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Betty Andujar Papers (1957-1982):

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Andujar, Betty, 1912-
Title: Betty Andujar Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1957-1982
Bulk Dates: 1973-1975
Abstract: Betty Andujar was the first woman and also the first Republican from Tarrant County to be elected to the Texas Senate. She served Senate District 12 from 1973-1982. The papers are the office files from Senator Andujar's Fort Worth and Austin offices and include correspondence, bills, clippings, photographs, and printed material.
Identification: AR 272
Extent: 61 boxes (25.83 linear ft.)
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library

Historical Note

Elizabeth Richards Andujar was the first woman and also the first Republican from Tarrant County to be elected to the Texas Senate. She served Senate District 12 from 1973-1982. Senator Andujar was elected President Pro Tempore of the Texas Senate for the 65th legislative session. Her committee service included state affairs, human resources, economic development, chairman for the subcommittee on public health, and vice chairman for the committee on nominations. She was listed in "Who's Who in American Politics" and shared the title of "Female Newsmaker of the Year" in 1972.

Scope and Contents

The papers are comprised of office files from Senator Andujar's Fort Worth and Austin offices and include correspondence, bills, clippings, photographs, and printed material.



The folders are arranged alphabetically by subject type. Material within the folders is arranged chronologically. Case files are located at the end of the collection.



Open for research. Restrictions applied to the papers expired in 1987.

Literary Rights Statement

Permission to publish, reproduce, distribute, or use by any and all other current or future developed methods or procedures must be obtained in writing from Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library. All rights are reserved and retained regardless of current or future development or laws that may apply to fair use standards.

Index Terms

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Andujar, Betty, 1912- --Archives.
Women in politics--Texas.
Women legislators--Texas.
Texas. Legislature. Senate--Officials and employees.
Texas--Politics and government--195- --Sources.
Alternate Titles
Texas Political History Collection

Separated Material

AR125: Betty Andujar Papers, 1960-1975

AR254: Betty Andujar Papers, 1969-1979

Administrative Information


Gift of Betty Andujar, 1981-1983.


Betty Andujar Papers, AR272, Box Number, Folder Number, Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library.

Processing Information

The papers were received in good order. Original folder titles were maintained.

Container List


Box Folder
1 1 Abortion, 1973-1978.
Correspondence, journal, photocopies of newspaper clippings, legal opinion, notes, bills, photocopies from House Journal, pamphlets, leaflets, flyers, memorandum, newsletters.
2 Abortion, 1979-1980.
Copies of newspaper clippings, correspondence, booklets, pamphlets, notes.
3 Abortion, 1981-1982.
Correspondence, notes, pamphlets, newsletter, photocopy of legal decision, card.
4 Accomplishments, 1973.
Senate Journal, news release, lists, notes, bills.
5 Accountants, 1979.
6 ACORN, 1976-1981.
Photocopies of newspaper clippings, photocopy of Congressional record, pamphlets, flyers, articles, newspaper, job description.
7 ACTION, 1980.
8 Administrative Procedures and Texas Register Act, 1978.
Newsletter, photocopied legal material.
9 Advertisements, 1978-1982.
10 Adoption, 1980.
Correspondence, copies of newspaper clippings, booklet, pamphlet.
11 AFDC Foster Care, 1977.
12 Agriculture, 1980-1981.
13 Aikin, Senator A. M., 1980.
Proceedings of the Second Annual Aikin Symposium.
14 Air Conditioning, 1981.
15 Air Traffic Controllers, 1981.
Copies of newspaper clippings.
Box Folder
2 1 Alcohol, 1981.
2 Alcoholic Beverage Commission, 1978.
Report, notes, copies of legal documents, postcard, correspondence, memorandum, bill.
3 Aliens (Illegal), 1976-1982.
Correspondence, copies of newspaper clippings, journal, newsletters, summary of reports, booklet.
4 Allergy Extract, 1981.
5 Altrusa Club, 1979-1981.
Nomination form, resumé.
6 Ambulance Service, 1976.
Bill, notes.
7 American Civil Liberties Union, 1980.
Correspondence, copy of newspaper clipping.
8 American Physical Therapy Association, 1976-1980.
Correspondence, bulletins, newsletters, pamphlet, announcement, copy of newspaper clipping.
9 AMVETS, 1977-1979.
Newspapers, correspondence, resolution.
10 Amusement Parks, 1981.
News release.
11 Andujar (character sketch, personal and political views), 1969-1983.
Statement, biographical sketch, correspondence.
12 Animal Control, 1981.
13 Animals, 1981.
14 Annexation, 1977-1982.
Correspondence, minutes, notes, copy of statutes, supplement, news releases, bulletin.
15 Apartments, 1981.
16 Appointments (Gubernatorial), 1979.
Correspondence, notes, newspaper clippings, list of appointments.
Box Folder
3 1 Appointments (Gubernatorial), 1980-1981.
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, notes, magazine article.
2 Appointments (Gubernatorial), 1981-1982.
Correspondence, memorandum, notes, newspaper clippings, news releases.
3 Appointments (In office), 1977-1982.
Correspondence, notes, memoranda, pamphlet
4 Appropriations Conference Committee, 1977-1981.
Newspaper articles, reports, changes in House Bill 510, bill analysis, data on Texas Health Facilities Commission, correspondence.
5 Architecture, 1981.
6 Arlington, 1977-1982.
Directories, correspondence, newspaper clippings, notes, invoice.
7 Arlington (Village Creek Treatment Plant), 1979-1980.
Newspaper clippings, correspondence, newsletter, conservation study.
8 Armadillo Coalition of Texas, 1978.
Memos, notes, pamphlets, petition, map, brochures.
9 Arson, 1979-1980.
Minutes, press release.
10 Arts, 1981-1982.
Newspaper clipping, applications (assistance review and performing arts) correspondence, newspaper article.
11 Association of Texas Education, 1978-1979.
Correspondence, legislative acts, newsletters, bulletin.
12 Austin Report, 1979, 1981.
13 Auto Registration, 1977-1978.
Correspondence, notes, newspaper articles.
14 Auto Safety, 1975, 1982.
Memos, correspondence, copies of articles, legislative regulations.
15 Autopsy, 1976.
Correspondence, copy of act.
Box Folder
4 1 Bakery Laws, 1979-1980.
Notes, rules, correspondence, Federal Labeling Requirements, registration application, copy of act.
2 Baez, Joan, 1979.
News article.
3 Bail Bonds, 1981.
4 Balanced Federal Budget, 1975-1979.
Correspondence, copy of newsletter with resolutions attached, newsletters, newspaper articles, form letter, resolutions.
5 Ballet Folklorico, 1980-1982.
Letter, newspaper articles, pamphlet, articles of incorporation, notes.
6 Banks, 1978-1981.
Correspondence, copy of law, notes, telegrams.
7 Barrientos Bill, May, 1979-June, 1979.
Copy of act, press release, newspaper articles, correspondence.
8 Berrientos Bill, June 7-June 25, 1979.
Newspaper articles, statement, correspondence, notes.
9 Barrientos Bill, June 25-June 29, 1979.
10 Barrientos Bill (Hispanic Medical Bill), July-October, 1979.
Correspondence, copies of newspaper articles, notes, mail receipt.
11 Barrientos Bill (Hispanic Medical Bill), October 26, 1979-October, 1980, 1982.
Correspondence, newspaper articles, report, copy of acts, notes, newsletter.
12 Battered Women, 1979-1981.
Correspondence, history of Women's Haven, Inc., invitations, newspaper articles, newsletter, reports, copies of acts.
13 Battleship Texas Commission, 1979.
Notes, letter.
14 Beer Sales, 1970, 1975, 1977.
Copy of act.
15 Benbrook, 1979.
List of city officials.
16 Big Bend Ranch, 1981.
Correspondence, notes, newspaper article.
17 Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Texas, 1977-1978, 1982.
Annual report, letter.
18 Bilingual Education, 1979, 1981.
Notes, correspondence, newspaper articles, newsletter.
Box Folder
5 1 Bills (Andujar) 63rd Legislature, 1973.
Copies of acts, resolutions.
2 Bills (Andujar) 64th Legislature, January-May, 1975.
Correspondence, copies of acts, notes.
3 Bills (Andujar) 64th Legislature, 1975.
Correspondence, copies of acts.
4 Bills (Andujar) 65th Legislature, 1977.
Copies of acts, correspondence.
5 Bills (Andujar) 65th Legislature, 1977.
Copies of acts, correspondence.
6 Bills (Andujar) 66th Legislature, January, 1979.
Copies of acts, correspondence.
7 Bills (Andujar) 66th Legislature, January-April, 1979.
Copies of acts, correspondence.
8 Bills (Andujar) 67th Legislature, 1980-1981.
Correspondence, copies of acts.
9 Bingo, 1977-1979, 1981-1982.
Copies of newspaper articles, correspondence, copy of act, pamphlet, roll call of Texas counties.
10 Blind (State Commission for the), June, 1977-September, 1980.
Correspondence, status report, newsletters, notes, copy of act, Merit Test Procedures Report with attachments, newspaper articles.
11 Blind (State Commission for the), September, 1981-July, 1982.
Newspaper article, memoranda, correspondence, notes.
Box Folder
6 1 Block Grants, 1981-1982.
Newsletters, lists of Public Health Service awards and grantees, newspaper articles, memoranda, journal article.
2 Blue Law, August, 1976-October, 1980.
Correspondence, newspaper articles, notes, greeting card, regulations.
3 Blue Law, February, 1981-May, 1982.
Correspondence, notes, newspaper article.
4 Boat People, 1979-1980.
Pamphlets, schedule of speakers, correspondence, copy of newspaper article, newsletters, conference transcript.
5 Bonds for Criminals, 1979-1980.
Newsletters, organization chart.
6 Bottle Bill, 1972-1976, 1980-1981.
Copies of newspaper articles, correspondence, notes, newsletters, memorandum, pamphlet, copy of journal, copy of act.
7 Briscoe, Governor Dolph, 1979.
8 "Brown Berets", 1980.
Note, copy of newspaper article.
9 Budget, 1975-1983.
Reports (Tax, Expenditures, and Appropriations) - Correspondence, speech (Governor Clements), notes, newsletter, analysis of resolution.
10 Budget (67th Legislature), 1980-1981.
Correspondence, questionnaire, newsletters, copies of newspaper articles, report, statement.
11 Budget Requests, 1981.
Correspondence, notes, list of staff members, newspaper articles, pamphlet.
12 Building Codes, 1981.
13 Burleson, 1978, 1980.
Newsletter, notes.
14 Bush, George, 1977-1981.
Correspondence, notes, commencement speech, newspaper articles.
15 Busing, 1973-1979.
Correspondence, newspaper articles, newsletter, resolution, press release, notes.
Box Folder
7 1 Cable Franchise, 1981.
2 Cambodia, 1979-1980.
Newspaepr articles.
3 Campaign (Andujar), 1973, 1977-1978.
Letter, newspaper articles, press release, copies of acts, nomination speech, list of candidates, attendance and voting records (Roy English), newsletter.
4 Campaign (Andujar), 1978.
Comments on voting record of Roy English, copies of acts, copies of newspaper articles and advertisements, letter, pamphlet.
5 Campaign (Annual Sessions), 1973-1975.
Newsletter, study of legislative appropriations process, note, budget, proposed constitutional amendments.
6 Campaign (Automobile Taxes), 1978.
Convention transcript.
7 Campaign (Bill Analysis), 1977-1978.
Copies of acts, copy of newspaper article.
8 Campaign Contributions, 1977-1981.
Correspondence, copy of election code, copy of act, copy of journal article, copies of newspaper articles.
9 Campaign Contributors, October, 1977-December, 1978, January, 1981.
Lists of contributors, expenditure statements, newspaper articles, letter, note.
10 Campaign Contributors (Roy English), 1976-1978.
Contribution and expenditure statements.
11 Campaign (Roy English, Campaign Violations), 1978, 1980-1981.
List of reporting dates for contributions and expenditures, notes, letter, complaints, newspaper articles.
12 Campaign (Directory Assistance Charges), 1978.
Copy of act, transcript, fact sheet.
13 Campaign (English), February, 1977-September, 1978.
Copies of acts, bill history report, journal articles, newspaper articles, transcripts of speech, voting and attendance record, copy of newsletter.
14 Campaign (English), September-December, 1978.
Budget, newspaper articles, advertisements, letter, notes, list of endorsements.
15 Campaign (English's Bills), 1976-1977.
Copies of acts.
16 Campaign (Expense Account), 1977-1978.
Letter, resolution, budget.
Box Folder
8 1 Campaign (Governor's Anti-Crime Package), 1977.
Copies of acts.
2 Campaign (Lobby Voting Analysis), 1977-1979.
Newspaper articles, copy of act, voting records (Senate), reports (65th Legislature), newsletters, legislative summary.
3 Campaign (Marijuana), 1973.
Documents, copies of acts.
4 Campaign (Rolly Millirons), 1978.
Newspaper articles, note.
5 Campaign (Republicans), 1978.
Report (covering issues such as crime, education and labor reform).
6 Campaign (Sales Tax), 1974-1978.
Newspaper articles, copy of roll and record vote (Ways and Means).
7 Campaign (Teachers), 1977-1979.
Copies of acts, copy of code, reports, newspaper articles, survey, minutes, notes, letter.
8 Campaign '80, 1980.
Memorandum, list of Senate races, filing schedule for primary and general elections, list of election results, list of candidates.
9 Campaign 1980 (Inheritance Tax), 1977.
Fiscal notes, copies of acts.
10 Campaign '82, 1981-1982.
Newspaper articles, lists of candidates, newsletter, filing schedule, Campaign Treasurer's Handbook.
11 Campaign (Contributors, Brender), 1982.
Statements of contributions and expenditures.
12 Campaign (Contributors, Finney), 1982.
Statements of contributions and expenditures.
13 Campaign, District 12 (Contributors, Lane), 1982.
Statement of contributions and expenditures.
14 Campaign, District 12, (Contributors, Parmer), 1982.
Statements of contributions and expenditures.
15 Campaign (Contributors, Sharp), 1982.
Statement of contributions and expenditures.
16 Campaign '82, District 12, 1981-1982.
Copy of act, lists of notes, newspaper articles, syllabus, statement of contributions and expenditures, letter, tables.
17 Campaign '82, District 47, 1981-1982.
Newspaper articles.
18 Campaign '82 (Last 30 Days), 1982.
Newspaper articles.
19 Campaign '82 (Parmer), 1963.
Lists of committee members, motions and resolutions, copies of acts, notes.
20 Cancer Center, 1977-1979.
Newspaper articles, resolution, note, press release, letter, journal article, copy of acts.
21 Capital Fund, 1980.
Notes (fiscal).
22 Capital (Information), 1979.
Guide, note, newspaper article.
Box Folder
9 1 Carryover Basis Simplification Act of 1979, 1979-1980.
Correspondence, pamphlet, newspaper article.
2 Carter, Jimmy, 1975-1981.
Pamphlets, newspaper articles, magazine articles, letter, notes.
3 CB Radio, 1976-1977.
Correspondence, newspaper articles, petition, proposal, report, copy of act, bulletin, by-laws, form letter, form.
4 Cedar Shingles, 1980.
5 Cemeteries, 1981-1982.
Correspondence, copies of acts.
6 Census, 1982.
7 Central Texas Health Systems Agency, Inc., 1982.
Letter, newsletter.
8 Chamber of Commerce (Mexican-American), 1982.
9 Child Abuse, 1975-1982.
Newspaper articles, correspondence, newsletters, notes, study, report, excerpts from penal code, pamphlets, journal article.
10 Child Care, 1977-1981.
Copies of acts, notes, list of standards, lists of objections, copy of document, newsletters, newspaper articles, correspondence, pamphlet.
11 Child Care (Church Schools), 1978.
Notes, letter, tabulation of child care centers.
12 Child Care (Day Care Association of Fort Worth and Tarrant County), 1978.
Letter with history of association and other data attached, statistics, financial report, budget, pamphlets, maps.
13 Child Care (Fort Worth Association for the Education of Young Children), 1978.
14 Child Care (Texas Child Care Reports), 1979.
15 Child Care (Texas Licensed Child Care Association of Greater Fort Worth), 1978.
Lists of officers, committee chairmen and roster.
16 Child Support, 1973-1981.
Correspondence, notes, copies of acts, journal article, newspaper articles, list of Texas cases.
17 Child Support, 1981-1982.
Correspondence, legal documents, chart, notes, newspaper articles, Guide to State Child Support and Paternity Laws.
18 Chiropractors, 1977, 1981.
Correspondence, testimony, notes, copy of act.
19 Chrysler Corporation, 1979.
20 Church Schools, 1980-1981.
Newspaper articles, journal article, correspondence.
21 Cigarette Taxes, 1977.
Note, newsletter.
22 Cities, 1981.
23 Civil Defense, 1978-1979.
Questionnaires, correspondence, newspaper article.
24 Clear Lake City, 1977-1981.
Copies of acts, minutes, report, amendments to Senate bills, correspondence, newspaper articles, notes.
Box Folder
10 1 Clements (Gov. William P.), 1979-1981.
Speeches, press release, newspaper articles, correspondence, list of staff members, list of emergency matters.
2 Clements Inaugural, 1978-1979.
Correspondence, notes, newspaper articles, guest list, invitation.
3 Clements (Personnel), 1978-1979.
Correspondence, resumés, references, list of staff members, newsletter, newspaper article.
4 Clippings (Andujar), 1980-1981.
Newspaper articles, evaluation, newsletter.
5 Coal Slurry Pipelines, 1975-1976.
Newspaper articles, journal articles, pamphlet, reports, handbook, rebuttal, newsletters.
6 Coal Tax, 1980.
Newspaper articles.
7 Coins and Metals, 1981.
Correspondence, copy of act.
8 College Scholarships, 1979.
9 Commission On The Status of Women (Mayor's Committee on), 1978-1979.
Notes, correspondence, schedule of events, list of appointments, newspaper articles.
10 Committe For The Survival of a Free Congress, 1979.
Pamphlets, correspondence, copy of voting record.
11 Communication, 1981.
12 Community Action Agencies, 1977-1979, 1981.
Correspondence, pamphlet, newsletters, memorandum, newspaper articles.
13 Comptroller, 1975-1981.
Press release, newsletters, memoranda, voucher (Judicial Apportionment), correspondence, statement, list of new programs, reports, newspaper articles, notes.
14 Condolences, 1979, 1981.
Correspondence, notes, newspaper articles.
15 Congratulations To Others, 1979.
Correspondence, notes, newspaper articles.
16 Congratulations To Others, 1980-1981.
Correspondence, program, notes, newspaper articles, invitation, resolution.
17 Congratulations To Senator, 1979.
18 Congress, 1977-1982.
List and map of Congressional District, journal article, directory, newspaper articles, list of congressional delegates, notes, correspondence, newsletter, budget highlights, budget analysis, analysis of legislation, memoranda.
Box Folder
11 1 Connally, John, 1979.
Correspondence, newspaper articles, text of speech, list of presidential nominees.
2 Constitution (State), 1974.
3 Constitution (U.S.)., 1974.
4 Constitutional Amendments, 1977-1980.
Newspaper articles, notes, amendments to Appellate Court, letter, reports, list and analyses of proposed amendments.
5 Constitutional Amendments, 1980-1982.
Newsletters, correspondence, newspaper articles, notes, analyses of constitutional amendments, voting record.
6 Consumer Affairs (PUC Hearing), 1980.
Newspaper articles, letter, organizational chart, reports, list of recommendations, testimony, list of key issues.
7 Consumer Affairs Subcommittee '79, 1979-1980.
Reports, minutes, roll call, correspondence, notes, proposal, transcripts of meetings.
8 Consumer Affairs Subcommittee '80, 1980.
Transcripts of meetings.
9 Consumer Affairs Subcommittee '80, 1980.
Transcripts of meetings.
10 Consumer Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA), 1973-1977.
Report including copy of act, legal documents, letter
11 Consumer Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA), 1977-1980.
Legal documents, notes, newspaper articles, copy of act, report.
12 Consumer Items (Debts and Debt Collectors), 1977, 1979.
Legal documents, newspaper article.
13 Consumer Protection, 1972-1974, 1976-1979, 1981.
Report, correspondence, newspaper articles, pamphlets, journal article, minutes, motion for hearing, notes, newsletter.
Box Folder
12 1 Coordinating Board, 1978-1980.
Report (Enrollment Forecasts), list of educational institutions, memorandum, list of board members, newsletter.
2 Corps of Engineers, 1979.
3 Correction Systems, 1979, 1982.
Correspondence, reports, newspaper articles, newsmagazine.
4 Correspondence, August, 1981-February, 1982.
Memoranda, list of revised Texas laws, newspaper articles, card, notes, summary of testimony, report, copies of oath, warranty deed, vouchers.
5 Correspondence, March-December, 1982.
Notes, job application, resolution, invitation, newspaper articles, press release, testimony.
6 Cosmetology, 1981.
7 Council of Governments, 1979-1982.
Notes, pamphlets, newspaper articles, newsletters, memorandum.
8 Council of State Governments, 1981.
Newspaper article.
9 Counselor Licensure Law, 1981.
10 Counselors, 1981.
Correspondence, notes.
11 Counties, 1981.
Correspondence, notes, copy of act, newspaper articles.
12 County Ordinance Power, 1978-1979.
Letter, bulletin, questionnaire, memorandum, journal article.
13 Court of Criminal Appeals, 1977.
Memorandum, newspaper article.
14 Court Reporters, 1977, 1979.
Notes, laws governing regulation and certification of court reporters, rules for certification, correspondence, committee report.
15 Courts, 1971-1981.
Report, newspaper articles, statement, correspondence, pamphlet.
16 Credit, 1977.
Newspaper articles, flier, letter, newsletter.
17 Cremation, 1979.
Letter, note.
18 Crime, July, 1976-October, 1980.
Notes, speech, newspaper articles, copy of act, surveys, magazine article, copies of transcripts.
19 Crime, January-October, 1981.
Newspaper articles, correspondence, notes, copy of act, resolution, data on Houston Crime Stoppers, surveys.
Box Folder
13 1 Crime (Dallas/Fort Worth Airport), 1981.
2 Crime (Governor's Anti-Crime Package), 1981-1982.
Correspondence, newspaper, newsletter.
3 Crime (Juvenile), 1980.
Letter, notes, newspaper articles, invitation.
4 Crime Victims Compensation Act, 1977-1980.
Newspaper articles, correspondence, journal article.
5 Criminal History Record Information, 1972, 1975-1977.
Journal articles, correspondence, newspaper articles, rules and regulations, book, copies of acts, notes.
6 Criminal History Record Information, 1977.
Copies of acts, notes, correspondence, newspaper articles, bill analysis, distribution list, journal articles, press release, list of task force participants.
7 Criminal Justice, 1980-1982.
Correspondence, grant applications, surveys, lists of grant applications, matrix.
8 Criminal Justice (Juveniles), 1978-1979.
Newspaper articles, correspondence, notes, report.
9 Criminal Procedure, 1977-1978, 1980-1981.
Newspaper articles, legal opinions, letter, copy of appeal for commutation of sentence.
10 Crowley, 1979.
List of city officials, notes.
11 Cults, 1979-1981.
Correspondence, notes, newspaper articles, newsletters, Congressional report, application, telegrams, news release.
12 Cure, 1978.
Newsletter, correspondence, press release.
13 Dallas, 1981.
14 Dalworthington Gardens, 1979-1980.
List of elected officials, notes.
15 De Novo (Trial), 1981.
Legal document.
16 Deaf, 1975-1981.
Notes, correspondence, newspaper articles, press releases, yearbook, newsletters, schedule for budget hearing, schedule of board meeting, memorandum.
17 Deaf, 1981.
Correspondence, list of staff members, notes, proposed initiative, copies of acts, newsletter, directory (state services), newspaper articles, speech.
Box Folder
14 18 Drugs, 1973-1979.
Correspondence, newspaper articles, newsletters, summation, book, copy of bill analysis, notes, agenda, journal article.
19 Drugs, 1980-1981.
Newspaper articles, journal articles, correspondence, newsletter, cards, notes.
20 Drugs, 1981-1982.
Letter with advertisement, newspaper article, journal article, correspondence, list of staff members, notes, journal article, newspaper articles, booklet.
21 Drug Abuse, 1979.
Note, newspaper article, journal.
22 Due On Sale Clauses, 1981.
Box Folder
15 1 Economic Development Committee, 1981.
2 Economics, 1981.
Newspaper article.
3 Edgecliff Village, 1978-1980.
List of city officials, notes, letter.
4 Education, 1976-1977.
Reports, newsletters, analyses, journal, newspaper articles, note.
5 Education, 1978-1979.
Newspaper articles, copies of resolutions, newsletters, notes, book review, surveys, statistical material, correspondence, reports, journal, speech.
6 Education, 1980.
Correspondence, notes, report, newspaper articles, press release, addenda, journal articles, copy of codes, curriculum study.
7 Education, 1981-1982.
List of legislative recommendations, newspaper articles, correspondence, journal articles, resource guide, notes, analysis, testimony, interview, press release, list of issues, questionnaire.
8 Education (Adult), 1979-1980.
Reports, schedules of classes, correspondence, newsletter, program, map, list of rules, list of instructors, summary of enrollment and allocations, catalog, note.
9 Education (age when entering elementary), 1978, 1981.
Notes, excerpts from Texas Register.
10 Education (Aliens), 1976-1978, 1980-1981.
Correspondence, survey, copy of bill, journal article, legal documents, newsletters, newspaper articles, excerpts of statutes.
11 Education, Basics, 1978-1979.
Newspaper articles, letter, speech, copy of act, analysis.
12 Education, Bilingual, 1977-1982.
Journal articles, newspaper articles, correspondence, press release, newsletters, report and recommendations, note.
13 Education, Busing and Buses, 1979.
Box Folder
16 1 Education (Career Opportunities Programs for Status Offenders, Truants and Drop-outs), 1977-1978.
Memorandum, newspaper article, report.
2 Education (Career Opportunities Programs for Status Offenders, Truants and Drop-outs), 1978.
Handbooks, proposal, notes, correspondence, forms.
3 Education, Collective Bargaining, 1980.
4 Education, College Construction, 1980-1981.
Budget, memorandum, list of proposals, newspaper articles, notes, newsletter, resolutions.
5 Education (Commission on Standards for the Teaching Profession), 1979.
6 Education, Commissioner, 1977-1978, 1980.
Testimony, correspondence, letter including list of complaints and petitions, journal article.
7 Education, Curriculum, 1976, 1980-1981.
Dictionary, comments on report, copies of acts, notes, list of revisions, petition, resolutions, newspaper articles, lists of courses, correspondence, chart, lists of recommendations, proclamation.
8 Education (Department of), 1982.
Newspaper article.
9 Education (Discipline), 1978-1979.
Journal article, journal, newsletter.
Box Folder
17 10 Education (Drug and Crime Prevention), 1972, 1976-1977, 1979.
Booklets, correspondence, newspaper articles, summary, excerpts from brochure, notes, fact sheet, certificate, schedule of classes.
Box Folder
16 11 Education (Finance), 1977-1979.
Excerpts from statutes, booklet, newspaper articles, letter, report, budget, roll call, bill analysis, copy of act.
12 Education (Finance), 1979-1982.
Proposal, description of local fund assignment, letter, journals, reports, newsletter, newspaper articles, financial data.
13 Education (Financial Aid), 1978-1981.
Correspondence, notes, newspaper articles, newsletter, journal articles, pamphlet.
14 Education (Fort Worth Class Room Teachers Association), 1978-1980.
Summary, newspaper articles, list of priorities, program, note, correspondence, list of school districts, directory.
15 Education (Fort Worth Schools), 1977, 1979.
Newspaper articles, resolution.
16 Education (Free Enterprise System), 1975, 1977.
Course guide, bulletin, list of directors and service centers, memorandum, correspondence, newsletter, notes, newspaper articles.
17 Education (Free Enterprise System), 1977-1980.
Correspondence, newspaper articles, copy of act, status report, booklets, newsletters, pamphlet, notes.
Box Folder
17 1 Education (Higher), 1978-1980.
Correspondence, newspaper articles, table, notes, information on tuition charges, policy memorandum.
2 Education (Higher), 1980-1982.
Newspaper articles, notes, summary, correspondence, resolution, list of assumptions, lists of institutions, copies of amendments, lists of recommendations, copy of act, memorandum, newsletter, excerpts from statutes.
3 Education (Higher-Permanent University Fund), 1982.
Newspaper articles, report.
4 Education (Higher-Regents, University of Texas Systems), 1978-1980.
Newspaper articles, memoranda, newsletter, list of upper-level institutions.
5 Education (Higher-Salaries), 1981.
List of recommendations, letter, list of provisions.
6 Education (Higher-Tuition), 1977-1979.
Excerpt from report of fee schedule, reports, regulations governing rates, data on tuition, correspondence, notes (fiscal), newspaper articles, resolutions, agenda, presentation.
7 Education (Higher-Tuition), 1979.
Presentations, resolution, newspaper article.
8 Education (Higher-Tuition), 1979.
List of appropriations, reports.
9 Education (Higher-Tuition), 1979-1980.
Schedule of expenditures, report.
10 Education (Higher-Tuition), 1980.
Newspaper articles, reports, notes, correspondence, pamphlet.
11 Education (Higher-Tuition), 1981.
12 Education (Higher-Tuition), 1981.
Correspondence, newspaper article, journal article, copy of act, proposal, legislative list by author, reports, list of Senate and House bills, schedule, newsletters.
13 Education (Higher-Tuition), 1982.
Summary of enactments, fee schedule, price list, excerpt from statute, correspondence.
14 Education (Higher-Tuition, Price Comparisons), 1979.
Notes, newspaper advertisements, newspaper, appropriations.
15 Education (Law School), 1981.
Box Folder
18 1 Education (Parents' Rights), 1976.
2 Education (Parent's Rights), 1977-1978.
Correspondence, newsletters, handbook, copy of debate, note.
3 Education (Parents' Rights-Development of Senate Bill 749, 65th Legislature), 1973, 1977.
Copies of acts, report, newspaper articles, correspondence, notes, excerpt from statutes, memorandum.
4 Education (Parents' Rights-National Committee for Citizens in Education--NCCE-), 1978.
Correspondence, copy of act, journal article, handbook, note.
5 Education (Parents' Rights-Questionnaires Used in Public Schools), 1975-1977.
Memorandum, journal article, permission forms, questionnaires, newspaper articles, rating guide, opinion, class room inventories.
6 Education (Parents' Rights-Transcript of Subcommittee Hearing, 9 May, 1977), 1977.
Press release, copies of testimony, newspaper article.
7 Education (Parents, Teachers Association-(PTA)), 1978-1981.
Bulletins, newsletter, memorandum, list of board managers, resolutions.
8 Education (Prayer), 1980.
Copy of resolution.
9 Education (Privacy, Planning, Programming and Budgeting System), 1977.
Articles, correspondence, reports, note.
10 Education (Private), 1977.
Letter, copy of act.
11 Education (Public), 1981.
Correspondence, note, copy of act.
12 Education (Regional Service Centers), 1976-1977.
Report, list of directors, correspondence, note, calendar, program descriptors, copies of acts, mandates, guide to media selection, excerpts from statutes.
13 Education (Scholarships), 1979.
Correspondence, copy of statute.
14 Education Service Centers, 1979-1980.
Newsletters, pamphlets.
15 Education (Sex and Moral Education), 1975, 1977.
Memoranda, journal article, comic book, program, press release, correspondence, list of books, report, guide.
16 Education, Special, 1978.
Letter, hearing, newspaper articles.
17 Education, Special Session, 1975, 1977.
Copies of acts, testimony, reports, memoranda, newsletter, copies of journal articles, financial data.
Box Folder
19 1 Education, State Board, 1979.
Correspondence, notes, newspaper article, data form, excerpts from statutes.
2 Education, Students' Rights, 1978, 1980.
Copies of newspaper articles.
3 Education, Teacher Insurance, 1981.
4 Education, Teacher Retirement, 1978-1981.
Notes, correspondence, newsletter, statistics, copy of act.
5 Education, Teachers, 1978-1979, 1982.
Letter, minutes, newsletter, journal, newspaper articles.
6 Education, Teachers' Salaries, 1979-1982.
Report, newsletter, newspaper article, notes, correspondence, memorandum with information attached, proposal, compensation plan.
7 Education, Teachers' Union, 1978-1979.
Journal article, budget, copy of act.
8 Education, Texas State Teachers' Association, 1975-1977, 1979.
Reports, comparison of proposals, handbooks, newspaper articles, estimates, journal articles, recommendations, list of legislative bills.
9 Education, Textbooks, 1981.
Correspondence, fact sheet, newspaper article.
10 Education, Transportation, 1978-1980.
Notes, excerpts from statutes, letter.
11 Education, Vocational, 1977-1979, 1981.
Study, newsletters, correspondence, notes, chart, list of programs, newspaper articles.
12 Education, Voucher System, 1973, 1975-1976, 1979-1980.
Journal articles, correspondence, note, newspaper article, transcript of seminar, memorandum, pamphlet, newsletter.
13 Educators, Association of Texas Professionals, 1981.
Letter, note, brochure.
14 Elderly, 1980, 1982.
Journal article, report, letter, newspaper article.
15 Election, 1976-1977, 1979, 1981.
Order, journal articles, correspondence, excerpts from statutes, notes, copy of act.
16 Election Code, 1977-1979.
Journal article, correspondence, newspaper article, Texas Election Law Summary, notes.
17 Election Law (Federal), 1976, 1978-1979.
Provisions, correspondence.
18 Elections, Primary, 1975-1976, 1979-1980.
Excerpts from statutes, letter with information attached, roll call, correspondence, legal opinion, revision, notes, copies of acts, analysis.
19 Electoral College, 1977, 1979, 1981.
Newspaper articles, note, copies of resolutions.
20 Electrical Safety Inspection Act, 1981.
21 Electricians Act (S.B. 596), 1973, 1976-1979.
Handbook, correspondence, proposal, notes, resolution, copies of acts, roll calls, summary, excerpt from statute.
Box Folder
20 1 Electronics Funds Transfer Systems, 1978.
2 El Paso Medical School, 1979.
Correspondence, notes.
3 Eminent Domain, 1980.
History, excerpts from statutes.
4 Employees Retirement System of Texas, 1976-1977, 1979, 1981-1982.
Correspondence, resolutions, newspaper article, notes, newsletter.
5 Employment (Capitol), 1979-1980, 1982.
Notes, correspondence, resumes, transcript.
6 Employment (Other), 1979-1982.
Notes, correspondence, resumes, "Thank you" card, personnel form, professional summary.
7 Energy, 1977-1978.
Reports, transcript, newsletters, correspondence, newspaper articles, press release, journal article, memorandum, schedules, notes, pamphlet.
8 Energy, 1979.
Correspondence, transcript, resolution, newspaper articles, memorandum, notes, journal articles, newsletters, charts, annual report.
9 Energy, 1980-1982.
Newspaper articles, memorandum, copy of act, correspondence, reports, pamphlets.
10 Energy (Nuclear), 1980-1981.
Report, newspaper articles.
11 Engineers, 1976, 1981.
12 Environment, 1977, 1981.
Newspaper article, memorandum, correspondence, notes.
13 Epilepsy, 1976, 1977-1979.
Correspondence, newspaper articles.
14 Equal Rights Amendment, 1973-1976.
Newsletters, notes, newspaper articles, correspondence, discussion and fact sheet, pamphlets, summary.
15 Equal Rights Amendment, 1977.
Correspondence, newspaper articles, notes, journal article, pamphlet, excerpts from Senate journal, leaflet, newsletter, survey, excerpts from statutes.
Box Folder
21 1 Equal Rights Amendment, 1978.
Correspondence, journal articles, newspaper articles, rules, newsletters, notes, resolution, pamphlet.
2 Equal Rights Amendment, 1979-1982.
Newspaper and journal articles, newsletters, correspondence, pamphlets, notes, analysis, list of staff members.
3 Equal Rights Amendment (The Committee to Restore Women's Rights), 1973-1975.
Correspondence, reports, journal articles, position paper, list of opponents, speech, statement, list of legal discussions, excerpts from Congressional Record, summaries.
4 Evans, M. Stanton, 1979.
5 Everman, 1979-1980.
Correspondence, list of city officials, map, note.
6 F.I.R.S.T. (Faculty Information and Research Service for Texas), 1981.
Memorandum, brochure, subject index list.
7 Family, 1981.
8 Family Code, 1976-1979, 1981.
Legal documents, annual report, correspondence, copies of acts, notes, newspaper articles, proposal, report, newsletter analysis.
9 Family Farm and Ranch Security Program, 1979.
10 Family Planning, 1979.
Assessment, report.
11 Favors, 1979, 1981.
Notes, correspondence, report.
12 Federal Aid, 1977-1978, 1982.
Report, newspaper and journal article.
13 Federal Bills Forwarded, 1982.
14 Federal Communications Commission, 1978-1979.
Correspondence, newspaper articles, copy of rules and regulations.
15 Federal Correctional Institution, 1978.
16 Federal Judges, 1977, 1981.
Resolution, report, newspaper article.
17 Federalism, 1980.
Journal article.
18 Fifty-Five Mile Per Hour Speed Limit, 1981.
19 Files and Filing, undated
20 Finance (State and Local), 1979.
Journal article.
21 Fire (Protection and Prevention), 1979.
Note, letter.
22 Fire Ants, 1980-1982.
Guidelines, pamphlet, note, press release, reports, leaflet, newspaper and journal articles, resolution, correspondence.
23 Fire Marshal Hearings, 1976-1978.
Memoranda, reports, summary, copies of orders, correspondence, notes, organizational chart, minutes, report, copy of appeals, newspaper articles, rules, guide.
24 Fireworks, 1979-1980.
Correspondence, card.
Box Folder
22 1 Flags (United States and Texas), 1970, 1973-1981.
Correspondence, notes, code, brochures, guidelines, catalog, speech, excerpt from statutes.
2 Foods, 1981.
Correspondence, copies of acts.
3 Foreign Policy, 1980.
newspaper articles.
4 Foreign Students, 1982.
Letter, notes.
5 Forest Hill, 1979.
List of city officials, note.
6 Fort Worth, 1978-1982.
Lists of Board of Education members, county commissioners and chamber of commerce; correspondence, notes, newspaper articles.
7 Fort Worth Independent School District, 1980-1982.
Statistics, list of instructions.
8 Fort Worth Independent School District (Milsap Bills), 1977.
Correspondence, copies of acts.
9 Fort Worth Independent School District Single Members Districts, 1977.
Notes, copies of acts, correspondence, petition, newspaper articles, newsletter, excerpts from statutes.
10 Fort Worth School Board, 1979.
List of board members.
11 Fort Worth Policy Papers (66th Legislature), 1979.
12 Fort Worth Policy Papers (67th Legislature), 1980-1981.
Proposals, statements, list of courts and judges, resolutions.
13 Fort Worth Rehabilitation Farm, 1981.
14 Fort Worth Star-Telegram Owner, 1981.
Newspaper article.
15 Fort Worth State School, 1973-1977, 1979-1982.
Report, statement, newspaper articles, newsletter, correspondence, journal article.
16 Fort Worth Work, 1977-1979.
Proposals, notes, correspondence, newspaper articles, program.
17 Free Enterprise, 1979.
Invoice, notes, newsletter, correspondence, questionnaire, pamphlet, excerpts from statutes.
18 Funeral Homes, 1981.
Copies of acts, correspondence, journal article.
19 Gasohol, 1980-1981.
Newspaper articles, journal articles, notes, correspondence, report, newsletter, excerpts from statutes, fact sheet.
20 Gas Rationing, 1978-1979.
Newspaper articles, legal documents, correspondence, forms, notes.
21 Gateway Park (House Bill 1070), undated
Copy of act.
22 General Information, 1977.
Newspaper articles.
23 Generic Drugs, 1972-1978.
Journal articles, reports, copies of acts, notes, correspondence, memoranda, pamphlet, study.
24 Generic Drugs, 1979-1980.
Correspondence, journal and newspaper articles, press release, note, invitation, reports, questionnaire.
Box Folder
23 1 Generic Drugs, 1981.
Reports, newspaper articles, notes, statement, correspondence, journal articles, copies of acts, excerpts from statutes, newsletter, excerpts from Texas Register.
2 Gibson, Bob, 1978-1979.
Biographical data, correspondence, notes.
3 Gifted Children, 1981.
4 Good Neighbor Commission of Texas, 1976, 1978-1979, 1981.
Correspondence, newspaper article, agenda, announcement.
5 Governor-For-A-Day Congratulations, 1977.
Correspondence, notes, newspaper article, cards.
6 Governor-For-A-Day Newspaper clippings, 1977.
7 Governor-For-A-Day Proclamations, 1977.
Memorandum, correspondence, proclamations.
8 Governor-For-A-Day Samples, 1977.
9 Governor-For-A-Day Speech, 1977.
Note, correspondence, speech.
10 Governor's Office (Disasters), 1981.
Newspaper articles, correspondence, note.
11 Governor's Office (Invitations to), 1979-1982.
Correspondence, notes, fact sheet, profile.
12 Governor's Office (Miscellaneous), 1981-1982.
Correspondence, notes, annual report.
13 Governor's Office (Proclamations, Birthday Greetings), 1979-1980, 1982.
Correspondence, notes, journal article.
14 Governor's Task Force on State Personnel Management, 1981.
Press release.
15 Grocers (Retail), 1978.
16 Gun Control, 1974-1978, 1981-1982.
Copies of acts, newspaper articles, report, correspondence, notes, excerpts from statutes, journal article, speech.
17 Halfway Houses, 1981.
Letter, newspaper article, fact sheet.
18 Handbook of Governments in Texas, 1977-1981.
Memoranda, lists of changes.
19 Handicapped, 1977-1979, 1981-1982.
Newsletter, magazine, bill analyses, list of bills, resolution, copies of acts, correspondence, pamphlets, certificate, newspaper articles, dicussion paper, excerpts from statutes.
20 Health, 1981.
Notes, correspondence.
21 Health And Human Services Department, 1981-1982.
Correspondence, handbook.
22 Health Care, 1975, 1977-1978, 1980, 1982.
Copy of act, report, newspaper articles.
23 Health Department (Texas), 1978-1979.
Letter, permit, newspaper article.
24 Health, Education, And Welfare Department (H.E.W.), 1977-1980.
Correspondence, newspaper articles, notes.
Box Folder
24 1 Health Maintenance Organizations (H.M.O.), 1977.
Magazine, note, copy of act.
2 Health (Public), 1978, 1980.
Correspondence, newspaper article, minutes, memorandum.
3 Health (Rural), 1981.
4 Health Service Agency, 1980.
5 Hemophilia, 1978.
Letter, list of committee members.
6 Highways, 1979-1982.
Correspondence, study, notes, list of district engineers, newspaper and journal article.
7 Hijacking, 1977.
8 Hinson Hazelwood Loan Program, 1974, 1977, 1979.
Memorandum, notes, letter, application with instructions, newsletters, excerpts from statutes.
9 Hobby, William P., 1974, 1978, 1980.
Note, correspondence.
10 Hobby, William P. (Lieutenant Governor), 1980.
Note, excerpt from statutes.
11 Holidays (State), [1980]
Excerpt from statutes.
12 Home Health, 1981.
Correspondence, notes.
13 Homemakers (Legal Status of in Texas), 1976-1980.
Pamphlets, reports, newspaper articles, excerpts from Texas Register, journal.
14 Homestead, 1982.
Newspaper articles.
15 Homestead Exemption, 1981.
Correspondence, charts, copies of acts, note.
16 Homosexuals, 1977-1978, 1981.
Report, newspaper articles, notes, pamphlet.
17 Honorariums, 1975.
Note, journal article.
18 Honorary Certificates (Citizenship, Admiral, Proclamations), 1975, 1978, 1980-1981.
Correspondence, notes.
19 Hopkins, Chief Herbert F., 1979.
Newspaper, letter.
20 Hospitals, 1977-1979.
Reports, newspaper articles, memoranda, copies of guidelines, correspondence, journal article.
21 Hospitals, 1981-1982.
Correspondence, notes, newspaper articles, journals, memoranda, information on funding of residency programs, budget, brochure, newsletter, certificate, copy of act.
22 Hotels, 1981.
23 Housing, 1981.
24 House Study Group, 1980-1981.
Correspondence, reports, list of reports.
25 Housing And Urban Development Department, 1979.
Newspaper articles, letter.
Box Folder
25 19 Initiative and Referendum, February-October, 1979.
Reports, memoranda, correspondence, notes, copies of reports, newspaper articles, summary, newsletter, press release.
20 Initiative and Referendum, October-December, 1979.
Report, correspondence, newspaper articles, journal article, proposal.
21 Initiative and Referendum, 1980-1981.
Correspondence, notes, journal articles, newspaper article, resolutions, memoranda, questionnaire.
Box Folder
26 1 Incest, 1976-1977, 1979.
Notes, correspondence, press release, newspaper and journal articles.
2 Insurance, 1976-1980.
Correspondence, notes, list of regulations, newspaper articles, list of House and Senate bills, insurance plan, excerpts from Texas Register.
3 Insurance, 1981.
Correspondence, notes, copy of act, newspaper articles, certificates.
4 Insurance (Mandatory Auto), 1971, 1974-1976.
Statistical material, memorandum, reports, correspondence, data on rate changes, copies of acts, notes, newspaper and journal articles.
5 Insurance (Mandatory Auto), 1977.
Newspaper articles, press release, copies of acts, correspondence, statement, reports, list of House and Senate bills.
6 Insurance (Mandatory Auto), 1978-1982.
Newspaper articles, memorandum, agenda, bibliography, correspondence, notes, journal articles, reports, copies of acts, excerpt from House Journal.
7 Insurance (No Fault), 1974-1979.
Newspaper articles, correspondence, speech, notes, memoranda, journal article.
8 Insurance (TCJC Course), 1979.
Note, bibliography, excerpts from statute.
9 Interest Rate Ceiling, 1979, 1981.
Correspondence, notes, newspaper articles, report, summary, excerpt from Texas Register.
10 Intergovernmental Affairs Committee, 1980.
Memorandum with agenda.
11 Interim Correspondence, 1979.
Newspaper articles, cards, notes, memorandum, proposal, photographs, invoice.
12 Interim Correspondence, 1980.
Lists, memorandum, notes, press releases, requisition, photographs, advertisements, schedule of holiday activities, brochure, invitation, announcement.
13 Interim Studies, 1977, 1982.
Lists of appointments.
14 International Good Neighbor Council (IGNC), 1980.
Notes, correspondence.
15 International Year of the Child, 1978-1979.
Correspondence, leaflet, illustrations, booklet, newspaper articles, copy of act, correspondence, notes, leaflet, roll call, journal.
16 International Year of the Child, 1979-1980.
Report, journal article, newspaper articles, note.
17 Iran, 1979.
Newspaper article, correspondence.
18 Issues (National), 1978.
Note, journal articles, press release.
Box Folder
27 1 Interstate-Thirty Expansion, 1980-1981.
Correspondence, report, notes, newspaper articles, newsletter.
2 Invitations Accepted, 1980-1981.
Notes, correspondence, list of invitees.
3 Jails, 1978.
Copy of newspaper article.
4 Jessie Johnson, 1981.
Notes, correspondence, newspaper articles.
5 Jones, Peggy, 1977-1978.
Notes, letter, summary, newspaper.
6 Judges, 1981.
Correspondence, reports, newspaper article, note.
7 Judiciary (Tarrant County), 1978-1980.
Directory, correspondence, notes, budget, excerpts from election code.
8 Jury Duty, 1980.
Letter, excerpts from statute, note.
9 Justice, Judge William Wayne, 1978.
Excerpt from The Courts, journal article.
10 Juvenile Delinquency, 1978.
11 Juveniles, 1978-1980.
Memorandum, copy of newspaper article, newspaper, newsletter, note.
12 Keg Beer, 1979.
Copy of newspaper article, note.
13 Keller, 1976.
14 Kemp-Roth Bill, 1979.
15 Kennedale, 1979-1980.
List of city officials, notes, correspondence.
16 Kennedy, Edward, 1979.
Newspaper articles.
17 Kidney Health Care, 1978-1980.
Newspaper articles, periodical, pamphlet, correspondence, notes, bill analysis. excerpts from statute.
18 Killer Bees, 1979-1980.
Advertisement, newspaper article, newspaper, correspondence, notes.
19 Ku Klux Klan, 1979.
20 Labor, 1973-1979.
Journal articles, newspaper articles, notes, correspondence, newsletter, bill analysis, pamphlets, report.
21 Labor (Worker's Compensation), 1978.
22 Laetrile, 1977.
Newspaper articles.
23 Land, Foreign Ownership of, 1980.
24 La Raza Unida, 1975-1976.
Newspaper articles, letter.
25 Law Enforcement, 1981.
Correspondence, fact sheet, copies of acts.
26 Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA), 1980.
Correspondence, note.
27 Law Examiners, State Board of, 1979.
Note, letter, list of board members.
28 Lawyers, 1977-1980.
Newspapers, journal articles, copies of newspaper articles, correspondence, manual, form.
29 Lawyers (In Legislature), 1977, 1979.
Notes, rosters, copies of newspaper articles.
30 League of Women Voters, 1973-1977.
Pamphlets, notes, correspondence, copies of newspaper articles, report.
31 Legislation (Absent Mineral Owners), 1979.
Copies of acts, report, bill analyses, excerpt from statute.
32 Legislation 1981, Absentee Ballot, 1981.
Correspondence, copies of acts.
33 Legislation (Advalorem Tax Repeal), 1978-1979.
Copies of resolutions, explanation of resolution, proposal, correspondence, statement.
Box Folder
28 1 Legislation (Adverse Possession SB 208), 1976-1977.
Notes, correspondence, copies of acts, excerpts from statutes.
2 Legislation (Alcoholic Beverage Permit For Wine in Dry Area), 1977.
Copy of act, letter.
3 Legislation (Amendments), 1978-1979.
Reports, copies of acts.
4 Legislation (Annexation), 1977-1979.
Copies of newspaper articles, newspapers, estimate, correspondence, copies of acts, note.
25 Legislation (County Civil Service), 1979.
Copies of acts, correspondence, petitions, bill analysis, excerpt from statute, memorandum, note.
26 Legislation (Criminal History Record Systems), 1975-1979.
Correspondence, testimony, notes, statement, copies of newspaper articles, journal articles, memorandum, copies of acts.
27 Legislation (Criminal Procedure Officer Assistance), 1979.
Correspondence, cards, copies of newspaper articles, press release, excerpt from statute, copy of act, note.
28 Legislation (Crippled Child), 1981-1982.
Copies of acts, bill analyses, correspondence, resolution, estimate, justification, card.
29 Legislation (Death Certificates HB 263), 1979.
Correspondence, report, bill analyses, copies of acts, card.
30 Legislation (Dentist Licensing), 1979.
Correspondence, copies of acts, memorandum, excerpt from statute, note.
31 Legislation (Disabled Parking), undated
Notes, excerpt from statute, copy of newspaper articles.
32 Legislation (Driver's License), 1979.
Bill analysis, copies of acts, correspondence, note.
33 Legislation (Drunk Drivers), 1979.
Notes, correspondence, excerpts from statutes, copy of act.
34 Legislation (Duplicate Motor Vehicle License Fees), 1977.
Copy of act, report, letter.
35 Legislation (Electricians License Act), 1977.
Note, summary, copy of act, card.
Box Folder
29 1 Legislation (End of Session Work), 1977-1978.
Notes, correspondence, statement, bill analysis, excerpt from statute.
2 Legislation (Estates), 1979.
Copy of act, report, bill analysis, letter.
3 Legislation (Eye Bank), 1977, 1981.
Copies of acts, correspondence, notes, memorandum, bill analysis, card, excerpt from statute, list of committee members.
4 Legislation (Family Code), 1981.
Correspondence, notes, memorandum, bill analyses, copies of acts.
5 Legislation 1981 (Fire Marshal), 1981.
Notes, excerpt from statute.
6 Legislation (First Liens), 1979.
Letter, memorandum, notes, copies of acts.
7 Legislation 1981 (Fort Worth File), 1980-1981.
Correspondence, note, copies of acts, memoranda.
8 Legislation (Gateway Park), undated
Copy of act.
9 Legislation (Gemstone Cut H.C.R. 97), 1977.
Correspondence, copies of resolutions, reports, note.
10 Legislation (Government Size Reduction), 1976-1977.
Reports, journal articles, correspondence, memorandum, copies of newspaper articles, testimony, analysis, copy of act.
11 Legislation (Governor, Chairmen, SB 1253), 1979.
Letter, copies of acts, roster, bill analysis, lists of board and commission members, memorandum.
12 Legislation 1981 (Guardianships), 1980-1981.
Statement, testimony, list of persons attending hearing, agenda, questionnaires, notes, list of allegations.
13 Legislation (Hance Jury Bill Amendment), undated
Copies of acts.
14 Legislation (Health Home Agencies-Sen. Blanchard), 1977, 1980.
Cards, notes, memoranda, correspondence, copy of newspaper article, testimony, statement.
15 Legislation (Higher Education, Tuition), 1979.
Copies of acts, correspondence, bill analyses, lists, rates, enrollment.
16 Legislation (Human Relations Committee), 1979.
Correspondence, copy of act.
17 Legislation (Insurance Premium Finance), 1977-1978.
Correspondence, copies of acts, list of issues, memorandum, rosters, bill analysis.
18 Legislation (Intergovernmental Relations-Mandatory Retirement), 1976-1977, 1979.
Note (fiscal), letter, roster, copies of acts, report, bill analyses, excerpt from statute.
19 Legislation (Justice of the Peace, Check Collection), 1980.
Correspondence, notes, copy of newspaper article, excerpt from statute.
20 Legislation (Jury Bill), 1977-1979.
Form, copies of acts, excerpt from statute, notes, correspondence, statement, copy of newspaper article.
21 Legislation (License Plate Renewal Fee), 1977, 1979.
Copies of acts, correspondence, card.
22 Legislation (Littering), 1981.
Copy of act.
23 Legislation (Lobbyists), 1979.
Letter, analyses, newspaper, copies of acts.
24 Legislation (Local and Special Bills Notice), 1976, 1979.
Memoranda, copies of resolutions, letter, statement.
25 Legislation (Marriage Examinations), 1979-1981.
Notes, correspondence, card, copies of resolutions, copies of acts.
26 Legislation (Medical), 1981.
Letter, notes, copy of act.
27 Legislation (Medical Examiners), 1979.
Correspondence, estimate, copies of acts.
28 Legislation (Monetized Bullion), 1978-1979.
Correspondence, excerpt from statute, note, estimate, copy of act.
29 Legislation (Motor Vehicle Sales Tax), 1979.
30 Legislation (Occupational Driver's Licenses), 1979.
Copy of act, bill analysis, letter.
31 Legislation (One Cent Sales Tax Repeal), undated
Copy of act.
32 Legislation (Parent's Rights), undated
Copy of act, analysis.
33 Legislation 1981 (Parking Fines), 1981.
Statements, correspondence, copies of acts, oath.
34 Legislation 1981 (Pharmacies), 1980.
Newsletter, letter.
35 Legislation 1981 (Phone Calls), 1979.
Correspondence, copies of acts, copy of newspaper article.
36 Legislation (Plaques For Bicentennial), 1979.
Notes, correspondence, copies of resolutions.
37 Legislation (Police Assistance), undated
Copy of act.
38 Legislation (Primary Referenda), 1979.
Letter, copy of act.
39 Legislation (Private Investigators), 1977.
Copies of newspaper articles, copies of acts, correspondence, rosters.
40 Legislation (Public Utility Commission Assessments SB 1001), 1981.
Letter, copy of act.
41 Legislation (Public Utility Commission Tax Reduction), undated
Copy of act.
42 Legislation (Public Utility Commission Test Year), 1979.
Correspondence, copies of acts.
43 Legislation 1981 (Rabies), 1980-1981.
Summaries, reports, copies of acts, newsletter, correspondence, copies of newspaper articles, bill analyses, notes, estimate, cards.
Box Folder
30 17 Legislation (Texas Women's University, Women's Museum), 1979.
Card, notes, copies of acts, correspondence, brochure.
18 Legislation (University of Texas at Arlington Expansion), 1978-1979.
Maps, copies of acts, cards, note, letter, excerpts from statutes.
19 Legislation (Veterinarians), 1979.
Copies of acts.
20 Legislation (Wine Option), 1981.
Copies of acts, correspondence, notes, 1979.
21 Legislation (Worker's Compensation), 1977.
Copies of acts, correspondence, memorandum.
22 Legislative Council 58th Legislature, 1963.
Summary of accomplishments, code.
23 Legislative Districts, undated
Maps, diagram.
24 Legislative Programs (wish lists), 1978-1981.
Pamphlets, correspondence, list of proposals, memorandum, resolutions, list of board managers, newsletters, brief.
25 Legislators, 1976-1977.
Newsletters, list of bills introduced, copies of newspaper articles, roster, excerpt from Texas Register, map, copies of voting records, reports.
26 Legislators, 1978-1981.
Report, copies of newspaper articles, lists, newsletter, biographical information on Representatives, excerpts from statute, journal article, program
27 Legislature (How To Communicate With), 1978.
28 Legislature (Miscellaneous), 1972, 1975-1978.
Map, report, newsletter, correspondence, resolution, copy of newspaper article, pamphlet, notes, copies of acts, election results, list of members of Texas Senate.
29 Legislature (Miscellaneous), January-July, 1979.
Lists, correspondence, reports, copy of newspaper article, note, excerpt from statute, card, newsletter.
30 Legislature (Miscellaneous), July-December, 1979-1980.
Newsletters, voting analysis, notes, list of rules, correspondence, copies of voting records, reports, diagram, copies of newspaper articles, roster, list of committees, pamphlet, journal article, questionnaire.
Box Folder
31 1 Legislature (Miscellaneous), January-June, 1980.
Correspondence, notes, memorandum, listing of Representatives, copies of newspaper articles, list of proposals, copies of acts, report, advertisement, biographical information, list of rules on motor vehicle insurance, excerpts from statutes, resolution.
2 Legislature (Miscellaneous), July-October, 1980.
Notes, copies of acts, statement, correspondence, copies of newspaper articles, legal opinion, questionnaire, reports, journal article, memorandum with computations attached, list of resolutions, excerpt from statute.
3 Legislature (Miscellaneous), November-December, 1980.
Notes, correspondence, questionnaire, list of recaptured cemeteries, excerpts from statutes, directories, copies of newspaper articles, memoranda, newsletter, list of members of the Texas Senate, copy of act, statistics, synopsis, resolutions, chart.
4 Legislature (Miscellaneous), January-June, 1981.
Notes, diagrams, directories, memorandum, copies of newspaper articles, schedule, list of standing committees, newspapers, newsletters, report.
5 Legislature (Miscellaneous), July-December, 1981.
Correspondence, notes, summaries, newsletters, cards, analysis, copy of act, journal articles, newspapers, directory, magazine, report, resolution.
6 Legislature (Miscellaneous), 1982.
Lists of candidates, newsletter, copy of newspaper articles, newspaper, journal articles, proposal, copies of acts, excerpt from statute, lists of delegations, list of counties, brochure, note, summary.
7 Legislature (Salaries, Other Information), 1978-1979.
Notes, letter.
8 Levin/Boren Bill, 1980.
9 Libraries, 1981.
10 License Plates, 1981.
Letter, copy of newspaper article.
11 Licensing, 1981.
Correspondence, notes.
12 Lifeline Utility Rates, 1980.
Copy of journal article.
13 Lions Organ and Eye Bank, 1979.
Note, correspondence.
14 Livestock, 1981.
Correspondence, copy of act.
15 Living Will (Death With Dignity and Right To Die), 1976-1977, 1979.
Excerpt from statute, copy of newspaper article, newspaper, copy of act.
16 Loan Shark, 1975-1976.
Report, copies of newspaper articles.
17 Lobby (Wish Lists: General), 1980-1981.
Resolution, newsletter, journal article, correspondence, list of goals, programs, lists of election bills.
18 Lobbyists, 1977-1979, 1981-1982.
Newsletter, copies of newspaper articles, announcement, lobby list, registration form, note.
19 Lobbyists (ACORN), 1977-1980.
Newsletter, copies of newspaper articles, excerpt from Congressional Record, correspondence, journal articles, notes, registration form, report, newspapers, statement, preamble, excerpt from statute, pamphlet.
Box Folder
32 1 Lobbyists (AFL-CIO), 1979-1980.
Newsletters, journal article, voting record, summary.
2 Lobbyists (State Bar), 1981.
3 Lobbyists (Texas Association of Business), 1979-1981.
Information, correspondence, summary, newsletters.
4 Lobbyists (Texas Association of College Teachers), 1981.
5 Lobbyists (Texas Association of Realtors), 1981.
Fact sheet, list of proposals.
6 Lobbyists (Texas Association of Taxpayers), 1979-1982.
Letter, booklets, newsletters.
7 Lobbyists (Texas Dental Association), 1981.
8 Lobbyists (Texas Federation of Teachers), 1979.
9 Lobbyists (Texas Hospital Association), 1981.
Issue papers.
10 Lobbyists (Texas Medical Association), 1978-1979.
Note, list of proposals, newsletters, excerpt from statutes, list of candidates.
11 Lobbyists (Texas Public Employees Association), 1978.
Newspaper, letter, program.
12 Lobbyists (Texas Research League), 1979-1982.
Newsletters, journal article.
13 Lobbyists (Texas Women's Political Caucus), 1978-1979.
List of priorities, reports, letter, voting record.
14 Lobbyists (Transportation), 1981.
Newsletter, journal article.
15 Local and Uncontested Calendar, 1981.
Resolution, memoranda, list of requirements, letter, announcement.
16 Lone Star Transportation Authority, 1979-1980.
Correspondence, copy of act, copies of newspaper articles, agenda, report, notes, summaries, newsletter, pamphlet.
17 Lone Star Transit Authority, 1979-1981.
Copy of act, background on proposed amendments, notes.
18 Lower Colorado River Authority, 1981.
Letter, legal document.
19 Malpractice, 1976-1979.
Copies of newspaper articles, journal aricles, reports, press release, statements, letter, memorandum, roster, analysis, list of proposed amendments.
20 Mandatory Retirement, 1977.
Copies of newspaper articles, copy of act.
21 Mansfield, 1979-1980.
List of councilmen, correspondence, audit, notes, copies of newspaper articles, card, program, information, newspaper.
22 Mansfield, 1979-1981.
Correspondence, fact sheet, recommendation, notes.
23 Maps, 1979.
24 Marijuana, 1981.
Letter, journal article.
25 Mass Transit, 1980.
Correspondence, copies of newspaper articles, notes, reports, map.
26 Mayfest, 1980.
Letter, note.
27 Mayors (in Senatorial District 12), 1980.
List of mayors.
28 M. D. Anderson Substation, 1979.
Copies of newspaper articles.
29 Medicaid, 1980-1981.
Journal articles, newsletter, copies of newspaper articles, note.
Box Folder
33 1 Medical, 1976-1978.
Correspondence, notes, testimony, articles of incorporation, agenda, memoranda, analysis, report, list of medical education requirements.
2 Medical, March-October, 1979.
Correspondence, copies of acts, statement, note, journal article, report.
3 Medical, 1979.
List of House bills, correspondence, notes, reports, survey.
4 Medical, June, 1980-March, 1981.
Examination results, correspondence, resolution, copy of newspaper article, booklet, diet plan, list of staff members, notes, comparison.
5 Medical, April-July, 1981.
Notes, correspondence, memorandum, resumé.
6 Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1979-1980.
Correspondence, schedules, resolution, forms, minutes, nominations, list of elected officials.
7 Medical (Osteopaths), 1981.
Correspondence, notes, list of staff members.
8 Medical Practice Act (Special Session), 1981.
Correspondence, journal articles, glossary, newspaper article, copy of act, notes, memorandum.
9 Medical Procedures, January-March, 1980.
Correspondence, recommendations, resolutions, statements, minutes, excerpt from Texas Register, report, memorandum, excerpt from statute, delegation orders.
10 Medical Procedures, April, 1980-April, 1981.
Excerpts from Texas Register, correspondence, notes, minutes, agendas, recommendations, opinion, statements.
Box Folder
34 1 Medicare (Blue Cross), 1980-1981.
Data on coverage and limitations, correspondence, excerpt from statute.
2 Medication, 1980.
Copy of newspaper article.
3 Mental Health/Mental Retardation, 1975-1978.
Notes, booklet, newsletter, newspaper, journal article, copies of newspaper articles.
4 Mental Health/Mental Retardation, 1979-1980.
Correspondence, copies of newspaper articles, budget, notes, newsletters, resolutions, legal documents, reports, summary.
5 Mental Health/Mental Retardation, 1981-1982.
Correspondence, notes, newsletters, analysis, report, directory, copy of act, proposed testimony, excerpt from statute, journal article.
6 Merit Awards Program, 1977.
Journal article, copies of newspaper article, excerpt from statute, note.
7 Merit System, undated
Excerpt from report.
8 Metric System, 1978.
Copy of newspaper article, data on metric system.
9 Metroplex School Nurse Administrator's Organization, 1981.
10 Mexican Oil Spill, 1979-1980.
Correspondence, newspaper articles, notes.
11 Microwave Ovens, 1977-1978.
Excerpt from Texas Register, notes, correspondence, newspaper articles, excerpts from statute.
12 Mid-South Citizens Committee, 1979-1980.
Correspondence, newsletters.
13 Midwives, 1979-1981.
Excerpt from Texas Register, copy of act, notes, guidelines, excerpt from statute, newspaper articles.
14 Milford, Dale, 1977.
15 Military Draft, 1980.
Copies of newspaper articles, newspaper, correspondence, notes.
16 Military (Rights of Divorced Wives), 1978, 1980-1982.
Notes, journal articles, copies of newspaper articles, correspondence, newsletters, invitations, report, fact sheet, statement, commentary, excerpt from law journal, excerpt from statute.
17 Minority Business Contracts, 1977.
Resolution, legal document, letter, copies of newspaper articles, copies of acts.
18 Miscellaneous (Correspondence), 1979, February-March, 1981.
Cards, advertisement, copies of newspaper articles, resolutions, newsletters, copy of act, note, receipt, check, complaints, program, list of staff members pamphlet.
19 Miscellaneous (Correspondence), April, 1981.
Questionnaire, resolution, fact sheet, notes, newspaper articles, cards, reports, pamphlet, journal article.
20 Miscellaneous (Correspondence), May-June, 1981.
Notes, newspaper articles, synopsis, reports.
21 Miscellaneous (Correspondence), July, 1981-1982.
Newsletters, resolutions, questionnaires, memorandum, reports, newspaper articles, booklet.
Box Folder
35 1 Mobile Homes, 1979
2 Model Adoption Act, 1980.
Copy of newspaper article, notes, correspondence, excerpt from Congressional Record.
3 Money Market Bill, April-May, 1981.
Correspondence, notes, copies of newspaper articles, fact sheet.
4 Money Market Bill, May, 1981.
Correspondence, notes, copy of newspaper article, newspaper.
5 Money Market Bill, May, 1981.
Correspondence, notes.
6 Money Market Bill, May-June, 1981.
Correspondence, notes, list of committee members, application.
7 Moral Majority, 1981.
Journal article, correspondence.
8 Mortgage Bonds, 1980.
Newspaper, copy of newspaper article.
9 Mortgage Companies, 1979-1980.
Correspondence, notes, newspaper articles.
10 Mortgage Loans, 1979, 1981.
Analysis, report, journal articles, newspaper articles.
11 Morticians, 1979, 1981.
Newspaper, report.
12 Motion Pictures, 1981.
Correspondence, notes, memorandum.
13 Motor Fuel, 1981.
Correspondence, statement, notes.
14 Motor Vehicles, 1979, 1981.
Statutes and rules, correspondence, notes, newspaper articles, copy of act, excerpts from statutes.
15 Motorcycles (Helmet and Safety), 1976-1979.
Journal articles, correspondence, notes, newspaper articles.
16 Mount Vernon of Texas, 1980.
Correspondence, notes.
17 Municipal Courts of Record, 1977.
Journal article, newspaper article, correspondence, resolution, record, card.
18 National Defense, 1979-1980.
Notes, newspaper article, correspondence, statements, newsletter, pamphlets.
19 National Education Association (NEA), 1979.
Journal article, publication, newspaper article.
20 National Federation of Independent Business, Inc., 1979.
Note, pamphlet.
21 National Guard, 1980.
Newspaper articles.
22 National Health Insurance, 1980.
23 National Organization for Women, 1979-1981.
Newspapers, newspaper articles, correspondence.
24 Nazis, 1982.
Card, correspondence.
25 Nedderman, Wendell Herman, 1977.
Notes, samples of appointment forms.
26 Nepotism, 1980.
Notes, handbook, letter, excerpt from statute.
27 News Media (Newspapers), 1974-1975, 1977-1980.
Lists, notes, news release.
28 News Releases, 1973-1974, 1976, 1980-1981.
Notes, statement, correspondence.
29 Newsletters, 1974-1975, 1978-1981.
Statement, questionnaire, report, notes, correspondence, newspaper article.
Box Folder
36 1 Nominations, 1978-1982.
Correspondence, lists, notes, newspaper articles.
2 North Texas Higher Education Authority, Inc., 1980-1981.
Letter, reports, memorandum, copies of orders, certificate, analysis.
3 Notary Public, 1976, 1981.
Copies of acts, newsletter, letter, magazine.
4 Nuclear Power, May-November, 1979.
Newspaper articles, notes, correspondence, agendas, report.
5 Nuclear Power, November-December, 1979.
Press release, statements, report, summary, notes, journal articles, newspaper articles.
6 Nuclear Power, 1980-1981.
Newspaper articles, note, journal articles, handbook, pamphlet.
7 Nurses, 1977-1978.
Copies of acts, correspondence, newspaper articles, newsletters, report, journal article, note.
8 Nurses, 1979-1980.
Newsletters, journal articles, correspondence, newspaper articles, flyer, press release, notes, resolution, agendas, minutes, list of committee members, memorandum.
9 Nurses, 1981.
Notes, correspondence, journal article, newsletter, schedule, report.
10 Nurses (Foreign), 1980.
Letter, journal articles, notes.
11 Nurses (Licensed Vocational Nurse-LVN), 1971-1974, 1977-1978, 1981.
Copies of acts, correspondence, pamphlets, publication, notes, proposal.
12 Nursing Homes, 1977-1978.
Letter, copies of acts, newspaper articles.
13 Nursing Homes, 1979.
Newspaper article, correspondence, notes, newsletter, overview, excerpts from statutes, preamble, lists.
Box Folder
37 1 Nursing Homes, January-April, 1981.
Correspondence, statement, reports.
2 Nursing Homes, May-November, 1980-1981.
Correspondence, newspaper articles, form, outline, notes, excerpt from statute, newsletters, questionnaire, memoranda, schedule, announcement, booklet.
3 Nursing Homes, 1979-1980.
(Alternate Care) - Correspondence, notes, copy of newsletter, overview, list of hearing sites, excerpts from statutes and Texas Register, summary.
4 Nursing Homes (Commendations), 1978, 1980-1982.
5 Nursing Practice Act, March-June, 1977.
Correspondence, notes, copy of act, newspaper articles, synopsis.
6 Nursing Practice Act, June-September, 1977-1978.
Correspondence, reports, excerpt from statute, newspaper articles, journal articles, notes, newsletter, newspaper.
7 Nursing Practice Act (Materials Con), 1976-1977.
Reports, statements, correspondence, memoranda, testimonies, proposals, newspaper articles, notes, pamphlet, journal article.
8 Nursing Practice Act (Materials Pro), 1976-1977.
Journal articles, testimony, correspondence, statistics, statement, press releases, newsletter.
9 Nursing Practice Act (Texas Hospital Association Amendments), 1977.
Memorandum, list of amendments, notes.
10 Nursing Practice Act (Texas Medical Association Amendments)., 1977.
11 Nursing Practice Act (Texas Nursing Association Amendments)., 1977.
12 Nutrition, 1981.
13 Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 1978-1979.
Publication, newspaper article.
14 Office Affairs, 1973-1974, 1976-1978.
Notes, receipts, correspondence, invoices, contract, diagram, forms, statements, memoranda, notices, publications, seating chart.
15 Office Affairs, 1979-1980.
Correspondence, lists of constituents, newspaper article, inventory forms, memoranda, payment, notes, copy of credit card, invoices, information sheet, statement, forms.
Box Folder
38 1 Oil and Gas, 1981.
Correspondence, list of staff members, newspaper articles, notes.
2 Olympics, 1977.
Journal article.
3 Omnibus Tax Bill, 1978.
Rosters, amendments, notes, resolutions, correspondence, copies of acts, excerpt from statute.
4 Open Record and Meetings Act (Texas), 1977, 1981.
Newspaper article, booklet, journal article.
5 Opinion Calls To Fort Worth, 1981.
List of supporters, notes, correspondence, applications, lists of staff services, newspaper article.
6 Opinion Mail, 1975, 1979.
Notes, newspaper articles, card.
7 Opinion Mail, 1980.
Pamphlet, notes, newspaper articles, excerpt from statutes, analysis of Texas Unemployment Compensation Act, copy of act, resolution.
8 Opinion Mail, January-May, 1981.
Notes, copy of act, report.
9 Opinion Mail, May-December, 1981-1982.
Newspaper articles, notes, excerpt from journal, newsletter.
10 Opinion Mail (State Income Tax), 1979.
Box Folder
39 11 Opticians, 1976-1978.
Report, pamphlet, comparison, opinions, correspondence, newspaper article, copy of act, analysis, brochure.
Box Folder
38 12 Opticians, 1981.
Correspondence, list of staff members, note, newspaper article, copies of act, excerpts from statutes.
13 Osteopathic Medicine, 1975.
Note, budget, correspondence, newspaper article, copy of act.
14 Pages, 1974-1975, 1979-1980.
Notes, correspondence, hiring policies, application.
15 Panama Canal, 1977-1978.
Newspaper articles, publications, journal articles.
16 Pantego, 1977, 1980-1982.
Note, correspondence, inventory, list of elected officials.
17 Paperwork, 1978.
Journal aritcle.
18 Pardons and Paroles, 1975-1976, 1978-1979.
Report, newspaper articles, correspondence, newsletter.
Box Folder
39 1 Parent's Rights, 1973, 1975-March, 1977.
Copies of acts, journal article, report, notes, excerpt from statute, testimony, correspondence, resolution, reports, newspaper article.
2 Parent's Rights, May, 1977-1978.
Testimonies, summary, textbook requirements, notes, rules and regulations, copies of acts, pamphlet, card.
3 Pari-mutuel Betting, 1974-1978.
Newspaper articles, correspondence, notes, report.
4 Pari-mutuel Betting, March, 1981.
Newspaper articles, correspondence, list of supporters, journal article.
5 Pari-mutuel Betting, April, 1981-1982.
Correspondence, invitation, fact sheets, notes, newspaper articles, sticker.
6 Park Hill Neighborhood Association, 1980.
Correspondence, newsletters, invitation.
7 Parks and Wildlife, February 2-12, 1981.
Correspondence, excerpt from study, journal article, opinion, notes.
8 Parks and Wildlife, February 13-25, 1981.
9 Parks and Wildlife, March-April, 1981.
Notes, journal article, correspondence, newspaper articles, copies of acts, petition, list of supporters.
10 Parks and Wildlife, May, 1981.
Correspondence, resolutions, newspaper articles, statements, notes, chart, data sheets, synopsis, press releases, endorsements, petition.
11 Pathology Societies (The World Association of), 1972-1974.
Notes, directory, correspondence, memoranda.
12 Permanent University Fund, 1981.
Correspondence, resolution, report, analysis, note, explanation.
13 Peveto Bill, 1979-1980.
Copy of act, analysis, journal articles, newsletters.
Box Folder
40 1 Peveto Bill, January-March, 1981.
Newspaper articles, correspondence, resolution, note, summary, transcript, newsletter.
2 Peveto Bill, April-December, 1981.
Correspondence, notes, copy of act, journal article, pamphlet, reports, newspaper articles.
3 Peveto Bill, 1982.
Guide, journal article.
4 Pharmacist Sunset (H.B. 1628), 1981.
Roster, copy of act, notes.
5 Pharmacy, 1981.
Letter, note.
6 Pharmacy Regulations, 1979-1980.
Excerpts from Texas Register, correspondence, notice, newsletter.
7 Pharmacy (Texas State Board of), 1979.
8 Photographs, 1973-1975.
9 Photographs, 1976-1978.
10 Photographs, 1981-1982.
11 Photographs (Clements), undated
12 Photographs, undated
13 Photographs, undated
14 Physical Therapy, 1981.
Correspondence, note, recommendation, cards.
15 Physicians, 1982.
Journal article.
Box Folder
41 1 Physician's Assistants, 1976, 1980.
Statement, correspondence, speeches.
2 Pilots, 1977-1979, 1981.
Report, excerpt from statute, correspondence, journal article.
3 Planned Parenthood, 1981-1982.
Note, correspondence, newsletters.
4 Plumbers, 1981.
Correspondence, notes.
5 Poet Laureate, 1978.
Correspondence, newspaper articles, lists, copies of poems.
6 Police, 1981.
Resolution, certificate, correspondence, roster, note.
7 Political, 1981.
Correspondence, resolution, certificate.
8 Political Committees, 1979.
9 Political Pac's, 1977, 1981.
Newsletter, report, list of committees.
10 Political (Women), 1973-1977.
Correspondence, notes, report, card, list of supporters, newspaper article.
11 Poll Watchers, undated
Excerpt from statute.
12 Polygraphic Examiners, 1981.
Notes, correspondence, testimony.
13 Pornography, 1976-February, 1978.
Correspondence, news release, newspaper, copies of newspaper articles, copies of acts, notes, reports, journal article, legal documents, excerpts from statute.
14 Pornography, 1978.
Newspaper articles, notes, correspondence, copy of act, excerpt from statute, report, copy of statute.
15 Pornography, 1979-1980.
Newspaper, correspondence, newspaper articles, notes, complaints, questionnaire.
16 Pornography, 1981.
Correspondence, transcript, journal article, newspaper articles, newsletter, notes, excerpts from statutes, copy of act.
17 Possum Kingdom Lake, 1979-1980.
Correspondence, copies of newsletters, newspaper articles, note.
18 Poverty, 1977, 1979.
Newspaper articles.
19 Presidential Primary, 1980.
Newspaper article.
20 Presidential Primary Bill, 1979.
Correspondence, resolution.
21 Press, 1980.
Journal article, list.
22 Pressure Groups, 1976.
Newspaper article.
23 Prisons, 1980-1981.
Newsletter, correspondence, reports, excerpt from opinion.
24 Privacy, 1977-1978.
Newspaper articles, newsletter.
25 Private Investigators Act, 1975-1976.
Correspondence, copies of acts, copy of amendment, draft of legislative amendments, journal article, note.
26 Pro Family Forum, 1979.
Newsletters, pamphlet, form, preamble.
27 Probate Reform, 1979.
Copy of act, journal article, excerpt from statute.
Box Folder
42 1 Probation, 1976-1977, 1981.
Reports, copy of act, correspondence.
2 Products Liability, 1977-1979.
Publications, copies of acts, correspondence, newspaper articles, notes, list of new bills.
3 Products Liability, February-May, 1981.
Notes, correspondence, newsletter, publication.
4 Products Liability, June, 1981.
Correspondence, notes, list of companies, excerpt from law review, excerpt from statute, newspaper article.
5 Profits, 1979.
Journal articles, newsletter, newspaper.
6 Property Tax Code (Special Session), 1981.
Correspondence, report, excerpt from statute, copies of amendments.
7 Proposition 13, 1978-1979.
Newspaper articles, memorandum, correspondence, notes, newsletter.
8 Prosecuting Attorneys, 1978.
Correspondence, report.
9 Prostitution, 1980.
Letter, newspaper article, report.
10 Psychologists, 1981.
Notes, correspondence, appendix, brochures.
11 Public Defenders, 1977.
Notes, petitions, correspondence, statement.
12 Public Employees, 1978, 1980-1981.
Report, newspaper articles, correspondence, petition, proposal, excerpt from statute.
13 Public Health Subcommittee, 1979-1980.
Budget requests, resume, lists of publications, letter.
14 Public Health Subcommittee, February-October, 1981.
Note, correspondence, resumes, memorandum, agenda, minutes.
15 Public Health Subcommittee, November-December, 1981.
Transcripts of conversations, letter, notes, schedule.
16 Public Health Subcommittee, 1982.
Correspondence, reports, resolutions, statements, note, journal article, newspaper articles, list of recommendations, copies of acts, press release.
17 Public Utilities, 1975-1979, 1981.
Reports, correspondence, newspaper articles, notes, copies of acts, recommendations, excerpt from statute.
18 Public Utilities (Cooperatives), 1980
Box Folder
43 1 Public Utilities Fortnightly, 1979, 1981.
Journal articles.
2 Public Utility Commission, 1977-1979.
Correspondence, notes, minutes, financial data, copies of acts, estimate, agenda, newspaper articles.
3 Public Utility Commission, 1980-1982.
Newspaper articles, excerpt from statute, assessment, analysis, notes, copies of acts, form, memorandum.
4 Public Utility Commission (Regulatory Act), 1975.
5 Public Utility Commission (Rules of Practice and Procedure), 1981.
6 Public Utility Commission (Subcommittee Hearing), 1980.
7 Public Utility Commission (Substantive Rules), 1981.
8 Public Utility Commission Tax, 1976-1979.
Correspondence, copies of acts, evaluation, agenda, transcripts, newspaper articles, newsletters, notes, budgets, rules, news release, financial data.
9 Questionnaires, 1979-March, 1981.
Correspondence, notes.
10 Questionnaires, 1981.
Correspondence, notes, list of newspapers, press release, mailing list.
11 Rabies, 1980.
Newspaper articles, excerpt from statutes.
12 Railroad Commission, 1978, 1981.
Publication, correspondence, note, brochure.
Box Folder
44 1 Rape, 1972-1977.
Excerpt from statute, journal articles, copy of act, newspaper articles, bulletin, proposals, correspondence, statements, summaries, survey, statistics, newsletter, note.
2 Rape, 1978-1980.
Correspondence, reports, brochures, opinions, journal articles, booklet.
3 Sam Rayburn House, 1979.
Note, correspondence, estimate, press release, newspaper article.
4 Reagan Administration, 1980-August, 1981.
Newspaper articles, excerpt from Congressional Record, pamphlet, correspondence, notes, journal articles, newsletters, memorandum, report, form.
5 Reagan Administration, September, 1981-1982.
Newsletters, newspaper articles, notes, correspondence, memorandum, analyses, composition, report.
6 Reagan Campaign, 1980.
Newspaper articles, instructions, list of board members, correspondence, notes, memorandum, rosters, charts, job descriptions, map, card, reservation forms.
7 Reagan's Financial Plan, 1981.
8 Reagan, Governor Ronald, 1973, 1975-1976, 1978.
Newspaper articles, journal article, excerpts from remarks, correspondence.
9 Real Estate, 1978-1979.
Correspondence, journal articles, notes.
10 Real Estate Board, 1981.
Notes, correspondence.
11 Real Estate Brokers, 1979.
Correspondence, forms, contracts, list of principles, applications.
12 Real Estate Subcommittee, 1980.
Letter, press release.
13 Recommendations, 1980.
Notes, requests, maps, guidelines, correspondence, resumes, forms, statistics, memorandum, application.
14 Recommendations (Dental School), 1977, 1979.
Notes, correspondence.
15 Recommendations (Law School), 1975-1976, 1978-1979.
Correspondence, resumes, notes, form.
16 Recommendations (Medical School), 1979-1980.
List of schools, correspondence, notes, application, transcripts.
17 Recommendations (Military Academy), 1976, 1978-1979.
Correspondence, notes.
18 Recommendations (Sergeant at Arms), 1978, 1979.
Correspondence, resumes, notes.
19 Redfish, 1978, 1980-1981.
Newspaper articles, note, correspondence, journal articles, press release, form, statement.
20 Redistricting, 1964-1965, 1972, 1974, 1976, 1978.
Legal documents, maps, letter, newspaper articles.
Box Folder
45 1 Redistricting, 1980.
Correspondence, reports, newspaper article, list of committee members, timetable, list of Texas counties population.
2 Redistricting, January-March, 1981.
Letter, reports, census, maps.
3 Redistricting, March-May, 1981.
Maps, newspaper articles, correspondence, notes, analyses, excerpts from testimony.
4 Redistricting, June-August, 1981.
Correspondence, resolutions, copy of act, notes, newspaper articles, proclamation, certificate, census tracts, legal document.
5 Redistricting, September, 1981.
Newspaper articles, news release, memorandum, excerpts from testimony.
6 Redistricting, October-November, 1981.
Analysis, newspaper articles, letter, statement, statistical data, map, list of precincts, legal document.
7 Redistricting, December, 1981.
Notes, legal documents, questionnaire, reports, map, list of committee members, timetable.
8 Redistricting, January-March, 1982.
Correspondence, legal documents, newspaper articles, note, maps, press release, opinion.
9 Redistricting, March-April, 1982.
Legal documents, analysis, letter, memorandum, copy of act, newspaper article.
10 Reform, 1978
Newspaper article.
11 Regents, 1977.
Newspaper articles.
12 Regional Governments, 1972, 1974, 1976-1977.
Newsletters, resolution.
13 Regulations, 1980.
Report, correspondence.
14 Republican Elections, 1976.
Notes, correspondence, newspaper articles, newsletter, record, opinion.
Box Folder
46 1 Republican Governors, 1978-1979.
Invitations, list of committee assignments, fact sheet, list of staff members.
2 Republican National Committee (Site Committee), 1979.
Application, notes, newspaper article, correspondence, list of contributors, list of committee members.
3 Republican National Convention 1980, 1979-May, 1980.
Press Release, memoranda, schedules, form, letter, newspaper article, lists of committee members, minutes, statement, resolutions, instructions.
4 Republican National Convention 1980, July, 1980.
Directories, booklet, rules and regulations.
5 Republican Party (State), 1974, 1978-1981.
History, newspaper articles, notes, resolution, rules, directories, pamphlet, correspondence, statement.
6 Republicans (Texas Young Republican Federation), 1979.
Letter, form.
7 Requests, 1973, 1977-October, 1978.
Correspondence, notes, excerpts from statute, complaint, memorandum, estimate.
8 Requests, November 1978-1980.
Notes, notification, newspaper articles, correspondence, biographical and fact sheets, excerpts from statutes.
9 Resolution (Craig, Horace T.), 1980-1981.
Resolutions, correspondence, fact sheet.
10 Resolution (Moncrief, William and Elizabeth), 1979-1980.
Newsletters, correspondence, press releases, newspaper articles, presentation, resolution.
11 Resolution (West, James), 1981.
Newspaper article, journal article.
12 Resolutions, 1976, 1979, 1981.
Correspondence, certificate.
13 Resolutions By Andujar, 1979.
Correspondence, press releases, lists of award winners, notes, newspaper, newsletter, biographical information.
14 Resolutions By Andujar, 1981-1982.
Correspondence, summary, newspaper articles, press release, dedication, agendas, newsletter, invitations, note, statement.
15 Resolutions By Chavez, 1977.
16 Revenue Sharing, 1977-1979.
Statutes and Regulations, correspondence, newspaper article.
17 Rhodesia, 1978.
Newspaper articles.
18 Right To Work, 1975-1978.
Newspaper articles, correspondence, notes, newsletter, brochure.
19 Robison, Reverend James, 1979.
Newspaper articles, correspondence.
Box Folder
47 1 Roloff, Reverend Lester, 1973-1974, 1978-1979.
Pamphlets, notes, newsletter, correspondence, journal article, newspaper articles, press release.
2 Rural Health Care, 1980.
Note, newspaper.
3 Sales Tax Reduction, 1974, 1976-1979.
Statements, newspaper articles, correspondence, notes, budget, excerpt from journal, copies of acts, rosters, excerpt from statute, pamphlet.
4 Salt (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks), 1978-1979.
Reports, agreement, statement, correspondence, note, newspaper article, pamphlet, glossary.
5 San Antonio State Hospital Security, 1979-1980.
Fact sheet, correspondence, budget, analyses, press release, report, notes, memorandum, opinion.
6 Saturday Closing Law, 1980.
Newspaper article.
7 School Finance, 1978.
Newspaper article.
8 Schwartz, A. R., 1979.
Press release, legal document, memorandum, promissory note.
9 Slurry Pipeline, 1976.
Letter, newspaper articles.
10 Secession, 1978, 1980.
Note, excerpts from statute, newspaper article.
11 Secretary of State's Office, 1977-1978, 1980-1982.
Correspondence, excerpt from statute, newspaper articles, requisition, legal documents, notes, schedule, handbook, directory.
12 Securities Act, 1978.
Letter, legal document, copy of act.
13 Senate, 1978, 1980.
Correspondence, chart, publication.
14 Senate (Ethics), 1981.
15 Senate Ladies, 1979, 1981.
Notes, directory, minutes, reports, invitation, schedule of meetings.
16 Senate Special Committee on the Delivery of Human Services in Texas, 1980.
Invitation and recommendations, statement, letter, application, newsletters.
17 Senatorial Courtesy, 1978.
18 Senatorial District 12, 1978-1979, 1981.
Precinct lists, note, maps, questionnaire, newspaper articles, zip code list.
19 Senior Citizens, 1973-1978.
Correspondence, notes, newspaper, reports, newspaper articles, newsletters, statements, application, pamphlets.
20 Senior Citizens, 1979-1981.
Newsletters, note, correspondence, journal article, list of suggestions, pamphlet, newspaper articles, memorandum, directory.
21 Sergeant At Arms (Senate), 1981.
22 Sesquicentennial Commission, 1978-July, 1980.
Report, copy of act, membership lists, correspondence, minutes, speech, request form, statements, biographical statement, agenda, lists of objectives, roster.
23 Sesquicentennial Commission, August-December, 1980.
Correspondence, minutes, remarks, summary, resume, recommendations, proposals, agenda, estimates, report, pamphlets.
Box Folder
48 1 Sesquicentennial Commission, 1981.
Newspaper articles, reports, budgets, notes, resolution, roster, press release, newspapers, journal article, correspondence, certificate.
2 Sesquicentennial Commission, February-July, 1982.
Agendas, newspaper, roster, correspondence, statement, journal article, outline, reports, applications, resolutions, schedule.
Box Folder
47 3 Sesquicentennial Commission, August, 1982-January, 1983.
Agenda, reports, memorandum, recommendations, minutes, letter, notes, guidelines, resolution.
Box Folder
48 4 Sex Education, 1980.
5 Shrimpers, 1980-1981.
Resolution, report.
6 Single Member Districts, 1975-1978.
Guide, maps, newspaper articles.
7 Single Member Districts (School), 1978.
Newspaper article (map).
8 Six Flags, 1973, 1977-1979.
Correspondence, notes, brochures, cards.
9 Sixty Minutes, 1980.
Correspondence, statement, card, note.
10 Small Business Administration, 1980.
Correspondence, note, journal article.
11 Smoking, 1976, 1978-1980.
Report, correspondence, copies of acts, journal articles, excerpts from statutes, newspaper articles, notes, questionnaire, analysis.
12 Social Security, 1977-1982.
Pamphlets, newspaper articles, correspondence, newsletters, forms, fact sheet, notes, drawings.
13 Social Security (Supplemental Security Income), 1973, 1975, 1978.
Correspondence, statement, notes, newspaper articles.
14 Social Workers, 1981.
Correspondence, notes.
15 Southern Christian Leadership Conference, 1979.
Newspaper article.
16 Southern Legislative Conference, 1978-August, 1980.
Categories of legislation, resolutions, memoranda, testimonies, minutes, statement, forms, reports, notes, schedules, letter, newspaper article, journal article, remarks.
17 Southern Legislative Conference, August-December, 1980.
Pamphlets, reports, resolutions, minutes, legal document, journal articles, statement, attendance lists, list of options, newspaper article, flyer.
18 Southern Legislative Conference, undated
Pamphlet, statement, flyer, program, questionnaire, reports, budgets (chart), lists of laws and regulations, journal article, list of committee members, recommendations, memorandum, map.
19 Southwestern Bell, 1979-1980.
Report, press release, correspondence, note, newspaper articles.
Box Folder
49 1 Southwestern Bell Telephone, 1976, 1978.
Letter, reports, newspaper article.
2 Special Sessions, 1977-1978, 1981-1982.
Resolution, statistical material, press release, correspondence, proclamations, journal article, newspaper articles, newsletter, fact sheets, position paper, map, notes.
3 Speed Limit, 1975, 1977-1979, 1981.
Newspaper articles, reports, journal article, newsletters, fact book, agenda, correspondence, pamphlet, sticker.
4 Speedy Trial Act, 1980.
5 State Affairs (SB 197), 1980-1981.
Correspondence, legal document, newspaper articles, copies of acts, notice, brochures, notes, testimony, report.
6 State Artists, 1976-1977, 1980-1981.
Correspondence, notes, invitations, resolutions, newspaper articles, copy of act, list of artists, brochure.
7 State Board of Barber Examiners, 1979-1980.
Memorandum, list of board members, letter.
8 State Department, U.S., 1981.
9 State Employees, 1981.
Notes, correspondence.
10 State Employees (Pay Raise), 1980-1981.
Correspondence, petitions, notes.
11 State-Federal Relations (Office of), 1980-1981.
Letter, note.
12 State Fire Marshal's Office, 1980.
Press release, map.
13 State Purchasing and General Service Commission, 1980.
14 State Seal, 1982.
15 Subsidence, 1976-1977.
Notes, correspondence, newspaper articles, excerpt from statute, resolution.
16 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), 1982.
17 Sunset Commission, 1975-1977.
Journal article, laws and proposals, copy of act, reports, correspondence, notes, newsletter.
18 Sunset Laws, 1977-1978.
Transcripts of speeches, correspondence, newsletter, newspaper articles, schedule, notes.
19 Sunset Laws, October-December, 1978.
Newspaper articles, memorandum, summaries, card, reports, list of agencies, note.
20 Sunset Commission, 1979.
Newspaper articles, lists of agencies, notes, correspondence, analysis.
21 Sunset Commission, 1980.
Correspondence, notes, excerpt from statute, list of committee members, newspaper article.
22 Sunset Commission, 1981-1982.
Newspaper articles, correspondence, note.
23 Supreme Court of Texas, 1978.
Correspondence, law journal.
24 Supreme Court of United States, 1979-1981.
Newspaper articles, correspondence, journal articles, notes, opinion.
Box Folder
50 1 Tarrant County, 1979, 1981.
Letter, statements of pending bills, voting chart.
2 Tarrant County Delegation, 1979.
Lists of committee members.
3 Tarrant County Hospital District, 1975.
Letter, note, copy of act.
4 Tarrant County Junior College, 1979.
Information sheet, financial data.
5 Tarrant County Treasurer, 1979.
Letter, newspaper article, notes.
6 Tarrant Utilities (Leonard Enterprises Company), 1979-March, 1980.
Newspaper article, correspondence, notes, report, legal documents, testimony, operating data.
7 Tarrant Utilities (Leonard Enterprises Company), April, 1980-1981.
Correspondence, newspaper articles, notes, testimony.
8 Tax Assessors and Collectors, 1977, 1980.
Notes, correspondence, analysis.
9 Tax Assessor Examiners (Board of), 1980.
10 Taxation, 1976-1978.
Correspondence, notes, report, press release, newspaper articles, newsletters, journal articles, excerpts from Texas Register, Legal document, speech.
11 Taxation, 1979-1980.
Newspaper articles, reports, journal articles, newsletters, guidebook, pamphlet.
12 Taxation, 1981.
Correspondence, copies of acts, dicussion paper, newspaper articles, reports, note, legal doucment.
13 Taxation (Ad Valorem), 1978-1981.
Letter, newspaper articles, report, newsletter, resolutions.
14 Taxation (Agricultural), 1979.
Letter, newsletter, note.
15 Taxation (City and School), 1978-1979.
Newsletters, notes, correspondence, inventory forms, newspaper articles.
16 Taxation Delinquencies, undated
Excerpts from statutes.
17 Taxation (Energy Resources), 1978, 1980.
Resolution, letter, notes, testimony, newspaper articles.
18 Taxation (Elderly and Handicapped Exemption), 1978-1981.
Notes, correspondence, newspaper articles, newsletter, statement, excerpts from statutes.
19 Taxation (Exemptions), 1981.
Excerpts from statute, correspondence, copy of act.
20 Taxation (Farm and Ranch Land), 1977-1978.
Correspondence notes, memoranda, newspaper article, report.
21 Taxation (Inheritance), 1977-1979, 1981.
Newspaper article, correspondence, journal article, newsletter, note, form.
22 Taxation (Limitations), 1978-1979.
Notes, proposals, report, statement, newspaper articles, excerpts from statute, newsletter, journal article.
23 Taxation (Oil Severance Tax), 1979-1980, 1982.
Correspondence, journal article, report, resolution.
24 Taxation (Property), 1978, 1980-1981.
Report, newsletter, newspaper articles, correspondence, excerpt from statute, analysis, note.
25 Taxation (Sales), 1980.
Correspondence, copy of act.
26 Taxation (Tarrant Association of Concerned Taxpayers-TACT), 1978-1979.
Newsletters, memorandum, newspaper articles, correspondence, notes, fact sheet.
27 Taxation (Texas Association of Taxpayers, Inc.), 1976-1977.
Newsletters, correspondence, pamphlet, report.
28 Taxpayers Association of Fort Worth and Tarrant County, 1978-1979.
Notes, newspaper articles, statement, letter.
Box Folder
51 1 Teacher Retirement, 1973, 1975-1977, 1979.
Correspondence, notes, pamphlets, newsletters, fact sheet.
2 Teacher Retirement, 1981.
Correspondence, notes, pamphlets, fact sheet, membership analysis.
3 Teachers, 1974, 1976-1981.
Correspondence, newspaper articles, notes, journal articles, newsletters, questionnaire.
4 Teachers (Academic), 1978.
5 Teachers (Against Unions), 1980.
Notes, correspondence.
6 Teachers Insurance, 1981.
7 Teachers' Organizations, 1974-1976.
Newspaper articles, correspondence, note, flyers, report.
8 Teachers' Pay Raise, 1980-1981.
Correspondence, list of council members.
9 Teachers' Salaries, 1977-1981.
Schedule, notes, newsletter, journal article, summary, newspaper articles, correspondence.
10 Telephone Directories, 1981.
11 Tenants' Rights, 1973, 1977.
Copies of acts, memorandum, newspaper articles, dictionary, journal article, note, letter, report.
12 Tenants' Rights, 1978.
Excerpts from statutes and Texas Supreme Court Journal, newspaper articles, brochure, copies of acts, analysis.
13 Texas Air Control Board, 1978, 1980.
14 Texas A&M University, 1979-1982.
Announcement, correspondence, notes, journal article, resume.
15 Texas A&M University (Medical Program), 1976.
16 Texas Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, 1978.
17 Texas Aeronautics Commission, 1978.
Note, newspaper article.
18 Texas Association of Bass Clubs, 1978.
19 Texas Association of Business, 1979-1980, 1982.
Newspaper article, correspondence, list of chapter officers, invitations, ballot, roster.
20 Texas Code, 1982.
Correspondence, note, journal article.
21 Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, 1970, 1974-1975, 1979.
Book, notes, statement, correspondence, fact sheet, copies of acts, newspaper articles, journal articles, floor plan, memorandum, excerpt from statute, resolution, forms, application.
Box Folder
52 1 Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, 1980.
Notes, newspaper article, forms, correspondence, lists, journal, excerpt from regulations, calendar, book.
2 Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, 1981.
Statement, correspondence, excerpts from statutes, pamphlets, rosters, journal articles, minutes, notes, newsletter, forms, legal documents.
3 Texas Commission on Alcoholism, 1982.
Correspondence, note.
4 Texas Commission on the Arts, 1977-1982.
Correspondence, press release, notes, pamphlets, applications, budgets, lists, schedule of events, newspaper articles.
5 Texas Congressional Delegation, 1978.
6 Texas Cosmetology Commission, 1979, 1982.
Notes, correspondence, memorandum, form.
7 Texas County and District Retirement System, 1981.
Correspondence, note.
8 Texas Department of Community Affairs, 1978-1982.
Correspondence, newspaper articles, newsletter, fact sheet, statistical data.
9 Texas Department of Health, 1979-1980, 1982.
Notice, correspondence, notes, permit.
10 Texas Department of Highways and Public Transportation, 1980.
Correspondence, instruction sheet, study.
11 Texas Department of Labor and Standards, 1978.
12 Texas Employment Commission, 1979-1980.
Reports, correspondence, press release, newspaper articles, data sheet, analysis.
13 Texas Employment Commission, 1981-1982.
Reports, correspondence, analyses, forms, statistical data, notes, claims, newspaper articles, announcement, survey, copy of act.
14 Texas Good Neighbor Commission, 1981.
15 Texas Health Facilities Commission, 1980.
Correspondence, notes.
16 Texas Hospital Association, 1980.
Journal articles, notes, statements, letter.
17 Texas Industrial Commission, 1978-1982.
Newsletter, correspondence, analyses.
18 Texas Monthly, 1980.
Correspondence, statement, article, note.
19 Texas Municipal League, 1978.
20 Texas National Guard, 1979, 1982.
Newsletter, correspondence, notes, proclamation, transcript.
21 Texas Navy, 1977-1978.
Correspondence, notes, brochure.
22 Texas Observer, 1981.
Journal, note.
23 "Texas, Our Texas", 1929, 1947, 1954, 1959, 1969, 1979.
Resolution, correspondence, excerpt from Senate Journal, history of state song, sheet music, newspaper articles, schedule of events, autobiography.
24 Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, 1979-1980, 1982.
Correspondence, newspaper articles, schedule of public hearings, notes, catalog.
Box Folder
53 1 Texas Public Employees Association, 1977-1978
Correspondence, notes, questionnaire, legislative program.
2 Texas Ranger Force, 1981.
Correspondence, note.
3 Texas Register, 1979.
Journal article.
4 Texas Rehabilitation Commission, 1978, 1980-1982.
Newsletter, correspondence, notes, report.
5 Texas Repubulican Voice, 1982.
Notes, letter, newspaper.
6 Texas Research League, 1962-1963, 1979.
Journal articles, newsletters, correspondence.
7 Texas Residency, 1980.
Correspondence, notes.
8 Texas Society For Autistic Citizens, 1982.
Correspondence, notes, announcements.
9 Texas State Board of Architectural Examiners, 1980.
Correspondence, newsletters.
10 Texas State Board of Examiners in Social Psychotherapy, 1980.
11 Texas State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners, 1976, 1979-1980.
Correspondence, resume.
12 Texas State Government Effectiveness Program, undated
13 Texas State Highway and Public Transportation Commission, 1978.
Newsletter, invitation.
14 Texas State Song Association, 1979.
Letter, note.
15 Texas State Technical Institute, 1975, 1979.
Commencement program, note.
16 Texas Statewide Health Coordinating Council, 1980.
Correspondence, minutes.
17 Texas Tourist Development Agency, 1981.
Letter, note, memorandum, statistics.
18 Texas 2000 Commission, 1981.
Letter, survey.
19 Texas Wesleyan College, 1978-1979.
Announcement, letter.
20 Texas Youth Council, 1979.
Letter, notes, report.
21 Textbook Testimony, 1977-1978.
Notes, letter, copies of acts, excerpts from statutes.
22 Textbook Testimony by Andujar (SB 207), 1974, 1977, 1982.
Report, roster, copy of act, newspaper articles, notes.
23 Textbooks, 1969, 1971, 1974.
Excerpt from Congressional Record, newsletter, newspaper articles, guidelines, legal documents, correspondence, citations, notes.
24 Textbooks, 1975.
Correspondence, legal documents, newsletter, notes, copies of acts, newspaper articles, resolutions, report, bill analysis, news release, roster.
25 Textbooks, 1976-1980.
Proclamations, pamphlets, newsletters, notes, correspondence, newspaper articles, copies of acts, resolution, opinion, lists, excerpt from statute, journal article.
26 Textbooks, undated
Excerpts from journals, notes, journal articles, transcript, pamphlets, copies of acts, excerpt from statute, script.
27 Textbooks (Hutcheson School Board Suit), 1974.
Notes, newspaper articles.
Box Folder
54 1 Thanks From Andujar, 1981.
Correspondence, cards, notes.
2 Thanks From Others, February-April, 1981.
Correspondence, notes, cards.
3 Thanks From Others, May 1-12, 1981.
Correspondence, notes, proposal.
4 Thanks From Others, May, 1981.
Correspondence, notes.
5 Thanks From Others, June-August, 1981, 1982.
Correspondence, notes, card.
6 Thanks (Rowland), 1979-1980.
7 Toll Road, 1978, 1980.
Correspondence, note, newspaper articles.
8 Tours (Austin and Washington), 1978-1979.
Correspondence, magazine, notes, pamphlet.
9 Tower, Senator John, 1981.
Correspondence, resolution.
10 Transportation, 1980-1981.
Newspaper article, correspondence, notes, memorandum, resolution, copy of act.
11 Transportation (Turnpike), 1975-1978.
Correspondence, resolutions, memorandum, copies of acts, minutes, newspaper articles, report, pamphlet.
12 Travel Agencies, 1977.
13 Treasury of Texas, 1977-1978.
Excerpt from journal, copy of act, newspaper articles, letter, press release, report.
14 Trinity River Authority of Texas, 1978-1979, 1981.
Notes, correspondence, reports, memorandum, list of directors, newspaper articles.
15 Triplicate Prescription Bill, 1981-1982.
Correspondence, newspaper article.
16 Unemployment, 1977-1980, 1982.
Newspaper and journal articles, correspondence, statement, pamphlet.
17 Unemployment Compensation, 1977-1981.
Correspondence, copy of act, newspaper articles, notes, report, brief, list legal document, proposals.
Box Folder
55 1 Unification Church, 1982.
Newspaper, letter.
2 Unions, 1973, 1975-1978, 1980-1982.
Correspondence, newspaper articles, study, journal, articles, pamphlet, statement, report.
3 Unions (Prevailing Wage), 1978.
Copy of act, fact sheet, newspaper articles.
4 United Parcel Service, 1978-January, 1981.
Fact sheet, journal, correspondence, notes, newspaper articles.
5 Untied Parcel Service, March 3-10, 1981.
Correspondence, note.
6 United Parcel Service, March 10-26, 1981.
Correspondence, notes.
7 United Parcel Service, April-June, 1981.
Legal document, correspondence, newspaper article, notes, brochure.
8 University of Texas, undated
Excerpt from statute.
9 University of Texas (Arlington), 1976.
Report, notes.
10 University of Texas (Arlington), 1979-1982.
Correspondence, enrollment data, notes, reports, brochure, newspaper article, statements.
11 University of Texas at Arlington (Budget), 1978-1979.
Reports, financial data, note.
12 University of Texas Health Science Center at Dallas, 1978.
13 Unsolicited Telephone Calls, 1979-1980.
Newspaper articles, correspondence, press release, note.
14 Usury, 1978-1981.
Notes, correspondence, newspaper articles, analysis, copy of act, report.
15 Utilities, 1981.
Notes, correspondence, excerpt from statute, newspaper articles, rate comparison, resolution, map.
16 Utility Bill Supplements, 1978.
Resolution, copy of act, press release, fact sheet.
17 Vandergriff, 1977.
Newspaper articles, resolution.
18 Vehicles and Traffic (Miscellaneous), 1978.
19 Vehicles and Traffic (Registration), 1981.
Correspondence, notes, resolutions.
Box Folder
56 1 Vernon's Civil Statutes, 1979.
Letter, note.
2 Veteran's Affairs, 1978.
Correspondence, notes.
3 Vetoes, 1979.
Proclamation, summary.
4 Visits to Andujar's Office, 1981.
Notes, newspaper articles, correspondence.
5 Visits to Capitol, 1981.
Correspondence, notes, agenda, card, summary.
6 Vivisection, 1978-1979.
Magazine, correspondence, notes, doctors' statements, pamphlets, membership forms.
7 Vocabulary, undated
List of words.
8 Voir Dire Examination, 1978, 1980.
Newspaper articles, excerpts from statutes, resolution, journal articles.
9 Volunteer Program, 1980.
Report, invitation.
10 Voter Registration, undated
Newspaper articles, notes, applications.
11 Voting (Absentee), 1976.
12 Voting (Felons), 1977.
Notes, letter, pamphlet, magazine.
13 Voting Record, 1973.
List of legislators, excerpt from statute, copy of act, newspaper article, notes, proposal, amendments, journal article, letter, rosters, guidebook, resolutions.
14 Voting Record (Betty Andujar's for Constitutional Convention), 1974.
15 Voting Rights, 1980.
Newspaper article.
16 Wages, 1981.
Correspondence, newspaper article.
17 Washington, D.C. Representation in Congress, 1978-1980.
Journal articles, correspondence, proposal, resolution, newspaper articles, report.
18 "Washington Report", 1975-1979.
19 "Washington Report", 1981-1982.
20 Water, 1978, 1980.
Appraisal, notes, newsletters, fact sheet, journal article.
21 Water Fund (Special Session), 1981.
Note, correspondence, statement.
22 Weapons, 1981.
Correspondence, newspaper articles, note.
23 Weatherization Assistance For Low-Income Persons Programs, 1978.
Letter, fact sheet, list of agencies.
24 Wedgwood Sector Planning Council, 1980.
25 Welfare, 1977, 1979.
Newspaper articles, journal article, correspondence, pamphlet.
26 West Texas Chamber of Commerce, 1979.
27 Westover Hills, 1977, 1980.
Letter, notes.
28 White House Conference on Families, undated
Correspondence, information sheet, list of goals, registration locations, newspaper articles, notes, testimony, pamphlet, statement, newsletter.
Box Folder
57 1 White Settlement, 1977-1978.
Correspondence, note.
2 Windfall Profits Tax, 1979-1980.
Journal articles, newspaper articles, correspondence.
3 Wine Producers, 1977.
Copies of acts, note, roster, presentation.
4 Wire Tapping, 1979-1980, 1982.
Correspondence, newspaper articles, notes.
5 Women, 1976-1978.
Newspaper articles, copies of acts, notes, reports, magazine, newsletters, correspondence.
6 Women, 1979-1982.
Correspondence, newspaper articles, application, newsletters, notes, invitations, journal articles, proposal, list of board members, pamphlets, press release, directory, analysis.
7 Women In Prison, 1968, 1977-1980.
Journal articles, pamphlets, schedule, notes, correspondence, summary.
8 Women In Texas Legislature, 1979-1980.
Lists, newspaper article, notes, correspondence.
9 Women's Political Caucus (Texas), 1973, 1977, 1979-1981.
Correspondence, reports, newspaper articles, notes.
10 Women (Progress, Education For Indigents), 1979.
Notes, fact sheets.
11 Workers Compensation, 1975-1980.
Newspaper articles, pamphlets, newsletter, correspondence, journal article, roster, map, notes, excerpts from statutes, report, certificate, resolution, copies of acts.
12 Workers Compensation, 1981.
Correspondence, journal article, notes, testimony, pamphlet, copy of act, copy of law.
13 Workfare, 1982.
Journal articles.
14 Wright, Jim, 1977.
Newspaper articles, note.
15 Young, Andrew (U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations), 1977, 1979.
Journal article, summary, newspaper article.
16 Zonta Club, 1977.
Box Folder
58 1 Case Mail, 1973, 1979.
Notes, newspaper articles, correspondence, directory, legal document, statement, schedule.
2 Case Mail, 1980.
Notes, directories, correspondence, application, newspaper articles.
3 Case Mail, February-May, 1981.
Notes, correspondence, map, deed, report, application, newspaper articles.
4 Case Mail, June-December, 1981-1982.
Correspondence, schedule, petition, report, newsletter, newspaper articles.
5 Case Mail (Adoption), 1975, 1978-1979.
Notes, correspondence, excerpt from statute, newspaper articles, pamphlet, schedule.
6 Case Mail (Apartment Problems), 1979-1981.
Notes, correspondence, newspaper articles, list, press release.
7 Case Mail (Bail Bond Forfeiture), 1979.
8 Case Mail (Birth and Death Records), 1977-1981.
Notes, newspaper article, correspondence.
9 Case Mail (Complaints Against Lawyers), 1980.
Notes, correspondence.
10 Case Mail (Comptroller's Office), 1978-1979.
Correspondence, notes, application.
11 Case Mail (Consumer Complaints), 1979-1980, 1982.
Newspaper articles, letter, booklet, newsletter, note.
12 Case Mail (Credit Reporting Agencies), 1978-1979.
Excerpts from statute, notes, copy of act, journal article.
13 Case Mail (Debt Collectors), 1978-1979.
Newspaper article, excerpts from statutes.
14 Case Mail (Driver's License Suspension and Revocation), 1974-1978, 1980.
Notes, newspaper articles, letter.
15 Case Mail (Education), 1975-1981.
Notes, brochure, correspondence, newspaper articles, copy of rule, copy of policy, excerpt from statute.
16 Case Mail (Electricity), 1979.
17 Case Mail (Food Stamps and Welfare), 1978-1982.
Notes, correspondence, newsletters, newspaper articles, list.
18 Case Mail (Immigration), 1978-1980.
Notes, correspondence.
19 Case Mail (Insurance), 1977-1982.
Newspaper articles, correspondence, notes, endorsement, invoice, order, rate schedule, list of regulations.
20 Case Mail (Kirby, Randy), 1978.
21 Case Mail (Labor Problems), 1979.
22 Case Mail (Legal Aid), 1981.
Notes, letter.
23 Case Mail (Legislative and Election Information), 1979-1980.
Voter's guide, correspondence, excerpt from statute.
24 Case Mail (Medicaid), 1982.
Correspondence, notes, memorandum, forms, report, newspaper articles.
25 Case Mail (Medicare), 1979.
Box Folder
59 1 Case Mail (Nursing Homes), 1975, 1977-1981.
Correspondence, notes, reports, newspaper article, applications, evaluation, invoice.
2 Case Mail (Social Security), 1978-1982.
Pamphlets, correspondence, newspaper articles, notes, newsletters, journal article.
3 Case Mail (State Hospitals and Schools), 1978-1982.
Notes, correspondence, newspaper articles, list of programs, report, copy of act, excerpts from statutes.
4 Case Mail (Stevens, James), 1978.
Correspondence, notes.
5 Case Mail (Taxes), 1978-1982.
Notes, correspondence, excerpts from statutes, newspaper articles, pamphlet, newsletters.
6 Case Mail (Texas Employment Commission), 1975, 1978-1982.
Notes, correspondence, copies of appeals, handbook, pamphlet.
7 Case Mail (Texas National Guard), 1979.
8 Case Mail (Texas Rehabilitation), 1979.
9 Case Mail (Utilities), 1982.
Newspaper articles, notes, correspondence.
10 Case Mail (Utility Bill Complaints), 1978-1981.
Correspondence, applications, newspaper articles, notes, advertisements.
11 Case Mail (Vehicle Registrations and Titles), 1979.
Notes, correspondence, newspaper articles.
12 Case Mail (Veteran's Affairs), 1975-1982.
Notes, newspaper articles, contracts, correspondence, journal, reports, excerpt from statute, directory, invitation, map.
13 Case Mail (Worker's Compensation), 1979-1980.
Notes, pamphlet, journal article, correspondence, excerpt from statute.
14 Case Work (Aztec Manufacturing Company), 1980.
Complaint, statement, form, list of rules, correspondence, list of regulations.
15 Case Work (Barros, Marco A.), 1976-1978.
Newspaper articles, correspondence, copy of act.
16 Case Work (Bennett, George Ann), undated
17 Case Work (Bethel Church), 1977-1978.
Memoranda, correspondence, notes, waiver.
18 Case Work (Betty Jo), 1977.
Correspondence, notes.
19 Case Work (Bradford, Johnny), (1956) 1977-1979.
Fact sheets, certificate, memorandum, correspondence, notes, excerpts from statutes.
Box Folder
60 1 Case Work (Braselton), 1980-1981.
Correspondence, newspaper articles, report, note.
2 Case Work (Cagle, L.-Teacher Medication), 1978.
Statement, notes, correspondence.
3 Case Work (Case, Eddie L.), 1977.
Note, correspondence.
4 Case Work (Christie, George F., Fort Worth Clinic), 1980.
Correspondence, note.
5 Case Work (Currie, John-Credit Unions), 1979.
Correspondence, notes, memorandum.
24 Case Work (Insurance-Rice), 1979-1980.
Correspondence, policy notices.
25 Case Work (LaMere, Susan L.), 1977-1978.
Newspaper article, correspondence, form, notes, excerpts from Texas Register.
26 Case Work (Patricia Long), 1978.
Note, correspondence, resume.
27 Case Work (Marion, Laredo), 1978, 1981-1982.
Correspondence, memorandum, guidelines, minutes, note, form.
28 Case Work (McCreless, Bob-Insurance), 1978.
Letter, notes.
29 Case Work (Moore, John B.), 1977.
Copy of driving record, invoices, copies of policy, note.
30 Case Work (Oden, Quintin), 1979-1980.
Notes, correspondence, excerpt from statute.
31 Case Work (Oliver, Sammy), 1979.
32 Case Work (Parker County Utility District), 1980.
Notes, correspondence, summary, excerpts from statement.
33 Case Work (Pay Public Employees), 1978.
Notes, correspondence.
Box Folder
61 1 Case Work (Perry, Julius D.), 1976.
Notes, correspondence, affidavits.
2 Case Work (Prisoners), 1975, 1977-1978.
Notes, correspondence, profile, minutes, report.
3 Case Work (Prisoners), January-July, 1979.
Notes, newspaper articles, correspondence, copy of Parole Policy.
4 Case Work (Prisoners), August-December, 1979.
Correspondence, notes, profile, copy of procedure, receipts, treatise.
5 Case Work (Prisoners), January-August, 1980.
Correspondence, notes, newspaper articles, resume, report.
6 Case Work (Prisoners), September-December, 1980.
7 Case Work (Prisoners), January-August, 1981.
Correspondence, notes, affidavit, newspaper article.
8 Case Work (Prisoners), September-December, 1981.
Correspondence, petitions, newspaper articles.
9 Case Work (Prisoners), 1982.
Summary, correspondence, notes, poems, transcript.
10 Case Work (Rendon Utility), 1977-1979.
Notes, legal documents, list of rules and regulations, newspaper article, report, copies of acts, receipt, newsletter, letter.
11 Case Work (Rendon Utility), 1980-1981.
Legal documents, newspaper articles, copy of motion, correspondence, reports, notes, rate schedule, excerpts from statutes.
12 Case Work (Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine-Street, Bruce, Sr.), 1977-1978.
Copy of act, notes, letter, analysis, excerpt from journal.
13 Case Work (Truitt), 1980.
14 Case Work (Utees, Robert C.), 1978.
Correspondence, application, list of corporations.
15 Case Work (Waters, Claude), 1979.
16 Case Work (Wheeler, Martha-Replatting), 1979-September, 1981.
Correspondence, reports, agreement, copies of maps, statement, copies of acts, background information, chart, newspaper article.
17 Case Work (Wheeler, Martha-Replatting), October-November, 1981.
Notes, correspondence, newspaper articles, list of procedures, notices of hearings, statement, calendar, excerpts from statutes, ordinance, map.
18 Case Work (Wheeler, Thomas), 1979.
Correspondence, notes, complaint.