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Scott Bailey Papers:

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Bailey, Scott.
Title: Scott Bailey Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1960-1970
Bulk Dates: 1960-1961
Identification: AR141
Extent: 2 boxes (0.83 linear ft.)
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library

Historical Note

Bailey, a native of Cisco, Texas, served in the 57th Legislature (1961-1962) of the Texas House of Representatives, representing District 76 (Eastland, Callahan, and Shackelford Counties).

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, newsletters, legislation, and printed material from Bailey's Austin office. Also includes campaign materials distributed in his bid for the judge of Eastland County.



Arranged alphabetically.



Open for research.

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Permission to publish, reproduce, distribute, or use by any and all other current or future developed methods or procedures must be obtained in writing from Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library. All rights are reserved and retained regardless of current or future development or laws that may apply to fair use standards.

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Bailey, Scott--Archives.
Texas. Legislature. House of Representatives--Officials and employees.
Texas--Politics and government--1951- --Sources.
Alternate Titles
Texas Political History Collection.

Related Material

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Administrative Information


Gift of Scott Bailey, 1977.


Scott Bailey Papers, AR141, Box Number, Folder Number, Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library.

Processing Information

The folders in the collection were kept in their original alphabetical order. A few folders that were out of order were put back in place. The following folders were created: Campaign Material and Utility Regulation. Original folder titles were kept, and explanatory material was added to aid the researcher.

Container List


Box Folder
1 1 AFL-CIO 1961
Correspondence, one letter
2 Abilene 1961
Correspondence, two letters
3 Agriculture 1961
Correspondence, Etc. - Draft of a Bill on agriculture, registration of farm trailers & semi-trailers, correspondence on licensing of migrant crew leaders, soil conservation map & information, pamphlet on Callahan County
4 Albany 1961
Correspondence from constituents
5 Ambulance Chasing 1961
Soliciting on Personal History - correspondence and miscellaneous records
6 Austin Report 1961
7 "A" Miscellaneous 1961
Correspondence and miscellaneous records
8 Baird 1961
Correspondence from constituents, miscellaneous records
9 Banks and Banking 1961
Correspondence, miscellaneous records
10 Barbering - H.B. No. 144 1961
Copy of House Bill No. 144 on License and Operation of Barber School (Oliver)
11 "B" Miscellaneous 1961
Telegrams, three telegrams on House Bill 269 with Barlow amendment
12 Campaign Materials 1960, 1970
Miscellaneous, campaign handouts on Scott Bailey as State Representative and County Judge
13 Capital Punishment 1960-1961
1960 clipping reprint, speech of Dr. John Silber before Criminal Jurisprudence Committee when House Bill 67 was considered
14 Center 1961
Correspondence from constituent on Dog Theft Bill
15 Cisco 1961
Correspondence from constituents, House Simple Resolutions; 379 - memorial resolution, 380 honoring government class, Cisco Independent School District - salary increases for professional personnel
16 Civil Matters 1961
Correspondence and miscellaneous records
17 Congressional Redistricting, miscellaneous records, "Laws of Texas Relative to Apportionment of Representative Districts," 42 pages, maps of districts
18 County School Superintendent Matters 1961
Correspondence and miscellaneous, information on work of school superintendents; memorandum on Senate Bill 192 on county superintendents
19 Cross Plains 1961
Correspondence from constituents
20 "C" Miscellaneous 1961
Correspondence and miscellaneous records, Carbon Independent School District budget for professional personnel
21 Dog Theft 1961
Correspondence on Dog Theft Bill
22 "D" Miscellaneous 1961
Correspondence and miscellaneous records
23 Eastland 1961
Correspondence from constituents; State of Texas Financial Status
24 East Texas State College Student Union Building - House Bill 329 1961
25 Education 1961
Correspondence and miscellaneous records; correspondence on education, draft of education bill
26 "Education" Course Requirements - House Bill 534 1961-(Grover)
Correspondence and miscellaneous records, report, plan for preparational teachers, draft of requirements
27 Elections - Texas Code Revision - S.C.R. - 30
Copy of bill
28 "E" Miscellaneous 1961
Correspondence and miscellaneous records; correspondence on escheat, booklet on Escheat Law, Eula School salary increases
29 Farm to Market Roads 1961
Correspondence and miscellaneous records; telegrams, press release, map with proposed road drawn in
30 Firearms Bill - House Bill 575 1961
Relating to the carrying of firearms, correspondence
31 Funeral Directors - House Bill 263 1961
32 "F" Miscellaneous 1961
Bulletin from State Firemen's & Fire Marshals' Association
33 Game & Fish 1961
Correspondence and miscellaneous records; Texas Game & Fish Magazine - 1961 - Texas Research League Newsletter, Amendment to House Bill 709; House Bills 443, 981, 999
34 Gorman, Texas 1961
Correspondence from constituents
35 Guardian Investment 1961
House Bill No. 330 (Parkhouse); Senate Bill No. 38, draft of House Bill 330
36 "G" Miscellaneous 1961
Correspondence from constituent, House Joint Resolution No. 12; garnishment of tangible personal property for debt incurred
37 Hoover Commission (Little) House Bill 12 - summary of results of Commission
38 "H" Miscellaneous 1961
Austin Report - 1961; fact sheet on University of Houston
39 Insurance 1961
Miscellaneous records and correspondence
40 Integration 1961
41 "I" Miscellaneous 1961
42 "J" Miscellaneous (no date)
House Bill 356, Judiciary Bill on jury service
Box Folder
2 1 "Law" (relating to the practice of law by unqualified persons in Texas) - House Bill 118 1961
Correspondence & miscellaneous records
2 Livestock Industry 1961
Correspondence on legislation affecting livestock industry
3 Loans and Lending Money - House Bill 7 1961
Correspondence and clipping; relating to small loans
4 Moran 1961
Correspondence and clipping from constituents
5 Miscellaneous 1961
Correspondence: miscellaneous subjects; civil suits; jury verdicts; etc.; budget
6 Municipal & Private Corporations (no date)
Legislation affecting corporation & note, House Bill 856, Senate Bill 427
7 "M" Miscellaneous 1961
Correspondence and miscellaneous records; Texas Medical Board; Metropolitan Plumbing; Medical Society; milk industry
8 Newsletters 1961
Scott Bailey's newsletters
9 North Texas State College - House Bill 645 1961
Correspondence and copy of House Bill 645
10 Oil 1961
Miscellaneous records
10A Olden 1961
Independent School District Budget, salaries of professional employees
11 Payroll Tax 1961
12 Personal 1961
Correspondence and Miscellaneous Records - correspondence from constituents; Kennedy Inauguration Post Card; inquiries; invoice; banquet program
13 Pollution Problems - House Bill 130 1961
Relating to pollution problems; correspondence on bill; list of bills
14 Public Welfare 1961
Letter and booklet on
15 Putnam 1961
Correspondence from constituent; Putnam R.H.S. budget
16 "P" Miscellaneous 1961
Correspondence and information on Padre Island National Seashore Area; memo on poll watchers; State Parks correspondence; Partnership Act; bill summary and clipping; Position Classification Plan; House Bill No. 718
17 R.E.A. 1961
(Rural Electrification Agency); Correspondence on House Bill 2 about R.E.A.; list of cooperatives with representatives names; amendment to House Bill 2
18 Ranger 1961
Correspondence from constituents; House Resolution; Ranger Independent School District
19 Rates for Interstate Commerce by the RR/Comm. (Railroad Commission) - House Bill 156 1961
Correspondence; copy of House Bill 156
20 Rising Star 1961
Correspondence from constituents
21 Rules - Miscellaneous 1961
Correspondence and miscellaneous records; Television and press admission to House Rules; miscellaneous rules
22 "R" Miscellaneous 1961
Correspondence; House Senate Resolution 380 on Ranger College; Amendment to House Bill 3 on relocation of Corporate Boundaries; resolutions
23 Safe Driving Insurance Law 1961
Correspondence on safe driving insurance law
24 Sales Limitation Act - House Bill 47
Copy of bill
25 Sales Tax - General House Bill 727 1961
Correspondence on House Bill 727; with charts; fact sheets; copy of House Bill 727
26 Sales Taxes; General 1961
Report on Citizens for a Sales Tax Organization; correspondence against sales tax; petition with signatures against sales tax
27 Savings Stamps - House Bill 438 1961
Relating to abandonment of savings stamps in Texas; correspondence; one letter
28 Schools 1961
Senate Bill 80; incentive payments to certain schools; correspondence on Senate Bill 80; copy of bill
29 Shrimp - House Bill 437 1961
Correspondence against House Bill 437; report on shrimp; petition against House Bill 437; Amendment to 437
30 Small School Bill - House Bill 542 1961
Correspondence on House Bill 542
31 Sunday Closing 1961
Letter on Sunday closing law
32 Sweetwater 1961
Correspondence and clippings from director of State Bar in Sweetwater, Texas
33 "S" Miscellaneous 1961
Sunday Blue Law; salary of legislators
34 Taxes House Bill No. 621 1961
(Stewart) - letter & copy of bill
35 Telephone Regulation - House 50 1961
Correspondence and miscellaneous records; charts and material on long distance rates
36 Texas Research League 1961
Correspondence & miscellaneous; Texas Research League Reports on indigent medical care services
37 Tuition - State Universities (no date)
Statement on State Universities
38 "T" Miscellaneous 1961
Pamphlet on Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Company; correspondence on teacher retirement; miscellaneous correspondence; monthly report of Treasury Department - February, 1961; Texas Municipal League correspondence; memo and explanation of House Bill 50 on telephone and utility regulation; letter from Scott Bailey on Texas Public Schools
39 Utility Regulations 1961
Correspondence and resolution on utility regulations