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Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants (C.U.R.E.) Records, ca. 1947, 1972-2014

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Creator: Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants (C.U.R.E.)
Title: Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants (C.U.R.E.) Records
Dates: ca. 1947, 1972-2014
Abstract: Correspondence, newsletters, legal material, videotapes, photographs, and printed material comprise the Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants (C.U.R.E.) Records, ca. 1947, 1972-2014, documenting the work of the organization at the international, national, and state levels.
Accession Nos.: 94-206; 94-262, 97-025; 97-028; 97-039; 97-096; 97-133; 97-222; 97-354; 98-343; 99-029; 2000-003; 2001-010; 2003-030; 2005-045; 2007-018; 2009-014; 2011-068; 2013-033; 2015-009
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Extent: 17 ft.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants (C.U.R.E.) was founded in 1972 by Charles and Pauline Sullivan in San Antonio, Texas as a membership organization of families of prisoners, prisoners, former prisoners, and other concerned citizens who work to reduce crime through criminal justice reform. In 1985, the Sullivans moved their headquarters to Washington D.C. and established National C.U.R.E. There is currently a C.U.R.E. chapter in almost every state.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, newsletters, legal material, videotapes, photographs, and printed material comprise the Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants (C.U.R.E.) Records, ca. 1947, 1972-2014, documenting the work of the organization at the international, national, and state levels. Correspondence and printed material is arranged into state chapters and subject matter. Videotapes, including a U-matic videotape, record board meetings, rallies, public events, and television programs.


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Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Sullivan, Charles.
Sullivan, Pauline.
Weaver, Donald H.
Subjects (Organizations)
Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants.
Criminal justice, Administration of -- United States.
Criminals -- Rehabilitation -- United States.
Grievance procedures for prisoners.
Legal assistance to prisoners.
Prison reformers.
Prisoners -- Education.
Prisoners -- Correspondence.
Prisoners -- Civil Rights.
Punishment -- United States.
Civil commitment of sex offenders -- United States.

Related Material

Lawrence C. Pope Collection, 1961-1989, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

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Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants (C.U.R.E.) Records, ca. 1947, 1972-2014, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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At the Library Storage Facility:

2.325/A23 (05226984) Washington chapter, 1989-1992
West Virginia chapter, 1990-1993
Wisconsin chapter, 1990-1994
Wyoming chapter, 1990-1994
Correspondence received, February-June, 1994
Constitutional amendment, 1988-1990
Seminars, 1986-1990
South Carolina chapter, 1988-1990
Michigan chapter, 1990-1991
National C. U. R. E. newsletters and brochures, 1986-1994
General correspondence, newspaper clippings, printed material, 1986-1994
Selected Aspects of Welfare Reform, Committee on Ways and Means, serial 103-29, March 30, 1993
Targeted Jobs Tax Credits, Committee on Ways and Means, serial 101-51, June 6, 1989
2.325/A24 (05227003) C. U. R. E. - E. N. O. U. G. H. (Everyone Needs Opportunity, Understanding, Guidance, and Hope), 1992-1994
Federal Prison chapter, 1991-1994
C. U. R. E. - H. O. P. E. (Help Our Prisoners Exist), 1984
C. U. R. E. - I. A. (Incarcerated Aliens), 1994
Life-Long C. U. R. E., "Lifers" in prison, 1992-1994
C. U. R. E. - S. O. R. T. (Sex Offenders Restored through Treatment), 1989-1994
C. U. R. E. for Veterans, 1991-1994
Texas chapter, 1972-1994
National chapter, 1988-1992
2.325/A25 (05226995) State chapters, 1986-1994
Texans Against State Killing flyers, 1991
97-025/1 (05087968) Charles Sullivan, Washington Office files, 1993-1996:
Accreditation - Inmate Telephone
97-025/2 (05083912) International - Mississippi
97-025/3 (05087957) Missouri - Wyoming
97-028/1 (05087946) Donald H. Weaver files:
P[rison] C[ommittee] R[ecommendation] case, legal documents, 1975
Prison Committee Recommendation case, correspondence, legal documents and notes, 1973-1975
Correspondence regarding medical history, 1967-1968
Lists, 1971-1975
Good time case, legal documents, 1972-1975
Prison Committee Recommendation and P[oint] I[ncentive] P[rogram] case, civil, 1975
Legal documents, research, 1971-1975
In Forma Pauperis forms, North Carolina legal brief, 1975 and undated
Good time case, [also Writ Habeas Corpus, personal papers], 1974
Writ of Habeas Corpus, good time case, 1970-1975
Criminal, [suit TY-76-116-CA, and 72-H-749], 1972-1976
Zavala, 1958-1973 and undated
Bexar, 1958-1976 and undated
Civil, 1975-1977
Cause No. 72-3113, denied October 9, 1974, 1971-1974
Legal correspondence, 1971-1975
The Jailhouse Lawyer's Manual, 1973
Legal research, 1973
Legal correspondence and notes, 1967-1970
Keough's files, legal aid instruments, Bexar-criminal, Zavala-Criminal, 1958-1972 and undated
Zavala county, 1970-1973
Bexar, criminal, challenge to grand jury, 1975-1977
Legal research, 1970-1972
Legal documents, research, 1955-1970
Ward, Hutchinson, 1955-1971 and undated
Research notes, undated
Ward, Hutchinson, Midland, Odessa, civil, 1955-1972
Bexar, 1971-1975
Bexar, Zavala, 1975-1976
Zavala, criminal, 1958-1961
Correspondence and legal documents, 1968-1976 and undated
Legal publications, 1969-1974
97-028/2 (05083934) Donald H. Weaver files:
Federal Rules of Civil and Appellate Procedure, 1970
Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, 1969
Conviction transcript, volume one, 1971
Conviction transcript, volume two, 1971
Cause No. 72-2208, Zavala county, 1967-1972
Contra Costa County [California] Alternatives to Incarceration Committee, 1976-1977
Don Taylor eulogy, January 20, 1997
National newsletter, Holiday appeal, 1996
2001-010/1 (08634717) State chapters, 1999-2000:
2001-010/2 (08634728) South Carolina-Wyoming
Issues and issue chapters, 1999-2000:
American Correctional Association and Colorado caucus
Americans with Disabilities Act
Alan Pogue's photograph exhibit, "Looking in the Mirror: Society Behind Bars"
Capacity for C.U.R.E.
Church in criminal justice
Control unit prisons
Correctional education
Correctional health
2001-010/3 (08634739) Death penalty
Deaths for the convention
Drug treatment
Enough, the ex-offender issue chapter of C.U.R.E.
Federal C.U.R.E.
Furnishing Incarcerated Noncitizens with Direction (F.I.N.D.-C.U.R.E.)
Help Our Prisoners Exist (H.E.L.P.-C.U.R.E.)
Inmate phones
Lifelong C.U.R.E.
Private family visits
Restrictions (voting)
Sex Offenders restored through Treatment (S.O.R.T.-C.U.R.E.)
Women in prison
2005-045/1 State files, Alabama-West Virginia, 2004
Federal CURE, 2002-2003
National Death Row Assistance Network of CURE, 2003-2004
Sex Offenders Restored thru Treatment (SORT)
Equitable Telephone Charges (ETC), 2000-2003
For Whom the Bell Tolls, 2000-2003
National CURE, 2003-2004


At Sid Richardson Hall:

3S358 Photographs:
Prisons, by Alan Pogue, (copyright restrictions) ca. 1947, 1978-1985
Mickey Leland, Charles and Pauline Sullivan, undated
Photo of meeting from Virginia chapter, undated
Joint committee staff: (left to right) Debbie Parchman, Barbara DiFerrante, Paul Keeper, Esther Chavez, James Gibson, Debbie Korkmas, Val Mendoza, John Albach, [1974]
2.325/C114 Newsletters, 1995-1999
Alabama, 1997-1998
Arkansas, 1998 and undated
Arizona, 1997-1998
California, 1997-1998 and undated
Connecticut, 1994-1998 and undated
Colorado, 1993-1999
Washington D.C., 1993-1998 and undated
Delaware, 1994-1998
E.N.O.U.G.H. [Everyone Needs Opportunity Understanding, Guidance, and Hope], 1993-1999
Fed[eral] ch[apter?], 1996-1998
F.I.N.D. [Furnishing Incarcerated Noncitizens with Direction] - C.U.R.E., 1998 and undated
Florida, 1996-1997 and undated
Georgia, 1997-1998 and undated
H.O.P.E. [Help Our Prisoners Exist], 1997-1998 and undated
Idaho, 1997 and undated
Illinois, 1996-1997 and undated
Indiana, 1995-1998 and undated
Kansas, 1993-1998 and undated
Life-Long, 1991-1998 and undated
Kentucky, 1997-1998 and undated
Louisiana, 1996-1998 and undated
Massachusetts, 1997-1998
Maryland, 1995-1998 and undated
Maine, 1997-1998 and undated
Michigan, 1993-1998 and undated
Minnesota, 1998 and undated
Missouri, 1994-1998 and undated
Mississippi, 1993-1998 and undated
Montana, 1998 and undated
National C.U.R.E., 1985-1986, 1997-1998 and undated
National C.U.R.E. Newsletters, 1996-1997 and undated
North Carolina, 1996-1998 and undated
North Dakota, 1995-1998
Nebraska, 1995-1997 and undated
New Hampshire, 1997-1999
New Jersey, 1992-1998 and undated
Nevada, 1996-1998 and undated
New York, 1996-1998 and undated
Ohio, 1987-1998 and undated
2.325/C115 Ohio, 1987-1998 and undated
Oklahoma, 1997-1998 and undated
Oregon, 1996-1998 and undated
Pennsylvania, 1997-1999 and undated
Rhode Island, 1998
South Carolina, 1995-1997 and undated
South Dakota, 1998
S.O.R.T. [Sex Offenders restored through Treatment], 1996-1998 and undated
Tennessee, 1995-1998 and undated
Texas, 1995-1999 and undated
Utah, 1996-1998 and undated
Virginia, 1996-1999 and undated
Vermont, 1997-1998 and undated
Washington, 1997-1998 and undated
Wisconsin, 1995-1998 and undated
Wyoming, 1997-1998 and undated
Accreditation, 1998 and undated
A.D.A. [American's with Disabilities Act], 1995-1998 and undated
Bonding, 1997-1998 and undated
Correctional education, 1994-1997 and undated
Correctional health, 1998
Convention, 1993-1997 and undated
Deaths in custody, 1995
Inmate phones, 1993-1998 and undated
Internat[ional], undated
Interstate Corrections Compact, 1986-1994 and undated
Johnson, Dan, 1988-1998 and undated
Open society, 1996
Private family visits, 1992-1995
Prison grants, 1994-1998
Restrictions (voting), 1980-1998 and undated
Vets, 1991-1998 and undated
Victims, 1997
Wellstone amendment, 1998 and undated
Work in prison, 1995-1998
2.325/A77c Final Report of the Joint Committee on Prison Reform, 63rd Legislature, December 1974
Report of the Citizens Advisory Committee to the Joint Committee on Prison Reform, 63rd Legislature, December 1974
Draft of the Final Report of the Joint Committee on Prison Reform
Excerpts from the Final Report of the Joint Committee on Prison Reform, 63rd Legislature
Texas Observer issues with articles about the Texas Department of Corrections:
"Coddling Criminals Texas Style," July 7, 1972
"Carrasco Questions," September 6, 1974
"Inside Prison," September 22, 1978
Nomination of Charles and Pauline Sullivan for the Junior M. Ator Legal Improvement Award, October 30, 1978
CURE special mailing, March 7, 1978
"Couple core of prison reform lobby," Houston Post, February 27, 1977
4Ae94 Utah chapter, 2000-2001
Virginia chapter, 1999-2002
Vermont chapter, 1997-1998, 2000-2002
Washington chapter, 2001
Wisconsin chapter, 2001-2002
Issue Chapters:
Capacity for Cure
Control Units
Commemorates and Corrections
Corrections and Health
Death Penalty
Deaths in Custody
Media Access
Private Prisons
Restorative Justice
Women Prisoners
4Ae95 Office files on international subjects, arranged by country or subject, 1997-2002
Armenia, 2000
Argentina, 2000-2002
Australia, 2000-2001
Bangladesh, 2000-2002
Belgium, 2000-2001
Benin, 2001
Brazil, 2000-2001
Burundi, 2001
Cameroon, 2001
Canada, 1998-1999, 2001-2002
CAT, 2000
CERD, 2000
Conference, 2000-2001
Conference past mailing, 1999, 2001
Denmark, 1999-2001
England, 2000-2001
Ethiopia, 2000-2001
Foundations, 2000-2001
France, 2000-2001
Germany, 2000-2001
Guinea, 2001
India, 2000-2002
Iran, 2001
Ireland, 2000-2002
Japan, 1998, 2001-2002
Letters on Conference, 1997, 1999=2001
Liberia, 2001-2002
Malawi, 2000-2001
Mural, 2001-2002
My Thinking, 1998-1999
Netherlands, 1998, 2000-2001
Nigeria, 2001
Norway, 2001
Peru, 2000-2001
Philippines, 2000-2001
RDC, 2001-2002
Report Card, 2001
Russia, 2000-2001
Senegal, 2001
South Africa, 2000-2001
Switzerland, 2001-2002
Travel Fund, 2001
UN (United Nations) voting, 1998-2000, 2002
USA, 2000-2001
West Indies, 2002
Zimbabwe, 1998, 2000, 2002
Newsletters, 2000-2002
4Ae96 Office files on national subjects, arranged by state, 1995-2002
Alabama, 2001
Alaska, 2001-2002
Arkansas, 1998, 2002
Arizona, 1998, 2001
California, 2000-2002, undated
Colorado, 2001-2002
Connecticut, 1995-1996, 2001, undated
Colorado, 2001-2002
Washington D.C., 1997-1998,
Delaware, 2001-2002
Florida, 2000
Georgia, 2001
Iowa, 2000-2002
Idaho, 2000-2001
Illinois, 2000-2001
Indiana, 2000-2001
Kansas, 1998, 2001-2002
Kentucky, 2000-2001
Louisiana, 1998, 2000, 2002
Massachusetts, 1999-2001
Maryland, 2001-2002
Maine, 2001
Mississippi, 1999, 2001-2002
Minnesota, 2001
Missouri, 2000-2002
Montana, 2001-2002
North Carolina, 2000-2002
North Dakota, undated
Nebraska, 2001-2002
New Mexico, 2001
Nevada, 2001
New York, 1999-2002
Ohio, 2000-2002
Oklahoma, 2000-2002
Oregon, 2001-2002
Pennsylvania, 2000-2002
Rhode Island, 2001
South Carolina, 1999, 2001-2002
South Dakota, 2001-2002
Tennessee 2000-2001
Texas, 2001-2002
4M815 [2007-018]: Office files of CURE Executive Director Charles S. Sullivan, including correspondence and related material, arranged alphabetically, 2004-2006
2.325/P15 [2009-014]: Office files of CURE Executive Director Charles S. Sullivan, including correspondence, newsletters, news releases, minutes, news clippings, and legal documents, 2004-2008
Washington, D.C.
New York
Federal CURE
National Death Row Assistance Network (NDRAN)
Sex Offenders Restored Through Treatment (SORT)
Campaign against [Gustavus] Purvyear and CCA
“Dignity of the Individual,” 1st and 2nd editions
Equitable Telephone Charges (ETC) Campaign
International CURE:
Board Meetings
Rape in Prison – CURE’s Campaign
Testimony to Congressional Committees
Trip to Africa
4ZF18 [2011-068]: Videotapes
4ZF19 Correspondence and printed material, 2008-2010
District of Columbia
New Jersey
New Mexico
North Carolina
New York
South Carolina
South Dakota
"Texas Tough"
Conference in Nigeria
4Ja11 [2013-033]: Correspondence, written accounts, surveys, reports, financial documents, legal documents, news clippings, newsletters, one CD labeled “Civil Commitment Newsletter Correspondence,” and other printed material related to the publishing of the first four issues of CURE National’s Civil Commitment Newsletter, 2009-2012
Civil Commitment Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 1, 2009-2012
Civil Commitment Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 2, 2012
Civil Commitment Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 3, 2012
Civil Commitment Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 4, 2012
4Ja12 Civil Commitment Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 4, 2012
Office files containing correspondence, written accounts, reports, minutes, news clippings, newsletters, pamphlets, two DVDs titled “CURE Nigeria 2011, Alan Pogue,” and other printed material, organized by subject or location, 2006-2013
Alaska (AK), 2011-2012
Alabama (AL), 2008-2012
Arizona (AZ), 2011
Colorado (CO), 2007-2012
Delaware (DE), 2009-2012
District of Columbia (DC), 2008-2012
Iowa (IA), 2010-2012
Florida (FL), 2008-2011
Indiana (IN), 2009-2012
Louisiana (LA), 2010-2012
Maryland (MD), 2010-2012
Michigan (MI), 2010-2012
Missouri (MO), 2010-2012
North Carolina (NC), 2011
Nebraska (NE), 2011-2012
Nevada (NV), 2011-2012
New York (NY), 2011-2012
Ohio (OH), 2009-2012
Oklahoma (OK), 2011-2012
Oregon (OR), 2011-2012
Pennsylvania (PA), 2011-2012
Texas (TX), 2006-2012
Virginia (VA), 2010-2012
Vermont (VT), 2007-2012
Washington (WA), 2011-2012
Federal CURE, 2006-2012
LifeLong, 2007-2012
National Death Row Assistance Network (NDRAN), 2011-2012
Sex Offenders Restored Through Treatment (SORT), 2009-2012
National Newsletter, 2010-2012
International Newsletter, 2010-2012
Ghana, 2009-2012
African Chad, 2006-2010
Nigeria, 2007-2012
4Ja11 The Economics of Inmate Labor Force Participation, from a panel discussion held at the Center on Crime, Communities, and Culture, of the Open Society Institute at George Washington University, 1999
Introductory Remarks (Chapter 1)
Ray Marshall (Chapter 2)
Richard Freeman (Chapter 3)
Alan Krueger/Jeff Kling (Chapter 4)
Steven Levitt (Chapter 5)
Panel Remarks (Chapter 6)
Group Sessions (Chapter 7)
4Zd2 [Accession 2015-009]
State Chapter records containing correspondence, reports, news clippings, newsletters, pamphlets and other printed material, organized by location
Alabama, 2012-2014
Alaska, 2013
Arkansas, 2013-2014
California, 2011-2014
Colorado, 2013-2014
Delaware, 2013
Illinois, 2010-2014
Indiana, 2009-2014
Iowa, 2010-2013
Kansas, 2009-2014
Kentucky, 2011-2014
Louisiana, 2002-2014
Maryland, 2012-2014
Massachusetts, 2012-2014
Michigan, 2012-2014
Missouri, 2012-2014
Nevada, 2012-2014
New York, 2011-2013
Ohio, 2008-2014
Oklahoma, 2011-2014
Oregon, 2009-2014
Texas, 2011-2014
Virginia, 2009-2014
Washington, D.C., 2005-2014
Danbury and FedCURE, 2013-2014
CURE Life-long, 2013-2014
CURE-SORT, 2012-2014
USA-CURE, 2013-2014
International CURE, 2013-2014
4La33 DVDs
CURE Sixth International Conference Human Rights and Justice Reform, March 6, 2014
Music from the Big House, 2012
Michael Jewell and Josh Gravens speak at the Dallas College of Complexes, February 1, 2014
VHS of Presumed Guilty: The Hayward Lawson Story, 1994