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Fort Worth Star-Telegram Collection, Series 3: Photographs--Sports:

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Descriptive Summary

Creator:Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
Title:Fort Worth Star-Telegram Collection, Series 3: Photographs--Sports (Part 1)
Inclusive Dates:circa 1888-1979
Abstract:Prints, 8" x 10" or smaller. Black and white photographs of coaches, players, events, and stadiums. The sports series consists primarily of the players and coaches in local high school, college, semi professional, and professional sports with the emphasis on college and semi professional teams in Fort Worth. Within each sport are the coaches, players, stadiums (if applicable), and events.
Identification:AR406, Series 3
Extent:45 boxes (28 linear ft.)
Repository:Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library

Historical Note

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram was formed by the union of the Fort Worth Star and Fort Worth Telegram. It began with the January 1, 1909 issue. The Fort Worth Star was started on February 1, 1906. The Star purchased the Fort Worth Telegram in 1909.

Scope and Contents

This is Series 3 of AR406, Fort Worth Star-Telegram Collection.

Prints, 8" x 10" or smaller. Black and white photographs of coaches, players, events, and stadiums. The series consists primarily of images of the players and coaches in local high school, college, semi professional, and professional sports with the emphasis on college and semi-professional teams in Fort Worth. Within each sport are the coaches, players, stadiums (if applicable), and events.

Series 3 centers on baseball, especially semi-professional teams, such as the Fort Worth Cats; football, in particular college teams; and golf, primarily the Colonial Country Club scene and the tournaments held there each year. Players, coaches, and teams dominate the series. Other major sports figures depicted include those who participated in basketball, tennis, car racing, horse racing, track, and swimming. Representatives of recreational sports are also included in this series, but only in small numbers. There are a few team photographs, stadiums, and action scenes, but this is a minor part of the collection. Major league figures and action photographs are found primarily in the negatives.



Organized in 11 subseries:



Open for research.

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Permission must be obtained from the copyright holder to publish, reproduce, distribute, or use by any and all other current or future developed methods or procedures wire service photographs or photographs by other photographers included in the collection. Wire services photographs will not be reproduced without their written permission. For permission to reprint or use Associated Press (AP) or United Press International (UPI) photographs contact them at the following addresses:

  • AP/Wide World Photos International Headquarters
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  • Fax: 212-621-1955
  • e-mail:

  • Associated Press Texas Bureau: (972) 991-2100
  • United Press International World Headquarters
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Fort Worth star-telegram--Archives.
Sports--Texas--Fort Worth--Photographs.
Photograph collections--Texas--Arlington.
Alternate Titles
Photographs Collection

Administrative Information


Dr. Charles C. Colley, Director of Special Collections, and Fort Worth lawyer, Jenkins Garrett, were actively involved in bringing the Fort Worth Star-Telegram Collection to UT Arlington. The university administration under President Wendell Nedderman and the university libraries director, John A. Hudson, gave their full support. Meetings that culminated in the donation agreement began in 1983, after Colley learned the newspaper was seeking a permanent custodian for their archives. Capitol Cities corporate headquarters and the administrative and editorial/library management staff of the Star-Telegram approved the donation of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s archives to Special Collections in 1983. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram archives donated the collection in increments from late June to October 1984. Subsequent donations of negatives were received in 1989, 1996, and 1999, while Dr. Gerald D. Saxon was Associate Director for Special Collections and Branch Libraries and Sally Gross was Head of Special Collections.


Fort Worth Star-Telegram Collection, AR406, Series 3, Box Number, Folder Number, Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library.


Gift, 1984-ongoing.

Processing Information

Finding aid prepared by the staff of the Special Collections Division, October 1998, and revised March 1999.

Container List


Athletic Directors

1 Bale, A. M. (Red)
Brewer, Chester
Buckner, John
Chrisler, H. O. (Fritz)
Clark, Herman
Corbett, James
Crow, Jim
Engle, Rip
Groneman, Chris H.
Grubbs, Howard
Hull, Don
Jones, A. E. (Pete)
Krause, Edward (Moose)
Lacewell, Larry
Moser, Chuck
Rivenes, Dave
Robison, Polk
Sarafiny, Al
Southwest Conference Members



1 Amateur Teams
Arlington Stadium
Clowns and Trick Players
Dallas-Fort Worth Spurs
Female Professional Players
Fort Worth Cats
Hall of Fame Members
La Grave Field
Professional Clubs
(American League)
Professional Clubs
(National League)
Texas League Clubs
World Series (1933-1950)
2 Aaron, Henry (Hank)
Abbott, Spencer Arthur
Adair, Jimmy
Adams, Bobby
Adams, Earl (Spanky)
Adcock, Dub
Adcock, Joe
Adler, S.B.
Adlesh, Dave
Agganis, Harry
Airey, Guy
Albin, Gary
Alexander, Grover Cleveland
Allison, Bob
Almada, Melo
Almonte, Secunino
Alou, Jesus
Alou, Matty
Alston, Walter
Altobelli, Joe
Altrock, Nick
Alvis, Max
Amos, Pat
Anderson, Ferrill (Andy)
Anderson, Frank
Andrews, Paul
Antonelli, John
Appling, Luke
Arlin, Steve
Arrigo, Gery
Asbell, James M.
Ashley, Norman
Aspromonte, Bob
Atu, Raymond
Atwell, Maurice (Toby)
Atz, Jake
Auker, Elden
Autry, Martin
Averill, Earl
Avila, Roberto
Bach, Stanley
Baer, Jack
Bagby, Jim
Bahnsen, Stan
Baillargeon, Bob
Bailey, Ed
Bailey, Gene
Baker, Del D.
Baker, John Franklin
Baker, Neal
Baker, Stanley (Punts)
Baker, Tom
Baker, Tony
Bale, A.M. (Red)
Balkum, Doug
Ballew, Harvey
Bane, Eddie
Banks, Ernie
Barber, Steve
Barber, Terry
Barbieri, Jim
Barbola, Mike
Barfield, Jim
Barnes, Donald
Barnes, Jess
Barney, Rex
Barresi, Gary
Bartell, Dick
Barrett, Bob
Barrow, Ed
Basgall, Monty
Bassignani, Al
Bateman, John
Bates, Tommy
Bauer, Hank
Bauman, Paddy
Bavasi, E.T. (Buzzie)
Baxes, Jim
Bearden, Gene
Beasley, Lew
Beauchamp, Jim
Beck, Clyde
Beck, Pete
Beck, Walter
Beckett, Glenn
Beldenfield, Marc
Behl, Red
Behrman, Hank
Belardi, Wayne
Belinski, Bo
Bell, Buddy
Bell, Gus
Bell, Herman
Bell, Roy
Bellino, Ray
Bench, Johnny
Bender, Chief
Benedetto, Mark
Bengough, Benny
Bengtson, Phil
Bennett, Fred (Red)
Benswanger, William E.
Benton, Stanley (Rabbit)
Berg, Morris
Berger, Walter Anton (Wally)
Beringer, Carroll
Berra, Yogi
Berry, Charles
Berry, Howard
Berry, Ken
Bertaina, Frank
Bertell, Dick
Bettencourt, Larry
Bevens, Bill
Bibby, Jim
Bielemeier, Joe (Red)
Biggs, Charlie
Biittner, Larry
Bilderbeck, Billy
Bilgere, Joe
Billingham, Jack
Billings, Josh
Billings, Rich
Binder, George
Bird, Red
Bischoff, George
Bizbee, Carson
Blacholder, George
Black, Leon
Blackerby, George
Blackwell, Ewell
Blades, Ray
Blakely, Lincoln
Blakseley, James T.
Blaney, Lekay
Blankenship, Homer
Blankenship, M.D.
Blasingame, Wade
Blass, Steve
Blefary, Curt
Blomberg, Ron
Blue, Lon
Blue, Vida
Bluege, Oswald (Ossie)
Blyleven, Bert
Boccabella, John
Boggs, Alvah
Boggs, Tommy
Bohl, Walter
Boken, Robert
Boles, Roy
Boley, John J.
Bolick, Frank
Bolling, Frank
Bolling, Milt
Bolton, Clifford
Bolton, Pascal
Bonowitz, Joe
Bonds, Bobby
Bonham, Ernie
Bonura, Zeke
Bookens, Tim
Boone, Ray (Ike)
Borbolla, Henry
Borowy, Hank
Bosch, Don
Bosman, Dick
Bostock, Lyman
Boswell, Dave
Boswell, Ken
Bottomley, James L.
Bouchee, Eddie
Boudreau, Lou
Bouton, Jim
Bowers, Tommy
Bowman, Bob
Bowman, Jim
Bowsfield, Ted
Boyer, Clete
Boyer, Ken
Boykin, Joe
3 Bradley, Rick
Bradley, Tom
Bradshaw, Wesley
Bragan, Bobby
Bragan, Jimmy
Bralton, Jim
Branca, Ralph
Branch, Norman
Brand, Ron
Brandt, Ed
Brannon, O.B.
Brantley, Joe
Bratcher, Joe
Braxton, Garland
Breadon, Sam
Breckinridge, William R.
Breeding, Pat
Brennan, Don
Bressoud, Eddie
Brett, George
Brewer, Jim
Brewer, Tom
Brigovich, George
Bridewell, Jim
Bridges, Rocky
Briggs, John
Briggs, Walter O.
Briles, Nelson
Brillheart, Jack
Bristol, Dave
Brittain, Gus
Broaca, Johnny
Broberg, Pete
Brock, Bill
Brock, Jim
Brock, Lou
Broglio, Ernie
Brown, Louie
Brown, Ed
Brown, Ernest
Brown, Frank
Brown, Hal Brown, Joe
Brown, Larry
Brown, Lloyd
Brown, Ollie
Brown, Red
Brown, Walter
Browne, Byron
Browne, Pidge
Brubaker, Ray
Bruce, Bob
Brucker, Earle
Brumley, Mike
Bryan, James W.
Bryant, Clay
Bryant, Ron
Buchek, Gerry
Buckley, Leo
Buddin, Don
Buffington, Dayle
Buford, Don
Bulla, George
Bunning, Jim
Burdette, Lew
Burge, Lester
Burgess, Smokey
Burgess, Tom
Burk, Dean
Burke, Leo
Burke, Michael
Burke, Robert
Burkhart, Ken
Burklow, Roy
Burleson, Rick
Burnett, Johnny
Burns, Dennis
Burns, Irving
Burris, James H.
Burroughs, Jeff
Burton, Charles
Burton, Gene
Bush, August
Bush, Joe
Butler, Bill
Butler, Dick
Butler, Johnny
Butler, Tom
Butzberger, Al Smith
Buzhardt, John
Byrd, Billy
Byrd, Jeff
Cadore, Leon
Cairness, Joseph
Campanella, Roy
Campbell, Ron
Caray, Harry
Carden, Dana
Cardwell, Otis
Carey, Max
Carleton, James Otto (Tex)
Carlson, Marty
Carlton, Steve
Carmel, Duke
Carnes, Joe
Carpenter, Robert M. Jr.
Carrasquel, Chico
Carroll, Clay
Carswell, Frank
Carty, Rico
Cash, Norm
Castleman, Clyde
Caster, George
Cater, Danny
Cather, Richard
Celler, Emanuel
Cepeda, Orlando
Cerv, Bob
Chambliss, Chris
Chance, Dean
Chandler, Eddie
Chandler, Spurgeon (Spud)
Chandler, Tom
Chapman, Sam
Chappas, Harry
Charnofsky, Stan
Christman, Mark
Church, Emory (Bubba)
Church, Leonard
Clabaugh, John William
Clark, Al
Clark, Mike
Clark, Ricky
Clemente, Roberto
Clemmons, Jimmy
Cleveland, Reggie
Clines, Gene
Clinton, Lou
Cloninger, Tony
Clyde, David
Cobb, Ty
Cole, Billy
Coleman, Jerry
Collins, Eddie
Collins, Joe
Conaster, Clint
Conigliaro, Tony
Conley, Eugene
Cooke, Jack Kent
Coombs, Danny
Cooney, John
Cooper, Charles Leroy
Cooper, Mort
Cooper, Walker
4 Corbett, Jack
Corbett, Stan
Corrales, Pat
Corriden, John
Corwin, Al
Courtney, Clint
Cox, Billy M.
Cox, Cassey
Cox, John William
Craft, Harry
Craig, Roger
Crain, Tommy
Crandall, Del
Cravath, Clifford C.
Crawford, Jake
Creel, Jack
Creel, Johnny
Crimian, Jack
Crone, Ray
Cronin, Joe
Crosetti, Frank
Cubbage, Mike
Cuellar, Mike
Cullenbine, Roy
Cullinan, Craig
Cullup, Nick
Culp, Raymond
Culver, George
Culyler, Hazen (Kiki)
Dahlgren, Babe
Dale, Francis
Daley, William R.
Dalrymple, Jimmie
Dalton, Harry
Danz, Fred
Darden, Bill
Dark, Alvin
Darwin, Danny
Davalillo, Vic
Davidson, Billy Joe
Davidson, Donald
Davidson, Parke
Davidson, Ted
Davis, John (Red)
Davis, Ron
Davis, Tommy
Davis, Willie
Davis, Wilton (Hook)
Dean, Dizzy
Dean, Paul (Daffy)
DeBartolo, Edward
DeFate, Tony
Delaney, Bill
Del Guercio, Ted
Delsing, Jim
Dent, Bucky
Derringer, Paul
DeVaney, Vincent
Dickey, William (Bill)
Dickson, Murray
Dillard, Don
Dillman, Bill
DiMaggio, Dominic
DiMaggio, Joe
Disch, William J.
Dittmer, Jack
Dobbs, Glenn
Doerr, Bobby
Donohue, Jim
Donovan, Dick
Dorish, Harry
Dorsett, Cal
Dotter, Gary
Douthit, Taylor
Dowling, Dave
Doyle, Walter
Dressen, Charlie (Chuck)
Dropo, Walt
Drusch, Bob
Drysdale, Don
Duckworth, Woodrow
Duffey, Jim
Dunning, Steve
Duren, Ryne
Durocher, Leo
Dyer, Eddie
Dykes, Jimmy
Earnshaw, George
Easterling, Paul
Easterwood, Roy C.
Eckert, William D.
Eckhardt, Oscar
Edington, Stump
Edmunds, Ted
Edwards, Bruce
Edwards, Doc
Edwards, John
Ehlers, Art
Elliot, Bob
Ellis, Dock
Ellis, Jim
Ellis, John
Ellis, Sammy
Ellsworth, Dick
Emeterio, Nick
Ennis, Del
Epp, Harold
Epstein, Mike
Erhler, Jim
Ermer, Calvin
Ernaga, Frank
Ernshaw, George
Erskine, Carl
Estell, Tom
Estrada, Oscar
Etchebarren, Andy
Euller, Walter
Evers, Hoot
Evers, John J.
5 Faber, Red
Face, Elroy
Fahey, Bill
Fain, Ferris
Fairly, Ron
Falk, Bibb
Famous, Bill
Fanning, Jim
Farrell, Dick
Farrell, Kerby
Fazio, Ernie
Feller, Bob
Ferris, Dave
Feala, Walter
Fidrych, Mark
Finch, Bob
Finley, Bob
Finley, Charles O.
Finnerty, Hugh
Fisk, Carlton
Flair, Al
Flesner, Paul
Fletcher, Arthur
Flood, Curt
Ford, Whitey
Fourroux, Lloyd
Fowler, Dick
Fox, Nelson
Foxx, Jimmie
Foytack, Paul
Fracchia, Donald
Francona, Tito
Frankhouse, Fred
Franklin, Charles
Franks, Herman
Frasier, Vic
Freed, Roger
Freehan, Bill
Freeman, Hershell
Freeman, Jack
Freese, Gene
Freese, George
Fregosi, Jim
French, Jim
French, Lawrence
French, Walter
Frey, Jim
Fricano, Marion
Friday, John
Friend, Bob
Frierson, Robert L.
Frietay, Clarence
Frink, Fred
Frisch, Frank
Fritz, Ray
Fryman, Wood
Fuhr, Oscar
Fullis, Charles
Funk, Hal
Furillo, Carl
Gabler, Bill
Gabrielson, Len
Gage, Dick
Gargiola, Joe
Gardella, Danny
Gardner, Billy
Gardner, J. Alvin
Garland, Wayne
Gehrig, Lou
Gehringer, Charley
Geigel, Jose
Geiger, Gary
Gentile, Jim
Gerard, Dave
Gerberman, George
Gerheauser, Al
Gibbons, Roy
Gibbs, Jake
Gibson, Bob
Giebell, Floyd
Gilbert, Charley J.
Gilbert, Larry
Giles, Warren
Gillespie, Bob
Gillespie, Paul
Gilliam, Jim
Giusti, Dave
Gladding, Fred
Glassford, J. William
Gleeson, Jimmy
Glenn, Joe
Goff, Bobby
Gogolewski, Bill
Golibart, Bill
Gomez, Roben
Gomez, Verson (Lefty)
Gonzales, Tony
Goodwin, Don
Gordon, Joe
Gordon, Richard
Gordon, Sid
Gorin, Charley
Goslin, Goose
Gostlin, Douglas
Gowdy, Harry (Hank)
Grabarkewitz, Billy
Grace, Johnny
Graham, Wayne
Grammas, Alex
Grant, Jim
Gray, Dick
Gray, Pete
Grba, Eli
Grba, Joe
Green, Gene
Green, Howard
Green, Lennie
Greenberg, Hank
Greene, Toby
Greer, Ed
Gregg, Hal
Greif, Bill
Grieve, Tom
Griffin, Tim
Griffin, Tom
Griffin, Wes
Griffith, Calvin
Griffith, Clark
Grimm, Charles (Charlie)
6 Groat, Dick
Gromer, Steve
Gross, Donn
Gross, Greg
Groth, Johnny
Guidry, Ron
Guintini, Ben
Guitierrez, Cesar
Gullett, Don
Gumpert, Randy
Gutteridge, Don
Haas, Eddie
Haas, Geore
Haas, Moose
Hack, Stan
Hacker, Warren
Hackney, Danny
Haddix, Harvey
Hafey, Charles J. (Chick)
Hain, Samuel L.
Haines, Jess
Haley, Frank
Halicki, Ed
Hall, Jimmy
Haller, Tom
Hamey, Ray
Hamilton, Steve
Hamlin, Ken
Hamlin, Luke
Hamner, Granville (Granny)
Hamner, Ralph (Bruz)
Hand, Rick
Hand, Bill
Haney, Jay
Haneyzewske, Ed
Hansen, Ron
Hardaway, Henry
Harder, Mel
Hardgrove, Joe
Hare, Joe
Hargan, Steve
Harnett, Gabby
Harper, Tommy
Harrah, Toby
Harrelson, Bud
Harrelson, Ken
Harridge, William
Harrington, Andy
Harrington, Mickey
Harris, Bill
Harris, Dave
Harris, Luman
Harris, Mickey
Harris, Neal
Harris, Vic
Harris, W.C.
Harrison, Chuck
Harrison, Rorie
Harshman, Jack
Hartenstein, Charlie
Hartnett, Gabby
Hartsfield, Ray
Hartung, Clint
Harvel, Red
Haslin, Mike
Hathaway, Ray
Hatten, Joe
Hatton, Grady
Hauser, Joe
Hausman, George
Haydn, Hiram
Hayes, Joe
Hayes, Lester
Hayes, Minter
Haynes, Joe
Haynes, Noel
Hays, Harry
Hayworth, Ray
Head, Ed
Hearn, Jim
Heath, Jack
Hebner, Richie
Hedlund, Ed
Heffner, Don
Hegan, Jim
Heidemann, Jack
Hemsley, Rollie
Hemus, Solly
Hendrick, Elrod
Henrick, Tommy
Henry, Ron
Herbel, Ron
Herman, Babe
Herman, Billy
Hermanek, John
Hermanski, Gene
Hernandez, Enzo
Herrera, Pancho
Herring, Arthur (Red)
Herring, Chuck
Herrnstein, John
Hersh, Earl
Hershberger, Mike
Hertz, Steve
Herzog, Whitey
Heslin, Larry
Heussen, Ed
Heving, John
Heving, Joseph
Hickman, Jesse
Hickman, Jim
Higby, Kirby
Higgins, Frank
Higgins, Mike
Hildebrand, Ray
Hill, Jackson
Hillary, Tom
Hille, Edmund
Hiller, Chuck
Hiller, John
Hillin, Ash
Hirshow, Hal
Hichcock, Billy
Hiser, Gene
Hoak, Don
Hobson, Butch
Hodges, Gil
Hoeft, Billy
Hoffman, John
Hofheinz, Roy
Hogan, Frank (Shanty)
Hogue, Bobby
Holcombe, Ken
Holland, Dutch
Holland, Jack
Holland, Johnny
Holmes, Tommy
Holt, J.W.
Holtzman, Ken
Hood, Ken
Hooper, Richard
Hooten, Burt
Hope, Virgil
Hopp, Johnny
Horlen, Joel
Hornsby, Rogers
Horton, Claude
Horton, Willie
Hoskins, Dave
Hostetler, Charlie
Houk, Ralph
House, Walter
Howard, Bruce
Howard, Elston
Howard, Frank
Howler, Chet (Boob)
Howsam, Robert L.
Hoyt, Waite
Hubbard, Behn
Hubbard, Jay
Hubbell, Carl
Hubbs, Ken
Hughes, Dick
Hughson, Cecil (Tex)
Humphreys, Bob
Humphries, Jimmy
Hundley, Randy
Hunt, Ron
7 Hunter, Billy
Hunter, Ed
Hunter, Jim (Catfish)
Hutchinson, Freddie
Jablonski, Ray
Jackym, John James
Jackson, Joe (Shoeless)
Jackson, Larry
Jackson, Randy
Jackson, Ransom
Jackson, Ron
Jackson, Reggie
Jackson, Sonny
Jaeckel, Paul
James, Bill
James, Rickard
James, Robert Byrnes
Janowicz, Vic
Jarvis, Pat
Jay, Joey
Jeffcoat, Hal
Jeffries, Irwin
Jenkins, Fergie
Jenkins, Ferguson
Jennings, Hugh
Jennighs, Morley
Jensen, Jackie
John, Tommy
Johnson, Alex
Johnson, Bart
Johnson, Ben
Johnson, Billy
Johnson, Deron
Johnson, Don
Johnson, Ernie
Johnson, Fred
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Ken
Johnson, Larry
Johnson, Lou
Johnson, Roy
Johnson, Walter
Johnston, Ray
Johnstone, Frank
Jones, A.E. (Pete)
Jones, Dan
Jones, Sheldon
Jones, Vernal (Nippy)
Jones, Willie (Puddinhead)
Joost, Eddie
Josephson, Duane
Judge, Joe
Judy, Lyle
Jurges, William F.
Kaline, Al
Kamm, Willie
Kane, Harry
Karow, Martin George
Kasko, Eddie
Kazak, Eddie
Kazanski, Ted
Keane, Johnny
Keesey, Jim
Kekich, Mike
Kell, George
Kellefer, Wade (Red)
Keller, Charles
Kelley, Frank
Kelly, Bill
Kelly, Bob
Keltner, Ken
Keltner, Ken
Kemmerer, Russ
Kennedy, Bob
Kerr, Dickie
Kessinger, Don
Kettler, Gerald
Killebrew, Harmon
Kiner, Ralph
King, Charles (Chick)
King, Clyde
Kison, Bruce
Kittle, Hub
Klein, Lou
Klainhans, Ted
Kline, Robert
Kline, Ronnie
Kling, Johnny
Kluszewski, Ted
Knickerbocker, William
Knoblauch, Eddie
Koenig, Mark
Konatchey, Ed
Konetchy, Ed
Konstanty, Jim
Koosman, Jerry
Koppe, Joe
Korpel, Herb
Koufax, Sandy
Kraft, Clarence (Big Boy)
Kralick, Jack
Kraly, Steve
Kramer, Jack
Krause, Lew
Krausse, Lewis
Kravitz, Danny
Kreevich, Mike
Kregal, Charley
Kress, Red
Kroll, Gary
Kubek, Tony
Kucks, Johnny
Kuenn, Harry
Kuhel, Joe
Kuhn, Kenny
Kurowski, George (Whitey)
Labine, Clem
Lackey, Byron
LaFayette, George
Lahti, Clyde
Lajoie, Napoleon (Nap)
Lanier, Max
Landis, Kenesaw M.
Lane, Frank
Langford, Elton (Slim)
Lapan, Pete
Larker, Norm
Larkin, Steve
LaRoca, Jack
Larsen, Don
8 Lary, Frank
Lary. Lyn
Latman, Barry
Lavagetto, Harry (Cookie)
Lavagetto, Skipper
Law, Vernon
Lawrence, Jimmy
Lazzeri, Antony Mark
Leap, Al
Lebron, Jorge
Lee, Bill
Lee, Bob
Lee, Don
Lefebvre, Jim
Lefebvre, Joe
LeFlore, Ron
Lehner, Paul
Leiber, Henry (Hank)
Lejdick, Stuart
Lemaster, Denny
Lemon, Bob
Lemons, Abe
Lennox, Bob
Lennox, Box
Leonard, Dutch
Leslie, Sam
Levey, Jim (Jimmy)
Levey, Forrest
Lewis, L.D.
Lewis, PeeWee
Liebhardt, Glen
Lifrieri, Dick
Lillis, Bob
Lind, Carl
Lindell, Johnny
Lindsey, Jack
Lindey, James
Lindimore, Howard
Lindstrom, Freddy
Linke, Ed
Linker, Boyd
Linne, Alfred
Linton, Bob
Linzy, Frank
Lipon, John
Little, Lou
Littlefield, Dick
Littlejohn, Carlisle
Livingston, Mickey
Lobart, John (Hans)
Locke, Bobby
Lockman, Whitey
Loeff, George
Loes, Billy
Logan, Johnny
Lohman, H.A.
Lohrke, Jack (Lucky)
Lolich, Mickey
Lollar, Sherman
Lombardi, Ernie
Lonberg, Jim
Long, Danny
Lopat, Ed
Lopata, Stan
Lopez, Vincente
Lorbeer, Ernest (Dutch)
Love, Ruel R.
Lovitto, Joe
Lovorin, Froggie
Lowe, Ed
Lowrey, Harry (Peanuts)
Lucas, Charles Fred
Lucchesi, Frank
Luderus, Fred
Lumpkin, Bill
Luplow, Al
Luque, Adolfo
Lutber, August
Lutz, Mike
Lyons, Earl L.
Lyons, Ted
Maas, Duke
MacFayden, Danny
Macias, Angel
Mack, Connie
Mack, Roy
MacKenzie, Ken
Mackie, Vernon
Macon, Max
Macko, Joe
Maddern, Clarence
Maddox, Elliott
Madrid, Sol
Madjeski, Ed
Magerkurth, George
Maglie, Sal
Mahaffey, Lee Roy
Maier, Robert
Mails, Walter
Majeski, Hank
Makosky, Frank
Malay, Joe
Malkmus, Bob
Mallon, Leslie
Malone, Pat
Maloney, James
Maloney, Jim
Malzone, Frank
Mamaux, Al
Mancuso, Gus
Mancuso, Leon
Mann, Johnny
Mannin, Chink
Mantle, Mickey
Manz, George
Marasco, Vic
Marberry, Fred (Firpo)
Marcum, John
Marichal, Juan
Marion, Marty
Maris, Roger
Marks, Fred
Marles, Emerson
Marolewski, Ed
Marshall, Jim
Martin, Billy
Martin, Fred
Martin, Hershel
Martin, John (Pepper)
Martin, Morrie
Martin, Morris
Martin, Stan
Martina, Joe
Martinez, Jose
Martinez, Sabino
Martyn, Bob
9 Massa, Gordon
Mathews, Eddie
Mathews, Nelson
Mattison, Les
Mauch, Gene
Maul, Allan
Maxvill, Charles Dallan
Maxwell, Charlie
May, Carlos
Mayer, Ed
Mays, Carlos
Mays, Willie
Mazeroski, Bill
McAuliffe, Dick
McBride, Frank
McBride, Ken
McBurnett, C.C.
McCabe, Joe
McCabe, Ralph
McCahan, Bill
McCann, Mike
McCarthy, Joe
McCarthy, John Joseph
McCarver, Jim
McCarver, Tim
McClanahan, Pete
McCloskey, John J.
McColl, Alex
McConnell, Leo
McCormick, Andy
McCormick, Frank
McCormick, Mike
McCosky, Barney
McCovey, Willie
McCoy, Benny
McCoy, Pat
McCullock, Baron
McCurdy, Hal
McDaniel, Chili
MCDaniel, Lindy
McDaniel, Von
McDermott, Maurice (Mickey)
McDermott, Maury
McDevitt, Danny
McDonald, Hank
McDonald, Wayne
McDougald, Gil
McDowell, Clyde
McDowell, Sam
McGlothlin, Jim
McGraw, John (Mrs.)
McGraw, Tug
McGrew, Slim
McHale, Jimmy
McHale, John
McHenry, Art
McIlvaine, Stan
McKain, Hal
McKenchnie, Bill
McKee, Bob
McKeon, Jack
McLain, Denny
McLarry, Poly
McLaughlin, Hollis
McLemore, Reid
McLeod, Jimmy
McMahan, Jack (Wally)
McMahan, Don
McMillan, Tommy
McMillon, Roy
McNair, Eric
McNally, Dave
McNamara, John
McNeely, Earl
McNulty, Bill
McPherson, Bill
McShane, Don
McTavish, Harold
McWilliams, George
Medwick, Joe (Ducky)
Meer, Johnny Vander
Mele, Sam
Melillo, Oscar
Melillo, Eddie
Melton, Cliff
Melton, Rube
Menge, Roy
Menke, Dennis
Mercer, Tommy
Merkle, Fred
Merriman, Lloyd
Merrit, Jim
Merz, Otto
Mesner, Steve
Metha, Frank
Metro, Charlie
Metzger, Roger
Metzler, Alex
Meusel, Bob
Meyer, Billy
Meyer, Russ
Meyers, Bud
Meyers, Frank
Meyers, Lee
Meyers, Leslie
Mickens, Glenn
Middleton, Jim
Midkiff, Dick
Mihalic, John
Miksis, Eddie
Milan, Clyde
Mileti, Nick
Miley, Jack
Millan, Felix
Miller, Archer (Abe)
Miller, Bill
Miller, Bing
Miller, Bob
Miller, Fred
Miller, Lawrence (Hack)
Miller, Marvin
Miller, Stuart
Mills, Buster
Mills, Howard
Milstead, George
Minatree, Ralph
Minogue, Jimmy
Mitze, C. (Honus)
Mize, Johnny
Mizell, Wilmer
Moates, Dave
Moers, Bobby
Moford, Herb
Mondorff, Pete
Monroe, Zack
Moon, Wally
Moore, Benny
Moore, Henry (Possum)
Moore, Joe
Moore, Ray
Moore, Wiley
Mooty, Jake
Moran, Al
Morehead, Dave
Morehead, Seth
Moreno, Omar
Morgan, Bobby
Morgan, Dick
Morgan, Joe
Morgan, Tom
Moriarity, George
Morris, J. Walter
Mosebach, Fred
Moses, Gerry
Moses, Wally
Moss, Joe
10 Moss, Les
Mossi, Don
Mota, Manny
Mueller, Don
Mueller, Heinie
Mulbry, Walter
Mullen, Billy
Mullen, John
Muller, Melton
Munger, George
Mungo, Van Lingle
Murcer, Bobby
Murff, John (Red)
Murphy, Denny
Murphy, Johnny
Murray, Ray
Murtaugh, Danny
Musial, Stan
Myatt, Glenn
Myer, Charles
Myers, Billy
Myers, Steve
Nehf, Art
Nelson, Dave
Nelson, Jerry
Nettles, Graig
Newburg, Louis
Newhouser, Hal
Newman, Jeff
Newman, Ray
Neyland, Bob
Nicholson, Bill
Nicholson, Dave
Nieman, Bob
Nishita, Willie
Nolan, Gary
Noren, Irv
Norman, Fred
Norman, Nelson
Nossek, Joe
Nottebart, Don
Novikoff, Lou
Nuxhall, Joe
Oana, Hanry (Hank)
Oates, John
O’Brien, D.J.
O’Connell, Danny
O’Conner, Leslie M.
O’Dea, Kenneth
O’Dell, Billy
Odom, John
O’Donoghue, John
O’Donnell, Jack
O’Doul, Frank (Lefty)
Odting, Fritz
O’Farrell, Bob
Oliva, Tony
Oliver, Al
O’Neal, Don
O’Neil, Mickey
O’Neill, Steve
Orivoll, Oswald
Orsati, Ernest R.
Osteen, Claude
O’Toole, Jim
Ott, Mel
Overcash, Danny
Owen, Arnold (Mickey)
Owen, Marvin
Owens, Buddy
Ozark, Danny
Paciorek, John
Paepke, Jack
Pafko, Andrew
Page, Joe
Paige, Stachel
Paine, Phil
Palmer, Eddie
Palmer, Jim
Pappas, Milt
Parker, W.R.
Parker, Frank (Salty)
Parkinsan, Frank (Porky)
Parmelee, Roy
Parnell, Mel
Parrish, Larry
Paschal, Walter
Pascual, Camilo
Pate, Joe
Patkin, Max
Paul, Gabe
Paul, Mike
Paynich, Rudy
Pearson, Albie
Pearson, Monte
Peebles, Pat
Peel, Homer
Peckinpaugh, Roger
Pekich, Pete
Pena, Olrando
Penner, Ken
Pennock, Herbert
Pepitone, Joe
Pepper, Hugh
Pepper, Ray
Perranoski, Ron
Perry, Gaylord
Perry, Jim
Perry, Parker
Pesky, Johnny
Peters, Bonneau
Peters, Gary
Peterson, Cap
Peterson, Kent
Pettit, Mike
Pettit, R.L. Jr.
Pfeil, Bob
Pfiester, George
Phelan, Art
Phillips, A.A. (Buzz)
Phillips, Adolfo
Phillips, Harold (Lefty)
Phillips, Red
Phillips, W. Taylor
Pickrel, Clarence
Pierce, Billy
Pierce, Fay
Piersall, Jim
Pilarcik, Al
Pine, Horatio
Piniella, Lou
Pitman, Dot
Pitts, Ed (Alabama)
Pizarro, Juan
Podbielan, Bud
Podres, Johnny
Poffenberger, Cletus (Boots)
Poindexter, Jennings (Jinks)
Pointer, Aaron
Pollet, Howard
Ponce, Tony
Popovich, Paul
Popowski, Eddie
Porter, J.W.
Porter, Richard
Porterfield, Bob
Post, Wally
Powell, Alvin
Powell, Art
Powell, Jamie
Powell, John (Boog)
Pratt, Derrill
Pratt, Tom
Pressley, Julian (Snoody)
Price, Jackie
Priddy, Bob
Priddy, Gerald
Prim, Raymond (Pappy)
Prothro, James T. (Doc)
Pruett, Herbert
Pulliam, Howard
Pullig, Tom
Purkey, Bob
Putnam, Pat
Pytlank, Frank
Puhl, Terry
Quilici, Frank
Quinn, Bob
11 Rabb, H. William
Rabun, Marion
Radatz, Dick
Radcliffe, Raymind (Rip)
Raffensberger, Ken
Ramage, Bill
Ramazzotti, Bob
Ramos, Pedro
Ramsdell, Willard
Rantz, Jim
Rasberry, Jim
Raschi, Vic
Raudman, Bob
Rebel, Art
Reed, Howie
Reed, Ron
Reese, Pee Wee
Reeve, Dennis
Ragan, Phil
Reich, Tom
Reichart, Rick
Reichler, Joe
Reinhart, Art
Reiser, Pete
Rensa, George
Reuther, Dutch
Reynolds, Allie
Reynolds, Bob
Reynolds, Carl N.
Reynolds, Danny
Reynolds, Fain
Reynolds, Thomas A.
Rhem, Charles Flint
Rhoades, Chester
Rhyne, Harold
Ribant, Dennis
Ribinskas, Bill
Rice, Dennis
Rice, Sam
Richards, J.R.
Richards, Paul
Richardson, Gordon
Richardson, H.B. (Spec)
Richardson, Kenneth
Richardson, Nolan
Richardson, Tommy
Richart, Mike
Richert, Pete
Rickey, Branch
Riddle, Elmer
Riesener, Bob
Rigney, Bill
Rigney, Dorothy Comiskey
Riley, Jim
Rioke, Branch
Riordan, Tommy
Ripken, Cal
Ripple, Jimmy
Ritchie, Jay
Rivera, Jim
Rivers, Jimmy
Rivers, Mickey
Riviett, Bob
Rixey, Eppe
Rizzuto, Phil
Roach, Walter
Roberts, John
Roberts, Reo
Roberts, Robin
Robertson, Claude
Robinson, Brooks
Robinson, Eddie
Robinson, Frank
Robinson, Jackie
Robinson, Rube
Robinson, Wilbert
Robson, Tom
Rogers, Bob
Rodriguez, Aurelio
Rodriquez, Fred
Roe, Preacher
Rohr, Bill
Rommell, Ed
Roland, Jim
Rolfe, Robert A. (Red)
Roller, Elmer W.
Rommell, Ed
Roof, Phil
Root, Charles Henry
Rosar, Warren (Buddy)
Rose, Pete
Roseboro, Johnny
Rosellini, Danny
Rosen, Al
Rosenberg, Harry
Rosenfeld, Max
Rosenthal, Simon (Si)
Roser, Emerson
Ross, Don
Ross, Sam
Rothgeb, Claude
Rothrock, John H.
Rous, Bob
Roush, Ed
Routzong, Arthur
Rowe, Lynwood (Schoolboy)
Rowe, Raymond, (Rickey)
Rowland, Clarence (Pants)
Rubello, Tom
Rucker, Nap
Rudolph, Don
Ruel, Herald (Muddy)
Ruffing, Charlie (Red)
Runnels, Pete
Ruscher, Lou
Rush, Bob
Russell, Jack
Russell, Lloyd
Ruth, Babe (George Herman)
Ryan, Connie
Ryan, Ellis
Ryan, Jack
Ryan, John (Blondie)
Ryan, Nolan
Ryan, Plias
Ryba, Mike
Rye, Gene
12 Sadecki, Ray
Sadowski, Ted
Sain, Johnny
Salle, Slim
Saltwell, Elred R.
Saltzgaver, Jack
Salveson, John
Sandusky, John
Sanfield, Ty
Sanford, Jack
Santo, Ron
Santomauro, Moe
Sarni, Bill
Sauer, Hank (Ed)
Saul, Jim
Saunders, Gregg
Savage, Ted
Sawatski, Carl
Sawyer, Eddie
Scarritt, Russell
Scarborough, Luther
Schacht, Al
Schack, Ray
Schack, Roy
Schallock, Art
Schang, Wally
Scharein, Art
Scheffing, Bob
Scheib, Carl
Scheinblum, Richie
Schepps, George
Schilling, Charles
Schluter, Henry
Schmele, Carl
Schmidt, Bob
Schmidt, Mike
Schmitz, Johnny
Schneider, Dan
Schoen, Gerry
Schoendiest, Red
Schreiber, Paul
Schroll, Al
Schuble, Heinie
Schulte, Fred
Schultz, Howard
Schultz, Joe
Schumacher, Hal
Schupp, Fred
Schurmeier, Harris M.
Schwall, Don
Score, Herb
Scott, Deacon Everett
Scott, Donald
Scott, Fred
Scott, Jack
Sears, John W. (Ziggy)
Sears, Kenneth (Little Ziggy)
Seats, Tommy
Seaver, Tom
Secory, Frank
Seeds, Bob
Seely, Ed
Seemer, Oscar
Segar, Charles
Segrist, Kal
Selkirk, George
Selph, Carey
Selway, Ed
Sembera, Carroll
Semproch, Ray
Sengar, Charlie
Senofsky, John
Serena, Bill
Severeid, Hank
Severn, Mack
Sewell, Joe
Sewell, Luke
Shannon, Mike
Shannon, Walter
Shantz, Bobby
Sharman, Bill
Shaw, Al
Shaw, Bob
Shaw, Cliff
Shawkey, Bob
Shawkey, Robert
Shea, Bill
Shea, Frank
Shea, Marvin
Shealey, Al
Shearer, Ray
Sheely, Earl
Sheely, Hollis (Bud)
Sheffield, Buck
Sheid, Steve
Sheldon, Roland
Shelley, Hugh
Shepard, Larry
Sheris, Len
Sherrod, George
Sherry, Larry
Sherry, Norm
Shinners, Ralph
Shires, Arthur
Shiver, Chick
Shocker, Urban
Shockley, Costen
Shoffner, Danny
Shore, Ernie
Shores, Bill
Short, Asa
Short, Chris
Short, Robert E.
Shotton, Burt (Barney)
Shotwell, P.E. (Pete)
Shuba, George
Shuman, Dick
Sichko, Mike
Siebert, Dick
Siebert, Norm
Siebert, Sonny
Sievers, Roy
Sikes, J.V.
Silver, Phil
Simmons, Al
Simmons, Curt
Simons, Melborne
Simpson, Wayne
Sims, Duke
Singer, Bill
Sisler, Dick
Sisler, George Jr.
Sisti, Sibby
Skinner, Bob
Skorich, Nick
Skowron, Bill
Slaughter, Enos
Slaughter, Sterling
Smith, Al
Smith, Barney
Smith, Cecil
Smith, Doc
Smith, Earl (Oil)
Smith, Edgar
Smith, Hal
Smith, Harold
Smith, Ira
Smith, Johnny (Jack)
Smith, Larry
Smith, Manning F.
Smith, Mayo
Smith, Red
Smith, Reggie
Smith, Russell (Dutch)
Smith, Tal
Smith, Vincent
Smith, William (Billy)
Smoll, Clyde (Lefty)
Snyder, Duke
13 Snyder, Frank
Snyder, Jim
Snyder, Les
Socory, Frank
Sodd, Bill
Solarita, Tolia
Solis, Marcelino
Solters, Julius
Sorelle, B. Boyd (Jelly)
Sorrell, Vic
Souchock, Steve
Southworth, Billy
Spahn, Warren
Spangler, Al
Sparma, Joe
Speaker, Tris
Spears, Bobby
Spears, Jack
Speier, Chris
Sperry, Stan
Spooner, Karl
Spring, Jack
Spring, Joe
Stafford, Bill
Stainvack, George
Staley, Gerald
Stanceu, Charles
Stange, Lee
Stanhouse, Don
Stankey, Larry
Stanky, Eddie
Stargell, Willie
Starr, Bernard
Starr, Fay
Starr, Ray
Statz, Arnold
Staub, Rusty
Stebbins, Lee
Steengraffe, Milton
Stein, Herschel
Steinbrenner, George
Steingrofe, Milt
Steineke, Bill
Stellbauer, Bill
Stengle, Casey
Stennett, Rennie
Stephens, Vern
Stephenson, Riggs
Stevens, Ed
Stevenson, John
Stewart, Cecil
Stewart, Don
Stewart, Jim
Stewart, Mack
Stewart, R.
Stewart, Walter
Stiely, Fred
Stockbridge, Harold
Stockton, John
Stone, John
Stone, Willie Walton (Lefty)
Stoneham, Horace C.
Stoneham, John
Stoneman, Bill
Stoner, Lil
Stones, Dwight
Storey, Ray
Stottlemyre, Mel
Stouffer, Vernon
Stout, Allyn
Stover, Neal
Strampe, Bob
Stratton, Abby
Stratton, Monte
Street, Gabby
Strickland, George
Stringer, Louis
Strohm, Harry
Stroner, Jim
Stroner, Milton
Stuart, Dick
Stuart, Marlin
Sturdivant, Tom
Sturm, Johnny
Suhr, Gus
Sullivan, Billy
Sullivan, Dick
Sundberg, Bill
Sundberg, Jim
Sundin, Gordon
Surkont, Matt (Max)
Susce, George
Sutherland, Harvey (Sud)
Sutherland, John Bain
Suydam, Jack
Swango, Bruce
Swanson, Art
Swanson, Evar
Swanson, Rudy
Sweeney, Bill
Swenson, Swede
Swobona, Ron
Syngel, Emil
Tackett, Terry
Takanhashi, Hiroshi
Tanama, Frank
Tankersley, Lawrence
Tanner, Archie
Tanner, Buddy
Tanner, Chuck
Tapsan, Danny
Tate, Bennett
Tate, Jodie
Tatum, Tom
Tavener, Jack
Tauby, Fred
Taussig, Don
Taylor, Ben
Taylor, Bob
Taylor, Carl
Taylor, Chink
Taylor, Harry
Taylor, Joe
Taylor, Ron
Taylor, Sammy
Taylor, Tommy
Taylor, Tony
Taylor, Zack
Tebbetts, George (Birdie)
Temple, Johnny
Tenace, Gene
Tendler, Lew
Terhune, Leland
Terry, Bill
Terry, Ralph
Terwilliger, Wayne
Tettly, Joe
Tevenow, Tommy
Thiel, Bert
14 Thomas, Al
Thomas, Don
Thomas, Ed
Thomas, Frank
Thomas, Ira
Thomas, Leo
Thomas, Max
Thomas, Myles
Thomas, Russ
Thomas, Sam
Thompson, Danny
Thompson, Fresco
Thompson, Mike
Thompson, Bob
Thompson, Hank
Thormahlen, Henry
Throneberry, Faye
Throneberry, Marv
Thurman, Clarence Oliver
Thurman, Elie
Tiant, Luis
Tidrow, Dick
Tighe, Jack
Tillman, Fount
Tinker, Joe
Tinning, Lyle
Tising, John
Todd, Al
Todt, Phil
Toney, Fred
Tootman, Ken
Topping, Dan
Torgeson, Earl (Specs)
Torre, Joe
Torres, Hector
Torres, Jimmy
Torres, Mike
Touckstone, Clayland
Towar, Cesar
Tracewski, Dick
Traynor, Harold
Treadway, Charles
Tresh, Tom
Trosky, Hal
Trout, Paul (Dizzy)
Trucks, Virgil
Trowbridge, Bob
Tucker, Thurman
Tuero, Oscar
Turgeon, Pete
Turley, Bob
Turner, Fred W.
Turner, James
Tuttle, Bill
Twardy, Leo
Tyson, Mike
Uhle, George
Umbarger, Jim
Umbright, Jim
Urban, Nick
Utt, Otto
Vache, Ernie
Valdivielso, Jose
Valenti, Joe
Valentinetti, Vito
Valtnzuela, Fernando
Valo, Elmer
Van Atta, Russell
Vance, Arthur (Dazzy)
Van Cuyk, Chris (John)
Vandenberg, Hy
Vandermeer, Johnny
Varipapa, Andy
Vaughan, Floyd (Arkie)
Veale, Bob
Veeck, Bill
Verban, Emil
Vergez, John
Vernon, Mickey
Versalies, Zolio
Vick, Sam B.
Vicks, Ernie
Victor, Joe
Vincent, Al
Virdon, Bill
Vitt, Oscar
Voiselle, Bill
Vollmer, Clyde
Volltner, Fred
Von Hoff, Bruce
Vosmik, Joe
Wachtel, Paul
Wagner, Ed
Wagner, Heinie
Wagner, Honus
Waitkus, Eddie
Walberg, George (Rube)
Waldorf, Lynn (Pappy)
Walgamot, Earl
Walker, Al
Walker, Fred (Dixie)
Walker, Gerald
Walder, Harry (Rube)
Walker, Verlon
Walkup, Jimmy
Wall, Murray
Walls, Lee
Walsh, Ed (Big)
Walters, Bucky
Walton, Danny
Waner, Lloyd
Waner, Paul
Waner, Pete
Ward, Jay
Ward, Lefty
Ward, Preston
Ware, Colton
Wares, Clyde
Warmoth, Cy
Warneke, Lon
Warren, Dallas
Warren, Tommy
Warwick, Bill
Washburn, Ray
Washington, Vernon (Geo)
Waters, Mel
Watkins, George
Watwood, John
Weaver, Earl
Weaver, Monte
Webb, Earl
Wedemeyer, Herman
Weekly, Johnny
Weintraub, Phil
Weis, Art
Weiss, George
Welaj, Lou
Welsh, Jimmy
Werber, Billy
Werhas, John
Wertz, Vic
15 West, Max
West, Sam
Westum, Wes
Wheat, Zach
Whisenant, Pete
Whisonant, David
White, Barney
White, Ernie
White, Harry
White, Joyner (Jo Jo)
White, Lester
White, Mike
White, Sam
Whithead, Burgess
Whitehead, John
Whitehill, Earl
Whitmore, Bill
Whitney, Rodney
Whitworth, Dick
Wickel, Harrison P.
Wicker, Kemp
Wickersham, Dave
Widmar, Al
Wiggins, Joe
Wight, Bill
Wilber, Del
Wilcox, Milt
Wilder, Fred John (Red)
Wilhelm, Hoyt
Wilkinson, Richard
Will, Bob
Willeford, Jerry
Willey, Carlton
Williams, Billy
Williams, Carl
Williams, Claude (Lefty)
Williams, Dave
Williams, Dewey
Williams, Dick
Williams, Don
Williams, Earl
Williams, Guy
Williams, Jimmy
Williams, Rhino
Williams, Rinaldo
Williams, Roger
Williams, Ted
Williams, Frank
Williamson, Silas A.
Wills, Bume
Wills, Bump
Wills, Maury
Wilshere, Vernon
Wilson, Don
Wilson, Hack
Wilson, Jack
Wilson, Jake
Wilson, Jim
Wilson, Larry
Wilson, Vern
Wilson, Walter
Wilson, Woody
Wiltse, Harold
Windegger, Frank
Windle, Wayne
Winfield, Dave
Wingfield, Johnny
Winkles, Bobby
Wise, Rick
Wisrock, Buster
Wistert, Francis
Wojey, Pete
Womack, Frank
Wood, Joe (Smokey)
Wood, Wilbur
Woodall, Larry
Woodeschick, Hal
Woodling, Gene
Woodman, John (Woody)
Woods, Jim
Woods, Paul (Bubba)
Woodson, Dick
Workman, Charles
Wortham, Richard
Worthington, Allan P.
Worthington, Red
Wright, Baker
Wright, Glenn
Wright, Mel
Wrigley, Phillip K.
Wyatt, John
Wyatt, Whitlow
Wynn, Early
Wynn, Jimmy
Yauyan, Clarence Everett (Yam)
Yastrzemski, Carl
Yellowhorse, Moses
Yerkes, Carroll
York, Earl
York, Rudy
York, Tony
Yost, Eddie
Young, Cy
Young, Donald
Young, George
Young, J.Z.
Young, Pep
Young, Waymon (Pep)
Zachary, Al
Zachary, Chris
Zachary, Tom
Zanny, Dom
Zarilla, Al
Zarley, Kermit
Zauchin, Norm
Zetterlind, Virgil
Zimmer, Don
Zimmerman, Bill
Zipfel, Bud
Zisk, Richie
Zimtrovich, Pete
Zorterman, George
Zuverink, George



16 Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem
Abshire, Dale
Aguire, Mark
Allen, F.C. (Phog)
Arizin, Paul
Atkins, Able
Baggett, Al
Baldwin, Herman
Barnes, Marvin
Barnett, J.C. (Abe)
Barnstable, Dale
Barry, Rick
Barton, Gene
Bates, Gus
Baylor, Elgin
Beasley, Jack
Beaty, Zelmo
Berry, Charles
Bice, Don
Bird, Larry
Birdsong, Otis
Black, Leon
Blackburn, Tom
Blazejowski, Carol
Boe, Roy
Boone, Ron
Botts, Cecil
Boyd, Doug
Boynton, James
Bradley, Bill
Bradley, Harold
Brasfield, Tranis
Brickles, Bo
Brock, Jim
Brophy, Bill
Brown, Herb
Brown, James (Pete)
Brown, Tony
Browning, Bud
Bullock, Rick
Burch, Bob
Burleson, Tom
Butler, Mike
Campbell, Dianne
Carlisle, George
Carlson, Robert
Charberlain, Wilt
Combs, Glen
Cooke, Jack Kent
Cousins, Bob
Cousy, Bob
Cowens, Dave
Crumm, Betty Jo
Culbertson, Gene
Cunningham, Bill
Cunningham, Gary
Danforth, Roy
Daniels, Mel
Davis, Walter
Dawkins, Darryl
Dawson, Carroll
Dee, Johnny
Degrate, Simpson
Dolph, Jack
Donoher, Don
Donovan, Eddie
Dowd, Barry
Drew, Weldon
Durham, Don
Eddy, Ray
Edwards, Johnny
Erving, Julius (Dr. J)
Estill, Bill
Fitch, Bill
Fitzsimmons, Cotton
Ford, Phil
Foretich, Kenny
Freeman, Don
Freeman, Wally
Freidman, Tom
Friday, John
Fulton, Quince
George, Phil
Geron, A.J.
Gibson, Gene
Giesler, Jody
Goff, Cecil
Gray, Jack
Grober, Sparky
Hagan, Cliff
Hanebutt, Elmer
Harding, Jim
Havlicek, John
Hayes, E.O. (Doc)
Hayes, Elvin
Haywood, Spencer
Heinohn, Tommy
Hensley, Rick
Hickey, Eddie
Holzman, Red
Houbregg, Bob
Howerton, Johnny
Hubbell, Carl
Hudson, Lou
Hull, Thurman (Slue)
Iba, Henry (Hank)
Irish, Ned
Jeanette, Harry (Buddy)
Johnson, Marques
Johnson, Phil
Jones, Bobby
Jones, Caldwell
Jucker, Ed
Kase, Max
Kinsey, Hersel
Kratter, Marvin
Lambert, Gene
Lane, Lester
Lapchick, Joe
LaRusso, Rudy
Lee, Bob
Levane, Fuzzy
Lloyd, Earl
Loeffler, Ken
Loughery, Kevin
Lovellette, Clyde
Lucas, Jerry
Macauley, Ed
Malaise, John (Dub)
Maravich, Pete
McCarthy, Babe
McCloskey, Jack
McDaniels, Jim
McDermott, Hugh
McDowell, Jewell
McGregor, Jim
McGuire, Al
McGuire, Mike
McLendon, John B.
McMahon, Jack
McMillen, Tom
McMillian, Jim
McPherson, Bill
McQuillan, H.R. (Hub)
Mehaffey, George
Menefee, Bill
Metcalf, Shelby
Mikan, George
Moody, Taft
Moody, Weldon
Moore, Bobby
Moore, Nelson
Mullaney, Joe
Munchak, Ted
Musselman, Bill
Neal, Fred (Curly)
Newcom, Max
Newell, Pete
Nickens, Mark
Nippert, Derrill
Nissalke, Tom
Nobles, Johnny
Noe, Charles
Norris, Ed
Nuce, Steve
O’Bannon, Jim
Oldham, Johnny
Overall, Buck
Owens, Ted
Parrack, Doyle
Pasco, Leroy
Peebles, Pat
Pestana, Lee
Polk, Bob
Pollin, Abe
Porter, Archie
Prater, Joe D.
Preston, Odell
Puryear, Bob
Pyles, Rex
Ramsey, Frank
Ramsey, Jack
Ratcliff, Hal
Rees, Don
Reynolds, George
Reynolds, J.C. (Jake)
Reynolds, Phil
Robertson, Oscar
Robinson, Jackie
Robinson, Will
Rocha, Red
Rogers, Bob
Rohr, Bill
Rose, Glen
Rosenbluth, Lennie
Rossi, Faris
Rowe, Curtis
Rusker, Ronnie
Rupp, Adolph
Russell, Bill
Sampson, Ralph
Saperstein, Abe
Sauer, Rich
Schaus, Fred A.
Schayes, Dolph
Schmidt, Gene
Schulman, Sam
Seymour, Paul
Sears, Ken
Selvy, Frank
Sharp, Charles
Shively, Bernie
Short, Louise
Shue, Gene
Skaidrite, Smildzina
Smith, Drew
Smith, Elmore
Smith, Jay
Snodgrass, Brad
Somerville, Tim
Sonju, Norm
Spivey, Bill
Stamps, Ray
St.Clair, Jimmy
Stewart, Jimmy
Stewart, Norman
Stewart, Roy
Suman, Don
Sutton, Eddie
Swain, Jerry
Swokronski, Eugene A.
Tate, Charles
Thompson, David
Tompson, Gary
Thornton, Vernon
Tinker, Tom
Tohline, Max
Tomjanovich, Rudy
Truitt, Frank
Turner, Charley
Tuszyhski, John
Twyman, Jack
Van Breda Kolff, Willem (Butch)
Vandeweghe, Kiki
Walker, Chet
Walters, Bob
Walton, Bill
Washington, Rich
West, Jerry
West, Ken
Whitis, Glen
Whitt, Danny
Wilkes, Keith
Williams, J.R. (Rhino)
Williams, Jarvis
Williams, Joe
Williams, Ken
Williams, Max
Womack, Frank (Pancho)
Wooden, John
Woods, Bob (Trick)
Young, Verl (Gus)
Zeitz, Ralph



17 Golden Gloves
Adamack, Jimmy
Ali, Muhammed (Cassius Clay)
Ambers, Lou
Andrade, Bobby (Cisco)
Apostoli, Fred
Aragon, Art
Archer, Jimmy
Armstrong, Henry
Arteaga, Jimmy
Ashley, Carlos
Baer, Jacob Henry (Buddy)
Baer, Max
Ballard, Jake
Ballard, Willie
Barcroft, Gary
Barker, Aaron
Barnes, Courtney
Basilio, Carmen
Bass, Benny
Beaupre, Tom
Becerra, Jose
Benevenuti, Nino
Berg, Jack (Kid)
Berlenback, Paul
Bettina, Melio
Bey, Madame
Bobick, Duane
Bonavena, Oscar
Boone, Clarence
Boudreaux, Johnny
Braddock, James J.
Bradley, James J.
Brast, Benny
Breslin, Jack
Brewer, Jimmy
Britton, Jack
Bromley, Chuck
Brouillard, Lou
Brown, Gene
Brown, Jim
Brown, Natie
Bruneau, Emile
Bugner, Joe
Burman, Clarence (Red)
Burns, Danny
Burns, Tommy
Busceme, James (Bubba)
Busso, Johnny
Caram, Charlie
Caram, Freddie
Carbo, Frank
Carnera, Primo
Carona, Morris
Carpenter, Georges
Cartier, Walter
Castillo, Jesus (Chucho)
Cerdan, Marcel
Chairez, Raymond
Charnley, Dave
Chuvalo, George
Clark, Henry
Clark, LaMar
Clay, Rudy
Cochrane, Freddie
Cockell, Don
Cokes, Curtis
Cokes, Joe
Colvin, Skip
Conde, Hugh
Conn, Billy
Cooney, Gerry
Cooper, Henry
Cooper, Mike
Coopman, Jean-Pierre
Coronado, Faustino
Cruz, Jose
Curry, Bruce
Curry, Donald
D’Amato, Cus
Daniels, Terry
Darnell, Presley
Davis, Charles
Delaney, Jack
DeMarco, Paddy
DeMarco, Tony
Dempsey, Jack
Devenport, Claud
Dickson, Dickie
Doyle, Jack
Dundee, Angelo
Dundee, Joe
Dunphy, Don
Dupas, Ralph
Duran, Roberto
Durando, Ernest
Durelle, Yvon
Durham, Yancey
18 Eagleton, Andy
Easterling, DeWitt
Eaton, Eileen
Egan, Edward P.F.
Ellis, Jimmy
Emanuel, Armand
Escalante, Robert
Escobar, Sixto
Esquivel, Sandi
Ettore, Al
Evans, Ted
Eviston, Paul
Fala, Fernando
Farr, Lynn
Farr, Tommy
Fields, Jackie
Fink, Frankin
Fiore, Carmine
Firpo, Luis (Angel)
Fitzsimmons, Don
Fleming, Ray
Flores, Vidal
Flowers, Harry
Flreman, George
Frazier, Joe (Smokin)
Friedman, Sailor
Fugazy, Bill
Fullmer, Gene
Fulton, Fred
Galento, Tony
Garay, Ray
Garland, Hugh
Garza, Rudy
Giambra, Joey
Gibbons, Tony
Godoy, Arturo
Goldstein, Dick
Goldstein, Rudy
Gonzalies, Gilbert
Gorman, David
Graham, Billy
Graham, Bushy
Graziano, Rocky
Greene, Abe
Griffin, Dick
Griffith, Emile
Grippo, Jimmy
Hanson, Knute
Harris, Henry
Harris, Roy
Harrison, Douglas
Hartman, Everett
Hatton, Sam
Hayles, Kenneth
Hearns, Thomas (Hitman)
Heeney, Tom
Henderson, Elmo
Hernandez, Chebo
Hernandez, Roland
Herrera, Raul
Herrera, Tony
Hite, Clay
Holmes, Larry
Horne, George (Sonny)
Horton, Homa
Hostak, Al
Hudkins, Ace
Hull, Clyde
Humbeck, Jack
Humphries, Joe
Jack, Beau
Jacobs, Albert
Jacobs, Mike
Jacobs, Walter
Jeffries, James J.
Jeffries, Jim
Jenkins, Lew
Johansson, Ingemar
Johnson, Stanley
Johnston, Jimmy
Jones, Billy
Jones, Donald
Jones, Reggie
Jones, Tommy
Jordan, Don
Josselin, Jean
Kansas, Rocky
Karr, Frankie
Kearns, Jack
Kerwin, Gale
Kilbane, Johnny
Kirby, Bert
Kirtley, Bruce
LaBarba, Fidel
Laguna, Ismael
Landingham, Lenny
Lane, Frank
Lane, Kenny
Laskey, Art
LasStarza, Roland
Latzo, Pete
Lavorante, Alejandro
LaMotta, Jake
LaSalle, Bobby
Lawrence, Jack
Layne, Rex
Lemaster, Don
Leonard, Benny
Leonard, Jack
Lesnevich, Gus
Levinsky, Battling
Levinsky, King
Lewis, Constantine
Licata, Tony
Liston, Sonny
Loi, Duillo
Lomski, Leo
London, Brian
Londos, Jim
Loughran, Tommy
Louis, Joe (The Brown Bomber)
Lourcey, W.M.
Ludick, Willie
Luna, Valentino
Lynch, Joe
Mack, Eddie
Magallon, Gilbert
Magnolia, Lou
Maier, Dave
Maloney, Jimmy
Mandell, Sammy
Mann, Nathan
Mann, Perez
Manriquez, Al
Manuel, Baby
Marciano, Rocky
19 Marin, Mauel
Marin, Manuel
Markson, Harry
Martin, Bob
Martin, Leotis
Martindale, Dwain C.
Martinez, James
Martinez, Rudy
Martinez, Sabino
Martinez, Vince
Mathis, Buster
Mattews, Harry
Maxim, Joey
McCoy, Al
McLarrin, Jimmy
McNeeley, Eddie
McTigue, Mike
Mead, Eddie
Meedks, Gene
Melendez, Pete
Melnick, Bob
Menchaca, Dick
Menchaca, Ruben
Mendoza, Mike
Mendoza, Ralph
Mildenberger, Karl
Miller, Ray
Mitchell, Pinkey
Miteff, Alex
Molina, Floyd
Monagham, Rinty
Montgomery, Larry
Monzon, Carlos
Morre, Pal
Morris, Wayne
Moyer, Denny
Murphy, Bob
Murphy, Don
Musser, Rusty
Musto, Tony
Nally, Duke
Nash, J.V.
Navarro, Manuel
Neace, Jimmy
Nelson, Battling
Nilon, Jack
Nilon, Robert
Norris, James D.
Norris, Wirt Jr.
Norton, Ken
Nova, Lou
O’Dowd, Mike
O’Glee, Johnny
O’Haire, Don
Oliveras, Ruben
Olson, Bobo
Orebaugh, Duane
Ortiz, Carlos
Ortiz, Rudy
Pacheco, David
Pacheco, Donald
Pacheco, Roy
Palermo, Frank (Blinky)
Palladin, Ralph
Panzera, Al
Pardi, Robert
Paret, Benny (Kid)
Park, Dalton
Park, Eddie
Parrish, Alex
Pastor, Bob
Pastiano, Willie
Patterson, Floyd
Pavilla, Francois
Pena, Roberto
Pender, Paul
Penigar, Larry
Perez, Lulu
Perkins, Eddie
Peterson, Big Boy
Phillips, Earl
Phillips, Ray
Phillips, Olcott
Pilkington, Burt Morgan
Piltz, Billy
Plotter, Jimmy
Polis, Carol
Pool, Weldon
Porter, Ernest
Pound, Ben
Quarry, Jerry
Rademacher, Pete
Raines, Doyle
Ramos, Mando
Renfro, Bill
Renfro, Gleysko
Retzlaff, Charley
Reyes, Paul
Richie, Willie
Rinaldi, Girlio
Riojas, Raymond
Risko, Babe
Risko, Johnny
Ritchie, Willie
Ritchmond, Gene
Rivera, Mauricio
Robinson, Dan
Rogers, Glynn (Bull)
Roper, Bob
Rosenbloom, Maxie
Rosensohn, Bill
Ross, Barney
Ross, Dick
Rushing, Jim
Ryff, Frankie
Saddler, Sandy
Sadler, Dick
Saenz, Jimmy
Salas, Lauro
Salazar, Rudy
Sanchez, Zeke
Sarron, Pete
Savold, Lee
Schebries, Jack
Schmeling, Max
Scott, Phil
Sekya, Joe
Selby, Norman
Servo, Marty
Sharke, Jack
Sharkey, Jack
Sharkey, Tom
Simon, Abe
Singer, Al
Smith, Fred
Smith, Glen
Smith, Mike
Snider, Ferral
Soose, Billy
Sorio, Baby Sal
Spencer, Thad
Stark, Daryl
Steele, Freddie
Stephens, Paul
Stewart, Armour
Stewart, Roy
Stribling, William L. (Young)
Stromquist, Gilbert
Stultz, Max
Summers, Harlan
Surkein, Bob
Tanner, Johnny
Tate, John
Taylor, Buddy
Tendler, Lew
Terk, Phil
Terrell, Ernie
Tessman, Mark
Thomas, Harry
Thomas, Waban (Tugboat)
Thomas, Wade
Thompson, Billy
Thompson, Don
Thompson, Jess E.
Thornton, Wayne
Tiger, Dick
Tijerina, Robert
Torres, Jose
Tramel, Dick
Tramel, Marvin (Duke)
Trice, Billy
Triner, Joe
Trujillo, Frank
Trujillo, Lorenzo
Tunney, Gene
Turpin, Randy
Uzcudun, Paolino
Valdez, Rodrigo
Van Hatton, Tommy
Von Porat, Otto
Walcott, Jerser Joe
Walker, Mickey
Wallace, Otto
Walters, Ronnie
Washington, Danny
Webb, Hamilton Murrell (Spike)
Weehunt, Jimmy
Weldon, Kenny
Wells, Nick
Wepner, Chuck
White, Tommy
Wisenhunt, Jerry
Willard, Jess
Williams, Cleveland (Big Cat)
Winchell, Charles
Wiggins, Chuck
Willard, Jess
Woods, Terry
Wright, Ronnie
Wyatt, Norman
Zale, Tony
Zivic, Fritzie
Zyglewicz, David






Horse Racing


Race Car Drivers






Miscellaneous, A-W

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