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1973-1994, [ongoing]

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CreatorUniversity of Texas at Austin. School of Architecture
TitleUniversity of Texas at Austin. School of Architecture Development Records
Dates1973-1994, [ongoing]
AbstractDevelopment records from the School of Architecture document fund-raising efforts from 1973 to 1994, with ongoing (post-1994) administrative efforts related to these endeavors. Papers include correspondence, memoranda, financial records, documentation of financial donations to the School of Architecture, scholarship administration, annual activity of the Dean's Council (formed in 1973), and records corresponding with fund-raising efforts directed at individuals, alumni, students, parents, architectural firms, corporations, and foundations. Additional records detail the establishment of eight endowed professorships within the School of Architecture, named in honor of prominent architects and friends of the School of Architecture. The records span the terms of Deans Charles Burnette (1973-1975), Harold (Hal) Box (1976-1992), and Larry Speck (1992-1994), and include documentation related to the 75th Anniversary of the School of Architecture in 1985 and the associated Goals Conference of 1984.
IdentificationSOADV 2008005
Quantity9.28 linear feet (23 document boxes) manuscript material, 61 black and white photographic prints, and 5 color photographic prints.
Repository:Alexander Architectural Archives, University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.

Brief History of the School of Architecture

The School of Architecture was established within The University of Texas Engineering Department in 1910, when Dean T. U. Taylor of the Department of Engineering appointed Hugo F. Kuehne as the first faculty member of the School of Architecture. In 1920, the Department of Engineering became the College of Engineering, and the School of Architecture became the Department of Architecture within the College of Engineering. Architecture functioned as a "semiautonomous school" until it was granted full autonomy in 1951.

Scope and Content of the collection

The first 8 series document efforts to create endowed professorships to honor Edwin W. Carroll, John S. Chase, Bartlett Cocke, O'Neil Ford, Harwell Hamilton Harris, Karl Kamrath, Martin S. Kermacy, and Roland Gommel Roessner. These men were friends of the School of Architecture, prominent architects, and included several former faculty members. John S. Chase was the first African-American graduate student to receive a diploma from the School of Architecture.

Series in this collection also document the creation (1973) and activities of the Dean's Council. The 75th Anniversary of the School of Architecture in 1985, was preceded by a significant academic planning forum designated as the Goals Conference of 1984. Additionally, the development administration coordinated internal scholarships for students of Architecture, as well as numerous, smaller fund-raising campaigns and accepted receipt of gifts presented "in memorium."

Records related to development campaigns include correspondence, memorandums, programs, planning documents, application forms, order forms, membership forms, financial records, financial statements, billheads, receipts, scholarships, photographs and additional forms documenting the activities of the School of Architecture. Photographs include posed portraits used in donation solicitation brochures and images from award ceremonies or honorary events. Client brochure pages and photographs depict significant architectural building projects completed by architects honored by endowed professorships.


The 12 series represent groupings based on significant fund-raising campaigns and administrative activities related to development. The first 8 series are named for the person honored by the creation of endowed professorships in the School of Architecture. Records are arranged chronologically within series, with original order maintained when possible.


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University of Texas at Austin, School of Architecture Development Records, Alexander Architectural Archives, University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin

Processing Information

Papers processed by: Alexandra Myers, Donna Coates, Fall 2009.

Detailed Description of the Collection

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

Series A: Edwin W. Carroll Centennial Lectureship, 1980-1985

Series Abstract
Successful campaign to raise $20,000 for an endowed lectureship to honor Edwin Carroll, member of Texas Society of Architects and American Institute of Architects. Although not a member of the University of Texas faculty, Carroll used his alumni status to support the School of Architecture, serving on the Architecture Foundation Advisory Council and the University of Texas Chancellor's Council. The fund-raising campaign was led by Dean Hal Box and Endorsing Committee Chairman Robert Garland (Garland and Hilles Architects).
Documents include a fund-raising brochure for prospective donors, biographical and professional information about Carroll, correspondence, duplicates of donor checks, donation response cards, financial summaries of donations, and gift processing forms. Some files with sensitive material are restricted.
11Edwin W. Carroll Centennial Lectureship brochure, 1983
2Carroll biographical materials (includes 1 black and white and 1 color photographic print)
3Endorsing Committee correspondence, Robert Garland, 1983
4Donation financial summaries, 1983
5Donor mailing address lists and correspondence, 1983
6Gift processing forms and correspondence, 1983-1985
7, 8Donor cards, checks [photocopies], gift processing forms, 1983
9Check duplicates [photocopies] and correspondence, 1983
10Donations, 1984, 1985

Series B: John S. Chase Endowed Presidential Scholarship, 1985-1987

Series Abstract
John Chase, the first African-American student to enroll and graduate with a Master's Degree from the School of Architecture and the University of Texas, was honored through a fund-raising campaign to endow the $25,000 merit-based Presidential Scholarship on December 5, 1986. The campaign collected donations primarily in 1985 and 1986, with some payment plans resulting in donations funded in 1987. W. Tom Arnold of the Houston Diagnostic Clinic served as Chairman of the campaign, aided by Dean Hal Box of the School of Architecture and Attorney Wales Madden of Amarillo, Texas.
Records include correspondence among School of Architecture staff, John Chase, the Endorsing Committee, potential and acknowledged financial donors, and University of Texas administrators. Summary ledgers of donor names and donation amounts are also available, as are gift processing forms, donation cards, duplications of donor checks, and the fund-raising brochure sent to potential donors. Some files with sensitive material are restricted.
21Solicitation brochure for donors, John S. Chase Scholarship, 1985
2Drafts for solicitation brochure, 1985
3Biographical clippings about John Chase and Scholarship at UT-Austin, 1950's, 1980, 1982
4Successful endowment actions, correspondence, 1986-1987
5Endorsing Committee correspondence, Tom Arnold and Wales Madden, 1985-1986
6Financial summary ledgers of donations, 1985-1987
7Foundation and individual solicitation lists
8Endorsing Committee correspondence and solicitation mailing lists, 1985-1986
9Fund-raising letters from Wales Madden, 1986
10Correspondence, Dean Hal Box 1985-1987
11Donations and thank you letters, 1985
12Donations and thank you letters, 1986
31Donations and gift processing forms, 1985
2Donations and gift processing forms, 1986
3Administrative duplicates of donor gift processing forms, and correspondence, 1985-1986

Series C: Bartlett Cocke Regents Professorship, 1983-1987

Series Abstract
Successful $100,000 campaign to create an endowed professorship in honor of University of Texas (UT) alumni and School of Architecture supporter Bartlett Cocke. Cocke served as President of the Texas Society of Architects (TSA), and although he was not a faculty member of UT, the Professorship was designed to honor his achievements and 83rd birthday. Dean Hal Box worked with Patrick Chumney, Chair of the Endorsing Committee, to raise money and announce the successful endowment on August 9, 1985.
Materials in the collection include an informational brochure for potential donors, correspondence, financial summaries of donations, gift processing forms, duplicates of checks, donor information cards, donor mailing address lists, and photographs. Some files with sensitive material are restricted.
34Bartlett Cocke Professorship solicitation brochure, 1984
5, 6Endorsing Committee correspondence, Pat Chumney, 1983-1985
7Pat Chumney solicitations, 1985
8Financial donation summaries, 1984
41Financial donation summaries, 1985
2Donations, checks [photocopies], donor cards, correspondence, 1984
3Donations, checks [photocopies], donor cards, correspondence, 1985-1986
4Donations, checks [photocopies], donor cards, correspondence, 1987
5Brochure recipients mailing address lists
6Donor solicitations, Hal Box, December 1984
7Samples of gift processing form, donor checks [photocopies], correspondence, 1984-1987
8Publicity photographs, 1985 (5 black and white photographic prints)

Series D: O'Neil Ford Chair in Architecture, 1978-1984

Series Abstract
Records relate to the proposal, financial development, and endowment of the O'Neil Ford Chair for the School of Architecture. The idea developed in 1978-1979 and was formally proposed to the University in 1980. Active fund-raising occurred primarily in 1980, 1981, and 1982. Highlights of the fund-raising campaign included a reception at the Littlefield House on the University of Texas Campus, hosted on September 19, 1980 and attended by O'Neil Ford, actor Gregory Peck, Mrs. Lady Bird Johnson, and Dean Hal Box. Grace Jones hosted a brunch in Salado, Texas on December 13, 1981. Members of the Endorsing Committee included Honorary Co-Chairs Gregory Peck and Nancy Hanks, joined by Committee Members Patsy and Marshall T. Steves, Liz Carpenter, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rust Crosby, Lady Bird Johnson, Grace Jones, Margaret McDermott, W. L. Moody IV, Nancy Brown Negley, Edward L. Protz, and Darrell and Edith Royal.
Endowed chair positions required $500,000 in funding and the School of Architecture achieved this amount, benefitting from matching donations through the University of Texas Centennial Campaign of 1983. The School of Architecture records include files from Director of Development Joe Brown (who died in 1981), Assistant Director Valerie Dunnam, and Director of Development Vivian (Viva) Silverstein.
Documents include correspondence, development brochures, donor mailing lists, donor information, inner-departmental memos, hand-written planning notes, document drafts, press releases, clippings, donation processing forms, contact sheets and photographs. Some files with sensitive material are restricted.
51O'Neil Ford Chair brochure drafts
2Publicity clippings for O'Neil Ford Chair
3Proposal to establish the O'Neil Ford Chair
4Ford documentary material (includes extensive curriculum vita and project list)
5Clippings and funeral program, O'Neil Ford, 1982
6Pritzker Prize nomination, 1982 (includes curriculum vita)
7Master file on Endorsing Committee, 1980-1981
8School of Architecture donor roster, master list, notes, 1978-1981
9Committee member list for mail out
10Master mailing list
11Establishment of Ford financial account
12Correspondence from O'Neil Ford, 1981
13Correspondence to O'Neil Ford, 1979-1982
61Correspondence, O'Neil Ford Chair, 1980-1981 [Val Dunnam reading file]
2Notes from Hal Box/Protz Conference about O'Neil Ford, 1980
3Correspondence, Vic Neuhaus, 1980-1981
4Endorsing Committee correspondence
5Funding solicitation letters and donor refusals
6Thank you letters to donors, 1978-1982
7Thank you letters to donors, March 1982
8Ford and Peck reception in the Littlefield House, 1980
9Ford Party hosted by Grace Jones in Salado, Tex., December 1981
10Memorials to Joe Brown given to O'Neil Ford Chair, 1981-1982
71Texas Centennial fund-raising, University-wide planning, 1983
2Charles Moore, first holder of Ford Chair, 1982-1984
3Charles Moore reception invitation, San Antonio, Texas, 1984
4O'Neil Ford portraits (3 black and white photographic prints)
5Photographs, Ford and Gregory Peck reception, September 19, 1980 (7 black and white photographic prints)
6Photographs, Grace Jones brunch in Salado, Tex., December 13, 1981 (11 black and white photographic prints, 2 contacts sheets)

Series E: Harwell Hamilton Harris Fellowship, 1983-1987

Series Abstract
The School of Architecture successfully endowed multiple fellowships to honor Harwell Hamilton Harris, who served as the Director of the School of Architecture from 1951-1955. The $50,000 campaign to establish a Teaching Fellowship was led by Dean Hal Box, with an Endorsing Committee chaired by David Barrow. The fund-raising brochure includes a photograph of the Trade Mart Court in Dallas, Texas, one of Harris's signature professional projects. Records also document the Harris exhibit funded by the Amon Carter Foundation. The successful campaign received the majority of donations in 1984 and 1985, and the approval of the Teaching Fellowship was announced on February 15, 1985.
Records include correspondence with Dean Hal Box, the Harrises, donors, potential donors, and School of Architecture administrative correspondence from Vivian Silverstein. Photo reproductions of donor checks, gift processing forms, and financial summaries of donations form the bulk of the records. The fund-raising brochure and several drafts are accompanied by photographic prints of Harris and his architectural projects. One of the photographic portraits was taken by photographer Man Ray. Some files with sensitive material are restricted.
77Harwell Hamilton Harris Fellowship solicitation brochure, circa 1985
8Professorship and exhibit, clippings and press releases, 1985
9Correspondence with Harris, 1984-1985
10Correspondence, Dean Hal Box, 1984-1986
11Endorsing Committee correspondence, David Barrow, 1984
12Exhibition, proposal for funding, November 1983
13Solicitation brochure drafts
81Brochure and mailing address lists, 1984
82Donor contribution ledgers, 1984-1985
3, 4Donations, donor checks [photocopies], correspondence, 1984
5Donor gift processing forms and payment checks [photocopies], 1984
6Donor correspondence, pledge forms and checks [photocopies], 1985
7Donor gift processing, 1985
8Donor gift processing, 1986-1987
9Architectural projects by Harris, publication and articles
91Portraits of Harris (7 black and white, 4 color photographic prints)
92Architectural projects by Harris (16 black and white photographic prints)

Series F: Karl Kamrath Lectureship (formerly Regents Professorship) in Architecture, 1984-1987

Series Abstract
The campaign to raise $100,000 to endow the Kamrath Professorship occurred in 1985, 1986, and 1987, coinciding with Kamrath's 75th birthday in April 1986. Dean Hal Box collaborated with the Endorsing Committee, chaired by George P. Mitchell. Large donations from Warren S. Bellows Construction, Regent Jack Blanton of Scurlock Oil Company and Jim Reichert of the West Foundation were instrumental, but the School of Architecture was unable to raise $100,000. Instead, in 1987, the School proposed to modify the campaign to the Karl Kamrath Lectureship in Architecture.
Records include correspondence, architectural promotional materials, donor address lists, gift transmittal forms, donation processing forms, duplicates of checks (with redacted account numbers) and photographs. Some files with sensitive material are restricted.
93Donation solicitation brochure and drafts, 1985
94Donation financial summary ledgers, 1985-1987
5Endorsing Committee working file [?], 1985-1986
6School of Architecture, administrative working office file, 1984-1987
7Correspondence with donor foundations, 1985-1986
8Correspondence with donors, June 1984-July 1985
9Correspondence with donors, October 1985-December 1985
10Correspondence with donors, January 1986-March, 1986
101Correspondence with donors, April 1986-October 1986
2Correspondence with donors, 1987
3Donations, gift processing forms and donor checks [photocopies], 1986-1987
4 Gift processing forms and donor checks [photocopies], 1985-1986
5Kamrath designed holiday greeting cards, and drawings of Dental Branch Building
6Kamrath's personal Christmas card mailing list, December 1985
7Photographs (5 color snapshots with tracing paper overlay with identification)
8MacKie and Kamrath client brochure and loose pages

Series G: Martin S. Kermacy Centennial Professorship in Architecture, 1983-1985

Series Abstract
Martin Kermacy (born 1915 in Hungary) began teaching at the University of Texas in 1947 and was involved in architectural education for over 35 years. The fund-raising brochure for this campaign solicited $100,000 in donations from 1983-1985. The campaign was led by Dean Hal Box, with an Endorsing Committee of Dave Braden, Mrs. Arthur Fehr, Leo Newman, Kenneth M. Nuhn, George Clayton Pearl, Carolyn Peterson, James Pratt, Robert L. Richey, and Louis S. Southerland. A letter from University of Texas President Peter T. Flawn confirms the Board of Regent creation of the professorship on August 12, 1983.
Records include extensive donor mailing address lists, gift transmittal forms, duplicates of donor checks, correspondence, and fund-raising brochure. Some files with sensitive material are restricted.
109Endowment solicitation, Martin S. Kermacy Professorship brochure, 1983
11Ledger, donors and donations, 1983-1985
12Donor mailing lists (folder 1 of 2)
111Donor mailing lists (folder 2 of 2)
2Thank you letters to donors, 1983
3Gift processing forms and donor checks [photocopies], 1983-1985
4Pledges and checks [photocopies], 1983
5Gift transmittals, 1984-1985
121, 2, 3Gift processing forms and donor checks [photocopies], 1983

Series H: Roland Gommel Roessner Centennial Professorship in Architecture, 1982-1985

Series Abstract
Roland G. Roessner taught at the University of Texas from 1948 until his retirement in May 1982. This $100,000 fund-raising campaign coincided with his retirement and with the University of Texas Centennial of 1983. Dean Hal Box worked with members of the Endorsing Committee who included Philip D. Creer, George Kozmetsky (RGK Foundation), Howard C. Parker, W. Overton Shelmire, William B. Blakemore II, Pat Chumney, and others. Highlights of the campaign included a brunch on June 20, 1982 to honor Roessner's retirement and a reception at the RKG Foundation on October 15, 1983.
Records include correspondence, clippings, a fund-raising brochure, records of donor and donations, gift processing forms, RSVP response cards, address mailing lists, and photographs. Some files with sensitive material are restricted.
124Roessner Professorship brochure, drafts and press release, 1983
5Fund-raising correspondence and documentation, 1982
6Fund-raising correspondence and documentation, 1983-1984
7Records of donor payments, 1982
131Documentation on Roessner
2Endowment fund contribution reports, 1982
3Correspondence with donors, 1982
4Donations by donor name (A-M), 1982
5Donations by donor name (M-W), 1982
6Donor gift processing forms and correspondence (A-D), 1982-1983
7Donor gift processing forms and correspondence (E-N), 1982-1983
141Donor gift processing forms and correspondence (R-W), 1982-1983
2Roessner brunch contribution record, June 20, 1982
3Roessner brunch attendance record balance sheet and deposit list, 1982
4Brunch invitation lists, May 1982
5Brunch invitation lists, June 1982
6Brunch event details, June 1982
7Solicitations lists, 1982
8Roessner Professorship celebration, October 1983
9Photographs and portraits (7 black and white photographic prints)

Series I: Dean's Council of the School of Architecture, 1973-1990 [ongoing]

Series Abstract
Established in 1974, the Dean's Council of the School of Architecture served as a fund-raising and advisory forum for influential alumni and corporate friends of the School. To promote membership, Dean Charles Burnette organized several regional chapters: Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. Correspondence, survey questionnaire responses, luncheon receipts, and membership forms document the activities of these councils. Ralph Spencer, the Director of Professional Affairs for the School of Architecture in 1974, led many of the initial campaigns. Individual membership cost remained $100 from 1974 until 1990.
A membership solicitation letter from February 9, 1990 explains that "the support of the Dean's Council has enabled the School to enhance the educational process for students. These discretionary funds provide support for student field trips and site visits, assistance with student competition expenses, Teaching Excellent Awards to outstanding faculty members, and publications such as NEWS, your alumni newsletter. This funding needs to continue year after year. The School cannot use state funds for these projects."
151Formation survey and "Report to Dean's Council," 1974
2Correspondence, Dean's Council, Dean Charles Burnette, 1973-1974
3Correspondence and notes, Dean Charles Burnette, 1974-1976
4Correspondence and notes, Dean Hal Box, 1975-1977
5Accounting, correspondence and invoices, 1974-1977
6Accounting, travel reimbursements, dues and finances, 1974-1977
161Correspondence and member dues, 1978-1980
2Correspondence, Dean Hal Box, 1978-1980
3Lists of members and alumni, 1979-1980
4Correspondence and clippings, Dean Hal Box, 1979-1981
5Correspondence, Dean Hal Box, 1979-1982
6Renewals, dues and correspondence, 1980-1981
7Correspondence, member dues and billing schedule, 1981-1982
8Donations and gift processing forms, 1981-1982
9Membership dues and correspondence, 1982-1983
10Donation and membership gift processing forms and correspondence, 1982-1983
171Program information poster, School of Architecture Development Campaigns, Fall 1983
2Correspondence and checks, Dean Hal Box, 1983-1984
3Dean's Council correspondence and solicitation, 1983-1985
4Membership dues and donations, 1983
5Membership dues and donations, 1984
6Correspondence and donations, Dean Hal Box, 1984-1985
7Donation solicitation brochures, Fall 1986 and Spring 1987
8Donation solicitation for Goldsmith TerraCotta Tiles, Fall 1988
9Correspondence and solicitations, 1988-1989
10Solicitation for membership, 1989-1990

Series J: Goals Conference and 75th Anniversary of the School of Architecture

Series Abstract
To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the School of Architecture, Dean Hal Box organized the educational Goals Conference held October 26-28, 1984. A press release states that "two dozen individuals with expertise in different areas of architecture and architecture education have accepted invitations to gather in Austin ... the conference will help the school to establish a set of goals and objectives to guide its future development." Boone Powell, partner of Ford Powell and Carson, chaired the 75th Anniversary Commission and helped design the conference program to address five main topics: students, architecture programs, the planning program, scholarship and faculty, and facilities and staff. Invited essayists composed formal responses to conference prompts and discussions. Several events were held at the La Mansion Hotel in Austin (later renamed the Doubletree), in addition to The University of Texas campus.
Significant fund-raising by Jack Crosby and other members of the Anniversary Task Force supported the Goals Conference and 75th Anniversary activities. The School of Architecture also hired consultant Bryghte Godbold to advise in the planning and execution of the conference. Documents in the series include correspondence, financial solicitation mailings, financial records of donations and expenses, purchase vouchers, registration forms, travel and expense reimbursements, press releases, conference programs, agendas, and reports, as well as essays prepared for the conference.
181Correspondence, Task Force, March-July 1984
2Correspondence, Task Force, August-October 1984
3Correspondence with Bryghte Godbold, May-October 1984
4Correspondence with University of Texas President Peter Flawn, 1984-1985
5Correspondence, financial solicitation, March-May 1984
6Correspondence, financial solicitation, June 1984
7Correspondence, financial solicitation, July-October 1984
8Donation solicitations from Jack Crosby, April 1984
9School of Architecture financial records for fund-raising and conference expenses, May-September 1984
10Correspondence, School of Architecture financial records for conference expenses and program activity, October 1984
11School of Architecture financial records, purchase vouchers, September-November 1984
191Correspondence with invited participants, May-September 1984
2Correspondence with invited participants, October-November 1984
3Registration forms from participants, 1984
4Confirmation letters mailed to registered participants, July-October 1984
5Goals Conference press release, program, agenda, 1984
6Final conference report and minutes of the final session, 1984
7Selection Committee and correspondence with conference essayists, April 1984-March 1985
8Drafts and final essays by Jonathan King and David Godschalk, 1984
9Drafts and final essays by Hal Box, Lawrence B. Anderson, and Harold C. Fleming, 1984
1050th Reunion Class of 1934, correspondence, November 1983-February 1984
11Dean's Council reception, April 1985

Series K: Scholarships Administered by the School of Architecture, 1985-1989

Series Abstract
The School of Architecture administers several internal scholarships. Students submit a formal application, letter of interest, resume, letters of recommendation, and financial statements. The School of Architecture responds with correspondence outlining the award. Some files with sensitive material are restricted.
1912, 13Applications and awards, 1985-1986
201Applications and awards (A-H), 1986-1987
202Applications and awards (J-Q), 1986-1987
3Applications and awards (R-Y), 1986-1987
4Applications and awards (A-K), 1987-1988
5Applications and awards (L-W), 1987-1988
6Applications and awards (A-J), 1988-1989
7Applications and awards, (K-W), 1988-1989
211Records for scholarship awards [student Joanne Maddox], 1983-1985
2"Unknown Whether These Students Received Scholarships or Not," 1987-1989

Series L: Development Campaigns, School of Architecture, 1981-1994

Series Abstract
Chronological collection of diverse fund-raising campaigns and donations for the School of Architecture. Includes development of the Architectural Drawings Collections, Excellence Fund, Dean's Council, Divino Scholarship Fund, James Riely Gordon exhibit and commemorative poster, All-Class Reunion of April 15-17, 1983, Parents Association, endowed professorships, scholarships, and donations given "in memoriam." Donations in memory of the following people are recorded: Yvette Therese Atkinson, Richard E. Johnson, R. Max Brooks, Edward McClure, and Allyn J. Burns. Some files with sensitive material are restricted.
213Summary of development fund-raising campaigns, School of Architecture, 1981 [?]
4Endowment funding for School of Architecture professorships, 1982-1988
5Architectural Foundation, historical information
6Architectural Drawings Collection brochure, October 1979
7Advertisement for notecards from the Architectural Drawings Collection, [1984?]
8Excellence Fund (School of Architecture), 1981-1982
9Excellence Fund solicitation "Gift Ideas," [undated]
10Financial records of donations, including Dean's Council, 1980-1983
11Donations, "in memoriam," discretionary funds, 75th Anniversary, 1984-1987
12Yvette Therese Atkinson Fund, gift transmittals, thank you letters, 1985
13Divino Scholarship Fund, donations, financial records and correspondence, 1981-1982
14Donations: Divino Scholarship, 1983-1985, Summer Academy, 1984, and Richard E. Johnson memorial, 1984-1985
15Buford Walter Crain Centennial Endowed Professorship, 1981-1982
221James Riely Gordon exhibition, sponsoring donations, 1982
2James Riely Gordon poster, donations, 1983
3James Riely Gordon poster, donations, 1984
4All-Class Reunion, invitation, correspondence, guest lists, 1983
5All-Class Reunion, guest RSVP's and payments
6All-Class Reunion, financial records and correspondence
7Faculty Scholarship Fund, donations by faculty, 1982-1983
8R. Max Brooks Memorial Fund, donations, 1982-1983
9Southwest Center, "the 100" contribution form, [1983?]
10Edward McClure Memorial Fund, donations and graduate student rosters, 1982-1984
11Allyn J. Burns Memorial Scholarship, donations and financial records, 1986
12Summer Academy in Architecture (high school students) 1986, 1987 (2 black and white photographic prints)
231Parents Association, brochures and mailings, 1988-1990
2Blake Alexander Traveling Student Fellowship, solicitation brochure and RSVP form to reception, Fall 1988
3Hal Box Fellowship, solicitation brochure, Fall 1988
4Philip Creer Student Fellowship in Historic Preservation, Fall 1988
5Financial statements, School of Architecture, 1993-1994
6University of Texas System Development Board, Directory of Members and Guide, 1993-1994