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Guide to the Women's Fund for Health Education and Resiliency (HER)

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Creator Women's Fund for Health Education and Resiliency
Collection Title Women's Fund for Health Education and Resiliency (HER)
Dates 1979-2014
Identification 2000-002
Physical Description 40.00 Linear Feet
Language of Materials English
Repository University of Houston Libraries
M.D. Anderson Library, 4333 University Drive, Houston, TX, 77204-2000, URL:, Phone: 713-743-9750

Historical Note:

The Women's Fund for Health Education and Resiliency was founded in February 1979 by Jacqueline and Wayne Goettsche with a seed endowment as the Women's Fund for Health Education and Research (HER). Concerned that women's health issues lacked appropriate funding and that research findings using only male subjects was applied indiscriminately to women, the Goettsches established the Women's Fund to support research on women's health issues and to disseminate women's health information through educational programs. The Goettsches organized a fundraising initiation barbeque in May 1979 that drew nearly 100 attendees from Houston's social and medical elite. With this event, the Women's Fund commemorated the signing of the By-laws and officially launched the new organization.

As a non-profit foundation, the Women's Fund for HER has been dedicated to understanding, improving, and promoting women's health by providing support for research and educational programs. Fundraising through membership solicitation, special events, and corporate support is a primary goal of the Women's Fund. In 1979, the Women's Fund began with about 200 charter members; by 2001 membership had increased to 605, 203 of which are lifetime members. Membership categories include individual annual members, lifetime members, medical members, and corporate members.

The Women's Fund for HER hosts a variety of events each year; central among them is the Annual Benefit Luncheon held each fall. In 1983 the Women's Fund held its First Annual Benefit Luncheon with Erma Bombeck as the guest speaker. Featured speakers have included David Eisenhower, John Bradshaw, Suzanne Somers, and Liz Carpenter. Since 1991, the Women's Fund has presented the John P. McGovern Fall Seminar, which offers specialized information on topics such as allergies, chemical dependency, depression, and over-the-counter medicines. An Annual Spring Seminar provides another venue for similar kinds of information. The Program Committee organizes smaller and more frequent lecture/seminars throughout the year, often in collaboration with volunteers representing local medical institutions, and so many of the seminars are free. Membership coffees, held three to four times a year in a member's home, feature presentations on women's health concerns such as heart disease or alcoholism. Both Michael DeBakey and Ann Richards have spoken to attendees at these membership coffees.

As part of their educational outreach, the Women's Fund publishes A Primer on Women's Health, which is circulated to groups, agencies, and corporations without charge. To reach a wider audience, the Women's Fund translated the Primer into Spanish. Local philanthropic foundations and individuals support publication of the Primer. Another publication, Health Notes, helps women track their medical histories and maintain records of tests and diagnoses.

In addition to special events and the Primer, the Women's Fund has supported basic and clinical research related to women's health concerns. Between 1980 and 1992 the Women's Fund awarded 73 grants for medical research and services geared toward women's needs.

Scope and Contents

The processed portion of the Women's Fund Records consists of 14 boxes and includes documents on fundraising and educational outreach events, correspondence, membership rosters, income tallies, research grant applications, and newsletters. The processed records date from 1979-1999. The Special Events series is the largest, and includes annual benefit luncheons, McGovern fall seminars, spring seminars, and membership coffee/lectures. The processed collection is organized topically into 11 series: Administration, Board of Trustees, Special Events, Granting Process, Gifts and Donations, Printing Samples, Publications, Guest Books, Austin Office, and VHS Programs Library. A few artifacts such as the guest books are also included. 5 1/4 inch floppy disks with newsletter files are also included - please contact the curator with questions about accessing these files.

An additional 23 boxes of materials received in 2015 are not yet fully processed. These materials range in date from 1998 to 2014, and include documents from meetings, publications, fundraising, public relations, financials, and photographs. Since these materials are not yet fully processd, some materials may be restricted and not available for access. For questions about unprocessed materials or to request access, contact curator Vince Lee at


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Women's Fund for Health Education and Research
Women's Fund for Health Education and Resiliency
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Health education
Health education of women
Nonprofit organizations -- Texas -- Houston

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Acquisition Information:

The Women's Fund for Health Education and Research (HER) donated twelve record cartons in July 2000. Another contribution of four record cartons arrived in March 2002. An additional 23 boxes arrived on November 11, 2015. These included a signficant collection of digital material on CDs and floppy discs.

Detailed List of Contents

Administration 1979-1997

This series includes documents related to the organizational and financial maintenance of the Women's Fund dating from its inauguration in 1979 through 1997. Twenty folders constitute the Administration series with materials including mission statement and organizational history, financial records and investments, non-profit status and management, correspondence, office management, and personnel and staff meeting minutes. Only moderate reorganization of the materials was necessary to establish cohesion among the documents incorporated into the Administration series.
Box Folder
1 1 Mission Statement/Organization History 1980-1996
2 Articles of Incorporation and By-laws 1989-1997
3 Financial Records 1979-1994
4 Financial Records 1996-1999
5 Financial Records - Advertising 1990-1992
6 Financial Records - Investments 1989-1991
7 Non-Profit Status and Management 1989-1996
8 General Correspondence 1977-1979
9 General Correspondence 1980
10 General Correspondence 1981
11 General Correspondence 1982
12 General Correspondence 1983
13 General Correspondence 1984
14 General Correspondence 1985
15 General Correspondence 1992-1999
16 Letters of Endorsement 1981-1983
17 Philanthropic Status 1991-1995
18 Office Management and Equipment 1967-1996
19 Personnel 1979-1996
19a Saint Martin’s Endowment 1997
20 Staff Meetings Minutes 1995-1997

Board of Trustees 1979-1999

All records of the activities of the Board of Trustees from 1979 through 1999 are collected in this series, which includes meeting minutes, correspondence, manual, and retreats. This series includes twenty-six folders.
Box Folder
1 21 Advisory Board Committee 1979-1994
22 Advisory Board Committee 1996-1998
23 Advisory Board Member Profiles 1993
23a Corporate Advisory Board Committee 1998
23b Endowment Committee 1997-1998
24 Executive Committee Meetings 1979-1985
25 Executive Committee Meetings 1986-1990
26 Executive Committee Meetings 1991-1993
27 Executive Committee Meetings 1994
28 Executive Committee Meetings 1995
29 Executive Committee Meetings 1996
30 Executive Committee Meetings 1998
31 Executive Committee Meetings 1999
Box Folder
2 1 Correspondence/Minutes 1981-1989
2 Correspondence/Minutes 1990
3 Correspondence/Minutes 1991
4 Correspondence/Minutes 1992
5 Correspondence/Minutes 1993
6 Correspondence/Minutes 1996
7 Correspondence/Minutes 1997
7a Correspondence/Minutes 1998
8 Board of Trustees Manual - Part 1 of 2 1992
9 Board of Trustees Manual - Part 2 of 2 1992
10 Board of Trustees - Retreat 1992-1994
10a President's Report 1999
10b Foundation Development 1996-1998

Committee Records 1979-1999

All the committee records and activities are contained in this series, including committees with a short life span and committees that have endured since the organization's inception in 1979. Ninety folders include lists of standing committees plus minutes and correspondence for development, long range planning, membership, newsletter, nominating, program, public relations, volunteer, and ways and means committees. Documents relating to committees as well as the committees' products, such as newsletters, are included in this series. Folder arrangement begins with a folder of documents on the formation and maintenance of various committees and continues with specific committees in alphabetical order. Folders within a particular committee are arranged chronologically.
Box Folder
2 11 Standing Committees 1984-1999
12 Community Focus Committee 1989
13 Development Committee 1991-1994
14 Development Committee 1995
15 Development Committee 1996
16 Development Committee January-October 1997
17 Development Committee November-December 1997
17a Development Committee 1998
17b Development Committee 1999
18 Long Range Planning Committee 1987-1988
19 Long Range Planning Committee 1993-1994
20 Membership Committee 1980-1993
21 Membership Committee 1994
22 Membership Committee 1995
23 Membership Committee 1996
24 Membership Committee 1997
Box Folder
3 1 Corporate Sponsors and Memberships 1990-1994
2 Lifetime Memberships 1989-1997
3 Medical Memberships 1991-1993
4 Membership Address Labels 1985-1994
5 Membership Contributions 1980-1984
6 Membership Deleted/Non-Renewal List undated
7 Membership Directory 1989-1990
8 Membership Directory 1992
9 Membership Directory 1993
10 Membership Directory 1994-1995
11 Membership Directory 1996
12 Membership Directory 1997-1998
13 Membership History 1979-1998
14 Membership Rosters 1980
15 Membership Rosters 1983
16 Membership Rosters 1986
17 Membership Rosters 1989
18 Membership Rosters 1990
19 Membership Rosters 1991
20 Membership Rosters 1993
20a Membership Rosters 1999
21 Membership Solicitations 1991-1999
22 Newsletters 1980
23 Newsletters 1981
24 Newsletters 1982
25 Newsletters 1983
26 Newsletters 1984
27 Newsletters 1985
28 Newsletters 1986
29 Newsletters 1987
30 Newsletters 1988
31 Newsletters 1989
32 Newsletters 1990
Box Folder
4 1 Newsletters 1991
2 Newsletters 1992
3 Newsletters 1993
4 Newsletters 1994
5 Newsletters 1995
6 Newsletters 1996
7 Newsletters 1997
8 Newsletters 1998
9 Newsletters 1999
10 Newsletter Committee Correspondence 1986-1995
11 Newsletter Committee Correspondence January-May 1996
12 Newsletter Committee Correspondence June-December 1996
13 Newsletter Committee Correspondence 1997
13a Newsletter Committee Correspondence 1998-1999
14 Newsletter 5 1/4" Floppy Disks 1991-1993
15 Nominating Committee 1991-1993
16 Nominating Committee 1995
17 Nominating Committee 1996
18 Nominating Committee 1997-1998
19 Program Committee - Correspondence 1981-2000
20 Program Committee 1994
21 Program Committee 1995
22 Program Committee January-April 1996
23 Program Committee May-December 1996
24 Program Committee 1997
25 Program Committee - Event Management 1988
26 Program Committee Program Feedback Analysis 1985-1994
Box Folder
5 1 Program Committee - Programs 1979-1994
2 Program Committee - Potential Speakers/Topics 1987-1994
3 Program Committee - Potential Sites 1990-1993
4 Program Committee - Meetings and Minutes 1987-1995
4a Program Committee - Meetings and Minutes 1987-1995
5 Public Relations Committee 1990-1999
6 Public Relations Committee - Media Relations 1990-1992
7 Public Relations Committee - News Clippings undated
8 Public Relations Committee - Proofs undated
9 Public Relations Committee - Tale of Tiger 1994
10 Volunteer Committee 1992-1994
11 Ways and Means Committee 1979-1993

Special Events 1979-1999

The Special Events series includes records of all events produced by the Women's Fund. This series has been divided into seven sub-series based on the different groups of events: Annual Benefit Luncheons, John P. McGovern Fall Seminars, Spring Seminars, Lectures and Seminars, Membership Coffees, Professional Women's Luncheons, and Outreach Events.
Annual Benefit Luncheons
To raise the funds needed to support the goals of the Women's Fund, organizers established an Annual Benefit Luncheon in 1983, with humorist Erma Bombeck as the first featured speaker. Bombeck's charisma and the labors of Women's Fund volunteers drew 1,046 attendees and netted the organization nearly $25,000. Every year since, the Annual Benefit Luncheons and celebrities such as David Eisenhower, John Bradshaw, Ann Richards, and Liz Carpenter help raise money for the Women's Fund's education and outreach programs. Demonstrating remarkable fundraising skill, the Women's Fund invited Florence Henderson as the featured speaker in 2001, resulting in $150,000 net profit. Annual benefit materials were in good chronological order when received by the archives, but considerations for easy access and the volume of documents required imposing parallel subdivisions for each benefit year to create consistency among the events. The amount of material in some categories required splitting the materials chronologically into more than one folder.
Annual Benefit History undated
Box Folder
5 12 History undated
BBQ (Initiation Fundraiser) 1979
Box Folder
5 13 Attendance 1979
14 Expenses/Income 1979
15 Publicity 1979
1st Annual Benefit Luncheon - Erma Bombeck 1983
Box Folder
5 16 Attendance 1983
17 Celebrity/Event Arrangements 1983
18 Expenses/Income 1983
19 Publicity 1983
2nd Annual Benefit Luncheon - Cherry Boone O'Neill 1984
Box Folder
5 21 Attendance 1984
22 Celebrity/Event Arrangements 1984
23 Expenses/Income 1984
24 Publicity 1984
25 Volunteer Organization 1984
3rd Annual Benefit Luncheon - Norman Cousins 1985
Box Folder
5 26 Attendance 1985
27 Celebrity/Event Arrangements 1985
28 Expenses/Income 1985
29 Publicity 1985
30 Volunteer Organization 1985
4th Annual Benefit Luncheon - David Eisenhower 1986
Box Folder
5 31 Attendance 1986
32 Celebrity/Event Arrangements 1986
33 Expenses/Income 1986
34 Publicity 1986
35 Volunteer Organization 1986
5th Annual Benefit Luncheon - Liz Carpenter 1987
Box Folder
5 36 Attendance 1987
37 Celebrity/Event Arrangements 1987
38 Expenses/Income 1987
39 Publicity 1987
40 Volunteer Organization 1987
6th Annual Benefit Luncheon - Suzanne Somers 1988
Box Folder
6 1 Attendance 1988
2 Celebrity/Event Arrangements 1988
3 Expenses/Income 1988
4 Publicity 1988
5 Volunteer Organization 1988
7th Annual Benefit Luncheon - John Bradshaw 1989
Box Folder
6 6 Attendance 1989
7 Celebrity/Event Arrangements 1989
8 Expenses/Income 1989
9 Publicity 1989
10 Volunteer Organization 1989
8th Annual Benefit Luncheon - Robert Fulghum 1990
Box Folder
6 11 Attendance 1990
12 Celebrity/Event Arrangements 1990
13 Expenses/Income 1990
14 Publicity 1990
15 Volunteer Organization 1990
9th Annual Benefit Luncheon - Ann Richards 1991
Box Folder
6 16 Attendance 1991
17 Celebrity/Event Arrangements 1991
18 Expenses/Income 1991
19 Publicity 1991
20 Volunteer Organization 1991
10th Annual Benefit Luncheon - Marry Higgins Clark 1992
Box Folder
6 21 Attendance 1992
22 Celebrity/Event Arrangements 1992
23 Expenses/Income 1992
24 Publicity 1992
25 Volunteer Organization 1992
11th Annual Benefit Luncheon - Moya Olsen Lear 1993
Box Folder
6 26 Attendance 1993
27 Celebrity/Event Arrangements 1993
28 Expenses/Income 1993
29 Publicity 1993
30 Volunteer Organization 1993
12th Annual Benefit Luncheon - Richard Lederer 1994
Box Folder
7 1 Attendance 1994
2 Celebrity/Event Arrangements 1994
3 Expenses/Income 1994
4 Publicity 1994
5 Volunteer Organization 1994
13th Annual Benefit Luncheon - Janice Woods Windle 1995
Box Folder
7 6 Attendance 1995
7 Celebrity/Event Arrangements 1995
8 Expenses/Income January-August 1995
9 Expenses/Income September-December 1995
10 Publicity 1995
11 Volunteer Organization 1995
14th Annual Benefit Luncheon - Carol Saline 1996
Box Folder
7 12 Attendance 1996
13 Celebrity/Event Arrangements 1996
14 Expenses/Income 1996
15 Publicity 1996
16 Volunteer Organization 1996
15th Annual Benefit Luncheon - Jayne Meadows 1997
Box Folder
7 17 Attendance 1997
18 Celebrity/Event Arrangements 1997
19 Expenses/Income February-August 1997
20 Expenses/Income September-October 1997
21 Expenses/Income November-December 1997
22 Publicity 1997
23 Volunteer Organization 1997
16th Annual Benefit Luncheon - Rita Moreno 1998
Box Folder
12 1 Attendance 1998
2 Celebrity/Event Arrangements November 1997-May 1998
3 Celebrity/Event Arrangements June-October 1998
4 Corporate Sponsors 1998
5 Expenses/Income April-September 1998
6 Expenses/Income October-December 1998
7 Publicity 1998
17th Annual Benefit Luncheon - Emily Crosswell 1999
Box Folder
12 8 Attendance January-May 1999
9 Attendance June-October 1999
10 Celebrity/Event Arrangements 1999
11 Corporate Sponsors 1999
12 Expenses/Income April-May 1999
13 Expenses/Income June-July 1999
14 Expenses/Income August 1999
15 Expenses/Income September 1999
16 Expenses/Income October 1999
17 Expenses/Income November 1999-January 2000
18 Sponsor Ticket Purchases April-August 1999
19 Sponsor Ticket Purchases September-December 1999
John P. McGovern Fall Seminars 1991-1999
John P. McGovern, M.D. is president of the boards of the John P. McGovern Foundation and the McGovern Fund for Behavioral Sciences. He is founder of the McGovern Allergy Clinic, the world's largest private allergy clinic. In 1991, Dr. McGovern endowed the Annual John P. McGovern Seminar for the Women's Fund. Each Fall Seminar covers a topic of interest to the Women's Fund membership. In this collection seven annual events dating from 1991 through 1999 are housed in seven folders.
Box Folder
8 1 1st Annual - Carl Anderson - Addiction: Feeding a Hungry Heart 1991
2 2nd Annual - Stuart Yudofsky - Challenge Inner Space 1992
3 3rd Annual - Frank Smith - Interaction and Overmedication 1993
4 4th Annual - Shearer - Allergies - The Immune System 1994
5 5th Annual - Kathy Cronkite - Depression 1995
5a 8th Annual - William H. Boylstein, MD, Alice M. Gates, EdD - "Everyday Depression: Recognizing and Taking Care of The Blues and The Blahs" 1998
5b 9th Annual - Linda Boerger Andrews, MD - "Can Your Mind Ease Your Pain?" 1999
Spring seminars
Spring seminars began two years after the initiation of the Women's Fund, and became the spring counterpart of the Fall Benefit Luncheon. In 1992 friends of Wendy Haskell Meyer offered an endowment to support the annual spring seminar in her honor. Wendy Haskell Meyer had been an active member of the Women's Fund and wrote the first English edition of the The Primer on Women's Health. She died in 1987, and her obituaries are included in this sub-series.
Box Folder
8 6 3rd Annual - Combined Program - Ronald L. Young - "Questions Women Most Often Ask Their Gynecologist," Jaime Cochran and Jean Burkham - "Rape Awareness: Prevention and Psychological Effects," Thomas Biggs - "Who Should Have Plastic Surgery" 1981
7 4th Annual - Joseph Goldzieher; Jaimie Cochran 1982
8 5th Annual - Combined Program - Joseph Goldzieher - "Update on Osteoperosis," John Stehlin, Jr - "Cancer Prevention Do's, Don'ts, and Myths" 1983
9 6th Annual - Lawrence Wharton - "Chemical Abuse in Women" Workshops - Jane Taylor - "What Every Woman Should Know About Breast Cancer," and Lisa Balick - "Burn-out: Are You a Candidate?" 1984
10 7th Annual - Jeane Hester - "Advances in Cancer and Leukapheresis," Margaret Kripke - "Ultra-violet Induced Skin Cancer Including the Role of Immunology in Cancer and Aging," Louise Strong - "Family Heredity and Genetic Risk Factors in Cancer Occurrence" 1985
11 8th Annual - Tom Blocher - "Five Steps to a Stronger Self," Dena Kindred - "The Fitness Fix" 1986
12 9th Annual - Rebecca Elon - "Successful Aging" - Attendance 1987
"Health Aging: Myths and Facts," R. Rodney Howell - "The Child is Father to the Man: Aging and Genetics," Noranna Warner - "Aches and Pains, Creaks and Cracks: The Musculoskeletal System as It Gets Older," James Grotta - "Our Brain Drain: How Our Perceptions Change as We Age"
13 9th Annual - Rebecca Elon - "Successful Aging" - Arrangements 1987
"Health Aging: Myths and Facts," R. Rodney Howell - "The Child is Father to the Man: Aging and Genetics," Noranna Warner - "Aches and Pains, Creaks and Cracks: The Musculoskeletal System as It Gets Older," James Grotta - "Our Brain Drain: How Our Perceptions Change as We Age"
14 9th Annual - Rebecca Elon - "Successful Aging" - Income/Expense 1987
"Health Aging: Myths and Facts," R. Rodney Howell - "The Child is Father to the Man: Aging and Genetics," Noranna Warner - "Aches and Pains, Creaks and Cracks: The Musculoskeletal System as It Gets Older," James Grotta - "Our Brain Drain: How Our Perceptions Change as We Age"
15 10th Annual - Superwoman Panel - Margaret Maxey - "Women in a Technological Society: Confronting Faust and Frankenstein," Wayne Holtzman - "Body Image and Self Esteem" 1988
16 11th Annual - Parenting a Parent - Attendance 1989
17 11th Annual - Parenting a Parent - Arrangements 1989
18 11th Annual - Parenting a Parent - Income/Expenses 1989
19 11th Annual - Parenting a Parent - Publicity 1989
20 12th Annual - Jane Porcino - "The Sensuous Older Woman" 1990
21 13th Annual - Kathryn Cramer - "Staying on Top in the Upside Down World of the 90's" 1991
22 14th Annual (Wendy Haskell Meyer) - Decision for Healthy Living in the 90s. Panel - Carolyn Moore - "Nutritional Controversies," John Foreyt - "Living without Dieting," Peter Jones - "Women & Heart Disease," Molly Gee - "Positive Eating" 1992
23 15th Annual (Wendy Haskell Meyer) - Prime Time Women. B. J. Frye, Elsa Rosborough, and Eleanor Tinsley 1993
24 16th Annual (Wendy Haskell Meyer) - Alternative Health Care - Kris Rogers - "Acupuncture," Jerry Martin - "Chiropractic," Gilbert Manso - "Vitamin Therapy" 1994
25 17th Annual (Wendy Haskell Meyer) - Elizabeth Vliet - "Women's Health: Those Marvelous and Maddening Hormones" 1995
26 Wendy Haskell Meyer Obituaries 1987
26a Wendy Haskell Meyer Spring Seminar "The Biology of Attachment," Speakers - Dr. Pat Love, Dr. Ruth Burgos-Sasscer 1998
26b Wendy Haskell Meyers Spring Seminar "Life Preservers," Harriet Lerner, PhD 1999
Lectures/Seminars 1987-1995
Toward fulfilling its mission, the Women's Fund offered lectures and seminars on women's health problems, new technologies, and advances in disease treatment and management. Offered to the public as well as Women's Fund members, many of these lectures and seminars were free. Seminars are organized chronologically from 1987 through 1995.
Box Folder
8 27 Teenage Sexualtiy in the 80's: What Every Parent Should Know. Panel: Peggy Smith - "Teenage Sexuality," Sebastian Faro - "Sexually Transmitted Diseases," Susan Pokorny - "Teenage Pregnancy" 1987
28 The Evolution of Women's Self Care. Panel: Bruce Shephard, Sebastian Faro, and Marian Wulf 1991
29 How You Can Plan for Unexpected Financial and Emotional Responsibilities. Panel: R.H. Stevens and Guy Bond 1991
30 Estrogen: Miracle or Myth? Baylor College of Medicine 1991
31 Parenting an Aging Parent. Panel: Linda Kaeser - "Aging Well," Dudley Pate - "Health Insurance," Robert Luchi - "Medical Issues," Nancy Wilson - "Community Resources," Anita Woods - "Social/Mental Well-Being" 1991
32 Endometriosis. Panel: Ronald Young, Vicki Schnell, and Dorothy Roach 1992
33 Beauty and the Beast - Fighting on the Front Lines of the Battle Against Breast Cancer - Dixie Melillo 1992
34 Woman to Woman-As Our Lives Unfold. Panel: Jaimie Cochran, Keith Smith, Catherine Maxwell Hees, and Susan Cohen 1992
35 Woman to Woman-Breaking the Silence. Seminar on Violence in the Home. Panel: Judith McFarline, Carol Gee, Jeffry Basen-Engquist 1993
36 Women and Heart Disease. Panel: Karlene Kerfoot, Gary Binder, and Susan Wilansky 1993
37 The Latest and Greatest in New Technology. Panel: Susan Pinero, John Walsh, Caroline Fife, Richard Ruiz 1993
38 "Financial Management." Panel: Jeanne Lynch, Mary Bird Bowman 1993
39 Fundraising Seminar Correspondence 1994
40 Hot Zones in Infectious Diseases Today 1995
Membership Coffees 1984-1999
Contained within the Membership Coffees sub-series are event arrangements, hosts, and speakers for the coffees that the Women's Fund established to solicit, reward, and inform members about salient issues in women's health and medicine. Held at a member's home, these coffees offered information on women's health not generally discussed in public at the time that the Women's Fund was established. These events were an opportunity for women who volunteered in many organizations around Houston to afford themselves some time dedicated to women's concerns. Membership coffees were the site of announcements for annual grant awards that supported research and education projects. Documents related to the coffees are arranged chronologically.
Box Folder
9 1 Call for Hosts 1984-1989
2 Presentation of Research Grants 1983
Host: Joanne Wilson
3 George Blumenschein - "Breast Cancer - Who is High Risk?" 1984
Host: Janice McCrory
4 Jaimie Cochran - "Coping with Orwell's 1984" 1984
Host: Marilyn Noll
5 Michael DeBakey - "Heart Disease" 1985
Host: Laura Lee Blanton
6 Jeff Sherman, Stella Garvan, and Peter Mansell - "Straight Talk on AIDS" 1985
Host: Sally Emde
7 Joanie Moncrief and Ann Hoy - "Alcoholism" 1985
Host: Rocky Franzen
8 Antonio Gotto - "Heart Disease" 1986
Host: Irene Weaver
9 Eugene Carlton - "Common Bladder Problems in Women" 1986
Host: Doris Buttram
10 Silver Tea - "Debut of Women's Primer" 1986
Host: Jeanette Jaworski "
11 Sandra Sessoms - "Systemic Lupus Erythematosus" 1987
Host: Linda Finger
12 Raymond Kaufman - "Questions to Ask Your Gynecologist" 1987
Host: Emily Crosswell
13 Benjy Brooks - "Successful Aging" 1987
Host: Jacqueline Goettsche
14 Ann Richards - "Alcoholism" 1988
Host: Laura Lee Blanton
15 John Wolf - "Retin A" 1988
Host: Andy Delery
16 J. P. McGehee - "Even Cowgirls Get Holiday Blues" 1989
Host: Jane Cizik
17 Ben Cooper - "Headaches" 1989
Host: Jean Chernosky
18 Stephen Slade - "Advances in Eye Care" 1990
Host: Fay Burke
19 James Clarke - "Dental Implants" 1990
Host: Laura Blanton
20 Joseph Feste - "Endometriosis" 1990
Host: Roberta Howell
21 Jackalyn Rainosek - "Stress and How it Relates to the Total Woman" 1991
Host: Katsy Mecom
22 Karen Ritchie - "Biofeedback and Relaxation" 1991
Host: Mary Jo Hunt
23 Elizabeth Watson - "Houston Safety Alert: What You Can Do about Crime" 1992
Host: Sharon Lorenzo
24 Chris C. Steele - "A Celebration of Hope in the Season of 'Bright Sadness'" 1992
Host: Jane Cizik
25 Jan Carson - Presentation of 1992 Grants 1992
Host: Pat Breen
26 "Reversing Heart Disease: Is it Possible?" 1995
Host: Odessa Wexler
26a Host: Ginny Mithoff 1997
26b Host: Janice McNair 1997
26c Host: The Forum Speaker: Cheryl Alston "What's Up, Doc" 1998
26d Speaker: Raymond Kaufman, MD 1999
Professional Women's Luncheons 1988-1991
The Professional Women's Luncheons were organized to appeal to working women who might not be able to participate in other Women's Fund events because of career obligations. Women's Fund members and women at a number of Houston corporations and law firms were invited to these luncheons.
Box Folder
9 27 1st Annual - Melvyn Schreiber - "Diagnostic Techniques for Self-preservation" 1988
28 2nd Annual - Ron Carson - "Medical Ethics" 1989
29 3rd Annual - June Levy - "Remarriage and Step Families" 1990
30 4th Annual - Travis Peterson - "Holiday Stress" 1991
Outreach Events 1995-1999
Outreach Events were organized to fill niches of need in the Women's Fund programming. Women's and Girls' Health Day offered a day-long venue of health and wellness programming, including presentations, posters, free consultations with health care educators. Additionally, it offered opportunities for hundreds of Houston area students to compete for cash prizes and college scholarships. A Denim Affair honored a previous benefit luncheon presenter, Janice Woods Windle, on the occasion of the televising of her novel, True Women. The event also served as a fundraiser for the Women's Fund. A celebration luncheon to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the organization was held in 1999. Corporate members and sponsors, individual members and other health-affiliated organizations joined to celebrate 20 years of contribution, education, and progress toward women's issues.
Women's and Girls' Health Day 1995
Box Folder
9 31 Women's and Girls' Health Day 1995
Women's and Girls' Health Day 1997
Box Folder
12 20 Correspondence
21 Scholarship Essay Contest
22 Publicity/Follow-ups
23 Sponsors
24 Arrangements
25 Health Tips/Printing Samples
Women's and Girls' Health Day 1998
Box Folder
13 1 Scholarship Essay Contest
2 Publicity/Follow-ups
3 Sponsors
4 Arrangements
5 Health Tips/Printing Samples
Women's and Girls' Health Day 1999
Box Folder
13 6 Scholarship Essay Contest
7 Publicity/Follow-ups
8 Sponsors
9 Arrangements
10 Health Tips/Printing Samples
Denim Affair 1997
Box Folder
9 32 Attendance 1997
33 Event/Celebrity Arrangements 1997
34 Income/Expenses 1997
35 Publicity 1997
35a Press Kit folders undated
20th Anniversary Celebration Luncheon 1999
Box Folder
13 11 Committee Minutes/Planning 1997
12 Arrangements
13 Attendance 1997
14 Sponsors 1997
15 Publicity/Follow-ups 1999
16 Printing Samples

Granting Process 1980-1999

The Granting Process Series includes all the documents related to the process of announcing, reviewing, and awarding grants for medical and educational research. In 1980, the Women's Fund began funding research grants. Funding for those early grants was modest, but over 18 years, the Women's Fund approved and funded 147 grant applications. Total expended funds for these dates top $1,000,000. Besides formal medical research, the organization funded several outreach service programs with far reaching effects. This series includes two sub-series: Grant Administration and Grant Applications.
Grant Administration
There are four folders in this sub-series, which are arranged alphabetically with folder contents arranged chronologically.
Box Folder
9 37 Grant Applications - Correspondence 1980-1998
38 Grant Review Board 1980-1996
39 Grant Review Committee 1993-1999
40 Granting History undated
Grant Applications and Processing 1980-1991
There are sixty-two folders in this sub-series, which are arranged chronologically.
Box Folder
9 41 Giovanella, B.C. "Tissue Culture of Human Breast Carcinoma" 1980
42 Fritsche, H. "Immune Complex Detection in Breast Cancer" 1980
43 Taylor, J. "Computer Requirements for the Breast Research Program" 1980-1986
44 Smith, P.S. "Prevention of Adolescent Pregnancy: Administrative and Clinical Issues" 1980-1981
45 Kaufman, R. H. "Herpes Relationship to Carcinoma of the Cervix and Vulva" and "DES Exposure in Utero and in Cancer" 1980 and 1982
46 Hays, B. "Baylor Lactation Clinic and 24-hour Hotline for Breast-feeding Mothers" 1981
47 Hays, B. "Baylor Lactation Clinic and 24-hour Hotline for Breast-feeding Mothers" 1983
48 Sadowski, B.R. "The Relationship of Testosterone Concentration, Spatial Ability, and Sex Role Identification in Women in Determining Preference for Mathematics as a Teaching Field" 1981
49 Gordon, C. "Depression and Satisfaction in Varying Combinations of Age and Family Composition among American Women" 1981
50 Mayor, N. "Defective Parvoviruses Protect against Virally-Induced Tumors" 1981-1984
51 Baylor College of Medicine. Endocrine Fund 1981-1985
52 Younes, M. "Development of an Animal Model for Human Endometriosis Using the Nude Mouse" 1981
53 Gibbons, W. E. "Progestin Effects on Human Endometrium in Post Menopausal Estrogen Replacement" 1982
54 Malinak, R. "Endometriosis in Relation to Fertility" 1982
55 Goldzieher, J. "Comparison of Drugs to Induce Ovulation" 1982
56 Besch, P.K. and Zamah, N. M. "Transplantation of Normal and Ectopic Human Endometrial Tissue into Athymic Nude Mice" 1982
57 Moore, L. "Bilingual Health Educator" 1982-1984
58 Hays, B. "Breast Feeding Mothers' Hotline" 1982
59 Hays, B. "Breast Feeding Mothers' Hotline" 1984-1985
60 Lovick, S. R. "'Young Moms' Parent Education Program" 1983
61 Meyer, J.S. "Neurology Research" 1983-1984
62 Lockshin, A. "Rapid Screening of Drugs as a Predictive Mechanism for Treating Cancer Patients" 1983
63 Zamah, N. M. "A Comparison of the Tissue Effects of the CO2 Laser and Electrosurgery in Infertility Surgery" 1984
64 Elkind-Hirsch, K. "Treatment of Infertility with Pulsatile LHRH Administration: Intravenous vs. Subcutaneous Route" 1984
65 Elkind-Hirsch, K and Reynolds, Mary "Characterization and Immunoreactive GnRH and hCG Levels in Normal and Diabetic Pregnancy" 1985
66 Nader, Shala "Characteristics of Patients with and without Gonadotropin Surges during Follicular Recruitment in an in vitro Fertilization/Embryo Transfer Program" 1985-1987
67 Sugarman, Barrett "Estrogens and Chlamydia Infections in Women" 1985
68 Doody, Michael "Investigation of Atrial Natriuetic Factor in Female Reproduction" 1985-1987
69 Hickox, Peter G. "Characterization of the Optimum Estrogen/Progesterone Combination for Hormonal Replacement Therapy in the Postmenopausal Female" 1985-1987
Box Folder
10 1 Goldzieher, Joseph W. "Use of Megestrol Acetate for the Destruction of Uterine Fibromyomas" 1985-1989
2 Jones, Lovell A. and McCamant, Susan "Evaluation of Progesterone-Induced Increase in Estradiol Dehydronenase as a Practical Test for Prediction of Hormonal Responsiveness" 1986
3 Chocko, Mariam "Ethnic and Age Differences in Prevalence Rates of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among Adolescent Females" 1986
4 Weitzman, Glenn "Trans-Hysteroscopic Intra-Fallopian Gamete Transfer" 1986
5 Dunn, Randall C. "Study of Efficacy of Nafareline Acetate and Tissue Plasminogen Activator in the Prevention of Post-operative Adhesions in an Animal Model" 1986
6 Storthz, Karen "Viruses as Etiologic Agents of Genital Cancer" 1986-1987
7 Nader, Shala "A Study of Female Fecundity" 1988
8 Krasnow, Joel "Investigation of the Hormonal Regulation of Aromatase in the Developing Follicle and Corpus Luteum" 1988
9 Winkel, Craig "Modulation of Vascular Endothelial Cell Cholesterol Metabolism by Sex Steroids" 1988
10 Pivarnik, James "Effect of Menstrual Cycle Phase on Serum Creatine Kinase Levels Following Endurance Exercise" 1988
11 Brody, Steven A. "The Study of Neuroendocrine Mechanisms in the Control of Hypothalamic GnRH Secretory Activity in Vivo and in Vitro" 1988
12 Snabes, Michael "The Safety and Efficacy of Aspirin in the Prevention of Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension" 1988-1990
13 Hinkley, Clark "Loan Repayment Program for Nurse-midwifery Education" 1989-1990
14 Newmark, Michael "Two Part Education and Research Project to Help Epileptic Women Manage Their Pregnancies" 1989-1990
15 Valdes, Cecilia "Late Onset Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia: Hormonal and DNA Diagnosis in Women with Various Gynecologic Disorders" 1989
16 Whitworth, Tina "Evaluation to Determine if Endometrial Thickness, Endometrial Growth, and Dominant Follicular Growth are Predictors of Implantation" 1989
17 Brody, Steven A. "Pathophysiological Studies on Tissue Injury and Adhesion Formation Following Laser, Thermal, and Electrosurgical Cauterization" 1990
18 Nadar, Shala "Study of the Absorption and Bioavailability of Sublingually Administered Progesterone Lozenges" 1990
19 Hays, Bethany "A Request for Funds for A Women's Retreat for the Baylor OB-GYN Residents" 1990
20 Bakht, Fred R. "Prevalence of Toxoplasmosis in Young Women: A Cross Sectional Serologic Survey" 1990
21 Fisher, Jeanne "Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program" 1990
22 Snabes, Michael "The Use of Human Eggs as a Model for DNA Analysis: How Sex Steroid Hormones Regulate Carbohydrate Metabolism" 1990
23 Hergenroeder, Albert C. "The Effect of Estrogen Therapy on Osteopenia, Stress Fractures, and the Risk of Osteoporosis in Young Women with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea" 1990
24 Mann, Melinda S. "Diseases of the Vulva and Vagina: Slide Library Project" 1990
25 Chuong, C. James "Effects of Naloxone on Luteinizing Hormone Secretion in Premenstrual Syndrome" 1990-1993
26 McFarlane, Judith "De Madres a Madres Program" 1990
27 Bynum, Diane "Expecting the Best Healthy Baby Kit" 1990
28 Sherman, Lori "How Sex Steroid Hormones Regulate Carbohydrate Metabolism" 1990
29 Dunn, Randall C. "An Experimental Model to Study the Etiology and Development of Endometriosis" 1990
30 Ritchie, Karen S" "A Mental Health Program for Breast Cancer Patients" 1990
31 Cowles, Tracy "Association of Placental Chromosomes Abnormalities with Abnormal Pregnancy Outcome" 1990-1991
32 Cassin, Kristi Shipnes "Community Partners" 1991

Gifts and Donations 1980-1999

Fundraising has been a major thrust of the Women's Fund mission because the organization needs money to implement the other objectives of the mission statement: public education and research support. Included in the Gifts and Donations series are detailed records of ticket sales, corporate contributions, and in-kind donations for administrative support and special events. folder divisions generally follow original order but were reorganized slightly to maintain chronological groupings.
Box Folder
10 33 Donations 1980-1996
33a Donations January-October 1998
33b Donations November 1998-November 1999
33c Donations December 1999
34 Donations - Memorial for Martha G. Slaughter 1995
35 Donations - In Kind 1993-1997
36 Donors 1987-1993
37 Contributions Reports 1985-1986
38 Contributions Reports 1987
39 Contributions 1979-1996
40 Corporate Sponsors and Donations 1980-1996
41 Donations from Women's Fund for HER 1984-1993
42 Grant Solicitations for Support of Women's Fund 1984-1989

Printing Samples 1983-1998

The Printing Samples Series includes samples of the many invitations, announcements, and programs produced by the Women's Fund over the years. Samples were re-foldered and labeled in original order.
Box Folder
10 43 1983
44 1984
45 1985
46 1986
47 1987
48 1988
49 1989
50 1990
51 1991
52 1992
53 1993
54 1994
Box Folder
11 1 1995
2 1996
3 1997
4 1998
5 undated

Publications 1984-1999

This series consists of six folders relating to the Women's Fund's two publications, Primer on Women's Health and Health Notes.
Primer on Women's Health 1984-1994
In 1985 the Women's Fund produced a Primer on Women's Health, a free brochure circulated to inform women throughout the Houston community on women's vital health issues. Revised every two years, the Primer promotes the latest in health maintenance information. To date, the Women's Fund, with the help of generous sponsors, has distributed 232,500 copies of the English edition to agencies, corporations, schools, churches, and hospitals. To reach a broader representation of the Houston community, the Women's Fund produced a Primer in Spanish in 1987 and since then the Women's Fund has distributed 106,700 copies of the Spanish edition.
Box Folder
11 8 1985
9 1992
10 1993
11 1997
12 1998
13 1999
14 2001
7 Related correspondence 1984-1994
Health Notes 1995-1999
In 1995 the Women's Fund recognized that changes in the insurance industry meant that many women might change health care providers repeatedly over a lifetime. To help both patient and physician with this dilemma, Health Notes grew into a simple, practical strategy for a woman to collect and maintain a personal record of her medical history.
Box Folder
11 12 Correspondence and Examples 1995-1999

Guest Books 1981-1997

Two guest books accompanied the collection of materials donated to the UH Archives. Neither is identified and only one has entries.
Box Folder
11 13 Guest Book 1981-1987
14 Guest Book, undated

Austin Office 1987-1991

In 1987 several directors of the Women's Fund transferred to Austin and decided to expand the services of the Women's Fund to the Austin community. Membership in the Austin branch was more diverse and included many career women. By 1991 it was clear that the Austin office could not sustain itself and the branch was closed. Records follow original order closely but were regrouped slightly to reflect the organizational pattern of the Houston office records.
Box Folder
11 15 Correspondence 1987
16 Executive Committee 1987-1990
17 Executive Committee 1990-1991
18 Financial Records 1986-1991
19 Newsletters 1987-1989
20 Programs 1987
21 Publicity 1989
22 Sales Tax Exemption 1984-1990

VHS Programs Library 1991-1999

A total of 44 VHS video tapes are listed in chronological order from 1991-1999. The tapes feature guest speakers at various John P. McGovern seminars, lectures, Membership Coffees, and Outreach Events. They are arranged in the box from bottom to top, in chronological order, with the most recent events on top.
Box Item
14 1 "Tis' the Season to be Jolly: Managing Holiday Stress," - Travis Peterson, MSW, Four Season Hotel 1991
2 "Preparing for Unexpected Financial & Emotional Loss," - R. H. Stevens, Jr., CPA, The Forum 1991
3 "Addiction: Feeding a Hungry Heart," - Carl M. Anderson, PhD., INNOVA, 20 Greenway Plaza 1991
4 "Beauty and the Beast, Battle Against Breast Cancer," - Dixie Melillo, MD, HL&P Energy Info. Center Auditorium 1992
5 "The Challenge of Inner Space, Mental Illness," - Stuart C. Yudofsky, MD, St. John the Divine Episcopal Church 1992
6 "A Celebration of Hope in the Season of "Bright Sadness," - The Rev. Chris C. Steel 1992
Host: Mrs. Jane Cizik
7 "Prime Time Women," - B. J. Frye, E. Rosborough, E. Tinsley, Junior League of Houston 1993
8 "Heart to Heart" Seminar - Karen Rose, K. Kerfoot, PhD., G. Binder, MD, S. Wilansky, MD, St. Luke's Medical Tower 1993
9 "Towering Panic," - Jaimie Cochran, MD 1993
Host: Mrs. Linda Gillman
10 "The Latest & Greatest in New Technology," - L. Watts, PhD., S. Pinero, MD, J. W. Walsh, MD, C. Fife, MD, R. Ruiz, MD, Hermann Hospital 1993
11 "Interaction & Overmedication of Prescription & Over-the-Counter Drugs," - Frank E. Smith, MD 1993
Host: Mrs. Joyce Goodman
12 "Breaking the Silence," - Judith McFarlane, RN, Carol Gee, B.A., Jeffry A. Basen-Enquist, M.A., Houston Area Women Center 1993
13 "Adv. Genetic Technologies to Diseases of Women," - Joe Leigh Simpson, MD, Houston Marriott Medical Center 1994
14 "Oh, My Aching Feet," - John O. Bishop, MD, Houston Civic Garden Center 1994
15 "My Life, My Body," - Dr. Karlene M. Kerfoot, Dr. Esta Kronberg, Jewish Community Center Auditorium 1994
16 "Alternative Health Care," - K. Rogers L.Ac., J. Martine D.C., G. Manso, MD, Omni Houston Hotel 1994
17 "Life Changes; The Changing Decades: Women's Health Issues," - R. Fish, MD, Fae Garden, MD, J. Buster, MD, B. Barrett, MD, The Wyndham Warwick 1994
18 "Allergies: The Immune System Overreaction," - William T. Shearer, MD, PhD., The Forum 1994
19 "Caring: The Knot at the End of the Rope," - Sue Baier, Author of the book: "Bad Number Ten," The Forum 1994
20 "Third Annual Women's & Girl's Good Health Day" 1994
21 "Hot Zones in Infectious Diseases Today," - Irene Fuentez, MD, Herber Dupont, MD, Marcia Kielhofner, MD, St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital 1995
22 "The Mind is at the Heart of the Body," - Alice Domar, PhD., Memorial Health System 1995
23 "The Women's Fund 13th Annual Benefit Luncheon," - Janice Woods Windle, Author of "True Women," Westin Galleria Hotel 1995
24 "Reversing Heart Disease: Is it Possible?" - Antonio Grotto, Jr. MD 1995
Host: Mrs. Odessa Wexler
25 "Those Marvelous and Maddening Hormones," - Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD, Junior League of Houston 1995
26 "Self-Defense for Women," - Holly and Kevin Bozant, The Forum 1995
27 "The New Renovated Clinical Nursing Skill Lab," - Kathryn Stream, Ph.D, Assistant Vice President of TWA 1995
Tour Guide: Joan Devilbiss, Texas Women University
28 "Ovarian Cancer Screening: What You Need to Know," - Joseph A. Lucci III, MD, St. Joseph Hospital 1996
29 "Embracing Change - You Only Have 'One Life to Live'," - Elizabeth Gregory, Ph.D, Cynthia Freeland, Ph.D, Junior League of Houston 1996
30 "Good Grief, Charlie Brown," - Karen Pennebaker, St. John the Divine Episcopal Church 1996
31 "Biochemistry of the Aging Process," - James R. Gullett, MD, Sports Fitness Center Auditorium, One Fannin Building 1996
32 "Women's Health - Past, Present, and Future," - Kathryn Peek, Ph.D, The University Club 1996
33 "Too Much of a Good Thing?," - Eileen Starbranch, MD and Hope Nordmeyer, LMSW-ASCP, Houston Country Club 1996
34 "The Heart of the Matter," - Philip Bentliff, MD, Patrick Hogan, MD, Stephanie Gross, MD, Ricer Oaks Country Club 1997
35 "Everyday Aches and Pain," - Heidi Seifert Collins, MD, and Bill Case PT, SCS, The Briar Club 1997
36 "Entering and Leaving the Sandwich Generation," - Anita Woods, Ph.D, Sharon K. Oswald, Ph.D, Nancy L. Wilson, M.A., Junior League of Houston 1997
37 "Learning From Your Body Teacher," - Rita Justice, Ph.D 1998
Host: Joyce Goodman
38 "The Biology of Attachment," - Patricia Love, Ed.D, Omni Houston Hotel 1998
39 "What's Up Doc?" - Cheryl Alston, MD, The Forum 1998
40 "Everyday Depression," - William H. Boytston, MD and Alice M. Gates, Ed.D, Junior League of Houston 1998
41 "Looking Backward and Looking Ahead," - Raymond H. Kaufman, MD, The Forum 1999
42 "20th Anniversary Luncheon - Celebration of Leadership," - Doris Kearns Goodwin, Westin Galleria Hotel 1999
43 Primer on Women's Health - Christi Myer's 5 p.m. Newcast
44 Alternatives to Hysterectomy, KHOU - TV, Houston, Dr. Joseph Feste

Unprocessed materials 1998-2014

An additional 26 boxes of materials received on November 11, 2015 are not yet fully processed. These materials range in date from 1998 to 2014, and include documents from meetings, publications, fundraising, public relations, financials, and photographs. In addition to paper records, the 2015 accession also contains digital archival materials, which can be accessed in the Special Collections Reading Room by advance request. Since these materials are not yet fully processd, some materials may be restricted and not available for access. For questions about unprocessed materials or to request access, contact curator Vince Lee at