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A Guide to the Spencer Reid Subject Files, 1949-1998


Creator: Reid, Spencer, 1954-2010
Title: Spencer Reid Subject Files
Dates: Bulk, 1982-1998
Abstract: Spencer Lloyd Reid (1954-2010) lawyer and general counsel for the Texas General Land Office, was born in Lamesa, Texas to Bill and Alice Reid. The Spencer Reid Subject Files include correspondence, reports, printed materials, legal documents, photographs, maps, and clippings collected and created while working in several legal capacities at the Texas General Land Office.
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Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Texas General Land Office, Archives & Records

Biographical Note

Spencer Lloyd Reid (1954-2010), lawyer and general counsel for the Texas General Land Office and the State of Texas, was born in Lamesa, Texas to Bill and Alice Reid. Reid graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1976, and in 1979 he graduated from the University of Texas Law School and became a member of the state bar. Reid worked for the state of Texas his entire career, starting with a position as Assistant Sergeant at Arms for the Texas House in 1972. Reid’s service at the General Land Office ran from 1979-2003 under Land Commissioners Bob Armstrong, Garry Mauro, and David Dewhurst. He was first hired as staff attorney in 1979, and promoted to Land Resources Supervisor in the legal division in 1983. In 1985 he was made Director of Asset Analysis and Disposition in the new Asset Management Division. In 1988 Reid became Deputy Commissioner of the Asset Management Division. From 1994-1998 Reid served as Senior Deputy Commissioner over several divisions, including Asset Management, Oil Spill Prevention and Response, Energy Resources, and the Veterans Land Board. In 1999 Reid became Senior Deputy Commissioner for Legal and Professional Services, over Legal, Appraisal, Surveying, and Asset Inspection divisions. Reid’s responsibilities at the General Land Office also included serving as General Counsel from 1996 and Chief Clerk from 1998 until his departure from the General Land Office in 2003. He then served as General Counsel for Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst.

Reid served as director of asset analysis and disposition and then deputy Commissioner of the Asset Management Program Area, which was created in in 1985. The program area was organized to comply with legislation charging the GLO with managing all state-owned lands, regardless of the owning agency. This change in mandate created several new and expanded duties of the land office. The office began investigating the earnings and production of state-owned mineral land in West Texas, made land sales and trades as necessary, and improved state-owned lands in urban areas.


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Scope and Contents of the Records

The Spencer Reid Subject Files include correspondence, reports, printed materials, legal documents, photographs, maps, and clippings collected and created while working in several legal capacities at the Texas General Land Office. While many files include correspondence, and correspondence makes up the majority of all documents, it should be noted the correspondence consists of copies rather than originals, and is not generally from Spencer Reid. Files that include photographs or maps are noted in the inventory.

Subjects covered include coastal lands, disputes and relationships between private and public lands, oil and gas mineral lands, the Permanent School Fund, environmental issues (particularly on the coast), the urban site of Central Park in Austin, Texas, and the superconducting supercollider site near Waxahachie, Texas.

Files were compiled by Reid during his research as lawyer, legal counsel, chief clerk, and supervisor and deputy commissioner of Asset Management Program Area. Official reports, correspondence and other work that appears on the records retention schedule can be found in the archival administrative records. Exceptions are Correspondence and Memos that were not filed according to the records schedule and can be found in the Spencer Reid Subject Files.


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Detailed Description of the Collection

Spencer Reid Subject Files 1949-1998

1 Access to Willeen Schmidt Ranch, 1949, 1981-1983
Access to Wilson Land, 1982
AG opinion on tax exemption, 1988
AnnexationSouth Padre Island, 1995
Antiquities, 1994-1995
Archaeological Site 41HR74, 1997
Audubon/IBWC, 1983-1987
Balous Miller [Coastal Easement], 1992
Base Closings, 1991-1992
Bentsen Bill, ca 1993
Cameron County 116 acres, 1991-1992
Cameron County/Coastal Easements, 1993
Capital Trust Fund, 1986
[Central Park] Financials, 1995
[Central Park Lease Audit], 1996
2 City of South Padre, 1993-1994
City-by-the Sea & Palm Harbor, 1977-1981
Coastal Natural Resources Inventory, 1993
Contracts, 1993
[Correspondence], 1981-1985
[Correspondence] JKL, 1985-1986
[Correspondence] MNO, 1985-1986
[Correspondence R,S], 1985-1986
[Correspondence T,U,V,W], 1985-1986
[Correspondence] VW, 1985-1986
Deposit of Lease sale proceeds, 1994
Don Kennard/Rio Project, 1991
Donation of Land, 1997
Economic Indicators, 1997
Endangered Species, 1992
[Excess Acreage Valuation], 1939, 1955, 1964, 1986-1988
Fat Boys--Galveston, Texas, 1992
3 Financial forecast General Market, 1998
Formosa [Plastics], 1994
Fort Bliss, 1995
Frank Claunch--unauthorized dredge and fill, 1979-1981
GLO Press Releases, 1997
Highway Department MOA, 1980-1995
International Boundary and Water Commission, 1987
Kemah, 1982
Land Title--Aransas Pass Lot 3, Blk 242, 1972-1979
[Legislation Conveying State-Owned Property], 1985
4 [Mauro Correspondence re Asset Management], 1986
McMath survey, 1982-1984
Memos Barbara Williams, 1986
Memos Re: Asset Management, 1986
Memos Steve Roberts, 1986
Natural Resource Inventory, 1993-1994
Official forecast [energy consumption], 1998
Oil & Gas: Counties, 1997
Oil & Gas: Demand and Supply Factors, 1997
Oil & Gas: Forecast, 1997
Oil & Gas: Market Literature, 1997
Oil & Gas: OCS Judgement, 1986-1997
Oil & Gas: MemosOil & Gas Forecast, 1996-1998
Oil & Gas: Office Procedures, 1997
Oil & Gas: Oil TractsForecast, 1996-1997
Oil & Gas: PSF Project, 1996-1997
Oil & Gas: [PSF Valuation and Production], 1996-1997
Oil & Gas: Surface Income Forecast, 1996-1997
Oil & Gas Taxation, 1994-1997
5 Old Queen Isabella Causeway, 1992
Open Records, 1997
Opinion request of TPWD, 1989-1990
Possible exchange Exxon/Port of Houston , 1986-1992
Prairies, 1989
Proposed Donations--Goat Island, Galveston Island, 1998-1999
[PSF] Acquisitions, 1997
PSF Acreage, 1997
[PSF] Appraisals, 1997
[PSF] Dispositions, 1997
[PSF Donations], 1984
[PSF] From previous report, 1996
[PSF] Historical cost , 1997
[PSF] Presentation, 1998
PSF Real Estate Income, 1982-1983
[PSF Surface Property Inventory Reports], 1996-1998
6 Rails to Trails, 1993
Ranches/Soil Conservation Service, 1980s
Retirement Home [VLB], 1994
Rights to Repurchase, 1984
River Trespass [Robert] Shelton, 1991
Riverside Land owners, 1991-1992
School Land Board [Presentation on PSF], 1998
South Padre Water District/Trailer Park , 1977-1996
Strategic Petroleum Reserve: Pipeline Easement, 1980-1983
[Strategic Petroleum Reserve]: Big Hill Complex, 1984
[Strategic Petroleum Reserve]: DOE Pre-ap, 1983-1984
Strategic Petroleum Reserve: Dr Joyce Teerling DOE, 1983-1984
Supercollider / Kentech, 1985-1997
7 Supercollider / Kentech, 1985-1997
[Supercollider Site / Revco Subdivision Purchase], 1997-1998
TAMU rural land prices, 1997
Updates to PSF Inventory Report, 1997
[US Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi], 1952, 1983
Val Verde County--Devils River Ranch, 1988-1992
[Val Verde County--Devils River Ranch], 1991-1992
Zoning, 1986-1987
Zoning, 1987
Zoning--Fort Bend County / Hull Airport information, 1986