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The History of Planning in Texas Project Records, 1911-2000

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Creator:American Planning Association -- Texas Chapter
Title:American Planning Association -- Texas Chapter: The History of Planning in Texas Project records
Abstract:Created in 1977 by the Executive Committee of the Texas Chapter of the American Planning Association (APA), The History of Planning in Texas Project is a valuable resource for students and educators alike. Includes transcriptions, monographs and documentation relating to the history of planning in nine metropolitan areas: Austin, Beaumont, Corpus Christi, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Galveston, Houston and San Antonio.
Quantity: 8 linear feet of papers, 12 audio cassettes, 36 diskettes, 46 slides
Language:Materials are in English.
Repository:Alexander Architectural Archives, University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.

Historical background of the Texas Chapter of the American Planning Association

Created in 1977 by the Executive Committee of the Texas Chapter of the American Planning Association (APA), The History of Planning in Texas Project is a valuable resource for students and educators alike. With the support of Chapter president Bruce McClendon, the project obtained permanent financial support and oversight from the APA's Education Foundation in 1979. The project's focus was to create a record of the experiences of planners from around Texas. Robert Cornish, chapter historian, began the project by focusing on nine metropolitan areas: Austin, Beaumont, Corpus Christi, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Galveston, Houston and San Antonio.

Mr. Cornish ran the project from 1979 until 1994. During this period he was director to Texas A&M's Department of Urban and Regional Planning. Mr. Cornish traveled Texas recording oral history interviews with well known state and local planners and educators. With the assistance of colleagues and students from Texas A&M, Mr. Cornish collected transcripts and supporting historical documentation on the history of planning from each of the nine metropolitan areas. Cornish also is the author of several creative works in the archive.

The History of Planning in Texas Project archives were donated to The University of Texas at Austin by the American Planning Association in 1995 and are housed in the Alexander Architectural Archives. The American Planning Association has continued to send materials for the collection since its initial donation.

Scope and Content of the collection

Primary resources include transcriptions, monographs and documentation relating to the history of planning in nine metropolitan areas: Austin, Beaumont, Corpus Christi, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Galveston, Houston, and San Antonio. Accompanying materials include original recordings on twelve cassette tapes and transcriptions saved on 5.25" and 3.5" computer diskettes. The computer diskettes contain transcriptions saved in numerous formats, some unknown.

Supporting documentation includes historical readings, reports, planning documents, color slides and various other materials related to each of the nine metropolitan areas included in the project. Some published reports have been transferred to the Architectural and Planning Library's circulating collection.

Also included in the archive are teaching materials from the American Planning Association's Short Course for city officials. Records of the project's financial history, and correspondence between parties involved in the project are located in the archive as well. Digital representations of some of the oral histories in the Project Records Series are available online through Texas ScholarWorks.


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American Planning Association -- Texas Chapter: The History of Planning in Texas Project Records, Alexander Architectural Archives, University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin

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Transferred to the Alexander Architectural Archives from the University of Texas at Austin, School of Architecture.

Processing Information

by David W. Danenfelzer, January 1999, under the generous sponsorship of the American Planning Association, Texas Chapter. Additional processing by Amanda Keys, April 2010.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

Series A: Office Records, 1979-1995
1 linear foot, 2 manuscript boxes

Series Abstract
The Office Records series includes correspondence, reports, memos, notes, agendas, financial records, rosters, a disk directory, minutes, bylaws, American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) exam workshop outline, and color photos and negatives. The series documents the preparation and research work for the oral history project and also includes various industry newsletters.
11Correspondence, reports, completed surveys, 1979-1995
2Bank records, 1989-1995
3University account records, 1984-1986
4University account records and grant application, 1987-1989
5Project status logs, 1986-1990
6Project status logs and minutes, 1987
7Reference materials, 1979-1989
8Reference materials, 1990-1993
21Newsletters, 1982-1990
"The Texas Chapter APA Project: A History of Planning in Texas" 1986 conference presentation by Robert Cornish
"American Planning Association, Texas Chapter" v. 19, no. 1 (1990) newsletter
"Section News" v.1 no.1 1990 Central Texas Section of the APA newsletter
"The Medallion: News of Historic Preservation in Texas" v. 21, no. 2 (1984) newsletter
22Some Influences on the Growth of Two Texas Cities by David G. Woodcock (Asst. Professor, Texas A&M University), August 1964-July 1966
3Council of Governments reports, 1968, undated

Series B: Project Records, 1911-2000
7 linear feet, 15 manuscript boxes, 1 diskette box, 1 slide box

Series Abstract
Series includes interview transcriptions and related correspondence and reference materials, E.D. 489U/Plan 489A syllabus (Texas A&M, class taught by McGraw and Hinojosa, 1983), student works, reports, drafts, pre-prints and reprints of conference papers and journal articles, notes, charts, memos, clippings, reference materials, a small quantity of black and white and color photos. The archive has maintained what we believe to be the original order, reflecting Robert Cornish's organization of reference items and his intermingling of students' works with his research materials and own creative works. Some dates and spelling of names are inconsistent; the archive normalized these incidents in which the information was known. Of note are what appears to be copies of University of Texas Professor Hugo Leipziger-Pearce's own correspondence, reference files, and creative works, with some items annotated for Cornish's use. Digital representations of some of the oral histories in this series are available at Texas ScholarWorks for remote study.
Planning Education in Texas, 1955-1991
24Planning Education in Texas, 1976-1993
David Pugh, interviewed August 5, 1987, transcribed July 8, 1991
Jesus H. Hinojosa, interviewed July 29, 1987, transcribed August 8, 1987, final corrections August 10, 1988
Wolfgang G. Roeseler, interviewed August 7, 1987, transcribed March 8, 1988, final corrections July 19, 1988
Ard Anjomani, interviewed June 19, 1987, transcribed July 17, 1987, final corrections June 30, 1988
Alan Black, interviewed July 4, 1987, transcribed February 7, 1988, final corrections June 19, 1988
Bob Wegner, interviewed March 8, 1990, transcribed March 18, 1990, final corrections April 28, 1990
Dr. Joseph McGraw, interviewed October 9, 1985, final corrections April 2, 1987
25Planning Education in Texas, 1987-1988
Joel Goldsteen, interviewed June 19, 1987, transcribed July 24, 1987, final corrections July 15, 1988
Sandra Rosenbloom, interviewed August 18, 1987, transcribed February 22, 1988, final corrections July 15, 1988
Paul Geisel, interviewed June 19, 1987, transcribed July 10, 1987, final corrections July 15, 1988
John Shanahan, interviewed June 12, 1987
26Planning Education in Texas: Hugo Leipziger-Pearce, 1955-1985
7Reference materials, 1972-1989
8Newsletters, 1972-1993
APA Texas chapter newsletter, v. 16, no. 1-3
AIP Texas chapter newsletter, v.5, no. 4, October 1977
Planning: the ASPO Magazine, September 1972
Midwest Memo, Texas chapter APA, September/October 1993
Planning in Austin, 1927-1991
31Planning in Austin, 1981-1991
Tracy Watson, interviewed August 15, 1990, transcribed August 22, 1991
Hoyle Osborne, interviewed August 1982
Joan Bartz, interviewed January 8, 1981
Norman Standerfer, interviewed November 21, 1986, transcribed January 1, 1982, final corrections September 11, 1987
Dick Lillie, interviewed January 9, 1981
32Planning in Austin, 1980-1991
Evelyn Butler, interviewed January 9, 1980, final corrections October 2, 1987
Mike Mahoney, interviewed February 23, 1986, revised
Mike Mahoney, interviewed February 23, 1986, uncorrected
Jim Duncan, interviewed August 15, 1990, transcribed September 4, 1991
Ben Luckens, interviewed August 15, 1990, transcribed August 19, 1991
33Planning in Austin, 1981-1987
Luther Polnau, interviewed November 1, 1986, transcribed January 12, 1987, final corrections March 12, 1987
Kevin Stowers (paraphrased), interviewed January 8, 1981, final corrections July 20, 1986
Kevin Stowers, KLBJ FM Newsmagazine interview: "Austin into the 21st Century," October 1980, transcribed March 17, 1987
Tom Knickerbocker (paraphrased), interviewed January 8, 1981, final corrections October 20, 1986
Thomas Wetzel, interviewed January 11, 1981, transcribed December 5, 1986, final corrections April 28, 1987
34Creative Works, 1984-1987
"The History of Planning in Austin, Texas," Robert Cornish presentation at the Texas Chapter APA Conference in Austin, October 16, 1987 (two annotated drafts and timelines)
"The History of Planning: Austin, Texas," student work by Sam Tobias, URPL 666, Spring 1984, Cornish course at Texas A&M
35Reference materials, 1950-1987
"Austinplan" update, November 1986, March 1987, October 1987
Plats and Subdivisions reprint from the Code of the City of Austin, Texas, 1954, revised 1957, 1968
First Texas Conference on Housing program, Department of Architecture and College of Engineering, The University of Texas, April 12-13, 1940
"History of Urban Planning in Texas," presentation by Hugo and Martha Leipziger-Pearce to League of Women Voters of Texas, Waco, March 1965
"Charter of the City of Austin," published in March 1979 with amendments through April 1978
"Austinplan: The Process," February 22, 1986 (separated to be cataloged)
36Reference materials, 1980-1988
"Austinplan: Progress Report," February 1988
"Austinplan: Sector Plan Handbook," July 1988
"Austinplan: Recommended Land Use Plan," June 1988
City of Austin business plan 1988, Department of Planning and Growth Management, April 21, 1988
41Leipziger-Pearce correspondence and reference materials, 1952-1990
"Austin Tomorrow, Land Use: An analysis of Urban Development in Austin," June 1975 (separated to be cataloged)
42Leipziger-Pearce correspondence and creative works, 1940-1984
"City Planning Housing," reprinted from Journal of Architecture Engineering and Industry vol. 4, no. 2, 1940
"Environmental Quality and Lifestyles, A Dilemma," preprint for American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Spring Convention and Exhibit, Pittsburgh, Penn., April 24-28, 1978
"Planned Unit Development (PUD) in Renewal Planning," preprint for ASCE Annual and National Environmental Engineering Meeting, Houstin, Texas, October 16-22, 1972
"Modern Architecture Needs a Frame of Reference," reprinted from Journal of Architecture Engineering and Industry vol. 10, no. 4, 1951
"Quality Control in City Building," reprinted from Journal of Architecture Engineering and Industry vol. 6, January 1944
"The Roots & Directions of Organic Architecture," reprinted from The Texas Quarterly, vol. V, no. 1, Spring 1962
"Architecture as a Political Weapon," reprinted from Journal of the American Institute of Architects, November 1950
"The Planner as an Educated Man," reprinted from Planning 1947, proceedings of the Annual Meeting in Cincinnati, May 5-9, 1947
"A Comprehensive Plan Charter Amendment for the City of Austin, Texas," workshop discussion paper by Daniel W. O'Connell and Martin G. Leitner, 1984
43"Austinplan" reports, 7 color photos 1958-1989
4Reports, 1927-1988
Annual Report, City Plan Commission of Austin, 1949-1950
"A City Plan for Austin, Texas," Koch and Fowler, consulting engineers, 1927 report, reprinted in 1957
"Austin Metropolitan Area," reprinted from ULI Market Profiles: 1988
"A Proposal for the Creation of an Organization for the City of Austin for Planning and Development of Municipality," [1943]
Planning in Beaumont, 1987
45Planning in Beaumont, 1987
Bruce McClendon, interviewed August 4, 1986, final corrections March 27, 1987
Planning in Corpus Christi, 1982-1988
51Planning in Corpus Christi, 1982-1988
Michael Gunning, interviewed May 29, 1982, edited April 4, 1983 (four versions of transcript)
Marvin Townsend, interviewed March 12, 1984 (with correspondence)
Brandol M. Harvey, interviewed October 8, 1988, transcribed December 20, 1988, final corrections January 31, 1990
52Planning in Corpus Christi, Bill Anderson, 1982
Bill Anderson, interviewed May 29, 1982 (with correspondence and five versions of the transcript)
53Creative Work, 1984
"The History of Planning in Corpus Christi," rough draft of a student work by Dorothy Victor, PLAN 666, Spring 1984, Cornish course at Texas A&M
54Reports, 1973-1982
"Land Use Element of the Comprehensive Plan," June 1977
"Corpus Christi Information Survey: Citizen Attitudes toward the City and Public Services," 1973 (separated to be cataloged)
"Corpus Christi Urbanized Area," May 1982
"Choices Facing Corpus Christi," April 6, 1975
"Goals for Corpus Christi," [1976] bound compilation of clippings, newsletter (September 19, 1975), news release (July 14, 1975)
"Maximizing Citizen Participation in the Development of a Master Plan: The Corpus, Christi, Texas, Experience," by Bruce W. McClendon and John A. Lewis, submitted for presentation at the 1975 AIP (American Institute of Planners) Annual Conference
"Corpus Christi, TX: An Urban Beach Access Study," by W.G. Roeseler, reprint from Coastal Zone 1978, the proceedings of the symposium on Technical, Environmental, Socioeconomic and Regulatory Aspects of Coastal Zone Management, ASCE, San Francisco, Calif., March 14-16, 1978
Planning in Dallas, 1911-1994
55Planning in Dallas, 1980-1986
William Sheveland, interviewed February 22, 1986, edited August 24, 1987
Sterling Wheeler, interviewed January 2, 1980
Marvin Springer, interviewed December 23, 1980
Tom Niederauer [Neiderauer/Neiderhauer on transcripts], interviewed December 26, 1980 [1984], final corrections March 13, 1987 (two versions of transcript)
56Reference materials, 1979-1994
61Reports and publications, 1911-1980
"A City Plan for Dallas: Report of Park Board," by George E. Kessler, 1911
"The A. Harris & Co. Oak Cliff Center/Dallas," [1950]
"Options for Tomorrow's City," broadside, undated
"Swiss Avenue survey report of the Urban Design Division, Dallas Dept. of Planning and Urban Development," [1972]
"West End: A Development Guide to the City of Dallas West End Historic District," [1975]
"Far North Dallas Area Land Use and Transportation Study," 1980 (separated to be cataloged)
62Reports and publications, 1982-1985
"Transportation Planning Overview for Dallas through the Year 2000," student work by John Korbelic for PLAN 365, April 1982, Cornish course at Texas A&M
Department of Planning and Development Goals and Objectives, June 21, 1984
"Master Plans in Dallas: An Historical Analysis," with appendix, by Robert Hawkins, Land Use Program Coordinator, August 1984
"The Texas Planner," 1985
Growth Policy Plan: Work Program, May 7, 1985
63Reports and publications, 1988-1994
Marvin R. Springer nomination materials for 1982 APA Distinguished Professional Achivement award, letter dated 1988
"Dallas Development Guide 1988" (separated to be cataloged)
"Downtown Dallas: 2010: Toward a Visual Master Plan to Guide Development," [1989] (separated to be cataloged)
"NCTNews," April 1990, one leaf
"Midwest Memo," Texas Chapter APA newsletter, April/May 1994
64Drawings (photocopies), by Geo. E. Kessler & Co. Landscape Architects, May 1911
Grade Eliminations, Pacific Avenue and H&TC Railroad, May 1911
Viaducts across Trinity River Bottoms, May 1911
Plan for the development of Turtle Creek Parkway, May 1911
Planning in El Paso, 1985-1990
65Planning in El Paso, 1985-1990
Debbie Messing Hamlyn, interviewed March 15, 1985, edited July 17, 1985 and September 5, 1986
Robert Parsons, interviewed September 4, 1986
Judy Price, interviewed March 12, 1988, transcribed April 28, 1990, interviewer edited May 6, 1990, interviewee edited May 30, 1990, final corrections August 14, 1990
Ed Hamlyn, interviewed March 16, 1985
Anne Cunningham, interviewed March 15, 1985
Nestor Valencia, interviewed November 8, 1985
66Creative works, 1986
"The History of Planning in El Paso," presented at the October 1986 conference of the Texas Chapter of the American Planning Association: annotated manuscript drafts with notes from Anne Cunningham, Josephine Mendez, and Ed Hamlyn
67Creative works and research materials, 1986, undated
"The History of Planning in El Paso," presented at the October 1986 conference of the Texas Chapter of the American Planning Association: annotated manuscript drafts with notes from Judy Price and Nestor Valencia
American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) exam review materials, undated
71Reports, 1925-1980
"The 1925 City Plan for El Paso, Texas"
"The 1925 City Plan: A Review of the Kessler Plan for El Paso," 1962
"Urban Development Manual for the City of El Paso: A Handbook for Community Planning," May 1968 (separated to be cataloged)
"Population and Housing Trends, 1970-1972," 1973
"Population and Housing Trends, 1970-1976," 1976
"Population and Housing Trends, 1970-1977," 1978
"Population and Housing Trends, 1970-1979," 1980
"Open Space Goals for El Paso, Texas," April 23, 1971
"Master Plan and Long Range Development Guide for Franklin Mountains Wilderness Park," 1970, reprinted 1972 (separated to be cataloged)
"El Paso Density: Housing and Population," July 1973 (separated to be cataloged)
"Revitalization Plan for the South El Paso Project Area," August 1976 (separated to be cataloged)
"The General Park and Recreation Program Lower Valley Planning Area for 1975-1990," 1976
"El Segundo Barrio Business Profile," 1976 (separated to be cataloged)
"50th Annual Report," El Paso City Plan Commission, February 1976 (separated to be cataloged)
"Path for the Future: Report to the People," September 1976 (separated to be cataloged)
72Reference material, 1929-1973
Minutes, Public Hearing on Proposed Zoning Ordinance, October 29-December 23, 1929 (typed photocopy)
Creative work: "International Planning in the El Paso-Juarez Metropolitan Area," by Jonathan R. Cunningham, Director of Planning, City of El Paso, Texas, April 25, 1965
El Paso-Juarez Metropolitan Area Land Use-1969
Community Renewal Program, City of El Paso, Texas, 1969-1971
Creative work: "Planning the Small City," by Jonathan R. Cunningham, Director of Planning, City of El Paso, Texas, November 26, 1973
73Reference material, 1983-1988, undated
"History of Planning in El Paso," July 21, 1987 draft
El Paso-Ciudad Juarez Year 2000 Land Use Projections map, 1981
El Paso-Ciudad Juarez Existing 1983 Land Use map
1988 Land Use El Paso-Ciudad Juarez and Vicinity map
El Paso County Circulation Plan, 1988
Year 2010 Land Use Projections El Paso-Ciudad Juarez and Vicinity, 1988
Fred Hervey Water Reclamation Plant report and plans, undated
Planning in Fort Worth, 1934-2000
74Planning in Fort Worth, 1980-1990
Bruce McClendon, interviewed March 26, 1990, transcribed May 17, 1990
Bruce McClendon, interviewed August 4, 1986, transcribed Kristi Koch February 12, 1987
David Farrington, interviewed March 26, 1990, transcribed May 23, 1990 (two versions of transcript)
Emil R. Moncivais (paraphrased), interviewed March 15, 1984, transcribed April 14, 1986, Cornish edited February 28, 1987, Moncivais edited April 17, 1987
Mike Mahoney, interviewed February 23, 1986
Bart Bradford and Gene Carter, interviewed December 30, 1980, edited January 15, 1987
75Research file, 1984-1988, undated
Student work: "Fort Worth: A History of Planning," by Susan C. Slowey, PLAN 666, December 13, 1988, Cornish course at Texas A&M
Student work: "The History of Planning in Fort Worth to 1941 and Current Planning," by Lance Freeman, PLAN 666, May 1984, Cornish course at Texas A&M
76Reference file, 1934-1986, undated
"Fort Worth," issued by Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, June 1934 (photocopy)
"Meadowbrook Sector General Plan," Fort Worth General Plan Volume IV, June 1970 (separated to be cataloged)
"Center Business District Sector Report," October 25, 1971(separated to be cataloged)
77Reference file, 1987-2000
"Planning for Today and Tomorrow in Fort Worth, Texas," December 1987
"Fort Worth Neighborhoods" newsletter, June 1989
"Fort Worth's Cultural District Comes of Age: A Master Plan," March 7, 1990 (separated to be cataloged)
Planning in Galveston, 1968-1990
81Planning in Galveston, 1981-1990
Steve Richardson, interviewed August 5, 1988, transcribed May 15, 1990
Kevin Stowers (paraphrased) interviewed January 8, 1981 (three versions of transcript)
Roger K. Hedrick, interviewed March 16, 1984 (two versions of transcript)
Mike Elms, interviewed January 8, 1988
Jan Coggestall, interviewed January 8, 1988
82Creative works (student works), 1977-1988
"The City of Galveston and Galveston County Population Estimates and Projections and Economic Base," by Terri Spence, PLAN 613, December 1977, Cornish course at Texas A&M
"History of Planning in Galveston," by Lisa Britt "Brie" Dodd, PLAN 666, May 1984, Cornish course at Texas A&M
"Galveston: Planning History," by Deborah Eldridge, PLAN 666, December 1988, Cornish course at Texas A&M
"History of Planning in Galveston, Texas," by Patrick Reffett, PLAN 665, Fall 1984, Cornish course at Texas A&M
83Research file, 1968-1980, undated
Chronicle Square, Galveston, Texas, 1968
"Action Plan for the Strand," 1975
"The Galveston Connection: Formula for Implementation," 1980
84Research file, 1985-1988, undated
"The Broadway Development Area Master Plan," [1985]
"Galveston Island: a comprehensive plan based on coastal zone management principles," May 1988
85Reports, 1981-1983
"East End Neighborhood Plan," February 10, 1981
Urban Design International: Galveston Preview, July/August 1981
"Design Guidelines for the Historic Districts in Galveston," November 1981
"An Update of Beach and Dune Management Activities," November 1981
"Hazardous Materials: A Plan for Transportation, Storage, and Emergency Response," [1982]
"Action Plan for the Strand II," October 1983
86Reports, 1984-1986
"Galveston Island, Its Time Has Come...Again: A Comprehensive Plan based on Coastal Zone Management Principles," January 23, 1984
"Alternative Alley Prototypes and Implementation Strategies," a report prepared by Mahmoud Abdel-Latif, planning consultant, January 1983
"Kempner Park Neighborhood Plan," December 13, 1984
"San Jacinto Neighborhood Plan," October 1986
Planning in Houston, [1941]-1991
91Planning in Houston, 1988-1991
Jeff Taebel, interviewed July 20, 1990, transcribed August 30, 1991
Bob Green, interviewed July 20, 1990, transcribed August 6, 1991
Pat Knudsen, interviewed July 22, 1990, transcribed July 21, 1991
Kathryn Whitmire, interviewed July 14, 1989, transcribed March 17, 1990, edited March 19, 1990
Efraim Garcia, interviewed June 26, 1987, transcribed February 2, 1988, edited February 26, 1988
92Planning in Houston,1984-1988
Roberta Burroughs, interviewed June 26, 1987, transcribed January 28, 1988, edited July 15, 1988
Doris Davis, interviewed March 13, 1984, transcribed February 1, 1988, Cornish edited July 15, 1988, Davis edited July 25, 1988, final corrections August 2, 1988
Johnny Raia, interviewed June 26, 1987, transcribed February 9, 1988, Raia and Cornish edited July 15, 1988, final corrections August 6, 1988
93Planning in Houston, 1981-1988
Mike Davis, interviewed June 26, 1987, transcribed January 28, 1988, edited February 6, 1988, final transcript March 4, 1988
Joe Chow, interviewed June 12, 1987, transcribed February 1, 1988, Cornish edited July 16, 1988, Chow edited August 8, 1988, final corrections August 9, 1988
Rick Gerlach, interviewed 1981, transcribed 1986, complete transcription January 25, 1988
Roscoe Jones, [interviewed] January 15, 1981
Ralph Ellifrit, [interviewed] January 15, 1981 (with March 1981 "Prologue")
94Creative works and research file, 1942-1988, undated
"The History of Planning in Houston" drafts, 1988
Clippings concerning Efraim Garcia's dismissal, 1988
95Reports and clippings, 1973-1991
"Zoning and Land Use Law," Akin Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld newsletter, March 1991
Houston Regional/Urban Design Assistance Team (R/UDAT), April 20-23, 1990
"Planning: The ASPO Magazine," January 1973
101Maps and clippings, [1941]-1988
General study plan for Houston 1990, Houston City Planning Commission, 1968 (with 1974 addendum)
Houston Year 2000 Map, Houston City Planning Commission, October 1980
102Research file, 1970-1990
City of Houston Planning Policy Manual, September 1987
The Houston Review, Summer 1983 and 1987 issues
"Planning in Houston: The Dilemma of Community Development," student work by David Lever, April 17, 1990, for Political Science 332 at Rice University (with correspondence noting that Cornish allowed Lever to use some of his research material)
103Clippings, 1975-1988
4Reports, 1984-1987
Houston Southwest Quadrant Data Book, February 1984
Planning Policy Manual, January 1987
105Reports, 1986-1987
Comprehensive Planning in Houston, November 1986
Comprehensive Planning Process Sector Boundary Plan draft, April 1987
Buffalo Bayou Sesquicentennial Park, 1986
111METRO reports, clippings, 1981-1987
Regional Transit Program: Southwest/Westpark Corridor, July 1981
METRO Regional Transit Plan, Phase II: System Connector scoping booklet, August 1986
Building a Regional System: Report to the Board on Results of Alternatives Analysis, March 1987
112METRO reports, 1978-1980, undated
A Mass Transportation Concept for Metropolitan Houston, undated
Metropolitan Transit Authority Metro Regional Transit Plan, approved by Harris County residents, July 1978
Transportation and Urban Development in Houston, 1830-1980
The Corridor Refinement Study: An Analysis of Transit Technologies for Houston's Spine Corridor, September 1982
Planning in San Antonio, 1972-1990
113Planning in San Antonio, 1984-1990
Margaret Lecznar, interviewed February 27, 1988, transcribed March 4, 1988, Cornish edited April 26, 1988, Lecznar edited August 9, 1988, final corrections January 30, 1990
Bob Ashcroft interview by Cornish, paraphrased, April 5, 1985, Cornish edited February 6, 1987
Bob Ashcroft interview by Ken Backman, April 5, 1984
114Planning in San Antonio, 1984-1988
Catherine Powell, interviewed April 6, 1984
Catherine Powell, interviewed March 17, 1985
Glen Hartman, interviewed March 27, 1987, transcribed October 26, 1987, Cornish edited February 15, 1986, Hartman edited February 25, 1988, final edit March 30, 1988
Robert Hunter, interviewed July 24, 1987, transcribed October 14, 1987, Cornish edited October 30, 1987, final edit March 31, 1988
115Creative works by Cornish, 5 color photos, 1987-1990
"The History of Planning in San Antonio" annotated drafts, timelines
121Creative works and research materials, 1984-1988, undated
"A Decade of Change: Planning Efforts in San Antonio in the 1970's" creative work by Cornish [?], undated
"History of Planning in San Antonio: An Outline," student work by Kenneth Backman for PLAN 666, Cornish course at Texas A&M, Spring 1984
"Building a New Urban Infrastructure: The Creation of the Postwar Sunbelt City," creative work by Heywood T. Sanders, Department of Urban Studies, Trinity University, 1988
"The History of Planning in San Antonio," student work by Jay Lambrecht for PLAN 666, Cornish course at Texas A&M, Fall 1987
122Reports, 1972-1975
San Antonio Urban Design Mechanisms Study, October 1972
San Antonio Historic Survey, 1972
Development of the Central City District, 1972
American Institute of Planners (AIP) San Antonio booklet from AIP 58th annual conference, October 25-29, 1975, in San Antonio
123Reports, 1979-1981
Parks Plan, 1981
Development Plan, undated
San Antonio Housing Plan Phase I: 1975-1980, 1976
Chapter 1 of the Master Plan, City of San Antonio staff draft, July 25, 1979
124Report and clippings, 1976-1979
Chapter III of the Master Plan with letter to "Interested Citizen," from Robert Hunter, director of planning, July 11, 1979
The Preferred Growth Sketch, November 1976
125Reports, 1976-1987
Growth Sketches for San Antonio, January 1976
"The City of San Antonio: A Study in Successful Urban Redevelopment," student work by Michael A. Lane, December 9, 1985, for PLAN 666, Cornish course at Texas A&M
The San Antonio River, by Mary Ann Noonan Guerra, signed by author August 21, 1987
126Reports, 1970-1983
Land Use Plan, City of San Antonio, December 1983
Super Planner in San Antonio cartoon/ad in San Antonio Light, June 28, 1976
131Reports, 1968-1974
Old San Antonio: History in Pictures, 1968
Cultural Benefits from Metropolitan River Recreation, San Antonio Prototype, by Texas A&M University, the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, Texas Water Resources Institute, September 1972
Missions of San Antonio, July 1973
Development of Criteria for Evaluating Urban River Settings for Tourism-Recreation Use, by Texas A&M University, the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, Texas Water Resources Institute, June 1974
132Reports, 1976-1984
A Report on Growth Policy Issues: Growth Sketches for San Antonio, January 1976
The San Antonio Growth Sketch, prepared by Department of Planning, City of San Antonio, March 1977
Floodplains and Regional Growth, Area Policy Council Report #2, February 1972
Target '90 Goals for San Antonio, July 1984
133Reference file, 1929-1987
Chapter IV, San Antonio Master Plan, March 29, 1979
Draft Basic Plan of the San Antonio Master Plan, Planning Commission of San Antonio, April 9, 1980
Texas State Planning, 1957-1990
141Research file, 1968-1988
"The Role of Texas State Government in Planning," creative work by Cornish [?], August 1988
Profile of Planning Activity in 35 Major Texas Cities, 1979-1980
"History of Urban Planning in Texas," by Hugo and Martha Leipziger-Pearce, undated
"Texas Communities Tomorrow," October 1969
APA-Texas chapter newsletter, November 1, 1981
"The Texas Water Plan Summary," November 1968
142Interviews and research file, 1970-1988, undated
Program Development in the Governor's Office, September 1970 and September 1972
Bob McPherson, transcribed May 1, 1984, edited July 22, 1988
Leon Willhite, interviewed April 2, 1984, transcribed March 4, 1985, Cornish edited July 18, 1985, Willhite edited July 20, 1988, final corrections July 26, 1988
"A Model for State Planning: A Proposal by The California Chapter of The American Institute of Planners," undated
143Newsletters and reports, 1970-1978, undated
Texas Land Use, issues 2-8, Office of the Governor, Division of Planning Coordination, undated
"Texas Coastal Natural Resource Issues: A Preliminary Report," February 1978
"A Guide to the Selection and Utilization of Consultants," 1970
144Reports, 1968-1970
"Goals for Texas: Phase Two," Office of the Governor (Preston Smith), September 1970
"The Texas Water Plan," Texas Water Development Board, November 1968 (separated to be cataloged)
151Research file, 1969-1971
"Urban Texas: Policies for the Future," report of the Texas Urban Development Commission [see catalog record], November 1971
"State Planning Failure: What to Do About It," by Kenneth E.F. Watt, reprint from Winter 1969-70 issue of Cry, California
"Texas Land Use: A Comprehensive Land Resource Management Study, report no. one: Historical Perspective," undated
"1969-1970 State Work Program for Model Cities Coordination," October 1969
152Research file, 1970-1971
The Texas Urban Development Commission Summary Statements and Proposals, 1970-1971
153Reports, 1950-1967
The Burnet Plan: Community Development Conference in Austin, Texas, sponsored by the American Legion Dept. of Texas, The University of Texas, January 26-27, 1950
Report and Land Use Sketch Plan for the Lower Rio Grande Valley area by Hugo Leipziger-Pearce, December 31, 1957
"The Nature of United States-Mexico Border Development," March, 1967
154Reports on Irving, Texas, 1959-1960
Irving Comprehensive Development Plan: Central Business District, by Hugo Leipziger-Pearce & Associates, November 10, 1959
Irving Comprehensive Development Plan: Thoroughfare Plan by Hugo Leipziger-Pearce & Associates, December 14, 1959
Irving Comprehensive Development Plan by Hugo Leipziger-Pearce & Associates, July 15, 1960
161Short course for city officials planning file, 1975-1979, undated
2Short course for city officials printed materials and notes, 1972-1988
Short Course for Planning Commissions, American Institute of Planners-Gulf Southwest Chapter, October 27-28, 1972
Short Course for Planning Commissions, American Institute of Planners-Gulf Southwest Chapter, Austin, Texas, September 13-15, 1973
Short Course for Planning Commissions, American Institute of Planners-Gulf Southwest Chapter, Dallas, Texas, September 19-21, 1974
The First Annual Conference for Elected Officials on the Local Planning Process conference materials, San Antonio, Texas, January 29-31, 1976
Proceedings: The First Annual Conference for Elected Officials on the Local Planning Process, San Antonio, Texas, January 1976
Tenth Annual Short Course for Planning/Zoning Comissioners and Elected Officials, Austin, Texas, October 1-3, 1981
Planning: The ASPO Magazine, with Cornish article on "Conducting short courses for commissioners and officials," November 1973
Planning Commissioners Short Course Workbook, Bob Cornish's copy, 1977
American Planning Association-Texas Chapter newsletter, cover article about short courses, August/September 1988
163American Planning Association-Texas chapter administrative file, 1982-1989, undated
4American Planning Association-Texas chapter administrative file, 1990
5American Planning Association-Texas chapter assorted newsletters, 1980-1988
6Texas A&M University College of Architecture administrative file, 1988 [includes salary/tenure info]
7Education Foundation, Inc., of the American Planning Assocation-Texas chapter administrative files, 1976-1988
1713.5" Diskettes
181Audio Tapes [service copies available]
19146 Slides - San Antonio Missions (15)- San Antonio Comprehensive Plan (20) - San Antonio Park and Pleasure Drives Plan (11)