University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

A Guide to the James Stephen Hogg Papers, 1836-1969

Descriptive Summary

Creator Hogg, James Stephen, 1851-1906.
Title James Stephen Hogg Papers
Dates: 1836-1969
Abstract James S. Hogg, lawyer, businessman and politician, was attorney general (1887-1890) and governor (1891-1895) of Texas. The papers relate to his political campaigns and career, including government reforms and regulation of industries, and development of The University of Texas and other educational institutions; Texas and United States politics, including Progressive and Populist movements; and genealogy, history, biography, and philanthropy of Hogg, his family, and his heirs.
Extent: 44 ft. 8 in.
Language Materials are in English.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

James S. Hogg, lawyer, businessman and politician, was attorney general (1887-1890) and governor (1891-1895) of Texas.

Scope and Contents

Papers relate to genealogy, history and biography of Hogg (1851-1906), governor of Texas (1891-1895), and members of his family; to his careers as a lawyer, politician, attorney general, governor and businessman; to Progressivism in Texas including antitrust legislation during and after Hogg's gubernatorial administrations, the "Hogg Laws," municipal reforms, tax reform, control of lobbying, regulation of the oil and gas industry and of the insurance industry, securities regulation, reilroad regulation and the establishment of the Texas Railroad Commission; to other aspects of Hogg's gubernatorial administrations including interest in, and development of, The University of Texas and other state educational institutions and the promotion of state historical and archival facilities and resources; to other gubernatorial administrations, especially that of Charles Allen Culberson; to the Democratic Party in Texas and the United States (1876-1906) including county, district, state, and national conventions, the political influence of Texas Confederate veteran groups, and the history of Populism in Texas; to political campaigns for offices of attorney general of Texas, governor of Texas, United States congressman, United States senator, and United States president, especially the presidential campaigns of William Jennings Bryan (1896 and 1900); to political patronage, preferment, appointments, applications, recommendations, and endorsements, influence, and spoils; to the political careers of Joseph Weldon Bailey, Jr., Charles Keith Bell, James Nathan Browning, Thomas Mitchell Campbell, Horace Chilton, Richard Coke, Oscar Branch Colquitt, Martin McNulty Crane, Charles Allen Culberson, Robert Vance Davidson, Samuel Willis Tucker Lanham, Roger Quarles Mills, Joseph Draper Sayers, Morris Sheppard, Thomas Slater Smith, and other prominent Texans; to political issues in Texas and the United States, including prohibition, antitrust legislation and other aspects of progressivism, national monetary policy and national foreign policy; to Hogg's law practice in Tyler, Austin, and Houston, his financial career and the industrial development of Texas, especially in regard to the Beaumont oil fields, and including the philanthropic concerns of Hogg and his heirs.

Papers include letters, correspondence, telegrams, postcards, newspapers, clippings, scrapbooks, genealogies, biographies, obituaries, speeches, certificates, licenses, lists, reports, invitations, broadsides, calendars, maps, ledgers, photographs, memoranda, legal instruments, court records, and financial records. Included are typed transcripts of most of the manuscript materials, as well as of papers housed at the Texas State Archives that relate to Hogg's terms as attorney general and as governor. Also included is a group of materials related to the production of Robert C. Cotner's biography of Hogg published in 1959.



These materials are arranged by subject.

Organization of the Papers

I. Biographical data:
  • Original material:2J206-2J213
  • Typed transcripts: 2N156, 2J417-2J418
  • Materials produced, collected and annotated by Robert C. Cotner: 2.401/HC 1001/A1-HC 1003/D2
II. Family letters received:
  • Original material:2J214
  • Typed transcripts: 2N156-2N157
III. Family letters received and written, miscellaneous papers:
  • Typed transcripts: 2N157
IV. Family letters written:
  • Original material:2J214-2J215
  • Typed transcripts: 2N157
  • Letters to Will C. Hogg, typed transcripts: 2J418
V. Family letters, letter press:
  • Original material:2J216
VI. Correspondence about photographs of James S. Hogg
  • Original material:2J216
VII. Letters received:
  • Original material:2J216-2J234
  • Inventory of typed transcripts: 2J437
  • Typed transcripts: 2.401/HC 1004/D2; 2.401/HC 2030/A1 - 2030/D2; 2.401/HC 2027/A1-2027/D1; 2J437-2J450
VIII. Letters written:
  • Original material:2J235
  • Typed transcripts: 2N158
IX. Letter presses:
  • Original material:2J258-2J268, 2J272
  • Typed transcripts: 2.401/HC 1003/D2; 2.401/HC 1004/A1 - 1004/D2; 2.401/HC 2027/D1, 2027/D2; HC 3/79; 2N144; 2J450-2J451
X. Account papers:
  • Original material:2J235, 2J273
XI. Attorney General, letters received:
  • Original material:2J236-2J245
  • Typed transcripts: 2N158, 2N159
XII. Attorney General, letters written:
  • Original material:2J245
  • Typed transcripts: 2N158
XIII. Attorney General, letter presses:
  • Typed transcripts: 2N145-2N153
XIV. Governor's papers, letters received:
  • Original material:2J246-2J253
  • Typed transcripts: 2N159, 2J418-2J437
  • Indexes to typed transcripts:2N158
XV. Governor's papers, letters written:
  • Original material:2J253
  • Typed transcripts: 2N153-2N156
  • Indexes to typed transcripts:2N158
XVI. Governor's papers, letter presses:
  • Original material:2J269-2J271.
  • Typed transcripts: 2J277-2J281
XVII. Governor's papers, pardons:
  • Original material:2J254
XVIII. Governor's papers, certificates of election:
  • Original material:2J254
XIX. Attorney-at-law, letters received:
  • Typed transcripts: 2N157
XX. Hogg & Robertson, letters received:
  • Original material:2J255-2J257
XXI. Hogg & Robertson, letters written:
  • Original materials: 2J257
XXII. Hogg & Robertson, letter presses:
  • Original material:2J271
XXIII. Justice of the Peace records:
  • Original material:2J272
XXIV. Memorandum Books:
  • Original material:2J273
XXV. Literary productions:
  • Speeches:
    • Original material: 2J273
    • Typed transcripts: 2N156
    • Letter presses: 2J274
  • Adele Lubbock Briscoe Looscan, Life of Michael Looscan 1894:
    • Typed transcript: 2J449
XXVI. Bible: 2J277
XXVII. Scrapbooks: 2J274-2J276
XXVIII. Scrapbooks, oversize: 2J282-2J292
XXIX. Oversize miscellaneous: 2.325/V63
XX. Visual materials: 3T246-3T251;3S134
XXI. Maps: OD31
XXII. Robert C. Cotner Transcripts: 3X103-3X117


Photographic negatives are restricted.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Bailey, George McClellan, 1864-1927.
Bryan, William Jennings, 1860-1925.
Clark, George, 1841-1918.
Cotner, Robert Crawford.
Craddock, John T.
Culberson, Charles A., 1885-
Hogg, James Stephen, 1851-1906--Archives
Hogg, Will C. (William Clifford), 1875-1930.
Looscan, Michael.
Ross, Lawrence Sullivan, 1838-1898.
Subjects (Organizations)
Democratic Party (Tex.)
Texas. Attorney-General's Office.
Hogg and Robertson (Austin, Tex.)
Texas. General Land Office.
Railroad Commission of Texas.
Antitrust law
County attorneys--Texas.
Gas industry--Texas.
Law enforcement--Texas.
Oil fields--Texas--Beaumont.
Petroleum industry and trade--Texas.
Austin (Tex.)
Mexican-American Border Region.
Wood County (Tex.)

Administrative Information

Preferred Citataion

James Stephen Hogg Papers, 1836-1969, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Detailed Description of the Collection


I. Biographical Data

2J206 Correspondence with various people about writing biography
Interviews; Reminiscences; Incidents; Sketches of his life, etc.,
2J207 East Texas Interviews
Lists of People Interviewed or to be Interviewed
East Texas Interviews, May, 1946
[Biographical Information on James Stephen Hogg, (Loan from State)] April 3, 1906 - April 22, 1938
James Stephen Hogg: A Biography by Paul L. Wakefield, Brig. Gen. & Mrs. Joseph Lewis Hogg
Anne E. Hogg, F. Baylor Hogg, Ima Hogg, supplementary, Carey Porter Sweeny-Ima Hogg correspondence, re: history of Varner Plantation, Mrs. James S. Hogg, John W. Hogg, Mrs. Julia Ann Hogg Ferguson, Mrs. Martha Francis Hogg, Mike Hogg, Thomas E. Hogg. September 1, 1892 - May 11, 1943, April 10, 1956-January 17, 1957;
2J208 Thomas E. Hogg, William Clifford Hogg, Mrs. Martha Francis Hogg Davis, Mrs. Hermilla Hogg Kelso, Bismarck Ferguson, J. W. McDugald, J. A. Stinson
Hogg Cemetary
Mountain Home
Hogg Coat-of-Arms
Miscellaneous Personal Items, Souvenirs, Invitations, etc.
2J209 John T. Craddock, letters received
February 18, 1890--October 17, 1890
George M. Bailey correspondence
April 4, 1922-January 28, 1924
Correspondence with Hogg Family about J. S. Hogg Biography, March 22, 1921-January 19, 1925
Biography of Michael Looscan, 1894
2J418 Typed transcripts
George M. Bailey, letters for biography
2J210 George M. Bailey, The Life of James Stephen Hogg
2J417 Bound volumes of typed transcripts
George M. Bailey, The Life of James Stephen Hogg, Part 1 - 3
George M. Bailey, Draft of The Life of James Stephen Hogg
2J210 Memorials, Pecan and Walnut Tree, Centennial, March 9, 1906-April 4, 1935, 1936
2J211 Memorials, March 11, 1906-April 4, 1939
McMath Genealogy, 1915-1934
Hogg Mansion, Austin, n.d.
Wood County Democrat, Quitman, Texas, July 27, 1950 1874, 1894-1900, 1952, 1955, and undated
Miscellaneous, 1862, 1888, 1892, 1924, 1940-1959
Clark campaign song, "The Terrell Mule and the Tyler Hogg"
2J212 Clippings
Silver v. Gold, Campaign, 1896
Centennial Year, 1936
James Stephen Hogg memorial Shrine, Quitman, Texas
"Jim Hogg Day," December 8, 1951
2J213 Clippings, undated
Cartoons, broadsides
Miscellaneous printed material
2N156 Typed transcripts
Newspaper clippings
2J418 Bound volumes of typed transcripts
Grady Stafford St. Clair, The Hogg-Clark Campaign
Mary Louise Wimberly Barksdale,_ The Gubernatorial Administration of J. S. Hogg
2.401/HC 1001/A1-1003/D2 (24 boxes) Materials produced, collected, and annotated by Robert C. Cotner, ca. 1949


II. Family Letters Received

2J214 Original material
Pre-1846 - June 7, 1903
July 31, 1894 - August 13, 1913 and undated
2N156 Typed transcripts
Pre 1846-1913 and undated
2N157 1874-1905


III. Family Letters Received And Written, Miscellaneous Papers

2N157 Typed transcripts


IV. Family Letters Written

2J214 Original material
September 25, 1870-September 18, 1903
2J215 supplementary September 23, 1901-July 13, 1909,
2N157 Typed transcripts, 1862-1907
2J418 Letters to Will C. Hogg, April 18, 1892-October 7, 1902


V. Family Letters-Letter Presses

2J216 Original material #1, 1A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, January 29, 1887-February 20, 1892


VI. Correspondence About Photographs Of James S. Hogg

2J216 Original material


VII. Letters Received

2J216 Original material
May 21, 1836,-July 31, 1889
2J217 August 1, 1889-April 14, 1890
2J218 April 15, 1890-June 13, 1890
2J219 June 14, 1890-November 28, 1890
2J220 December 1, 1890-April 30, 1891
2J221 May 1, 1891-August 31, 1891
2J222 September 1, 1891-February 17, 1892
2J223 February 18, 1892-April 12, 1892
2J224 April 13, 1892-June 14, 1892
2J225 June 15, 1892-August 28, 1892
2J226 August 29, 1892-October 31, 1892
2J227 November 1, 1892-December 31, 1892
2J228 January 1, 1893-March 17, 1893
2J229 March 18, 1893-May 31, 1893
2J230 June 1, 1893-November 29, 1893
2J231 December 2, 1893-May 31, 1894
2J232 June 1, 1894-October 31, 1894
2J233 November 2, 1894-August 1, 1903
2J234 February 23, 1904-March 14, 1906, Undated
2J237 Typed transcripts
Inventory, bound volume
Volume 1: bound May 21, 1836-August 30, 1889,
Volumes 2-3: August 31, 1889-March 31, 1890
2J238 Volumes 4-5: April 1-May 31, 1890
2J239 Volumes 6-8, bound: June 1-December 31, 1890
2J240 Volumes 9-11, bound: January 1-August 31, 1891
2J241 Volumes 12-13, bound: September 1, 1891-February 29, 1892
2J242 Volumes 14-16, bound: March 1-May 31, 1892
2J243 Volumes 17-19, bound: June 1-August 31, 1892
2J244 Volumes 20-22 (part 1), bound: September 1-December 31, 1892
2J245 Volumes 22 (part 2)-24: November 1, 1892-February 28, 1893
2J246 Volumes 25-27, bound: March 1-May 31, 1893
2J247 Volumes 28-30, bound: June 1, 1893-April 30, 1894
2J248 Volumes 31-33, bound: May 1, December 31, 1894
2J249 Volumes 34-36, bound: January 1, 1895-March 14, 1906, and undated
2J250 Volume 37: John T. Craddock correspondence, bound, February 15-March 17, 1890,
2.401/HC 1004/D2 January 5, 1889-September 20, 1890
2.401/ HC 2030/A1 September 21-December 30, 1890
2.401/ HC 2030/A2 December 31, 1890-February 22, 1891
2.401/ HC 2030/B1 February 23-April 30, September 1-30, 1891
2.401/ HC 2030/B2 October 2-December 31 and undated, 1891
2.401/ HC 2030/C1 January 1-March 31, 1892
2.401/ HC 2030/C2 April-August 31, 1892
2.401/ HC 2030/D1 September 1-November 30, 1892
2.401/ HC 2030/D2 December 1-30, 1892; undated, 1890-1892; January 1-16, 1893
2.401/ HC 2027/A1 January 17-March 17, 1893
2.401/ HC 2027/A2 March 17-May 31, 1893
2.401/ HC 2027/B1 June 1-September 27, 1893
2.401/ HC 2027/B2 September 27-December 31 and undated, 1893; January 1-6, 1894
2.401/ HC 2027/C1 January 8-April 16, 1894
2.401/ HC 2027/C2 April 17-30, November 1-December 31, 1894; 1888-1889 and undated
2.401/ HC 2027/D1 Undated


VIII. Letters Written

2J235 Original material
September 28, 1874-February 18, 1876
2N158 Typed transcripts, 1874-1905


IX. Letter Presses

2J258 Original material
#1A, January 27, 1887-June 16, 1887
#1, June 25, 1887-July 30, 1888
#2, August 3, 1888-August 8, 1889
#3, May 9, 1889-September 16, 1889
2J259 #4, August 7, 1889-February 3, 1890
#5, February 17, 1890-May 1, 1890
#6, Parts I & II, May 1, 1890-June 10, 1890
#7, Parts I, II & III, June 10, 1890-December 6, 1890
2J260 #8, December 18, 1890-January 15, 1891
#9, Parts I & II, October 29, 1891-March 24, 1892
2J261 #10, March 23, 1892-September 16, 1892
#11, January 31, 1893-August 30, 1893
2J262 #12, Part I, December 5, 1894-April 25, 1896
#12, Part II, December 5, 1894-April 25, 1896
2J263 #13, Part I, April 27, 1896-December 22, 1896
#13, Part II, April 27, 1896-December 22, 1896
2J264 #13A, December 23, 1896-November 18, 1897
#14, November 20, 1897-October 28, 1898
#15, Part I, November 1, 1898-September 27, 1899
2J265 #15, Part II, November 1, 1898-September 27, 1899
Loose Sheets from Letterpress, April 10, 1889
#16, Part I, October 9, 1899-January 29, 1901
2J266 #16, Part II, October 9, 1899-January 29, 1901
#17, Part I, February 19, 1896-July 9, 1897
2J267 #17, Part II, February 19, 1896-July 9, 1897
#17A, July 9, 1897-April 1, 1898
2J268 #18, April 5, 1898-December 24, 1898
#23, March 18, 1904-March 25, 1905
2J272 Penitentiary Affairs, (Relates only indirectly to the Hogg Collection and was not included in "Hogg Papers-Catalogue"), April 25, 1887-July 13, 1889
Blank Letter Press
2J450 Typed transcripts
#1A, 1 (bound)
2J451 #2-5 (bound)
2.401 HC 1003/D2 #6 (bound)
2.401 HC 1004/A1 #7 (bound)
2.401 HC 1004/A2 #8, 9 (bound)
2.401 HC 1004/B1 #10 (bound)
2.401 HC 1004/B2 #11-12 (Part 2) (bound)
2.401 HC 1004/C1 #12 (Part 3), 13, 13A (Part 1) (bound)
2.401 HC 1004/C2 #13A (Part 2)-14 (Part 1) (bound)
2.401 HC 1004/D1 #14 (Part 2)-15 (Part 2) (bound)
2.401 HC 1004/D2 #15 (Part 3)-16 (Part 1) bound
2.401 HC 2027/D1 #16 (Parts 2 and 3) (bound)
2.401 HC 2027/D2 #17A, 17 (Part 1) (bound)
2J281 #17 (Parts 2 and 3) (bound)
2N144 #17 (Part 4), 18, 23 (bound)


X. Account Papers

2J273 Account book, accounts paid
September 1, 1885-May 3, 1886
2J235 August 4, 1888-December 27, 1892
fragments & paid bills, January 1, 1893-September 1, 1905, undated, February 4, 1886-January 31, 1906


XI. Attorney General-Letters Received

2J236 Original material
January 3-October 31, 1888
2J237 November 1, 1888-March 18, 1889
2J238 March 19, 1889-May 31, 1889
2J239 June 1, 1889-August 15, 1889
2J240 August 16, 1889-November 12, 1889
2J241 November 13, 1889-December 31, 1889, and undated
2J242 January 1, 1890-March 31, 1890
2J243 April 1, 1890-July 9, 1890
2J244 July 10, 1890-October 31, 1890
2J245 November 1, 1890-July 24, 1891
2N158 Typed transcripts
October 17-31, 1888
January 22-31, 1890
2N159 May 1-13, 1890


XII. Attorney General-Letters Written

2J245 Original material
July 16, 1887-December 7, 1890
2N158 Typed transcripts
January 29, 1890-January 1892 and undated


XIII. Attorney General-Letter Presses

2N145 Typed transcripts
#38: January 20-March 17, 1887
#39: March 18-June 17, 1887
2N146 #40: June 17-August 30, 1887
#41 (Part 1): August 30-December 13, 1887
2N147 #41 (Part 2): August 30-December 13, 1887
#42 (Parts 1 and 2): December 14, 1887-March 10, 1888
2N148 #42 (Part 3): December 14, 1887-March 10, 1888
#43: March 11-June 23, 1888
2N149 #44: June 23-October 11, 1888
#45 (Part 1): October 11, 1888-January 22, 1889
2N150 #45 (Parts 2 and 3): October 11, 1888-January 22, 1889
#46 (Parts 1 and 2): January 21-April 3, 1889
2N151 #46 (Part 3): January 21-April 3, 1889
#47: April 4-June 1, 1889
2N152 #48: May 31-July 23, 1889
#49 (Parts 1 and 2): July 22-September 24, 1889
2N153 #49 (Part 3): July 22-September 24, 1889


XIV. Governor's Papers-Letters Received

2J246 Original material
January 29, 1890-March 26, 1894
2J247 March 27, 1894-May 14, 1894
2J248 May 15, 1894-June 22, 1894
2J249 June 23, 1894-August 4, 1894
2J250 August 11, 1894-October 6, 1894
2J251 October 7, 1894-November 30, 1894
2J252 December 1, 1894-January 31, 1898, undated
2J253 Undated Recommendations for Notary Public by Counties
2J418 Typed transcripts
Volume 1: January 5, 1889-August 31, 1890
2J419 Volumes 2-4: September 1-December 15, 1890
2J420 Volumes 5-7: December 16, 1890-January 31, 1891
2J421 Volumes 8-11: February 1-March 31, 1891
2J422 Volumes 12-14: April 1-June 30, 1891
2J423 Volumes 15-17: July 1-September 30, 1891
2J424 Volumes 18-21: October 1, 1891-January 20, 1892
2J425 Volumes 22-25: January 21-April 30, 1892
2J426 Volumes 26-28: May 1-August 31, 1892
2J427 Volumes 29-32: September 1-December 15, 1892
2J428 Volumes 33-36: December 16-31 and undated, 1892; undated 1890, 1891; January 1-31, 1893
2J429 Volumes 37-39: February 1-March 31, 1893
2J430 Volumes 40-42: April 1-May 31, 1893
2J431 Volumes 43-45: June 1-August 31, 1893
2J432 Volumes 46-48: September 1-December 19, 1893
2J433 Volumes 49-52: December 20, 1893-March 31, 1894
2J434 Volumes 53-55: April 1-June 30, 1894
2J435 Volumes 56-58: July 1-September 30, 1894
2J436 Volumes 59-61: September 1-December 31, 1894
2J437 Undated
2N159 Undated recommendations for notary public, by counties
2N158 Indexes: Volumes 1-61 and undated


XV. Governor's Papers-Letters Written

2N153 Original material
July 4, 1889-February 7, 1899
Typed transcripts
Volumes 1-3: April 9, 1887-July 31, 1891
2N154 Volumes 4-7: August 1-December 31, 1891
2N155 Volumes 8-10: January 1-November 17, 1892
2N156 Volume 11: and all undated January 13, 1893-November 27, 1894
2N158 Indexes, Volumes 1-11 and undated


XVI. Governor's Papers, Letter Presses

2J269 Original material
"Letter Press" #1, January 21, 1891-June 1, 1891
"Letter Press" #2, September 6, 1892-March 18, 1893
2J270 "Letter Press" #3, March 18, 1893-July 25, 1893
"Letter Press" #4, July 21, 1893-February 2, 1894
"Letter Press" #5, February 1, 1894-July 2, 1894
2J271 "Letter Press" #6, July 6, 1894-January 15, 1895
2J277 Typed transcripts
#1-2 (Part 1)
2J278 #2 (Part 2)- 3 (Part 2)
2J279 #3 (Part 3)- 4
2J280 #5-6 (Part 1)
2J281 #6 (Parts 2 and 3)


XVII. Governor's Papers-Pardons

2J254 March 1, 1891-January 15, 1895


XVIII. Governor's Papers-Certificates of Election

2J254 November 8, 1892


XIX. Attorney-at-law Letters Received

2J257 Typed transcripts, 1895-1906


XX. Hogg & Robertson-Letters Received

2J255 Original material
April 1, 1895-May 31, 1899
2J256 June 2, 1899-December 30, 1902
2J257 fragments and undated January 2, 1903-August 5, 1906,


XXI. Hogg & Robertson-Letters Written

2J257 Original material
November 15, 1895-December 3, 1895


XXII. Hogg & Robertson-Letter Presses

2J271 Case Files,
May 9, 1903-November 22, 1904


XXIII. Justice of the Peace Records

2J272 Criminal Docket No. 1, Quitman, Texas, 1873 & 1874
Court Docket, Quitman, Texas, 1874


XXIV. Memorandum Books

2J273 Tyler, 1880-1886
Austin, 1887-1888
Austin, April 1890
At Large, May 1890


XXV. Literary Productions

2J273 Speeches
Manuscript and printed
2N156 March 14, 1886-November 3, 1905, and undated
2J449 Typed transcripts
Adele Lubbock Briscoe Looscan, The Life of Michael Briscoe, 1894
2J274 Letter Press Speeches, 1891


XXVI. Bible

2J277 Bible presented to James S. Hogg, Rusk, Texas, 1861


XXVII. Scrapbooks

2J274 Newspaper clippings, Democratic & Republican Platforms
Cleveland's Letter of Acceptance, etc., 1881-1886
Newspaper Clippings, 1887-1889
2J275 Newspaper Clippings, 1887-1894
Texas World's Fair Exhibit Association, Capital Stock Certificate #1, July 18, 1891
Gold, Silver, U.S., and Foreign Debt, Statistical Data, 1873-1896
2J276 Newspaper Clippings, 1886-1906
Newspaper Clippings about the life of James S. Hogg
2J283 State Democratic Convention, San Antonio, 1890
2J284 International and Great Northern Inquiry compiled by Will C. Hogg for James S. Hogg, 1891
2J285 Invitation by Letter, January 15, 1894
Prominent Citizens Deliver Address on Behalf of Harmony in the Democratic Party
Famous Dallas Speech
Newspaper Clippings
2J290 1899-1900
2J291 899-1900
2J292 1901-1902
2J286 1902-1904
2J287 Tributes, Nation-Wide on Death of Governor Hogg, March 2, 1906
2J288 James S. Hogg Scrapbook
2J289 Miss Ima Hogg's Scrapbook of Telegrams received by her after the death of James S. Hogg, 1906


XXVIII. Scrapbooks, Oversize

2J282 James Stephen Hogg's Private Political "Pot" Containing Prohibition and other Political material on both sides of the question, 1887


XXIX. Oversize Miscellaneous

2.325/V63 License to practice before the Supreme Court
Certificate of election as Attorney General
Address to 22nd Legislature
Political broadsides
Newspaper and magazine clippings
Certificates of election, November 8, 1892


XXX. Visual Materials

[Approx. 197 photographs, 12 tintypes, 16 negatives, 1 drawing, 5 ink cartoons, 6 pencil cartoons.]
[Images related to Hogg (1851-1906), Texas Governor (1891-1895), members of his family, and friends and business associates, politicians and political events.]
[Photographs are arranged by subject. A partial calendar is provided.]
[Negatives are restricted.]
3T246 Folder No. 1
Photographs: Of Governor Hogg individually and in groups. (Beginning with early ones, through 1894)
Tintype of James Stephen Hogg in Printing Office at Rusk, Texas. According to Miss Ima's information, he is the figure at the right and the time is about 1868.
Copy of above tintype.
Small photograph James Stephen Hogg, with the date 1870 on front, and following note on back: To W.B.D. J. S. Hogg 19 years, 1870.
Small photograph of James Stephen Hogg, by C. A. Teagarden, Photographer, Rusk, Texas. No date.
Small framed photograph of James Stephen Hogg (used at Centennial Exhibit in Dallas). According to Miss Ima's information this was made in 1872 while he was Justice of the Peace at Quitman, Texas. (See file marked "Centennial," in large red folder marked "Memorials.") This photo has the number 51 on back, marked so by Centennial authorities.
Small photographs of James Stephen Hogg. No date.
Photograph of James Stephen Hogg (seated), and F. J. McCord, with following note on back: F. J. McCord and J. S. Hogg - Opposing Candidates before the Tyler District Judicial Convention for District Attorney of the 7th District. June 1880.
Two (2) photographs of James Stephen Hogg, with following note on back of both: J. S. Hogg, July 2d, 1881. Aged 30 years 4 ms. 8 days.
Two (2) photographs of James Stephen Hogg, with following note on back of both: J. S. Hogg, Mineola, Texas. Dec. 2, 1881.
Small tintype of James Stephen Hogg. No date. (Looks to be about 1881)
Framed photographs of James Stephen Hogg (used at Centennial Exhibit in Dallas). According to Miss Ima's information, the date of this is March 24, 1883 as District Attorney. Note on back "For my Ima." [broken glass]
Tintype of James Stephen Hogg with three of his children. No date.
James Stephen Hogg with group (figure in middle) having following note on front: Garrison, Scales, Hogg, Rea, Smith at Marshall Hall on the Potomac. Oct. 1888
James Stephen Hogg with youngest son, Tom. Following note on back: Tom Hogg "and his Daddy" - July 1889 - Austin, Texas.
Two (2) photographs of James Stephen Hogg (identical). Note on back of one: Gov. James S. Hogg, 321 West Ervin, Tyler, Tex. Also note in Miss Ima's handwriting as follows: Atty. Genrl. 1889. Sent by Edith Yarbrough, 321 West Ervin, Tyler, Texas.
James Stephen Hogg with group on porch. Following note on back: Brownwood, May 1st 1890.
Photograph of James Stephen Hogg being sworn in as Governor. No date, but probably 1891. This photo sent by Ruth Johnson, 1213 West 6th St., Austin, Texas.
James Stephen Hogg with group aboard S.S. Lampasas. Following note on front: J. S. Hogg, Pres. Harrison, Gen'l. Rusk and Citizens of Galveston - Steam Ship Lampasas - April 18th 1891.
Closeup of James Stephen Hogg, taken from above photograph aboard S. S. Lampasas.
James Stephen Hogg and group In Camp, at Austin, July 21, 1891. Following names on front: Col. R. J. House; Genl. W. H. Mabry; Gen'l. A. S. Roberts; J. S. Hogg; Gen'l. D. S. Stanley; Genl. L. M. Openheimer.
James Stephen Hogg and group. Probably in Camp at Austin, July, 1891. Looks like about same time and group as above.
James Stephen Hogg and group (including Miss Ima Hogg). Probably in Camp at Austin, July 1891. Looks like about same time and group as above pictures. Miss Ima identified some of these men on back of picture; and also has following note: Picture given by Gen. Oppenheimer to Mrs. Belcher and given me Nov. 28, '26.
James Stephen Hogg and General Wheaton (in carriage). Following note on front: J. S. Hogg and Genl Wheaton. Encampment at Austin 1893.
James Stephen Hogg and group, on horseback. Note on back: Encampment at Austin, Texas Militia. J. S. Hogg administration. (Probably same time as above photo)
Photograph of James Stephen Hogg made by Marks of Austin, Texas. Dated 1893 on back.
Post Card Photograph of James Stephen Hogg. No date. Following note by W. C. Hogg on back: J. S. Hogg as inaugurated. Before he left the Gov's Office he was clean shaven - remained so, as big picture.
James Stephen Hogg with large group at Waco Cotton Palace, 1894. Following note by Miss Ima on back: At the Waco Cotton Palace 1894. St. Louis Board of Trade and a few Texians. Ex. Gov. Hubbard, Judge Clark, J. S. Hogg, Senator Coke, Lieut. Gov. George Jester.
James Stephen Hogg with Mrs. Hogg and three children (framed photograph). No date, but this is probably 1890 or 1891. [Frame removed 5/13/1986]
James Stephen Hogg, from Attorney General, 1889, photograph of picture in Harper's Monthly, Nov. 1890, p. 897.
Photograph of James Stephen Hogg from a portrait by Robert Joy (Geopath Studio 3/24/54).
Photograph of Will C. Hogg (see folder # 4).
Photograph of James S. Hogg
3T247 Folder No. 2
Hogg, James Stephen
Photographs - 3 photos of Governor Hogg, 1890, 1893, 1902.
3T248 Folder No. 3
Photographs: Governor Hogg individually and in groups. From 1894 on.Photographs: Hogg homes at Quitman, Mineola and Tyler.Photographs: Stinson home at Speer, Texas
James Stephen Hogg in group with three other men (unidentified). Dated Dec. 24, or 29, 1897.
James Stephen Hogg with William Jennings Bryan. Note on back by Miss Ima: Wm. Jennings Bryan and J. S. Hogg on porch of Hogg residence in Austin, 19th St. and Rio Grande. 1897?
James Stephen Hogg in buggy. Following note by Miss Ima on back: J. S. Hogg driving a favorite white horse "Joe" in front of home on 19th St. 1897?
James Stephen Hogg in front of Austin home. Following note on back by Miss Ima: Austin home 19 & Rio Grande, 1897-98-99? Martha Francis Hogg Davis in background.
James Stephen Hogg with Judge Maxey and Judge Gaines. Following note by Miss Ima on back: Trip into Canada through St. Lawrence river and Thousand Islands - 1898?
James Stephen Hogg with Mrs. W. B. (Judge) Maxey. Following note by Miss Ima on back: J. S. Hogg on St. Lawrence River with Mrs. W. B. (Judge) Maxey 1898?
James Stephen Hogg with group of Mexicans. Note on back by Governor Hogg: J. S. Hogg Mexico - March -98.
Photographs of James Stephen Hogg, John H. Reagan, and C. A. Culberson, bradded together. Date on back of Culberson's photo, July 14, 1898. Photograph of Governor Hogg was made in 1901.
James Stephen Hogg and Leon Blum. Following note on back: J. S. Hogg and Leon Blum Taken by Miss Mattie Downs of Temple, Texas, at Soda Springs, Manitou, Friday, August 4, 1899.
James Stephen Hogg and Capt. Cody. Following note on front: Capt Cody - J. S. Hogg, Art Gallery of Chicago American, Sept., 27, 1900.
James Stephen Hogg taken in 1901. Following note on front: From this his picture for the Capitol Hall at Austin, Texas. 50 years.
James Stephen Hogg on steps of Hot Wells Hotel. Following note on front: Hot Wells Hotel, Oct. 1902.
James Stephen Hogg with group on horseback. Following note by Miss Ima on back: Picture ready for hunting - Wm. Jennings Bryan, J. S. Hogg, Cullen Thomas 1897? [& newspaper clipping]
Original photograph and two (2) copies of James Stephen Hogg on U.S. Transport enroute to Honolulu. Following note on back of one copy, by Miss Ima: On U.S. Transport enroute to Honolulu Official party for the raising of the flag. Gen. Chas. King (novelist and officer) J. S. Hogg and Gen. Merriam. 1898.
Small original photograph of James Stephen Hogg, Gen. Chas. King and Gen. Merriam aboard U.S. Transport enroute to Honolulu, 1898.
Small original photograph, and two (2) copies of James Stephen Hogg and party aboard U.S. Transport enroute to Honolulu, 1898. (Including Miss Ima on extreme left)
James Stephen Hogg feeding ostriches in back yard of home on 19th St. Austin. Taken by B. B. Perkins of Rusk, Texas, 1901. Three small boys in background unidentified, but are probably the Hogg children.
One (1) negative, and five (5) original photographs of James Stephen Hogg with group on wagon (names are given on photograph), entitled by J.S.H., "A Mountain Ride in Arkansaw!" (See his story on back of one of the photographs. Taken in Hot Springs, Ark., April 20, 1903.
One original photograph of James Stephen Hogg with same group as above, taken in front of cabin, Hot Springs, Ark., April 20, 1903.
James Stephen Hogg and W. A. (Farmer) Shaw. No date.
James Stephen Hogg, Miss Ima Hogg, Rowena Lee, and Mr. Lee on Board Walk, Atlantic City. No date.
James Stephen Hogg with group. Note on back by Miss Ima, as follows: T. N. Jones,? Gaston o Dallas, J. S. Hogg, T. M. Campbell, Receiver, Gould of I and G.N. No date. (Clean shaven)
James Stephen Hogg, made by Journeay, Austin, Texas. No date. [1893]
James Stephen Hogg with class of girls at State Teacher's College. No date
James Stephen Hogg (full length) taken by Drow of San Antonio. No date.
James Stephen Hogg (same photo as above), in Mexican frame. No date
Two (2) photographs of James Stephen Hogg funeral.
Photographs of Hogg home at Quitman, Texas Photographs of Hogg home at Mineola, Texas Photographs of Hogg home at Tyler, Texas
Three (3) photographs of Stinson home at Speer, Texas.
Envelope of various snapshots of James Stephen Hogg and family, labeled by Miss Ima "Mostly Varner."
31. James
32. Grave.
33. Governor Hogg seated at desk. Added to folder by Charles W. Corkran on 9-17-63.
Folder No. 4
Photographs: Of family of Governor Hogg (including children; father and mother; sisters and brothers; and father-in-law, Col. James A. Stinson)One folder of unidentified pictures.
Small photograph of Mrs. J. S. (Sarah Anne Stinson) Hogg as a young girl. Note on back: Sallie Hogg. No date.
Small photograph of Mrs. J. S. Hogg as young girl, made by C. A. Teagarden, Photographer. Note on back: Sarah Anne Hogg. No date. [1871]
Photograph of Mrs. J. S. Hogg made by H. R. Marks, Austin, Texas. No date. Note on front: For Mike.
Photograph of Mrs. J. S. Hogg. No date. Note on front: Mrs. J. S. Hogg of Texas. Note on back: Sallie Hogg.
Tintype of Mrs. J. S. Hogg with her sister. No date.
Photograph of Miss Ima Hogg, made by Martyn Elliott, Austin, Texas. No date.
Photograph of Miss Ima Hogg and brother, W. C. Hogg. No date.
Photograph of W. C. Hogg, Mike Hogg, and Tom Hogg (sons of James Stephen Hogg). No date.
Photograph of Mike Hogg and Tom Hogg, made by Journeay, Austin, Texas. No date. (Note on back: Mike & Tom)
10. Fifteen (15) photographs of W. C. Hogg, from boyhood on.
11. Group photograph of W. C. Hogg, Mike Hogg and Raymond Dickson (close friend of family). No date.
12. Photograph of Joseph Lewis Hogg (father of James Stephen Hogg). Note on front: Jos. L. Hogg. Ankenman & Co., 818 Congress Ave. Austin, Texas.
13. Photograph of Mrs. Joseph Lewis (Francis McMath) Hogg (mother of James Stephen Hogg). No date. Note on back by Miss Ima: Mother of J. S. Hogg.
14. Photograph of Mrs. Joseph Lewis Hogg, in book frame. No date.
15. Photograph of John W. Hogg (brother of James Stephen Hogg) made by Chase, 304 N. Main St., Pueblo, Colo. Note on back: John W. Hogg - Decatur, Texas - taken in Pueblo. Colo., Aug. 30, '97.
16. Photograph of Julia Ann Hogg McDugald-Ferguson (sister of James Stephen Hogg) made by Williams & Lenox, Photographers, Denton, Texas. Note on back by Miss Ima: Julia Hogg McDugald.
17. Full length photograph of Martha Francis Hogg Davis "Aunt Fannie" (sister of James Stephen Hogg) made by T. J. Bruce, Artist, Johnson St., Mineola, Texas. No date. Note by Miss Ima on back: Martha Francis Hogg Davis.
18. Photograph of Martha Francis Hogg Davis. No date. Note on back: Martha Francis Hogg Davis.
19. Photograph of Dr. William B. Davis (son of Martha Francis Hogg Davis). No date.
20. Photograph of Colonel James A. Stinson, made by W. J. Moose, Photographer, Concord, N.C. No date. Note on back by Miss Ima: Col. Jas A. Stinson Father of Sarah Ann Hogg.
21. Folder of five (5) unidentified pictures.
22. Photograph of Joseph Lewis Hogg from a portrait by Huddle.
23. Negatives of Hogg pictures. (23)
Folder No. 5
Photographs: Of people other than Governor Hogg or family.Also of places (including State Capitol)
Photograph of General T. J. Jackson. No date. Made by Lee Gallery, 920 Main St., Richmond, Va. Note on back: Compliments of W. W. Davies. To Gov Hogg, Austin, Tex.
Photograph (very dim) with note on front: Taken by Gov. Hogg at Camp D. S. Stanley - July 1891. None on back: Compliments of A Harrison Capt. B.T.A. T.V.G. and labeled by Miss Ima: Mr. Horace Chilton (?)
Photograph of A. W. Terrell, made by Adbullah Freres, Constantinople. Note on front: Dec. 2, 1893.
Photograph of A. W. Terrell, made by Phebus, Constantinople. Note on back: To Gov. Jas S Hogg, with compliments of his friend - A. W. Terrell. Constantinople March 6, '96.
Photograph of A. W. Terrell, made by Bell, Washington, D.C. Note on back: Washington, June 9- 96. To my friend Jas S Hogg - A. W. Terrell.
Photograph of A. W. Terrell, made by Abdullah Freres, Constantinople. No date. Note on back: Deteretriers, a Montenegran Turk (doorkeeper).
Small round photograph of James H. Robertson (law partner of James Stephen Hogg). No date. Note on back: James H. Robertson, Austin, Texas.
Photograph of group of three (3) men (unidentified) made by C. L. Hickson, Portrait and Landscape Photographer,?, Texas. Note on front: Proud Hoggocrats, 1892.
Photograph of Governor Francis of Missouri. No date. Made by Erich Sellin, Berlin. Note on back by Miss Allen: Governor Francis of Missouri, Minister to Berlin. His mother was a Miss Hogg.
Photograph of J. E. Silvey, Cushing, Texas. No date. Note on back: Compliments of J. E. Silvey, Cushing, Tex.
Photograph of W. L. Barker, made by Callaway, San Antonio, Texas. No date. Note on front: Yours truly W. L. Barker.
Photograph of T. S. Maxey, made by Washburn, New Orleans. Note on back: Sincerely Yours T. S. Maxey 1905.
Group photograph of Sam Houston N. Institute, 1890-91, teachers. Names of each are given on front of picture.
Two (2) identical photographs of group of Rangers in camp at San Saba, Texas. No date.
Photograph of Sawnie Robertson, made in Dallas, Texas. No date. Note on back: Sawnie Robertson - The dearest uncle {I] have. --
Photograph of Sawnie Robertson made by Church, Dallas, Texas. No date. Note on back: Sawnie Robertson.
Photograph of Sawnie Robertson. No date.
Photograph of Professor W. I. McAdory, Professor of School at Bucksville, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, which school James Stephen Hogg attended (1866).
Two (2) photographs of bouquet presented to James Stephen Hogg at State Democratic Convention, Aug. 1890 as he was presented to accept the nomination for Governor. These were made by Ankenson & Co., Austin, Texas. Note by J. S. Hogg on back of one: Dear Mary - Please accept this with my compliments. It is a photograph of a bouquet presented to me by a little Miss Dwyer at the Democratic State Convention August 1890 just as I was presented to accept the nomination for Governor. Your frd. J. S. Hogg.
Photograph of stage set honoring Hogg and Chilton, Hancock Opera House, Austin, Texas. No date. Note on back: Gov. Hogg Compliments of T. J. Harper, Photographer.
Photography of State Capitol. No date. Note on back: For Hon J. S. Hogg - Compliments of C. B. Wheelock.
Photograph of Fort Cook Mineral Springs, from the Croquet Ground. No date. Note on back: from Mrs. Bell Wrightman - Rusk, Texas.
Governor Charles Culberson, 1895-1899.
3T251 Photographs related to J. S. Hogg and Ima Hogg
3S134 Oversize Photographs
Folder #3, nos. 31 & 32
Folder #4, nos. 10 & 11
Folder #6, photograph of F. R. Lubbock, O. M. Roberts, L. W. Ross, J. S. Hogg, January 1, 1891
Folder #7, photograph of John H. Reagan
3S180 Design used on J. S. Hogg memorial plate
OD1313 Large mounted albumen print, "Texas tourist, New York, June 26, 1894." Prince photographer.


XXI. Maps

OD31 Map Collection


XXII. Robert C. Cotner Transcripts

3X103 (2269095) Hogg letter transcripts, 1891, 1897
Letterpress transcripts, 1a, 2, 3, 18
3X104 (2269142) Hogg letter transcripts, 1891, 1897
Law book inventory transcripts, 1886
Letterpress transcripts, 15, 17a
3X105 (2268048) Hogg letter transcripts, 1891-1893
Letterpress transcripts, 9, 12
3X106 (2269019) Hogg letter transcripts, 1891-1903
Letterpress transcripts, 6, 23
3X107 (2268059) Hogg letter transcripts, 1890-1893
Letterpress transcripts, 16
3X108 (2268875) Hogg letter transcripts, 1891-1894
3X109 (2267963) Hogg letter transcripts, 1890-1894
3X110 (2268092) Hogg letter transcripts, 1891-1893
3X111 (2268026) Hogg letter transcripts, 1893-1894
3X112 (2268060) Hogg letter transcripts, 1893-1894
3X113 (2269110) Hogg letter transcripts, 1892-1905
3X114 (2268070) Hogg letter transcripts, 1892
Letterpress transcripts, 13a
3X115 (2268016) Hogg letter transcripts, 1892-1893
3X116 (2268081) Hogg letter transcripts, 1890-1894
3X117 (2268037) Hogg letter transcripts, 1892-1893