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A Guide to the Hogg Family Papers, 1895-1948

Descriptive Summary

Creator Hogg family
Title Hogg Family Papers
Dates: 1895-1948
Abstract Business and legal records of Will C. Hogg (1875-1930), lawyer and businessman, son of Texas governor James Stephen Hogg, including papers of the Hogg Brothers firm.
ID AR80-1; 81-18; 81-86
Extent 25 ft.
Language English.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Shortly after the 1918 discovery of petroleum on their property near West Columbia, Texas, the brothers William C. Hogg (1875-1930), Mike Hogg (1885-1941), and Tom Hogg (1887-1949), together with their sister Ima Hogg (1882-1975) organized the firm of Hogg Brothers to co-ordinate the family’s investments in oil, agriculture, real estate and other interests. The Hogg Brothers headquarters building at 401 Louisiana Street in Houston (1921, listed on the National Register 1975) featured a large penthouse office with a rooftop garden where the Hoggs entertained visitors. Hogg Brothers owned several subsidiary corporations, notably Varner Realty which invested in real estate ventures and petroleum lands. The company also had interests in cotton warehousing and export, Kentucky coal mines, deep-water port development in Houston, and speculative ventures including the Findex indexing system, shoe manufacturing and gold mining. The Hogg family used wealth from these interests to promote philanthropic projects centered on the arts, housing, education, mental health and historic preservation. After Will C. Hogg’s death in 1930, Hogg Brothers was supervised in part by his brother Michael and sister Ima.

Scope and Contents

Deeds, contracts, lease agreements, securities records, business correspondence, land surveys, account books, financial ledgers and journals, legal filings and briefs, wills, transcripts of testimony, oil and gas well logs (1895-1956, bulk 1919-1940) document the commercial and legal activities of Hogg Brothers, and other business interests of the Hogg family during the first half of the 20th century. Title deeds, transfers and related financial instruments reflect land use and the interests of the Hogg Brothers firm in its primary money-making enterprise: petroleum. Securities records (stock and bonds) document the investments of the firm. Legal briefs and proceedings, mostly concerning land claims and estates, include depositions and testimony by William C. Hogg, Michael Hogg and other parties. Audits, reports, ledgers, journals, tax filings and correspondence document the financial history of Hogg Brothers and its relations with other firms, including the River Oaks Corporation, a development project in Houston, and the Texas Company, predecessor of the Texaco Oil Company. Well-logs document the geologic structure under the West Columbia area and other Hogg Oil Company properties.


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Index Terms

Subjects (Organizations)
Hogg Brothers (Firm)
Petroleum industry and trade--Texas.
Texaco, inc.
Texas Company
Real estate development--Texas.
West Columbia (Tex.)
Other Authors
Hogg, Will C. (William Clifford), 1875-1930.
Hogg, James Stephen, 1851-1906.
Hogg, Ima, 1882-1975
Hogg, Michael, 1885-1941
Hogg, Thomas, 1887-1949

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Detailed Description of the Collection

3F348 Hogg Brothers business records:
Mineral properties, depletion, 1924-1927
Smackover district, Arkansas,
Boling district,
Branyon district, Texas,
Mineral leases, Louisiana
3F349 Mineral properties
Bunte Brothers property
Louisiana royalties
Ashe purchase, 1926-1929
Louisiana, 1925-1943
Clarenton district, Louisiana, 1939-1944
3F350 Louisiana: Morgan and Ashe properties, securities:
Cresson Consolidated Gold Mining and Milling Company, 1920-1941
Fifteen Oil Company, 1938-1948
Hogg Oil Company, 1938-1944
Ingleside Channel and Dock Company, 1926-1938
3F351 290 Park Avenue Incorporated, 1925-1941
Peoples Gin Company 1938-1944
Taft Properties Incorporated, accounting, 1936-1944
Varner Company, 1925-1932
3F352 Taft Properties Incorporated, statements, 1932-1940
Taft Property Syndicate, auditor's report, 1930
Taft Farms
banking, 1938
titles, 1928-1940
Lease, Magnolia Petroleum Corporation, 1936-1938
Lease, Stanolind Oil and Gas, 1935-1939
Lease, Sinclair Prarie Oil Company, pipeline and tanks, 1940
3F353 Wild Cat Investment Company
Theo Development Company, 1919-1921
Taft Compress and Warehouse Company, 1925-1943
Texas Cotton Finance Corporation
Abstracts, 1916, 1921, 1941
Hogg Brothers and Mike Hogg, trustee, audit working papers and reports, 1921
Mineral properties, depletion
Smackover district, Arkansas 1923-1924
3F354 Securities:
Taft Farms 1928-1942
Coleman-Fulton Pasture Company, lawsuit
Petition between Ima Hogg, et al., 1942
West Columbia Oil properties, 1939-1942
University of Texas Library, 1939-1943
Maps, 1922-1940
Dissolution, extra copies of partition deed, 1939-1940
3F355 Hogg Brothers limited partnership, dissolution, 1938-1939
Appraisal of assets
Thomas E. Hogg v. Mike Hogg, et al., partition suit
Appraisal of assets, other than mineral
Miscellaneous working papers
Securities, Taft Farms
Accounting, 1936-1943
Leases, O.W. Killam, Josey et al., 1936-1941
3F356 Hogg Brothers:
Drawing accounts, statements, 1918-1930
Hogg, Mike
Hogg, Ima
Hogg, William C.
Furniture and fixtures, sales and inventories, 1921-1942
Articles of co-partnership, 1920
Mineral properties, 1927-1939
Oil and Gas Royalty Operations, Arkansas
Montgomery County
Smackover district 1925-1925, 1939
Organization, 1921-1942
Varner Oil Company, 1921-1927
3F357 Hogg Brothers:
Depletion, 1921-1932
Crane-Upton, Caddo and Muckleroy districts
Fry and Smith-Ellis districts Raccoon Bend, Weaver and Salt Flats districts
West Columbia
Depreciation, 1921-1926
Employees, 1920-1945
Drawing accounts, 1921-1931
3F358 Investments:
Taft Farms:
Alleged vacancy, Bailey Hardy 1936-1937
Appraisals, October 1938
MHA securities, Mound Creek Oil Company, Montgomery County, abstracts, 1932
3F359 Stocks and bonds:
Reed Roller Bit Company, 1927-1933
Rio Grande Oil Company (Consolidated Oil Corporation), 1929-1936
Municipal Bonds, 1922-1926
Pacific Western Oil Corp., 1929-1935
MacGregor Drive Development Company, 1926-1942
River Oaks Corporation:
3F360 1931-1932
3F361 San Antonio Pictures Corporation:
(also Producers Security Corporation) 1919-1927
3F362 River Oaks Corporation, 1929-1930
Skelly Oil Company, 1924-1936
Southern Pacific Company, 1924-1926
Skelly Oil Company, 1936-1940
Texas Company, 1923-1925
Security Union Insurance Company, 1926-1931
Stocks and bonds:
Stude Holding Association, 1921-1922
Texas Bread Company, 1922-1928
3F363 Securities:
Wolfelt Stores, 1922
Worthless stocks
Varner Securities Company, November, 1919
Wilson Process Incorporated:
3F364 Stocks and bonds:
Varner Oil Company, 1924-1925, 1941
F.B. Warren Corporation, 1921-1922
Varner Realty Company (Stude Lot subdivision), 1920-1930
3F365 Securities:
Union Motors Incorporated:
Classification of accounts
Chrystler franchise, 1924-1926
Miscellaneous contracts, 1923-1928
3F366 Statements, 1925-1927
Report of audit, December 31, 1925
Organization, 1922-1923
Statements, balance sheets, (Will C. Hogg's file) 1922-1927
Corporate income tax returns, 1924-1928
Thompson and O'Brien Oil Company, August, November 1929
Union Carbide and Carbon Company, 1922-1926
Union Motors Incorporated et al. vs. First National Bank, 1927
3F367 Clements case, pleadings, 1920-1924
Union Motors Incorporated, audit working papers, 1924-1925
3F368 Litigation:
Clements case, general, 1921-1924
3F369 McFarland case, 1920-1924
Clements case, jury, 1922
Conley vs. Hogg Bros. et al., 1920-1923
Clements (Sallie J.) case:
Appeal, 1922-1923
3F370 Charges, 1922
Evidence, 1922-1923
Severance authorities, 1922, 1924
Re-hearing, 1925-1926
General, 1920-1922
Kaiser place, title, 1911-1919
3F371 McFarland case, 1924-1925
Clements case:
Bills of exception, 1922
Memoranda of corrections made in Clements record
Index to S.F. Clements case
Testimony, 1922-1924
Expense, 1922-1925
Briefs, 1922-1924
Lawreed Carpenter, 1922-1923
3F372 Texas Gulf Sulphur Company vs. T.M. Neal et al.:
Pleadings and trial papers, 1929-1930
3F373 Evidence, originals and certified copies of instruments, 1930
3F374 Transcripts of testimony, 1921-1922
Lynne, et al. vs. Coons, et al., 1921
Wyatt vs. Texas Company and Hogg Heirs, 1922
Conally vs. Texas Company, 1921
Legal Briefs:
John C. Underwood vs. Will C. Hogg et al., January 1915
Contest of will of Sarah Ross, undated
McFarland deed, undated
Agreement of counsel to permit testimony, Clements case, March-June 1923
Texas Gulf Sulphur Company vs. T.M. Neal et al., title, abstracts and opinions, etcetera, 1929-1930
3F375 Transcripts of testimony, 1921-1922
Conally vs. Texas Company 1921-1922
Underwood vs. Hogg, 1921
Synopsis of statement by Will C. Hogg 1915
Estate of Sarah Ross, undated
Clements vs. Texas Company, 1922
Depositions, [circa 1922]
Clements vs. Texas Company, with index 1922
McFarland vs. Hogg, et al., 1921
McFarland vs. Texas Company, et al., 1921
Deed of Laura J. McFarland et al, to Ellen Bell, brief, undated
3F376 Securities:
Wesson Oil and Snowdrift Company Incorporated, 1929-1941
Widee Realty Company, 1924-1926
Litigation, Will C. Hogg Estate:
Taxes, federal income, 1934-1935
Record book, 1930-1939
Statements, 1930-1930
3F377 Real estate, Claud Nash land (Trinity County)
Personal property, 1930-1931
New Madison Square Garden Corporation
290 Park Avenue
Paving, Shepherd Drive
Charles Brown subdivision, Brazoria County
Sodiphene Company, stock
Victoria County road bonds
Webb County bonds
Wesson Oil and Snowdrift Company
Cresson stock
Dallas Levee Improvement District bonds
Fort Bend County bridge bonds
Goliad City bridge refinancing bonds
Harford Agricultural and Breeders association stock
Houston Country Club sinking fund bonds
Seattle North Pacific Shipbuilding Company stock
San Saba County road warrants
J. B. Shearer and Company stock
Blakely Smith and Company preferred stock
Kerville land warrants
Resolutions, charity appeals, 1930-1931
3F378 Litigation:
Will C. Hogg estate, taxes, federal income, 1936-1939
Transcripts of testimony, 1922
3F379 Litigation, Will C. Hogg estate, personal property
Kirby Lumber Company stock, 1925-1939
Mineral Wells improvement bonds, 1921-1933
American Republics Corporation, 1929-1934
Aransas Pass sea wall bonds, 1920-1931
Casino Town Club Operating Corporation, stock, 1932-1934
Consolidated Oil Corporation stock, 1938-1939
3F380 Miscellaneous files:
Kentucky S/E Coal Corporation
Miscellaneous maps, sketches, drawings and data re. Kaiser and Patten place
Lee survey, letters patent
W. T. Williams file
McFarland et al. vs. Hogg et al. (briefs)
Legal citations for payment of taxes
Correspondence concerning Varner Plantation, Will C. Hogg to Bullock
Letters from W. M. D. Lee
3F381 Litigation:
W. C. Hogg et al. vs. George W. Sheffield et al., (Brazoria Company suit):
Briefs, 1927-1929
Galley proof
Office manuscript
Notes and legal instruments
3F382 Petitions, answers, agreements, exhibits and papers used as evidence in trial, 1927-1929
Papers pertaining to the brief, appellees briefs, other briefs,
3F383 Judgement and opinion, 1927-1935
Appeal for rehearing to Civil and Supreme Courts, 1933-1935
Pleadings, 1927
Briefs, 1928
3F384 Sarah Ross will case, 1921-1923
Will. C. Hogg et al. vs. Sheffield, Brazoria Company tax suit, correspondence, 1927-1935
3F385 Blueprints and miscellaneous materials concerning Clements, Underwood and McFarland suit, West Columbia
Sarah Ross will contest, depositions, 1922
Tom Tennille title to George C. Tennille estate, March 1922
Laura Jane McFarland et al., Memorandum of authorities, November 1920
Sallie J. Clements at al. vs. Texas Company et al., citations in error, January-February 1923
3F386 Clements case:
Proceedings, June 1922
Correspondence, 1921-1922
John C. Underwood vs. William. C. Hogg et al., papers used in briefing, 1921-1922
McFarland suit, Crews case, August-November 1922
George C. Tenille will, briefs, 1921
3F387 Mrs. Hettie Neuman et vir. vs. Armor Auto Company, at al., transcript of testimony, Nov. 1922
Underwood vs. Hogg et al., correspondence and briefs, 1902-1926
3F388 Clements case, depositions, 1921-1922
Underwood vs. Hogg, deposition of John C. Underwood, October 1921
Clements case:
Brief for defendants [1921?]
Pleadings, 1921
Underwood vs. Hogg, question and answer transcript (2 copies), 1921
3F389 State of Texas vs. Mike Hogg et al., inheritance tax case, briefing, pleadings, etcetera, 1932-1934
Clements case, depositions, 1921-1922
3F390 Will C. Hogg Estate:
Will, letters of devisees, October 1930-February 1931
Louisiana property, 1930
Texas property, 1931-1939
Social security, 1939
Arkansas property
Texas inheritance, 1930-1931
Death taxes (French), 1930-1931
Mexican inheritance (San Rodrigo Land and Cattle Company), 1930-1938
Arkansas inheritance, 1930-1931
Arkansas income tax, 1930-1939
Federal income tax, 1930-1939
Max Voit et al., Ross will case depositions, July 1921
Brief, deed of Laura J. McFarland to Mrs. Ellen Bell
3F391 Miscellaneous briefings, 1920-1921
Ross will contest, brief of authorities, January 1921
Will C. Hogg Estate:
Probate proceedings, Harris County, 1930-1937
Will, 1930-1939
Probate proceedings, Union County, Arkansas
State of Texas vs. Mike Hogg et al., inheritance taxes, 1931-1934
Inheritance tax suit, correspondence, 1931-1934
2.325/A108 Deeds and agreements, 1834, 1869, 1880-1920, 1943
Arnold's Mound property subdivisions, blueprint, 1903


Hogg Brothers Account Books

2.325/D12a Hogg Brothers joint bank account memo cash book
October 1941-December 1942
2.325/D12b December 1938--December 1940
2.325/D12c Hogg Brothers account ledger, 1934-1939
2.325/D12d Hogg Brothers oil earnings, ledger, 1920-1924
2.325/D12e Hogg Brothers joint bank account memo cash book, January 1941--October 1941
2.325/D12f Hogg Brothers cash book, January 1926--June 1927
2.325/D12g Will C. Hogg, agent, cash book, September 1918--March 1921
2.325/D12h Martin Varner, agent, cash book, January 1946--June 1952
2.325/D12i Hogg Brothers cash journal,
July 1923--April 1927
2.325/D12j May 1927--December 1938
2.325/D12k April 1921--June 1923
2.325/L22 Hogg family accounting records,
Varner company, ledger, 1905-1910
Union Motors Incorporated, minutes, November 1922--January 1928
Varner company, account ledger, 1921-1923
Hogg Oil Company, copy of charter, bylaws, minutes, certificates of dissolution, 1939-1951
Mike Hogg, trustee, account journal, 1919-1921
Hogg Oil Company, account ledger, 1939-1941
Will C. Hogg, trustee, account ledger, 1917-1919
2.325/L23 Accounts receivable, ledgers, 1921-1938
Electrical logs, West Columbia, undated
2.325/L24 Mike Hogg, agent, transfer ledger 1937-1940
Electrical logs
Jackson Subdivision, West Columbia Field
Claud Hamill
M.T. Habouty, Ima Hogg et al. #1 and #2
Texaco Incorporated #2
2.325/L25 Hogg Oil Company, Mike Hogg et al., 1941, 1946
Texas Company, Will C. Hogg, 1939-1948, undated
Hogg Oil Company, Mike Hogg et al., 1938-1948, undated
Gulf Production, Mays, 1940-1949
Texaco Incorporated, Ima Hogg #3 and #4, 1963, undated
Estate of Will C. Hogg, general ledger, 1930-1939
Will C. Hogg, account ledger, 1920-1931
2.325/L26 Electrical Logs
West Columbia Field
Claud Hamill "D" Lease, 1952-1958
Miscellaneous, 1938-1965
Hogg Oil Company, Hogg-Hamman LS [lease?], 1938-1947
Hogg-Hamman, Claud Hamill, 1953-1956


Governor James Stephen Hogg Files:

3F392 Miscellaneous business files:
Check stubs, 1906-1910
Checks, 1910
Legal documents, 1895-1910
Correspondence, 1900-1910