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Democratic Advisory Council Records:

A Guide

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Democratic Advisory Council.
Title: Democratic Advisory Council Records
Inclusive Dates: 1946-1957
Bulk Dates: 1952-1956
Abstract: Organized in 1953, the Democratic Advisory Council was appointed by the chairman of the National Democratic Party to sell the Democratic Digest, to raise funds, and to strengthen the Democratic Party. These records contain the working papers of the Council.
Identification: AR360
Extent: 7 boxes (3 linear ft.)
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library

Historical Note

Organized in 1953, the Democratic Advisory Council was appointed by the chairman of the National Democratic Party to sell the Democratic Digest, to raise funds, and to strengthen the Democratic Party. The DAC had seven officers who, together with ten regional chairmen, composed a Steering Committee; 62 executive committee members and 175 active democrats were also members of the organization. (For more information on the Council, see AR360-1-10: DAC Reports to You, vol. 1, no. 1.)

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, memoranda, telegrams, minutes, pamphlets, booklets, newspaper articles, county information, reports, agendas, convention materials, political advertisements, lists, speeches, phonograph records, and film. These records contain the working papers of the Council and provides a good view of the activities of the Steering Committee and of James Sewell, chairman, Bob Sawtel, organizational director, and Kathleen Voight, executive secretary, of the DAC.

The papers in Series B are particularly interesting because they chronicle the unusual presidential campaign between General Dwight Eisenhower and Illinois Governor Adlai Stevenson in 1952. During this campaign, Texas Governor Allan Shivers broke with his party and led a movement of dissident "Dixie Democrats" in support of General Eisenhower. The break signalled a further distancing of conservative democrats from the liberal wing of the party, which controlled the Democratic National Committee, headed by Paul Butler. In 1955, Butler stated that the conservative democrats would be recognized by the national party only if they pledged to support the 1956 nominee for President.



The records are organized in three series. Materials within each folder are arranged chronologically. Most of the material in Series B pertains to the Eisenhower/Stevenson Presidential Campaign of 1952.
Series A: Texas Records
Series B: National Records
Series C: Phonograph Records and Films



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Democratic Advisory Council--Archives.
Democratic Party (U.S.)--Archives.
Alternate Titles
Texas Political Collection

Administrative Information


Gift of Creekmore Fath, 1978.


Democratic Advisory Council Records, AR360, Box Number, Folder Number, Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library.

Processing Information

The records were almost totally unorganized when received. File folder headings had to be revised or created and the folders were then arranged in alphabetical order. Duplicates were discarded, and newspaper clippings as well as damaged memoranda and letters were photocopied. Deteriorated or unidentified films were discarded.

Accessioned as 78-5.

Container List


Series A. Texas Records

Box Folder
1 1 Contributors and Supporters, October-November, 1952
Lists by county of letters and contributions.
2 Conventions, June-August, 1954
Correspondence, memorandum, telegrams, list of delegates.
3 Correspondence, October, 1952-1955
4 Counties (Miscellaneous), May-October, 1955
County quota list, county information sheets, reports by county.
5 County Delegates, n. d.
List of counties with highest delegates, lists of delegates by county.
6 County Information Sheets n. d.,
7 County Information Sheets, n. d.
8 County Information Sheets, n. d.
9 County Quotas, 1955
10 DAC Reports to You, August-November, 1955
11 Democratic Advisory Council (DAC), Appointments, 1955
Lists, correspondence.
12 DAC, Executive Committee, April-May, 1954
Minutes, memorandum.
13 DAC, Executive Committee Meeting, Austin, Texas, April 23, 1955, March-April, 1955
Proxy assignment letters, correspondence, lists, telegrams.
14 DAC Headquarters Report, n. d.
15 DAC Leaders (Area), September, 1955-January, 1956
Weekly reports, maps, correspondence, photocopy of newspaper article, evaluations.
Box Folder
2 1 DAC Leaders (County), April, 1956
2 DAC Leaders (Sectional), October, 1955-January, 1956
Poll tax information, chairmen list.
3 DAC Meeting, Dallas, Texas, July 10, 1954, June-July, 1954
Letter, list.
4 DAC Meeting, Waco, Texas, March 27, 1955 (see also: Skelton, Byron), December, 1954- April, 1955
Lists correspondence, reminder, reports, minutes, proxy assignment letters, agenda, telegrams, resolutions, photocopy of newspaper article.
5 DAC Meeting, Waco, Texas, November 4, 1955, October-November, 1955
Reminder, correspondence, interview with Judge W. S. Picket, telegrams, proxy assignment letters, minutes, notices, photocopy of newspaper article.
6 DAC Meeting, Houston, Texas, February 18, 1956, February, 1956
Correspondence, minutes, proxy assignment letters, lists, notes.
7 DAC Organizing Committee, 1956
Notice, report, reminders, memorandum.
8 DAC, Regional Data, 1955
Correspondence, lists, chart.
9 DAC, Steering Committee, 1955-1956
Memoranda, agenda, reports, photocopies of newspaper articles, notices, reminders, lists.
10 DAC, Steering Committee, Correspondence, 1955
11 DAC, Steering Committee, Minutes, 1955
Address list, receipt and disbursement sheet, minutes.
12 Democratic Organizing Committee, July, 1954
Box Folder
1 13 Democratic Party Organization, 1956
Charts, instructions.
14 Democratic Precinct Convention, San Antonio, Texas, July 24, 1954, July, 1954
Letter, instructions, guidelines.
Box Folder
2 15 Democratic Precinct Convention, Amarillo, Texas, April 26, 1956, December, 1955-April, 1956
Charts, reminder, correspondence.
16 Democratic Women's Organization, 1955
Correspondence, tickets.
17 Democrats, South Texas (see also: Region 1), November, 1953-October, 1954
Correspondence, fund raising dinner tickets.
Box Folder
1 18 Dimmit County, Texas, 1955
Box Folder
2 19 Districts, 1955
20 Election Code Legislation, 1953
Correspondence, House Bill No. 50.
21 The Enemy, n. d.
Copy of publication.
22 Expenses, April-December, 1955
Correspondence, ticket, expense statements, receipt and disbursement sheet, estimated budget, attorney fee, bills, statements.
23 Financial Records, 1955
Receipt and disbursement sheets, estimated budget.
24 Forms, n. d.
Confirmation cards, pledge cards, application, weekly report sheets, memorandum sheet, county information sheets, delegate data sheet.
Box Folder
3 1 Gonzales County, Texas, 1954
County information, correspondence, report.
2 House Bill 45 (Cross Filing), 1955
Telegrams, correspondence.
3 House Bills (Voting Record), n. d.
4 Jones, T. tawrence (see also: Sawtelle, Bob), May, 1955
5 Leaders (Area), 1955
Evaluations, area leaders sheets, maps.
6 Legal Matters, 1954
Opinion, letter.
7 Legislative Report, 1953
Charts, map, Legislative Report,
8 Lists, 1952
Correspondence, lists.
9 Membership Lists, 1954-1955
10 Memoranda, Form Letters, 1954-1956
11 Miscellaneous, 1952-1955
Pamphlets, charts, lists, map, outlines.
12 Newspaper Articles (Photocopied), 1954-1955
13 Organizing Material, 1956
Pamphlets, charts, outlines.
14 Precinct Organization, 1954
Outlines, lists, song
15 Pre-State Democratic Convention, 1948, December, 1947-September, 1948
Correspondence, photocopies of newspaper articles, minutes, votes, telegrams.
16 Pre-State Democratic Convention, 1950, July-August, 1950
17 Questionnaires (County), 1956
18 Region 1, South Texas, 1955
Letter, map, quotas.
19 Region 2, Southwest Texas, 1955
Correspondence, reports, quotas, map, survey sheets.
20 Region 3, Gulf Coast, 1955
Correspondence, quotas, map.
21 Region 4, East Texas, 1955
Quotas, map.
Box Folder
4 1 Region 5, Central Texas, 1955
Correspondence, quotas, map.
2 Region 6, North Texas, 1955
Correspondence, quotas, map.
3 Region 7, Northeast Texas, 1955
Quotas, map.
4 Region 8, Midwest Texas, 1955
Letter, quotas, map.
5 Region 9, Panhandle Texas, 1955
Correspondence, quotas, map.
6 Region 10, West Texas, 1955
Correspondence, quotas, map.
7 Regions, 1955
Evaluation, list.
8 Reports, 1955
9 San Patricio County, Texas, 1955
List, information sheets.
10 Sawtelle, Bob, 1955
Memoranda, suggestions, telegrams, charts, DAC Reports to You.
11 Sawtelle, Bob, Correspondence, 1955
12 Sawtelle, Bob/Jones, T. Lawrence, 1954-1955
Photocopies of newspaper articles, correspondence.
13 Senate Committees, 1955
14 Senatorial Districts, 1954-1956
Lists, membership roster, maps.
15 Senatorial District No. 1, 1952, 1954
Correspondence, contribution and subscription lists, minutes, quotas, addresses.
16 Senatorial District No. 6, 1952, 1954
Contribution and subscription lists, addresses, correspondence, quotas.
17 Senatorial District No. 7, 1952, 1954
Letter, quotas, addresses, contribution and subscription lists.
18 Senatorial District No. 10, 1952, 1954
Contribution and subscription lists, telegram, correspondence, quotas.
19 Senatorial District No. 12, 1952, 1954
Contribution and subscription lists, quotas, correspondence, addresses.
20 Senatorial District No. 14, 1952, 1954
Contribution and subscription lists, quotas.
21 Senatorial District No. 15, 1952, 1954
Contribution and subscription lists, quotas.
22 Senatorial District No. 16, 1952, 1954
Contribution and subscription lists, quotas, addresses, correspondence, telegram.
23 Senatorial District No. 18, 1952, 1954
Contribution and subscription lists, quotas, correspondence, addresses.
24 Senatorial District No. 19, 1952, 1954
Contribution and subscription lists, quotas, addresses.
25 Senatorial District No. 20, 1952, 1954
Contribution and subscription lists, quotas, addresses, correspondence.
26 Senatorial District No. 21, 1952, 1954
Contribution and subscription lists, quotas, addresses, correspondence, telegram.
27 Senatorial District No. 22, 1952, 1954
Contribution and subscription lists, quotas, addresses, correspondence.
28 Senatorial District No. 23, 1952, 1954
Contribution and subscription lists, quotas, addresses.
29 Senatorial District No. 28, 1952, 1954
Contribution and subscription lists, quotas, addresses, letter.
30 Senatorial Districts Nos. 25, 28, 29, 30, 31, 1955
31 Sewell, James, 1954-1955, 1957
Box Folder
5 1 Shivers, Allen (Governor of Texas), 1954, April, 1956
Correspondence, photocopies of newspaper articles, telegram.
2 Skelton, Byron, 1954, November, 1955-May, 1956
Speech, correspondence, memorandum, news release.
3 Speakers, 1954
Correspondence, telegram.
4 State Democratic Convention, Advanced Summary, 1950
Lists, platform, district information.
5 State Democratic Convention, Steering Committee, Fort Worth, Texas, September 14, 1948, July-September, 1948
Reports, photocopies of newspaper articles, press releases, correspondence, opinion, pamphlet, minutes, resolution, map, apportionment of votes.
6 State Democratic Executive Committee Meeting, San Antonio, Texas, May 26, 1952, February- May, 1952
Apportionment of votes, reports, summaries, lists, addresses.
7 Texas Democratic Organizing Committee, May-July, 1953
Correspondence, lists.
8 Texas Democratic Women's State Committee, March-July, 1953
Correspondence, lists, reports, bulletins.
9 Voting Statistics, 1954
10 Wealthy Democrats, n. d.
11 Weinert, Hilda, February-June, 1955
Photocopies of newspaper articles, correspondence.
12 Workshops, San Antonio, 1956, January 1955 and 1956
Correspondence, reminder, programs, play.


Series B. National Records

Box Folder
5 13 Congress (Members of), August-October, 1952
Correspondence, telegrams, memoranda.
14 Congressional Districts, 1956
Map, delegate lists.
15 DAC Resolution, March, 1955
16 Democratic Committees (other states), n. d.
17 Democratic Digest Chairman's Kit, n. d.
18 Democratic Digest, Correspondence, March-November, 1954
Subscription order book, summary sheet, correspondence.
19 Democratic National Committee, April-December, 1954
Memoranda, correspondence, telegrams, photocopies of newspaper articles, booklet.
20 Democratic National Committee Meeting, New Orleans, December 3-4, 1954, November-December, 1954
Correspondence, telegram.
21 Democratic National Committee, Research Division, 1952
Lists, booklets.
22 Democratic National Convention, 1952, 1952
Delegate list, platform, roll book, correspondence, photocopies of newspaper articles, memorandum.
23 Eisenhower Campaign, 1952
Correspondence, photocopies of newspaper articles, Common Sense, political ads, pamphlets.
24 Ingraham, Joseph (Harris County Republican Headquarters), May-June, 1952
Photocopies of newspaper notices, correspondence.
Box Folder
6 1 Miscellaneous, n. d.
2 Mitchell, Stephen A., March-June, 1955
3 Notes, 1953
4 Patman, Wright, 1952
Photocopy of Daily News Digest, statistics.
5 Presidential Campaign (1952), County Managers, October, 1952
Memoranda, lists of county managers.
6 Rayburn, Sam, October, 1952, May, 1954-October, 1955
Telegrams, correspondence, photocopies of newspaper articles.
7 Rayburn, Sam (Stevenson/Sparkman Campaign), August-November, 1955, February-April, 1955
Memoranda, correspondence.
8 Rayburn, Sam (Stevenson/Sparkman Campaign), Telegrams, September-October, 1952
9 Stevenson, Adlai, April, 1946, 1952
Speeches, Congressional Record, photocopies of The Democrat, photocopy of Texas Agriculture, correspondence, photocopies of newspaper articles, Time, pamphlets.
10 Stevenson, Adlai, October, 1952
11 Stevenson/Sparkman Campaign, May-October, 1952
Correspondence, speeches, telegrams, memoranda, photocopies of newspaper articles, contributions list, bulletin, news releases, committee lists, quotes, map, notice.
12 Stevenson/Sparkman Campaign (Correspondence out of state), August-November, 1952
Correspondence, telegrams, photocopies of newspaper articles, memoranda.
13 Stevenson/Sparkman Campaign, County Managers, 1952
Changes and additions to county managers list, list of county managers.
14 Stevenson/Sparkman Campaign, Miscellaneous, 1952
Inventory lists, post card, memorandum, propaganda sheets.
15 Stevenson/Sparkman Campaign, Newspaper Articles, September-October, 1952, February, 1955
photocopy of Daily News-Digest, photocopies of newspaper articles.
16 Stevenson/Sparkman Campaign, Organization, July-September, 1952
Correspondence, memoranda, committee lists, agenda, organization plans, press release.
Box Folder
7 1 Stevenson/Sparkman Campaign, Press Releases and Editorials, August-October, 1952
2 Stevenson/Sparkman Campaign, Radio and Television Publicity and Speeches, May-November, 1952
3 Stevenson/Sparkman Campaign, Speakers, 1952
Correspondence, photocopies of newspaper articles, telegrams.
4 Stevenson/Sparkman Campaign, Speakers (miscellaneous), October, 1952
Correspondence, photocopy of The Democrat.
5 Stevenson/Sparkman County Campaign, Anderson County, October-November, 1952
6 Stevenson/Sparkman County Campaign, Angelina County, October, 1952
7 Stevenson/Sparkman County Campaign, Jefferson County, October-November, 1952
8 Stevenson/Sparkman County Campaign, Lubbock County, September-October, 1952
Correspondence, club list.
9 Stevenson/Sparkman County Campaign, Llano County, October, 1952
10 Stevenson/Sparkman Democratic Campaign Committee, October-November, 1952
Telegram, letter, contribution lists.
11 Stevenson/Sparkman vs. Ross et al, September, 1952
Letter transcript of the trial, copy of original petition.
12 Strategy, n. d.
Calendar of activity, strategy.
13 Tidelands, Analysis, February, 1951, October, 1952
Photocopy of an editorial, platform, correspondence.
14 Tidelands Issue, August-October, 1952, April, 1953
Correspondence, political ad.
15 Volunteers for Stevenson, October, 1952


Series C. Phonograph Records and Film

Box Folder
OS165 11 Paul Bolton interview with India Edwards
(Copy 1 & 2)
OS182 "Whose Task is This," Harris County Democrats
OS183 Kennedy-Johnson Campaign Film (30 min.)