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A Guide to the Paul Kilday Papers, 1938-1961

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Creator Kilday, Paul Joseph, 1900-1968
Title Kilday (Paul) Papers,
Dates: 1938-1961.
Abstract Paul Joseph Kilday was a representative of the 20th Congressional District of Texas in the U.S. House of Representatives and later a Judge on the U.S. Court of Military Appeals. This collection consists of correspondence, congressional studies, memos and other documentation of the over twenty-two years of Kilday's congressional career.
Accession No. 93-102
Language English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History,The University of Texas at Austin


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Paul Kilday Papers, 1938-1961, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

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9/R1 Legislation:
Labor - minimum wage law (Fair Labor Standards Amendment)
Passenger Train Service Act, 1959-1960
9/R2 Atomic Energy Commission Reports, 1949-1955
Publication and yearbook requests, 1959-1961
9/R3 Legislation:
Treasury Department
Selective Service
Tariff Commission, 1942-1955
9/R4 Position files (T-Z), 1942-1960
9/R5 Private bills, 1939-1955
9/R6 Legislation: Advertising billboard - Federal aid to education, 1956-1958
9/R7 Position files, G-W, 1942-1949
9/R8 Dr. Oppenheimer, matters pertaining to Atomic Energy Commission, 1949-1954
9/R9 Correspondence involving Labor Department (especially Employees' Compensation), 1940-1959
9/R10 Position files, K-M, 1946-1959
9/R11 Miscellaneous files, 1939-1952
9/R12 Private bills and correspondence concerning Post Office appointments, 1939-1959
9/R13 Position files, A-N, 1942-1951
9/R14 War files, P-R, 1954-1960
9/R16 Miscellaneous correspondence:
Private affairs, 1942-1958
Departmental, 1945-1959
9/R21 Legislation, 85th Congress, 1959-1960
9/R22 War files:
F-H, 1948-1957
J-K, 1943-1954
H-M, 1942-1958
H-I, 1946-1959
C-D, 1941-1950
9/R28 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1948-1958
9/R29 War files, W-Z, 1943-1959
9/R30 War files and miscellaneous correspondence, 1940-1948
9/R31 Miscellaneous correspondence, U-Z, and Post Office files, 1939-1960
9/R32 Civil Service files, D-S, 1945-1951
9/R35 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1948-1959
9/R36 Miscellaneous correspondence, departmental, 1944-1959
9/R37 Service Academy applicants, A-T, 1941-1947
9/R38 Private bills, 1945-1947
Atomic Energy Commission correspondence, 1950-1954
War files, 1943-1945
9/R40 War files, A-B, 1951-1959
9/R41 Position files, R-T, 1946-1958
9/R42 State Department files, 1950-1959
9/R43 Position files, D-G, 1948-1958
9/R44 War files, A-B, 1959-1961
9/R45 War files, B-C, 1952-1961
9/R46 Position files, M-R, 1947-1959
9/R47 Position files, L-M, 1940-1941
9/R49 War files, S, 1940-1959
9/R50 Veteran files, C-Z, 1946-1958
9/R51 Veteran files, A-B, V-Z, 1939-1959
9/R52 Position files, B-C, 1940-1959
9/R53 War files, S-T, 1945-1959
9/R54 War files, N-R, 1943-1950
9/R55 Veteran files, L-Z, 1939-1942
9/R56 War files, E-G, 1949-1959
9/R57 Service Academy files, A-E, 1941-1955
9/R58 State Department files, 1946-1955
9/R59 Private bills, 1943-1946
9/R60 Miscellaneous departmental and private correspondence, 1945-1961
9/R61 Legislation: Merchant Marine - U. S. Marshall, 1953-1956
9/R62 Miscellaneous departmental and private correspondence, 1947-1959
9/R63 Veteran files, C-G, 1947-1959
9/R64 War files, K-L, 1941-1950
9/R68 Civil Service files, 1947-1950
9/R69 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1939-1949
9/R70 Position files, W-Z and Veteran files, S-Z, 1942-1950
9/R71 War files, F-G, 1943-1949
9/R72 Atomic Energy files, 1954-1958
Miscellaneous Army files, 1941-1946
9/R73 War files, J-L, 1942-1959
9/R74 Veteran files, A-S, 1945-1952
9/R75 War files, M-S, 1943-1958
9/R76 Position files, M-W, 1945-1949
9/R77 Position files, A-G, 1946-1952
9/R78 Miscellaneous departmental correspondence, 1948-1959
9/S2 War files, S-Z, 1947-1955
9/S4 Armed Services Committee, 1950-1961
9/S5 Legislation: Reciprocal Trade - Taxes (Income), 1953-1958
9/S6 War files, T-W, 1943-1952
9/S7 Veteran files, A-K, 1938-1942
9/S8 Position files, A-B, W-Z, 1939-1951
9/S10 Armed Services Committee, 1952-1961
9/S11 Legislation: Tax (Excise) - Youth Appreciation Week, 1955-1958
9/S12 Service Academy applicants, 1950-1960
9/S13 War files, F-H, 1956-1961
9/S14 War files, A-M, 1946-1956
9/S15 Legislation: Fisheries - Mental Health Act, 1955-1956
9/S16 Material with restrictions removed, 1943-1948, 1956-1958
9/S17 War files, D-E, 1950-1959
9/S18 Veteran files, M-W, 1941-1945
9/S19 Correspondence and other materials concerning Military Pay Bill (H. R. 9979), 1958
9/S20 Legislation: FBI - Labor, 1957-1958
9/S21 Position files, A-M, 1938-1948
9/T45 Armed Services Subcommittee
Department of Defense Reorganization - Views of Major Groups and Requests to Testify
Department of Defense Reorganization - General Correspondence
Documents and Bills (H. R. 11001 & 11958)
Politics of the Prussian Army 1940 to 1945
Reorganization File
Dependents Medical Care Bill
Dependents Medical Care (H. R. 9429)
Dependents Medical Care Act (1st Lt Charles H. Purdy)
Armed Services Subcommittee I
Discharge, Copy of Fee (H. R. 6225, 6774, 6467-84th)
Double Time Pay (H. R. 3766-85th)
Doctor-Dentist Incentive Bill (H. R. 9428-84th) (P. L. 497)
Armed Services Subcommittee II
Double Time (H. R. 545-84th)
Armed Services Subcommittee
Drake, General Charles C. (Re S. 2086 and S. 4075)
Armed Services Subcommittee I
Duborg, Capt. Harold C. (H. R. 7505-85th) (P. L. 47)
Armed Services Subcommittee II
Dual Compensation
Armed Services Subcommittee I
Emergency Officers Retired List (Adjust retirement benefits) (S. 1732-85th)
Fleet Reserve & Fleet Marine Transfer of Enlisted Thereto (H. R. 11504-85th)
Galles, Major Dean, Relief of (H. R. 4561-81st)
9/T46 Armed Services Committee
Rubber Facilities
Universal Military Training (#2-82nd Congress, 2nd Session)
Universal Military Training
Union State Bank
Union State Bank, War 1950 -
Atomic Energy Commission
UN Conference on Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy, 1956
9/T47 Military Affairs Committee
Correspondence Relating to Contract No d-8493 by and between Sunland Refining Corporation, Purchaser, and U.S.A., Seller (Natural Gasoline)
Abstracts of the German Naval War
Documents related to the Resignation of the German Commander in Chief, Navy, Grand Admiral Raeder, and to the Decommissioning of the German High Seas Fleet
Officer Personnel Act of 1947
Service Pay
Soldiers & Sailors Civil Relief Act (Amendment, 1942)
Soldiers & Sailors Relief Act
Sparkman Bill (H. R. 3187)
Stock Piling
Courts - Martial
Demobilization - Committee Work
Dentists & Physicians in Armed Forced (admission to practice in any state) (H. R. 2969)
Discharge Bills
Dietitians & Physical Therapists
Dressler, Capt. Jesse F.
Emergency Officers Retirement Bill
Final Interim Report - Investigation National Defense Program
Subcommittee No. 3
Subcommittee No. 9
Technical Students
Terminal Leave - Enlisted
Termination of War Contracts
Tires for Army Officers
Uniform Allowance
Universal Military Training
Vice - Military Corps (Public Law 163)
Wadsworth Bill (H. R. 460)
Warrant Officers
Women's Army Auxiliary Corps
West Point Appointment for Sons of Servicemen Killed in Action, etc.
X-ray Technicians (H. R. 4554)
Pay Bill
Military Officers Bill
Woodring Plan - National Guard and Reserve Officers
Selective Service - Lowering Draft Age to 18 Years
18-19 Draft
9/T48 Armed Services Committee
Air Force - 70 Group (H. R. 6158)
Atomic Energy Commission - Appointment member armed forces
Aviation Policy Board
Cataloging System (H. R. 7405)
Civil Airlift Reserve
Civil Air Policy
Civilian Instructors
Combat Pay Bill
Composition of the Army & Air Force
Construction of Facilities (H. R. 3096)
Defense Production - Dual Purpose Plants - Chas. E. Wilson
Dependency Benefits
Drafting of Women
Emergency Officers
Internal Security
Naval Officers' Credit (H. R. 3843)
Naval Reserve Officers (H. R. 3843)
Navy & Marine Corps Strength
Naval Records
Navy Pay Bill
Navy Public Works
Nurse Corps
Organized Reserve Corps
Pay Adjustment Act
Percy Jones Hospital (H. R. 8070)
Rearmament Program
Renegotiation Act, (H. R. 9246) 1950
Reserve Officers Training Corps (H. R. 9019)
Reserve Training Pay - Income Tax on
Reserve Components - Secretaries for
Armed Services Subcommittee #2
Finance Investigation
Career Incentive Act of 1955 (H. R. 2607)
Army Reorganization Bill (H. R. 8198) (Public Law 581)
Hospitalization - Retired Personnel
Housing Units (H. R. 9924) (Public Law 765)
Missing Persons Act - Teague (H. R. 4491, 2208, 3674 & 9500
Morgantown Ordnance Works
National Defense Act
National Military Establishment
National Research Council Study World War II
Pay Bill #2
Pay Bill - 10% Increase (H. R. 5715)
Pay Bill #1 (Public Law 351)
Pay Bill #2 (Public Law 351)
Pay Bill #3 (Public Law 351)
Armed Services Committee
Selective Service Inductions
Subcommittee on Aircraft Procurement - Mr. Kilday, Chairman
Secretary of Defense - Louis Johnson
Scrap Metal
Small Business in Defense
Subcommittee on Natural Resources
9/T49 Military Affairs Committee
Military Affairs - General, 1943
Air National Guard
Army Officers
Army-Navy Merger
Atomic Bomb
Aviation Subcommittee
Aviation Subcommittee - Trip
Boards of Officers
Agricultural Deferments
Airplane Production
Allowance & Allotment Bill
Allowance & Allotment Act
Army Specialized Training Program
Aviation Academy
Aviators Pay
Chiropody Corps
Civil Air Patrol
Combat Pay
Selective Service
Short, Chairman Dewey
Armed Services Subcommittee #2
Special Sub Committee on Manpower Utilization
Military Affairs Committee
Aircraft Ind. - Shortages
Armed Services Subcommittee #2
Special Subcommittee to Survey Site for Raleigh-Durham AFB
9/T50 Armed Services Committee
Procurement Subcommittee
McGregor, Texas - Propeller Plant - Phillips Petroleum Co.
Philippine Scouts - Employment of (H. R. 2220)
Consolidated Vultee - AF Acquisition Project
Prisoners of War - Promotions (H. R. 52 & 6817) (S. 2086)
Procurement & Supply
Promotions, Reserve General Officer
Promotions - Junior Officers
Pay - Loss in under Economy Act - Sen. Jenner (S. 910) (Public Law 255) (H. R. 293)
Physicians & Surgeons - Increase in (Dental Officers)
Physical Education Director - West Point & Annapolis
Plattsburg Air Force Base (Proposed)
Policy Committee
Port Chicago Navy Ammunitions Depot
Pay - Retired Members of Army, Navy, A.F., or Marine Corps (H. R. 7242)
Pay - Retired Veterans Regular Service - POW in excess of 3 years (H. R. 1172)
Pay - Service Academies
Per Diem - Regulars/Reserves & Air Crewmen (H. R. 8779)
Pay Readjustment Act (H. R. 689)
Pay, Hazard - for Parachutists
Navy Ships Stores
Osteopaths - Appointment of Med. Corps (H. R. 483)
Officer Personnel Act of 1947 (Public Law 381)
Navy Temporary Officers
Navy Wage Rates (Amendment)
Nurses, Male - Mrs. Bolton (H. R. 9398 & 911)
Nursing Education Act of 1953
Oleomargarine (H. R. 912)
Naval Reserve Association
Navy Rations (H. R. 5012)
Navy - Temporary Officers (H. R. 2442)
Naval Air Base - Sandy Point, MD
Statement of Rear Admiral W. F. Boone Before Open Meeting on Naval Academy Airfield at Annapolis
Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 2
Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 3
Naval Reserve (H. R.)
Navy Law Specialists
Navy Petroleum Reserve No. 1
National Guard Enlistments
National Guard
National Jamboree & Boy Scouts (H. R. 7 & 296)
National Security Act Amended - Create National Science Council
National Security Organization
Naval Academy Airport
Naval Activities - Restrict increasing of forces at prior to national elections (H. R. 4068)
Naval Cruiser "Brooklyn" (H. R. 11328)
Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps - to place in status comparable with U.S. Navel Academy graduates
Mobile - Theodore Ammunition Depot
National Guard - Property & Fiscal Officers (S.2217)
9/T51 Military Affairs Committee
Universal Military Training
Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 4 - Photographs
Armed Services Committee
Oil Investigation
Military Affairs Committee
Flight Officers
Foreman - Union Organization
Free Laundry, Cleaning, etc. for Enlisted Men
Forfeiture of Pay (S. 1250)
Furloughs - Overseas Service
General Hines
General Officers Retirement
Hobby, Col. Oveda Culp (Promotion)
Hogen Bill
Insurance Benefits (Public Law 359)
Captain Jackson
Kilgore Bill
Labor Disputes Bill
Medical Students
Medical-Dental Students - Deferment (H. R. 5218)
Medical Technicians
Medical Administrative Corps
Military Academy - Extension of Age Limit
Military Justice
Mitchell, William Lendrum
Mustering Out Pay
National Guard
National Service Act
Nurses (Army)
Optometry Corps
Pay Increases
Pharmacy Corps
Bill to Give Wartime Rank to Retired Warrant Officers and Enlisted Men (H. R. 4643)
Providing for Additional Pay for Foreign Service (H. R. 5044)
To Permit Counting of Enlisted Service for Long Pay Purposes
Long Pay for Non Coms on Duty or Officers
Long Pay for Reserve Officers
To Permit Counting G. W. P. Service for Long Pay Purposes
Officers Retired in 1922 Because of Reduction of Army at 75% of Pay
Parachutists Pay
Physical Therapists
Post-War Military Policy
Prisoners of War
Property Seizure
Provisional Officers
Regular Army Commissions
Release of Men Over 35
Release from Service
Reserve Officers - Permanent Appointment
Reserve Officers Retirement
Retirement - AUS, National Guard, Reserve
Restoration to Duty of 24B Officers
Retirement (S. 1974)
Retired Pay - Government Employment
Retired Enlisted Men
Retired Personnel - Employment
Retirement of Enlisted Men (Public Law 140)
Retirement of Enlisted Men Who Served as Officers in War
Retired Personnel
Retired Pay - Tax Exemption
Retirement Pay (H. R. 3946)
Retirement - Regular Army (H. R. 5862)
Retirement Pay of Regular Army Officers Recalled to Duty
Retirement - 16 Years Service (S. 1438)
R. O. T. C.
Scientists - Deferment
Scientific Training - Release from Armed Forces
Selective Service (H. R. 3938)
Selective Service - 4-F
Selective Service - Deferment in Logging & Lumber
Selective Service & Training Amendment (S. 763)
9/T52 Armed Services Committee
Missiles Program
Military Procurement, Investigation of
Military Security - President's Program, 1955
Missile Base, Inspection of
Military Budget
Medical Care, Military Personnel
Medical Training (H. R. 4645)
Merchant Marine
Court of Military Review - Appointments to
McDermott, Lt. John T.
Military Academy
Marine Corps Generals - Peacetime Limitation of Number (H. R. 3323)
Marine Corps Lawyers - Establish Career Pattern for (H. R. 3325)
Marine Corps Training - Parris Island
Medical Corps - Appointment of Osteopaths (H. R. 5017)
Medical Services - Women Physicians (S. 2552)
Judge Advocate General's Dept. Navy (H. R. 6172)
Judge Advocate General's School - Degrees & Credits
Kentucky, State of - Conveyance of Property (H. R. 10520)
Kimbrough, Col. Claude (S. 709)
Kure Beach, N. C.
Legislature Reorganization Act of 1964 - Section 207
Limited Duty Officer Program
Marine Airstrip, Ft. Worth - Convey to Texas National Guard (H. R. 499)
Hook Commission Report
Income Tax Credit - Members Armed Forces (Public Law 299)
Indemnity to Defense Department Contractors (H. R. 11639)
Jet Base - Albama
Jet Base - Michigan
Jet Bomber Base - New Hampshire
Jet Base - New Iberia, LA
Jet Aircraft, Investigation of Damage to Property by (H. R. 37 & 47)
Joliet Arsenal
Judge Advocates & Law Specialist - Procurement of (S. 1165)
Gadsden Air Force Base, Alabama
Generals, Appointment of
Generals - Authorizing in Medical Service Corps (H. R. 6801)
Grand Prairie Airport Property
Grayson, Robert, Captain
Green, Dorothy E./Alley, Thelma L.
Marine Corps (S. 677)
Holohan, Major William V.
Escorts for Dependents of Military Personnel under Certain Conditions (H. R. 3322)
Flight Pay
Florida Keys Aqueduct Commission
Fort Crockett
Fort Knox, KY
Doctor Draft (Public Law 84)
Dependents Benefits, Hospitalization, Health and Accident
Equalization of Benefits (S. 1643) (H. R. 6408 & 9066)
Enlisted Pilots
Equalization Benefits Bill of 1955
Commissaries - Purchases by Missionaries (H. R. 872)
Compensation - Unused Accumulated Leave (H. R. 2221)
Conscientious Objectors
Conveyance of Land - Fort Worth, TX (H. R. 499)
Dahlgren Nav. Proving Ground
Dahlquist, Major General John E. - Selective Service Act
Defense Forces - Federal Support of (H. R. 3355)
Denfield, Admiral
Dental Corps (H. R. 4205)
Dependents of Servicemen
Distant Early Warning System
9/T53 Armed Services Committee
Air Force Academy
Aircraft - Restrict Maintenance, Overhaul & Modification of Military (H. R. 11094)
Air Force Academy - Appointment of Cadets to (H. R. 8531) (Public Law 182)
Air Force - Institute of Technology Authorization to Confer Degrees
Air Force - Cut in Appropriation, Fiscal 1954
Air Force Vitalization - Retirement & Equalization Act, (H. R. 238 & 5516) (Public Law 810) 1948
Air Bases - Cement vs. Asphalt
Air Bases - North Africa
Air Force Program, 1954
Air Force Reserve Program
Airplanes, B-52's
Amateur Radio Operators (H. R. 11278)
Appointment of Reserve - Midshipmen (S. 1748)
ARIZONA, USS - Construction of
Armed Forces Leave Act
Armed Forces Institute of Pathology - General Officer as Director (S. 1925)
Armed Forces Medical Academy
Armed Services Procurement Act of 1947, to amend (H. R. 8710)
Armory Construction Program - Army National Guard
Army Enlistment Extensions (H. R. 3324)
Army Exchange Service
Army & Air National Guard Units (H. R. 5472)
Army Reserve Training Center - Montclair, NJ
Army Specialized Training Program
Assignment - Members of Armed Forces (H. R. 8865)
Barber Services (H. R. 4654)
Berlin Airlift - to authorize acceptance decorations for participation (H. R. 6820)
Berry, Major General K. L.
Bluebonnet Ordnance Plant
Boards of Medical Officers - Appointment of (H. R. 3320)
Bluebonnet Farm
B-36 Inquiry
Bryan Air Force Base
Cactus Ordnance Works
Camp Roberts, CA
Camp Maxey, TX - Sanders Creek Project)
Cemeteries - Outside U. S.
Civil Air Patrol (H. R. 2274, 2275 & 3936)
Armed Services Subcommittee #2
Civil Air Patrol (H. R. 6331)
Civil Air Patrol (H. R. 6639)
Armed Services Committee
Civil Defense
9/T54 Armed Services Subcommittee #1
Defense Housing Subcommittee (Wherry)
Armed Services Subcommittee
Intelligence Agencies - Investigation of
Armed Services Committee
Wherry Housing
Uniform Code of Military Justice Subcommittee
Annual Report of the U.S. Court of Military Appeals and the Judge Advocates General of the Armed Forces and the General Counsel of the Department of the Treasury Pursuant to the Uniform Code of Military Justice
Report of the Uniform Code of Military Justice
Officer-Enlisted Man Relationships - (Doolittle) Report of the Secretary of War's Board
Comparative Fact Sheet - Proposed Amendments to Uniform Code of Military Justice
Chairman's Notebook
9/T55 Miscellaneous Correspondence & Material
Farmer's Bulletin, 1955
Yearbook, 1955
Westinghouse Corporation, Paris, TX
High School Graduates, 1955
Alamo Title Company - Office of Salary Stabilization
Office of Salary Stabilization - Standard Electric Co.
Office of Salary Stabilization
Sons of Hermann
Reconstruction Finance Corporation
Alamo Casualty Company
Dean Specialty Works, Inc.
Federal National Mortgage Association Loans
Fulton & Olmstead
Hammer Provision Company
Medina Water Improvement District
Moffett, Lee
Shock, Fretwell
Worthington Cleaner-Launderer, Inc.
Zaragoza Amusement Company
Military Academy
Coast Guard, U. S. - General
Armed Services Committee - General
Naval Academy - General