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Guide to the Komen Foundation, Houston Records

Overview of the Collection

Creator Collector Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Houston Affiliate
Collection Title Komen Foundation, Houston Records
Dates 1992-2012
Identification 02/2008-009
Physical Description 36.00 linear feet
Language of Materials English
Repository University of Houston Libraries M.D. Anderson Library 4333 University Drive Houston, TX, 77204-2000 URL: Email: Phone: 713-743-9229

Historical Note:

In 1980, Susan Goodman Komen lost her battle with breast cancer at the age of 36. In the last months of Susan’s life, her sister, Nancy Goodman Brinker, made a promise to dedicate the rest of her life to increasing awareness and support of breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment. In 1982, Nancy’s promise launched the global breast cancer movement and the creation of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, which was renamed Susan G. Komen for the Cure in 2009.

In 1990, Brinker established The Komen Houston Affiliate. It is ranked number one, topping 125 affiliate groups worldwide, in recognition of providing the most funding for education, screening and treatment both globally and in its seven-county service area in Southwest Texas. The Komen Houston Race for the Cure, the affiliate’s largest fundraiser, attracted a record 30,000 participants in 2008 amidst the devastation and confusion of the Hurricane Ike aftermath. As a grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists, the organization works to save lives, empower people, ensure quality care for all and energize science to find cures.

The Komen Foundation, as a whole, is the global leader of breast cancer awareness and support. As of 2008, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation had invested more than $1 billion since its inception in 1982. The Komen Foundation is the largest source of nonprofit funds dedicated to the fight against breast cancer in the world.


Scope and Contents

The Komen Foundation, Houston Records are housed in 35 boxes. The materials are arranged chronologically in ongoing yearly series with the following recurring subseries: Administrative Documents, Organizational Documents, Roster, Scholarships and Grants, Informational Material, Newsletters, Sponsors, Events, Race for Cure, Clippings and Correspondence, etc. Most notably, this collection documents organizational events and fundraising efforts from 1998 to 2012.


Conditions Governing Access:

Open for research

Conditions Governing Use:

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Access Terms

This Collection is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms.
Corporate Name:
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Houston Affiliate
Genre/Form of Material:
Clippings (information artifacts)
Fliers (printed matter)
Sound recordings
Topical Term:
Breast -- Cancer
Nonprofit organizations -- Texas -- Houston

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation:

Komen Foundation, Houston Records, Courtesy of Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries


Additional materials were acquired in 2012 as part of a donation by Komen Foundation.

Additional materials were acquired in 2015 as part of a donation by Komen Foundation.

Detailed List of Contents

ArchonID id142379

ArchonID id142387
Administrative Documents
Box Folder
1 1 ArchonID id142393
Board Members
2 ArchonID id142394
Nominating Committee
ArchonID id142388
Box Folder
1 3 ArchonID id142396
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
4 ArchonID id142397
Trial Lawyer of the Year
5 ArchonID id142398
Dallas Award Luncheon Photographs
6 ArchonID id142399
Unknown Event Photographs
ArchonID id142389
Race for the Cure
Box Folder
1 7 ArchonID id142401
Race 1995
8 ArchonID id142402
Race 1996
ArchonID id142390
Printed Publicity
Box Folder
1 9 ArchonID id142404
News Clippings
ArchonID id142391
Box Folder
1 10 ArchonID id142406
H. Joan Ehlrich Background
11 ArchonID id142407
12 ArchonID id142408
13 ArchonID id142409

ArchonID id142380

ArchonID id142410
Administrative Documents
Box Folder
1 14 ArchonID id142416
Board Member Nominations
15 ArchonID id142417
Board Committee Report
16 ArchonID id142418
17 ArchonID id142419
Nominating Committee
ArchonID id142411
Box Folder
1 18 ArchonID id142421
Annise Parker
19 ArchonID id142422
20 ArchonID id142423
21 ArchonID id142424
Press Materials
ArchonID id142412
Box Folder
1 22 ArchonID id142426
Press Materials
23 ArchonID id142427
ArchonID id142413
Box Folder
1 24 ArchonID id142429
“All in the Family”
25 ArchonID id142430
Luncheon, Washington, D.C.
ArchonID id142414
Box Folder
1 26 ArchonID id142432

ArchonID id73978

ArchonID id74029
Administrative Documents
Box Folder
1 27 ArchonID id74034
Board Correspondence
28 ArchonID id74035
Board of Directors; Thank You Letters
29 ArchonID id142434
Board Meeting
30 ArchonID id142435
Board Report
31 ArchonID id74036
End of Year Report
32 ArchonID id74037
33 ArchonID id142436
Nominating Committee
ArchonID id74030
Box Folder
1 34 ArchonID id74038
Member Roster
35 ArchonID id74039
Mailing List
ArchonID id74031
Box Folder
1 36 ArchonID id74040
“Membership Coffee”
37 ArchonID id74041
“Membership Reception”- Lolly Becker Home
38 ArchonID id74042
“Membership Reception”- Junior League
39 ArchonID id142440
“Membership Reception”-Photographs
40 ArchonID id74043
“Membership Tea”- Mary Watters
41 ArchonID id142441
River Oaks Reception Photographs
ArchonID id74032
Race 1998
Box Folder
1 42 ArchonID id74044
Race Run up Preparation

ArchonID id73979

ArchonID id74046
Administrative Documents
Box Folder
2 1 ArchonID id74055
Board Correspondence
2 ArchonID id74056
Board Chairmen
3 ArchonID id142460
Board Meeting Minutes
4 ArchonID id142461
Financial Documents
5 ArchonID id142462
Nominating Committee
ArchonID id74047
Organizational Documents
Box Folder
2 6 ArchonID id74057
Houston Chapter Affiliate Agreement
ArchonID id74048
Box Folder
2 7 ArchonID id74058
Komen Connection
8 ArchonID id74059
ArchonID id74049
Box Folder
2 9 ArchonID id74060
Market Research
10 ArchonID id74061
Sponsor Contact List
11 ArchonID id74062
Sponsorship Request Correspondence
12 ArchonID id74063
Affiliate Organization Development Model
ArchonID id74050
Box Folder
2 13 ArchonID id74064
1st Annual NE Houston Breast Cancer Awareness Reception
14 ArchonID id142467
17th Annual Cancer Fighters Luncheon
15 ArchonID id142468
BMW Ultimate Drive
16 ArchonID id142469
Celebrate 2000
17 ArchonID id74065
“Membership Coffee”
18 ArchonID id74066
“Membership Reception”
19 ArchonID id142470
“Swinging Fore the Cure”
20 ArchonID id142471
Sydney Seaward Memorial Fund
21 ArchonID id142472
Tree of Life Foundation
22 ArchonID id142473
Unknown Event Photographs
ArchonID id74051
Box Folder
2 23 ArchonID id74067
Race Run-up Correspondence
24 ArchonID id74068
General Race Meeting
25 ArchonID id74069
Race 1999 Brochure
26 ArchonID id74071
Printing Material
27 ArchonID id142475
28 ArchonID id142476
Race 1999
29 ArchonID id142477
Race 1999 (Pt. 1)
30 ArchonID id142478
Race 1999 (Pt. 2)
31 ArchonID id142479
Race 1999 (Pt. 3)
Box Folder
3 1 ArchonID id142481
Race 1999 (Pt. 1)
2 ArchonID id142482
Race 1999 (Pt. 2)
3 ArchonID id142483
4 ArchonID id142484
OVS_Box Item
32 9 ArchonID id142486

ArchonID id73980

ArchonID id74077
Administrative Documents
Box Folder
3 5 ArchonID id74089
Steering Committee Minutes
6 ArchonID id74090
General Correspondence
7 ArchonID id74091
Board of Directors Meetings
8 ArchonID id74092
IRS Tax Exempt Status
9 ArchonID id74093
Financial Documents
10 ArchonID id142488
Advisory Board
11 ArchonID id142489
Nominating Committee
12 ArchonID id74094
Grants Progress Report
13 ArchonID id142490
Grants (Pt.1)
14 ArchonID id142491
Grants (Pt.2)
15 ArchonID id142492
Grants (Pt.3)
Box Folder
4 1 ArchonID id142494
Grants (Pt. 1)
2 ArchonID id142495
Grants (Pt. 2)
ArchonID id74078
Organizational Documents
Box Folder
4 3 ArchonID id74098
4 ArchonID id74099
5 ArchonID id74100
North Jersey Affiliate Brochure
ArchonID id74079
Box Folder
4 6 ArchonID id74101
Board Members
7 ArchonID id74102
Race Roster
ArchonID id74080
Box Folder
4 8 ArchonID id74103
Race 2000 Corporate Teams
9 ArchonID id74104
Sponsorship Material
10 ArchonID id74105
Sponsor Contact List
ArchonID id74106
Box Folder
4 11 ArchonID id74108
“Survivor party”; RSVP & Invitation
12 ArchonID id74109
Sponsor Party
13 ArchonID id74110
“Pink Ribbon Reception” & Mailing List
14 ArchonID id74111
Komen Affiliate Awards
15 ArchonID id142500
Houston BMW Group
16 ArchonID id142501
Explorer Giveaway
17 ArchonID id142502
Various Photographs
ArchonID id74081
Box Folder
4 18 ArchonID id74112
Race Script
19 ArchonID id74113
Sponsorship Form & Brochure
20 ArchonID id74114
Volunteer Information
21 ArchonID id142506
22 ArchonID id142507
23 ArchonID id142508
Patty Stone Program (Pt. 1)
24 ArchonID id142509
Patty Stone Program (Pt. 2)
25 ArchonID id142510
Patty Stone Program
26 ArchonID id142511
Doctors for the Cure
Box Folder
5 1 ArchonID id142512
Marsha Eckermann
2 ArchonID id142513
Event Guide (Pt. 1)
3 ArchonID id142514
Event Guide (Pt. 2)
4 ArchonID id142515
Various Binder (Pt. 1)
5 ArchonID id142516
Various Binder (Pt. 2)
ArchonID id74082
Informational Material
Box Folder
5 6 ArchonID id74121
Breast Cancer Informational Booklet
7 ArchonID id74122
Demographic Information & Statistics
ArchonID id74083
Box Folder
5 8 ArchonID id74123
Komen Weekly
9 ArchonID id74124
Komen Weekly
10 ArchonID id74125
Komen Weekly
11 ArchonID id74126
Komen Weekly
12 ArchonID id74127
13 ArchonID id142519
Komen/Houston Newsletter
ArchonID id74084
Printed Publicity
Box Folder
5 14 ArchonID id142521
15 ArchonID id74128
News Clippings

ArchonID id73981

ArchonID id74130
Organizational Documents
Box Folder
6 1 ArchonID id74139
Confidentiality Agreement
2 ArchonID id74140
Houston Chapter Affiliation Agreement
ArchonID id74131
Administrative Documents
Box Folder
6 3 ArchonID id74141
Disclosure Statements
4 ArchonID id74142
Financial Documents
5 ArchonID id74143
Board Members
6 ArchonID id74144
Board Members Profile
7 ArchonID id74145
Nominating Committee Meeting
8 ArchonID id74146
2001 Timeline
9 ArchonID id74147
10 ArchonID id74148
Annual Report
11 ArchonID id142524
Executive Committee
12 ArchonID id142525
Board Meeting Minutes
ArchonID id74132
Box Folder
6 13 ArchonID id74149
Race Agreement
14 ArchonID id74150
Race Day Details
15 ArchonID id74151
Race Correspondence
16 ArchonID id74152
Race Material
17 ArchonID id74153
Race Script
18 ArchonID id74154
General Race Meeting Minutes
19 ArchonID id74155
Race 2001- Brochure
20 ArchonID id142527
Race 2001
21 ArchonID id142528
ArchonID id74133
Box Folder
6 22 ArchonID id74156
23 ArchonID id74157
Komen Weekly
24 ArchonID id74158
Komen Weekly
25 ArchonID id74159
Komen Weekly
26 ArchonID id74160
Komen Weekly
27 ArchonID id74161
Mailing List
28 ArchonID id142530
ArchonID id74134
Box Folder
6 29 ArchonID id74162
Foley’s Cruise for Cure
30 ArchonID id74163
Lee Denim Day-Sample
31 ArchonID id74164
Lee Denim Day
32 ArchonID id74165
Pink Ribbon Reception
33 ArchonID id74166
Pink Ribbon Reception
34 ArchonID id74167
Health & Fitness Expo
35 ArchonID id74168
Sponsor Expo
36 ArchonID id74169
BMW Ultimate Drive
37 ArchonID id74170
Sing for the Cure
38 ArchonID id142532
Debra Show
39 ArchonID id142533
Sponsor VIP
40 ArchonID id142534
41 ArchonID id142535
H. Joan Ehrlich
ArchonID id74135
Scholarships and Grants
Box Folder
6 42 ArchonID id74171
Komen College Sponsorship Program
43 ArchonID id74172
Komen Fellowship
ArchonID id74136
Printed Publicity
Box Folder
6 44 ArchonID id74173
Newspaper Clippings & Articles
ArchonID id74137
Promotional Literature
Box Folder
6 45 ArchonID id74174
Affiliate Education Workbook

ArchonID id73982

ArchonID id74176
Administrative Documents
Box Folder
7 1 ArchonID id74186
Board of Directors
2 ArchonID id74187
Financial Documents
3 ArchonID id74188
Order Form
4 ArchonID id74189
BBB Questionnaire
5 ArchonID id74190
Organizational Information
6 ArchonID id74191
Board of Directors Meeting
7 ArchonID id74192
Office Lease Agreement
8 ArchonID id74193
Disclosure and Conflict of Interest Policy
9 ArchonID id74194
Sales Tax Exemption Status
10 ArchonID id74195
11 ArchonID id74196
Communication Committee Meeting
12 ArchonID id142540
13 ArchonID id142541
Nominating Committee
14 ArchonID id142542
Communications Committee (Pt. 1)
15 ArchonID id142543
Communications Committee (Pt. 2)
16 ArchonID id142544
Printing Committee (Pt. 1)
17 ArchonID id142545
Printing Committee (Pt. 2)
ArchonID id74177
Box Folder
7 18 ArchonID id74201
19 ArchonID id74202
Olivia Newton-John Concert
20 ArchonID id74203
Women in Golf Day
21 ArchonID id74204
22 ArchonID id74205
Memorial Hermann Mammography Center Opening Ceremony
23 ArchonID id74206
“Unique Lives Experience” Lecture Series
24 ArchonID id74207
Asian Women’s Health Symposium
25 ArchonID id74208
Komen Grass Root Public Policy Project
26 ArchonID id74209
National Oncology Education Program
27 ArchonID id74210
National Association of Hispanic Nurses
28 ArchonID id74211
“The Market” Membership Event
29 ArchonID id74212
Wood Land Tennis Tournament
30 ArchonID id74213
Strasburger & Price Luncheon
31 ArchonID id74214
“Women’s Life Insurance Society” Program
32 ArchonID id74215
National Peace Foundation
33 ArchonID id74216
City of Houston- Older Americans Month
34 ArchonID id74217
4th Nation Wide Shopping Weekend
35 ArchonID id74218
Sisters Block Walk
36 ArchonID id74219
1st Annual Nancy Ovens Memorial Luncheon
37 ArchonID id74220
Pink Tie Events Ball
38 ArchonID id74221
Komen Foundation, 20th Anniversary
39 ArchonID id74222
Pink Ribbon Reception
40 ArchonID id74223
Pink Ribbon Golf Tournament
41 ArchonID id74224
Houston Comets Breast Cancer Awareness Game
42 ArchonID id74225
Health Talk Meet
43 ArchonID id74226
“Power of Promise Pin” Fundraising
44 ArchonID id142547
Chair’s Organizational Award
ArchonID id74178
Box Folder
7 45 ArchonID id74227
JOMA Enterprises
46 ArchonID id74228
Pink Cowboys
47 ArchonID id74229
BMW Ultimate Drive
48 ArchonID id74230
British Petroleum
49 ArchonID id74231
Lee Denim Day
50 ArchonID id74232
Macy’s- Heart & Soul
Box Folder
8 1 ArchonID id74233
Bass Pro Shops
2 ArchonID id74234
3 ArchonID id74235
Macy’s- Heart & Soul
4 ArchonID id74236
The Club at Falcon Point
5 ArchonID id74237
Cinco Ranch High School Theatre Department
ArchonID id74179
Promotional Literature
Box Folder
8 6 ArchonID id74238
Demographic Information
7 ArchonID id74239
Mother’s Day Tribute Card Program
8 ArchonID id74240
Komen College Scholarship Brochure
ArchonID id74180
Box Folder
8 9 ArchonID id74241
Komen Weekly
10 ArchonID id74242
Komen Weekly
11 ArchonID id74243
ArchonID id74181
Printed Publicity
Box Folder
8 12 ArchonID id74244
News clippings
13 ArchonID id74245
News clippings
14 ArchonID id74246
News clippings
ArchonID id74182
Box Folder
8 15 ArchonID id74247
Race for Cure-Rome Affiliate
16 ArchonID id74248
Race Monitoring Report
17 ArchonID id74249
Race Brochure
18 ArchonID id74250
Komen Virtual Race for the Cure
19 ArchonID id74251
Race Script
20 ArchonID id74252
Race Draft
21 ArchonID id74253
Race Improvement Recommendations
22 ArchonID id74254
Race wrap-up meeting
23 ArchonID id142555
24 ArchonID id142556
25 ArchonID id142557
Power of a Promise
26 ArchonID id142558
Sponsorship Opportunities (Pt. 1)
27 ArchonID id142559
Sponsorship Opportunities (Pt. 2)
28 ArchonID id142560
Sponsorship Opportunities (Pt. 3)
Box Folder
9 1 ArchonID id142561
Race Binder (Pt. 1)
2 ArchonID id142562
Race Binder (Pt. 2)
3 ArchonID id142563
Race Binder (Pt. 3)

ArchonID id73983

ArchonID id74260
Administrative Documents
Box Folder
9 4 ArchonID id74269
Affiliate Training Session
5 ArchonID id74270
Board of Directors
6 ArchonID id74271
Office Procedures
7 ArchonID id74272
8 ArchonID id74273
Financial Documents
9 ArchonID id74274
Board Retreat
10 ArchonID id74276
Job Responsibilities
11 ArchonID id74277
Job Responsibilities
12 ArchonID id74275
13 ArchonID id142566
Strategic Planning
ArchonID id74261
Box Folder
9 14 ArchonID id74278
Rome Affiliate Brochure
15 ArchonID id74279
Race for Cure Brochure
16 ArchonID id74280
Girl Scouts
17 ArchonID id74281
Race Day Activities Correspondence
18 ArchonID id74282
19 ArchonID id74283
Race Merchandize Report
20 ArchonID id74284
Race Script
21 ArchonID id74285
“Decorating for a Difference”
22 ArchonID id74286
Physical Arrangement
23 ArchonID id142568
Meeting Minutes
24 ArchonID id142569
Marshall Report
25 ArchonID id142570
26 ArchonID id142571
27 ArchonID id142572
Box Folder
10 1 ArchonID id142574
Race Director
2 ArchonID id142575
Race Binder (Pt. 1)
3 ArchonID id142576
Race Binder (Pt. 2)
ArchonID id74262
Box Folder
10 4 ArchonID id74289
Pink Ribbon Reception RSVP & Invitation cards
5 ArchonID id74290
Affiliate Conference, Arlington, TX
6 ArchonID id74292
Lunch & Learn
7 ArchonID id74293
Grant Recipients- Pink Ribbon Café
8 ArchonID id142578
The Power of a Promise
ArchonID id74263
Box Folder
10 9 ArchonID id74294
10 ArchonID id74295
Komen weekly
11 ArchonID id74296
News Clippings
ArchonID id74264
Promotional Literature
Box Folder
10 12 ArchonID id74297
Sponsorship Opportunity Brochure
ArchonID id142564
Printed Materials
Box Folder
10 13 ArchonID id142582
14 ArchonID id142583
Life Cycle Report
15 ArchonID id142584

ArchonID id73984

ArchonID id74299
Administrative Documents
Box Folder
10 16 ArchonID id74308
Steering Committee Minutes
17 ArchonID id74309
Board Meetings
18 ArchonID id74310
Job Descriptions & Responsibilities
19 ArchonID id74311
Denver Affiliate
20 ArchonID id74312
21 ArchonID id74313
Public Relations
22 ArchonID id74314
Komen Survivor Committee
23 ArchonID id74315
Request for Proposal
24 ArchonID id74316
Balance Sheet
25 ArchonID id142586
Affiliate President’s Guide
26 ArchonID id142587
Board of Directors
ArchonID id74300
Box Folder
10 27 ArchonID id74318
Survivor Party
28 ArchonID id74319
Pasta Party Pledge Program
29 ArchonID id74320
High School Challenge
30 ArchonID id74321
Pink Honor Roll
31 ArchonID id74322
Pink Ribbon Café
32 ArchonID id74323
Pledge Program
33 ArchonID id142589
Rothko Chapel 40th Anniversary
ArchonID id74301
Box Folder
10 34 ArchonID id74324
35 ArchonID id74325
36 ArchonID id74326
Coca Cola
37 ArchonID id74327
Fiji Water
38 ArchonID id74328
Hyatt Regency
39 ArchonID id74329
Alief Independent School District
40 ArchonID id74330
Chevron Texaco
41 ArchonID id74331
42 ArchonID id74332
Marathon Oil
43 ArchonID id74333
Houston Chronicle
44 ArchonID id74334
Compass Bank Sponsorship
45 ArchonID id74335
46 ArchonID id74336
Clear Channel
47 ArchonID id74337
Lester & Sue Smith Foundation
48 ArchonID id74338
Fleet Feet
ArchonID id74302
Box Folder
10 49 ArchonID id74339
50 ArchonID id74340
51 ArchonID id74341
52 ArchonID id142594
Box Folder
11 1 ArchonID id74342
Registration Forms
2 ArchonID id74343
Parking Arrangements
3 ArchonID id74344
4 ArchonID id74345
5 ArchonID id74346
News Commentary
6 ArchonID id74347
7 ArchonID id74348
Permit Request Documents
8 ArchonID id74349
Route Maps
9 ArchonID id74350
10 ArchonID id74351
Marshal Meeting & Correspondence
11 ArchonID id74352
Photography Correspondence
12 ArchonID id74353
Partner Toolkit
13 ArchonID id74354
Activity Reports
14 ArchonID id74355
15 ArchonID id74356
Kids for Cure
16 ArchonID id74357
17 ArchonID id74358
18 ArchonID id81571
19 ArchonID id81572
T-shirt Correspondence
20 ArchonID id142595
Volunteer Roster
21 ArchonID id142596
22 ArchonID id142597
Survivor Salutes
23 ArchonID id142598
24 ArchonID id142599
25 ArchonID id142600
26 ArchonID id142601
Binder (Pt. 1)
27 ArchonID id142602
Binder (Pt. 2)
28 ArchonID id142603
29 ArchonID id142604
Box Folder
12 1 ArchonID id142605
Event Guide (Pt. 1)
2 ArchonID id142606
Event Guide (Pt. 2)
3 ArchonID id142607
Information (Pt. 1)
4 ArchonID id142608
Information (Pt. 2)
5 ArchonID id142609
Information (Pt. 3)
6 ArchonID id142610
Committee Information (Pt. 1)
7 ArchonID id142611
Committee Information (Pt. 2)
8 ArchonID id142612
Binder (Pt. 1)
9 ArchonID id142613
Binder (Pt. 2)
10 ArchonID id142614
Co-Chair (Pt. 1)
11 ArchonID id142615
Co-Chair (Pt. 2)
12 ArchonID id142616
Co-Chair 2 (Pt. 1)
13 ArchonID id142617
Co-Chair 2 (Pt. 2)
OVS_Box Item
32 10 ArchonID id142619
ArchonID id74303
Box Folder
13 1 ArchonID id74360
Komen Houston
ArchonID id74304
Promotional Literature
Box Folder
13 2 ArchonID id74361
Affiliate Training Brochure
3 ArchonID id74362
Sponsorship Information
4 ArchonID id74363
Breast Cancer Awareness Information
5 ArchonID id74364
Website Draft
6 ArchonID id142622

ArchonID id73985

ArchonID id142623
Administrative Documents
Box Folder
13 7 ArchonID id142625
Board Members
8 ArchonID id142626
Board Meeting Minutes
9 ArchonID id142627
Board Manual
10 ArchonID id142628
11 ArchonID id142629
Affiliate Training (Pt.1)
12 ArchonID id142630
Affiliate Training (Pt.2)
ArchonID id74366
Box Folder
13 13 ArchonID id74373
Race Script
14 ArchonID id74374
Race Sponsor Information
15 ArchonID id74375
Race Presentation
16 ArchonID id74376
Parking Information
17 ArchonID id74377
Volunteer Form
18 ArchonID id74378
Race Brochure
19 ArchonID id74379
Training Program (CD)
20 ArchonID id74380
Images and Information (CD)
21 ArchonID id142633
22 ArchonID id142634
Water Stations
23 ArchonID id142635
Survivor Salute Flags
24 ArchonID id142636
Training II
25 ArchonID id142637
26 ArchonID id142638
Race Committee
27 ArchonID id142639
28 ArchonID id142640
Box Folder
14 1 ArchonID id142641
Printing Projects (Pt. 1)
2 ArchonID id142642
Printing Projects (Pt. 2)
3 ArchonID id142643
Binder (Pt. 1)
4 ArchonID id142644
Binder (Pt. 2)
5 ArchonID id142645
Binder (Pt. 3)
ArchonID id74367
Box Folder
14 6 ArchonID id74383
Pasta Party
7 ArchonID id74384
Survivor Party
8 ArchonID id74385
Pledge Program
9 ArchonID id74386
Pink Honor Roll
10 ArchonID id74387
Pink Tie Gala
11 ArchonID id74388
Media Press Conference and Luncheon (CD)
12 ArchonID id142647
Survivor Pin Report
ArchonID id74368
Box Folder
14 13 ArchonID id74389
14 ArchonID id74390
15 ArchonID id74391
Sponsor Hotels
16 ArchonID id142649
Pink Tie Sponsors
ArchonID id74369
Printed Publicity
Box Folder
14 17 ArchonID id74392
News clippings
18 ArchonID id74393
News clippings
19 ArchonID id74394
News clippings

ArchonID id73986

ArchonID id74397
Administrative Documents
Box Folder
14 20 ArchonID id142652
Board Meeting Minutes
21 ArchonID id142653
Board Manual
22 ArchonID id142654
23 ArchonID id142655
Strategic Plan
24 ArchonID id142656
Box Folder
15 1 ArchonID id142658
Media Notebook (Pt. 1)
2 ArchonID id142659
Media Notebook (Pt. 2)
3 ArchonID id142660
Komen Affiliate Award Document
4 ArchonID id142661
Grants (Pt. 1)
5 ArchonID id142662
Grants (Pt. 2)
6 ArchonID id142663
Grant Awards Luncheon
7 ArchonID id142664
Grant Luncheon Photographs
8 ArchonID id142665
History Committee Photographs
9 ArchonID id142666
Staff Photographs
10 ArchonID id142667
Affiliate Policies
11 ArchonID id142668
ArchonID id74398
Box Folder
15 12 ArchonID id142671
13 ArchonID id142672
14 ArchonID id142673
15 ArchonID id142674
16 ArchonID id142675
Crisis Communication Plan
17 ArchonID id142676
18 ArchonID id142677
Moving Forward-Enhancements
19 ArchonID id142678
20 ArchonID id142679
Sponsorship Opportunities
21 ArchonID id142680
Presenting Gold Sponsors
22 ArchonID id142681
Alison Bell-Survivor
23 ArchonID id142682
Large Race Forum
24 ArchonID id142683
Physical Arrangements (Pt. 1)
25 ArchonID id142684
Physical Arrangements (Pt. 2)
Box Folder
16 1 ArchonID id142685
2 ArchonID id142686
Affiliate Training Manual
3 ArchonID id142687
Scrapbook (Pt. 1)
4 ArchonID id142688
Scrapbook (Pt. 2)
5 ArchonID id142689
6 ArchonID id142690
ArchonID id74399
Box Folder
16 7 ArchonID id74414
Komen Houston
ArchonID id74401
Promotional Literature
Box Folder
16 8 ArchonID id142693
9 ArchonID id142694
Sponsorship Material
10 ArchonID id142695
Membership Material
ArchonID id74400
Box Folder
16 11 ArchonID id142697
Pink Ribbon Reception
12 ArchonID id142698
UTMB Donor Dinner
13 ArchonID id142699
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
14 ArchonID id142700
Flight Plan
ArchonID id142701
Box Folder
16 15 ArchonID id142703
Various Photographs
16 ArchonID id142704
17 ArchonID id142705
WYSIWYG Active X HTML Editor
18 ArchonID id142706
CONVIO Basic Training

ArchonID id73987

ArchonID id142707
Administrative Documents
Box Folder
16 19 ArchonID id142709
Board Meeting Minutes
20 ArchonID id142710
Board Meeting Minutes
21 ArchonID id142711
22 ArchonID id142712
Strategic Plan
23 ArchonID id142713
24 ArchonID id142714
Consent Agenda
25 ArchonID id142715
Sponsor Stewardship Committee
ArchonID id74420
Box Folder
17 1 ArchonID id74424
Pink Honor Roll
2 ArchonID id74425
Pasta Party
3 ArchonID id74426
3rd Annual Breast Health Summit
4 ArchonID id74427
Pink Tie Gala
5 ArchonID id74428
Convio Summit
6 ArchonID id142717
UTMB Donor Luncheon
7 ArchonID id142718
Pink Ribbon Reception
8 ArchonID id142719
Tennis Invitational
9 ArchonID id142720
Board Retreat
10 ArchonID id142721
Mobile Mammography
11 ArchonID id142722
Unknown Event Photographs
ArchonID id74421
Box Folder
17 12 ArchonID id142725
13 ArchonID id142726
Committee Roster
14 ArchonID id142727
15 ArchonID id142728
16 ArchonID id142729
Brochures and Pamphlets
17 ArchonID id142730
18 ArchonID id142731
Affiliate Learning and Development
19 ArchonID id142732
Silver-Crystal Sponsors (Pt. 1)
20 ArchonID id142733
Silver-Crystal Sponsors (Pt. 2)
21 ArchonID id142734
Sponsor Information
OVS_Box Item
32 11 ArchonID id142735
Posters (3)
ArchonID id74423
Informative Material
Box Folder
17 22 ArchonID id74433
Medicaid for Breast & Cervical Cancer
23 ArchonID id74434
Brochures & Pamphlets
24 ArchonID id74435
Informative in-house Publications
25 ArchonID id74436
Invitation Cards
ArchonID id74422
Promotional Literature
Box Folder
17 26 ArchonID id74437
Sponsorship Booklet
27 ArchonID id74438
Membership Forms
28 ArchonID id142738
29 ArchonID id142739

ArchonID id142381

ArchonID id142740
Administrative Documents
Box Folder
17 30 ArchonID id142746
31 ArchonID id142747
Board Meeting
Box Folder
18 1 ArchonID id142748
Board of Directors
2 ArchonID id142749
Membership Rosters
3 ArchonID id142750
4 ArchonID id142751
5 ArchonID id142752
6 ArchonID id142753
Capacity Growth Assessment
7 ArchonID id142754
Strategic Plan
8 ArchonID id142755
Media Training
9 ArchonID id142756
Executive Director Welcome Plan
10 ArchonID id142757
History Committee
11 ArchonID id142758
ArchonID id142741
Box Folder
18 12 ArchonID id142762
4th Annual Breast Health Summit
12a ArchonID id142775
11th Annual Table Talk
13 ArchonID id142763
Advisory Council Luncheon
14 ArchonID id142764
Board Retreat
15 ArchonID id142765
Holiday Luncheon
16 ArchonID id142766
KBR Charitable Foundation Photograph
17 ArchonID id142767
Mobile Mammography Unit
18 ArchonID id142768
Nancy Owens Memorial Foundation Luncheon
19 ArchonID id142769
Pink Honor Roll
20 ArchonID id142770
Pink Ribbon Reception
21 ArchonID id142771
Pink Tie Gala
22 ArchonID id142772
23 ArchonID id142773
Unknown Event Photographs
24 ArchonID id142774
Various Events
OVS_Box Item
32 12 ArchonID id142761
“An Evening of Comradery for the Cure” Poster
ArchonID id142742
Box Folder
18 25 ArchonID id142777
Kickoff Luncheon
26 ArchonID id142778
Marketing Proposal
27 ArchonID id142779
28 ArchonID id142780
Pledge Program
29 ArchonID id142781
Printed Materials
30 ArchonID id142782
Race Manual
31 ArchonID id142783
32 ArchonID id142784
Sponsor Information
ArchonID id142743
Printed Materials
Box Folder
18 33 ArchonID id142786
34 ArchonID id142787
Hot Pink Flash
35 ArchonID id142788
Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine
36 ArchonID id142789
Houston Business Journal
37 ArchonID id142790
Houston Lifestyles & Homes, February and October
38 ArchonID id142791
Her Voice
39 ArchonID id142792
ICON Magazine, March
40 ArchonID id142793
41 ArchonID id142794
42 ArchonID id142795
The Rose Review
43 ArchonID id142796
44 ArchonID id142797
Young Breast Cancer Survivor’s Program

ArchonID id142382

ArchonID id142798
Administrative Documents
Box Folder
18 45 ArchonID id142804
Board of Directors Manual
46 ArchonID id142805
Board Meeting
47 ArchonID id142806
Board of Directors
Box Folder
19 1 ArchonID id142807
Community Profile
2 ArchonID id142808
3 ArchonID id142809
4 ArchonID id142810
Governance Committee
5 ArchonID id142811
History Committee
6 ArchonID id142812
Strategic Plan
ArchonID id142799
Box Folder
19 7 ArchonID id142814
5th Annual Breast Health Summit
8 ArchonID id142815
8th Annual Nancy Owens Memorial Foundation Luncheon
9 ArchonID id142816
Annual Awards Luncheon
10 ArchonID id142817
Board/Staff retreat
11 ArchonID id142818
Divas & Dames
12 ArchonID id142819
Pink in the Park
13 ArchonID id142820
Pink Pledge Pals
14 ArchonID id142821
Pink Tie Gala
15 ArchonID id142822
Unknown Event Photographs
16 ArchonID id142823
Various Events
ArchonID id142800
Box Folder
19 17 ArchonID id142825
18 ArchonID id142826
Pledge Program
19 ArchonID id142827
ArchonID id142801
Printed Materials
Box Folder
19 20 ArchonID id142829
21 ArchonID id142830
22 ArchonID id142831
Hot Pink Flash
23 ArchonID id142832
Houston Lifestyles & Homes, April
24 ArchonID id142833
25 ArchonID id142834
The Rose Review
26 ArchonID id142835
The Tanglewood Buzz

ArchonID id142383

ArchonID id142836
Administrative Documents
Box Folder
19 27 ArchonID id142841
Advisory Council
28 ArchonID id142842
Board of Directors
29 ArchonID id142843
Board of Directors Manual (Pt. 1)
30 ArchonID id142844
Board of Directors Manual (Pt. 2)
31 ArchonID id142845
32 ArchonID id142846
Certificate of Formation
33 ArchonID id142847
Executive Committee Meeting
34 ArchonID id142848
35 ArchonID id142849
ArchonID id142837
Box Folder
19 36 ArchonID id142851
6th Annual Breast Health Summit
37 ArchonID id142852
Awards Luncheon
38 ArchonID id142853
Board Retreat
39 ArchonID id142854
Breast Prosthesis Project
40 ArchonID id142855
Pink Honor Roll
41 ArchonID id142856
Pink Pledge Pals
42 ArchonID id142857
Pink Tie Gala
43 ArchonID id142858
The Rose Grand Opening
44 ArchonID id142859
Think Pink Luncheon
45 ArchonID id142860
Various Events
ArchonID id142838
Box Folder
19 46 ArchonID id142862
47 ArchonID id142863
48 ArchonID id142864
49 ArchonID id142865
Printed Materials
50 ArchonID id142866
Pledge Program
51 ArchonID id142867
ArchonID id142839
Printed Materials
Box Folder
19 52 ArchonID id142869
53 ArchonID id142870
The Rose Review
54 ArchonID id142871
Tanglewood/River Oaks Buzz
55 ArchonID id142872

ArchonID id142384

ArchonID id142873
Administrative Documents
Box Folder
19 56 ArchonID id142878
Board of Directors
57 ArchonID id142879
58 ArchonID id142880
Certificate of Formation
59 ArchonID id142881
60 ArchonID id142882
Governance Committee
61 ArchonID id142883
Grantee Orientation
62 ArchonID id142884
63 ArchonID id142885
Large Grants: Application Guidelines, Compliance, Rating
64 ArchonID id142886
Large Grants: Community Grants/Review Panel
65 ArchonID id142887
Small Grants
ArchonID id142874
Box Folder
20 1 ArchonID id142889
10th Annual Nancy Owens Memorial Foundation Luncheon
2 ArchonID id142890
Impact Awards Luncheon
3 ArchonID id142891
Leadership Conference
4 ArchonID id142892
Pink Honor Roll
5 ArchonID id142893
Pink Pledge Pals
6 ArchonID id142894
Silver Rose Gala
7 ArchonID id142895
Various Events
8 ArchonID id142896
Warriors in Pink
ArchonID id142875
Box Folder
20 9 ArchonID id142900
10 ArchonID id142901
Media Training
11 ArchonID id142902
Pledge Program
12 ArchonID id142903
Printed Materials
13 ArchonID id142904
Rock the Race
14 ArchonID id142905
Sponsorship Opportunities
OVS_Box Item
32 13 ArchonID id142899
ArchonID id142876
Printed Materials
Box Folder
20 15 ArchonID id142907
16 ArchonID id142908
Informational Material
17 ArchonID id142909
18 ArchonID id142910

ArchonID id142385

ArchonID id142911
Administrative Documents
Box Folder
20 19 ArchonID id142915
Board of Directors
20 ArchonID id142916
21 ArchonID id142917
ArchonID id142912
Box Folder
20 22 ArchonID id142919
Advisory Council Luncheon
23 ArchonID id142920
American Cancer Society President’s Reception
24 ArchonID id142921
Holiday Open House
25 ArchonID id142922
Impact Awards Luncheon
ArchonID id142913
Box Folder
20 26 ArchonID id142924
Sponsorship Opportunities
ArchonID id142925
Printed Materials
Box Folder
20 27 ArchonID id142927
28 ArchonID id142928
Think Pink
29 ArchonID id142929

ArchonID id142386

Box Item
21 1 ArchonID id142942
T-shirts (12) 1993-1999
2 ArchonID id142943
Hats (2) 1998
3 ArchonID id142944
Gym Bag 1992
Box Item
22 1 ArchonID id142945
T-shirts (12) 2000-2003
2 ArchonID id142946
Bag 2003
Box Item
23 1 ArchonID id142947
T-shirts (8) 2004
2 ArchonID id142948
Visor 2004
3 ArchonID id142949
Bags (2) 2004
4 ArchonID id142950
“Drink Pink” Water Bottle 2004
5 ArchonID id142951
“Race for the Cure” Medal 2004
Box Item
24 1 ArchonID id142952
T-shirts (14) 2005
2 ArchonID id142953
Pillowcases (3) 2005
3 ArchonID id142954
Visor 2005
4 ArchonID id142955
Water Bottle 2005
5 ArchonID id142956
Lanyard and pin 2005
6 ArchonID id142957
Canvas Bags (2) 2005
Box Item
25 1 ArchonID id142958
T-shirts (9) 2006
2 ArchonID id142959
Visors (2) 2006
3 ArchonID id142960
Hat 2006
4 ArchonID id142961
Pillowcases (2) 2006
5 ArchonID id142962
Canvas Bags (2) 2006
6 ArchonID id142963
Lanyards, pins, name tags 2006
Box Item
26 1 ArchonID id142964
Canvas Bags (3) 2007
2 ArchonID id142965
Pillowcase 2007
3 ArchonID id142966
T-Shirts (10) 2007
4 ArchonID id142967
Hats (2) 2007
5 ArchonID id142968
Water Bottle 2007
6 ArchonID id142969
2nd Annual Houston Aeros Breast Cancer Awareness Hockey Puck 2007
7 ArchonID id142970
Lanyard and pin 2007
Box Item
27 1 ArchonID id142971
T-shirts (9) 2008-2009
2 ArchonID id142972
Pillowcase 2008
3 ArchonID id142973
Hat 2008
4 ArchonID id142974
Lanyards and pins (5) 2008-2010
5 ArchonID id142975
Ink Pen 2008
6 ArchonID id142976
Chevron Toy Car “Spirit” 2008
7 ArchonID id142977
Souvenir bag 2009
8 ArchonID id142978
4th Annual Houston Aeros Breast Cancer Awareness Hockey Puck 2010
Box Item
28 1 ArchonID id142979
T-shirts (16) undated
Box Item
29 1 ArchonID id142980
T-shirts (9) undated
2 ArchonID id142981
Shorts undated
3 ArchonID id142982
Hats (7) undated
4 ArchonID id142983
Raincoat undated
5 ArchonID id142984
Fanny pack undated
Box Item
30 1 ArchonID id142985
Canvas Bags (7) undated
2 ArchonID id142986
Bedazzled Shoe undated
3 ArchonID id142987
Spaw Maxwell hard hat undated
4 ArchonID id142988
Chevron Cars “Hope” undated
5 ArchonID id142989
Water bottle undated
6 ArchonID id142990
Water bottle undated
OVS_Box Item
31 1 ArchonID id142991
Stickers, name tags, other printed materials (11) undated
2 ArchonID id142992
Pins, 2008-2010 (11) undated
3 ArchonID id142993
Lip balm undated
4 ArchonID id142994
“I am the Cure” Sign undated
5 ArchonID id142995
Lanyards and medals (6) undated
6 ArchonID id142996
Ribbon and shoe strings (3) undated
7 ArchonID id142997
Arm bands and bracelets (6) undated
8 ArchonID id142998
Handkerchief and towel (3) undated
9 ArchonID id142999
Faux Pearl Necklace undated
10 ArchonID id143000
“Reaching for the Cure” Coaster undated
11 ArchonID id143001
Antenna Topper undated
OVS_Box Item
32 1 ArchonID id143002
Posters (English and Spanish) undated
2 ArchonID id143003
Posters (English and Spanish) undated
3 ArchonID id143004
Name banners (9) undated
4 ArchonID id143005
Komen banner undated
5 ArchonID id143006
Komen Binder undated
6 ArchonID id143007
Mobile Mammography Prints (2) undated
7 ArchonID id143008
Commemorative Bag undated

ArchonID id74712

ArchonID id143009
Box Folder
20 30 ArchonID id143016
Harris County Hospital District undated
31 ArchonID id143017
Race undated
32 ArchonID id143018
Unknown Event undated
33 ArchonID id143019
Various undated
OVS_Box Item
32 14 ArchonID id143020
Race Photographs (3) undated
Box Item
33 1 ArchonID id143021
Race for the Cure Photo Album 1995-1996
2 ArchonID id143022
Race for the Cure Photo Album 1997
3 ArchonID id143023
Survivor Party/Membership Reception Photo Album 1997
4 ArchonID id143024
VIP Party/Membership Reception 1998
Box Item
34 1 ArchonID id143025
Race for the Cure Photo Album 1999
2 ArchonID id143026
Sponsor Party Photo Album 1999
3 ArchonID id143027
Photo Album undated
ArchonID id143010
OVS_Box Item
35 1 ArchonID id143029
Race 1999
2 ArchonID id143030
“This Week in Houston w/ TJ Callahan” 1999
3 ArchonID id143031
Remember PSA undated
4 ArchonID id143032
93.7 Radio Interview undated
ArchonID id143011
OVS_Box Item
35 5 ArchonID id143034
Race (2) 1997
6 ArchonID id143035
Race (2) 1997
7 ArchonID id143036
Race PSAs 1998
8 ArchonID id143037
Race Television Segments 1999
9 ArchonID id143038
Race 2000
10 ArchonID id143039
Race 2000
11 ArchonID id143040
Fox 4 News Fort Worth Race 2001
12 ArchonID id143041
Race undated
13 ArchonID id143042
Race undated
14 ArchonID id143043
Race undated
15 ArchonID id143044
Race undated
16 ArchonID id143045
Remember PSA 1999
17 ArchonID id143046
“Be a Survivor” undated
18 ArchonID id143047
Affiliate Conference-Corporate Partner Presentations 2003
19 ArchonID id143048
Affiliate Conference-Corporate Partner Presentations 2005
20 ArchonID id143049
Healing and Preventing Domestic Violence undated
21 ArchonID id143050
“The Power of a Promise” undated
22 ArchonID id143051
“The Power of a Promise” undated
23 ArchonID id143052
“For the Cure” undated
24 ArchonID id143053
“Celebrate” undated
25 ArchonID id143054
Debra Duncan Show undated
26 ArchonID id143055
BMW Driven to Find A Cure undated
27 ArchonID id143056
Unknown undated

ArchonID id164381
Unprocessed Materials

Scope and Contents
The Komen Foundation donated approximately 7 linear feet of additional materails to UH Libraries in 2015. These are curently unprocessed and not yet available for research.
File_Cabinet Drawer
F 9 ArchonID id172889
Kroger posters

ArchonID id176091
Komen Foundation, Houston Records 2016 Accession

Scope and Contents
Additional unprocessed materials acquired April 28, 2016