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Colonel James Morgan Papers, 1836-1859

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Title Col. James Morgan Papers
Dates: 1836 - 1859
ID 1969-028
Extent 1 box, 43 items
Language English.
Note: University of Houston Libraries
Department of Special Collections
Repository University of Houston LibrariesSpecial Collections  Houston, TX 77204-2000

Biographical Note

Colonel James Morgan (1787-1866) was an early Texas settler, merchant, and land speculator. Having started out in Texas with a mercantile business, in 1835 Morgan became a real estate agent for the New Washington Association and began to purchase large tracts of land for development.

During the Texas Revolution, Morgan was the commander at Galveston Island, where he was in charge of the 1836 fortification of the island. President Sam Houston later charged him with mismanaging this project.

After the revolution, Morgan turned his interests to improving what would eventually become the Houston Ship Channel, and experimenting with cattle breeds and crop cultivation.

Scope and Contents

The Col. James Morgan Papers Collection consists of personal, business, and military correspondence, as well as various indenture and tenant documents, military orders, receipts, and folk remedies. When available, hand written transcriptions are filed behind the original documents. Manuscripts date from 1836 to 1859, with the bulk of the collection dating from the 1830s. The collection comprises 1 manuscript box with 43 individual items.

The collection is divided into two series: correspondence and other materials. The correspondence series is alphabetized by the last name of the sender. If one correspondent is represented by more than one letter, that section is then additionally alphabetized by the name of the recipient. If the writer has sent more than one letter to the same person, they are filed chronologically. The other, non-correspondence series is alphabetized by main entry.


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The majority of this collections was given to the University of Houston Libraries by Mr. and Mrs. Henry David in December of 1969.

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K. Fox, October 1996

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box folder
1 1 Correspondence: Burnett, President to Morgan, Col. James. May 22, 1836
(outside letter sheet only)
2 Correspondence: Cespedes, M. et. al. to Morgan, Col. James. Aug. 23, 1836
(captured Mexican officers)
3 Correspondence: Eldredge, J.C. to Morgan, James. 1847
4 Correspondence: Ganen, A.P. to Morgan, Col. James. Oct. 5
5 Correspondence: Hockley, George W. To Morgan, Col. James. Nov. 22, 1841
6 Correspondence: Houston, Sam to Smith, Henry. 1838
(outside letter sheet only, in the hand of Sam Houston)
7 Correspondence: Kaufman, David to Morgan, Col. James. Jan. 29, 1847
8 Correspondence: Lawrence, W. To Morgan, Col. James. 20 Oct. 1836
9 Correspondence: Luck, P.C. to Morgan, Col. James. Apr. 29, 1842
10 Correspondence: Morgan, Col. James to Moore, W.R. Oct. 27, 1856
11 Correspondence: Morgan, Col. James to Wilson, Thomas. Oct. 2, 1836
12 Correspondence: Sawyer, F.A. to Morgan, Col. James. Sept. 1, 1836
13 Correspondence: Stanley, Capt. Edward H. to Morgan, Col. James. Apr. 2, 1836
14 Correspondence: Wilson, Thomas to Morgan, Col. James. Sept. 3, 1836
15 Correspondence: Wilson, Thomas to Morgan, Col. James. Sept. 13, 1836
16 Clarkson, James. Indenture document. Dec. 1836
17 Hayden, Benedict. Indenture document. Sept. 16, 1836
18 Land bill of sale to John Victery. 14 Oct. 1859
19 Land deed to John Victery. 4 Apr. 1858
20 Land survey for property sold to John Victery. Oct. 14, 1859
21 Orders concerning a spy, Cortinez. May 24, 1836
22 Receipt for bond of William M. Logan. 20 Jan. 1837
23 Receipt for taxes. 31 Jan. 1842
24 Receipt for oxen. May 29, 1837
25 Remedy for sore-backed horses.
26 Tenant agreement with Samuel R. Lewis April 4, 1857