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Guide to the Altrusa International Inc., Club of Houston Records

Overview of the Collection

Creator Collector Altrusa International Club of Houston
Collection Title Altrusa International Inc., Club of Houston Records
Dates 1936-
Identification 02/2009-004
Physical Description 5.50 linear feet
Repository University of Houston Libraries M.D. Anderson Library 4333 University Drive Houston, TX, 77204-2000 URL: Email: Phone: 713-743-9229

Historical Note:

Altrusa International Inc., Club of Houston was organized in 1925, as part of Altrusa International which was founded in 1917, in Nashville, Tennessee. The Altrusa motto, “Patriotism, Efficiency, Service”, reflects their dedication to community involvement and volunteerism. The Club of Houston has established several community volunteer programs, including the Friends and Neighbors Project (FAN), Make a Difference Day, and Hearts-Hands for Service Foundation. The FAN Project encompasses Story time Saturdays, a Summer Reading Program, and Holiday Gifts for seniors. Altrusa works with Literary Advance of Houston, in connection with the FAN Project. Make a Difference Day is held every October, with the Galveston Bay Foundation. Hearts-Hands for Service, founded in 1983, assists women, children, and seniors in the Houston area. Members of the Club of Houston also participate in a mentoring program for the ASTRA Club. The Houston Club awards scholarships and grants to local students.

Scope and Contents

The collection is organized in 17 series and is housed in 6 boxes that document the organization and community volunteer programs of the Altrusa Club of Houston. The collection includes meeting minutes, financial records, and annual records. Concerning the club's yearly activities, there are newsletters from 1956-2008 and yearbooks ranging from 1936-2008. The collection contains information regarding community volunteer programs, as well as photographs from several events. There are four scrapbooks in this collection, as well as artifacts.


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Altrusa International Club of Houston
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Bylaws (administrative records)
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Nonprofit organizations -- Texas -- Houston
Women -- Societies and clubs -- Texas -- Houston

Administrative Information

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Altrusa International Inc., Club of Houston Records, Courtesy of Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries


Additional materials were acquired in 2012.

Detailed List of Contents

ArchonID id72057

Box Folder
1 1 ArchonID id72091
70th Anniversary’s History Decades
2 ArchonID id72092
Biographies of Presidents 1930-1934, 1957-1959, 1965-1967
3 ArchonID id72093
“History of District Nine” 1973
4 ArchonID id72094
Oral History Project 2002
5 ArchonID id72095

ArchonID id72058
Bylaws and Policies

Box Folder
1 6 ArchonID id72096
1995, 2000
7 ArchonID id72097
2005-2007, 2007-2009

ArchonID id72059
Organization Meeting Minutes, Correspondence and Financial Records

Box Folder
1 8 ArchonID id72098
July 1951- June 1955
9 ArchonID id72099
July 1955- June 1959
10 ArchonID id72100
July 1959- June 1963
11 ArchonID id72101
July 1969- June 1972
12 ArchonID id72102
July 1972- June 1975
13 ArchonID id72103
July 1975- June 1980
14 ArchonID id72104
July 1980- June 1986
15 ArchonID id72105
July 1986- June 1992
15a ArchonID id133175
April 1993-September 1993
16 ArchonID id72106
June 1994- May 1997
16a ArchonID id133176
June 1997-May 1998
17 ArchonID id72107
June 1998- May 2001
18 ArchonID id72108
June 2001- May 2002
19 ArchonID id72109
June 2002- May 2005
20 ArchonID id72110
June 2005- May 2008

ArchonID id72060
Annual Reports and Miscellaneous Information

Box Folder
1 21 ArchonID id72111
22 ArchonID id72112
23 ArchonID id72113

ArchonID id72061
Member Activities, Information and Resources

Box Folder
6 1 ArchonID id72114
Altrusa International, Inc Encyclopedia 1997
2 ArchonID id72115
Induction Ceremonies
3 ArchonID id72116
Member Accents: Acknowledgements of member activities and achievements
4 ArchonID id72117
Membership Lists and General Information 1994-2008
5 ArchonID id72118
New Member Orientations 2000-2008
6 ArchonID id72119
New Membership Recruitment and Mentoring
7 ArchonID id72120
Newspaper Articles 1960, 1993, 1995, 2005
8 ArchonID id133177
Secretaries Workshop: “Building a Solid Foundation” 1993
9 ArchonID id133178
Secretaries Workshop: “The Nuts and Bolts of Building Altrusa” 1994
10 ArchonID id133179
Leadership Training: “Leaders in Service” 1999
11 ArchonID id133180
Various undated

ArchonID id72062
In Memoriam

Box Folder
6 12 ArchonID id72121
Margaret Dudley Jones 1902-1998
13 ArchonID id72122
Lavelle Yarbrough 1919-2001
14 ArchonID id72123
Renilda E. Hilkemeyer 1915-2006

ArchonID id72063
Organizations and Projects

Box Folder
2 1 ArchonID id72124
Friends and Neighbors (FAN) Project
2 ArchonID id72125
Friends and Neighbors (FAN), Burbank Elementary 1994-1997
3 ArchonID id72126
Friends and Neighbors (FAN), Burbank Elementary Photographs
4 ArchonID id72127
Friends and Neighbors (FAN), Dawning Year’s Academy 1998
5 ArchonID id72128
Friends and Neighbors (FAN), Story Time
6 ArchonID id72129
Furr High School, Protecting Your Wealth 2003
7 ArchonID id72130
ASTRA Club 2006-2007

ArchonID id72064
Scholarship and Grant Awards

Box Folder
2 8 ArchonID id72131
Houston Altrusa Fund
9 ArchonID id72132
Grants Awarded 1999-2000
10 ArchonID id72133
Scholarships Awarded 2008-2009

ArchonID id72065
Award Nominations

Box Folder
2 11 ArchonID id72134
1988, 1990-1991, 1993-1996
12 ArchonID id72135
13 ArchonID id72136
1998-2002, 2005-2006
14 ArchonID id72137
15 ArchonID id72138
Certificates 1994-2009

ArchonID id72066
Conferences and Conventions

Box Folder
2 16 ArchonID id72139
Altrusa International, Inc First Annual Conference 1956
17 ArchonID id72140
Altrusa International, Inc Convention 1957
18 ArchonID id72141
Altrusa International, Inc Second Annual Conference 1957
19 ArchonID id72142
Altrusa International, Inc Third Annual Conference 1958
20 ArchonID id72143
Altrusa International, Inc International Convention 1989
21 ArchonID id72144
Altrusa International, Inc 45th Annual Conference 2001
22 ArchonID id72145
Altrusa International, Inc District Conference 2006
23 ArchonID id72146
Altrusa International Foundation, Inc Dallas International Convention 2001, 2007
24 ArchonID id72147

ArchonID id72067
The Federation of Houston Professional Women Awards Banquets

Box Folder
2 25 ArchonID id72148

ArchonID id72068

Box Folder
2 26 ArchonID id72149
Gov-O-Gram 1956-1958
27 ArchonID id72150
The Scratch Pad 1956-1959
28 ArchonID id72151
The Scratch Pad 1969-1971
29 ArchonID id72152
The Scratch Pad 1972-1973, 1988-1991
30 ArchonID id72153
Service Bulletin 1970-1971
31 ArchonID id72154
News of the Mighty 9th 1970-1972
32 ArchonID id72155
Altrusa Today! 1991-1994
33 ArchonID id72156
Houston Highlights 1994-1996
34 ArchonID id72157
Houston Highlights 1997-1998
35 ArchonID id72158
Houston Highlights 1999-2000
36 ArchonID id72159
Houston Highlights 2001-2002
37 ArchonID id72160
Houston Highlights 2003-2004
38 ArchonID id72161
Houston Highlights 2005-2006
39 ArchonID id72162
Houston Highlights 2007-2008
40 ArchonID id72163
Houston Highlights CD 1994-2001
41 ArchonID id133181
International Altrusian: Biennium Program Issue April 1993

ArchonID id72069

Box Folder
3 1 ArchonID id72164
2 ArchonID id72289
1950-1960, 1964-1965, 1969-1970
3 ArchonID id72290
4 ArchonID id72291
1980-1985, 1988-1991
5 ArchonID id72292
6 ArchonID id72293
7 ArchonID id72294
1999-2003, 2005-2006
8 ArchonID id72295
9 ArchonID id72296
Yearbook Judging Criteria and Score Sheets

ArchonID id72070

Box Folder
3 10 ArchonID id72297
Altrusa Women in Oklahoma (1950s)
11 ArchonID id72298
Golden Hobby House 1977, 2002, 2003, 2007
12 ArchonID id72299
Fundraisers 1997, 2000, 2007, 2008
13 ArchonID id72300
Make a Difference Day 1999
14 ArchonID id72301
Cullen Middle School 2007
15 ArchonID id72302
Hats Off to Literacy 2007
16 ArchonID id72303
Building Strong Libraries, Lockhart Elementary 2008
17 ArchonID id72304
Picture CDs 2004-2009
File_Cabinet Drawer
F 9 ArchonID id72305
Oversized Altrusa Convention Photograph 1935

ArchonID id72071

Box Folder
3 18 ArchonID id72306
Altrusa International Cookbook 1991

ArchonID id72073

Box Folder
4 1 ArchonID id72311
Altrusa Service Pin
2 ArchonID id72312
Altrusa International, Inc., Plaque
3 ArchonID id72313
Altrusa Friends and Neighbors Shirt
4 ArchonID id72314
Blue Ribbons
5 ArchonID id72315
Governor’s Pin, Etta Jane Butler 1969
6 ArchonID id72316
Altrusa International 50th Anniversary Keychain 1917-1967
7 ArchonID id72317
Distinguished Service Award, Etta Jane Butler 1969
8 ArchonID id72318
Altrusan of the Year, Etta Jane Butler 1970-1971
9 ArchonID id72319
Vocational Nursing Program Support Award (box) 2004
10 ArchonID id72320
ASTRA Mentoring Program Award 2007
11 ArchonID id72321
Recognition Pin, 52nd Annual District Conference 2008

ArchonID id72072

OVS_Box OVS_Item
5 1 ArchonID id72307
Altrusa Club of Houston 1925-1990
2 ArchonID id72308
Altrusa Club of Houston 1940-1959
3 ArchonID id72309
Altrusa International Inc., of Houston 1992-1994
4 ArchonID id72310
Altrusa International Inc., of Houston 2007-2008