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University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

A Guide to the Ann W. Richards Papers, Part 03

Descriptive Summary

CreatorRichards, Ann W.
TitleAnn W. Richards Papers, 1933-2000 [Part 3].
RepositoryDolph Briscoe Center for American History,The University of Texas at Austin


Arrangement (Gubernatorial Records/Staff and Office Files)

   Research Division Files:
   State Preservation Board Files
   Legislative Liaison's Files

Administrative Information

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Ann W. Richards Papers, 1933-2000, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Collection


Research Division Files:

Christie Bourgeois' Files, 1986-1995,
(15 ft.).
Scope and Contents of Christie Bourgeois' Files
Records are clippings, printed material, publications, correspondence, legislation, and other research materials, dating from 1986-1995. These are the files of Christie Bourgeois, who served as the Director of Research for Governor Ann Richards. The Research Division was created as a division of the Office of the Governor in 1992, and as Research Director, Christie Bourgeois worked closely with Policy Council staff on a variety of topics. Some files complement or overlap files created by the Policy Council. Subjects include juvenile justice, education, the environment, crime, the economy, legislation, transportation, base closures, welfare reform, and the budget. Files are arranged in no particular order, although similar subjects are grouped together. Clipping files are arranged alphabetically by topic.
96-147/4(04913275)Research Director Christie Bourgeois' Files:
Environmental correspondence, 1991-1994
Environment promises and accomplishments, 1990-1991, 1993
96-147/5(04858541)Texas Youth Commission, Golden Triangle State School,
South Texas, border initiative, 1993
Federal Police Corps Program, 1989-1993
Texas Crime Reports, 1988-1993
Wisconsin Welfare Reform, 1993-1994
Border affairs, 1993
Base closures, 1994
Texas delegation, U.S. 103rd Congress and Texas State 73rd Legislature
Newsclippings, 1993-1994
96-147/6(04858381)Juvenile justice/Juvenile crime, correspondence, 1993-1994
Texas Youth Commission
Texas Juvenile Probation Commission
96-147/6B(97674250)Youth violence, 1994
Child support reform
Delinquency prevention
Violence in schools/Zero tolerance
Guns in schools
Gang prevention
Campus safety initiatives
Juvenile crime/juvenile justice articles
Preventing youth violence
National conference
School violence, 1991-1994
National Council of the Churches of Christ
Schools and communities
Articles and reports
Guns in schools
Texas Juvenile Probation Commission, 1994
Juvenile delinquency prevention
Juvenile crime vs. adult crime
Texas juvenile law
Articles on base closures, 1994
[Confidential item removed to 95-019/805b and RESTRICTED]
Texas Commission on Children and Youth, 1994
Texas Youth Commission, 1991-1994
Juvenile justice plan
Character education, 1993-1994
Program incorporating social values in classrooms
Violence articles, 1994
Youth report documentation, 1994
Juvenile Justice, costs/budgets, 1994
Safe House, Dallas program, undated
HB 541, Schechter's Firearm Bill, 1994
Family Code Committee, 1994
Chris Harris newsletter, June 1994
"Reducing Juvenile Crime"
Education, 1986, 1991
TAAS [Texas Assessment of Academic Skills] testing
Texas School Dropout Survey Project
School finance
Texas State Teachers Association (TSTA)
Public schools, test scores and standards
House Research Organization reports
Summary of Special Session Legislation, October 24, 1991
Vetoes of Legislation, 72nd legislature, June 28, 1991
96-147/6(04858381)Policy Council, Transportation Issues:
Accomplishments, 1993
Wright Amendment, 1993
Wise County
Dallas, 1994
Abilene, Texas, 1993
Arlington, 1994
Austin, 1994
Bay City, 1993
Beaumont, Texas, Jefferson County, 1993-1994
Beeville, 1994
Big Bend Area, 1994
Border, 1994
Bryan/College Station, 1994
Cameron County, 1994
Carthage, 1993
Clear Lake Area, Houston and Galveston Counties, 1993
Corpus Christi, Texas, 1994
Denison, Information Center, Highway 75, 1993
City of Denton, 1994
Eagle Pass, 1994
96-147/7(04858224)East Texas, 1993-1994
El Paso, 1993-1994
Ennis, Ellis County, 1994
Fort Worth, Tarrant County, 1994
Freer, 1994
Frisco, 1994
Gainsville, 1993
Galveston, Galveston County, 1994
Grayson County, 1994
Harlingen, 1994
Houston, 1994
Huntsville, 1994
Kingsville, 1994
Lake Worth, 1994
Longview, Gregg County, 1994
Lubbock Area, 1994
Midland/Odessa, 1994
Mt. Vernon, 1994
Pharr/Reynosa, 1993-1994
Plano, 1994
San Angelo, 1994
San Antonio, 1994
Temple, 1992-1994
Texarkana, 1993
Uvalde County, 1994
Valley Area/South Texas, 1994
Victoria, 1994
Waco district, 1994
Wichita Falls, Wichita County, 1994
Briefing memos, 1994:
Colorado City
San Antonio
State events, Policy Council, 1994
Environmental correspondence, Ann Richards signature files, February 1-September 10, 1994
95-263/G4(04928410)Christie Bourgeois/Policy Council files:
Welfare reform, children, and people with disabilities, 1993-1994
Ann Richards' accomplishments
Welfare programs in Texas
Aid to Families of Dependent Children Waiver
Benefits available in Texas
Poverty income guidelines
Aid to Families of Dependent Children program
Food stamp program
School lunches
Women, Infants, and Children Nutrition Program (WIC)
Wisconsin Work Not Welfare project
Housing programs
American Public Welfare Association report, 1994
Republican Welfare Bill
Welfare Reform Leadership Team
Child care
Welfare reform, other states
National Conference of State Legislators
"The Child Care Guarantee in Welfare Reform"
Health and Human Services newsletter on welfare
The Crime Bill, 1993-1994
Legislative report, 103rd Congress, "The Crime Bill and its Impact on Texas," Conference report, 1994
103rd Congress, "Major Legislation Introduced that Impacts Texas Department of Criminal Justice"
Crime Bill's impact on Texas prison system
Defense base closure statewide strategy meeting, Austin, Texas, 1994
Texas Research League, 1990; 1992-1994
Study of Texas Courts, 1990
Analysis newsletters, 1992-1994
"The Budget in Brief," May-July 1992; December 1992
95-263/G4(04928410)Welfare reform, 1994
Project Quest
97-185/2(07674320)American Disabilities Act, articles, 1992
Base closures, Ann Richards' accomplishments, 1991-1993
Border issues, 1992-1993
Federal funds, 1993
Ann Richards' budget and legislation proposals, 1993
Ann Richards' budget, undated
"Ten Strategies for Common Sense"
Texas Performance Review, undated
Statistics and priorities, 1993-1995
How it Works, 1991-1995
Casey Project [mental health for urban children], 1993-1994
Ann Richards' criminal justice legislation, 1991-1993
Ann Richards' crime package/Texas Most Watched program, 1994
Ann Richards' crime speeches, 1991-1993
Juvenile crime, 1991-1994
Schools: Violence and Society, 1994
Dan Morales' Juvenile Justice Plan, 1994
Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Advisory Board, 1991
Tony Fabelo on juvenile crime prevention, 1994
Juvenile Justice Task Force, 1992 and undated
Ann Richards' plan
"Zero Tolerance" for school violence, 1994
Juvenile Justice, 1993-1994
Communities in Schools [dropout prevention program
Governor's Juvenile Justice Plan budget, 1994
Operation Safe Home [fighting crime in public housing], 1994
Prisons and paroles
"Punishment Reform in the New Texas", 1994 and undated
State jail system [implementation of], 1993
Charles Harold Hughes case [parole eligibility], 1994
Truth in sentencing [of criminals]/Early parole, 1993-1994
Michael Blair case
Prisons, 1994
New Penal Code
Construction and capacity
Economic recovery strategy, Deece Eckstein and Carl Richie, 1992
Smart Jobs Fund [workforce training], 1992
Work force preparations programs, 1993 and undated
Texas Department of Commerce, undated
Economic development services
Ann Richards' education plan, undated
Innovations in New York schools, articles, 1992
Education Commissioner Lionel "Skip" Meno, 1993
Education issues and accomplishments
School finance, 1993
SB. 7, School Finance Bill
Judge McCown's ruling on school finance
School property tax relief, undated
School Budget, 1992-1993
Franchise Tax, 1990-1991 and undated
Health Policy Task Force, 1992-1993
Immigration, 1993-1994
Insurance, 1991-1994
Memoranda and correspondence, 1992-1994
Base closures
Biographical, Christie Bourgeois
Criminal justice legislation signed by Governor Richards
Travel briefings
Unclaimed property
Youth Summit
NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement], 1991-1993
Nursing homes, 1992
Policy Council staff meeting notes, 1991-1992
Press briefings, Ann Richards, 1994
Product liability [see also tort reform], 1992
Speech to Texas police chiefs, 1994
Sunset Advisory Commission, 1993
Ann Richards, abolish Sunset Commission article
Public Utility Commission Sunset Bill
Telecommunications articles, 1993
Tort reform, [see also product liability] 1992-1994
Personal injury lawsuits
Product liability
Transportation accomplishments [Rio Grande Valley], 1994
Welfare reform, 1993-1994
Reform strategies
Youth summits, 1994
Youth Summit speeches, 1993-1994
97-185/5(06839162)Higher Education Briefing Book, Vol. I-II, 1993
Governor Richards' record on higher education
Articles and press releases
Speeches and awards
Future developments
Workforce Briefing Book, 1993
Governor Richards' record on workforce development
Articles and press releases
Speeches and awards
Future developments
Base Realignment and Closure Task Force (BRAC), 1994
BRAC 1995 strategy retreat
"Creating Jobs," issues book, Governor Ann Richards, 1993
Governor Richards' record on creating jobs
Articles and press releases
Speeches and awards
Future developments
"Fighting Crime," issues book, Governor Ann Richards, 1993
Governor Richards' record on crime
Articles and press releases
Speeches and awards
Future developments
Public Education Briefing Book, Vol. I-II, 1993
Governor Richards' record on public education
Articles and press releases
Speeches and awards
Future developments
Criminal Justice Briefing Book, 1993
Governor Richards' record on crime
Articles and press releases
Speeches and awards
Future developments
Leadership Texas, 1990
Major Issues of the 72nd Legislature, Regular Session, No. 174, House Research Organization, 1991
Redistricting for the Nineties: A Progress Report, No. 175, House Research Organization, 1992
Major Issues of the 73rd Legislature, Regular Session, No. 185, House Research Organization, 1993
Report to the 74th Legislature [on her term as governor], Governor Ann Richards, 1995
Blueprint for the New Texas, Governor Ann Richards, 1991
Building from the Blueprint: A Plan for Texas State Government, Governor Ann Richards, 1991
State of the State Address, Governor Ann Richards, 1991
97-185/6(06839173)News Summaries, newsclippings, May 31-August, 1991
Office of Budget and Planning, 1991-1994
Dale Craymer outgoing memos
Capital Project operating costs
Cost cutting/budget cuts
Teacher pay raises
School funding
Emergency grants
Killer bees
Budget reform
Council on Competitive Government
Texas budget
Weekly status reports
Carl Richie correspondence:
African-Americans/Minorities, 1992-1994
Report, overrepresentation of minority youth in the Texas juvenile justice system
Department of Public Safety, minority hiring and promotions
Ecumenical Program for Urban Service
National Conference of Christians and Jews
Racist behavior of college students
Texas Legislative Black Caucus
Post-Apartheid Corporate Social Responsibility Leadership Council
Texas National Guard investigation
National Medical Association
Meetings with African-American leaders
Houston community
Jesse Jackson
Texas Commission on Human Rights
Incoming correspondence, 1991-1994
Biography, Carl Richie
Governor's Good School Plan
Hurricane preparedness
Water quality
Council on Competitive Government
Minority representation in criminal justice system
MIA [Minorities in Action]
Higher education
Child Support
Super Conducting Supercollider
"Accomplishments and Next Steps," Governor Ann Richards, 1994
Policy Council, Border issues, 1993
Briefing Notebook on Immigration
Ann Richards' Strengths and Weaknesses, news articles, 1991-1993
Department of Commerce/Richard Moya
Crime, guns, prisons
Ethics/political use of state property
96-263/G4(04928410)Travel briefing book, March 1992
Ann Richards accomplishments, press releases, public appearances, 1991-1993 and undated
Report, House Research Organization, Major Issues of the 73rd Legislature, Regular Session, 1993
96-378/A2(07145806)Gubernatorial newsclippings, issues, 1990-1991:
Crime rate
Juvenile probation
Legislature analysis, 1991
Criticism [of legislators]
Concealed handguns
Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)
Foreign trade
Health care
Martin Luther King, Jr., birthday
No pass-no play
Sexual assault
Speed limit
Parole system
Persian Gulf War
Prison crowding
Prison reform/Legislation
Richards on Crime/Prisons
Ruiz suit [prison crowding]
School finance
Sodomy law
State water plan
Texas Water Commission
TAAS test
Texas Department of Commerce
Texas Railroad Commission
Tough problems, 1991 session
Campaign finance
Economic development
Earth Day
Oil spills
Government restructuring
Sunset law
Health Education
Highway agency reforms
House Calendars Committee
Judicial reform
Killer bee problem
Mental health, mental retardation
Product liability
Public Education
Richards, Ann
State Insurance Board
Tuition refunds to armed forces members called to duty
Workers Compensation
96-378/A4(06839151)Gubernatorial newsclippings, issues, 1990-1991, 1993, 1995
Budget deficit, 1991
2nd session budget
Bureaucracy busting
Business vs. lawyers
Capitol restoration
Committee assignments, Senate
Energy/Oil spill
Film Commission
Health and Human Services Department
Higher education
Hiring freeze
Income tax
Mental Health Mental Retardation Lawsuit
National Guard
Nursing homes
Oil response bill
Public Utility Commission
South Texas Higher Education lawsuit
State agencies
State of the State Address
State/Federal matters
Substance abuse
Texas History, Personalities, and Politics:
Bullock, Bob
Clements, Bill
Analysis of
Hobby, Bill
Lewis, Gib, "The Gibster indicted again"
Mattox, Jim
Parker, Carl
Richards, Ann
History/color [First year as Governor]
Inauguration as Governor
Sharp, John
Staff, Governor's Office
Queen Elizabeth's visit
97-185/3(06839195)Publications, plans, reports:
Against the Grain: High-Quality Low-Cost Government for Texas, Vol. I-II, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, 1993
The Changing Face of Texas. Texas Through the Year 2026: Economic Growth, Cultural Diversity, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, 1992
Higher Education Finance Issues in the Early 1990s, Arthur M. Hauptman, 1993
"Report of the Governor's Task Force on Domestic Violence," June 1994
Issues and Strategies in Systematic Reform, Susan H. Fuhrman and Diane Massell, 1992
Funding Schools and Universities: Improving Productivity and Equity, Allan Odden and William Massy, 1992
"Crime in Texas," 1983-1986, 1989-1993
Governors Office Planning Session, May 1992
Guide to Texas State Agencies, 7th edition, LBJ School of Public Affairs, UT Austin, 1992
Texas School Law Bulletin, Texas Education Agency, 1992
Texas Family Code, 1994
The Book of the States, Vol. 29, 1992 - 1993 edition
"Supplement to Senate Journal, Text of Senate Bill No. 5 and Governor's Veto Proclamation," 1993
97-185/4(06839184)Forces of Change, Vol. I-II, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, 1993
Fiscal Size Up, Biennium, Texas State Services, Legislative Budget Board 1992-1993
Breaking the Mold: New Ways to Govern Texas, Vol. I-II, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, 1991
Gaining Ground: Progress and Reform in Texas Government, Vol. I-II, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, 1994
Texas Juvenile Law, 3rd edition, Texas Juvenile Probation Commission, 1993
Recommendations to the Governor of Texas and Members of the 73rd Legislature Sunset Advisory Commission, 1993
Texas Health Care: New Directions, Report and Executive Summary, Texas Health Policy Task Force, 1992
Border Economic Development Task Force, Final Report and Recommendations, 1986
Working for Texas: The Governor's Policy Budget, 1994-1995
Safeguarding the Future. A Call to Action: Programs that Work, The Governor's Statewide Youth Summit, 1994
The 1996 Criminal Justice Plan for Texas, Office of the Governor, 1995
Technos: Quarterly for Education and Technology, Agency for Instructional Technology, Vol. 3, No. 4 Winter 1994,
The Texas Science and Mathematics Renaissance, Final Proposal of the National Science Foundation Statewide Systematic Initiative, 1991
A Bibliography of Texas Government and Politics, Policy Research Institute, 1985
Action for Texas Children: Trends and Influences in Child and Family Policy, Institute of Human Development and Family Studies, 1993
Texas Weekly, 1991-1993
Texas State Management Development Center, First Level Management Center, 1980
97-185/7(06839140)The American Political System: A Radical Approach, 3rd edition, Edward S. Greenberg, 1983
America, Russia, and the Cold War, 3rd edition, Walter LaFeber, 1945-1975, 1976
A History of American Foreign Policy, Vol. II, Since 1900, Jerald A. Combs, 1986
Texas Legislative Handbook, 72nd Session, 1991-1992
Roster, Texas 73rd Legislature, 1993-1994
Texas State Directory, 36th edition, 1993
Senate Rules, adopted by 73rd Legislature, 1993
Texas Lobby Directory, 1991
The Texas Senate, 72nd Legislature, 1991
Report of the Summerlee Commission on Texas History, 1992
Kids Count Data Book: State Profiles of Child Well-Being, The Annie E. Casey Foundation, 1994
Texas Juvenile Law, 3rd edition, Texas Juvenile Probation Commission, 1992
Strategic Plan, Partnership, Texas Juvenile Probation Commission, 1992-1998, 1992
Summary of 1991 Special Session Legislation, No. 173, House Research Organization, 1991
How a Bill Becomes a Law: Rules for the 73rd Legislature, House Research Organization, No. 180, 1993
Vetoes of Legislation 73rd Legislature, No. 183, House Research Organization, 1993
Criminal Justice Report to the 73rd Legislature of Texas, Criminal Justice Division, Office of the Governor, 1993
"Crime in Texas," Uniform Crime Reporting Crime Records Division, Texas Department of Public Safety, 1987
The New Texas Schools: A Progress Report to the People of Texas, Governor Ann Richards, 1992
Senate Interim Committee on Domestic Violence, Report to the 74th Legislature, 1994
Criminal Justice Trends in Texas: Overview by Race, Sentencing Dynamics Study, Report 4, Criminal Justice Policy Council, 1992
Bloated state government/waste in governmental spending, Correspondence and clippings, 1992
Research division, 1992
Memoranda and weekly reports
Newsletters, 1993-1994


State Preservation Board Files, 1989-1995
(8 ft.).

Scope and Contents of the State Preservation Board Files
Records are correspondence, memoranda, agenda, minutes, budget material, agreements, studies, strategic plans, project manuals, printed material, bids, contracts, reports, audit reports, timelines, brochures, forms, and a few color photographs dating from 1989-1995. These are the files of Governor Richards, who served as chairman of the State Preservation Board, and the Governor's Office staff representative to the board. Records relate to the Capitol expansion, interior and exterior restoration of the Capitol, and restoration of the Old General Land Office Building. Subjects covered include problems with contractors, wage rate issues, board meetings, furnishings, development of the Capitol Complex Visitor's Center, and administration of the restoration and expansion project and the agency. Files contain correspondence and memos from Dealey Herndon, executive director of the Preservation Board, and Allen McCree, Architect of the Capitol. Included are agenda and minutes for the Permanent Advisory Committee to the State Preservation Board, and reports of the Governor's Advisory Committee on the Capitol Restoration and Expansion Project. Ben Delgado (and later Chris Howe) served as the Governor's staff representative to the board. Some material contains notations by Governor Richards. Records are arranged in the order received.
95-019/862(05262795)State Preservation Board Files:
Contracts, 1989-1993
State Preservation Board, 1991-1992
Lawsuit filed by city regarding street closures
Wage rate issues
Victoria Air
Governor's Advisory Committee on the Capitol Restoration and Expansion Project
Audits by Office of State Auditor
Construction activities
Management audit
Wage audit on Capitol Renovation Project
[State Auditor's working papers exception to public disclosure, removed to 97-185/1 and RESTRICTED]
Board meeting agendas and issues
Progress report, by David Stauch July 1991,
State Preservation Board Funds and Management Report, Submitted to Executive and Legislative Budget Offices FY 1991,
HB 55, regarding State Preservation Board
Restoration Project funding
95-019/884(05255199)Agendas of State Preservation Board meetings
April 3, 1991
May 13, 1991
May 22, 1991
July 1, 1991
Audits, 1989, 1991
[State Auditor's working papers exception to public disclosure, removed to 97-185/1 and RESTRICTED]
Office of the State Auditor
Performance report
Follow-up report on the management control process of the State Preservation Board
Briefing report to the State Preservation Board
Agendas with meeting materials
October 18, 1991
October 31, 1991
November 21, 1991
April 15, 1992
July 31, 1992
State Preservation Board strategic plan 1992-1998, 1992
Permanent Advisory Committee agenda, April 14, 1992
Capitol Interior Restoration Project
Constructors/Structure Tone, 1991
List of sub-bidders
Timeline for pre-qualifying, [199?]
Alternates, 1991
Estimated costs for extra work
Organization chart, 1991
Encaustic tile, 1991
Spaw-Glass, 1991
List of sub-bidders
Bullock correspondence, 1991
Charter, 1991
List of sub-bidders
Contractors qualification form, 1989
Letters to and from Preservation Board, 1991
Letters to Ann Richards, 1991
Preservation Board, 1991
Supreme Courtroom and Criminal Appeals Courtroom restorations, 1991
Preservation Update, November 1991
Second Pre-Bid Sub-Contractors, 1991
Letter of recommendation for Spaw-Glass bid, 1991
Spaw-Glass bidder qualification statement certification for Texas State Capitol Interior Preservation
Governor's space, 1993-1994
Architectural drawings
Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency
Act / Grounds [re: grant proposal], 1993-1994
Statewide Transportation Enhancement program
Statute, 1993
Legislative issues affecting State Preservation Board
Liquor license
Fundraising for Historic Courtroom Restoration, 1994
Smoking [in Capitol], 1993
Architectural drawings
General Services Commission, 1993
Extension, 1992-1994
[Photographs of construction on tunnel entrance removed]
Capitol Salvage Auction, 1994
Press, 1993-1994
Interior restoration
Office moves
Audit of management controls at State Preservation Board 1993-1994
State Preservation Board space allocation, 1994
Cafeteria, 1993
Event scheduling
Partitions, 1993
Department of Public Safety, 1993-1994
Office space
parking garage
Substantial completion, 1992-1994
Historical spaces, 1993
Project scope and agenda
Architectural drawings
Capitol Furnishings Project, [199?]
95-019/864(05262999)Request for Legislative Appropriations, FY 1996 - FY 1997, 1994
Building Care Study for Capitol, Capitol Extension and the Old General Land Building, 1994
Events and exhibits at Capitol, 1993-1994
Data system, 1992, 1994
Great Walk [of Donor names] / Terrazo [on South Porch], 1992
Capitol Paver Project
Fundraiser by Capitol Committee
Agency strategic plan draft for 1995-1999, 1994
Request for Legislative Appropriations for FY 1996 - FY 1997 draft, 1994
[2 copies]
Budget request draft for FY 1996 and 1997, 1994
Budget, 1991-1993
LoanSTAR loan on the Capitol
Restoration funds
Cost reports
Funds from General Land Office budget
Preservation Board request for appropriations for FY 1994-1995
Budget summary report
Budget hearing
Progress reports, February-May 1992
Texas Capitol Preservation Journal, Vol. 1, Issue 2 February 1991,
Furniture, 1991-1994
Capitol Extension Furnishings Project
Schedule and updates
University of Texas participation
Donations of furniture
Dispute, State Preservation Board and Daughters of the Republic of Texas (ownership of furniture)
Various correspondence, 1992-1993
Biographical sketch of architect Everett Fly
Outside counsel contracts
Dispute with Daughters of the Republic of Texas
Restoration press
Monuments on Capitol grounds
Painting Capitol roof and dome
Annual fire inspection report
San Saba painting
City of Austin lawsuit, 1992
Street closures
Timeline, 1992
Bid schedule
Legal, 1992
Bidding and contractors
Correspondence with Governor Richards
Reports of Governor's Advisory Committee on the Capitol Restoration and Expansion Project
Meeting agenda
Organization charts of Interior Restoration of Capitol
Tunnel, 1992
Second level tunnel work
Change order
General Land Office Building of 1857, Master plan and historic structure report, 1989
State Preservation Board strategic plan for 1992-1998, 1992
Bids, 1992
Senate chamber, 1992
Use of chamber for special session
Effects of special session in the Senate Chamber
Cost analysis
Architects contract, 1991-1992
Agreements between State Preservation Board and Architect
Architectural fees
F. David Nelson, P.E., Electrical Engineering Consultants, Inc., 1992
Capitol Project field report and inspection
"It's Your Capitol, Texas!" (A program to marshal private support for the Texas Capitol Restoration), 1992
Clippings, 1991
Capitol Restoration Project
Texas Peace Officers' Memorial Design Competition, 1992
General conditions for Capitol Interior Renovation Project and architects contract, 1992
Change order proposal
City of Austin lawsuit
Uniform General Conditions for Building Construction Contracts, 1992
Employee drug testing policy
Advisory Group review of special conditions
[Attorney General's confidential correspondence on Uniform General Conditions removed to 97-185/1 and RESTRICTED]
Chris Howe's notes, undated
Prequalification of Contractors and Subcontractors, 1992
Qualifications and litigation information on contractors
Letter agreement, Interior Preservation re-bidding, 1992
State Preservation Board and 3D/International and Ford, Powell and Carson
Inspectors, 1992
[Confidential resumes removed to 97-185/1 and RESTRICTED]
State Preservation Board staff, 1991-1992
Phone list
Organizational chart
[Confidential resume removed to 97-185/1 and RESTRICTED]
Press space, 1991
Capitol press corps space in Capitol
Bid documents, 1991
Invitations and instructions for bidders
Prequalification guidelines
Bid forms
"Avoiding and Resolving Disputes During Construction", 1991
Preservation Board meeting agendas, July-August, 1992; July 1993
Authority of Executive Director, 1992
Permanent Advisory Committee meeting agendas:
January 16, 1991
November 3, 1992
State Preservation Board office policy and procedures manual, 1991
Job descriptions, Finance Director, undated
95-019/883(05258776)Texas Capitol Preservation and Extension Project, October 1991-January 1992
Printed material
Project brochure
State Preservation Board newsletter, Preservation Update, November 1991
Visitors' maps of interior of Capitol
Construction map
Air testing
SB 3, legal services for state agencies
Proposals for interior preservation contract
Guidelines for revising bid documents
Capitol salute to Texas troops
Final operating plan
Extension furnishings project update
Operation restoration support
Fire protection
Architectural support
Contract for interior preservation
Resume of M. Allen McCree, Architect of the Capitol, 1992
Construction reports [for interior], 1992-1994
Fundraising, 1993-1994
Press conferences
Goals and timelines
Capitol interior and exterior work, 1992-1994
Building requirements
Management reports
Capitol Restoration Project expenditures
Miscellaneous, Capitol events, divisions, and renovations, 1992-1994
Individual additions and repairs to Capitol
Awards and memorials
Congress Avenue tree lighting ceremony
Capitol travel Information Center
Light rail
Warehouse lease agreement
Response to annual fire report
Construction of Capitol tunnels
Photodocumentation plan
Visitor's Center, 1993-1994
Executive staff agendas, 1992-1994
Public opening, 1992-1994
Ribbon cutting ceremony
Rededication Week
Signage, 1994
Ground floor plan
Room renumbering schedule
Trash receptacles, 1993-1994
Contributions and fundraising for purchase
Style and type
Parking, 1992-1994
Parking spaces assignments
Parking recommendations
Contracting issues/Capital schedule, 1994
Project updates
Ironworkers strike
BECK Program
Correspondence between Governor Richards and Chris Howe
Capitol impact/Change orders, 1993-1994
Change order reports
Spaw Glass claim settlement
Delay claim, 1992-1994
Claim settlements
Open records requests
Public restrooms
Fire safety issues, 1993-1994
Fire protection program
Fire alarms
Fire inspection report
[General] Land Office, 1990-1993
Use of restored building
Capitol Giftshop
Catalog of gifts
Capitol Complex Visitors Center and Texas History Gallery
Museum operation and budget
Museum task force and advisory committee
Agendas and updates
Floor plans
Community Revitalization Award
Clipping on the San Jacinto Monument
Requests for proposals, 1992
Job descriptions
Organizational chart
Hiring procedures and timeline
Audits/Heery report, 1991-1992
Instructions for Preparing the Self-Evaluation Report to the Sunset Advisory Commission, 1993
Follow-up on the State Auditor's Office Financial Related Audit of August 1991, October 1992
Payroll audit of contractors for Capitol Exterior
Restoration Project
Uniform General Conditions and Supplementary General Conditions for State of Texas Building Construction Contracts
Building Care Study for Capitol, Capitol Extension, and the Old General Land Office Building, 1994
Move schedules, 1992-1993
Floor maps
Capitol Move team members
State Preservation Board statutes and rules, 1985-1991
General policies of the Board
Texas Capitol Preservation Move Handbook, Office of the Governor, 1992-1993
Texas State Capitol Preservation and Extension Move Plan
Move schedule
Moves 5 through 21
General information
New room codes
Floor plans
95-019/924(05260440)Culinaire International bid for dining and catering services at the Capitol Extension, 1993
Invitation for bids for Capitol Extension Cafeteria
Project manual for interior preservation, 1991:
Volumes 2-4
Addenda 1, 4-6
95-019/860(05263073)Texas Capitol Preservation Move Handbook, 1991
Preservation issues, 1991
Compliance with historic building codes
Annual report, State Preservation Board, FY 1990
Capitol Restoration Project Staging/Sequencing Report, 1990
Legislative appropriations requests/Performance measures/Audit, 1990-1991
State Auditor's report on financial related audits of State Preservation Board
Performance and fund management reports
Requests for legislative appropriations
Agenda to State Preservation Board meetings:
[includes agenda for Permanent Advisory Committee] July 1, 1991
May 22, 1991
May 13, 1991
April 3, 1991
January 10, 1991
Wage rate/Budget information for construction projects, 1991
Policies regarding exhibits, events, memorials, and fundraising
Accomplishments and goals
Rules and regulations of the board, 1988-1991
"Management Review of the Texas State Preservation Board and the Office of the Architect", Terrell Blodgett, 1988
Statutes, Title 13, Part VII, Chapter 111
Biographical sketch of Allen McCree, Architect of the Capitol
HB 55 regarding the State Preservation Board, Architect of the Capitol and Curator of the Capitol
Open Records request for Terrell Blodgett's review of the Architect of the Capitol
Vernon's Statutes, Chapter 443, regarding State Preservation Board
State Preservation Board correspondence, 1990-1991
Monthly progress reports by Dave Stauch
Preservation Update, September 1991
Staff meetings
Handicapped access to Capitol
Capitol Furnishings Project
Statute revisions/legislation
Governor's Office space
[State Auditor's working papers on audit of State Preservation Board exception to public disclosure, removed to 97-185/1 and RESTRICTED]
Fundraising for restoration of Court of Criminal Appeals courtroom
Preservation Journal
volume 1, issue 1 September 1990,
volume 1, issue 2 February 1991,
Attorney General correspondence
Art on display in Capitol
Capitol tours
Office moves
Renovation Project schedule
Summary of renovation work
Construction costs / funding
Capitol Restoration issues
Formation of Museum Advisory Committee for Texas History Gallery
Bid proposal [for Capitol exterior preservation], 1991
Constructors & Associates
95-019/861(05263197)State Preservation Board meeting agendas
August 30, 1993
March 9, 1994
Status of the Capitol Collections, FY 1992, 1993
Annual reports by Collections Review Committee
Building Construction Contracts, Uniform General Conditions, 1989
Requirements in the General Conditions, 1992
Texas Department of Criminal Justice, 1993
Construction Manager position opening
Supreme Court Judges' portraits, 1993
Preservation Board change of policy, 1993
Request for proposals
Texas Peace Officers' Memorial Design Competition, 1992
Project manual for interior preservation, 1991
Volumes 2-3
Appointments, 1991-1992
Job descriptions, State Preservation Board staff
Preservation Update, February 1992
Selection of outside counsel, 1992
[Confidential resumes removed and RESTRICTED]
Bids, 1992
Contract, Capitol Interior Restoration, 1992
Budget reports, 1992
Daughters of the Republic of Texas dispute resolution, 1992
Painting of "The Destruction of Mission San Saba," 1992
Proposed rule changes, 1985-1991
State Auditor's Performance Report, 1993
Prison Construction in Texas
95-019/871(05262434)3D/International Project Manual for Interior Preservation, Texas State Capitol and Related Work 1991,
Volume 1, Bidders' Information Through Division 3
Volume 4, Schedules
Addenda 1-6 to contract documents
Capitol interior floor plans, 1991-1992
Governor's Office extension floor plans
William-Garrison promotional materials and correspondence, 1988; 1992-1993
Overview of Indiana State Capitol restoration, 1988
Correspondence with State Preservation Board and General
Counsel regarding Texas Capitol Restoration Project, 1992-1993
"It's Your Capitol, Texas! A program to marshal private support for the Texas Capitol Restoration", Presented by Hill and Knowlton, 1992
Hill and Knowlton printed material, undated
Capitol Interior Preservation Project Partnering Workshop, 1993
Capitol Interior Preservation Project Manager search, 1992-1993
Resignation of former project manager
Job description, interview schedule, request for proposals
Project management interviews
Proposals for Restoration Project services, 1991-1992
Agenda, initiatives, fixes, dispute prevention and resolution task force
Heery International proposal for project manager
Dal-Mac Companies proposal for project management services
Resumes and resume correspondence, 1990-1992
[Confidential material removed to 95-019/805b and RESTRICTED]
Personnel, 1991
[Confidential material removed to 95-019/805b and RESTRICTED]
Correspondence with Texas Employment Commission, 1992
Acquisition of TEC buildings in the Capitol complex
Preservation Board organization charts, 1991
Oversight committee, 1991
Timelines for Interior Preservation Project, 1991-1992
Electrical issues, 1992
Wage issues, 1991-1992, 1994
Victoria Air wage issues, 1991-1992
[2 folders]
Correspondence with Sheet Metal Workers' International Association and Charter Builders
Court decisions involving labor relations
Payroll audit of contractors for Capitol Extension Project
Conditions for Texas building construction contracts
Toilet partition issue, 1993
Request for outside counsel for the Capitol Interior Preservation Project, 1992
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1990-1992
Capitol interior and exterior renovation
Staff meetings
Individual furnishings
Appointments and interviews
Building floor and wing closures
Miscellaneous events and exhibits at the Capitol, 1994-1995


Legislative Liaison's Files, 1990-1994,
(7 ft.).

Scope and Contents of the Legislative Liaison's Files
Records are subject files relating to topics of legislation. Types of materials include correspondence, legislative bills, bill analyses, bill histories, floor reports, press releases, fiscal notes, impact statements, lists, executive orders, memos, reports, plans, printed material, clippings, speeches, newsletters, statutes, notes, proclamations, and resolutions, dating from 1991-1994. These are subject and bill files from Governor Ann Richards' legislative liaison office. Topics include criminal justice, economic development, education, the environment, federal issues, transportation, and various state agencies. Also included are bills of interest to the governor and legislation that the governor wanted sponsored. Sam Russell had replaced Jim Parker as legislative director for the Governor's Office by January 1993. Subject files are arranged alphabetically (files Fl-Pr are missing), followed by files on several state agencies. Bill files are divided between House and Senate bills and then arranged by bill number. Executive orders are in reverse numerical order.
RESTRICTION: Personnel records are confidential and were destroyed September 1, 1999.
95-019/905(05265421)Legislative Liaison's Files:
Airports, 1991-1992, 1994
Alfaro case, 1992-1993
Alimony, 1993
Apprenticeship and training, 1993
Appropriations bill (House Bill 650), 1993
Bail bonds, 1993
Burial in state cemetery procedure, 1992-1993
Business and small businesses, 1992-1994
Historically underutilized businesses, 1993-1994
Cemeteries, 1992-1993
Charitable organizations, 1993-1994
Children, 1993-1994
Child support
Child abuse
Child care
Child safety
Cigarette tax, 1993
Cities, 1992-1994
House Bill 496, Platting requirements, 1993
[Soil and Water] Conservation Board, 1993
Constitutional amendments (November 2, 1993 election), 1993-1994
Constitutional amendments (May 1, 1993 election), 1993
Constitutional revision, 1992
Proposed new Texas Constitution by Montford
Consumers, 1993
Containers [beverage], 1993
Counties, 1993-1994
[2 folders]
Credit Union League, 1993
Crime, 1991-1994
[3 folders]
Prison reform
Crime correspondence, 1992-1994
Criminal justice, 1992-1994
95-019/909(05611759)Crime (amnesty), undated
Amnesty International, printed material
Death penalty/capital punishment
Criminal Justice, Texas Department of, 1991-1994
"Employment Services for Probationers"
"Jail Backlog Projection for Fiscal Years 1993-2000"
"Offenders Sentenced Under Federal Sentencing Guidelines in Texas 1989-1993"
"Arrest and Sentencing Dynamics by Race"
"Impact Analysis of Proposed Prison Admissions Formula on State Backlog in County Jails"
Executive directory
Annual reports
Treatment Alternatives to Incarceration program
Study of sentencing practices in urban Texas in 1991
Analysis of sentencing dynamics of state jail felony offenders
Briefing on state jail felon dynamics
Organizational chart
Criminal Justice
Pardons and Paroles Division, 1992-1994
Special needs parole
Work release program
Amendment to the sex offender registration program
Organizational chart
Disability legislation, 1993-1994
Americans with Disabilities Act
Report, Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities
Disaster, State, and ongoing (flood and explosions, Houston area), October 14, 1994 1994
Requests for declarations of disaster areas
Lists of state representatives and counties affected
Federal disaster relief
Proclamations declaring disaster districts
Damage estimates
Executive order, emergency suspension of laws
Map, disaster district boundaries
Drugs, 1993
Prescription drugs issued by nurse practitioners
Schools as drug-free zones
Pharmacy practice
Placement and treatment services for youth
Legalization of marijuana
Seizure of assets
Drugs (inhalant abuse), 1993
Benzodiazepire as a controlled substance
DWI [Driving While Intoxicated] legislation, 1992-1994
Federal funds for alcohol awareness programs
Intoxication tests
MADD [Mothers Against Drunk Driving] report card
"Happy hour" regulations
Administrative License Revocation Bill
Economic development
Texas-Mexico initiative, 1992-1993
Report, "Free Trade with Mexico"
Ballot language for development corporation tax elections
The Mexican-U.S. Integrated Border Environmental Plan
Workforce development, 1992-1993
Report, "A Quality Workforce"
Live operators (instead of robots) legislation
Consolidation of workforce development programs
Economic development sales tax
Education, 1992-1994
School finance
Paddling in schools
Academic skills tests
Sex education
"Administrative Expenditures in Texas Public Colleges and Universities"
"An Analysis of Funds and Fund Balances in Texas Public Institutions of Higher Education"
Report on technical education in Texas
Proposed performance-based funding process for Texas academic institutions
Adult education, 1993
Public school attendance, 1989-1990
Education choice, 1993
Gifted and talented, 1993
High school dropouts, 1992-1993
Teen pregnancy prevention
[Oversize item removed: "Texas Summit on Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention"]
Kindergarten [empty]
Parental choice of schools [empty]
Class size, 1993
Sex education in public schools, 1993
School facilities, 1993
Texas Association of School Administrators, 1993
PTA [Parent Teacher Association], 1993
State Board of Education, 1992-1993
Teacher Retirement, 1993-1994
Teacher health insurance, 1991-1992
Vocational education, 1992-1994
Year round schools, 1993
95-019/913(05257321)Higher education, 1992-1994
Higher education (student finance), 1992-1993
Student requests, 1993
Requests for information
University of Texas at Tyler, 1993-1994
Junior college partnerships with universities
Texas A&M University, 1994
Naming of chancellor
East Texas State University, 1994
Research projects
School consolidation [of districts], 1993
Elections, 1992-1994
Results of March and April elections, 1994
Election issues
Term limits
Judicial elections
Campaign finance reform
Endangered species, 1993-1994
Energy, 1993-1994
Environment, 1990, 1993
Edwards Aquifer/Barton Springs
SB 1029, letters of support or opposition
Oil spills and water pollution
Recycling, 1993
Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, 1993-1994
Clean air, 1993
Environmental issues, 1992-1994
Water issues, 1993-1994
Edwards Aquifer
SB 14 by Parker, (Prevention of oil spills), 1991
Employment, 1991, 1993-1994
Family law, 1993
Family violence, 1993-1994
Federal matters
National Conference of State Legislatures, 1994
Americorps (community service program), 1994
NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), 1993-1994
Federal issues, 1993-1994
Superconducting Supercollider
Federal legislation
Bob Armstrong, 1993
President Bill Clinton, 1993 and undated
U.S. Corps of Engineers, 1992
Firemen, 1993-1994
Fireworks, 1993-1994
95-019/910(05611996)Public Fund Investment Act [after 1991]
Real estate, 1993
Redistricting, 1994
State employees, 1993
Personal income tax, 1993
Sales tax, 1992
State income tax, 1993
State Artist and Miss Texas, 1990-1991, 1994
Alamo jurisdiction, 1993
Border issues, 1993
Tort reform, 1992, 1994
Transit matters, 1994
Transportation code, 1994
Railroads, 1994
TU Electric, 1993-1994
Veterans, 1992-1994
Health Policy Task Force, 1992
Texas District and County Attorneys Association, 1992-1993
Attorney-General's Office, 1992
State Bar of Texas, 1992
Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners, 1992-1993
Comptroller, 1992-1994
East Texas Council of Governments, 1991-1993
General Services Commission, 1993
Texas Department of Insurance, 1992-1993
95-019/911(05257172)Proclamations/vetoes, 1991-1994
73rd sessions bills and lists, 1993
Executive orders, 1991-1994
Personnel, 1992-1994
[Confidential material removed to 97-185/1 and RESTRICTED]
95-019/907(05607332)Bills of interest to the governor, 73rd Legislature
SB 2, Alfaro/SB 4, Products liability
Correspondence, SB 2 and SB 4
SB 5, Senate appropriations
SB 13, Murder of children under 6 years
SB 25, Stalking
SB 33/HB 195, Highway district offices
SB 81, Early retirement
SB 124, Due date on dev. Corp. taxes
SB 179, Hunting in state parks
SB 155, Creation of Texas Commission on Children & Youth
SB 681, Employees of state schools
SB 1313, Trucking deregulation
Criminal justice reform bills
SB 1067, Revised Penal Code
SB 532, State Jail Legislation
HB 537, Eligibility of parole on life sentence
HB 706, Dedication of sporting goods to Parks & Wildlife Department
HB 783, Auto Theft Prevention Authority
HB 1445, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Sunset bill
HB 1587, Lottery/State Lottery Commission
HB 1776, Concealed handguns
95-019/918(05262966)Governor's bills (73rd Legislature)
SB 266, Infant and child immunization
HB 1855/SB 642, Workforce development
HB 2305, Substance abuse treatment in prisons
SB 30/EM73R, Boll weevil
HB 2055, Health insurance and small employers
SB 130, Smart Jobs Fund
HB 2456, Statewide Crime Stoppers Program
HB 2637, Film industry sales tax exempt
Emergency legislation
SB 88, Validation of government acts by cities
SB 146, Failure to perform an act, cities
SB 171, Emergency bonds for prisons
SB 278, Emergency appropriation for Air Control Board
SB 827, Emergency appropriation for Texas Judicial Council
HB 640, Emergency appropriation for Texas Forest Service


Appointments, 1990-1995,
(101.65 ft.).

Scope and Contents of the Appointments
The Governor of Texas appoints the Secretary of State, the Adjutant General, executive directors of several agencies, members of numerous state boards and commissions, ship pilots and pilot boards at ports, and regents of universities; the Governor also fills vacancies in district attorney offices, judgeships and various other posts. These files include appointment files with information about and from appointees and applicants, the files of Chris Howe, the assistant director of Governor Richards' appointments office, material concerning resignations of appointees, and reccomendations on appointees from the Texas Board of Commerce.
Appointment Files, 1990-1995,
(99.25 ft.).
Scope and Contents of the Appointment Files
Types of records include application forms, correspondence, biographical information sheets, financial statements, photographs, phone messages, questionnaires, and related materials. Records date from 1990 to 1995 and are the governor's appointments office files on nominees for appointed positions. Red dots on folder labels denote persons appointed to positions, and these files contain a full range of documents, including state appointment applications, background applications, financial statements, biographical information sheets, letters and biographical data from applicants, letters from the appointments office, letters of recommendation, letters of resignation, questionnaires, and other material supplied by the nominees, including photographs, clippings, printed material, and press releases. Folders without dots generally contain letters of interest from individuals, letters of recommendation, and letters from the appointments office noting the individual's interest in a position. Files with black dots denote persons interested in appointments during the transition period in late 1990 and early 1991. Appointment files complement, but are not the same as, Press Office appointments releases. These appointments files do not contain press releases. Arrangement is alphabetical by last name of individual. Files on appointed judges follow the other appointments. Correspondence relating to the appointment of Senator Lloyd Bentsen's successor is included at the end as well as status reports, 1992, and a listing of appointments by counties, 1994.
RESTRICTION: Records are restricted due to files containing information that is an exception to public disclosure: home address, home telephone number, and social security number of current and former officials and employees of a governmental body. (V.T.C.A., Government Code, Sections 552.024 and 552.117) State Bar and Commission on Judicial Conduct records regarding complaints and confidential judicial questionnaires are also restricted. (V.T.C.A., Government Code, Section 552.101 and Section 81.072(c); and Texas State Bar Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 2.15) Check with staff to determine how to review information in the files.
95-019/873(05256147)Appointment files:
95-019/651(04747620)Beachum-Bennett, Marshal
95-019/875(05262376)Bennett, Marva-Bisel
95-019/659(05256090)Caprielian-Castillo, Horacio
95-019/660(05258641)Castillo, John-Chiscano
95-019/661(05260075)Chisum-Cohen, Jack
95-019/662(05260100)Cohen, Murry-Cook, George
95-019/663(05264644)Cook, John-Coy
95-019/665(04747507)Curl-Davis, Robert
95-019/666(05265090)Davis, Sharon-Denton
95-019/669(05264418)Dunne-Ellis, John
Ellis, Michael-Fabelo
95-019/672(05256351)Fisk-Foster, Courtney
95-019/673(05258732)Foster, Golda-Galceran
95-019/674(05265782)Gale-Garnett, Ervin
95-019/675(05256952)Garnett, Richard-Geen
95-019/678(05258787)Gorczynski-Griffin, Earl
95-019/925(05262241)Griffin, Guy-Gutierrez
95-019/681(05256362)Guzman-Hancock, Frank
95-019/680(05265807)Hancock, Gayle-Hart, Marilyn
95-019/682(05260144)Hart, Walter-Heath
95-019/685(05258743)Hobby-Howard, Deandra
95-019/686(05256872)Howard, Dee-Hunt
95-019/688(05260133)Jandt-Johnson, James
95-019/689(05261555)Johnson, Jay-Jordan, Jim
95-019/690(05261883)Jordan, Margaret-Keeney
95-019/692(05260166)King-Kress, Camille
95-019/874(05256170)Kress, Sandy-Lampson
95-019/695(05256307)Lee-Lewis, John
95-019/926(05264236)Lewis, Kenneth-Lonard
95-019/705(05258685)Morales-Muller, Gene
95-019/706(05256250)Muller, Ronald-Nabers, Mary
95-019/707(05260086)Nabers, Mary (continued)-Nipper, Jean
95-019/872(04747427)Nipper, Oscar-Oliver, Julie
95-019/709(05258674)Oliver, Mimi-Pannabecker
95-019/879(05262310)Silberberg-Smith, Constance
95-019/878(05262332)Smith, David-Solls
95-019/734(05261996)Vincelli-Walters, Elinor
95-019/735(05256883)Walters, Larry-Weaver
95-019/737(05265523)White-Williams, Bert
95-019/738(05256318)Williams, Betty-Wilson, I. Lee
95-019/739(05261974)Wilson, James-Wormley
Judges' letters of appointment and forms
Correspondence re: appointing Senator Bentsen's replacement
95-019/805b(07993441)Status Reports, 1992
Appointees by County, 1994
General Office Files, 1991-1994,
(1 ft.).
Scope and Contents of the General Office Files
Records are correspondence, legislative bills and related documents, lists, notes, forms, memos, resumes, and other material relating to the appointment process. Materials date from 1991 to 1994 and appear to be the files of Chris Howe, assistant director of Governor Richards' appointments office. Subjects include information on appointees, senate approval of appointments, regional review committees, volunteers, ethics of state officials, private industry councils (PICs), and letters regarding denial of parole for McGhee when one member of the parole board knew the victims. Several letters, clippings, and printed material also relate to the fight to protect archeological sites on Galveston Island from residential development by a Richards' appointee. Files are not well-organized. Some materials are grouped by agency or purpose.
RESTRICTION: Records are restricted due to files containing information that is an exception to public disclosure: home address, home telephone number, and social security number of current and former officials and employees of a governmental body. (V.T.C.A., Government Code, Section 552.024 and 552.117) State Bar and Commission on Judicial Conduct records regarding complaints and confidential judicial questionnaires are also restricted (V.T.C.A., Government Code, Section 552.101 and Section 81.072(c); and Texas State Bar Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 2.15). Check with staff to determine how to review information in the files.
95-019/646(05256373)General Office Files, 1991-1994:
Appointee newsletter
Board of Pardons and Paroles
Employee praise
Stephen F. Austin Commission
Department of Defense printed material and correspondence
Ethics policy
Fire Fighters' Relief &#38; Retirement Fund State Board of Trustees
General correspondence
General notes and correspondence
Governor's Commission on Physical Fitness
Governor's Office policy council, staff duties
HB 326, Electronic Data Base Advisory Committee
Interstate oil compact
Letters concerning the Regional Review Committee
McGhee, Billy Wayne parole review
Mitchell development on historic site in Galveston
New Boards
New Senator list
Old Regional Review Committee member lists
Private industry council
Public Utility Commission of Texas
Real estate appraiser
Regional Review Committees intern file
Review Boards notes
SB 1424, Texas State Board of Examiners and Psychologists
Subject Committee on Rate and Policy Form Regulation
Summary of Major Legislation, 73rd Session, 1993
Texas Department of Banking
Texas Senate staff
Updated Regional Review Committee members list
Various commissions/committees/boards
Various House and Senate bills
Workers compensation
Memoranda Regarding Private Industry Council Appointments, 1990-1994,
(0.4 ft.).
Scope and Contents of the Memoranda Regarding Private Industry Council Appointments
Records are memoranda and some related correspondence from the executive director of the Texas Department of Commerce or her staff to Governor Richards through Richards' chief of staff, dating from 1990-1994 [bulk 1991]. Memos are recommendations for appointments to local private industry councils. Arrangement is somewhat chronological by year.
95-019/607(05256770)Memoranda, [bulk 1990-1994 1991]
Resignation Correspondence, 1991-1994
(1 ft.).
Scope and Contents of the Resignation Correspondence
Records are letters of resignation, letters from Governor Richards accepting resignations, several letters to the governor regarding vacancies on boards and commissions due to death, and a few envelopes and business cards. Files date from 1991 to 1994 and are the resignation correspondence from Richards' appointments office. Arrangement is alphabetical by last name of the person who resigned.
95-019/745(05256191)Resignations, A-Z

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