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Richard A. Twedell Papers (1964-1976):

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Twedell, Richard A., 1926-.
Title: Richard A. Twedell Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1964-1976
Abstract: Twedell was Director of Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America, District 5, Dallas, Texas, and also the youngest International Vice-President elected to the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America’s Executive Board. He succeeded his father, Samuel A. Twedell, as director in July, 1968. The records include correspondence, agreements, legal documents, financial documents, minutes, reports, and printed material. They include personal as well as union papers.
Identification: AR259
Extent: 17 boxes (7.08 linear ft.)
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library

Biographical Note

Richard A. Twedell was Director of Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America, District 5, Dallas, Texas, and also the youngest International Vice-President elected to the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America’s Executive Board. He succeeded his father, Samuel A. Twedell, as director in July, 1968.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, agreements, legal documents, financial documents, minutes, reports, and printed material. Includes personal and union papers.



The folders have been arranged alphabetically by subject and document type, and the material within each folder has been arranged chronologically.



Open for research.

Literary Rights Statement

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Index Terms

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Twedell, Richard A., 1926- --Archives.
Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America. District 5--Records and correspondence.
Alternate Titles
Texas Labor Archives

Related Material

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Unprocessed mss. 78-11 and 78-13: Twedell Papers, 1969-1970

AR415: Agreements and Wage Schedules Collection

OH58: Oral history interview with Samuel A. Twedell, 1975

Separated Material

AR264: Richard A. Twedell Papers, 1969-1978

Unprocessed mss. 78-24: Richard A. Twedell Papers, 1968-1973

Unprocessed mss. 80-10: Richard A. Twedell Papers, 1970-1975

Unprocessed mss. 81-17: Richard A. Twedell Papers, 1956-1979

Unprocessed mss. 82-14: Richard A. Twedell Papers, 1950-1981

Unprocessed mss. 82-23: Richard A. Twedell Papers, 1977-1979

The following material was deaccessioned from the records:

U.S. and Texas Government publications were transferred to the Government Documents Department, University Library.

Seal was placed in Display Box 4.

Proceedings of the 57th Convention of the Union Label and Service Trades Department of the AFL-CIO, September 29-30, 1975 were transferred to the Library's circulating collection.

Agreements (see list below) were placed in AR415, Agreements and Wage Schedules Collection.

Agreement between Safeway Stores, Inc., Monroe, Louisiana and AMC & BWNA, Local No. 327, New Orleans, Louisiana (1969).

Agreement between Ralston Purina Company, Turkey Processing Plant, California, Missouri and AMC & BWNA, Local No. 576, Kansas City, Missouri (1969-1972).

Agreement between Philips Roxane, Inc., St. Joseph, Missouri, and Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America, Local P-58 (1971).

Agreement between Unit Parts Company, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and United Packinghouse, Food and Allied Workers, Local 1170 (1966-1969).

Agreement form for Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America, Local 88, St. Louis, Missouri (?) (1972-1974).

Administrative Information


Richard A. Twedell Papers, AR259, Box Number, Folder Number, Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library.


Deposit, 1977.

Accessioned as number 77-67 .

Processing Information

When received, approximately one-third of the collection was in no apparent order. This material was filed insofar as possible in the folders which comprised the remaining two-thirds of the collection. New folders were added as needed.

 Note to the Researcher 

The following is a list of union executives and their titles:

  • Alston, Harry L. Director, Civil Rights Department
  • Belsky, Joseph International President
  • Coyle, Stephen V. International Vice President, Director, Food Processing, Poultry and Seafood Department
  • Feinglass, Abe International Vice President, Director, Fur and Leather Department
  • Gorman, Patrick E. International Secretary - Treasurer
  • Hall, Bert Director, District 3
  • Hanna, Hilton E. Executive Assistant
  • Hook, Marvin W. International Vice President, Director of Retail Department
  • Kern, Helmuth Director, Department of Education
  • La Fauce, Leo P. International Vice President, Director, District 3
  • Lloyd, Thomas J. International President
  • Lutty, Anthony J. International Vice President, Director, District 3
  • Mathieu, Romeo International Vice President
  • Mitchell, H. C. Representative
  • Prosten, Jesse
  • International Vice President, Director, Packinghouse Department
  • Twedell, Richard A. International Vice President
  • Vicknair, Alvin A. International Representative
  • Weaver, Paulia Secretary to Vice President, Richard Twedell
  • Wishart, James Director, Department of Research

Container List


Box Folder
1 1 A & P Tea Company 1969.
Correspondence, election agreement.
2 AFL-CIO, Industrial Union Department 1969.
Newsletter, correspondence, minutes.
3 AFL-CIO (State) 1969.
Memoranda, newsletters.
4 Agreements 1967-1969.
5 Allegheny County Labor Council 1973-1974.
Council roster, resolution, program, telegram, correspondence, notice, list of board members.
6 Alston, Harry L. 1974-1975.
Correspondence, memoranda, reports.
7 Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America and the Butcher Workmen Educational and Benevolent Association, Inc. 1969.
Financial Report.
8 AMCBWNA, District 5 Constitutions 1968-1969.
Seventeenth Constitutional Convention material, letter, Constitutions.
9 AMCBWNA, District 5 Convention 1975.
Correspondence, reports.
10 AMCBWNA, District 5, Health and Welfare Trust Fund 1969.
Proceedings of Trustees meeting.
11 AMCBWNA, International Union Membership 1969.
Memoranda, membership figures.
12 AMCBWNA, District 5 and Retail Food, Employers Health and Welfare Trust Fund 1969.
Agreements, list of employers, minutes.
13 Amalgamated Meat, Food and Allied Workers, Local 410 1970, 1973.
Memoranda, minutes, quarterly news bulletins.
14 Amalgamated Press Association 1974, 1976.
Letters, memoranda.
15 Armour and Company 1972-1975.
Note, correspondence, trip reports, mailgrams, agreement memorandum.
16 Auditor's Reports 1969.
17 Banquet Employees Union Pension Fund 1970, 1975.
Financial reports, list of participants.
18 Belsky, Joseph 1971-1976.
Memoranda, correspondence, mailgram, program, telegram, list, acknowledgement of sympathy.
19 Campbell Soup Company 1969.
Newspaper clippings, printed materials, list, correspondence, reports.
Box Folder
2 1 Carl Wyssman Meat Company 1973.
2 Cash Bros. Packing Company 1969.
Legal document, memoranda.
3 Chase Bag Company 1969.
Letter, report, agreement.
4 City Earnings Tax 1967-1973.
Correspondence, tax returns.
5 Civil Rights Committee 1967-1975.
Memoranda, printed materials, correspondence, resolutions, guidelines, equal rights amendment, copy of newspaper clipping, list of goals, reprints.
6 Clearfield Cheese Company 1975.
Insurance policies.
7 Collective Bargaining 1974.
Reprint, outlines, surveys, collective bargaining guidelines.
8 Colonial Sugars Company 1969.
Legal documents, correspondence.
9 Colorado By-Products Company 1969.
10 Committee on Political Education, AFL-CIO 1969-1975.
Memoranda, voting records, news bulletins, speech, correspondence, printed materials with newspaper clippings, form, resolution, financial report.
11 Cost of Living Council 1973-1975.
Salary adjustment application, questionnaire, reprints, memoranda, telegrams, quiz, letter.
12 Coyle, Stephen V. 1969-1974.
Government guidelines, correspondence, memoranda, copy of newspaper clipping, pamphlet, mailgram, list.
13 Credit Union 1973.
Correspondence, list.
14 Directory of Labor Unions and Federal and State Agencies 1969.
15 District Five Council 1968.
Memoranda, meeting agenda, list.
16 Downer, A. D. 1969.
Correspondence, legal documents.
17 Executive Board Bulletin Nos. 350-375 1973-1976.
Box Folder
3 1 Farmer's Cooperative Compress 1969.
Correspondence, legal documents.
2 Feinglass, Abe 1972-1975.
Telegram, memoranda, circular, legal document, bulletin, agreement memorandum, copy of newspaper clipping.
3 R. T. French Company 1971-1972.
Copies of newspaper clippings, correspondence, agreements.
4 Fuller Brush Company 1966, 1974.
Correspondence, legal documents, agreement, fliers, notices, notes, newspaper clipping, financial report.
5 Fuller Brush Company 1975.
Note, legal documents, organizing campaign material, booklet, circulars.
6 Garden By-Products, Inc. 1972.
Legal documents, memoranda.
7 Gerbes Super Markets 1974-1975.
Legal document, letter, business card.
8 Glover Packaging Company 1969.
Legal documents, telegram, notices, correspondence.
9 Gorman, Patrick E. 1968-1969.
Report, correspondence, notice, memoranda, financial report, copy of newspaper clippings.
10 Gorman, Patrick E. 1971-1973.
Telegrams, correspondence, memoranda, mailgrams, program, list, Dues Committee recommendations.
11 Gorman, Patrick E. 1974-1976.
Mailgrams, newspaper clipping, financial reports, memoranda, correspondence, application, questionnaire.
12 Greif Brothers Corporation 1974.
Legal documents, notices, election material.
13 Grievances Appealed to 3rd Step, Armour and Company, Arlington, Texas 1969.
Grievance reports, notices, notes.
14 Grievances Appealed to 3rd Step, Armour and Company, San Angelo, Texas 1968-1969.
Note, notices, grievance reports, correspondence.
15 Grievances Appealed to 3rd Step, Armour and Company, Tulsa, Oklahoma 1969.
Notices, grievance reports.
Box Folder
4 1 Grievances, Banquet Foods, Little Rock, Arkansas 1971-1975.
Correspondence, grievance reports, notes.
2 Grievances, Banquet Foods, California 1972-1973.
Grievance reports, correspondence.
3 Grievances, Banquet Foods, Wellston, Ohio 1973-1975.
Grievance reports, correspondence, note, copy of newspaper clipping, list.
4 Grievances, F. M. Stamper Company, Wells, Minnesota 1969-1974.
Minutes, correspondence, notes.
5 Grievances, F. M. Stamper Company, Carrolton, Missouri 1969.
Grievance reports, doctor's report, correspondence, summary of meeting.
6 Grievances, F. M. Stamper Company, Carrolton, Missouri 1970-1975.
Correspondence, grievance reports, notes, employee warning notice, notice.
7 Grievances, F. M. Stamper Company, Macon, Missouri 1969.
Grievance reports, correspondence.
8 Grievances, F. M. Stamper Company, Macon, Missouri 1971-1975.
Correspondence, grievance reports, notes, list.
9 Grievances, F. M. Stamper Company, Marshall, Missouri 1969-1971.
Correspondence, grievance reports, summary of meeting, note.
10 Grievances, F. M. Stamper Company, Marshall, Missouri 1972-1973.
Grievance reports, correspondence, notes.
11 Grievances, F. M. Stamper Company, Marshall, Missouri 1974-1975.
Correspondence, grievance reports, notes, notices, doctor's report, legal paper.
Box Folder
5 1 Grievances, F. M. Stamper Company, Milan, Missouri 1968-1975.
Grievance report, correspondence, notice, minutes, notes, doctor's reports, copies of employee time cards.
2 Grievances, F. M. Stamper Company, Moberly, Missouri 1969.
Grievance reports, correspondence.
3 Haenel Meat Company 1974.
Telegram, mailgram, correspondence.
4 Hall, Bert 1973.
5 Hanna, Hilton E. 1964-1970.
Speech, memoranda, correspondence, newspaper clipping, note, receipts, creditor statements, memoranda, delinquency notice, speech, list.
6 Hanna, Hilton E. 1971-1976.
Correspondence, notes, receipts, invoice, delinquency notices, list, vehicle registration receipt, notice, memoranda.
7 Hawkbilt of Kansas 1973.
Correspondence, petitions, notices, election certification, election material.
8 Health and Welfare Trust Fund Number Two 1968.
Financial reports, correspondence, statement of resignation, memorandum, trust fund report, booklet, minutes, copy of income tax return, annual report form.
9 Herrod Packing Company 1972.
Telegram, strike request form, correspondence, telegrams, note.
10 Honeybear Foods, Inc. 1973.
Notice, legal documents, letter.
11 Hook, Marvin W. 1969-1973.
Correspondence, tribute to Marvin Hook, lists, card.
12 Hormel and Company 1969.
13 Hull and Dillon Packing Company 1972, 1974.
Correspondence, telegrams, strike request form.
14 Ideal Food Store 1974.
Legal documents, list, letter, notice, list.
15 International Executive Board 1969.
16 International Executive Board 1969.
Memoranda, list of issues and opinions, list of certificates of deposit and savings accounts, ballot, copies of newspaper clippings, list of strikes, executive board bulletin, booklet.
Box Folder
6 1 International Executive Board 1972-1973.
Memoranda, prospectus.
2 International Executive Board 1974.
Memoranda, lists, mailgrams, correspondence, booklet.
3 International Executive Board 1975.
Memoranda, meat industry calendar, UNIVAC course outline, list, copy of ballot.
4 International Executive Board 1976.
Memoranda, correspondence, Bureau of National Affairs report, mailgram.
5 International Executive Board Bulletin 1969.
6 Iowa Beef Packers, Inc. 1969.
Legal documents, notice, correspondence, memoranda, telegram, financial reports, lists, press releases, report forms, copies of newspaper clippings, flyers, strike reports, poster.
7 Iowa Beef Packers, Inc. 1970.
Legal documents, notices, newspaper clipping, authorization card, flyers, correspondence, memoranda, telegram, petitions, benefits checklist, campaign outline, strike sticker, beef cut and trim specifications, reprints of articles.
8 Iowa Beef Packers, Inc. 1971-1973.
Legal documents, reports, correspondence, benefits checklist, flyer, financial report.
9 J & J Industries 1972-1973.
Legal document, notices, letter.
10 J-M Poultry Packaging Company 1969.
Legal document, correspondence.
11 Jonathan Stores, Inc. 1969-1971.
Agreement, correspondence.
Box Folder
7 1 K-Mart Foods 1974.
Mailgram, strike request, correspondence.
2 Kansas Beef Industries 1973-1974.
Trip reports, notes, correspondence, memoranda, strike request, telegrams, petitions.
3 Kern, Helmuth F. 1969.
Correspondence, memoranda, list of topic suggestions.
4 Kern, Helmuth F. 1974.
Correspondence, memoranda, lists, newspaper articles.
5 Kern, Helmuth F. 1969, 1974-1975.
Memoranda, pamphlet.
6 Kern, Helmuth F. 1975-1976.
Memoranda, pamphlets, flyers, correspondence, report.
7 The Kroger Company 1969, 1972.
Memoranda, correspondence, legal documents, notices.
8 La Fauce, Leo P. 1968-1969.
Transcript of testimony, correspondence, report.
9 La Fauce, Leo P. 1970-1973.
Note, correspondence, telegrams, strike requests, invoice, copy of Senate Bill 277, list.
10 Legislation 1969, 1973.
Memoranda, reports, telegram.
11 Legislation 1974.
Memoranda, correspondence, telegram, copies of newspaper clippings, mailgram, reports, testimonial statements, notes on union strike policy.
Box Folder
8 1 Legislation 1975.
Proposed legislation, memoranda, report, program, newsletters, minutes, correspondence, mailgram.
2 Lloyd, Thomas J. 1969.
Memorandum, correspondence.
3 Lloyd, Thomas J., Retirement Dinner 1971-1976.
Correspondence, notes, list, telegram, mailgram.
4 Local 20, Constitution n.d..
5 Local 88, St. Louis, Missouri 1967-1975.
Sample ballots, flyers, memoranda, correspondence, newspaper clippings, notices, questionnaire, notes, election material, booklet, strike requests, legal documents, petition.
6 Local 88, Financial Reports 1971, 1972, 1975.
7 Local 88, Negotiations 1973-1974.
Correspondence, notes, lists of contract changes, list of new pay rates, notes, copy of agreement, correspondence, lists of contract changes, mailgrams, strike request, list of new pay rates, agreement.
8 Local 340, Joplin, Missouri and Wichita, Kansas 1968, 1970, 1972-1975.
Correspondence, trip reports, election results, flyer, mailgrams, strike requests, copy of proposal, legal documents, note, telegrams, financial report, notice.
9 Local 340 1967, 1969, 1971-1972, 1974.
Financial reports, correspondence, memorandum, election material.
10 Local 340 1971, 1975.
Collective bargaining contract, notes, minutes, grievance materials.
11 Local 340 vs. A&P Tea Company 1972-1974.
Legal documents, notices, mailgram, letter.
Box Folder
9 1 Local 340 vs. J. S. Dillon Stores 1968-1969, 1973-1975.
Insurance plan, correspondence, newspaper clipping, flyer, report, telegram, notices, legal documents.
2 Local 340 vs. Dixie 1974.
Portland Flour Mills - Agreement, mailgram, strike request, telegrams.
3 Local 340 vs. Dubuque Packing Company 1975.
Correspondence, flyer, petitions, legal documents, notices, note, telegram.
4 Local 340 vs. Fox Deluxe Food Company 1967-1973.
Telegrams, strike requests, correspondence, legal documents, flyer, memorandum.
5 Local 340 vs. R. T. Frech Company 1974.
6 Local 355, St. Louis, Missouri 1967, 1969-1973, 1976.
Financial reports.
7 Local 355 and Local 318, St. Louis, Missouri 1971-1973.
Questionnaire, correspondence, memorandum, membership list, note.
8 Local 408, Houston, Texas 1969.
Correspondence, memorandum, minutes.
9 Local 410, Marshall, Missouri 1967, 1969-1976.
Correspondence, copies of grievance reports, legal documents, questionnaire, notes, government contract, copy of magazine article.
10 Local 410 1971-1974.
Financial reports, letter.
11 Local 410, Election of Officers 1971, 1973-1974, 1976.
Correspondence, notes, ballot, flyers, lists of nominations.
12 Local 424, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvannia 1975.
13 Local 425, Fayettville, Arkansas 1967-1969.
Booklet, newspaper clippings, newsletters, flyers, correspondence, photographs.
14 Local 435, San Antonio, Texas 1969.
15 Local 540 and Retail Employer's Health and Welfare Fund, Dallas, Texas 1968-1969.
Correspondence, copies of income tax returns, report, flyer.
16 Local 540, Cost of Living Reports and Negotiations 1967-1969.
Lists of adjustments, agreements, correspondence, newspaper clippings, lists of wages.
17 Local 545, St. Louis, Missouri 1971-1976.
Correspondence, legal document, agreement, notice, strike request.
18 Local 545 1976.
Correspondence, telegrams, mailgram.
Box Folder
10 1 Local 545, Appointment of Officers January - February, 1975.
Correspondence, memoranda, mailgrams, notes.
2 Local 545, Appointment of Officers March 1975-1976.
Correspondence, notes, telegrams, memoranda, legal documents, financial reports, flyer.
3 Local 545, Case of Appointment of a Black Member to the Staff 1973-1974.
Correspondence, petition, mailgram, minutes, memoranda, note.
4 Local 545, Dues Increase and Financial Problems 1974.
Correspondence, memoranda, dues increase material, flyers.
5 Local 545, Election of Officers 1975-1976.
Correspondence, notice, flyers, newsletter, election results, copy of ballot.
6 Local 545, Indictment of Ed Mecalo 1974-1975.
Newspaper clippings, notes, correspondence.
7 Local 545, Indictment of Fred Waelter 1973-1975.
Newspaper clippings, notes, correspondence, legal documents.
8 Local 576, Kansas City, Missouri 1969, 1972.
Correspondence, copy of magazine article, booklet, lists of frozen food processors, lists of egg and poultry processors.
9 Local 576 1975.
Correspondence, financial reports, flyers, list of retail brands.
10 Local 1170, Del City, Oklahoma 1969.
Correspondence, legal papers.
11 Local P-20, Kansas City, Kansas 1966, 1968, 1970-1973.
Lists, financial reports, correspondence, legal documents, copy of grievance settlement, grievance reports, note.
12 Local P-20 1974-1976.
Lists, news bulletins, correspondence, notices, notes, telegrams, strike requests, supplemental agreement, flyer, financial reports, mailgrams.
13 Local P-58, St. Joseph, Missouri 1968, 1971-1974.
Financial reports, correspondence, notes, list of available jobs, lists of officers, questionnaire, news bulletin, flyers, memoranda, copies of newspaper clippings, agreement, legal documents, notice, election results, survey, magazine.
Box Folder
11 1 Local P-58, St. Joseph, Missouri 1975.
Lists, press release, notes, copies of proposals, correspondence, lost time and expense forms, flyers, financial reports, legal documents, notices, pamphlet, memoranda, employee manual, survey.
2 Local P-1214, Dallas, Texas 1969.
Correspondence, constitution, resolution.
3 Local Unions, General Correspondence 1969, 1974-1975.
Correspondence, contract, grievance reports, financial reports, copy of agreement, legal documents, newsletter, trip report, list of wages, strike request.
4 Lutty, Anthony J. 1973-1975.
Correspondence, notes, copy of an order and decision, mailgrams, copies of wage adjustment applications, invoices, copies of legal documents, strike requests, lists of benefits and wage increases.
5 Lutty, Anthony J. 1974-1976.
Notes, survey, correspondence, legal documents, mailgram, invoices, memorandum, agreement.
6 M.F.A. Packing Company 1974.
Telegrams, strike request.
7 Mathieu, Romeo 1975.
Letter, speech.
8 Maurer-Neuer Company 1974.
Correspondence, list of available jobs, grievance reports, proposed guidelines, agreement, report, grievance answers, legal documents.
9 Maurer-Neuer Company May - June 1973.
Standard work requirements, correspondence.
10 Maurer-Neuer Company July 1973 - March 1974.
Correspondence, standard work requirements, notes.
11 Maurer-Neuer Company April 1974-1975.
Correspondence, standard work requirements.
12 Melton Provision Company 1969.
Correspondence, summary of agreement, legal documents, notice, contract, memorandum.
Box Folder
12 1 Memoranda from International Office to Local Unions 1969 - May 1974.
Memoranda, correspondence, lists of local unions, news bulletin, financial reports, pamphlet, button, registration forms, flyer, ballot, survey.
2 Memoranda from International Office to Local Unions 1974-1976.
Memoranda, survey, correspondence, copy of income tax return, speech, list of books.
3 Mergers 1969.
Correspondence, copies of approvals of mergers, resolution, memorandum.
4 Miscellaneous 1969.
Correspondence, flyers, copy of letter of understanding, memoranda, list of conferences, tentative program, grievance settlements, notes, summary of certificates of deposit and savings accounts, temporary membership card, legal document.
5 Missouri State Labor Council 1974.
6 Mitchell, H. L. 1969-1970.
Correspondence, flyer, copies of news releases, memoranda, telegrams, list of authorizations, copies of newspaper clippings, article, speech.
7 Molbert Brothers of Texas, Inc. 1969.
Legal documents, notice, telegram.
8 Mr. D's, Inc. 1973-1974.
Notices, legal documents, note.
9 National Beef Packing Company 1969-1971.
Program, copies of newspaper clippings, flyers, correspondence, legal documents, notice, booklet, legal documents, statement of account, receipts, invoices, expense reports, checkbooks.
10 National Beef Packing Company 1972-1974.
Copy of newspaper clipping, memoranda, correspondence, newspaper clipping, flyers, list of earnings, earnings statement, telegram, notices, legal documents, election certificate and results, note.
11 National Labor Relations Board 1969, 1975, 1976.
Memorandum, copy of magazine article, lists of elections.
12 National Retail Conference 1970.
Copy of proceedings.
13 Nemers, I.G.A 1974-1975.
Notes, organizing survey, legal documents, notices.
14 Neuhoff Bros., Packers, Inc. 1969.
15 Newsletters, Daily Labor Report 1968, 1975.
Box Folder
13 1 Newsletters 1969.
John Herling's Labor Letter.
2 Newsletters 1968.
Retail Labor Report.
3 Newsletters January - March 1969.
Retail Labor Report.
4 Newsletters April - June 1969.
Retail Labor Report.
5 Newsletters July - September 1969.
Retail labor Report.
6 Newsletters October - December 1969.
Retail Labor Report.
7 Newspaper Clippings 1969, 1975.
8 Organizer's Reports 1969.
Correspondence, resumes, organizer's conference agenda, memoranda.
9 Organizing Campaign Survey 1968-1969.
Letter, surveys.
10 P & B Packing, Inc. 1970-1972.
Correspondence, legal documents, notices, telegrams, election results, note.
Box Folder
14 1 Packaging Products and Designs Corporation 1972-1973.
Legal documents, notices, telegram, exceptions to report, correspondence, NLRB petition, mailgram, strike request, flyer.
2 Pecks Products Company 1974-1975.
Notes, minutes, correspondence, certified mail receipt.
3 Philips Roxane, Inc. 1971-1975.
Correspondence, notes, mailgrams, lists of company proposals, telegram, strike request, lists.
4 Poultry Packers, Inc. 1967, 1969-1971.
Correspondence, memoranda, telegram, strike request, flyer, copy of newspaper clippings, list.
5 Printed Material 1969, 1972, 1975.
Booklets, correspondence, flyers, news bulletins, reports, news releases, pamphlet, reprints, poster, charts, proposed program.
6 Prosten, Jesse 1969, 1973-1975.
Memoranda, correspondence, registration forms, report, mailgram, beef chart, list of cities, list, survey.
7 Rath Packing Company 1969, 1972.
Index, agreement, note.
8 Reed's I.G.A 1973.
Legal documents, notices.
9 AMCBWNA Retirement Plan 1968.
Agenda and minutes, part one.
10 AMCBWNA Retirement Plan 1968.
Agenda and minutes, part two.
11 AMCBWNA Retirement Plan April 1969.
Agenda and minutes.
12 AMCBWNA Retirement Plan September 1969.
Agenda and minutes.
Box Folder
15 1 Rieger Pharmacies, Inc. 1969.
Correspondence, flyers.
2 Rite-Care Poultry Company, Inc. 1969.
Letter, legal document.
3 Riviana Foods, Inc. 1969.
Memoranda, flyers, correspondence, list, legal document, copy of newspaper clipping.
4 Rogan Company 1969.
5 S & T United Super, Inc. 1973.
Legal documents, telegram, notices.
6 Safeway Stores, Inc. 1967-1970.
Legal documents, escrow agreement, correspondence, proposed conciliation agreement, telegrams, strike requests, notes, memoranda, notices.
7 Safeway Stores, Inc. 1972-1974.
Correspondence, legal documents, notices, election results, flyer, telegrams, mailgrams, strike requests, correspondence, proposed agreement.
8 Safeway Stores, Inc. 1975-1977.
Legal documents, notices, mailgrams, strike request, newspaper clippings, notes, correspondence, company proposals.
9 Sam Kane Wholesale Meat, Inc. 1969.
Bills for legal services, correspondence, legal documents.
10 Schwegmann's 1969.
Memorandum, correspondence, news release, copies of newspaper clippings, note, flyer.
11 Seitz Packing Company 1973-1974.
Correspondence, seniority lists, trip reports, wage rate schedules.
12 Seitz Packing Company 1975.
Wage rate schedules, seniority lists, memorandum, trip report.
13 Shop-Rite Foods 1968-1969.
Agreements, correspondence, legal documents, notices, wage lists.
14 Siegel-Black Provision Co. 1969.
Letter, agreements.
15 Staffgram 1969, 1974-1975.
Newsletters, letter.
Box Folder
16 1 Stephens Produce Company, Inc. 1973-1974.
Telegram, strike request, correspondence, legal document.
2 Sunflower Beef Inc. 1970, 1973-1974.
Correspondence, legal documents, notices, election results.
3 Swift and Company Oil Mill 1969.
Correspondence, contract proposals, notice.
4 Swift Fresh Meats Company 1972-1975.
Correspondence, agreement, job descriptions, mailgrams, telegram, strike request, lists of names, notes, copies of grievance reports.
5 Tender Brand Foods, Inc. 1973.
Notices, legal documents.
6 Tex-Steel Corporation 1969.
7 Tex-Tan Welhausen Company 1969.
Legal document, letter.
8 Tony's Pizza Service 1974-1975.
Correspondence, notice, newsletter, lists, legal documents, agreement, telegram, copy of employee handbook, flyer.
9 Twedell, Richard A. 1968 - August 1969.
Correspondence, memoranda, list of local unions, list of plants, report, statements.
10 Twedell, Richard A. September, 1969.
Bill, correspondence, settlement outline, memoranda, telegrams, election results.
11 Twedell, Richard A. October, 1969.
Correspondence, notice, telegrams, financial reports, magazine article, memoranda, contract proposals, copy of newspaper article, legal document, copy of approval and certification, bill.
12 Twedell, Richard A. November, 1969.
Correspondence, memoranda, proposed program, mailing list, telegram.
13 Twedell, Richard A. December, 1969.
Bills, correspondence, telegrams, memoranda, trusteeship report form, receipt, note, postcard.
Box Folder
17 1 Union Leadership Institute, Fort Worth, Texas 1968, 1975.
Memoranda, correspondence, lists of room reservations, agenda, registration list, reservations form, certificate, list of members, program.
2 Union Leadership Institute, New Orleans, Louisiana 1968.
Memoranda, letter, agenda.
3 Unit Parts Company 1969.
Correspondence, proposals to agreement, strike request, telegram, cargo invoice.
4 Vicknair, Alvin A. 1969.
Correspondence, flyers, agreement.
5 Viola Industries 1974.
Legal documents, notices, telegram, notes, organizing survey.
6 Waldorf Company 1974.
Election results, flyer, legal documents, agreement.
7 Walls I.G.A Supermarket 1974.
Notes, flyer, legal documents, notices, strike request, mailgram, correspondence, election results.
8 Weaver, Paulia 1969.
Correspondence, memorandum.
9 Wilson and Company 1969.
Grievance reports.
10 Wilson and Company 1970 - August 1974.
Correspondence, trip reports, memoranda, postcard, notices, legal documents, petitions, list of proposals, statement of policy, election results, news bulletin.
11 Wilson and Company October 1, 1974-1976.
Correspondence, legal documents, newspaper clippings, grievance report, notes, agreement, news release, supplemental agreement, pension plan.
12 Winn-Dixie Stores 1969.
Correspondence, minutes, organizing fund report.
13 Wishart, James H. 1969-1975.
Correspondence, memoranda, copy of newspaper clipping, telegrams, election results, booklet.
14 Zestee Foods, Inc. 1969.
Letter, legal documents, notice.