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A Guide to the Huey P. Meaux Papers, 1940-1994

Descriptive Summary

Creator Meaux, Huey P.
Title Huey P. Meaux Papers
Dates: 1940-1994
Abstract The Huey P. Meaux Collection contains business and personal papers, including notebooks, telephone records, correspondence, songbooks and music sheets, manuscripts, studio schedules and invoices, artist contracts, tour information, daybooks, music industry magazines and clippings, promotional materials, tax records, photographs, statistical data for the Spirit of Memphis, Peacock Records materials, including ledgers, Crazy Cajun materials, as well as materials relating to Freddy Fender, including documents regarding Meaux vs. Fender.
Accession No. 87-068; 96-384
Extent 120 ft.
Language Materials are written in English.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Raised in a shotgun shack on the prairie outside Kaplan, Louisiana, Huey P. Meaux (b. 1929) grew up speaking French and listening to his father play the accordion. About 1931, the family moved to a tiny Texas town called Winnie between Houston and Beaumont. After high school, Meaux served two years in Germany with the U. S. Army and entered Modern Barber College in Houston after his return to the states. Meaux had played music with his relatives and friends throughout his life and began producing while a hairdresser and hosting a radio show on Port Arthur's KPAC on which he took up the moniker "the Crazy Cajun." Meaux quickly became a power player in the Houston music scene and founded Sugar Hill Studio in 1971. During his career Meaux worked with a wide range of artists, including Joe Barry, Johnny Winter, Frog Man Henry, B. J. Thomas, Freddy Fender, Barbara Lynn, and Doug Sahm. Meaux's success also had a darker side, including drug abuse and several jail sentences as a convicted sex offender. Meaux passed away in 2011.


McVicker, Steve. "Wasted Days, Wasted Lives (Part 1)." Houston Press, February 22, 1996.

Scope and Contents

The Huey P. Meaux Collection contains business and personal papers, including notebooks, telephone records, correspondence, songbooks and music sheets, manuscripts, studio schedules and invoices, artist contracts, tour information, daybooks, music industry magazines and clippings, promotional materials, tax records, photographs, statistical data for the Spirit of Memphis, Peacock Records materials, including ledgers, Crazy Cajun materials, as well as materials relating to Freddy Fender, including documents regarding Meaux vs. Fender.


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Unrestricted access.

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Subjects (Persons)
Meaux, Huey P., 1929-2011 -- Archives
Fender, Freddy, 1937-2006
Subjects (Organizations)
Crazy Cajun Records
Duke Records
Gold Star Recording Company
Peacock Records, Inc.
Sugar Hill Recording Studios
Music -- Texas -- Houston -- History 20th century
Music publicity -- Texas -- History -- 20th century
Music trade -- Texas -- History -- 20th century
Sound recording industry -- Texas -- History -- 20th
Texas -- History -- 20th century

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Huey Meaux Papers, 1940-1994, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

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This collection was processed by Archives Staff, 2001. Subsequent revisions by Amanda Reyes, December 2015.

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96-384/1 (06193541) Stenographer's notebooks (shorthand notes)
Phone message logs, 1964-1967
Advertising agency correspondence, 1967-1968
96-384/2 (06193483) General correspondence, 1965-1966
Artist submissions (cassettes), 1971
Phone message log, 1977
Invoices, 1978
96-384/3 (06193712) Correspondence, accounts payable, 1961
Bank statements, April - August, 1977-1978
Invoices for Paid Bills, April - August, 1977-1978
Ashton Venture bank statements, 1978-1980
Cash receipts, 1977-1978
Music and financial correspondence, sent and received, 1960; 1972-1975
96-384/4 (06193304) Clippings, printed promotional material
Lyric sheets, demonstration records (2)
Huey Meaux business cards
96-384/5 (06193767) Songbooks
Talent directories
Cavalcade of Acts and Attractions, 1976-1978
Billboard Buyer's Guides, 1976-1978
Music industry magazines, publications
96-384/6 (06193530) 96-384/6
Studio equipment advertisements
Publicity material
96-384/7 (06193280) Construction blueprints, materials advertisements
Real estate correspondence
Artist correspondence, submissions, 1979-1980
Lyrics, records, cassette submissions
Popular and music industry magazines, 1977-1980
96-384/8 (06193257) Phone message log, 1984
Bills payable, 1984
Songbooks, 1970-1980
Recording Supply catalog
Popular and music industry magazines, 1967-1976
96-384/9 (06193778) Sonbooks, 1970-1980
96-384/10 (06193519) Promotional materials
Contracts, forms
Freddy Fender William Morris contract
Music industry magazines
Check stubs, 1962
96-384/11 (06193381) Correspondence, 1973; 1975; 1983
Notes, clippings
Financial records
Bills payable, receipts
Receipts, canceled checks, 1960; 1966
Recording Service Studios, Inc., invoices, 1965-1966
Sugar Hill Studio recording session reports, 1973
Crazy Cajun notes, receipts, 1960
Vandalarm Systems, Inc. financial records, bills payable, 1963-1964
Olivetti Underwood typewriter service manual
Correspondence, 1968
J. L. Patterson, Jr. personal accounts, 1966
P & G Products bank statements, 1963-1964
Century Custom Recording Co., deposits, 1963-1964
Job sheet forms, expenses
Radio station music format study report
The Cork Cub, ca. 1967-1971:
Liquor orders
Equipment manuals
Gold Star Recording Company corporation income taxes, 1957-1968
Gold Star Recording Company misc. tax forms and papers, 1965-1969
Gold Star Recording Company corporation franchise taxes, 1958-1969
Phone message log, January-March, 1970
Gold Star Recording Co. bills payable, bank statements, 1969
William Morris Agency, authorization papers for representation of "The Bubble Puppy", 1969
96-384/12 (06193290) Miscellaneous notes
Product catalog, Best Electronics Windings
Sugar Hill receivables A-Z, 1989
Sugar Hill daily report ledger, 1990-1991
Sugar Hill invoices. numerical 83834-84478 1989, #
Modern Music Ventures, Inc.:
Engineer time sheets, payables A-Z, 1990
Telephone bills, 1990
Musician fees I, 1989
Payables, 1990
Musicians time sheets, 1990
Void musicians payables, 1988-1990
96-384/13 (06193520) Invoices A-L, yellow / white alphabetical, pink numerical, 1990
Musician fees II, 1989
Void checks, payables I, 1989
Sugar Hill recording session invoices, 1989
Sugar Hill recording session calendars, 1990
Modern Music Ventures, Inc. telephone bills, 1990
Rick Gonzales tickets, show notes, June 29, 1990
96-384/14 (06193756) Omnibank Record Account, paid invoices and bank statements, 1990
Studio time receipts, 1985-1990
Popular magazines with music related articles, 1978-79
Radio and music industry magazines, publications
96-384/15 (06193360) Equipment catalogs
General business correspondence, notes, 1981-85
Artist correspondence, submissions, lyrics, ca. 1973
Miscellaneous business cards, notes, receipts, ca. 1982
Vandalarm instructions
96-384/16 (06193370) Popular and music industry magazines, publications
Popular and music industry magazines, publications, 1975-79
96-384/17 (06193790) Notes, business cards
Personal correspondence, 1975-1985
General business correspondence, 1973-1986
General music, promotions correspondence, 1973-1986
Artist correspondence, submissions, sheet music, 1973-1986
Bills, receipts, invoices, 1974-1986
Printed material, promotions, letterhead
Studio session notes; radio production sheet, 1978
Freddy Fender Correspondence, related correspondence, legal records and contracts, 1975-1983
Legal records, contracts, 1976-1983
96-384/18 (06193789) Popular and music industry magazines, publications
Notes, business cards
Freddy Fender correspondence, related correspondence, contracts, ca. 1982
Tour information, tickets
Canceled checks, 1963
Printed material, letterhead, forms
96-384/19 (06193359) Bank records, 1961-1963; 1972-1973
Personal correspondence, 1956-1983
General business correspondence, 1972-1981
General music, promotions correspondence, 1972-1982
Artist correspondence, submissions, 1969-1984
Bills, receipts, invoices
Popular and music industry magazines, publications
96-384/20 (06193552) Workman's compensation and liability insurance
Valentine and Valentine insurance
Check stubs, 1965-1966
Tax exempt account numbers
Houston Records, Inc.
1967 miscellaneous receipts
Office furniture showcase
Canceled checks, 1977-1978
Deposit receipts, 1977-1978
Freddy Fender correspondence, 1975
Personal correspondence, printed material
Lyrics, sheet music
Artist correspondence, submissions [includes 7" records], 1970-1975
Crazy Cajun radio show fan mail, 1974
General business correspondence, 1966-1972
Bills, receipts, invoices, 1963-1973
General music, promotions correspondence, 1961-1974
Notes, appointments ca. 1967
Printed material, letterhead, forms
Business name affidavit, JLP Corporation
Meaux's French Program receipt book, 1958-1959
96-384/21 (06193643) 96-384/21
Meaux letterhead, envelopes
First Annual Texas Crawfish Festival information/venture booklet, 1983
Deposition: Huey P. Meaux v. Scepter Records, 1969
Artist correspondence, submissions, 1985-1986
Popular and music industry magazines, publications, 1978-1992
Shamrock Broadcasting Co., Board of Directors Minute Book, 1947-1957
Cashbook, 1966
Daybook, 1965
Daybook (cash) 1966
Cork Club standard diary, 1968
Glenn McCarthy Productions minute book, 1948-1952
96-384/22 (06193803) Warren Storm Photograph
Popular and music industry magazines, publications, 1978-1992
Huey Meaux and Freddy Fender Photograph
Two Drawings
Reel to Reel "The Waltz You Promised Me"
25 Audio Cassettes
96-384/23 (06193246) Artist Correspondence, submissions, demo tapes 1986-1991
Grand Prize Music
Doug Sahm Fan Letter; Cajun Records Letter 1978
Jim Donley 8-track tape; unknown cassette
Contacts of Lightning Hopkins, Stock Certificates 1950-1975
Fender / Meaux Clippings 1961-1979
Starflite Promotional Clippings
Quinn Recording Co. Copyright Contracts, Royalty Agreements, 1946-77
Capri and Alamo Records
Gold Star Recording Studio: Artist Contracts, Correspondence, Photographs, Printed materials. 1947-60; 1980.
Vandalarm Contracts
Royalties Grand Prize Music
Gold Star Recording Studio
Artist Career Advancement Agreement
Artist Career Advancement (second response)
Crazy Cajun Records: Ordering Correspondence, Orders Filled 1989, 1-4
TV Mail Orders (KLFY-TV), Crazy Cajun Records, 1978
Crazy Cajun Records TV mail orders 6. 1978.
96-384/24 (06193279) MEI-Tax Shelter -LP PKGS
Freddy Fender promotional material
The Champagne Bros. CC. 1014
CC 1014-The Champagne Bros. Tax Shelter Package
CC 1066 Juke Box Hits of: Garner State Park
CC 1026 Danny Epps "Laid Back Country Picker"
CC 1096 Doak Snead Think of Me Sometime
CC 1097 Mandrake
Disneyland Caricature
July '82 AD Response, Artist Career Advancement July 20, 1982
Artist Career Advancement File #2 -1-2
Metromedia, Flatwater Enterprises
Mickey Moody BMI Papers
Mickey Moody Custom Records
Notice of VSC, Flatriver Music, BMI
Flatriver, Republic National Bank
Flatriver, Robbins Music (Cates Bros.)
Weldon Dean Parks
New York Times Publishing, Flat River Music
Royalties, Flatriver Music
Edward Allen Shelton, Star Roulc, Iberia, MO. 65486, 5745 Rockhill Rd., Kansas City, Missouri, 64110
SkyFlyer (Great Believers)
Sweet Smoke (Great Believers Prod)
Sam Winkelmann, Mickey's Monkey Music and Crazy Cajun Music
Don Michael Young (Ham Brother's Band)
Mickey Moody
Mickey Moody II
Mickeys Papers
Robins Music, Flatriver
Warren L. Ham, 5797 Sixth Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas 76100
Jerry W. Biscamp (Mickey's Monkey Music)
Tammy Brooks (Great Believer's Prod.) Released
Music Enterprises, Inc. accounts S-Z, 1985-1986
96-384/25 (06195252) Acuff-Rose artist songbooks
Music industry magazines, publications
Guest book: Freddy Fender appreciation night, San Antonio, February 17, 1976
Artist correspondence, submissions [including cassettes, 7" records]
Crazy Cajun Records accounts, bank records, 1975
Contracts, legal records (catch all box), 1970; 1977-1978
General music, promotions correspondence, 1975-1976
Meaux, Fender interviews, undated
Crazy Cajun printed material, record labels
Crazy Cajun accounts, 1977
96-384/26 (06193610) Legal pads, notes
Acuff-Rose artist songbooks
96-384/27 (06193621) Promotional materials including Freddy Fender, press releases, ca. 1975
Studio construction proposals, 1971-1972
Gold Star Recording Studio miscellaneous receipts, 1965
Huey Meaux Personal, business correspondence, accounts, 1976
Huey Meaux Productions check stubs, 1964-1965
Freddy Fender concert information, returns, 1983; 1985
Lyrics, sheet music, notes
Album songlists
General music, promotions correspondence, 1971-1979
Artist correspondence, submissions, contracts, 1979-1981
General business correspondence, notes, 1972; 1981-1983
Personal correspondence, notes, 1975
Sugar Hill recording session notes, 1978
State Bar of Texas, 1963
96-384/28 (06193348) Billboard Magazines, 1973-1975
Popular and Music industry magazines, publications
Promotional, music industry magazines, publications
96-384/29 (06195401) Promotional, music industry magazines, publications
96-384/30 (06195376) Gold Star Recording Studio:
Check stubs, 1966-1967
Miscellaneous correspondence
United Gas Company
Store license, 1967
JLP Corporation, corporate file
Promotional clippings, record charts, Freddy Fender, Doug Sahm and others, 1975-1976
Artist Correspondence, submissions, 1976-1977
Notes, song lists
Personal correspondence, 1969
Recording contract
ACA-Gold Star Recording Company:
Miscellaneous receipts, 1965
Schedule of Accounts Sold, 1965-1966
Gold Star Recording Company:
Utilities, telephone, 1965-1967
Personnel records and reports, 1966-1967
Correspondence, 1965
Petty cash tickets, 1965
Sidney J. Wakefield record pressing accounts, 1965
Cashbox magazine, 1970-1979
Billboard magazine, 1970-1979
Artist correspondence, submissions, 1975
Bill Gavin Reports, 1968
Crazy Cajun music catalog, March 1976
Other record catalogs
General music business correspondence, 1971
Gold Star Recording Company blank checks
96-384/31 (06195332) Music industry publications, magazines, catalogs
96-384/32 (06195365) Music industry publications, magazines, catalogs
96-384/33 (06195300) Freddy Fender (Baldemar Huerta):
Clippings, Articles
Publicity (Photographs and Negatives) 1981
Farm and Ranch Club
Auto and Property Insurance
Mexican Border
Publicity 1983
BMI Papers
Silver Eagle Bus number 1
Silver Eagle Bus number 2
Miscellaneous correspondence, through 1975
International Fan Club Organization Mailing
Chicano Enterprises, Incorporated:
Insurance Miscellaneous and Auto Papers
Telephone Deposit, Utilities, Receipts
The Tex-Mex Cape
"She Came to the Valley"
Promotional Expense
Borley et. al. v. Chicano Enterprises, Inc.
Hartfield - Zodys Inc.
Las Vegas
American Federation of Musicians
Short Eyes
Chicano Enterprises, Inc. - City Beat
Actor - movie script, "Long Ride on a Short Rail"
"When are you Coming Back Red Rider?"
TV Series - Coming Back
Tijuana Donkey, Albert Band
Pouno, News Clippings
"When Eagles Fall"
Wa-Tex Production Company
"Strawberry Fields"
William Morris Agency, Inc.
96-384/34 (06195106) Baldemar Huerta, January 1977
Correspondence (1976-)
Licensing Contact, 1976
Baldemar Huerta, 1977
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1978
American Federation of Musicians
Spanish Bookings
Texas Rice Festival
Baldemar Huerta v. Rammes Music
Freddy Fender Day:
Expenses 1976
Miscellaneous, 1977
Business Correspondence
International Fan Club
Paul Quintero with M. M. Music
Paid Bills 1976
Chicano Enterprises, Inc. - Expired Auto Insurance Papers
Paid Bills 1977
Baldemar Huerta
Analysis of Income and Expenses
96-384/35 (06195354) Freddy Fender promotional material, 1975:
Popular, industry magazines, articles
Record Charts
Printed material
96-384/36 (069195321) Freddy Fender promotional material, 1975:
Popular, industry magazines, articles
Record Charts
Printed material
96-384/37 (06195398) Fender, Meaux clippings, articles, 1970-1986
96-384/38 (06195092) Fender, Meaux clippings, articles, 1970-1986
96-384/39 (06195387) Gold Star Recording Studio check stubs, 1965
Gold Star Recording Studio petty cash tickets, 1964-1965
Gold Star Recording Studio ledge sheets, 1966
JLP/Gold Star Recording Studio ledger sheets, 1966
Century Accounts payable/receivable ledger sheets, 1964
J. L. Patterson accounts, 1967
Crazy Cajun Show fan mail, 1974
Contracts, 1965
Music Enterprises Company check stubs #101-661, October 10, 1969 - May 24, 1971
Notes, messages
Personal correspondence, tax records, 1962; 1968-1970
General business correspondence, 1965; 1972
General music, promotions correspondence, 1970-1972
Artist correspondence, submissions, 1964-1972
Sheet music, arrangements, lyrics:
Freddy Fender album April 14-16, 1975
Session May 20-23, 1975
Record charts; Le Cam catalog, 1970
96-384/40 (06195343) Popular, music industry magazines, publications, 1968-1977
Otto Plummer outstanding citizen certificate, 1949
Duke Records Sales Accounts, 1969-1970
Duke Records General Ledger, undated
General Ledger, 1955-1956
Duke Records Audit, 1971
96-384/41 (06193734) Freddy Fender:
Capital, Firestone
Photographs of
True Star Unlimited
News Clippings
Australian Tour
Canada Tour, 1976
Rock n' Roll Sports Classic
Freddy Fender and Tammy McLain: Photography, Lawyer C. H. Constant
Buddy Lee Attractions
John Shuler
Southern Music
Business Correspondence, Contracts, schedules, 1984
Freddy Fender Day Concert, Accounts, notes, June 1976
96-384/42 (06193723) Halsey International:
Correspondence, contracts, 1985, 1
Correspondence, contracts, 1985, 2
Correspondence, contracts, 3 1985,
Material by Freddy Fender
Bills owed to MEI from Freddy Fender 1
Bills owed to MEI from Freddy Fender 2
Business Correspondence 1977-1979
Fan mail 1973-1977
Appreciation Certificates
Bayou Management
Contracts, 1978
Songs, Sheet Music
Huey Meaux Special Account, 1979
Analysis of Gig Income and Road Expenses, 1979
Huey Meaux and Fender Law Suit 1979; 1985-1987
Fender Tax Records 1974-1978
Sheet Music
Las Vegas, Silver Birds, news clippings, January 17-30, 1979
Bills, 1982
Bills and Accounts, 1982
96-384/43 (06193315) Bejay Recording Company:
Accounts, 1973-1974
Correspondence (Mickey Moody), 1972-1975
Printed material
Crazy Cajun catalog 1976
Accounting ledger, 1966-1967
Payroll, 1966-1967
Sheet music, arrangements, lyrics
Artist correspondence, submissions, 1959; 1971-1978
Property lien records, 1962
Meaux appointment calendars, 1970; 1973
Delta Records: letter, invoice, 1970
Meaux insurance papers
Personal correspondence, 1968-1975
Sugar Hill recording session track reports, 1965; 1973
Notes, messages, business cards
Bills, receipts, invoices, 1961-1973
Song lists, Tear Drop record catalog
General music, promotions correspondence, 1964-1976
96-384/44 (06193268) Music industry magazines, publications
Electronic equipment manuals, publications
Sheet music/7" records submissions
Teen Town "Where the Action Is", 1965
Short story, "Confusion"
96-384/45 (06193326) Music industry magazines, publications, 1970-1979
96-384/46 (06195310) Music industry magazines, publications, 1970-1979
96-384/47 (06195296) Bank records
General business correspondence
Artist correspondence, submissions, lyrics, 1974-1978
Notes, messages, including address labels, Freddy Fender
General music, promotions correspondence, 1975-1978
Personal, correspondence, accounts 1968; 1972-1973
Bills, financial correspondence, 1973
Crazy Cajun fan mail, 1974
Legal Records, suits, contract, vehicle sale 1968; 1979-1980
Sheet music
Real estate, drilling materials, 1951-1967
Correspondence and printed materials on Mile-High Cow Ranch
Maps, business card, real estate information
Printed material, Jefferson Davis and Brewster Counties
Printed material, Mile-High Cow Ranch, Jefferson Davis County
Trinity Valley Ranch Company, balance sheets
Printed material, Trinity Valley Ranch Company
The North Arnim Prospect, printed material
Unopened envelope to Meaux from "The Lamb"
Clippings, Nashville Scene
Four Legal Pads with miscellaneous notes
Miscellaneous papers including; 2 Programs, KYOK's Program; a printing catalog from Paulton; copy of the case, Meaux vs. USA, US Court of Appeals
Envelope, from American Society of Composers, containing ASCAP Today, on Stevie Wonder Spring 1975,
Nation's Business, July 1975
People, on Bette Midler June 30, 1975,
The Music Retailer, June 1975
County, November 1980
Clippings, Freddy Fender
13 cent stamp
Changing Times, July 1975
Country Music, August 1975
City Beat, March 1977
Unopened mail, from Radio and Records to Meaux
Classifieds, real estate sections of newspaper
Various newspaper sections
96-384/48 (06193508) Indian Artist Calendar
Marshall, Vigoda and Marshall, 1968
Marshall and Morris, July - December, 1969
Marshall and Morris, May - June, 1969
Marshall and Morris, March - April, 1969
Marshall and Morris, January - February, 1969
Music Building, tax information, 1966
Income tax returns
Financial Statements:
The Music Building
Tribe Records
Crazy Cajun Music Company
Music Unlimited
Record service, invoices
Employees, Social Security No. 5
Tax statements, Music Entertainment International
Accounts paid, Tribe Records
Jones Recording Studios
Houston Records, invoices, 1969
Houston Records, invoices, 1970-1971
Music Enterprises, bills, invoices, 1972
Receipts, bills, invoices 1964-1973
96-384/49 (06193392) Gold Star Recording Studio invoices, 1965-1966
Correspondence, receipts, 1963-1964
Sheet music, songbooks
Music industry magazines, 1976-1991
Mrs. Huey Meaux bank statements, 1973
Address book
96-384/50 (06193745) Personal/Meaux Barber Shop bank statements, 1956-1964
Meaux Barber Shop correspondence, 1952-1959
Personal/Meaux Barber Shop bills, receipts, invoices, 1952-1964
Personal correspondence, 1955-1985
General music, promotions correspondence, 1959-1986
Business correspondence, 1980
Artist correspondence, submissions, ca. 1975
Contracts, 1960; 1967
Notes, messages, ca. 1960
Personal printed material, 1957-1960
Bills, receipts, invoices, 1959-1961; 1964; 1984
Music correspondence, notes, forms, 1978-1980
Freddy Fender correspondence and related correspondence, receipts, 1976-1986
Freddy Fender Bookings, Jim Halsey Agency, 1975
Popular and music industry magazines, publications
96-384/51 (06193632) General music, promotions correspondence, 1970-1986
Notes, messages, business cards, ca. 1975-1977
Business, legal correspondence, 1970-1981
Unknown correspondence, 1975-1982
Artist correspondence, submissions, 1975-1981
Recording session track phase reports, 1969-1973
Bills, receipts, invoices, 1975-1976
Crazy Cajun fan mail, 1984
Personal correspondence, 1975-1981
Christmas cards, 1977
Ben Meaux creative works, undated
Popular and music industry magazines, publications
96-384/52 (06195285) Phone message logs, 1989-1990
Desktop calendars
Miscellaneous printed material
Personal, musicians, events, studio shots
Freddy Fender, Meaux, celebrities
Sugar Hill studio exterior, February 9, 1973
Color positives: Clifton Chenier, T-Bone Walker, Ascots
Freddy Fender contact sheets, negatives; Hoffeniz, June 22, 1975
Freddy Fender photographs, 1975
Spanish album cover transparencies
Native American woman (personal)
Slides: Freddy Fender, Doug Sahm, Jo Jo Benson, Billy Heaburg, T. K. Hulin, Dook Snead, unknown, 1975-1977
96-384/53 (06195128) Plaque: Glenn McCarthy appreciation as chairman of Tunnel Day, Pasadena, California, 1950
Shirley Swiryn standard daily journal, 1958
Shamrock Publishing Company stock record book
Standard daily journal, 1961
Accounts journal, 1969-1970
ACA-Gold Star Recording Co. check stubs, 1966
Popular and music industry magazines, publications, clippings, 1972-1977
Houston Post articles concerning Elvis' death, August 1977
96-384/54 (06195117) Kinky Friedman Contracts, 1975
Flat River Expired Contracts, S.E.T. 1969
Clippings, music industry, various artist
Appearance Contacts, 1969
Brenda Hayden (Great Believer's Productions, Inc.) Released ownership of photographs to Sugar Hill Studio
Olin McCullum (Olin Franklin) sheet music, invoices, canceled check
Crazy Cajun Records Catalog (titles of songs, writers, publishers, record label's, etc.)
Advertisement (various)
Insurance-Great Believers
"Teardrops" and "Wasted Days" Original Sheet music, Freddy Fender
Freddy Fender: "Yours" original sheet music plus 1 copy
Crazy Cajun, Royalties current
Huey P. Meaux Productions, Royalty Statements 1965-1967
Notes, Personal Works, notebooks, handwritten songs, Gary Scontland, addresses; legal pad with various notes; correspondence; song lyrics; song notebook; various lyrics and sheet music.
Meaux Personal Correspondence, Christmas postcard, 1978, from Bob While; Christmas Card from ABC Records; Christmas Card, ASR Recording Service; Christmas Card, from John Morris and Sue Taylor; Graduation invitation, from Suzanne Albright (1976), 1976-1978,
Meaux Music Business Correspondence, includes Correspondence with American Jewish Committee; Louise Boyka Studio of Stage Arts; Ariola-Eurodisc GmbH; Dr. John D. Montroy; Tessier Talent, Inc.; Cedars-Sinai Medical Center; Jim Halsey Company Inc.; Pan American University 1977-83,
Receipts 1983
Freddy Fender:
Promotional Material, clippings, photograph, of Freddy Fender stickers; Certificate, O.L.A. Organization of Latin American; Correspondence and copied check; Interview with Freddy Fender
Business Correspondence, Contracts Christmas Card to Fender, unopened mail to Fender, various business mail to Fender, fan mail, etc. 1975-78,
Business Correspondence, Contracts, 1985
Correspondence, Contracts, 1983
Correspondence, Appearance Information, 1983
Business Correspondence, Contracts, Including tour itinerary for June 1984, 1984, 1-3,
96-384/55 (06194930) Notes, Business forms, printed material, clippings
General business correspondence, resume Gaius Sims, 1978
General music, promotions, correspondence, 1978
Artist Correspondence, Submissions, Lyrics, includes one cassette tape, music by Carmen Moreno, biography, plus photographs of Patty Ann Day, ca. 1976,
Personal Correspondence, 1982, 1992
Nancy McDowell concerning Credit Application and Cards, insurance, 1980-1983
N. J. McDowell, Lease, Purchase
Invoices: Music Enterprises owes BCL, April 1975-July 1976
Invoices: All State owes Music Enterprises, January 1975-July 1976
Invoices: Music Enterprises owes Music Enterprises January 1975-July 1976
Huey P. Meaux, Deposits, 1977
Financial Information receipts statements, bills:
A, 1985-1986:
American Express
AMPEX Corporation
B, 1985-1986:
Andrew Bradley
C, 1985-1986:
Cash receipts
City of Huston, Water
D, 1985-1986:
Diners Club
E, 1985-1986:
ENTEX, 1985-1986
F, 1985-1986:
Federal Express
G, 1985-1986:
Gulf Oil Corporation
H, 1985-1986:
Huston Coca Cola
Huston Lighting and Power
I, 1985-1986
J, 1985-1986
K, 1985-1986
L, 1985-1986
M, 1985-1986:
Master Card,
Meaux, Huey P.
Montemayor, Robin
Musicians, B/G VOX
Morris, Monte L.
N, 1985-1986
O, 1985-1986
P, 1985-1986
Q, 1985-1986
R, 1985-1986
96-384/56 (06194704) Recording session sheet music, arrangements, lyrics:
Warren Storm
Freddy Fender LA LP
Depps reel #6
Tracy Balin Album
Freddy Fender: CBS
Receipts, bills, invoice, 1962-1966
Personal correspondence, 1962-1965
General business correspondence, 1962, 1969, 1992
General music, promotions correspondence, 1962-1967
Artist correspondence, submissions, ca. 1962; 1978
Legal records, contracts, 1961-1965
Recording session mix down notes
Notes, business cards
Huey Meaux Productions check stubs, bank statements, 1963-1964
JLP Corp. & HSP Corp. ledger pages, January - June, 1965-1966
96-384/57 (06194952) Music Enterprises, Inc., Tax Records 1971-1973
Music Enterprises, Incorporated, Music Correspondence to be refiled
Huey Meaux, pending File
Cheryl Brandt, tax returns and statements
Artist Contract, Fidencio Garza
Radio Station, included is artist correspondence; radio promotion pamphlets; clippings; business correspondence; secret map to the Hidden Treasure of the KLEF; Listening Audience, Coverage map (1964), photographs; KCOH radio station; William Brown, "paralyzed after alleged cop beating" (1960-1970),
Radio Surveys, hit lists, 1975
Republic National Bank of Houston
East End State Bank
Grits and Gravy Productions, Incorporated, Deposit Guaranty National Bank
Gulf Coast State Bank
Airline Bank, Music Enterprises, Incorporated
Industrial State Bank
Music Enterprises, Incorporated, Deposit Guaranty National Bank
Pretty Eyes Productions, Ltd., Deposit Guaranty National Bank
Republic National Bank, Recording Studio
Gulf Coast State Bank, Winnie Properties
Airline Bank, check stubs, 1970-1971
Studio Schedules, 1978
Sugar Hill Studios, Promotion and Publicity
Sugar Hill Studios, News Clippings
Miscellaneous papers; artist submissions; sheet music, Garfunkel record; biography on Raymond Acevedo of Menudo, (including clippings and photographs; biography on Fats Domino, 1971-71; 1994
Notes, business cards
Sugar Hill Art (3 slides, one photo, of Sugar Hill studios)
Song mastering, recording worksheets
Clippings (including nude centerfold of Henry Kissinger)
Personal correspondence, including a telegram from Larry King, and note from daughter Shannon, 1970,
96-384/58 (06194963) Artist submissions: cassettes
96-384/59 (06194941) Artist submissions: cassettes, 7" records
What's a Sunset Without Jesus? The Larry Meaux Story, George Clouse
Meaux family scrapbook
96-384/60 (06194726) Freddy Fender correspondence
General business correspondence, 1982
Magazine rates
Writers (includes mail log, 1969-1970)
I-A telephone calls, 1968
Miscellaneous including license and financial information, Disneyland records catalog, 1968
Freddy Fender Expenses, 1983
Promotional printed material, forms including "What is a Cajun" by Bob Hamm, and two promotional posters, Los Relampagos del Norte and Cornelio Reyna
Home protection equipment
Pictures of Bobby Spears "The Stockyards" Flash (Nine Photographs)
Notes, messages, addresses, business cards, stationary, and a menu for Big Boy Restaurant
Freddy Fender Mexico appearances, February 1976
Artist correspondence, submissions, 1962-1973
Bank records, statements, 1962-1973
Receipts, bills, invoices, 1962-1973, 1983
Sheet Music
Record charts, play lists 1979
Personal correspondence, accounts, 1962-1973
General Music, promotional correspondence, 1964-1973, 1983
Royalty statements, 1973, 1983, 1986
General business correspondence, 1964-1973
Contracts, legal records 1962, 1972, 1982-1986
Employee time sheets, 1989
Reimbursements, 1989-1990
Orders and inventory, 1979
Orders, 1978-1979
Orders, 1979
Orders, 1980-1981
Orders, 1980
Music business correspondence, printed material
Fingers, office supply invoices
Personal Resumes
Rental Properties
Chart Positions, tracking sheets, ABC Records, 1975
General music, promotions correspondence, 1977-1986
Artist correspondence, submissions photos, sheet music, song scripts
96-384/61 (06194737) Peacock Records:
Bank statements, canceled checks, 1964-1967; 1971-1972; 1975
Check stubs
96-384/62 (06194715) General music, legal correspondence, 1965; 1985-1988
Notes, clippings, messages
Copyright reports, 1981-1983
Song lists, master recordings lists
Meaux fan mail, 1959
Bills, receipts, invoices, 1961-1986
Artist correspondence, submissions, 1972-1987
Sheet music, lyrics
Michael Ochs, invoices
Energy Commission License, 1981
Artist contracts, MEI legal records, 1969-1994
Insurance Group, Hartford Life Insurance Company, 1970-1973
Expired insurance policies
Automobile papers: expired, titles, insurance, 1973-1976
Other medical and insurance records, 1981-1983
Hospital insurance: claims pending
Hospital insurance: claims complete
VEST: group insurance
BEST: group hospitalization
96-384/63 (06194839) J. L. Patterson, Vandalarm Systems:
Printed material
Correspondence, contracts, technical specifications
Power of Attorney
Bank statements, 1965-1966
Deposition, 1965
J. L. Patterson, Gold Star Recording Company:
HSP Corp. unpaid invoices, 1966
Personnel records, Gold Star and Vandalarm
Gold Star and Vandalarm financial statements
Pro Forma of combined assets of recording company and alarm company, January 1, 1964
Financial notes
Insurance information, policies
Employee records and quarterly reports, 1964-1965
Sales tax reports, 1965-1966
Sales tax permit
Sales and use tax general information
Texas Employment Commission, status reports, 1965-1966
Letter to creditors
Invoices, 1965-1967
Freight and Express invoices, 1965
Ameriline corporation invoices, 1965
City Office Supply invoices, 1965
Capps and Company, Inc. invoices, 1965-1967
Gates Radio Company invoices, 1965-1967
Miscellaneous receipts, 1966
Daily sales and cash reports, 1965
N. Merbach invoices, 1967
Check stubs, 1964-1965
Artist contracts:
John Doughty
William Larry Randolph
Robert Dasco Keith, Jr.
Big Sweet
Daniel R. Sanchez
Ramond Salazar aka Ray Regal
96-384/64 (06194624) Music industry publications, 1970-1971, 1990
Newspapers, Teen Town articles included, 1965-1976
Personal clippings, correspondence, insurance papers
Meaux, Music Enterprises stationary and printed material samples
Freddy Fender correspondence
Notes, chart rankings
Legal records, contracts, including Freddy Fender
Artist correspondence, submissions, including cassettes, 1981-1987
General music, promotions correspondence, 1981-1983
96-384/65 (06194760) Popular and music industry magazines, publications, catalogs, 1976-1977
Clippings, 1976-1977
Office supply catalogs
Christmas cards, 1974
96-384/66 (06194668) Phone message logs, 1971-1973
MEI, Flat River Enterprises bank records, 1972
Meaux personal correspondence, 1971; 1987
MEI bills, receipts, invoices, 1971-1972
Notes, messages, business cards
General business correspondence, 1971-1972
Gold Star Recording Company, business correspondence, 1964
Artist correspondence, submissions, [including cassettes, 7" records] 1964; 1972; 1986-1988
General music, promotions correspondence, 1971-1989
96-384/67 (06194759) Meaux address books
Crazy Cajun ledgers, 1960
Music industry magazines
Bills, receipts, deposits, 1959-1970
Personal correspondence, 1963-1971
Song lists, inventory, radio station and distributor addresses, ca. 1970
MEI legal correspondence artist contracts, 1966; 1970
Artist correspondence, submissions, 1961-1970
General music, promotions correspondence, 1963-1970
Correspondence; music business, personal business, miscellaneous, 1971
Correspondence, 1972
Correspondence, miscellaneous, 1973
Record Service Studios, journal vouchers, August, September, November, December 1965; January, April, June 1966
Crazy Cajun records bank statements, photostats, 1963
96-384/68 (06193600) Personal correspondence, 1959-1968; 1984-1987
Personal bills, receipts, invoices, 1957-1962
Meaux Barber Shop, Crazy Cajun Records, Tribe Records, bank statements, 1961-1964
Meaux Barber Shop, Crazy Cajun, records bills, receipts, invoices, 1960-1966
BMI foreign royalties statement, 1964
Notes, messages, business cards
Legal, financial correspondence, 1961-1967
Artist correspondence, 1961-1965
General music, promotions correspondence, 1961-1970
Miscellaneous printed material
Huey Meaux Music Productions, check stubs, invoices, 1963-1964
Saravia and Law Family, personal correspondence, 1981
Singles chart lists, radio play lists, record catalogs, 1977-1988
Freddy Fender Family:
Personal correspondence, financial records, legal records, accounts, 1979-1981
General music, promotions correspondence, 1971-1989
96-384/69 (06193563) Duke Records Special bank accounts, statements and canceled checks, January 1967 - June 1971
Lion Publishing Company bank statements and canceled checks, 1966-1970
96-384/70 (06194806) Meaux Barber Shop:
Bills, receipts, correspondence, 1957-1958
Ray Rush (MEI):
Gold Star Recording receivables, 1965-1967
Notes, messages
Bank and tax records
96-384/70 (06194806) Bills, receipts, 1965-1967
General business correspondence, 1964-1967
Personal correspondence, 1965-1967
Music correspondence, 1966
Artist contracts
Lyrics, creative works
Crazy Cajun, MEI legal forms
96-384/71 (06194748) Photographs:
Duke/Peacock promotional musician photographs, ca. 1960-1970
Huey Meaux:
Personal, general, ca. 1940-1980
Meaux: Awards, professional gatherings, studio shots, personalities
Sugar Hill exterior, studio shots
Old promotional photographs
Freddy Fender
Joey Long, Freddy Fender, Brock Street Mafia
Texas Rice Festival, October 1977
Greasy Wheel, Freda and The Firedogs, Clifton Chenier, Doug Sahm and Linda Wells, Tommy McClain, color studio shots, unknown concert, office, equipment shots, vacation, nature, Sugar Hill studio party, studio, office shots, people, Freddy Fender and Charo CMA Awards, Fender-Sugar Hill, 1968-1979
Mickey Moody personal, 1976
96-384/72 (06194828) Duke/Peacock Records:
Transfer ledgers, Duke Records, 1967
Harry Fox, financial summaries, 1963
Bobby Bland accounts
Peacock Records ledger, 1967; 1970-1972
Little Jr. Parker accounts, 1954-1955; 1958-1961
Sensational Nightingales accounts, 1954-1958
Peacock Records pressing records, 1958; 1962-1968
Duke artist personal accounts, Miscellaneous H-M
Sensational Nightingales sales accounts, 1963-1966
Lion Publicizing Company royalty statements, 1962-1964
Herman (Jr.) Parker sales accounts, undated
Artists Dropped accounts, 1961-1964; 1966
Library of Congress Form U [copyright register], 1962
Duke Records audit, 1968; 1970; 1971
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1961
96-384/73 (06194781) Crazy Cajun bank statement photostats, 1962-1963
Tribe Records bank statement photostats, 1963
Crazy Cajun check stubs, canceled checks, 1962
Crazy Cajun Publications writer royalty statements, 1962
Notes, messages
Bills, receipts, invoices, 1962-1969
Artist correspondence, submissions, ca. 1965-1976
General music, promotions correspondence, 1962-1976
Record charts, singles lists, 1966
Popular magazines, catalog
Goodyear Tire radio advertisements, 1959
96-384/74 (06193406) Peacock/Duke sheet music, arrangements
96-384/75 (06193450) Meaux/Fender promotional clippings
Bank records:
Duke Records bank statements, canceled checks, 1957; 1965-1972
Duke Records check stubs, 1967-1970; 1972
Ultra Modern Products check stubs, undated
96-384/76 (06193574) Peacock/Duke Records:
Royalties, 1971
Check stubs, 1968
Duke Records sales journal, 1963
Bank statements:
Buffalo Booking Agency, 1962-1963
Don Music Company, 1966-1972
Evelyn Johnston Trustee, 1973
Deposit records:
Peacock Records, 1967
Duke Records, 1966
Don Robey, 1961; 1967
Don Music Company journal, 1963-1967
96-384/77 (06193585) Duke/Peacock Records:
Accounts payable, 1968
Ledgers, 1954-1955
Dixie Humming Birds accounts, 1959-1966
Bobby Bland accounts, 1965
Miscellaneous A-D, 1962-1966
3 year audit, 1968-1970
Bobby Bland royalties
Royalty transactions, addresses to 1968
Record inventories, 1955-1956
Correspondence, 1961-1973
Invoices, 1969-1970
Recording session accounts, data 1969-1971
Union contracts, 1971
Tony Washington
Ira Tucker
Julia Richardson, New Orleans, lead sheets
Correspondence, 1968
Hightower, Rev. N. (Cherokees)
Company information, session rates
Royalty advances, 1971
Notes, receipts, business cards
Huey Meaux:
Bills, receipts, invoices
MEI legal correspondence, records, 1965-1976
General business correspondence, 1977
Artist correspondence, submissions, 1966; 1976
General music, promotions correspondence, 1974-1976
Other company records catalogs
96-384/78 (06194792) Bank records:
MEI check stubs, deposit slips, 1972-1978
Pretty Eyes Productions check stubs, 1970-1971
Crazy Cajun Records check stubs, 1969-1978
Big "H" Sounds Distributing, 1977-1978
MEI receivables, 1978
96-384/79 (06194817) Peacock/Duke Records:
Invoices, 1973
Royalty ledgers:
Bells of Joy
Bobby Bland
Artist accounts:
Miscellaneous A-B, 1952-1963
Songwriters, Lion Publishing, 1956-1966
LP 107 Robinson and James ledger, 1962-1964
Variety LP 206 ledger sheets, 1967
Don Music Co., current [ledgers], 1962-1967
Peacock Daily record report, orders, August 8 - October 19, 1955
Duke/Peacock records on hand, 1955-1956
Operating/promotions ledger sheets, 1954-1961
Royalty earning statements, 1966-1968
Sales in Texas, 1956
Peacock Records ledger, 1972
Duke Records sales journal, 1964
Ralph's Record Manufacturing Company, 1954
Peacock sales journal, 1963-1964
Promotional material
Peacock Records three month audits, 1970-1972
Bobby Bland sales, 1966-1967
Other accounts, financial statements, ca. 1960
96-384/80 (06193461) Peacock Records Royalties Ledgers:
Peacock Records, Incorporated:
Accounting (1) 1960-1968
Accounting (2) 1960-1968
Invoice Summary for Audit #1-B, 1969
Invoices Summary for Audit #2-B, 1968
Salaries, 1967
Peacock/Duke Artist Accounts 1956-1968
Miscellaneous "N"
Miscellaneous "O"
Miscellaneous "P"
Miscellaneous "S"
Miscellaneous "T"
Miscellaneous "V"
Miscellaneous "W"
Duke, S. J., bank accounts, 1962
Don Music Company Royalties Ledgers:
Lion Publishing Company Royalties Ledger 1965-1967
Duke Records, Summary of Royalties Paid, 1968-1970
Duke/Peacock Royalty Ledger, 1968
Amusement Tax Receipts, 1945-1958
James Bolden Clippings, 1984
96-384/81 (06193428) Duke Records, Inc. accounting ledger, 1955-1964
Peacock Records, Inc.:
Accounting ledger, January 1- June 30, 1971
Recaps ledger, January 1- June 3, 1971
Accounting ledger, July 1- December 31, 1972
Accounting ledger January 1 - June 30, 1970
Royalty payment sheets, 1966-1968
Ledger, 1953
Studio schedules
Sheet music
Song titles
General music, promotions correspondence, 1961-1976
Personal correspondence, clippings, 1955-1960
Legal records, contracts
Artist submissions, lyrics
Miscellaneous lead sheets
Lyrics, Allen Scott
96-384/82 (06193596) Clippings
Orders, 1987
Recording session track reports, 1983
Artist Correspondence, submissions, 1985
Song lists, inventory, Crazy Cajun catalog
Deposit records, royalties statements, 1975-1986
Bills, receipts, invoices
Personal correspondence, contracts, 1978-1987
Legal correspondence, contracts, 1978-1987
Legal records, correspondence, MEI
Legal correspondence, records, contracts, concerning Freddy Fender, 1977-1987
Miscellaneous office records, printed material
General music, promotions, correspondence, 1977-1987
Notes, messages, business cards
Norma (carbon papers)
MEI worksheets
Norma's songs
AALAND Construction invoices
Voided Checks, all banks
MEI accounts receivable
Small Tools #4
AALAND Job #4A 23 57 2257
AALAND, schedule of A/Pay
MEI YE, 1981
MEI chart of accounts
Schedule first month A/Receipts
Oak Creek amortization schedule
Pretty Eyes
Blank worksheets
Oak Creek Berry Property Management Inc.
Oak Creek, accounts payable
Bee County Tracts
Real Estate 1981
Aaron Schecter, correspondence
Personal correspondence, legal records 1981-1986
Sugar Hill Studios; Rates Information; press release
General business correspondence, 1983
Freddy Fender tunes including tapes and records
Ray Mendinghall handwritten lyrics
96-384/83 (06193472) Music Enterprises, Inc., deposit statements, 1976-1979
Checks written, deposits summaries, 1977-1978
Bank accounts balance summaries, October 1977 - September 1978
96-384/84 (06193417) Music Enterprises, Inc. bank statements, canceled checks, 1980-1984
Music Enterprises, Inc., check stubs, 1984
Record inventory checklists, ca. 1984
96-384/85 (06193439) Exclusive recording artist contracts
Miscellaneous contracts; unused, unbound
Standard uniform writer's contracts
Writer contracts
Standard uniform song writer's agreements
96-384/86 (06194635) Other expenses
May 1976; June 1976
Freddy Fender--expenses, 1976
Paid receipts, MEI and CEI
Tickets to Freddy Fender's Annual Lone Star Concert
Freddy Fender:
Expenses, 1975
Paid bills, 1975
Checks and deposit slips
96-384/87 (06194657) Meaux vs. Fender:
Baldemar Garza Huerta, Volume I
Joseph Saraceno; Hollywood, California, Tuesday January 15, 1980
Leonard Korobkin; Los Angeles, California, Friday December 14, 1979
Huey P. Meaux
And answer of Baldemar Garza Huerta (Freddy Fender), Volume II
Richard Howard; Los Angeles, California, Thursday January 10, 1980
Larry Baunach, Volume II, Los Angeles, California, Thursday January 11, 1980
Robert B. Davis, Los Angeles, California, Friday January 11, 1980
Larry Baunach, Los Angeles, California, Friday December, 14, 1979
Leonard Korobkin; Los Angeles, California, Friday December 14, 1979
Donald E. Biederman, Los Angeles, California, Friday December 14, 1979
Larry Baunach, Los Angeles, California, Friday December 14, 1979
Charles L. Moss
Original exhibits; CASE: Huerta vs. Meaux; Deposition of Leonard Korobkin
Copy exhibits; CASE: Huerta vs. Meaux; Deposition of Leonard Korobkin
96-384/88 (06195172) Recording services invoices
(4) 1975
(3) 1975
(2) 1975
(1) 1975
1973 and 1974
Through 1972
Accounts paid 1972
Distribution list (record sales)
1972 Christmas cards
96-384/89 (06195140) Bank check stubs:
1st Pasedena State Bank (Apollo promotions)
1st Pasedena State Bank (The Music Building)
1st Pasedena State Bank (Music Unlimited)
Pasedena National Bank (Music Enterprises Incorporated)
Pasedena National Bank (Artists Unlimited)
Pasedena National Bank (Recording service)
Gulf Coast State Bank (Crazy Cajun Music Company)
Gulf Coast State Bank (Huey P. Meaux Producer)
Gulf Coast State Bank (The Music Building)
Gulf Coast State Bank (Tribe Records)
Miscellaneous bank statements, correspondence and envelopes
96-384/90 (06194690) Telephone Records:
While you were out forms:
October 5 - November 2, 1976
July 14 - August 3, 1976
June 22 - July 14, 1976
June 7-22, 1976
April 11 - July 19, 1972
February 17 - March 8, 1976
March 8 - April 28, 1976
May 3 - June 4, 1976
October 7-31, 1976
December 29, 1976 - January 21, 1977
November 3 - December 1, 1976
March 15 - April 30, 1976
August 8 - September 4, 1975
September, 1975
July 18 - August 8, 1975
June 18, 1975
April 14, 1975
December 3-23, 1975
January 22 - February 23, 1975
November 11, 1975 - January 10, 1976
March 3 - April 10, 1975
March 21 - May 15, 1974
February 6 - March 19, 1974
December 26, 1973 - February 6, 1974
May 15 - July 9, 1974
July 11 - September 9, 1974
May 13 - June 18, 1975
September 10 - November 7, 1974
Journal: number 1800
96-384/91 (06193440) Cash tickets-receipts, January - October 1969
Petty cash tickets
Accounts paid (Crazy Cajun Music)
Bills paid- November - December, 1969
Cash receipts, Huey P. Meaux:
February 1966
March 1966
April 1966
June 1966
July 1966
August 1966
September 1966
October 1966
November 1966
December 1966
Music Enterprise:
Partnership Income Tax return
Music Unlimited
Artist Unlimited:
Journal Voucher:
December 1966
November 1966
October 1966
September 1966
August 1966
July 1966
June 1966
May 1966
April 1966
February 1966
Recording service studios, Income tax file
Tribe Records:
Journal Voucher:
January 1965
April 1965
May 1965
June 1965
September 1965
October 1965
November 1965
December 1965
January 1966
February 1966
March 1966
April 1966
May 1966
June 1966
July 1966
August 1966
September 1966
October 1966
November 1966
December 1967
Audit File:
Tanner and Texas
Accounts payable, 1969
Diner's Club
International Business Machines (I.B.M.)
Fred Much, attorney
William Neal, loan
0138-M-T.N.T., Huey P. Meaux, G.E.H.
Jung Factors, Incorporated
Recording service
8 Legal pad with various notes
"While you were out" messages
9 Notebooks of "while you were out" forms
96-384/92 (06195263) Music Unlimited:
Journal voucher:
January 1966
December 1965
November 1965
October 1965
September 1965
August 1965
Marilyn Von Steiger, Trustee, Huey P. Meaux
Recording services studio:
Journal voucher:
September 1966
January-February 1967
March 1967
April-May 1967
June 1967
July-August 1967
July 1966
August 1966
October 1966
November 1966
December 1966
Crazy Cajun Enterprises:
Audit file, 1963
Excise tax file
Social security file
The Music Building:
Journal Voucher:
May 1966
July 1965
August 1965
September 1965
October 1965
November 1965
December 1965
January 1966
Franchise tax file
Social security file
Low Note Music Company:
Journal Voucher
96-384/93 (06195230) Recording Service Studios, Incorporated:
Journal Voucher:
October 1965
February 1966
March 1966
Crazy Cajun Enterprises:
Journal Vouchers, 1967:
Music Enterprises:
Journal Voucher, 1968:
Journal Voucher 1967:
Journal Voucher 1966:
Journal Voucher 1965:
Crazy Cajun Music Company:
Journal Voucher 1968:
Journal Voucher 1967:
Journal Voucher 1966:
Journal Voucher 1965:
Crazy Cajun Music 1967:
Journal Voucher:
January and February
96-384/94 (06194985) Wall hanging: Record World, The Country Singles Chart, March 15, 1975
30 notepads with various notes, directions, reminders, numbers
2 notebooks filled with record single titles, artist and label names
Peer-Southern organization, World wide music publishers:
Music sheets, lyrics
Information statement, Applied Information Industries
When Eagles Fall (pages 8-70)
Hits from the catalogs of the Welk Music Group
100 of the Greatest Easy Listening Hits
Freddy Fender: Voice, Piano and Guitar with Spanish lyrics
Deluxe Tenor Saxophone Gold
An Introduction to Popular Music Publishing in America, Leonard Feist
96-384/95 (06195139) Cash tickets or credit card receipts
Oldies, keepsakes
Accounts paid
Console-Huey's radio program
Accounts payable; Crazy Cajun Enterprises Incorporated
Accounts-paid, 1966-1968
96-384/96 (06194770) Assorted photos of Freddy Fender
GCP-Alamman Music Publish
Records-Shipping insurance
Worksheets, Inventories, Catalogues, Memos
Falcon records
Mexico masters, MEI purchase
MEI vs. The House of Falcon; the BEGO catalogue
House of Falcon-BEGO; current folder
Rangel music distributor
Assorted inventories, shipping instructions, invoices
Arnaldo Ramirez, et. al. vs. FALCON; Baldemar Huerta
Miscellaneous invoices, no folder
MEI- Manuel Robles Guerra
Manuel Robles Guerra, Guerra Company Productions
Burton Barr
The Traits
96-384/97 (06195274) Music enterprises F/Y/E:
Credit card slips, letters, bills, September 30, 1973
September 30, 1972
October 1970
KPFT folio, February 1974
Installation instructions and owners manual for Bryant Gas-Fired Air Conditioner
G/GS, September-December 1975
Pretty eyes, 1970
Paul Regnier-713-526-2131, correspondence from Freddy Fender
96-384/98 (06194680) Peacock Records:
Check stubs and canceled checks:
Notes: financial dealings, 1963-1972
Financial statements; Lion publishing company, 1968-1972
Balance sheets, 1959-1970
Financial papers: income tax forms, 1951
Correspondence and financial papers
Contracts, ABC Records Incorporated, 1973
Gerber and Gerber, legal correspondence, 1965-1966
Summary sheets, 1961-1967
Employee address sheet and balance sheet
Don. D. Robey, financial documents, 1962-1966
Roy Head, "To Make a Grown Man Cry," June 17, 1966
Arrangement Norma Rudd session, October 28, 1964
Promotion, Don D. Robey Entertainment Services, financial records, 1965
Duke Records Incorporated, 2809 Erastus St., financial records, tax forms
Songbird records, information
Information on music artists, song titles, writers and music publishers
Sure-Shot Records, information:
Current royalty reports
Dear label (Peacock)
Backbeat-LP-publisher, writer information
Gloryfield Mess-publisher, writer information, record titles
Peacock-starting 3050-record numbers and titles, publisher-writer information
Transfer ledger lion-records on expenses, bank accounts, loans
Checking account records, receipts
Federal admission tax
Peacock records-royalties: royalty earning statements
Miscellaneous "T" Records of debits and Credits
Papers on Willie Mae Thorton
Miscellaneous "U"
Miscellaneous "V"
Canceled checks:
October 31-November 27, 1967
August 1-31, 1967
September 1967
December 1967
96-384/99 (06194920) Johnny "Ace" Alexander, 1966
Miscellaneous "E"
Charles Edwards
Charles Edwins
Miscellaneous "F"
Lester Foster
Nick Fields
Freeman Twins
Notebook, record pressing and distributing records
Peacock Records-current
Duke Records-royalties
Press releases information on Bobby Bland
Backbeat records-information (500-discography)
Braggs, biography
Thornton, Big Mamma
John Roberts and the Hurricane
Hinton, biography
Bland, biography
Overton vs. Wright
Rosco Gordon
Gospel Travelers
Junior Parker
Duke, royalties and financial
Saul Bihari
Duke records, incorporated
Lion Publishing Company
Artist information, posted
Duke Records, 1954
Duke payroll and taxes, 1962, 1963, 1964
Rosebaum, Duke
Robey Ransaw, promotions for 1964
Contracts, miscellaneous
Ralph's record manufacturing company, Don D. Robey, 1951
Peacock Royalties, recent
Peacock Records Incorporated
Peacock records, 1956
Peacock recording company, Lyons Ave., Don Robey enterprise, 1949-1950
Robey's tax return, 1945, 1948, 1949
Peacock recording company, 1950
Peacock royalty reports, 1956
Letters of sympathy, concerning the death of Johnny "Ace" Alexander
Photographs of Bobby "Blue" Bland
Peacock records-information
96-384/100 (06194679) Artist Roy, Barbara Lynn
Huey Meaux general
Royal statements, 1964-1967
Decca records
Peter Maurice music
Polygram records
Warner, Chappell music
Capitol Special products division
CBS special products
Paul Regnier, B.J. Thomas vs. Music Enterprises
Music Enterprises incorporated, Mercury records, Southern Love
London records
The Trashmen, Tribe records
Tribe records, income tax file
London records
Music Enterprises incorporated, Mercury records, Good, Bad and Ugly
Music Enterprises, Polydor
Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles: Antler records, incorporated vs. Douglas Sahm, Huey Meaux, London records, Tribe records
Pronto photographs
Sir Douglas Quintet:
Douglas Sahm, Augie Meyers (photograph)
Sahm, Douglas (Sir Douglas Quintet)
96-384/101 (06194613) Statistical Data:
Spirit of Memphis
Miscellaneous "K"
Miscellaneous "L"
Miscellaneous "M"
Miscellaneous "N"
Miscellaneous "P"
Miscellaneous "J"
Miscellaneous "H"
Miscellaneous "G"
The Gospelaries
Miscellaneous "E"
Booking agencies, 1966
The Original Casuals-promotional tour
Miscellaneous "O"
Jimmy Washington
Don Thompson and the Adorables
Union Data
American Federation of Musicians
Associated Booking corporation
Buddy Ace, Jimmy L. Lord
McKelvey-Tax return
United Houston
Miscellaneous contracts
Jessie Mae Renfro
Miscellaneous "S"
Miscellaneous "R"
96-384/102 (06194646) Miscellaneous "A"
A-1 Trash service
Alexandrite Corporation
American express
American Founder's Life Insurance
Armak services
Artisian sound recorders
Atlas investment
Audio concepts
Miscellaneous "B"
96-384/102 (06194646) Bammel utility district
Bank Americard
Carlton Blake Reimbursement
Bates Engineering
Gary B. Black
Paid cash receipts
Miscellaneous "C"
Central freight
City Beat
City of Houston-water
City office supply
Colonial National Bank
Jack Criswell's Lincoln-Mercury
Miscellaneous "D"
Diner's Club
Miscellaneous "E"
Miscellaneous "F"
Federal Express
Fireman's Fund
Miscellaneous "G"
Gulf Oil
Gulf States Utilities
Miscellaneous "H"
Harrison Equipment
Gary T. Hardy
Andy Henson Insurance
Holiday Inn
Houston Coca-Cola
Houston Lighting and Power
Miscellaneous "I"
Ineeda Linen
Master Charge
Mickey Moody Reimbursements
Thomas R. O'Brien
Miscellaneous "P"
Power Guard
Profit by Air
Miscellaneous "R"
Register of copyrights
Miscellaneous "S"
STC of Houston
Sam Office Furniture
Tiny Skaggs Music
Skyline Messenger Service (American Delivery Service)
George Smith
Aaron Schechter reimbursement
Southern Arts Music
Southwest Electronics
Southwestern Bell
Spring Branch Bank
Rick Stringfellow-refund
Miscellaneous "T"
Tex Pack Express
Texas Lighting Products
Thomason Cabinets
3M Company
Wallace Engraving
Miscellaneous: "X, Y, Z"
96-384/103 (06195241) Huey P. Meaux:
Receipts, 1981
Checks, 1981
Tax return, 1977
Bills, bank statements, checks, 1980
Colonial Bank, 1982
Bills, bank statements, checks, 1981
Bank, Tax data, 1979
Republic National Bank statements, 1975
Bank Check Records:
96-384/104 (06195161) Miscellaneous "A"
ABC Records
A-1 trash service
Alexandrite Corporation
American Express
American Founder's Life Insurance
Armak Services
Artisian Sound Recorders
Atlas Investment
Audio Concepts
Bank Americard
Carlton Blake Reimbursement
Bates Engineering
Gary B. Black
Miscellaneous "C"
Central Freight Lines
City Beat
City of Houston-water department
City office supply
Colonial National Bank
Jack Criswell's Lincoln-Mercury
Miscellaneous "F"
Federal Express
Fireman's Fund
Miscellaneous "G"
Gulf Oil
Gulf States Utilities
Miscellaneous "H"
Harrison Equipment
Gary T. Hardy
Andy Henson Insurance
Holiday Inn
Houston Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Miscellaneous "I"
Ineeda Linen Service
Life and Health Benefits Agency
Master Charge
Mickey Moody Reimbursements
Thomas R. O'Brien
Miscellaneous "P"
Profit by Air
Miscellaneous "R"
Riverside Press-Earl Thomas
Miscellaneous "S"
STC of Houston
Sam Office Furniture Company
Tiny Skaggs Music
Southern Arts Music
Southwest Electronics
Southwestern Bell
3M Company
Wallace Engraving
Miscellaneous "T"
Texas Lighting Products
Tex-Pack Express
Thomason Cabinets
Miscellaneous: "X, Y, Z"
96-384/105 (06195150) Spring Branch Bank
FOX (R-465.02)
Miscellaneous-Royalties from Harvey Fox (R-465.03)
Harvey Fox Agency-answered correspondence (R-465.01)
Miscellaneous royalty report-various companies
Columbia Pictures Publications (R-465.07)
Canada (R-465.08)
Chappell (R-465.09)
Morley (r-465.11)
Warner Communications (R-465.12)
GRT Corporation (R-465.13)
Pickwick International (R-465.14)
RCA (R-465.15)
Broadcast Music, Incorporated (R-465.16)
CMRRA (R-465.17)
Specials (R-465.18)
Columbia Special Products (R-465.20)
BMD-Crazy Cajun (R-465.25)
Scorpio Productions, Incorporated (R-465.22)
Flat River Entertainment-royalty statements (R-465.26)
Grand Prize Music-royalty statements (R-465.27)
BMD-grand music (R-465.28)
Fox agree-Swamp Music-royalty statements (R-465.29)
BMD-Huey P. Meaux-royalty statements (R-465.30)
Burlington Palace Music Group (R-465.31)
BMD-Barbara Linda Ozen statements (R-465.32)
BMD-Alton J. Valier statements (R-465.33)
96-384/106 (06195081) Texas Sanitation Industries, incorporated
T-Bird pool
Checks entered:
April - May 1991
October 30 - December 31, 1991
Accounting, printouts, 1992
96-384/107 (06195183) Red Stick Music (456)
Register of copyrights-correspondence (457)
Mira Smith (494)
Val Lindsey (1985)
Flesch (Big Tree)
Broadcast Music Incorporated (181)
Crazy Cajun with Broadcast Music Incorporated (253)
Crazy Cajun-Broadcast Music Incorporated-correspondence (241)
Broadcast Music Incorporated (180)
Original-Crazy Cajun-Broadcast Music Incorporated Agreements (189)
Low note-Broadcast Music Incorporated royalties
Low Note Publishing-Broadcast Music Incorporated correspondence (193)
Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) (190B):
Huey P. Meaux (190A)
Catalog-Crazy Cajun Publishing Company
Huey Meaux Copyrights Form "U" (227)
Publishing numbers Issued (192)
The Harry Fox Agency, Incorporated
ABC/DOT through 1975 (137)
Miscellaneous correspondence COM (229)
Basin Publishing Broadcast Music Incorporated (232)
96-384/107 (06195183) Crazy Cajun Music with Anagon Music Publishers NV (251)
Excellence Music Company (273)
HPM-CCM (246)
Crazy Cajun Music:
Copyright information (254)
Correspondence (244)
96-384/108 (06194974) Used checks, 1963
Forward Times Newspaper, May 2 and May 23, 1970
Artists Unlimited-accounts paid
Cash receipts and miscellaneous, 1965
Miscellaneous accounts paid
Apollo promotions
Telephone call's file #2
Music Building keys
Music Unlimited
Pepsi Machine
Promotion-Steve O'Donohoe
Accounts payable-Huey P. Meaux Productions
Telephone calls
Deposit slips (all accounts)
Accounts Paid:
Recording service studios, incorporated
Music building account
Expense reports
Long distance calls
96-384/109 (06194996) Business correspondence, 1951-1953; 1970
Legal records, insurance papers, deeds, barber licenses, pardon, 1949-1956; 1976-1977
Notes, addresses, business cards, ca. 1952; 1970
Personal photographs and negatives, ca. 1949-1970
Promotional photographs and studio shots, ca. 1965-1970
Larry Meaux: correspondence, tax records, receipts, 1953-1954
Mabel Meaux: personal photographs, ca. 1948-1985
Mabel Meaux: photos of Huey in army, Germany, 1947
Mabel Meaux: personal photographs from Huey in Germany
Mabel Meaux: personal photographs, 1977-1983
Mabel Meaux: music related clippings
Mabel Meaux: financial records, 1974; 1983
Mabel Meaux: correspondence, 1975-1983; no date
Mabel Meaux: printed material, 1975-1980
Hilda Meaux: correspondence, 1967
Hilda Meaux: correspondence, January-June, 1968
Hilda Meaux: correspondence, July-October, 1968
Hilda Meaux: correspondence, November-December, 1968; No date, 1968
Hilda Meaux: correspondence, January-April, 1969
Hilda Meaux: correspondence, May-June, August, 1969; No date, 1969
Hida Meaux: correspondence; Christmas and other cards, 1970-1973
Hilda Meaux: insurance papers, 1970-1972
Unknown ledger, ledger page, 1948; 1951
Voices of Hope and Memory, correspondence, 1953-1954
Newspapers and magazines
96-384/110 (6757013) Pewee Maddux's suggested songs for Freddie Fender
Business correspondence, 1977-1980
Houston records, memorandum, various income tax returns, 1969-1972
Crazy Cajun:
Music publishers royalty statements, 1969-1970
Finances, 1968
Ledgers and accounts, May-June 1969
Three Dog Night promotional material
Audit files and income tax returns, 1964-1969
Income tax returns:
Franchise returns, 1963-1968
Accounts and ledgers:
Marshall and Morris' legal correspondence, 1969
Marshall and Morris' correspondence, 1968
Harry Fox's collections
Inventory, catalog notes, correspondence
Social Security file, 1965
Grits and Gravy Productions, Pretty Eyes Productions
Recording Service Studios income tax file
Low Note publishing franchise tax file, 1967
Music Enterprises:
Journal vouchers:
January-April 1969
May 1969
June 1969
Income tax return, 1960
Audit file, 1965-1968
Franchise tax report, 1966
Social Security file
Accounting problems
Huey P. Meaux income tax file
Gulf Coast, IBM, Tanner `n' Texas, Diner's Club
New York State Department of Labor Unemployment Insurance, 1972
Miscellaneous tax information, Mercury Records Handbook
Huey P. Meaux:
Income tax file
Social Security file
C. B. radio manual
96-384/111 (6757024) U. S. Department of Commerce, correspondence, tax forms, 1968
Highway use tax returns [form 2290], July 1
Crazy Cajun accounts payable, 1970
Bayou State, taxes and work sheets, 1969
Harry Fox, 1969
Crazy Cajun Music, BMI contact, 1969
Receipts and letters, September 1969 - February 1970
F. Y. E., 1966, 1967, September 30, 1968
Check stubs, June 11, 1968 - September 22, 1969
Bank statements, unopened letters, 1970-1971
Tribe Records, income tax file
Low Note Music Company, Inc.
Music Enterprises, Inc.:
AMPEX corporation agreement
Bayou State Productions
Bob McRee
Deposits, unpaid bills, 1970
Huey Meaux:
Personal matters
Tax returns to be filed
The Hombres
Income tax returns, 1968
KEG Ventures Corporation
Mercury records, miscellaneous statements
Mississippi tax matters
Payroll taxes, 74-1563144, 1970
Republic analysis
Royalty statements receipts, F. Y. E., September 30, 1972
Tony Calder
Huey P. Meaux:
Bayou State Productions, ledgers, 1968
D/B/N Crazy Cajun Music Company, 1968
European record distribution
Jackson, Mississippi
Bayou State Productions, 1970
M and M fee contract
Crazy Cajun, Edwin H. Morris and Company Limited
McRee matter
Royalties and Bob McRee, foreign
Delinquent taxes, 1969-1970
Assumption of land, Harris County, October 1976
State tax guide, Texas, 1976
To be discussed with Huey
Nigel Morgan
Crazy Cajun, mechanical copyright protection society, limited
Royalty statements receipts, Crazy Cajun, 1972
G. B. Dewees, Meaux, Jackson, Mississippi



2.325/OD 17 Personal posters, music promotional posters, construction blueprints of an unknown house; Music Enterprises Recording Studio (1971)
Mississippi River Pipeline Crossing (1960)
3So93 Music event promotional posters, Spanish album cover preliminaries, Freddy Fender album cover preliminaries, B. J. Thomas album cover preliminary, other album cover preliminaries, Freddy Fender promotional materials
2H390 Crazy Cajun Records receipts, canceled checks, 1962
Crazy Cajun Records tax materials
Correspondence and miscellany, ca. 1960s and undated
Includes photographs
Receipts, canceled checks, 1961-1963
Airline passenger tickets, 1962.
Meaux Barber Shop flyer, ca. 1950s
Freddy Fender, promotional photo and booklet
Printed materials
Old Kentucky Moon sheet music
KFPTfolio, February 1974
Photographs, bulk 1988