67(05301751) "Grandmaster-Mansfield and Masons, Dedicating Peach Tree Village Hall," Tyler County, Texas, May 10, 1913
2.325/C67(05301751) "Shivers Speaks for Ike," 1956
"Panel of Texas Governors for Eisenhower," 1956
2.325/E467(05298737) Bound volumes of Shivers' speeches, Vols. 1-4, 1947-1955
Outwork, undated
Correspondence, 1955-1956
2.325/E468(05298828) Bound volumes of Shivers' speeches, Vols. 5-9, 1956-1969
2.325/D37c(05306540) Newspaper articles concerning 1960 Eisenhower campaign
M. D. Anderson portrait
Articles from Orlando Sentinel, Austin Statesman, Houston Press
Prints of UT Medical School, Ashbel Smith Building, John Sealy Hospital at Galveston
Scrapbook of press releases
Speeches by Shivers on Nixon campaign
Weldon Hart files:
86-107/1(05301140) To the Grand Lodge of Texas, Waco, Texas, December 2, 1953
Facts Forum, December 1, 1953
Historical Survey Committee, Austin, November 17, 1953
Round-Table on Federal-State Relations
Texas State Association of School Boards, Austin, October 9, 1953
Texas Commission on Higher Education, Senate Chamber, Austin, September 23, 1953
State Democratic Executive Committee, Mineral Wells, Texas, September 11, 1953
National Governors' Conference, Seattle, Washington; Austin, 1953
Amen Corner, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, April 11, 1953
National Conference on Christians and Jews, testimonial benefit dinner, March 12, 1953
Meeting of college heads, Austin, January 27, 1953
Inaugural address, Austin, January 20, 1953
Address of Governor Allan Shivers to Joint Session, 53rd Legislature, January 14, 1953
Traffic Safety Committee, October 30, 1952
Introductory remarks, general Dwight D. Eisenhower, San Antonio, October 14, 1952
Broadcast concerning Eisenhower, October 2, 1952
Annual meeting of Texas Committee for Employment of Physically Handicapped
Dedication of Graphic Arts Building, Sam Houston State Teachers College, September 23, 1952
State Democratic Convention, Amarillo, September 9, 1952
National Governor's Conference, opening session, Houston, June 30, 1952
Margie Neal Day ceremonies, Carthage, June 30, 1952
Dedication of Alvin Wirtz Dam, Marble Falls, June 15, 1952
State Democratic Convention
State Democratic Executive Committee, New Braunfels, April 18, 1952
Sigma Delta Chi, Dallas, Texas, April 14, 1952
American Cancer Society broadcast, April 2, 1952
Convention of Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, March 18, 1952
Citizens Advisory Conference on Education, March 10, 1952
Texas Liberty Network broadcast, State Highway Department Program, January 27, 1952
Governor Hogg remarks, University of Texas at Austin
American Petroleum Institute, Chicago, Illinois, November 8, 1951
Fort Belknap Centennial, Fort Belknap, November 3, 1951
County Judges and Commissioners Association, Corpus Christi, November 2, 1951
Presentation of Texas flag by 27th Fighter-Escort Wing, September 22, 1951
American Bar Association, Section on Mineral Law, New York, September 17, 1951
American Legion Convention, San Antonio, August 17, 1951
Texas State Federation of Labor, Galveston, June 26, 1951
Executives' Club of Chicago, December 11, 1953
Chamber of Commerce banquet, Bismarck, North Dakota, January 23, 1952
Introductory remarks, General MacArthur, Austin, June 13, 1951
TCU commencement exercise, Fort Worth, Texas, May 28, 1951
Drilling rate must be maintained, Santa Fe, April 27, 1951
Cancer Crusade radio address, Austin, TQN
Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, Dallas, March 12, 1951
Hobby dinner, February 28, 1951
American Association of School Administrators, Atlantic City, New Jersey, February 20, 1951
Inaugural address, Austin, January 16, 1951
Acceptance speech, Woodville, July 16, 1949
Remarks of speakers at Shivers appreciation dinner, Dallas, December 4, 1956
Shivers dinner, 1956
Budget, volunteers
Sales tax, 1961
Speech material, Texas general information
Texas Democrats for Nixon-Lodge
Speech material:
Population of Texas
Power, public and private
Texas politics:
"Third Party" movements, etc.
Primaries and conventions, 1960
By areas
Elections, laws, etc.
Campaign mechanics, etc.
Politics and business
Oil and Gas
Speech material:
Foreign aid and relations
Fiscal affairs of government
Federal aid
Electoral college reform
US Supreme Court
Commission and Socialism
Business and politics
Government in business
Bill Blakely, Senate races, 1958, 1961
21's Senate race
Senate race, 1961
Allan Shivers
21's file
Preston Smith
Social Security
State employees
State hospitals
States' rights
Supreme Court
Test ban
Texas economy
Trade with Russia
Trinity River navigation
Water and dams
State welfare
West Texas
Workmen's Compensation
Youth Council
Ralph Yarborough
Latin America
Legislative races
Jim Langdon
86-107/2(05301274) Loan Sharks
Medical insurance, etc.
Metric system
Money, U. S.
Motor vehicles
National economy
Oil and gas
Pickle for Congress
Political philosophies
Poll tax repeal
Problems of Texas
Redistricting, Congressional
Redistricting, Legislative
Republican presidential candidates
Republicans, Texas
Senate, 1966
Senate race, 1964
US Senate race, (Bentsen, etc.) 1964
Higher education
Education, public schools
CEDOT correspondence
City problems
Civil Rights
Conservatives and Liberals
Courts, system of selection
Criminal code
Democrats, Texas
Education, general
Education, junior college
Industrial development
Horse racing
Weldon Hart, correspondence
Governor's race, 1964
Billie Sol Estes
Foreign aid
Finance and taxes
Federal issues
Electoral College
Employment and unemployment
Federal funds, Texas
American system
Project "S," Business, Conservatism, Americans, Conventions, 1952-1960
Courts, U. S. Supreme
Women in politics
Veterans land scandal
Taxes, income
Taxes, state and local
Adlai Stevenson
State Departments
States' Rights
South, modern
States' rights, theory
Social Security
South, old
Shivers, political (biographical, politics prior to 1946
86-107/3(05301219) Reference and source books
Texas Rangers
Power, public and private
Presidential politics, since 1960
Presidential politics prior to 1952
Political issues since 1960
General party loyalty
General, Republican
General, Democrat
George Parr
Oil and gas
Civil rights
Latin America
Klu Klux Klan
Law enforcement, J. Edgar Hoover
Ideas and observations
Governors' conference
Governors of Texas:
Ross Sterling
Governor Daniel
Governors of Texas
Governors office, state governments
Governors office
Fiscal politics
Federal aid
Federal aid to local governments
Federal aid to states
Farm and Ranch
Billy Sol Estes
Employment security
Education, federal interest
Education, public education
Education, Higher
Courts, state
Democratic convention, Amarillo
Democratic Committee, 1952
Pre-Ike campaign, 1952
May convention, records, 1952
Ike, 1952
Insurance, miscellaneous
Potential appointees
Convention procedures, etc.
Earl Rudder
The Governor of Texas
Democratic County Chairman
County Judge
Legislators records
Legislature, 1952
May convention, congressional districts
Segregation, etc.
May Day, 1956
State government, background
Sales tax file
D. X. Bible banquet
A&M Century Council
Agin problems
Alamaya Productions
Bill A. Blakley
Business, Marsh oil deal
Waggoner Carr
Labor management
Legislature, 1957-1958, 1960-1961
Taxes, 1959
86-107/4(05301139) Half Moon reunion, 1958
Jack Gray, school board, 1958
Gas, City of Austin
Eisenhower for President, 1956
St. David's Church
Wade Spilman, July 19, 1960
TEC, special committee
Texas Research League
Tidelands, miscellaneous information
University of Texas
University of Texas Committee of 1975
U. S. Chamber of Commerce data
Speeches, 1957-1958
Speeches, Petroleum Landmen, 1958
Speeches, Dallas, October 15, 1958
Speeches, Austin Chamber of Commerce, 1959
Parkhouse dinner, April 30, 1959
Pipe Liners Club, Tulsa, May 19, 1959
Mortgage bankers speech, 1959
Dallas, speech, November 3
Huntsville Chamber of Commerce, January 12, 1960
Brazosport Chamber of Commerce, January 15, 1960
Speeches, Waco, March 14, 1960
Earl Rudder inaugural, March 26, 1960
Jim Wheat pageant, March 26, 1960
Speech, Austin Lions, March 31, 1960
Speech, Lufkin, April 12, 1960
Speech, Dallas, April 18, 1960
Tulsa, April 28, 1960
El Paso Kiwanis, May 25, 1960
TPA, Houston, June 18, 1960
Campaign speeches, 1960
Tuscon speech, November 11, 1960
Wealth of Texas
Politics organization
Politics, Texas parties, etc.
Sam Rayburn
Jerry Sadler
St. David's research
St. Stephen's School
Shady Acres
Shivers Enterprises
1952 results
1954 results
Votes, 1956
Land deal
Port Athur story
Times Publishing Company
Third term
Joe Cook,
21 book
McCullough Butler project
Presidential race, 1960
Frank Norton
Nixon-Lodge, 1960
Political survey
Politics, A. C. A.
Campaign specialties
Media, costs, etc.
Campaign organization study
Correspondence, Hart
Weldon Hart Trustee, 1960
Personal financial records
Hyde project
Speeches, Weldon Hart
Personnel problems
Hart, Inc.
Hobby reports
Insurance company
Kennedy-Johnson Committees
Jack Cox campaign, 1960
Cowboy Hall of Fame
Convention, Dallas, September 24, 1960
San Antonio, Democratic Convention, September 9, 1958
Politics, Daniels
Santa Fe Building
86-107/5(05301252) Bulletins, text of remarks by Tom Sealy, memos concerning sales tax
Book, "Growth and Prosperity without Inflation"
Mailing list for political and personal, 1957
Booklet, "The Political Climate in Texas," January 1964
Poll, 1964
Booklet "The Men who Led Texas"
"The Political Climate in Texas, January 1964"
Western pipeline annual report
Rep. Wayne Gibbens concerning the Pooling Bill
Booklet "Pre-Campaign Standings"
A Primer of Pipeline Construction
Chamber of Commerce of U. S.
Hart file, weekly
Sales tax, clippings
Langdon campaign
Weldon Hart file, miscellaneous
86-107/6a(05301230) Opponents of AS, lists, 1954
Historical Survey Committee, 1953-1954
County Chairmen, campaign, 1954
Managers, 1954
Politics, miscellaneous
Interstate Oil Compact Commission
Legislature, miscellaneous, 1956-1957
Railroad Commission, miscellaneous
State Democratic Executive Committee
Texas State Guard Reserve Corps
Delegates, miscellaneous, 1956
Fort Hood, miscellaneous
Governor, requests for photographs, biographical material
Education, miscellaneous
Education, Texas Conference on Education
Bankers' letters concerning Eisenhower campaign
Ballot, 1952
Campaign material
Campaign, general
Campaign, veterans
Campaign, TV
Speech material
Eisenhower, activities
Eisenhower, advertising
Students for Eisenhower
Campaign supplies
Radio and TV speeches, campaign, 1956
Eisenhower, schedules
Walter Reuther, TDFE, 1956
Radio and TV
Literature TDFE, campaign, 1956
Republican literature, campaign, 1956
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1956
Campaign, Negroes
Campaign, newspapers
86-107/6b(17576815) Press releases, campaign, 1956
Clemency correspondence
Certificates, miscellaneous
Correspondence, personal
Campaign, what to keep in mind
Campaign, DEVINE
Election results, 1952
Francis, W. H.
Form letters, TDFE campaign, 1956
Congressional list
Education, Commission on Higher Education
86-107/7(05301161) Magnetic tapes:
W. Lee O'Daniel speech for television
At Southwest Texas, October 26
Booklets, "Attitudes of Texas Voters," compiled by Belden
Associates Marketing Research in 1956 Presidential race
Texas Legislative Service, daily house reports, 1965
Texas Almanac, 1964-1965
Weldon Hart's bank statements, personal papers, paid bills
Television fact book, 1956
Oil Directory of Texas and Production Survey, 1965
Editor and Publisher International Year Book, 1961
Availability for Work
The Federal Reserve Corporation
The Book Blue of John Birch Society
Press releases, correspondence, 1949-1956
Packets of letters from J. Earl Rudder
Scrapbook with newspaper clippings concerning politics
86-107/8(05301263) Gutenberg Bible, miscellaneous files
Brochure, "Balcones Research Center, Balcones Institute for Research and Development"
UT Law School Foundation, Bryant Smith Chair
J. Marion West Chair for Constructive Capitalism
Welch Foundation Chairs
Walter Prescott Chair, per C. B. Smith
Walker, E. D.
Umlauf, Charles, Endowment Fund
Texas Memorial Museum
Endowments for Science and Engineering Departments, 1984
Statement to Education Committees Texas Constitutional Convention on behalf of Regents, UT system, January 28, 1974
Harry Ransom Memorial Rare Book Fund
Copies of speeches given by Allan Shiver:
Distinguished Alums Dinner, October 19, 1962
"Keeping the Safety Tread on Social Security," September 25, 1967
"How Much Can we Manage?," October 9, 1967
"Let's Cool It," October 17, 1967
"Do we Need More Rights or Fewer Wrongs?," October 26, 1967
"Local Government to Grow by," July 31, 1967
"Free Enterprise on Trial," December 12, 1967
"We'd Better Cool off the Crime Wave," October 17, 1967
"Brother, You May be Next!" December 6, 1967
"Friends in Progress," November 8, 1967
"Boom Tides Ahead When Labor Grows Up," October 31, 1967
"Growth with Quality," February 9, 1968
"Progress Without a Stampede," March 14, 1968
"It's Everybody's Dollar," May 13, 1968
"You're the Doctor," March 11, 1968
"There's a Cure for it all," February 5, 1968
"Can't We Ever Say `No'?" January 26, 1968
McAllen Law School Foundation, May 8, 1981
Minutes, Board of Regents of UT, January 6, 1979, and February 7-9, 1979
Allan Shivers:
86-107/9(05301150) Typed cards of Allan Shivers' remarks and articles out of newspapers and magazines concerning Allan Shivers
86-107/10(05301241) Typed cards of Allan Shivers' remarks and articles out of newspapers and magazines concerning Allan Shivers
86-107/11(05301220) Banks, Jimmy, articles about Allan Shivers, 1956
Bentsen, Lloyd, Jr., 1981
Briscoe, Dolph, Governor of Texas, 1972
Bullock, Bob, State Comptroller, Tax bill, etc.
George Bush, Congressman, 1970
Clements, Governor William P., Jr., 1978-1983
Governor Clements campaign, 1982
Congress of the United States
Connally, John, beginning 1973
Daniel, Price, Sr.
Doggett, Lloyd, 1983
Judge Will Garwood, Supreme Court race, 1980
Johnson, Lyndon B., Friends of LBJ, LBJ Foundation
Longsworth, John, re-election of U.S. Supreme Court Judges
M. D. Anderson, A. M. Aikin, Jr., Chair at hospital
Right to Work Committee, 1984
Sanders, Lavinia, propose sale to UT
Shivers, Allan, Commission as Admirl in Texas Navy
Smith, Preston, 1977
Speeches, miscellaneous, 1957
Texans for Reagan, 1984
Texas Constitution Revision, 1976
Texas Daily Newspaper Association
Senator John Tower, 1979
University of Texas building program, athletic, 1984
UT Longhorn Club, miscellaneous
UT, MDA Board of Visitors
Distinguished Alumnus, 1982-1983
UT Friar Association
UT Half-Century Longhorns Reunion, 1981
UT Interscholastic League
UT Ex-Student Association
UT Omicron Delta Kappa, 21 honorary member, October 1973
White, Mark, campaign, 1982
86-107/12(05301208) Secretary appointment books, 1949-1983
Audio and Photographic Materials:
(At Sid Richardson Hall)
2.325/S Phonodisc, "The Testing Times," recorded by Paul Harvey, Wood Manufacturing, Inc., Waco, Texas, October 16, 1960
Miscellaneous phonodiscs
2/Film E128 Film, "Placid Affair"
3W96b DVD: “The Port Arthur Story,” television campaign ad in the Shivers-Yarborough primary, 1954