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Texas AFL-CIO Records:

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Texas AFL-CIO.
Title: Texas AFL-CIO Records
Dates: 1947-1973
Abstract: The Texas AFL-CIO was formed on July 29, 1957 when the Texas State Federation of Labor and the Texas State CIO Council merged. The organization, a federation of local unions and central labor councils in Texas, is a central body that represents labor interests and acts as the policy-making, educational, and legislative arm of AFL-CIO labor at the state level.
Identification: AR277
Extent: 12 boxes (4.8 linear ft.)
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries

Historical Note

The Texas AFL-CIO was formed on July 29, 1957 when the Texas State Federation of Labor and the Texas State CIO Council merged. The organization, a federation of local unions and central labor councils in Texas, is a central body that represents labor interests and acts as the policy-making, educational, and legislative arm of AFL-CIO labor at the state level. Although it does not negotiate collective bargaining contracts for its members, it does serve as the voice for all Texas AFL-CIO labor in the Texas Legislature and the United States Congress.

Scope and Contents

Records contain correspondence, legal documents, financial documents, reports, minutes, news releases, newsletters, constitutions, maps, newspaper clippings, photographs, resumés and biographical sketches, certificates, lists, notes, and a variety of printed material. These are the correspondence files of Texas AFL-CIO officers, Hank Brown (President) and Ray R. Evans (Secretary-Treasurer) and department directors, especially Henry Muñoz, Jr., primarily with labor councils, and community groups. Included are several files of correspondence and documents from legal counsel, Sam Houston Clinton.


Records consist of 145 folders arranged in alphabetical order according to subject. Materials within folders are arranged in chronological order.



Open for research.

Index Terms

These materials are indexed under the following headings in the catalog of The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries. Researchers desiring materials about related topics, persons or places should search the catalog using these headings.
Brown, Hank, (H.S.) Henry S., 1920-2015--Archives.
Clinton, Sam Houston--Archives.
Muñoz, Henry, Jr.--Archives.
Evans, Roy R., 1925-,-- Archives.
Texas AFL-CIO--Records and correspondence.
Labor leaders--Texas--History--Sources.
Labor unions--Texas--History--Sources.
Labor lawyers--Texas--History--Sources.
Labor unions--Texas--Trials, litigation, etc.--History--Sources.
Alternate Titles
Texas Labor Archives

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Texas AFL-CIO Records, AR277, Box Number, Folder Number, Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries.


Deposit, 1976.

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All newspaper clippings were photocopied.

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The retrospective updating and conversion of this finding aid was supported with funds from the National Historical Publications & Records Commission (NHPRC) for the Special Collections "Documenting Democracy: Access to Historical Records" project, 2014-2015.

Container List

Box Folder
1 1 "A" (Correspondence) 1965-1971.
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, description of job performance appraisal, excerpt from journal article, notes, invitations, biographical sketch, resumé.
2 Valente Alaniz vs. Texas Employment Commission 1967.
Note, correspondence.
3 Amalgamated Transit Union vs. Dallas Public Transit Board 1968.
Letter, copy of brief.
4 Amarillo Central Labor Council 1965-1969, 1971-1972.
Correspondence, proclamation, list of local unions, notes, lists, by-laws.
5 American Federation of Labor vs. Governor Sellers, Attorney General undated
6 Attorney General 1971.
Letter, memoranda.
7 Austin AFL-CIO Council 1965-1970, 1972.
Notes, pamphlet, correspondence, press release, map, copies of mailing lists, invitation, memoranda, list of recording secretaries, printed material.
8 "B" (Correspondence) 1965-1966.
Correspondence, resumés, notes, newspaper clippings, printed material.
9 "B" (Correspondence) 1967.
Correspondence, note, newspaper clippings.
10 "B" (Correspondence) 1968-1969.
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, ticket, printed material, note, press release, resumé, constitution and by-laws.
11 "B" (Correspondence) 1970-1971.
Correspondence, note, open letters, resumés.
12 Bell County AFL-CIO Council 1966-1972.
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, notes, list of council members, list of secretary-treasurers of local unions, newsletters, mailing list.
13 Big Spring Central Labor Council 1966, 1968, 1971-1972.
Correspondence, note, mailing lists.
14 Bookbinders State Conference 1965, 1967, 1969.
15 Brazos County Central Labor Council 1967.
Newspaper, correspondence.
16 Bricklayers, Texas State Conference 1965-1967.
17 H. S. Hank Brown vs. State Board of Insurance 1965.
Copies of affidavits, summary, notes.
Box Folder
2 1 W. S. Buckley, Texas Employment Commission 1966.
Brief, correspondence.
2 Building and Construction Trades, Texas State Council 1965-1966.
Newsletters, correspondence, notes, registration form, invitation, list of board members, statements, receipt, bulletins, directory.
3 Building and Construction Trades, Texas State Council 1967-1968.
Correspondence, invitation, open letters, bulletins, convention proceedings, programs, note, newsletters, printed material, agenda.
4 "C" (Correspondence) 1956, 1965.
Statement, correspondence, notes, pamphlet, list of proposed amendments, biographical information.
5 "C" (Correspondence) 1966.
Correspondence, biographical information, notes, newspaper clippings, copies of petitions, publication.
6 "C" (Correspondence) 1967-1968.
Notes, correspondence.
7 "C" (Correspondence) 1969-1970.
Correspondence, notes, membership book, announcement, resumés, newspaper clippings, charts, resolution, biographical information.
8 Robert J. Caldwell and Texas Employment Commission 1966.
Letter, order.
9 Central Labor Councils 1965-1972.
Memoranda, notes, correspondence, mailing lists, forms, list of materials, correspondence, resolution, journal articles, lists of officers, copies of findings.
10 Sam Houston Clinton, Jr. 1965-1966.
Correspondence, statement, copies of decisions, memoranda, notes, notices, press release, copies of petitions, opinion, biographical information.
11 Sam Houston Clinton, Jr. 1967.
Memoranda, correspondence, petition, transmittal slips, copies of appeals, journal articles, statements.
Box Folder
3 1 Sam Houston Clinton, Jr. 1968.
Correspondence, copies of motions, copy of order, pamphlets, excerpt from statute, copies of applications, memoranda, copy of statute.
2 Sam Houston Clinton, Jr. 1969.
Correspondence, notes, copy of brief, copy of motion, program, agreement, publication, copy of amendment, journal article, report, data on retirement plan.
3 Sam Houston Clinton, Jr. 1970-1971.
Correspondence, notes, newspaper clipping, pamphlets, copies of briefs, memoranda, statements, copy of motion, journal article.
4 Coastal Bend AFL-CIO Central Council 1965-1973.
Newsletters, correspondence, notes, license, pamphlets, fact sheets, speech, petition, printed materials, form, mailing list, copy of plan, postcard, notice of address change.
5 Beatrice M. Colvard, Texas Employment Commission 1966.
6 Corsicana Central Labor Union 1967.
7 Coussoulis vs. Deliganis 1967.
8 "D" (Correspondence) 1965-1971.
Correspondence fund-raising plan, resumés, copy of record-rating, note.
9 Dallas General Drivers, Warehousemen and Helpers, Local 745 vs. Vilbig Brothers Incorporated undated
Motion for rehearing.
10 Walter Daniel vs. Dallas Independent School District undated
11 Denison Labor Trades Council 1965-1967, 1970.
Correspondence, list of members.
12 Chris Dixie 1965.
13 "E" (Correspondence) 1965-1969.
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, notes, announcement, resumé.
14 El Paso Building and Construction Trades Council vs. Texas Highway Commission undated
15 El Paso Central Labor Council 1947, 1965-1970, 1972.
Constitution and by-laws, notes, correspondence, brochure, program, memoranda, minutes, copy of resolution, printed materials, ballot, ticket, receipt, financial statements, newspaper, mailing list.
16 Ellis County Central Labor Council 1971-1972.
Box Folder
4 1 "F" (Correspondence) 1965-1970.
Correspondence, notes, newspaper article, cards, order form, biographical information, newsletter.
2 "G" (Correspondence) 1965-1968.
Correspondence, notes, postcard.
3 "G" (Correspondence) 1969-1970.
Correspondence, notes, excerpt from statute, pamphlet, biographical information, resumé.
4 Galveston County, Texas, AFL-CIO 1965-1972.
Notes, correspondence, list of members, newspaper articles, mailing lists, memorandum.
5 Martin Garcia 1966-1967.
Memoranda, correspondence.
6 Greater East Texas Central Labor Council 1965-1967, 1970, 1972.
Correspondence, mailing lists, note.
7 Greenville Central Labor Council 1966.
8 "H" (Correspondence) 1965.
Biographical data, newspaper clippings, correspondence, notes, receipt.
9 "H" (Correspondence) 1967-1970.
Correspondence, notes, newspaper clippings, biographical data, cards, ticket, resumé, proposed program.
10 Harris County AFL-CIO Council 1965.
Correspondence, proposed schedule and program, notes, notice, resolution, statement, reports, newspaper clippings, press release, survey magazine.
11 Harris County AFL-CIO Council 1966.
Agenda, correspondence, information release, newspaper clippings, notes, list of local unions, recommendations and endorsements, sample ballot, summary, program, reservation, newsletter, statement.
12 Harris County AFL-CIO Council 1967.
Correspondence, report, notes, card, newspaper clippings, list of awards, list of contributions, journal articles, bulletin, mailing list, newsletter.
13 Harris County AFL-CIO Council 1968.
Notes, correspondence, stickers, application, newsletters, programs, memorandum, card, invitation, list of apprentices, subscription, newspaper clippings, report.
Box Folder
5 14 Lubbock Central Labor Union 1965-1969.
Correspondence, mailing list, correction, form, newspaper clippings, notes, receipt, leaflet, minutes, printed material.
15 Lubbock Central Labor Union 1970-1973.
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, copy of estimate, copy of accident report, record of calls, copy of purchasing order, copy of receipt, note, reports, news releases, mailing lists, statement, list of demands, constitution and by-laws.
16 Lufkin Central Labor Union 1965-1969, 1971-1972.
Correspondence, memorandum, list of members, notes, program, mailing list, report, printed material.
17 "M" (Correspondence) 1965-1966.
Correspondence, applications, supplemental sheet, notes, newspaper clippings, map.
Box Folder
6 1 "M" (Correspondence) 1967-1969.
Newspaper, correspondence, biographical information, cards, form, notes, statement, supplemental sheets.
2 "M" (Correspondence) 1970.
Notes, correspondence, resumés, newspaper clippings.
3 "Mc" (Correspondence) 1965-1970.
Correspondence, resumés, notes, card.
4 Marshall Trades Council 1967.
5 McLennan County Central Labor Council 1965-1972.
Correspondence, list of members, statement, notes, list of local affiliated unions, journal article, agenda, resolution, notice, mailing lists, memorandum.
6 Miller-Bowie Central Labor Council 1965-1971.
Cards, ticket, notes, correspondence, memorandum.
7 Minimum Wage Legislation 1966.
8 Mullinax, Wells, Morris and Mauzy 1965, 1971.
9 "N" (Correspondence) 1965-1969.
Correspondence, notes, resumé, notice, cards, journal article.
10 National Labor Relations Board vs. United Brotherhood of Carpenters, Local 1423 undated
11 National Sharecroppers Fund 1965-1968, 1970.
Press releases, correspondence, reports, news bulletin, printed material, journal articles, pamphlets.
12 North Texas State College 1966-1970.
Correspondence, card, note, statements, questionnaire.
13 "O" (Correspondence) 1965-1966, 1968-1971.
Correspondence, application, memoranda, notes, data sheet.
14 "O" (Organizations) 1964-1968.
Notes, report, correspondnece, agenda, background information, cards, pamphlets, news release, circular, program, registration form, copy of lawsuit, newspaper clipping, resumé, magazine, statement.
15 Odessa Central Labor Union 1965-1968.
Correspondence, newsletters, notes, newspaper clippings, news releases, analysis of voting habits, audit, list of status of unions, directory, mailing list, list of committee members, list of county members, notice, printed material, program, telegrams.
16 Odessa Central Labor Union 1969-1972.
Directories, notes, receipt, newsletters, correspondence, newspaper clippings, copies of programs, resolution, notices, news releases, statement, memorandum, invitations, printed material, schedules, reservations, telegrams, list of committees, boards and appointments, pamphlets.
17 Operation SER (Service Employment Redevelopment) 1962, 1966-1970.
Notes, statement, invitations, correspondence, magazine, statistical information, poem, books.
Box Folder
7 1 "P" (Correspondence) 1965-1971.
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, notes, announcement, job position, list of books, list of jury members.
2 "P" (Organizations) 1962, 1965-1967.
Report, correspondence, list of duties, program, notes, reservation, statement, copies of representation bills, news releases, cards, newspaper clippings, newsletter, programs, journal article, memorandum, pamphlet, printed material, budget, form.
3 "P" (Organizations) 1968-1969, 1971.
Correspondence, news releases, pamphlets, memorandum, reports, guide, agenda, mailing list, notes for speech, summary, bibliography, copy of act.
4 Paris Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO 1965, 1967, 1972.
Correspondence, list of officers, mailing list.
5 Permian Basin Central Labor Council 1968.
Correspondence, newspaper clippings.
6 Jim Pierce and Raymond Beall undated
7 Political Growth Seminar 1969.
Correspondence, memoranda, invitation, program, card, agenda.
8 Printing Pockets August 2-10, 1971.
9 Printing Pockets August 12, 1971.
10 Printing Pockets August 13, 1971, January-February 8, 1972.
11 Printing Pockets February 10-March, 1972.
12 "Q" (Correspondence) 1969.
13 "R" (Correspondence) 1966-1967.
Correspondence, note.
14 "R" (Correspondence) 1968.
Correspondence, notes, card, brochures, resumé.
Box Folder
8 1 "R" (Correspondence) 1969-1970.
Memorandum, correspondence, notes, registration form, bulletin, resumés, biographical sketch.
2 Railroad Commission of Texas vs. Woods Exploration and Producing Company 1966.
Letter, brief.
3 B. R. Ramey and Penitentiary Products 1966.
4 Hattie Russell vs. Edgewood Independent School District and Bennie F. Steinhauser 1966.
Correspondence, note, motion for rehearing.
5 "S" (Correspondence) 1965.
Notes, correspondence, memorandum, copy of poem, biographical data, petitions, newspaper article, card, list of hotel rates.
6 "S" (Correspondence) 1966.
Newspaper clipping, correspondence, statements, data from questionnaires, notes, memoranda, newspaper article.
7 "S" (Correspondence) 1967-1968.
Notes, correspondence, report, newspaper clipping, resumés, printed material.
8 "S" (Correspondence) 1969.
Correspondence, resumés, newspaper clipping, program.
9 "S" (Correspondence) 1970-1971.
Correspondence, notes, biographical material, memorandum, newspaper clippings, data sheet, references.
10 "S" (Organizations) 1965-1966.
Correspondence, form, notes, agenda, memoranda, program, card, information sheet, press release, invoice, contract, brochure, guide, magazine.
11 "S" (Organizations) 1967-1968.
Correspondence, brochures, notes, registration forms, program, news release, schedule, memoranda, pamphlets, printed material, newsletters, journal article, statement, checklist, fact sheet, reports.
12 "S" (Organizations) 1969-1970.
Correspondence, directory, memoranda, minutes, transcript, newsletters, brochure, leaflet, statement, press release, list of members, form, information sheet, application, printed material, financial statement.
13 "S" (Organizations) 1971-1972.
Correspondence, pamphlet, notes, schedule, agenda, reservation, list of requirements, reports, brochures, attendance list, printed material.
14 Sabine Area Central Labor Council 1965-1966.
Correspondence, rules, news release, newspaper clippings, notes, reports, notice, card, tally of votes.
15 Sabine Area Central Labor Council 1967-1972.
Correspondence, notes, photograph, newspaper clippings, list of officers and board members, cards, memorandum, recommendations, constitution, rules.
Box Folder
9 1 Safety and Occupational Health AFL-CIO Standing Committee 1965, 1968, 1971.
Correspondence, copy of act, report, journal article.
2 St. Edward's University 1965-1967.
Correspondence, memorandum, bibliography, schedule, notes, reports, fact sheet.
3 San Angelo Central Labor Council 1965-1967, 1970.
Correspondence, note.
4 San Antonio AFL-CIO Council 1965-1967.
Notes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, cards, newspapers.
5 San Antonio AFL-CIO Council 1968-1972.
Notes, correspondence, cards, form, program, news release, mailing list, sticker, printed material.
6 Sherman Central Labor Council 1965-1967, 1972.
7 Smith County Central Labor Council 1964-1969, 1972.
Correspondence, newsletters, notes, newspaper clipping, mailing list.
8 Southern Regional Conference 1971-1972.
Memoranda, brochure, newsletter, magazines, invitation, news release, report.
Box Folder
10 9 States (Other) January-April, 1972.
Correspondence, note, news release, newsletters, newspaper clipping, journal, instructions, petition, registration blank, notice, memoranda, pamphlet, resumés, press release, statement, excerpts from comments, newspaper clippings, chart, list of suggestions, invitation, fact sheets, resolution, excerpts from Congressional Record, photograph.
10 States (Other) May-October, 1972.
Newsletter, manual, correspondence, notes, pamphlet, notice, registration blank, copies of resolutions, statements, excerpt from Congressional Record, journal article, schedule.
11 "T" (Correspondence) 1965-1966.
Correspondence, notes, personal data, questionnaire, invitation, application.
Box Folder
11 1 "T" (Correspondence) 1968-1970.
Correspondence, notes, excerpt from speech, receipts, contract, certificate, newspaper clipping, journal article, resumé, printed material.
2 Tarrant County Central Labor Council 1965-1967.
Notes, correspondence, schedule, list of patrons, receipt, directory, proposal, proposed program, newspaper clipping, list of board members.
3 Tarrant County Central Labor Council 1968.
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, newsletters, applications, pamphlets, printed materials, handbook, note.
4 Tarrant County Central Labor Council 1969.
Newsletters, application, list of jobs and requirements, correspondence, form, reports, printed materials, petitions, notes, brochure, constitution.
5 Tarrant County Central Labor Council 1970-1972.
Newsletters, forms, correspondence, pamphlet, press release, notes, budget, minutes, printed material, mailing lists, report, program, list of duties, list of qualifications and procedures, notice, newspaper clipping, list of board members, certificate, list of candidates.
6 Tarrant County Central Labor Council Auxiliary 1968-1972.
Correspondence, report, statistical information, printed material.
7 Texarkana Central Labor Council 1965, 1971.
Correspondence, note, minutes.
8 Texas AFL-CIO and Ray Evans vs. Freedom Newspapers and Fletcher Robertson 1966.
9 Texas AFL-CIO vs. Honorable John L. Hill, Robert S. Calvert and Jesse James 1966.
Motion to file petition, copy of response, copy of bond and petition.
10 Texas AFL-CIO vs. Honorable John L. Hill, Robert S. Calvert and Jesse James 1967.
Correspondence, briefs, opinion.
11 Texas AFL-CIO vs. Honorable John L. Hill, Robert S. Calvert and Jesse James May-August, 1967.
Brief, applications.
12 Texas Agricultural Workers Association 1966-1967.
Financial statement, correspondence.
13 Texas City Central Labor Union 1965.
Correspondence, printed material.
14 Texas State Association of Journeymen-Barbers 1965-1969.
Correspondence, speech, note.
15 Top of Texas Central Labor Council 1964-1965, 1967.
Correspondence, list of recommendations.
16 "U" (Correspondence) 1966-1968.
Correspondence, note, card.
17 "V" (Correspondence) 1965-1970.
Correspondence, notes, newspaper, outlines, card.
18 Victoria C.O.P.E. 1972.
Memorandum, correspondence, note, map.
19 "W" (Correspondence) 1965-1966.
Correspondence, notes, newspaper clippings, brochures, resumé.
20 "W" (Correspondence) 1967-1968.
Correspondence, notes, announcement.
21 "W" (Correspondence) 1969-1971.
Notes, correspondence, personal data sheet, cards, form, list of unions, resumé.
Box Folder
12 1 Weaver Power Station, University of Texas Project 1968.
2 Webb County Central Labor Council 1965-1967.
Correspondence, notes, newspaper clippings, memoranda, cancelled checks, financial statements.
3 Webb County Central Labor Council 1968-1972.
Correspondence, notes, mailing list.
4 Wichita Falls Central Labor Council 1960, 1965-1970, 1972.
Correspondence, card, note, schedule, newspaper clippings, press release, mailing.
5 "Y" (Correspondence) 1965-1966, 1968-1969.
Correspondence, questionnaire.
6 "Z" (Correspondence) 1965-1966, 1970.
Correspondence, copy of medical records, note.