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Joe A. Jenkins Scrapbooks:

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Jenkins, Joe A.
Title: Joe A. Jenkins Scrapbooks
Inclusive Dates: 1931-1953
Bulk Dates: 1939-1947
Abstract: Joe A. Jenkins was born in Caldwell, Texas, on October 4, 1895. He moved to Amarillo, Texas in 1927 and served as mayor of that city from 1940 to 1946. Joe A. Jenkins died August 24, 1981 and is buried in Caldwell, Texas. The collection is comprised of eight scrapbooks which contain newspaper clippings related to local events and politics in Amarillo from 1939 to 1947. It also includes an Amarillo city charter, a color print of the Amarillo flag, correspondence, and a brochure from the local Veterans Administration facility.
Identification: AR516
Extent: 10 boxes (2.9 linear feet)
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Special Collections,The University of Texas at Arlington Library

Biographical Note

Joe A. Jenkins was born in Caldwell, Texas, on October 4, 1895. He graduated from Texas A&M in 1917 and served in the Army during World War I. Jenkins married Dorris Whitmore, from New Mexico, in 1920. They had three children: Al (1923-2006), Dorothy Jane Rush (1925), and John (1934).

Jenkins moved to Amarillo in 1927 and purchased Amarillo Mantle Brick and Tile Company, changing its name to Jenkins Mantle Brick and Tile. After the financial crash in 1929, Jenkins added products such as doors and windows and began installing ceramic tile. The business changed names two additional times to Jenkins Brick and Supply when son, Al Jenkins, joined the business after World War II, and to Jenkins Doors and Windows in the 1980s. Joe Jenkins retired in 1959. The business was sold to Anthony Ledwig in 2000.

Joe Jenkins was elected mayor of Amarillo in 1940 and served until 1946. During World War II, Jenkins organized numerous civic efforts such as recycling drives and the sale of bonds to support the war. He fostered civilian air traffic at English Field, and was crucial in attracting the neighboring Amarillo Army Air Field. These two airports later merged to become Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport. Through the efforts of Jenkins and other city representatives, the Pantex Ordinance plant was established in Amarillo in 1942. That same year, he was instrumental in adopting a flag for the City of Amarillo. In 1946, the movie Boys Ranch was produced based upon Cal Farley’s Old Tascosa Boys Ranch located about forty miles northwest of Amarillo.

Following his tenure as mayor, Jenkins remained active in politics as an advocate on issues such as alcohol use and drinking establishments. Jenkins was a Gideon and served as a deacon at First Baptist Church in Amarillo. Joe A. Jenkins died August 24, 1981 and is buried in Caldwell, Texas.

Scope and Contents

This collection is comprised of eight scrapbooks compiled for the former Amarillo, Texas, mayor Joe A. Jenkins. The materials in the scrapbooks range in date from 1931 to 1953 and primarily contain newspaper clippings which record local events and politics during his tenure in office. Seven scrapbooks dated February 21, 1941 to May 4, 1947, were compiled by City Secretary Katheryne Burwell for Jenkins and contain newspaper clippings which focus upon Amarillo events and politics which occurred during his tenure as mayor. The eighth scrapbook, 1931-1953 (bulk 1939), was assembled by Fred Post, a staff writer for the Amarillo Globe. It contains newspaper clippings, a 1931 Amarillo city charter, transcripts of speeches, and a brochure from the local Veterans Administration facility.

Preservation photocopies have been made of all scrapbooks for patron use.



The collection is arranged chronologically and alphabetically thereunder.



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Jenkins, Joe A.--1895-1981--Archives.
Municipal government--Texas--Amarillo.
Amarillo (Tex.)--History.
Amarillo (Tex.)--Politics and government.
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Historical Manuscripts Collection

Administrative Information


The Joe A. Jenkins Scrapbooks were in possession of John Jenkins until they were donated to The University of Texas at Arlington Library Special Collections, on January 24, 2008. The donation of the materials was negotiated and accessioned by Brenda McClurkin, Special Collections Historical Manuscripts Archivist. The collection was acknowledged by Ann Hodges.


Joe A. Jenkins Scrapbooks, AR516, Box Number, Folder Number, Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library.


Gift, 2008.

Accessioned as 2008-21.

Processing Information

The Joe A. Jenkins Scrapbooks were processed by and finding aid prepared by Margaret Knox-Kruschke.

 Note to Researcher 

Preservation photocopies of the scrapbooks have been made for patron use. Should necessity require access to original scrapbooks, care must be taken in their handling. Newspaper clippings are taped into the scrapbooks and pages often stick together. Exercise care when turning pages to avoid damage to clippings and scrapbook pages.

Container List


OS522 Amarillo Globe scrapbook, 1931-1953
Box Folder
OS530 1 Amarillo Globe scrapbook photocopies, pages 1 to 1Z, 1931, 1953
Includes 1931 Amarillo city charter.
2 Amarillo Globe scrapbook photocopies, pages 2 to 31B, November 13-27, 1939
3 Amarillo Globe scrapbook photocopies, pages 33 to 47, November 28, 1939-1941
Includes loose items that were placed inside the back cover of the scrapbook.
OS523 Scrapbook I, February 21-May 28, 1941
Box Folder
OS530 4 Scrapbook I photocopies, pages I.1 to I.24, February 21-April 1, 1941
5 Scrapbook I photocopies, pages I.25 to I.49, April 1-11, 1941
6 Scrapbook I photocopies, pages I.50 to I.74, April 1-11, 1941
7 Scrapbook I photocopies, pages I.75 to I.99, April 11-21, 1941
8 Scrapbook I photocopies, pages I.100 to I.124, April 21-May 15, 1941
9 Scrapbook I photocopies, pages I.125 to I.143, May 15-28, 1941
OS524 Scrapbook II, May 29-September 30, 1941,
Box Folder
OS530 10 Scrapbook II photocopies, pages II.1 to II.24, May 29-June 14, 1941
11 Scrapbook II photocopies, pages II.25 to II.49, June 16-July 17, 1941
12 Scrapbook II photocopies, pages II.50 to II.74, July 17-August 6, 1941
13 Scrapbook II photocopies, pages II.75 to II.99, August 7-20, 1941
14 Scrapbook II photocopies, pages II.100 to II.124, August 21-September 11, 1941
15 Scrapbook II photocopies, pages II.125 to II.141, September 11-30, 1941
OS525 Scrapbook III, October 1, 1941-July 26, 1942
Box Folder
OS530 16 Scrapbook III photocopies, pages III.1 to III.13, October 1-11, 1941
17 Scrapbook III photocopies, pages III.14 to III.49, October 13-December 8, 1941
18 Scrapbook III photocopies, pages III.50 to III.74, December 11, 1941-February 28, 1942
19 Scrapbook III photocopies, pages III.75 to III.99, March 5-June 7, 1942
20 Scrapbook III photocopies, pages III.100 to III.124, June 7-July 7, 1942
21 Scrapbook III photocopies, pages III.125 to III.142, July 7-26, 1942
OS526 Scrapbook IV, July 29, 1942-August 31, 1943
Box Folder
OS530 22 Scrapbook IV photocopies, pages IV.1 to IV.24, July 29-September 17, 1942
23 Scrapbook IV photocopies, pages IV.25 to IV.49, September 17-November 10, 1942
24 Scrapbook IV photocopies, pages IV.50 to IV.74, November 10, 1942-March 2, 1943
Box Folder
OS531 1 Scrapbook IV photocopies, pages IV.75 to IV.99, March 2-May 11, 1943
2 Scrapbook IV photocopies, pages IV.100 to IV.124, May 11-August 12, 1943
3 Scrapbook IV photocopies, pages IV.125 to IV.138, August 12-31, 1943
OS527 Scrapbook V, September 1, 1943-July 15, 1945
Box Folder
OS531 4 Scrapbook V photocopies, pages V.1 to V.24, September 1-October 27, 1943
Contains a print of Amarillo flag signed by Jenkins.
5 Scrapbook V photocopies, pages V.25 to V.49, October 27, 1943-March 16, 1944
6 Scrapbook V photocopies, pages V.50 to V.74, March 30-July 5, 1944
7 Scrapbook V photocopies, pages V.75 to V.99, July 7-November 21, 1944
8 Scrapbook V photocopies, pages V.100 to V. 124, November 22, 1944-June 5, 1945
9 Scrapbook V photocopies, pages V.125 to 140, June 5-July 31, 1945
OS528 Scrapbook VI, August 3, 1945-September 12, 1946
Box Folder
OS531 10 Scrapbook VI photocopies, pages VI.1 to VI.24, August 3-November 8, 1945
11 Scrapbook VI photocopies, pages VI.25 to VI.49, November 9, 1945-January 10, 1946
12 Scrapbook VI photocopies, pages VI.50 to VI. 74, January 11-April 16, 1946
13 Scrapbook VI photocopies, pages VI.75 to VI. 99, April 19-June 18, 1946
14 Scrapbook VI photocopies, pages VI.100 to VI. 119, June 19-August 8, 1946
15 Scrapbook VI photocopies, pages VI.120 to VI.143, August 9-September 12, 1946
OS529 Scrapbook VII, September 12, 1946-May 4, 1947
Box Folder
OS531 16 Scrapbook VII photocopies, pages VII.1 to VII.24, September 12-October 6, 1946
17 Scrapbook VII photocopies, pages VII.25 to VII.49, October 21-December 10, 1946
18 Scrapbook VII photocopies, pages VII.50 to VII.74, December 11, 1946-February 15, 1947
19 Scrapbook VII photocopies, pages VII.75 to VII.99, February 16-March 25, 1947
20 Scrapbook VII photocopies, pages VII.100 to VII.124, March 25-April 6, 1947
21 Scrapbook VII photocopies, pages VII.125 to VII.149.