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Stephen F. Austin Collection

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Creator: Austin, Stephen F. (Stephen Fuller), 1793-1836
Title: Stephen F. Austin Collection
Dates: 1790-1836
Abstract: This collection is composed of 46 items including letters, articles, and broadsides, which document various aspects of Austin's life.
Identification: 1982-005
Quantity: 1 box, .5 linear feet
Repository: Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries

Biographical Note

Stephen Fuller Austin was born on November 3, 1793 in Virginia to Maria and Moses Austin. He was educated in Connecticut and at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky. He later became involved in his father's lead mining business in Missouri. Austin also studied law in New Orleans. During his time in Missouri, Austin served in the state legislature for five years.

Following his father's death in 1821, Austin took over the responsibilities of his father's land grant of 200,000 acres from the Spanish, obtaining ratification for the grant from the newly established Mexican government. Austin succeeded in settling hundreds of families in his colony, creating Anglo-Texas. Austin attempted to prevent his colony from being entangled in the constant political turmoil in Mexico during the 1820s and first years of the 1830s. Austin worked to establish formal relations with Native Americans in the area.

Unable to prevent colonists from fighting against Mexican rule, Austin participated in the Texas Revolution in 1835 as commander of the volunteer army from his colony's region. Austin also acted as a Commissioner, responsible for raising support for Texas from the United States during the Revolution. Following the Revolution, Austin was defeated in his bid for the presidency of Texas. He served as the Secretary of State under President Sam Houston, the man who had defeated him in the election. Austin died on December 27, 1836.


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The Handbook of Texas, Vol. I. Walter Prescott Webb, ed. Austin: Texas State Historical Association, 1952.

Scope and Contents

The Stephen F. Austin collection is composed of 46 items including letters, articles, and broadsides, which represent various aspects of Austin's life. The collection begins with an account of Moses Austin's ill-fated business ventures in Virginia, reported in the August 2, 1790 edition of the Hartford, Conn. AMERICAN MERCURY. The collection includes a broadside dated December 28, 1836 announcing Austin's death.

Letters in the collection written by Stephen Austin are from the period during which his colony was established in Texas and the subsequent struggle for independence from Mexico. Included are documents related to his work as Commissioner. Transcriptions and translations have been placed with some materials. Materials are arranged in the order in which they arrived.


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Austin, Stephen F. (Stephen Fuller), 1793-1836
Austin, Moses, 1761-1821
Texas -- History -- To 1846

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Stephen F. Austin Collection, Courtesy of Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries


Most items donated by Mr. Frell Albright in 1982 - item in folder # 9 donated by Mr. and Mrs. George Britton in 1978.


Andrea Bean, 1994

Detailed Description


Box Folder
1 1 "From the Virginia Chronicle," AMERICAN MERCURY. Hartford, Conn. August 2, 1790.
Front-page article on the Austins' lead mine and shot manufacturing.
2 "Shot Factory," THE VIRGINIA GAZETTE AND GENERAL ADVERTISER. Richmond, Va. August 31, 1791.
Advertisement for the Moses Austin, and Co. shot factory. Fragments.
3 Perry, James. ALS. [Potosi]. June 23, 1813.
Letter to Stephen F. Austin regarding commercial affairs. 1 p.
4 Austin, Stephen F. ADS. Mine A. Burton. January 17, 1813.
Order for flour.
5 Austin, Moses. ADS. [Spanish Missouri]. 1802.
Fragment of promissory note.
6 Austin, Stephen F. DS. St. Louis, Mo. January 26, 1817.
Check in the amount of $14.70.
7 Bryan, James. DS. St. Louis, Mo. November 19, 1817.
Check to self for $494.67.
8 [Texas]. A new map of Texas with the contiguous American and Mexican states. J. J. Young, Philadelphia, 1835.
This folding map shows the empresario grants of Texas. Streeter 1178.
9 [Austin, Stephen F.]. Broadside. [New Orleans]. 1821.
Printed format permitting persons to colonize Austin's colony. Includes five regulations for settling colony. Streeter 1082.
10 Austin, Stephen F. DS. San Felipe de Austin. July 22, 1824.
An original "Old 300" grant to Locky Self. 4 pp.
11 Williams, Samuel May, et al. msS. Villa de Austin. February 20, 1829.
Plan de Arbitrios for Ayuntamiento de Austin. 3 pp.
12 Duke, Thomas M., et al. msS. September 17, 1828.
Ordenanza for the municipality of Austin. 7 pp.
13 Austin, Stephen F. ADS. San Felipe de Austin. June 14, 1826.
Land document signed by Austin as a witness. See Streeter 225, 225A, and 226.
14 [Austin's colony]. Translation of the laws, orders, and contracts on colonization, etc. San Felipe de Austin. November 1829.
Pages 33-34 from 71-page imprint. Streeter 12.
15 [Austin's colony]. Broadside. Leona Vicario. January 2, 1833.
Census document for the State of Coahuila and Texas.
16 Austin, Stephen F. ALS. San Felipe de Austin. October 6, 1829.
Letter to T. F. Leaming regarding his map and empresarial matters. 4 pp.
17 Austin, Stephen F. LS. Villa de Austin. February 23, 1839.
Letter to Governor Viesca regarding the illegal settling of families in Austin's colony. 3 pp.
18 [Austin, Stephen F.]. Broadside. Villa de Austin. June 6, 1831.
Printed safe conduct certificate for entry into Austin's colony, signed Samuel M. Williams. Streeter 20.
19 [Austin, Stephen F.]. Broadside. San Felipe de Austin. June 19, 1830.
Promissory note to Austin to be used by settlers in regards to their land title. Streeter 10.
20 Austin, Stephen F. Broadside, signed. Villa de San Felipe de Austin. December 15, 1830.
Title to one quarter league of land to James Lindsey. 2 pp.
21 Austin, Stephen F. ADS. Leona Vicario. April 18, 1831.
Order for disbursement to Samuel May Wiliams.
22 [Austin's colony]. Broadside. Elecciones de Ayuntamiento. Para el Ano de 183_.
23 Austin, Stephen F. DS. Villa de Austin. February 10, 1828.
Election document certified by Austin.
24 [Austin's colony]. Gazeta Constitucional de Nuevo Leon. May 10, 1832.
Third page article regarding Austin and the Fredonian Rebellion. 4 pp.
25 [Austin's colony]. Broadside. Leona Vicario. January 2, 1833.
Legal designation of municipalities in the Departments of Saltillo, Monclova, and Bejar.
26 [Austin's colony]. Gaceta Constitucional del Estado Libre de Nuevo Leon. December 11, 1834.
Second page article on Austin's efforts toward a separate statehood for Texas. 4 pp.
27 Austin, Stephen F. ALS. San Felipe de Austin. April 20, 1833.
Letter to Thos. F. Leaming regarding separate statehood for Texas. 3 pp.
28 [Austin's colony]. Broadside. Monclova. November 26, 1833.
Text of a letter by the Representative of the State of Coahuila and Texas regarding Austin's meeting with Santa Anna. Streeter 786.
29 [Austin's colony]. Broadside. Variant of previous item.
30 Austin, Stephen F. ALS. Mexico. March 30, 1835.
Letter to George Fisher regarding his status in prison, Beale's colony, etc.
31 Austin, Stephen F. ADS. [Bexar]. November 24, 1835.
Military discharge of John S. Black.
32 Austin, Stephen F., et al. Broadside, signed. Fragment. [San Felipe de Austin]. [1835].
Signed by Henry Smith, James W. Robinson, William H. Wharton, partial signature of E. M. Pease. Streeter 84.
33 Austin, Stephen F. Broadside. New Orleans. January 11, 1836.
Loan to the people of Texas. 4 pp. Streeter 1233.
34 Austin, Stephen F. Broadsides, signed. New Orleans. January 11, 1836.
Texian loans.
No. 271, issued to Robert Triplett.
No. 516, issued to Alfred Penn.
No. 489, issued to Paul Anderson.
No. 594, issued to James M. McCulloch.
No. 454, issued to James N. Morrison.
No. 396, issued to Thomas D. Carneal.
No. 449, issued to Lewis Whiteman.
No. 554, issued to Wm. F. Gray.
35 Austin, Stephen F. ALS. [New Orleans]. January 22, 1836.
Letter to C. E. Hawkins introducing Col. Edward Harcourt.
36 Austin, Stephen F. Calling card. undatedundatedundated
37 Austin, Stephen F. ADS. Nashville. February 25, 1836.
Voucher for expenses as Commissioner.
38 Wharton, William H. DS. Nashville. February 25, 1836.
Receipt to Austin.
39 Austin, Stephen F. ADS. New Orleans. January 16, 1836.
Document relating to fundraising in New Orleans for Texian cause.
40 Austin, Stephen F. ALS. Nashville. February 18, 1836.
Letter to unnamed individual regarding efforts as Commissioner, independence for Texas.
41 TEXAS: Address of the Honorable Wm. H. Wharton, etc. New York: William Colyer, 1836.
Includes address by Stephen F. Austin. 56 pp. Streeter 1260.
42 [Austin, Stephen F.]. Broadside. [Columbia]. December 28, 1836.
Announces the death of Stephen F. Austin. Streeter 129A. Accompanied by printed portrait of Austin, signed and dated Dec. 18, 1836.
43 [Austin, Stephen F.]. Printed portrait of Austin, undated
Austin family crest. Painted paper portrait of Austin.