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A Guide to the William P. Hobby, Sr. Family Papers, 1914-1997, 2011

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Creator Hobby, William P., Sr. Family
Title William P. Hobby, Sr. Family Papers
Dates: 1914-1997, 2011
Abstract William P. Hobby, Sr. (1878-1964), was an editor and publisher, in addition to serving as governor of Texas from 1917 to 1921. The collection includes correspondence, photographs, clippings, scrapbooks, printed material, and legal documents relating to William P. Hobby, Sr.; his son, William P. Hobby, Jr.; and other family members.
Accession No. 94-267; 97-273; 2008-291; 2011-176; 2011-294
Extent 7 ft.
Language English.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

William P. Hobby, Sr. (1878-1964), was an editor and publisher, in addition to serving as governor of Texas from 1917 to 1921. He was editor and owner of the Houston Post, owner of the Beaumont Enterprise and lieutenant governor of Texas from 1914 to 1917. He was married to Oveta Culp Hobby, the second woman member of a U.S. president's cabinet; first Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare (under Dwight D. Eisenhower); and first commanding officer of the Women's Army Corps.

Scope and contents

Correspondence, photographs, clippings, scrapbooks, printed material, and legal documents relate to William P. Hobby, Sr.; his son, William P. Hobby, Jr.; and other family members. Included is material related to Hobby's 1918 gubernatorial campaign and his death in 1964 and numerous photographs of family members, friends and political figures.



Organized into five series: I. William P. Hobby, Sr., II. Hobby family, III. Publications, IV. Assorted, V. Photographs.


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This collection is open for research use.

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Subjects (Persons)
Hobby, Oveta Culp, 1905-1995 --Archives.
Hobby, William P.--Archives.
Hobby, William Pettus, 1878-1964--Archives.
Lieutenant governors--Texas.
Texas--Politics and government--History--Sources.

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William P. Hobby, Sr. Family Papers, 1914-1997, 2011, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Collection



3H1 William P. Hobby, Sr. papers
Biographical material:
Assorted biographical papers, 1917-1995
2.325/T38c Assorted biographical papers, [oversized] 1917-1995
Biography, [oversized] 1957
3H1 Biography, 1957
Biographical data, 1992
William P. Hobby, Sr., biography, “The Tactful Texan,” distribution list, 1958
William P. Hobby, Sr., biography reviews, 1958-1959
Letters from William P. Hobby, Sr., to his mother, March 24, 1917 - December 14, 1920
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1917, 1954, undated
Miscellaneous correspondence and related materials, 1918, 1930
Correspondence with Sinclair Lewis and newspaper clipping, 1958
Letters from President Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1953
Legal documents and correspondence, 1927-1932
3H2 Speeches, file 3, [ some gubernatorial] undated,
Mail received during Hobby's absence concerning Russian indebtedness and taxes, August-December, 1941
Testimony of William P. Hobby, Sr., taken in Office of the Intelligence Unit, Bureau of Internal Revenue, December 10, 1943
Revenue revision of 1942:
Correspondence, newspaper clippings
Revenue Revision of 1942, unrevised copy
Airplane crash, 1936, 1937
White House Christmas card and invitations, 1953-1955
Inventory of Houston Post corporate records and files received from Charles H. Draper, August 1961
Birth certificate, social security record, Thomas Jefferson Society membership
Cross of the Commander of the Order of Saint Saba, April 15, 1923
Newspaper clippings, 1915, 1941
"Mr. and Mrs. Texas," from Texas Parade magazine, March 1953
3H3 Gubernatorial campaign, 1918:
Correspondence and related materials, 1918
2.325/T38c Correspondence and related materials [oversized]
3H4 James E. Ferguson, [oversized] 1918
James E. Ferguson, speeches, [oversized] 1918
2.325/T38c James E. Ferguson, [oversized] 1918
3H5 Campaign material, 1918
Notebook of county-by-county political support, 1918
Newspaper clippings, 1918
Scrapbook of newspaper clippings, [photocopies] 1918
3H6 Death of William P. Hobby, Sr., June 7, 1964:
Letters A-Z, 1964
3H7 Letters, response sent, A-Z, 1964
3H8 Public/official, 1964
2.325/T38c Public/official, [oversized] 1964
3H8 No response needed, 1964
Unidentified, 1964
Memorial donations, 1964
Houston resolution, 1964
Notification list
3H9 Telegrams:
Sent, June 7, 1964
Received, June 1964
Sent to house, June 1964
Sent to cemetery:
Receipts, June 1964
3H10 Cards, A--Z, June 1964, 1964
3H9 Cards listing memorials given in the name of William P. Hobby Sr., 1964
Newspaper clippings
2.325/T43 Scrapbooks:
2 newspaper clipping scrapbooks
2.325/T44 Newspaper clipping scrapbook, personalized to Mrs. William P. [Willie Chapman Cooper] Hobby, Sr.
3H11 Family papers:
Miscellaneous Hobby family correspondence, 1954, undated
Genealogical information
Erwin Hobby:
Letters from Erwin Hobby to Sadie Webb (?), 1914, undated
Willie Chapman Cooper Hobby:
Letters to William P. Hobby, Sr., undated
Tributes in memory of Willie Chapman Cooper Hobby
Laura Aline Hobby:
Assorted writings
Oveta Culp Hobby:
Program from Houston, Texas, honoring Oveta Culp Hobby, September 14, 1945
William P. Hobby, Jr.:
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1971-1992, undated
Flight certificate from Lyndon Johnson, September 1967
Texas Inaugural Program, 1983
Inaugural programs, 1973, 1975, 1979
Santa Rita Award invitation, October 3, 1985
Saint Edwards University, diploma, acceptance speech and program, 1986
Austin College diploma and ceremony packet, 1989
2.325/T44 “Texas Evening Star: Scrapbook,” February 19, 1988
3H11 Scrapbook contents
Business cards
Edwin Hobby:
Newspaper clipping, 1940
3H12 Publications:
Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Annual, 1916-1917
Record of the Proceedings of the High Court of Impeachment on the Trial of the Hon. James E. Ferguson, Governor, 1917
First Families of Texas
Hugh Nugent Fitzgerald, Governors I Have Known, 1927
Mr. Hobby's Sermon at the Ordination of Daniel Emerson, 1743
State Banking Laws of Texas, 1927
2.325/T38c Assorted:
University of Texas undergraduate program, 1979
Laminated, encased copy of The Progressive Farmer of January 4, 1919
3S439 Photographs:
William P. Hobby Sr.
Portraits, undated
At men's club [?]
Bill signing for women's suffrage
With other Texas governors
Group photographs
With A.B. Cooksey and Judge Hunter, August 28, 1919
With Tom Connally, Sam Rayburn, and Jesse Jones, Washington D.C., 1941
With grandchildren, August 1959 and undated
Funeral, June 8, 1964
Unveiling of Governor Hobby's historical marker, Moscow, Texas, 1964
3S440 Governor Ross Sterling's inaugural photo album
Assorted deframed photographs:
Portrait of William and Oveta Culp Hobby, undated
Inauguration of Governor Ross Sterling, January 20, 1931
Autographed picture of President Dwight D. Eisenhower
Autographed picture of Mamie Eisenhower
Exterior of house [negatives]
Miscellaneous scenes
Hobby family:
Dr. A. M. Hobby, age 6
John and Will Hobby as children
Jessica Hobby
Willie Cooper Hobby
Ike W. Culp, father of Oveta Culp Hobby
Oveta Culp Hobby, 1950, 1953, undated
Governor Hobby and Oveta Culp Hobby, 1953
Unidentified Hobby child, 1961
Miscellaneous unidentified Hobby family members
Unidentified family members, undated
3S441 William P. Hobby, Jr.:
With President Lyndon Johnson, Vice President Hubert Humphrey, and Robert McNamara, White House, September, 1967
With President Lyndon B. Johnson and others on the White House lawn, 1967
At the Don Nagle home in Round Top, Texas, July 4, 1971
With Colonel and Mrs. Riffin Gray and Walter Hill, League City, Texas, April, 1972
Texas A&M Commencement, May 4, 1973
Beaumont, Texas, dinner, May 14, 1973
With Ann Richards, 1973
Presidential Inauguration, Kennedy Center, 1973
With Lyndon B. Johnson at 1973 inauguration
With Sir Peter Ramsbotham and wife, British Ambassador to the United States, November 25, 1974
Deer hunt, Brownwood, [includes negatives] 1974
With Anwar Sadat, October 31, 1975
With Governor Dolph Briscoe at bill signing, February 1975
With Charles Purnell, April 10, 1975
Family portrait, 1975
Assorted, 1977
With Walter Mondale and Calvin Guest at Calvin Guest appreciation dinner, Austin, Texas, 1978
Reception at Headliners Club, Austin Texas, January 18, 1978
Sibley Ranch near Alpine, Texas, December 1 and 2, 1978
With President and Mrs. Jimmy Carter, White House, August 14, 1979
With Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale, White House, October 24, 1979
Rosalyn Carter visits Houston, October 29, 1979
With Sarah Weddington and Chip Carter, White House, November 19, 1979
Deng Xiao Ping at rodeo, September 1, 1980
With wife Diana Hobby and President Jimmy Carter, September 25, 1980
“The Chicken Ranch,” autographed by Larry L. King, April 14, 1981
With Ben Ramsey and Bob Armstrong, May 7, 1981
With George Bush, autographed, Texas House Joint Session, May 15, 1981
With James A. Michener and Don E. Carleton in the Texas Legislature, December 8, 1981
Hunting with Bartell Zachary, December 26-29, 1981
Astronauts John Young and Bob Crippen, 1981
With Mack Wallace and Ben Ramsey, 1981
With Governor Mark White, Washington's Birthday, Laredo, Texas, February 1982
Washington's Birthday celebration, Laredo Texas, 1982
At reception in honor of Governor and Mrs. Clements, LaGrange, Texas, June 22, 1982
Oveta Culp Hobby day of issue stamp, 2011
3S442 Brady, Texas, July 3, 1982
Campaign photographs, 1982
Receiving the Governor Alan Shivers Public Service Award, 1982
Inauguration day, 1983
Inauguration contact sheets 1983,
Inauguration day, AP wire reports photographs 1983,
Inaugural ball, 1983
68th Legislature, opening day, January 11, 1983
With Dormon Winfrey and Gib Lewis, swearing in Ann Richards, April 12, 1983
Tour of construction area, January 12, 1984
Reception for Jack Harris, White House, April 23, 1984
Senator John Glenn addresses the Texas Legislature, 1984
Laredo, Texas, February, 1985
With Governor Price Daniel, April, 1985
Farm worker, May 2, 1985
Receiving the Santa Rita Award, Dallas, Texas, October 23, 1985
3S443 With Governor Mark White and the 69th Legislature, 1985
Copies from legislature workshop, 1985
Texas House Appropriations Committee, 1985
With painters in the Texas State Capitol, 1985
Hunting with Senator Sarpalius near Amarillo, December 1986
Royal Windsor Horseshow, 1986
Inaugural parade, January 20, 1987
Inaugural ceremony, January 20, 1987
Sissy Spacek, February 9, 1987
Jewish National Fund dinner, October 1987
With Henry Cisneros in Laredo, 1987
Capitol Centennial Indian Celebration, May 7, 1988
Contents of photo album of August 9, 1988, Houston, Texas
Contents of scrapbook from “Hats Off to Bill Hobby,” February 4, 1990
“Hats Off to Bill Hobby,” February 4, 1990
With President George Bush, August 2, 1990
With former Lieutenant Gov. Ben Ramsey and his cousin Posh Oltorf, undated
With Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr., undated
With Governor William P. Clements at bill signing, undated
With Governor Dolph Briscoe, undated
With Buster Brown, undated
In his office at the Capitol, undated
With Diana Hobby, undated
Portrait of children of William and Diana Hobby
3S444 At the Superconducting Super Collider, September 17, 1991
With the Dolph Briscoe, the Bill Clements, the Bob Bullocks, Ann Richards, and unidentified, 1991
John T. Montford, Governor for a Day, April 24, 1993
With Bill Clinton, February 7, 1994
With Rosalyn Carter at the Texas State Capitol, undated
Speech to Tracor, Inc., Austin Texas, undated
With H. Ross Perot, Mark White, and Gib Lewis at the University of Texas, undated
On fishing trip, undated
With John Sharp, undated
On the ferry William P. Hobby, undated
In the Texas Legislature, undated
At the McDonald Observatory, undated
With Billy Clayton and Governor William P. Clements, Jr. at bill signing, undated
Portraits of William P. Hobby, Jr., Governor Mark P. White, Gib Lewis, and Ann Arnold, undated
Hunting trip at William B. Whitehouse ranch, undated
At reception and in the Texas Legislature, undated
At the McDonald Observatory [?], undated
Speech to the Texas Municipal League, undated
George Bush addressing the Texas Legislature, undated
University of Texas Lady Longhorns, basketball team, undated
With Senator Farabee, undated
Senate Ladies Dinner, undated
World premier of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Paramount Theater, Austin, Texas, undated
With Governor William P. Clements, Jr., Speaker Bill Clayton, and staff, undated
With Bill Clayton and Cathy Lee Crosby, undated
Contact sheets, undated
With Bob Johnson and Speaker Bill Clayton, undated
With Governor Mark White and Gib Lewis, undated
With Sybil Dickenson and Elizabeth Oaks, undated
With wife Diana Hobby, published in the Westlake Picaynue undated,
Family portraits, undated
Diana Hobby portraits, undated
Children of Diana and William P. Hobby, Jr., undated
Portrait of William P. Hobby, Jr. as a child
With members of the Texas Legislature, undated
With Betty King, undated
3S445 William P. Hobby, Jr. as a child (?), undated
William P. Hobby, Jr. as a young man, undated
William P. Hobby, Jr., portraits
Autographed portrait of Governor Bill Clements, undated
Inaugural parade, undated
Alaska trip with Jim Hinds, Enserch, 1984
Portrait with Governor Mark White, autographed, undated
Portrait with Bill Clayton, autographed
Autographed portrait of Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr.
With B. Ramsey, B. Bane, and Shivers, undated
3S446 Photographs:
William P. Hobby, Jr.:
Autographed portrait with Gib Lewis, undated
In the Texas Legislature, undated
Autographed photographs from Thurford (?), 1989
Texas Space Science Industry Commission, 1989
With Tiawanese group, February 1987
Hunting with Gib Lewis, undated
(2 files)
Portrait of William P. Hobby, Jr., as a young man
3S159 William P. Hobby, Jr, 63rd Texas Legislature, 1985
3S445 Assorted:
Autographed portrait of Errol Flynn
Autographed portrait of Paul Henreid
Oil paintings in the Texas Capitol, Siege of the Alamo and Battle of San Jacinto
Houston Post building
Constitutional Convention, 1875
3S446 Hobby family photographs:
Jessica Hobby
Paul Hobby, 1982
William P. Hobby, Sr.:
Portrait of unknown individual
3S159 William P, Hobby, Sr.:
Group photographs:
With Governors Neff and Moody(?)
With Harry Weiss and unidentified man
With Governor Sterling and a variety of unidentified individuals
With Jesse Jones, Houston Mayor Oscar Holcomb, and unidentified man
With Governors Moody, Allred, Stephenson, Sterling, Neff, Miriam Ferguson, undated
Governor Sterling's inauguration, January 20, 1931
With Jesse Jones
35th Legislature
Deframed portraits
2.325/K79 Assorted:
Framed photographs of the 26th Texas Legislature
2.325/D10i Portrait of William P. Hobby, Sr. [oil painting on canvas]
2.325/V115a Artifacts